how cute is lena

Lena comes to game night and is so quiet and soft and unimposing because casual friendship, people spending time together just because they like each other, is still such a foreign concept to her that she’s desperate not to screw it up. And she does a good job at staying soft and subdued for almost the entire night until they pull out monopoly, and no amount of careful subservience can erase a lifetime of Luthor training. within thirty minutes she owns half the board, draining every other player of their money with a quiet ruthlessness until the moment Kara lands on her most expensive property and looks at it in a sad sort of way, and Lena realizes she doesn’t have enough money to pay.

Kara looks up at her then with that same sad look, earning a groan of disapproval from alex, and Lena isn’t even aware of the words until she’s already said them: “don’t worry about it,” she says, and alex groans even louder, “today is customer appreciation day.”

“Kara, you know it’s cheating when you do that,” Alex complains, but Kara just holds her nose up snootily.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she says, and Lena is just starting to realize that maybe she got played when Kara leans over and wraps her in a hug and suddenly all Lena can focus on is how good it feels to be wrapped up like that, how nice Kara smells, how warm she is, how her arms are running up and down her back and she vaguely hears alex grumble “Watch your money,” but all Lena really cares about watching is Kara’s beaming smile as she pulls back before shouting that it’s Winn’s turn.

And if maybe she notices her stack of money has gotten a little smaller, or that Kara suddenly has enough money to pay for a property she couldn’t previously afford, Lena thinks nothing of it.

Kara could take everything Lena has for all she cares if it meant she’d keep holding her hand and smiling at her like that.


overwatch halloween icons

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yes hello i am both RWBY and Overwatch trash

please accept this crossover my sister and i came up with

(if you have any questions about the choices feel free to ask!! I’ll post more drawings of this crossover in the next few days!)

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Kara and Lena meeting for the first time in 2x01

I just realized that scene is so funny when we go with Kara crushing on Lena from the first moment she sees her and Lena actually already knowing that Kara is Supergirl!! I’m rewatching their scenes for the 100th time

So Kara is acting a little nervous when she walks with Lena and Clark into the office, it’s noticable when Lena has her back turned to them for the first time.. 

Then Lena says that Superman saved the day and Kara’s first reaction is to add that Supergirl was there too.

So Kara has a crush on Lena and wants to make sure she knows that Supergirl is as much of a hero as Superman trying to impress the girl

And Lena already knowing about Kara being Supergirl would explain this reaction so much other than Lena being totally gay for Kara

Her first reaction is surprise, then that smirk and then she’s already turning her back to them again so they don’t see her reaction which is her totally laughing about Supergirl telling her how Supergirl saved the day because SHE ALREADY KNOWS and Lena probably thinks Kara is being really cute while introducing herself

and later where Lena tells them that she tries to make a name outside of her family, she asks if they understand that and then she looks to Kara who agrees with her right away which just makes me think about HOW MUCH THEY HAVE IN COMMON AND HOW THEY JUST GET EACH OTHER 

also look at Kara’s cute smile

  • Kara: *is flying and using her super hearing to listen for trouble, accidentally hears Lena's voice mumbling about how cute her reporter friend Kara is and how much she likes her, is so shOOK, has a heart attack and falls from the sky, crashes into a building, is motionless on the floor she crashed into*
  • someone: Omygod! Supergirl, are you okay?!?!
  • Kara: *is smiling and giggling to herself* A girl likes me~

Lena spent 750 million dollors on catco. Why? Because Kara came running to beg her to save it. But you know not as a friend just simply as a business investment 😂 of course


Lena Luthor Appreciation Week

Day 1 (April 17): When You Started Loving Lena
This little 5 second scene was when I really loved her. Don’t get me wrong, her introductory scene was great, but there’s something about this exchange that’s so pure? I just thought it was very cute how Lena was making casual small talk about how much she hates flying to the pilot.

And then she makes a fist in her lap, showing how scared she actually is. We’ve seen Katie McGrath use this acting choice (in her scenes with Brenda Strong) before but when she did this right before they were taking off, I was like “oh no I’ve fallen for another fictional character”.

Supergirl 3x02 “Triggers” liveblog

Too much Mon-El already

OMG  sanvers making out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Same Eve same

Lena doesn’t like salmon *jots that down

Where is Jess tho? Is she really running L-Corp in Lena’s absence? Is that canon now?

But I like L-Corp. Are we not gonna be there anymore? Sad

They text, James. ALL THE TIME. With heart emojis

Um Kara you can’t blow Lena off like that she’s your boss and more importantly your wife

Sanvers fighting over Winn!!!

BAND! Obviously

I’m sorry “jiggy”?

Psi is hot. Kara, also hot

Maggie is comforting Kara!!! More please

Kaa had “episodes” possibly panic attacks when she first came to earth

Ruining Mom’s first day at work? Not cool, kid. what about all that money? She’s going to work at L-Corp or Catco right?

How does Snapper feel about this change in management (angry I bet)

Oh no, Lena, James be friends not…anything else at all. I can’t tell if Lena is annoyed or impressed. Possibly both

Uh Kara watch the mustang please! It hasn’t done anything wrong (other than gas guzzling)

Someone please play with this girl. She obviously needs a friend

*Jonn’s psychic powers continue to be useless. Me: *shocked

I feel like i’m in a fucking video game

“My pod got knocked off course…” No shit

Alex is so suspicious

Why Winn and not Alex? Are you guys besties again?

Yeah! Fuck Stephanie Harrison!

“You know how many people in this world want to have superpowers?” *slowly raises my hand*

Oh no. oh no oh no oh no

“You don’t have to hide from me, Kara.”

Oh shit oh no.

*bitch mode activated*

Their first fight. I hate this. Lena is right tho, get it together, Kara.

Oh that was painful

Um Kara, your shirt, honey

Oh no a panic attack!

Holy shit, Kara really? Really? You just had to make a hole in the whole building?

Please talk to your sister, I need it

What the fuck was wrong with that elevator tho? Go mf GO!

I need Kara and Lena to talk and make up (and kiss) by the end of this episode


Alex is so sexy and cute. How?

Is Sam talking to Lena? I think, she is. Are they dating? Kara better shape up

Uuuuuh i hate kids. Stop being a brat. Your mom is gonna lose it

KRYPTONIAN MEDITATION!!!! YASSSS! #rememberkaraiskryptonian2017

Finally some sister time

“new and horrible* yep accurate

Alex to Kara: “You got me.”   me: *cries an entire river*

HUG!!!!!!!!!!!! YASSSS!! *cries a whole nother river*

Okay, but why did it have to be snakes tho? Why is it always snakes?

This kid is really starting to bug me. Its like she wants her mom to go evil. Chill girl chill

Oh good a fucked up nuresery rythm


I wish, but no, Kara, he’s fine. Unfortunately

A+ to the Danvers sisters moment, F to the heavy mention of Mon-El

A headbutt, Kara? A little dramatic, but okay.

I’m sorry to say I’m underwhelmed by Psi. Thought she’d be cooler, maybe a recurring villain

“I’m Alex, your cool new stepmom.”

Oh shit sanvers not now. Not yet. I can’t take it



They hugged :)

Oh god Sam is here, I knew it! FUck!

What? She’s what? Taking over L-Corp? NOOOO! I love Lena at L-Corp

Haha me as Sam trying to figure out if I have superpowers

No. Please no to whatever this is with Lena and James


Jonn drinking alone…FIELD TRIP TO MARS!

anonymous asked:

What do you like to see from Lena in season 3? any of your wishful thinking..

Ummmm like ALL THE THINGS!!

  • Lena wearing casual clothes (flannels please!!!??)
  • Lena with messy hair
  • Lena being a sexy and nerdy af genius working on some side invention because why not??
  • Lena throwing a microscope
  • Lena wearing glasses
  • Lena wearing more pant suits
  • Lena being HBIC and slaying in the board room
  • Lena and Kara being adorable bezzie mates
  • Lena and Kara going out for lunch dates
  • Lena cooking
  • Lena cooking for Kara
  • Lena teaching Kara how to bake
  • Lena and Kara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lena and Winn being cute, excitable nerds
  • Lena and Winn bonding over their pasts!!!
  • Lena and Alex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lena learning more self-defense skills from Alex
  • Lena and Alex drinking wine and talking science and siblings
  • Lena being her awesome self and James finally recognizing her as a good Luthor
  • Lena with friends
    • Lena with like real friends
      • Lena with friends that won’t use her for money or resources
      • Lena with friends that won’t die or leave after an episode
  • Lena being part of the Super Friends
  • Lena being invited to game nights
  • Lena winning at monopoly
  • Lena playing chess
  • Lena at the alien bar
  • Lena being emotional and humble when she realizes the aliens in the bar know what she did to save them all!!!!!!!!
  • Lena playing pool
  • Lena hustling everyone at pool
  • Lena working with the DEO
  • Lena being happy