how cute is this friendship tho

Shipping is dangerous sometimes
  • Me: Broppy is soooo cute! But I don't ship JT with AK cuz first, JT is married and has a kid and I totally respect that, and two they seem to have more of a great friendship. So I'm glad that they're besties :)
  • AK and JT: *Post pics of each other doing cute poses and having cute smiles on their faces* *Does a slime diy and phone prank* *AK dare JT to rap on how wonderful she is*
  • Trolls official IG: *Posts even more pics of them together on set and all*
  • 107 facts about Trolls: *One fact is that JT often hugs AK on set but she's not a big fan of hugs so it's always awkward*
  • Me: Well, S***

favorite character meme: five relationships ♡ [1/5] julie & tyra 

my little girl’s all grown up. 

ok so imaishi pulled a switcheroo on us all and made the first half of the episode almost unbearably animated but the second half animated beautifully. classic imaishi. tho idk if he actually directed it, i think he just boarded it.

either way it might be on equal footing with the broom race episode as one of my favorites, akko’s psychotic determination shines through here, cool climax, i really liked the cute little drive-in movie part… its still kinda depressing how much of a fuckup akko still is and how vitriolic her friendship with sucy is… but they at least try to end on a good note with that and have some emotional “aw they really do care about each other” moments…. this show is just so weirdly mean spirited about it tho

voiceofthetunnels  asked:


How I feel about this character: I love Luna!!! from the little we have seen of her and all the potential her character had. Her lack of screentime makes me really sad tho :’( 
All the people I ship romantically with this character: Crowe / crowna , cindy / cindylu, and aranea / araluna. give me all the wlw!! i might be forgetting some ships tbh I ship her with alot of ppl bc u guys keep sending me cute headcanons that make me fall for new ships
My non-romantic OTP for this character: pls don’t kill me but it’s with noctis. I like the friendship they had and i think it would have been refreshing if they hadn’t thrown a romance aspect in. but noo the male/female leads always need to be romantically involved. I don’t necessarily hate it but i don’t love it either. I do, however, really like the friendship they had and wished we could have seen more. 
My unpopular opinion about this character: Don’t get me wrong I love Luna, but i am a little let down by the way her character was presented. She was hyped up so much before the game came out. Tabata was constantly telling us how strong of a female lead she was and she always looked super cool in the trailers and so i was really excited for her (i made this blog lol) but then the game came out and yes she was strong, but we barely got to know her? and it kinda hurts. I want to be able to call her one of my favourite final fantasy ladies but we never got to know her to the same lengths as we’ve known my other faves (aerith, tifa, yuna, ashe, ect,.).  
…….anyways i really hope for episode luna dlc to show me more luna and make me fall in love with her the same amount i love my other ff girls :’)
One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon: actual screentime :) 

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hello everyone! i’ve decided to host another botm event, only this time, by myself! i know the edit may be crap, but i didn’t want to bother anyone. my main reason for hosting this is because i wanted to and i’ve noticed how extremely cute you all are. like CUTE. PLEASE ACCEPT MY LOVE. 

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