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errrr, could you do what Disney kisses the RFA would be? with a gif? maybe? thanks ^^

Author’s note: I forgot how to spell author so I stared at the screen for 3 minutes trying to figure it out… WHY AM I A WRITER jk I haven’t slept in 29 hours I’m just tireeddd


  • well, yoosung is already a cUTE LIL PUPPY 
  • plus this is just so adorable ??? 
  • his face would turn BRIGHT RED


  • LOOK how cute it is when he puts the crown on top of her head
  • you’re his princess, and he’s your queen prince 


  • why is this Jaehee’s gif, u ask ???
  • because the two of you were sharing a cute and sweet little kiss
  • but then you gave her a tug and deepened it
  • justttt to make sure she knew you were more than a friend 


  • okay I realize how weird it is to compare V to Tarzan
  • but just look at how gently he grabs her face
  • and how slowly he pulls her in
  • he’s just so pure and deserves better


  • edit: ok this isn’t disney but it still fits
  • this happens to the two of you all the time
  • but instead of the dog it’S HIS STUPID I love you Elly you just ruined the moment CAT


  • probably something like this
  • Seven is definitely the one pushing you two together 


  • you see, this kiss is just the right amount of cute and awkward to fit Seven
  • he’s such a dork I love him

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I saw this one post about Percy having an amazing singing voice because he is related to sirens, and so I was thinking about how sirens lure sailors to jump off their boats. What if Percy had started to sort of charm speaking his enemies to do things like that in battle (stabbing themselves etc)? I also feel like if him and Piper sang together it would be amazing but extremely terrifying if they were against you.

I never thought of this before! It indeed sounds really eery though and to me gives dark!percy some more dimension. Not sure if normal Percy would use that, especially after Sea of Monsters, but it is both a cool and disturbing image. However, it did make me interested in more dark!percy headcanons, so send them in if you think of any!

I do believe he would use his singing voice to sing to his younger sibling though! How cute would that be? 

- Marge

ps. Also, Piper x Percy song battles. 

I keep thinking about that owlcat post that mentioned laser pointers and I can’t get over how creepy/cute it would be.  I mean, owls can move their heads like they can because their eyes are too big to move around in their sockets. So their heads would twist all dramatically and fast to follow the laser pointer and combine that with a cat butt wiggle and I can’t even deal with how great that is.

The in game-models don’t do em justice, I demand an owlkitten with a big head and eyes that’s goofy and cute and whose head spins round to follow butterflies.

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Homestuck?? Oh boy I haven't touched the fandom in a bit but since you want something how about Equius trying to court a human and he can't really do it because he just gets so sweaty??? Nepeta trys to be wingman though

equius is my beautiful husband and i will always love him

Equius (Homestuck)

Nepeta is always in the background, with a big bag that has Equius’s towels (and some deodorant).

When Equius walks away to go to the restroom, Wing Woman Nepeta is there in a flash. She mentions how great her Moirail is, and drops very subtle hints about how she thinks you two would be cute together.

Equius is also a Gentleman. By Troll standards, anyway. He’s polite, obviously, but probably tends to get a little… aggressive, when someone else gets a little too chummy with you. (Which is going off of a couple headcanons I have)

He also tries to show off his strength a little, if you admit you find strength appealing. Either by picking up heavy things, or possibly trying to fight someone.

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Countries you’ve lived in: France (and 6 months in Ireland)

Favourite fandom: FFVII.

Languages you speak: French, English and Japanese

Last article you read: wow a… good questions o.o Probably something about space. Space is pretty neat huh.

Shuffle your music library and put the first three songs hereKingdom Hearts II Passion Orchestra Instrumental Version ; Graveyard, Feist and One Last Goodbye, Anathema.

Last person you dreamed of: If fictional characters count, then the last ones I remember dreaming of were Terra, Aqua and Ven.

Any phobias or fears: Spiders, death (obviously orz) and staying lonely all my life (and by that I mean, having no romantic SO)

How your friends would describe you : Kind-hearted, shy, cute, considerate usually. Also serious.

How your enemies would describe you: Stuck-up, shy (but the pejorative way orz), dumb, quiet, lazy.

If you had money to spare, what would you buy first: hmmmm PS… 4 ? And gifts for friends and family. So many gifts fghkj ♥

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Modern witches who keep their potions in empty water bottles and tupperware with their purpose scrawled on them in sharpie. Witches who buy cute little bottles from Hobby Lobby and Michael’s so that their potion cabinet will look cute. Witches who’s spell books are messy, thoughtless, scribbled in notebooks with like five different pen colors on one page bc they kept losing their pen, ironically while writing a pen finding spell. Witches who brew potions in hello kitty tea kettles and pikachu pots. Witches who have spells in the notes folder of their phone, and who enchant their phones and wallets so they won’t lose them. Just give me all the cute, modern witches. Give me all of them.

ppl always think destiel shippers want destiel to be canon so the show can be aLL  ABOUT DEA N AND CAS HA VING T EH SEX but actually i want things like sam walking into dean’s room to see cas sitting on the bed reading while dean sleeps with his head in cas’ lap and they’re both fully clothed and sam and cas have to whisper for the whole scene.


I wanted to draw a Thor/Loki version of this beautiful thing but something went wrong. Thor can’t redo the same pose without touching or kissing his brother, damn. I sketched more things but they are crap.

Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥


Dunno Kuroo, it’s a mystery