how cute is this friendship tho

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can you tell me about the bts ships? not just otp's, brotps too!


but ill only talk about the ones im familiar with:

1. YOONMIN (yoongi/jimin):

ok holy shit where the FUCK do i start with yoonmin. they’ve been my bts otp since day 1 so i have a LOT TO FUCKING SAY LOL 

first off, refer to this post as to why i started shipping them, they have a LOT of cute fucking moments predebut and its been a painfully beautiful journey ever since 2013

before we jump in we need to talk about how YOONGI WROTE A SONG FOR JIMIN BECAUSE HE ADMIRES HOW HARDWORKING JIMIN IS. IF THAT AINT REAL THEN GET TF OUT OF MY FACE LMAo like where dat song @ tho yoongs

ok i need to chill, but theres more:

like jimin being yoongi’s #1 cheerleader at ISAC lmao look at him cheer his name in front of all the fans and other idols with ZERO shame, and then there’s yoongi pretending like he doesnt hear him #typical

^ TYPICAL YOONGI. this ship is very love-hate. mostly false pretense of hate on yoongi’s end and WAAAY TOO MUCH SHAMELESS LOVIN on jimin’s end BUT we all know yoongi’s putting up a front. like there’s actually so many subtle moments where he reveals how much he cares for jimin and they kill me every time, like this one:

but then right back to pretending like he dont give a fuck lmfao:


this whole v app broadcast was a yoonmin fest and it was a blessing. jimin got him a sweater for yoongis birthday and they basically confessed on live broadcast that they’re soulmates. ugh im so sensitive about this moment

in summary:

  • yoonmin are polar opposites and that heart-pulling cold/warm dynamic they have is super shippable, thus the reason why they’re one of the most popular ships in this fandom
  •  yoongi puts on a cold exterior and doesn’t really show his emotions. jimin on the other hand is super openly loving towards others, especially yoongi, and its really fucking cute how yoongi reciprocates sometimes
  • the two really do care about each other a lot though and it’s really heart warming to see. also yoongi had jimin rap on his Tony Montana stage and it was everything

there’s tons more but for the sake of room lets move on

2. TAEKOOK (Taehyung/Jungkook)

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favorite character meme: five relationships ♡ [1/5] julie & tyra 

my little girl’s all grown up. 

Wow, so this has been a wild ride. I’ve been on tumblr for about 5 years (with a different blog that I have since deleted in its entirety) and I never, ever felt this much love on that blog in the entire 5 years that I had it in the four months that I have had this blog.

Hockey’s been a wild ride for me and something that I only actually started paying attention to recently (see: I’ve had this blog for four months) despite the fact that it’s been in my life for almost the entire 19 years that I have existed on this planet, and it’s been the most wonderful time. Discovering this community and then deciding to join it full-time was one of the best decisions I ever made in my life, and I’ve gained so many lovely friends and followers and experiences from this blog and from watching hockey.

Mostly, I’m really grateful that I finally managed to uncover an online space that made me feel loved and happy, and like I could talk about anything that I wanted to without being judged. All of hockey tumblr is so wonderful (the parts that I’ve met, anyways) and I love how welcoming and nice everyone is when you’re like me and make this blog and then have to teach yourself everything about hockey so that you can keep up with what’s going on.

TL;DR you guys are all really wonderful and there will never be enough words to express how much I love you all and thanks for 500 followers so let’s get started with this shall we



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(Extra love for my friends and some other wonderful people under the cut. If you think you’re under there, you probably are. I recommend everyone reads it tho)

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These ficus are so damn cute:) How about Peter being jealous about Tony and baby!Groot friendship?

“I am Groot.” says Groot and Tony hugs him a bit tighter.

“Yeah i know, i think it was fun, too.” answers Tony. They were at the playground today, because Tony wanted to see, if Groot would like that.

“I am Groot.” says Groot again and Tony knows even tho it are the same words, the meaning is a different.

“Of course we can do that again! We have to.” agrees Tony and smiles at the little tree.

“What are you doing again?” asks Peter when they pass him and Tony stops. Peter looks beautiful today. But Tony thinks that everyday.

“Ah Groot and me were on the playground. And we had so much fun.” says Tony and Peter doesn’t even smile at that.


“I am Groot.” says Groot, but when Peter reaches for him, Groot holds onto Tony. Peter frowns. Why is it always Groot and Tony together the last days.

He can’t help it but he is jealous. He thought Tony liked him best.

“What Groot says.” giggles Tony then.

“You know that i can’t understand him.” Peter sighs. He can guess what Groot wants but he doesn’t know for sure.

“Ah yeah i forgot. But Groot and i spend the last days together and practiced something.” says Tony and sounds really excited at that. Peter is not excited. Thank you.

“We spend nearly two weeks on it!” explains Tony and Peter rolls his eyes. Because yeah he knows. Because since then Tony hasn’t had any time for him.

“Ready?” he asks and Peter nods. Lets just get over with it.

Tony sits down on the opposite from Peter and takes Groot on his lap. God damn. Peter wants to sit there!

“Okay Groot, just like we practiced.” says Tony more sweetly now and Peter wants to gag. Groot nods and turns around to Peter.

“I am Peter.” he says slowly and Peter nearly falls of his chair.

“Oh god Groot!” he says and runs over to the little tree. This time Groot wants in his arm and Peter cuddles him.

“Well i thought you would like it, if he could call you and you would understand it. The ‘i am’ part is still wrong tho.” says Tony but he smiles at Groot.

Groot looks really proud and Peter kisses his cheek. Groot giggles and then squirms. Peter helps him down and Groot runs out of the room. Probably searching for Rocket.

“I am Peter!” he yells again and Peter chuckles.

“Thank you.” says Peter at Tony.

“Your welcome. You jealous idiot.” grins Tony and Peter looks down.

“So obvious?” he asks and Tony hugs him. Peter had missed his hugs.

“Yeah. But its okay. I know i spend a lot time with Groot. But i wanted to surprise you.” says Tony and Peter cuddles more up to him.

“Don’t do that again. But i really loved it.” answers Peter and Tony laughs.

“You mean you love me.” grins Tony and Peter tickles him.

“You know i do! Thats why i’m jealous!”

ID #30209

Name: Rosé
Age: 13 going 14
Country: Hong Kong

how to do this ;-;
hey im rosé (not real name), 13 yrs old turning 14, girl
- lowkey socially awkward
- enfp
- trash for bts (other groups too but like my main yeh)
- actually any music honestly
- dogs.
- summary of me: dramatic abrasive lil ass but is actually just smol mochi
- snail mail is cute and i rlly wanna try it even tho i have no idea how to use it :3
- as you can see, cannot grammar for my life
- its fine if you dont like kpop, ill just make you like it JOKES
- send love thanks

- any age is fine honestly
- any place too
- just anything i dont mind even turtles hmu
- no homophobic racist asses thanks

every time I’ve started to feel Bad lately I’ve been letting myself think about my crush and the times we’ve hung out together and my mind replays every detail of our interactions and i go through our messages and it just cheers me up immensely and that is possibly the most wonderful thing for me rn, that i actually have someone/something that makes me feel happy and isn’t unhealthy

Gallagher + Galchenyuk

lets be honest…


they’re so cute. But together…



perfect. They have the type of friendship I want with my friends…

I mean… come on… its too cute… but don’t even get me started on them with Prusty…

I mean look… its so adorable

but back to the boys…

 where do I sign up for a friendship like this?


look at how brendan’s looking at him. I want him to look at me like that.

Are they ever separated for more than 2 minutes?

i guess not…

how much you wanna bet chucky was right beside him in this but someone just edited him out. 

same here. but they were the cutest rookies tho



lets face the facts… they are the cutest. I just love them

Finale Feels Recovery Fic Recs

So I need feels recovery, and I figure all y’all do too. Here’s some fics that I think are really awesome/fluffy/hurt-comfort-y:



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She flinched tho? When she said "I love her" like that's not how "just best friends" say I love her Like she wants to keep their "friendship" from the media like it's a calculated words. I feel like she's holding back some things cos maybe it may sound different it was caught in her throat she can't just profess things LIKE HOW IN LOVE SHE IS WITH LILI OH MY GOD PARENTS

Their love is so cute and so pure it actually hurts me

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hey! so i have a crush on this girl and i really wanna let her know that i like her a lot (not to the point where she knows i have a crush on her tho bc shes probably straight and i dont wanna ruin our friendship - i was want her to know i wanna be closer friends) but i dont know how? im afraid my personality is too boring so im uninteresting. i wanna leave cute little notes on her locker for her but im afraid of freaking her out........ do you have any advice? (this is my fav sapphic blog btw)

wanting to leave cute notes in her locker is far from boring, sweetie. if you’re worried about overstepping or making things weird between you, but you still want to reach out, maybe try finding an excuse to write those sappy notes? like a holiday or school event. you could also try asking her about what she likes. someone who’s interested in the same things she is won’t be boring to her. 

Reasons why I love Rik Mayall:

  • Did his own stunts
  • Amazing dramatic actor but stuck to comedy most times because it was more fun
  • Once found out the women in Comic Strip Presents got paid half as much as the men, promptly demanded they get paid equally
  • Was dead for five days, came back to life, was back writing comedy a year later despite still getting over his injuries
  • Wasn’t afraid to be affectionate with his male friends in the 80s and looked down on emotionless machomen culture
  • Openly identified as a feminist
  • Literally the second coming of Jesus
  • Everything he ever wrote mocked homophobes, racists and misogynists
  • Once drove several hours from the city to the countryside just to give Ade Edmondson a hug
  • Blue eyes of an angel
  • Looked fantastic in a Victorian suit
  • So hot that everyone in Lord Of Misrule couldn’t keep from commenting on it including his straight male friends
  • Like really hot you guys
  • Extremely vain and self-important but still a kind and genuine person 
  • Used his status as a rich and famous white man to fight against conservative government that were hurting lower classes and minorities
  • Advocated against criminalising drug addicts, despite never doing drugs himself
  • Called Ade “Eddie Monsoon” and I dunno I just find that really funny
  • Never made a secret about being sad that Ade left comedy but still supported his career choices and they never stopped being best friends, defying the usual falling out story one expects from these things
  • His last name is pronounced Mail but it isn’t spelled that way
  • His name is spelled Rik instead of Rick but his most famous character is called Rick seriously even his name trolls people
  • Was still throwing himself about on cars and shit even when he was almost 60 and could have just hired a stunt double
  • When he woke up from his coma he had brain damage and amnesia and couldn’t remember his own name or who he or his family was but he still remembered Ade
  • Comedy friendships give me a lot of feelings shut up
  • How good were his performances on Jonathan Creek tho
  • Like I’ve read that his second episode is where some fans say the show jumped the shark but like what? Shut up that ep was amazing
  • He was really good with kids and I don’t like kids but if a guy is good with kids it means he’s got a lot of kindness and patience and fun in him and it’s really cute
  • His wife was a lucky bitch to be honest like HOW DARE SHE HOG THE BEST MAN EVER
  • I know he’s ludicrously older than me and also dead and from England, shut up
  • Probably secretly an elf or some shit cos come on guys aren’t that naturally hot 

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My favourite thing about Hansol is that he's so soft and cute and shy and warm but when he's dancing he radiates so much self-confidence and you can just see how much he's in his element on stage ashhfhh Also I love that he's so close to Jaemin, their friendship is the cutest thing in the universe oh and HIS SMILE!! Plus the members said he's funny so I'm waiting to see his dorky, funny side. I just love everything about him okay

a+ answer.

honestly tho all of the members have said that hansol is one of the funniest guys out of all of them so im like boy just be confident we wana see you make a fool of yourself

send me your fav things about hansol!!!

Shipping is dangerous sometimes
  • Me: Broppy is soooo cute! But I don't ship JT with AK cuz first, JT is married and has a kid and I totally respect that, and two they seem to have more of a great friendship. So I'm glad that they're besties :)
  • AK and JT: *Post pics of each other doing cute poses and having cute smiles on their faces* *Does a slime diy and phone prank* *AK dare JT to rap on how wonderful she is*
  • Trolls official IG: *Posts even more pics of them together on set and all*
  • 107 facts about Trolls: *One fact is that JT often hugs AK on set but she's not a big fan of hugs so it's always awkward*
  • Me: Well, S***
possible BTS subunits:
  • mini mini (yoongi + jimin): oh jesus can u imagine all the fic writers who would flip their shit if this happened?? but seriously, yoongi said he wanted to write a song for jimin and has complimented his voice before (and apparently hinted at it so IDK MAN THIS SEEMS PLAUSIBLE) but not sure how their stages would be
  • kookiemonster (rapmon + jungkook): they’ve already released a couple of tracks and they’ve been pretty bomb so their music production would be 11/10. again, dont know how their stages would be like. but guaranteed their songs will make us all weep
  • dance line (jhope/jimin/jungkook): its a good mix of rappers and singers and they’re ALL strong dancers so imagine how fucking fire their choreos would be
  • taekook (taehyung + jungkook): again, fandom’s fic writers will literally be digging their own graves if this popular ship becomes a subunit. for real tho, this would be a pretty cool duo. tae and jungkooks voices are both nice. but not the strongest pair to put together in my opinion
  • sunshine line (jhope/jimin/taehyung): honestly this trio would be pretty sick. i can imagine them making some really chill songs and cute choreo. r&b maybe
  • vocal line (jimin/jungkook/tae/jin): A BTS BALLAD SUBUNIT WOULD BE AMAZING. also this line’s visual is so on point, i can’t see how this would go wrong

this is all speculation, but who says we can’t let our imaginations run free? tag which one you’d sell your soul to see happen