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Domestic Starters 2.0
  • "Do I smell breakfast or is that the house burning down?"
  • "Honey, you look tired. Go sleep."
  • "So I was driving past a pet store the other day and couldn't help but wonder how cute an animal would be like in our home."
  • "I want to move in with you."
  • "I think we should go house hunting. Buy a big family home on the beach or something."
  • "What do you think about children?"
  • "Our son/daughter got sent to the principals office today."
  • "Babe, can you explain to me what this is doing here?"
  • "You look like you could use a massage."
  • "I want to take a shower so you should probably join me. It'll save water."
  • "I may have broken the dish washer."
  • "There's a spider in the shower!"
  • "I think I might be pregnant."
  • "I want to try for a baby."
  • "I want to adopt a child."
  • "You would make the perfect father/mother."
  • "Think about it. The little patter of children in our home."
  • "I want to marry you."
  • "What do you think about this color wall for our room?"
  • "Why is the bathroom overfilling with water?"
  • "Did you eat all my oreos?"
  • "We live together. You can't blame this on anyone else."
  • "I've got a romantic surprise for you."
  • "Let's just stay in bed."
  • "Get back into bed."
  • "Can you call in sick today?"
  • "I just want to lie here all day with you."
  • "Oh, there's no need to put a shirt on."
  • "I'm sick of doing all the chores!"
  • "We can't afford this!"
  • "Don't mind me, just want to remember how beautiful you look in bed this morning."

omg tho okay that post i reblogged got me thinking about how artistic dave is right and i figure even tho he draws shit comics that he can actually draw some REALLY GREAT stuff… so him doing that, drawing earth animals and scenery and what he can see from his window and maybe even a self portrait and another of bro and stuff and he puts it into the letters he sends karkat and karkat keeps every single one okay theyre all over one of the walls of his respiteblock and he looks @ them w the fondest fkn face and shows them off to anyone who will look

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What would Rap Mon, Hobi, Jin and Suga do if you blew them a kiss in front of the other members? ^^

wipes sweat so cuTE

Rap Monster - Rap Monster would look around to make sure that no one was looking at him before pretending to grab the kiss and eat it. All of the members would notice. They would all laugh at how cute and awkward he is otl.

Hobi / J - Hope - J - Hope would do the cute little snatch, giving you a wink before sending a kiss right back at you. Of course, all the while he would be glancing back at the other members to make sure that they weren’t full on starting. 

Jin - Jin would give you a small smile, blowing another few kisses your way before turning back to the other members and what they were doing. He would look back at you every now and then and send a few more in your direction, too.

Suga - Suga I can see playing along; going to catch the kiss, giving you a quick wink and returning the favor with a quick smooch blown your way! He’d definitely try to play it cool and brush it off if the other members noticed. 

- Darby

[sorry for the lack of gif! I’ll put one in soon; I’m on a different computer]

EXO reaction when you have three dimples.

Can u do exo reaction where their gf have three dimples but one of them always shows up when she talks or smile. Ty

Thank you for asking, this sounds so cute. Please enjoy



Baekhyun: Ah, Y/N I saw your dimple! Smile again!

He’ll always point out your dimple no matter what. It’ll be at random moments when you’re out with friends or just sitting at home and watching a variety show. Baekhyun will always notice it. 


Chanyeol: Oh my gosh!

Y/N: What?

Chanyeol: I saw your dimple. How cute!

Chanyeol would be slower than Baek when it comes to realizing you have a dimple but once he does he will always find it cute and prompt you to smile more.


Chen: watches as you smile Y/N, smile for me. 

Y/N: Huh, okay?

you smile and receive a kiss on your dimple

Chen would have noticed your dimple a while ago and he would always stare at it when you talk. He will become fond of it and just randomly decide to kiss your dimple cheek. 


smiles as he sees your dimples. 

I don’t think D.O will point it out but whenever you smile or talk and he sees your dimple it will automatically make him smile because it is unique to you. 


Kai: How cute is that? You have three dimples, let me see!

Kai would find it adorable and would probably try and make you smile and laugh so that he could he see your dimple in a more prominent manner. 


Kris: What do you mean you have three dimples?

Y/N: I showed them to you before!

Kris: When did that happen?

Although Kris would love your dimple he wouldn’t remember your other ones. So he may always be flustered and unsure when he points out your one dimple that he sees best but remembers that you have another…”oh, wait how many dimples did you have again?”


Lay: So if I have a dimple on one cheek? And you have a dimple on the other…does that mean our children will have a dimple on each cheek?

The unicorn would find it so cute and ironic. The fact that your two have matching dimples could be your couple item that you two would wear forever. He’ll also think about some strange scenario in his head about your future children. 


Luhan: Don’t hide your dimple from me. Let me see it.

Luhan would probably be the weird one to always come up close to see your dimple and just stare at it. He’d love it yet it may make you cover your dimple. Not because you didn’t like it but because it was just weird.


Sehun: Wait, has Y/N always had dimples? utterly confused

One random day Sehun would be evaluating(lol wat?) your face while you’re talking and then he would barley realize at that moment that you had a dimple on your face. He would find it cute but he wouldn’t comment on it because he wouldn’t want you to get mad at the fact that he just noticed.


tries to get you to smile to see your dimple.

Suho would love your dimple. Whenever he is in a bad mood just seeing you talk or smile would make him feel better yet he’d always try to get you smile because it was the moments when you smiled that he liked your dimple best.


secretly takes pictures

How could anything unique about you not be put on camera with Tao? He’d always want pictures and video with you, always sneaking around to the side your dimple is on. 


Y/N: The members don’t believe me, tell them I have three dimples!

Xiumin: Yeah sure…wait…

Xiumin, just like Kris, would know about your one dimple on the cheek but the others he would be oblivious to. He’d want to see them just make sure you weren’t playing with him. But either way he’d still find all of them cute.

Fin~ (◡‿◡✿)

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Their s.o is being confessed to by the cutest way like "you are the girl i've always dreamed of"By someone else.. not the freeboys but their so rejects them and says that she already found the boy of her dreams. How would Rin Makoto Sousuke?

aw this is really cute!

Rin was just about to walk from his waiting spot to interrupt the boy who had stopped his S/O, holding a box of chocolates. Didn’t he know that ___ was taken? Rin had been waiting outside his S/O’s school, as they had planned. He took a few steps back when he heard his S/O’s objection, though. “I’m flattered that you think of me like that, but I have already found the boy of my dreams.” They said as they glanced at Rin, trying to be as polite as possible to the stranger. Rin’s heart was almost jumping out of his chest at the kind words, or so it felt. He couldn’t help but grin form ear to ear and wrap an arm around their waist when his S/O joined him again with a sweet smile on their face. Rin was incredibly giddy and happy for the rest of the day, much to his S/O’s amusement. 

Makoto had just arrived at the spot that he was supposed to meet his S/O, only to see them talking to someone else. Now, this wouldn’t be so bad if Makoto hadn’t heard the words that were spilling out of the person’s mouth. It was a confession. A really sweet one, too. His S/O, however, took the confession very well, kindly turning them down. Makoto’s cheeks turned a bright pink at the rejection. “I appreciate it, but I’ve already found the boy of my dreams. I’m actually supposed to meet him here soon.” Were the words that sounded throughout Makoto’s head for the next few seconds. Waiting for the disappointed stranger to leave, Makoto made his appearance, smiling sweetly at his S/O as he greeted them and took their hand in his.

Sousuke was a little disappointed, to be honest. He had walked to the Samezuka school gates when the day was over, to be met by some other guy from his school talking to his S/O. The jealousy quickly spread through Sousuke’s body as he stood and watched. The things that the boy was telling his S/O were sickeningly sweet. As Sousuke prepared to walk right up there to make a few things clear, he heard his S/O’s voice and decided to hear what they had to say. “Oh, this was really sweet of you, but I think I’ve already found the boy of my dreams…” They replied, blushing slightly. Sousuke’s heart skipped a beat at his S/O’s sweetness. How the hell did he get this lucky?! When the boy had left, Sousuke greeted his S/O casually, pretending that he hadn’t heard anything and continued the day as usual.

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How would the guys be if they were learning how to slow dance with their girls like to what song?

Let’s say the slow songs would be either Sinatra or like…idk, a song from the Golden Age

Leo: He has a bit of flexibility while moving but that doesn’t means he KNOWS how to dance. He’s very careful, trying to follow her steps and laughing when she says he’s doing fine ‘i see you have a bad taste for dance partners’ before twirling her playfully. 

Raph: He’d refuse at first, before her grabbing his wrist and tugging him in the middle of the living room, placing one of his hands on her waist while she held the other. He’d gruff a bit, but he’d smile, placing his chin on top of her head as she placed hers on his chest, swaying gently to the song.

Mikey: He likes dancing that you can move a lot, so he gets all fidgety when he starts to slow dance, he needs to keep still and that makes him laugh a lot, but he’d work around with her, making her smile and have fun too!Just because it’s slow dancing doesn’t mean it can’t be fun!

Donnie: He’s tall, too tall, he hates dancing because he thinks he looks like a silly grasshopper…but he works with her for a while.Soon, he starts moving swiftly, as if he knew how to dance for years! She’d be so surprised!And he’d end up with a dip and ask ‘was it good?did I hurt you?’ but he’d only get a kiss as response.

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being in a relationship with michael would be so fun like you'd do all this random shit together, like mini-golfing while wearing onesies or having pizza-eating contests, and whenever you'd be out in public together he would do crazy stuff like yelling "look how cute my girlfriend is" or serenading you in the middle of a crowd because he loves how adorable you look when you're flustered or embarrassed omg i need this

noOOOooOoooOoo uhguhabajanab

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How would a game of twister be with Seokjin, Taehyung and Hoseok??

Unrelated, but here is ‘Falling on them while playing Twister’ too!

Seokjin / Jin - A game of Twister with Jin would end up being super complicated, but super fun. He would try his best to kind of avoid having to reach over or under you, ending up tangling himself into a little knot and falling over before getting anywhere lmao.

Taehyung / V - Taehyung I can see kicking ass in a game of Twister. Like, I don’t see him being afraid to kind of get up close and person and make things to his advantage, if you know what I mean? Kind of like, sabotage. But it wouldn’t be noticeable.

Hoseok / J - Hope - With Hoseok there might be a lot of ‘Oops’ and ‘Sorry!’s. He would bump into you every now and then, letting out a laugh and apologizing before trying to kind of readjust his position on the mat. If you two were stuck in that awkward one person making a bridge over the other person kind of situation, I can see him pulling out the old “Well this is awkward” card to loosen up the tension.

- Darby

Everyone is excited about how cute and tiny Deimos looked in his spacesuit but I think the real question should be how cute would Ethos look in a spacesuit? 

He seems like he would just be really excited to BE IN SPACE. ON A MISSION. Imagine that tiny little linguist nerd just pattering around in the Derelict in his SPACESUIT. Like, just the idea of it makes me smile.

Tiny Ethos in his happy little spacesuit doing what he loves and EXPLORING and having ADVENTURES and LEARNING. He’s all bright-eyed and NICE and SMART and just EXCITED to be part of a team and doing important things. 

Ugh. What a cutie pie. 

(of course I know that he is 100% serious about his job, and might not show this excitement outwardly to others in serious situations. But I know it is there. I know he is thrilled with his responsibilities.)

why out of all the exo members did they have to send baekhyun and chanyeol to be on superman returns like??? they couldve sent suho i mean imagine how awkward and cute that would be??? or xuimin or chen?? OR ANYONE ELSE?

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How would the maknae line +yoongi react to waking up in the middle of the night and noticing their girlfriends legs were sprawled out over his and she was cuddled up to them? If the relationship was pretty new :3

Jimin would be a little embarrassed but really happy, cuddling into her as well. He’d think her overall position was cute!

V/Taehyung would be surprised at how she was positioned, but love it nonetheless! He’d snuggle his face into her hair, enjoying the moment.

Jungkook would probably be the most bashful of the three in the maknae line. He might move her legs off of him, but wrap his arms around her instead, holding her close to his chest. It’d be a little awkward for him, but he also wouldn’t want to push her affection away from him.

Suga/Yoongi might not notice right away if he’s sleeping beforehand. If he stirs in the middle of the night, it’ll take him a minute to realize how close she is to him, but he’d simply roll over and bring her closer to him, drifting back to sleep.

~ Admin L

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idk if u ship Louis and Armand but how cute would it be if Louis was trying to sit and read and Armand tries to climb over his shoulder to claim attention.

I ship almost everything xD aand this is soooo cute omg. Cat-like Armand :3 I might try, can’t promise tho. I’m in a weird mood, it doesn’t always work. 

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as dean and cas are at the mall looking for claires present, dean buys a fruit smoothie. cas: can i have some? (i know being an angel makes their taste bland but cas was still trying to identify as human) dean: angels dont drink cas *being stingy but gives in to cas' cute self* ugh fine, *puts the drink to cas' mouth* deans just walking as he lets cas sip his drink. just imagine how cute that would be dfjhfg help


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dude, imagine how dang cute chubby!human!cas would be when he's really sleepy ; u ; !! like he's trying real hard to stay awake during a movie, but their couch is really comfy & he keeps dozing off on dean's shoulder, and he's just so sleepy & squishy & warm ♥ ♥ ♥


and cas thinks snacks are an obligatory part of a movie night, like, he started off with popcorn when dean told him it was the traditional movie snack but then he started bringing  other tiny snacks like gummy bears,kisses, chips and then decided ordering pizza for movie night was a good idea too until their coffee table upgraded to a snack buffet and cas just scarfs down everything and all the food makes him all drowsy and sleepy and he’s resting on dean’s comfy thighs so that doesn’t help at all but he’s just tryin rlly hard to finish watching this movie bc dean seems rlly enthusiastic about it but when he turns 2 him to make a dumb comment or remark about a scene cas is just curled up n snoring against his tum and dean’s really careful not to wake him up so he pauses the movie and  lays down with him