how cute this fella is

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Oh and also I was at that zoo yesterday too! I can’t believe I was this close to bumping into a senpai XD It was too warm and sunny for the big cats to do much but it was still nice to see glimpses of them lounging around. And the peacocks prancing around everywhere like they own the place! Also I spent way too long in Borealia staring at the teeny tiny harvest mice

aaa! if you happened to see an ugly loser with the megalovania shirt, that was me! and yeah, the big cats are my favourite but they mostly just lazed around when we were there, though we did get to see one of the snow leopards pacing around with their giant floofy tail <3 also we got to see red pandas walking around! usually when we visit they’re always sleeping, but this time we saw two of them walking around and being cute and ridiculous.

also these fellas who look how i feel:

eta: also lmao yeah those peacocks, whenever people weren’t paying enough attention to them the males would start YELLING


Speeding up a 30 minute video in 1 minute lol you can see how I worked on this little cute fella :D thinking if I should do a live while coloring one of these? What do you think ? I never tried so if you have suggestions about I am all ears :D #traditionalart #coloredpencils #art #tutorial #speedvideo #speeddrawing #goldfish #luminance #carandache #popsurrealism #mariabagnale #mariabagnaleart #pencilart

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Heeeey :D Soy nueva aquí, y vengo a dejar una pequeña petición :D Necesito ver a el pequeño Fedi y a Allistor en su momento mas pervertido, a ver hasta donde han llegado >:D

“Tenemos muchos juegos, pero mi favorito es cuando me pone esa cola de Gato o ese juego de piel para manos y pies. Me encanta”


@may-u: Heeeey: D I’m new here, and leave a small order: D I need to see the little Fedi and an Allistor in his most perverted moment, a see how far you’ve come >:D

Fedi: Ah … Alistair, Please … Do not play anymore … Ah ~ Give it to me … Give me what I want!

Alistair: How cute you look when you’re so honest, Fella ~

Fedi: Ah ~ Alistair … more … please … Give me more …

Alistair: You are a playful kitten.

Fedi: I love you so much, Alistair

Alistair: Me too

“We have a lot of games, but my favorite is when I put that tail of Gato or that game of skin for hands and feet. I love”


Oooooh my sweet little fella’, how cute, how adorable and s…. you are ^^

Oui Mika c'est mon chouchou pour des raisons que je n'expliquerai pas en profondeur… Il me rappelle juste quelqu'un… Hihihi!

Ça va? Vous êtes pas trop paumés à essayer de comprendre comment fonctionne mes hormones entre Alexander, Mads et lui? D'autres spécimens à venir ^^


Introducing “Spot” - Boston Dynamics newest robodog

Awww… Look at this little Google fella. How cute it is, nearly galloping up the stairs!

I bet the altruistic Spot from an alternative universe lives a happy life as an ambitious corporate coffee boybot, equipped with a sweet & delighful Pixar-like frontend interface driven by a devoted & humble AI. Our futures, however, are lost. All of them.

Spot is a four-legged robot designed for indoor and outdoor operation. It is electrically powered and hydraulically actuated. Spot has a sensor head that helps it navigate and negotiate rough terrain. Spot weighs about 160 lbs.