how cute are those two

Summary: Five snapshots of Jughead’s and Betty’s life when Jughead had nowhere to stay and Betty was hiding him in her room.

(Okay, I know this is long; I know. But seriously I can’t help the fact that I want to fill entire books with how adorably cute those two are! <3 So grab your snacks and drinks and dive in hahaha! Also I’m sorry if there are any typos, it’s really late and I’m way tired to notice my mistakes. I hope you all like it guys!!!) 

Two days had passed since the night Betty Cooper had stormed inside the Blue & Gold office like a wild force of nature, catching Jughead on the act as well as learning about his secret of not having a place of his own anymore, and coexisting under the same roof was going smoothly for the two friends. Every morning they would wake up way earlier than most people in their town, and especially than Betty’s parents, and Jughead, although not being a morning person, would sneak out with a grateful smile plastered on his lips and hands full with every new snack Betty seemed to always prepare for him, and every night she would sneak him back in once she knew her parents were retired to their bedroom for the night. Their system seemed to be flawless.

Today was a low-key Wednesday night and the first time they had the house entirely to themselves, since the Coopers had yet another late night at the newspaper, the two teens finally enjoying some peace and quiet without closed doors and hush whispers. Betty was sprawled over the bed, text books and colorful markers all around her as the blonde girl was trying to finish her homework, elbow holding herself up and chin resting on her palm, head aching over an answer sheet and calves crossing and uncrossing behind her. Jughead was over the window with blinds shut – he had made Betty promise that his secret would stay between them – sitting comfortably on her white desk chair and having his long legs crossed at the ankles, outstretched against the wooden window frame, while typing furiously on his laptop that rested on his lap. Since no one was at home he didn’t have to lurk at his usual booth at Pop’s. Plus, he found Betty’s presence a very good remedy for writer’s block.

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So I’m going at this with an assumption that when the Russian skaters were too young to live alone they lived with yakov and Lilia but basically what I’m saying is that when Georgi and Viktor were young teenagers they broke into lilia’s closet to try on her high heels and dresses

Things I need from YOI season 2:
  • The second half of “History Maker” used in the OP
  • Yuri and Victor EXPLICITLY defining the relationship with one another
  • Yuuri moving into Victor’s apartment (to Yurio’s disgust)
  • More Victuri fluff and dates including Victor taking Yuuri sightseeing
  • literally ANYTHING about Victor’s past aside from skating
  • Victor and Yuuri being annoyingly adorable and sweet to each other during practice
  • Yakov/Yuri/Georgi/Mila/the entire Russian skating club being fed up with how cute those two are
  • Yakov having to forcibly separate Yuuri and Victor during practice
  • Otabek surprise visiting Yuri in Russia
  • Domestic Victuuri including (healthy) spats about household chores and duties
  • Victor and Yuuri making wagers on said chores during competitions
  • Yurio going through puberty (growth spurt, voice breaking, uncontrollable eating, being even more grumpy than usual)
  • Another pair skate
  • Maccachin in general, being adorable and just receiving all the love
  • “the podium family” dominating on the ice
  • Phichit on ice
  • Victuuri cuddles and sleeping together (macca squeezes in between them)
  • A beautiful wedding after Yuuri wins gold (which he will ofc)
  • Yuuri gaining a stronger sense of self
  • Yuuri’s hair progressively getting longer each episode (until it’s past his shoulders at least??)
  • Yuuri learning many Russian words and phrases(especially ones in the bedroom ;))
  • More ~beautiful costumes~ and ~beautiful choreography~
  • A cameo from our queen, Evgenia Medvedeva
  • The other version of “You Only Live Once” as the ED


  • Yuri and Beka getting super close (as friends first before anything else)
  • JJ still getting married even though he didn’t win a grand slam
  • Victor and Yuuri just whole-heartedly, uncontrollably laughing together
  • Yuuri calling Victor his fiance in casual conversation


anonymous asked:

so, i'm curious. after watching the crown they made philip seem like a real ass in his early years with elizabeth. do you think the show was overly dramatized in respect to his character or fairly accurate to how their life was in those early days? thanks and i love your blog and all the vintage brf posts you make! <3

Hello :)

First of all, thank you for your kind words! I’m so flattered that you like my blog and posts, I always enjoy making them myself too ♡

As for how The Crown portrayed Philip, historians and documentaries often refer to stories of how he struggled to find his role after Elizabeth became Queen, many of which were included in the show. So in that respect it’s quite accurate, but of course the show most likely used artistic license too and dramatised it for effect. But as they’re so private as a couple, we can’t really know the details of their relationship exactly. The Queen has often said in public speeches though how much she values Philip’s dedication and support over the decades. The show in general is incredibly accurate, as far as my knowledge goes. Besides some of the tiaras that they put Margaret in, but hey, I’m over it…

If you’d like to know more of those stories, I’ve continued on below. And by continued, I mean I’ve just waffled on for miles, as usual.

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My brilliant fiance, this man of talent, Dustin Lance Black 💖

Jane the Virgin-Chapter 58

I love that whenever I watch this show I have no idea what’s going to happen. It’s great like that.

Okay, so first off: Jane and Petra. I’m happy Jane finally called it quits in their rivalry. I love it so much better when they are on the same team and not trying to one up each other. I want to see more Jane and Petra helping each other at parenting stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED this electione episode for so many reasons and once again tip my hat at the writers for their creativity.
2. Rogelio and Mateo.
Can we talk about how freaking cute those two are? I love it. I want more of that please.
3. Rogelio and Xo
In this episode we saw a few old flames get that spark relit and one of them was Ro and Xo. I was aboard this ship from the start so I can’t say that I’m dissapointed. It is a little repetitive and if they are going to get together then they should just do it because I think they would have a more interesting story together.
4. Alba
LOL. I loved the dress scene, it was so funny and just so relatable, regardless of age. We have all gone through that one time where we try to be smooth and completely fail. It worked out for Alba, for some of us though……
5. Alex
I’m diggin it.
6. Jane and Rafael
Yes, I think that they are working towards making Jafael end game and the whole Petra thing is like one final go that isn’t going to end well and people will get closure on why they don’t work out. I really would have preferred if they had remained co parents. So I think Jane is going to try to date again and then fail at it and Petra and Rafael are going to fail and this will bring Jane and Rafael closer as friends because they will confide in each other.
7. Petra and Rafael
Should of stayed as friends. I really like that other guy (chuck?). But he scared me this episode. Tone it down a bit bro. And Petra really liked him too. I wonder if that will come into play in future episodes?

Can’t wait to see where we go from here.

Ed Sheeran’s Argentina Concert

Sooooo i just came back from my very first Ed Sheeran’s concert and it was absolutely mind blowing. However i want to point out a few things i found very interesting during my day outside the theater.

1) Half of the fans there were 1d af which, is understandable i guess, but guys i shit you not 4 out of 5 girls were larries and it was so fucking cool to talk to them and talk about cute fanfics and how stressful our lives are bc of those two little shits.

2) When i asked Ed’s fans about what they thought about harry’s and louis’ sexuality and like personal life EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM told me they were pretty sure they were gay or at least bisexual. Fandoms outside 1d are aware of them and it was so interesting to see how instant their reactions were to my questions, they did not even hesitate to say they were probably struggling with coming out of the closet.

3) Before the concert began they started to put Instagram pics on the huge screens around the stage with a hashtag related to the show. This motherfucking picture appeared and i screamed for 5 minutes straight.

In conclusion, larries are the shit and we rule the world. *drops mic*