how cute are miles and shai

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1:42 - Photoshoot ❤️ so gorgeous!

2:30 - OMFG! So sexy! Seriously can’t wait til she starts dressing more bolder. Of course not rushing… but man look at her! If you got it, flaunt right? Just like how Julia Montes dress sexier with her high slit dresses and what not. No wonder Daniel always wants her covered up! There’s already so many guys that have a crush on her, that’s without her showing some skin, what more if she showed how sexy she is too!

4:42-17:07 -> video post I made already on this gap. I made a videos tab on my page to make it easier to find all the video posts I make! Check it out :) ❤️

17:20 - Introducing her dogs! True dog lover ❤️ Dog Party gap!

21:23 - Miles; 21:30 - Bird & Shai; 21:39 - John & Khalil; 21:58 - Daniel => Making comments on how much Kath loves loves loves dogs!

24:09 - “I am your friend! Don’t bark at me!” She’s so cute!

24:12 - Mikay! “Hiiii! I’m Mikay! And you’re Mikay!”

25:45 - BestDayEver gap!

26:14 - Introducing Daniel in a joking way; “Ano name mo ulit?…. Medyo di  pa kasi kami close”

28:25 - Daniel taking the pic for the girls ❤️

28:31 - Daniel picking up Kath & carrying her across.

29:00 - Taking pictures together as a group.

29:20 - Sed XD

29:39 - I just couldn’t help but notice how Daniel isn’t sitting straightforward like everyone else. His head is facing straight ahead but  he’s sitting sideways with his body turned towards Kath ❤️

30:12 - Ahem ahem. Making a move Daniel? Mmmmmhm!

30:23 - Daniel laying back on Kath.

30:35 - Holding hands ❤️ 31:34 too.

31:54 - What Daniel liked about the day. Jet ski & when Kath drove. Does this mean he was scared when she drove in Growing Up as well? Maybe he’s just kidding~ You really taught her how to drive Daniel? Weren’t you guys not that close during Growing Up days… hmmm? :P

32:47 - Sunday~ Family Day! Such a great, loving family ❤️ She truly is blessed!

38:28 - Surprise on her actual birthday coming home from working!

40:30 - KaDreamers debut for Kath! Such amazing fans who truly support her ❤️ I seriously love that yellow gown. She should’ve worn that during the candles or something :)

44:47 - I think this is super cute. Daniel acts all confident and what not usually. But this truly shows how nerve wrecking he can get when it comes to Kath. He sounds so nervous making this speech! Just look when he’s saying hopefully she’s happy.

45:42 - Hands on with her preparations gap.

51:28 - Cake taste testing! She’s so cute mannn. “Ang sarapp!” * cute small dance*

51:44 - Her face says it all. DE-LI-CIOUS!

52:15 - Gowns gap!

54:59 - How her 2nd gown looked like. But they obviously made changes based off of pictures. Which I think were for the better. This initial design had a sexy back but it looked better when they simplified the “X” to just be one than 2 along her back. I wished they showed some clips of her after party to show her in this gown too. They pretty much ended it after Daniel serenaded her during the debut program.

55:47- The actualy debut gap!

1:02:05 - 18 Roses! Wished they showed this more longer along with the pictures playing on the vtr. They also should’ve shown when Daniel was being playful and handed her the large decoration roses at first.

1:05:07 - 18 Candles! I wished they at least showed the messages given by Julia and Miles!

1:06:13 - ❤️ the way she sheds a tear of joy!

1:07:59 - Daddy Teddy’s birthday message for his baby girl ❤️

1:08:21 - “No suitors, no detractors” He probably meant none besides Daniel~ But Kath’s laugh and turn towards DJ! 1:08:24 - Daniel did say he drank when her dad said this! XD

1:08:46- Daddy Teddy’s message to DJ while the camera going to the Padillas. 1:08:50 Daniel’s reaction! XD

Her dad’s speech was fantastic. And the way he ended it was the cutest.

1:09:16 - Kath’s thank you speech to her parents ❤️ ; :33 - the way she chokes up and tries not to cry is so cuteee!

1:09:58 - Robi is seriously a great host! Kath has everything.. including the heart of the Teen King ❤️

1:10:16 - DJ serenading Kath ❤️ Till There Was You ~ ; :10:44 - sharing he’s nervous! Just like when he surprised her on her 17th birthday prod on ASAP. 1:11:36 - the way they stare at each other though ❤️ :11:44 - sharing the notes too high and he’s still nervous & their shared laugh after that  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ They should’ve shown his whole message! Of how its so great how before he was just watching her on tv and how now they are partnered in everything. He’s so appreciative and thankful that she came into his life!  ❤️

1:12:39 - Shy in front of Robin Padilla cause he’s one of her ultimate crushes! Shooot I would too! ❤️

1:13:19 - In her second gown walking with Katsumi’s girlfriend Dae.

1:14:17 - Holding her on her neck even though she doesn’t like it! As stated in the uncut GGV ❤️