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Idol mc! RFA + Saeran thx bye ily

(sorry this has been sitting in my box for awhile! QAQ)


  • Fanboys immediately upon seeing you
  • “Wait, you’re the MC?!”
  • Is a member of your fan club at his school
  • Brags about it to them
  • But other than that he still sees you as you
  • But if you work with a male idol
  • the smol bean gives them the yandere look


  • Like Yoosung, fanboys
  • His fans go crazy over you two
  • Power couple much?
  • Loves practicing his lines with you even more
  • “God you’re so cute!”


  • Has no idea what an idol is
  • Commence Zen and Jaehee’s crash course on idols
  • Thinks its cool
  • When you show him the cat ears for an upcoming performance
  • He can’t stand how cute you look
  • “MC… why don’t we test those out right now”
  • The sexy sex follows


  • Lol he already knew
  • Yet another reason you shouldn’t get involved with him
  • Plus you’d never be able to go public with your relationship
  • No publicity for the Seven
  • You come up with the idea that he lives overseas whenever it comes up in interviews and meetups


  • Saw it in your background check
  • Has no idea what an idol is
  • “MC why do you sing for people who don’t even know you?”
  • lowkey your #1 fan
  • Gets jealous when you have performances
  • Likes to hear you sing for him and no one else
  • Also can’t go public with your relationship

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Could I maybe have a scenario with McCree pining after someone and a female reader silently supporting him because she loves him? And he slowly falls for the reader? (Sorry if this was confusing or cringey)

The way he gushes to you about them makes your chest tighten and you have to force yourself to smile. You have to hold all the things you want to say to him when he tells you how cute their smile is or how their little habits making him sing. No matter what he says or does in regards to his crush you always support him. Even he finds it a bit odd when he grumbles about threatening to kidnap them and you agree. He questions why and you can’t help but wonder yourself. 

“Well,” You pause in the thought, the words clumsy on your tongue, “There’s nothing more important than love, right?”

He blinks several times in surprise at your response before a wide grins spreads across his face. He hits you a bit harder on the back than he means too but it’s not malicious, you know. In fact, the physical contact feels rather nice and you can’t help but lean into it. He furrows his brows at this, almost as if in deep thought, before he quickly excuses himself. You wish him luck and sigh deeply when he’s gone. 

Later that night there’s loud banging on the door, startling you awake from your slumber. You slip your toes into your slippers and lazily walk to the door with a yawn, wondering who could possibly be at your doorstep in the dead of night. Slowly opening the door you hardly have time to react when McCree storms into your apartment and slams the door shut. You turn to him, confused and worried as his silhouette gave you the impression he was frantic and jittery. You reach out to him before he pulls you into a tight hug. You feel a blush creep onto your cheeks as your face is buried in his chest.

“Darlin’,” His voice shakes and a hand on the back of your head, keeping you close, trembles ever so lightly, “I hope you’ll forgive me for gettin’ it wrong. I didn’t want them, I want you.”

Your eyes widen and you pull back a bit to gaze into his deep brown eyes that you could just barely make out in the darkness, “Jesse?”

McCree leans down and presses a chaste kiss to your lips, “There’s nothin’ more important than love, right?”

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Could you do the water jug scene?

Oh but of course… lets keep the positivity going shall we?

Ok so lets start from the beginning of this scene actually. Our lovely duo is out carrying water back to camp and Daryl not only can’t stop looking at Carol but can’t seem to shut his damn mouth either. Mr. Chatterbox it seems.

“I get it.. you don’t want to talk about it.. You ok?”

I mean how cute is he here checking on her, talking to her as if he just can’t stop either. Mans lucky he didn’t trip over his own feet.

Her answer is a throwback to a scene exactly a year before. “Gotta be.” And he gives her a little smirk almost like he remembers having this exact same conversation in reverse. It’s adorable.

He mentions for the first time ‘starting over, with each other’ and then proceeds to remind her that ‘you saved us, all by yourself..”

There is just so much awe and so little ego in this statement. He is in total awe of her, not only that she did what she did but that’s she’s here with him again. He’s still just completely over the moon about it. You can’t just tell by looking at him.

“We got lucky.. we should be dead..”

Not giving herself any credit, and showing some alter in her mood. Daryl knowing her as well as he does is slowly picking up on this as she notices the car and seems pretty interested in it and changing the subject. He can sense it, even if he’s not sure what it is. So he desperately tries to keep talking to her.

“Hey we ain’t dead.. and whatever happened, happened.. lets start over.”

He is telling her that he doesn’t care what she did, or what happened. That it no longer matters. All that matters is here and now. Notice the ‘lets’ in that start over statement. Translate to ‘how you and I start over?’  Talking about doing it together. He may not know for certain what she’s planning to do but his senses are up and after just getting her back he needs her to see that he’s here.

“I want to.” She says quietly, her face saying that she does but doesn’t think she can or deserves to.

“Well you can.”

Carol is considering this, and checking the battery on the car, desperately trying to focus. to not see the look on his face at that moment. And tells him they should keep this car in mind in case things go south.

And now he’s really sensing something so in one last ditch effort he offers to carry one of the jugs for her…

COMPLETELY FORGETTING HE’S CARRYING 2 ALREADY cause he’s so focused on her and doing and saying anything to keep her attention, and he’s all nervous and fidgety as it is, with the back and forth on the foot thing he does and of course SPLASH down goes the water jug in his hand in hilarious fashion.

I mean this a guy can rapid fire kill walkers with great precision but does this when trying to be chivalrous with a woman who obviously didn’t need any help.

Awkward doesn’t even begin to cover it people.

And he is just…

The cutest embarrassment ever and you can almost read his mind ‘wow I really suck at this shit..”

But Carol’s face just says it all. He is so damn precious to her she can’t help but smile. How could she not?

Smooth Dixon. Smooth.

I love this one because it goes from serious conversation, more talking than Daryl has done in like an entire season, to adorably hilarious in the space of minutes.  The fact that tough sure handed Daryl, who tends to use few words turns into clumsy chatty Kathy around her is so very adorable.

And I mean yeah sure guys always act like this around women they are not interested in at all.

Right. Tell me another one.

(these are not my gifs but I’ve had them for so long I forgot who made them so credit to whoever did)

DAY6 Reacts To You Seeing Their Baby Pictures For The First Time

Anon requested: how would they react if you saw their baby pictures for the first time and you told them they were really cute? thank you ^^

A/N: Alrighty anon! Hope you and everyone else likes this!

Jae: So he shows you a picture of him wearing a cute little lamb costume from when he was about a year old. The first thing that you could do is laugh at how adorable he looked. The fact that it was amusing to you makes him blush and smile really big.

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“Y/N! I was just a little kid. It’s not that funny is it?” *ends up laughing with you anyways*

Brian: You look in a scrapbook that was just sitting on the table. You decide to open it and you see his baby pictures. There’s some of him playing with a rubber ducky while taking a bubble bath. You’re smiling and laughing at how cute he was back then. He walks in on you and laughs at the sight of you enjoying the memories of his youth.

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“So you like looking at my baby photos huh? That’s cute.”

Sungjin: You get up from your bed while looking at a picture of him when he was just taking his first steps. When you get downstairs, you tease him saying “Look what I found!” You’re wiggling the photo in his face and he gets a bit nervous. But he still manages to keep his cool and be all smiley and happy with you.

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“Where’d you find that? Why are you looking at that? And another thing….Am I cuter then or now?”

Wonpil: He finally decides to show you a cute little photo of him from infancy. This one just happened to be one of him playing with a rubber ducky while taking a bubble bath. You smirk and keep staring at it just to try to process it. He stands there smiling but also being nervous at the same time. And then he tries to run out of the room but you didn’t let him.

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“It’s a cute picture right? I mean I was the cutest baby anyone has ever seen.”

Dowoon: You’re just going through Dowoon’s phone and you just happen to come across a baby picture of him from when he was learning to ride a bike for the first time. He sees you viewing it and he gets a bit embarrassed. His cheeks turn bright red and he smiles nervously. But then he comes over and starts telling you how much of a hassle it was for his mother to take that simple photo.

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“Yeah sure. That picture looks like it was very easy to take huh? Well it wasn’t.”

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Honestly, if Bendy didn't seem like a whole lot of trouble, I'd probably do the same thing as Vivi and keep him! And I haven't even really looked into BATIM yet (though I do know how much HELL he can raise)... But he looks like a cute little mischievous devil, and cute-looking monsters are just right up my alley! —Jack Anon

“If Bendy doesn’t seem like a whole lot of trouble”

I know Chapter Two isn’t out yet, but being a troublemaker is just something I’m kind of expecting from a dancing demon. XD Especially with the way how Bendy looks at the end of Chapter One. Still don’t know what I’ll have Bendy do when I get around to making a few more doodles/comics for the MSA crossover. Is he a friend or fiend? Not sure yet. Gonna have to wait and see. 

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If you were locked in a room, and you'd be locked in there for quite a while (dw help would be on its way), but there is someone on the other side of the wall also trapped in a room who you could talk to. My question is: who, from the tales of series, would u want that to be and why? (so sorry for the long question x-x..)


Cause he’s Hot- … i mean a nice guy and he probably would be able to calm me down from my constant screaming cause im locked in a room. AND HE’S SO SWEET AND NICE AND CARING AND JUST LOOK HOW CUTE HE IS AND AAAAAAH.

yea i’d want it to be Julius.

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Just recently found your blog, and it's really cute! Could I request some headcanons on how McCree acts when he's got a crush? Thank you!

ahh thank you 💖 and here’s some headcanons for u !!

- okay so hed be such a big flirt and be That Guy who just is always somehow for some reason always in the same room as you, always on the same missions as you, hed just always wanna Be There
- hed try to make you flustered all the time, compliment u to death and just be reeeeally cute and nice but like lowkey Sexy ? ya know
- like hed say Im Your Huckleberry ;) and youd be like Um Ok ……. 😳
- hed have permanent Bedroom Eyes like hed look at you like yall are in some fricken rom-com
- and hed smile at you like a devil, like. all sly and like hes the Coolest
- like he Knows hes goodlooking and Thats his problem
- and everyone knows hes got a crush on you too like he tells everyone, hes That Friend
- but you probably only think hes like that with Everyone and that its not a crush hes just bein McCree
- but no
- hes got a big fat ass crush on u
- honestly i can see him just. taking a picture of himself and giving it to u as a gift and on the back in his best cursive (that took him 20 minutes to carefully write) is him saying he likes u and that he wants to date u
- hed probably say hed wanna b ur cowboyfriend 🤠