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Deeper Than Ink | 01

P R E M I S E ⇒

Should you fall in love with someone, even in the slightest, your skin becomes marked with vibrant colors that depict the story of your emotions. A tattoo, per say. However, should they or you fall out of love, the bright hues dull to black and the feelings you once had for each other melt away. To many, it’s a blessing to not have to live with the pain of your past. But what’s the point when you have too many reminders–say 27?

P A I R I N G ⇒  namjoon x reader

G E N R E ⇒  angst, tattoo au, soulmate au

W O R D S ⇒  7.281

P A R T ⇒  one | two | three

Pebbles bounced against the sidewalk, caught between the concrete and the rubber soles of boots dragging across the pavement. The movement was slow and the sound was reminiscent of a modern romantic defeat, another tally to add to the chalkboard. Another inked reminder that would be incomplete on a pale skin canvas.

A single finger rose to itch at the back of a studded ear, scratching just above the intricate black swirls of patterned water that was splayed over a neck. The owner of this design–and the 27 others cluttering his skin–wasn’t a lost cause or a serial romantic as many had come to believe. But potentially the most unlucky man in the world.

There were many others like him, decorated in dozens of these brandishes to signify their accomplishments in a manner akin to a trophy shelf. Their skin was littered with these marks of past lovers who were only intended to become blackened symbols. However, hoarding tattoos of ones he adored was not a game to him like it was to others; he feared the attention and judgment that his ink gave him.

He was enamored by people and their stories, the things they had to say and the words that they would whisper to him. Falling for them was simply a side effect of his own curiosity that he had no control over, as the patterns would only appear when the emotions were mutual. People were drawn to him, not for the art etched into him, but for his elegant thoughts and charming words.

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Soulmate au oneshot full of Marichat


They always thought they’d be alone forever. There had been stories of people whose soulmate mark didn’t appear by their thirteenth birthday, but for their first thirteen years Marinette and Adrien thought it was only a story. When their birthdays came and passed, they knew.

Sometimes Adrien felt like that’s why his mother left, because he was defective. He thought maybe that’s why his father became cold. He felt truly lucky to at least have Nathalie, who was the closest thing to a parental figure in his life. Maybe the lack of a mark was why his father forbid him from attending school, to protect him from the ridicule and hate. It took years to convince his father to let him attend school. Whenever magazines asked about his mark, he lied and said it was a secret. Nobody speculated that he didn’t have one for two reasons; one, a lot of famous people refused to reveal their marks, and two, it was practically unheard of to not have one. The last case of an unmarked person was decades ago in the United States; there was no documentation of an unmarked in Paris in all of history.

Marinette’s family was much more understanding. They gave her options and kept their promise of unconditional love. Instead of being forced to hide, Marinette chose to be open. She did not advertise her lack of a mark, but whenever someone asked she told the truth. Some were disgusted, others confused. The bakery even lost some customers but her parents never blamed her for that. She wasn’t happy with the hand life dealt her but she was determined to make the most of it. Years of consoling words from her parents prepared her for a lonely life.

Then a misunderstood blond gave her an umbrella and everything changed. For the first time ever she felt a romantic attraction, a craving for love.

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The One With The Dragon (Jeff Atkins x reader)

word count: ~3,410

Request: anon- this sounds weird but I love dragons and I love jeff so could you write something about jeff and dragons? love your writing btw :))

Warnings: mild bullying, badass reader, Jeff being perfect in every way, descriptions of art even though I know absolutely nothing about it, Bryce is in it really briefly, I think that’s it.

A/N. This fic has become notorious in my friend group as The Dragon Fic. My girlfriends are very invested in this one, and are really disappointed that Jeff doesn’t turn into a dragon at the end and fly away. I’m sorry to disappoint guys. Despite the lack of Dragon-Jeff, please try to enjoy :)

The landscape covering the canvas was impressive by anyone’s standards; a great, sweeping expanse of land, on which the bodies of fallen soldiers were scattered. Smoke curled from the dying fires, and the sun cast a hazy glow upon the scene. The colours shone with vivid brilliance, the image so clear, so real that the scent of smoke clung to it. Still, it was the centrepiece that dazzled the eye. A dragon, pure silver and shining, it’s long neck arched as it spread it’s mighty wings, roaring into the sky a jet of blue flames. 

The beast was massive, forty feet tall, its scales serrated and rippling. The colour grew softer as the eye moved towards the great snake’s belly. There the scales were rounded and almost soft. It’s wing span was almost double it’s height, and their great shadow almost covered the canvas. It’s teeth, long and black, shone like Onyx, and it’s one eye was gold, molten and burning. In the space where it’s other eye used to rest was a jagged scar leading to a gaping wound, blue light burning from deep within the socket. It was a masterpiece.

Of course no one at Liberty High appreciated it. It hung in the art room, the work of nine months and too many hours, and all (y/n) got as recognition of it’s creation was ridicule.

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General thoughts and things

I’ve seen things on my dash that say that the last 24 hours of Liam’s comments about Zayn can fall under “Old Team Sabotage”. But what exactly do they mean by that? “Old Team Sabotage” isn’t stopping Liam - or for that matter, Harry, Niall, or Louis - from releasing music and going on full scale promotional tours. “Old Team Sabotage” isn’t stopping them from saying One Direction will be coming back as a band. Even the dad!Loammy articles that have been generated during the past two weeks’ aren’t really negative or brand damaging (and we can talk about how it was someone on Team Loammy’s decision to use a baby as an active marketing tool another time).

I guess you could make the argument that this is “Old Team Sabotage” to try and lay waste to the One Direction fandom, but at closer inspection, that doesn’t really work either. The only part of the One Direction fandom this hit were OT5 enthusiasts or Ziams, which are the minority of the fandom and not the majority (and the most hardcore of those fandom subsets won’t leave anyway).

The great thing about having some mythical, nefarious entity like 1DHQ is that it can act as a catchall for things we don’t like.  Things we don’t like hearing them say, mistakes they’ve made? Those can go in the pile. Granted, One Direction was a boy band that was generating hundreds of millions of dollars, and each of those dudes had to adhere to 5 very straight boy archetypes. We saw signs that they were unhappy in their contracts. Depending on where you fit in the fandom pyramid, we saw them shade and fight against closets. We watched as Zayn left and the four remaining members hugged each other tightly on X Factor like they were survivors.

But at what point does ‘1DHQ’ fall away and we start looking at the choices that are being made by these guys and holding them to them? The term “Old Team Sabotage” worked while these bruhs were still mainly under contract. For a lot of things, it actually does work for Zayn, who’s literally contractually chained to Syco’s radiator due to the Leaving Member Clause. But Harry, Liam, Niall, and Louis all signed brand new contracts as solo artists. In Liam’s case, he signed with a brand new management company, a brand new record label not with Sony, and a brand new publicist.

Two years later, Zayn is clearly an active talking point in the solo campaigns of the other 1D members, and the short answer is a fucked one: his name generates headlines and people love drama. Liam’s team made the decision that Zayn was on the promo table, starting with the comments from yesterday and today. Yesterday they were tone deaf af, white privilege at its finest and dismissive at best, callous and borderline cruel at worst. This morning, they were petty and could be filed under “Dick move, bro”. How do those comments become okay, when even from a narrative standpoint, Zayn expressed gratitude in his time with the band, but explained in print interviews and a whole book, that his reasons for leaving were for his own personal health and happiness? Two years after the fact, all that explaining seemed to go out the window, in exchange for labeling Zayn as “scorned”. The comments especially felt like a punch in the boob coming from Loammy, designated 1D company man who had been openly positive about Zayn previously, and who Zayn particularly spoke fondly and positively about in his own print interviews.

A study in contrast and a punch in my heart boob:

No matter where you fall on the coin, as far as the official narrative, please understand something: the record industry is a business. At the end of the day, the bottom line is decided by Business Hoes, and those Business Hoes are always going to lead with what’s going to make the most dollars, not to personally fuck with a small subset of fans. “Old Team” does not give a fuck about us or our feelings, or even particularly these 5 dudes, except for how they relate to the bottom line.  For Liam in particular, a fuckton of money and care has been put into his rollout. Capitol/Republic did not hire the Quavos or the Pharrells or the Ed Sheerans of the world to be faced with contract sabotage.

So I guess what I’m saying is, official narrative or not, however you wanna call it, my general feelings can be summed up by one Michael Scott:

narcosleepy  asked:

I keep seeing all these magazine articles about 'How I got my Body Back'. Are the body-snatchers doing okay?

I cannot advocate or condone body snatching, it is terrible to the families of the departed who will not be raised again, and rude to the departed who will rise up and join the ranks of the undead. I have nothing but the cruels for them and do not follow news regarding their ranks.

On the flip and lighter side, occasionally spells and energies that bring raise the dead (either as a ghost or zombie) misfire, and instead of just one or the other happening, a creature is split (into a ghost and a zombie).

The physical body and the spiritual energy arise on different time scales and ergo tend to wander off in different directions – chaos and hijinks ensuring – until finally uniting.

anonymous asked:

I've been following you since January and I'm saddened to see you take a somewhat negative approach to a potential Reylo relationship-from my perspective. I understand it is your right to perceive the relationship how you will, but I have to disagree when it comes to a one-sided interest. JJ Abrams stated that Star Wars will continue to be the Skywalker saga. How can that continue if Ben/Kylo is the last Skywalker? Unless another love interest for him shows up, it's leaning towards Rey. *part 1*

This ask predates December, since that’s around the time I shut off anon. My apologies for taking so long to respond to this - unfortunately there’s been so many posts since that time that I’m not quite sure which event you’re referring to (maybe it’s all of them?) but I’ll try to address your general concerns.

I don’t see how viewing Reylo as one-sided is inherently negative, especially when people’s opinions on various types of romances are subjective to begin with. I mean I love angst-filled tragedies and don’t consider them “negative” (they’re cathartic), but other people despise them and that’s okay. Their reality is not my reality, both are opinions, and whether something’s canonical or not is not really the issue here, because we’re talking about feelings (i.e. do you love or hate this particular plot/trope/character).

On a larger scale - beyond how I feel about one-sided/mutual Reylo - I’m not going to use the platform I have to pontificate about something that I know there is currently no canonical evidence for (just to keep up people’s hopes). Yet that’s basically what you’re asking me to do.

Theorizing/headcanons are two separate things, and when I theorize I keep it strictly based on already-existing narrative clues (see: TFA) and within the canonical context of the franchise itself (see: Force Bonds are literally A Thing). My opinion on Reylo being one-sided might change come The Last Jedi, but at the moment there’s no hard evidence either in the larger canon or the film itself pointing to it being mutual, beyond circumstantial speculation spawned predominantly from fanfiction.

There is plenty of evidence pointing to one-sided Reylo - I covered it extensively in Death and the Maiden - but the film ended with Rey trying to kill Kylo. He had just held her hostage, severely injured Finn (who is very important to her) and killed Han, her mentor whom she was becoming very attached to. Not even a day has passed since these events transpired (barring the jump to Luke’s Island) so trust me, Rey definitely still hates him. 

We don’t know 100% if Rey will still hate Kylo in The Last Jedi, or whether this will mellow into something more neutral, and it is because of this uncertainty that I refuse to make a wild leap and say something for which I have no evidence.

Re the Skywalker lineage: I’m not going to get into the regressive subtext of turning Rey into a babymaker just so Kylo can knock her up (then die), save that there is a time and place for babies that is A-Okay, and “Reylo” - as it currently stands - is not one of those times. Kylo definitely has the potential to be more than just a villain, and I stand by this assessment. But being “more than just a villain” and having children are two totally different things. Not once have I said they are intrinsically connected, or implied it - not in Death in the Maiden, nor anywhere else.

You rightly point out that Reylos get shit from antis all the time, and this is true. You also imply that I have a platform and an obligation with this visibility, and I can’t deny that - that’s true as well. But to ask me to willingly lie to the people who follow me - to lie to people who are already in a vulnerable position, and say “yes, all your dreams will come true” - when I know these dreams wont? Only to have those dreams crushed in the theaters and the antis come down on them 10x harder?

That’s downright cruel and irresponsible, and how you get fandom FUBARs like The Johnlock Conspiracy. I’m sorry but I won’t do it.

Requiem: Part Four


“You are pathetic, Adrien.” Ezekiel grabbed his hair, jarring his head up to meet his. “Best shadowsinger of the generation and you still got yourself captured so easily. A few well placed blows and males and you got seperated from your brother and that female you so obviously love. Maybe when I get done with you, I can get to know your whore. She looks like a wild lay.” No way in hell was he letting this monster anywhere near Maze. “After I fuck her I can reunite her with you.”She’d castrate and behead him before he got so much as a finger on her.

He spat blood in the male’s face, “What do you mean when you get done with me? You aren’t the one hurting me, your precious lackeys are. You are just not male enough to inflict the damage yourself. You are just as spineless as your traitor of a father.”

A low vicious snarl escaped Ezekiel, a burning hatred for him rekindled in his eyes, his interest in Mazakynn fading away.

“Hold him.”

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Maybe a cute, short Drabble of merarthur being rescued from rocks by Vivi and Lewis? He doesn't know or trust these humans yet, so he's highly defensive and scared at first.

I’m basing Mer!Arthur’s design off of @ectoimp‘s and @arthur-tristan-kingsmen‘s design of him. 

The vicious wind and rain howled around the car, making it shake. Vivi was almost afraid that they’d be blown off the road, and on a mountainside road such as this, that would mean certain death.

“Wow…” Lewis couldn’t lie and say he wasn’t a little nervous himself. “I knew Florida weather could be bad but I didn’t think it would be like this.” It wasn’t raining very hard, but the wind was making the drops land hard on the windshield. Lewis could see all the trees nearly coming loose from the ground.

“Just our luck that we came here during a hellish storm, huh?” Vivi grinned a little, and Lewis had to laugh.

“Yeah, sounds about right. I wish the client would have mentioned that little tidbit.” But at least it all worked out with helping the spirit of their client’s uncle move on, and the pay was nice too. Lewis would forgive the little miscommunication this time.

They turned a corner and Vivi smiled as she leaned against the passenger side door. The ocean was wild with waves and even here it was really cool to watch them. She had seen the ocean only a few times in her life and it always astounded her. She had always talked to Lewis about going scuba diving at one point when they had the chance.

Not in this weather though. She was glad there weren’t any boats out there either. Nobody would be crazy enough to go out there in this weathe-

Vivi’s eyes widened and she quickly sat up in her seat. “Lewis stop the car!”



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6.17: This episode takes place primarily in Chester, Pennsylvania.

1. Have I mentioned how many awful things happen to our boys in Pennsylvania? Because it seems like a lot…

2. This town is called CHESTER. Not WINchester. But also not LOSEchester. Just more of the same Chester. I mean, like 5.16, this episode is a strange loop. This reality dissolved when Balthazar re-sank the Titanic and but the Cosmic Order to rights, but for ~reasons~ Sam and Dean were allowed to remember that world where Ellen and Jo were alive, where Bobby (and they) had a support system in their enlarged family. When they “wake up” and Cas tells them it had all been real, they don’t completely understand the point of it all…

3. Because they haven’t put it together with Death’s warning to Dean, that it was all about the souls…

(granted that warning had been so dang vague, and they don’t yet fully understand just how far Cas has already gone in his plans to defeat Raphael, or that he was working with Crowley all along, or that Crowley isn’t actually dead and the plans to crack Purgatory are still entirely in the works. Sorta puts them behind the eight ball again.)

The first clue we get that something’s ~off~ in this episode is Sam and Dean climb into a Mustang and drive off without blinking, followed by Ellen showing up, taking care of Bobby because they’re married. Incredible.

WTF is up with Dean’s terrible interrogation technique in this universe though?

RUSSO: Yeah. It’s a shame. But I’m not that close with my family, so, uh (sighs) is this gonna take long?
DEAN: No. Five minutes. Five minutes. Uh, can you – can you tell me anything, uh, noteworthy about the Russos?
RUSSO: Noteworthy? No. I mean, not exactly – average, you know, big, from Italy.
DEAN: I see. Uh, was anyone ever killed or maimed in a war or, you know, some other violent thing?
RUSSO: (scoffs) What do you mean?
DEAN: Like something so dark that it would sully future generations.
RUSSO: Uh… No.
DEAN: Good. Good stuff. Anyone own a slave?
RUSSO: What?
DEAN: Routine question. Any ties to the Nazi Party?
RUSSO: Excuse me?
DEAN: Did grandma ever piss off a gypsy?

Like, real smooth there, Deano.

They go into this case thinking it’s a “Family Curse,” But then unrelated people are turning up dead all over the country. These people aren’t all related, but they were all in the same boat. Literally. The Titanic.

SAM: Okay, I didn’t think that was possible. I thought you couldn’t change history.
BALTHAZAR: Oh, haven’t you noticed? There’s no more rules, boys.

but the small changes that resulted (and the 50,000 people alive who wouldn’t have existed at all) are really unsettling. Not only does Dean have no idea what an Impala is because apparently it never was made (and ACK can you even imagine a world where Baby wasn’t the thing that saved the universe? THE MOST IMPORTANT OBJECT IN THE UNIVERSE DOESN’T EXIST HERE?!), but Balthazar gives them a VERY GOOD REASON to not want to “re-sink” the boat:

DEAN: Apparently, a crapload of dominoes get tipped over if the Titanic goes down. And, uh, bottom line – Ellen and Jo die.

(oh, and an aside, we get a very interesting comment on why Cas is staying away from Dean, and sending Balthazar along to handle them on his behalf. It’s a seemingly jokey throw-away comment, but it really DOES explain why Cas has been avoiding them ALL SEASON LONG. Because like in s4 when Uriel told Dean that Cas was being kept away from Dean because “he likes you.” Well, Balthazar ups that ante to “in love with you.” And honestly what must Balthazar think about everything Cas has done for and with the Winchesters while supposedly being in charge of this war in Heaven? Even Rachel in 6.18 is ANGRY with Sam and Dean for distracting Cas from his mission in Heaven, but Balthazar just sort of rolls with it… because he gets it in a way Rachel didn’t… because Balthazar had abandoned heaven for humanity, too…)

CASTIEL If I know her – and I do – she won’t stop until you’re dead.
DEAN  Awesome. So what do we do?
CASTIEL Kill her.
SAM Kill fate?
CASTIEL Do you have another suggestion?

But why would Fate suddenly target Sam and Dean now, over that, unless Cas had put them directly in her sights by doing something like… unsinking the Titanic? 

(taking a short break to go spelunking for excellent posts about this episode that somehow didn’t end up TAGGED for this episode, because past me sucks::

and that’s just the entrance to the weird parallel universe rabbit hole…or maybe the tip of the iceberg, if you will. If you’ve got a lot of free time on your hands, have a nice time killing a day or two getting lost in the warren)

But these are all cosmic consequences. Change one thing, let someone live who was slated to die, and it has the power to eventually change the entire universe. And this parallel world has had a hundred years to change around these people who were supposed to have died on the Titanic, but who ended up surviving anyway.

Mary being back, in s12, and now Cas directly interfering with her dying again in 12.09, is a cosmic consequence event just like unsinking the Titanic. Only on a smaller and much more personal scale for the Winchesters. I’ll leave it to Atropos to explain:

ATROPOS You know what? I’ve kept my mouth shut. I could have complained, I could have raised a fuss, but I didn’t. But you know what the last straw is? Un-sinking the Titanic. You changed the future. You cannot change the past. That is going too far!
CASTIEL It’s Balthazar. He’s erratic—
ATROPOS Bull crap. This isn’t about some stupid movie. He’s under your orders. You sent him back to save that ship.
CASTIEL No, I didn’t. Why would I?
ATROPOS Oh, maybe because you’re in the middle of a war and you’re desperate?
ATROPOS Come on. This is about the souls.
CASTIEL You don’t know what you’re talking about.
ATROPOS That angel went and created 50,000 new souls for your war machine.
CASTIEL You’re confused.
ATROPOS No. You can’t just mint money, Castiel. It’s wrong…It’s dangerous… And I won’t let you.

And there we have it. It’s all about the souls, just like Death told Dean. We get our first look at just how entangled Cas is in this mess, but while all this REAL INTEL is being laid out for US, Sam and Dean are frozen in the background, apparently locked in time and unable to hear anything of this conversation. That’s why they buy into the lie that Cas tells them about it being all on Balthazar, and why they still haven’t understood Death’s warning:

DEAN Hold on. Uh…So, if you guys went a-and changed everything back, then that whole timeline or whatever, it just got erased?
CASTIEL Yeah. More or less.
DEAN Well, then, how come he and I remember it?
CASTIEL Because I wanted you to remember it.
SAM Why?
CASTIEL I wanted you to know who Fate really is. She’s cruel and capricious.
DEAN I’d go so far as “bitch.”
CASTIEL Well, yeah. You’re the ones who taught me that you can make your own destiny. You don’t have to be ruled by fate. You can choose freedom. I still believe that that’s something worth fighting for. I just wanted you to understand that.
DEAN So, wait. Did…Balthazar really, uh, unravel the sweater over a chick flick?
CASTIEL Yes. Absolutely. That’s what he did.

And he flaps away before they can even question it… Sam and Dean believe that Cas ordered the Titanic re-sunk solely to save THEIR lives. They don’t really get that Cas had ordered it unsunk in the first place to try and keep Dean out of the war in the first place… because EVERYTHING in s6 eventually comes down to that moment we see in 6.20 where Cas leaves Dean raking leaves in Lisa’s yard and accepts Crowley’s deal.

And we’re getting closer and closer to the moment when that entire trick is revealed.

{Part 6} I Can Save You // Jay Park

Originally posted by jayseattle

Pairing: Jay x Reader

Genre: Drama / Angst / Fluff

Summary: You meet with Jay and a mysterious woman. You learn the importance of decisions and choices, and having the freedom to make your own.

This scenario contains slight mentions of abuse and manipulative behaviour - talks about whorephobia and stigma.

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4} {Part 5} {Part 6} {Part 7}

A part of Jay had already decided that you would never pick up the phone to call him. He had secretly accepted to himself that he completely scared you off to the point that he would never hear from or see you again, so upon hearing your voice on the other end of the phone; he felt an unbelievable weight get lifted from his shoulders.

“(Y/N)…I was so worried about you. I didn’t think you would call” he replied nervously as he quickly walked towards his car, letting himself in and closing the door, sinking down into the driver’s seat. He thought to himself “It’s so good to hear her voice again. Not as babydoll, but as (Y/N)”

“I didn’t think I would be calling you either, trust me” you chuckled light-heartedly, hearing Jay mimic a similar sound back through the phone. “Look, Jay…I’ve done a lot of thinking since…well, since everything happened. I just…I don’t know what to do. Part of me feels like an idiot, and the other part of me feels sorry about the way I spoke to you. And I am…sorry.”

“You have absolutely no reason to apologise to me. I came on too strong and that’s my fault. I’m part of the reason why you’re in this mess and I want to help you in any way I can.” Jay uttered almost instantly, placing his free hand on the wheel and leaning his head back on the seat. You blinked several times – completely agreeing with him but not knowing how to respond so directly. You couldn’t agree more that if Jay hadn’t of interjected the way he did, none of this would have happened – but you also couldn’t deny that if he hadn’t, you would still be in the same situation as you were previously, being none the wiser.

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Not Alone

Soooo the prompt for Day Three of @carryon-countdown is Opposite Day and I decided to switch Simon and Baz’s rolls. So kind of like Baz is the Chosen One and Simon has a huge crush on Baz or something???? Yeah…..


Baz stood above the red dragon, a silver sword hanging from his hand, his shirt blowing in the wind. His slicked back hair was coming loose in ringlets around his face and his grey eyes where filled with a sadness that was almost never shown. He only cried when he thought Simon was asleep, and it made Simon’s heart lurch. 

He put his hand on the ferocious beasts nose that went still ages ago. No breaths came out and a pool of blood laid beside him, none of it Baz’s. He never meant to kill it, but now here it was. An innocent thing, dead by his hand. All he ever did was destroy anything he touched, and it didn’t help that he was a vampire. 

Simon tentatively walked up to him, their newborn friendship still uneven. It was like trying to scale a steep mountain, trying to be friends with Baz Pitch. No matter how hard he tried, he always slipped further and further, until he finally decided to give up.

He didn’t want to give up. He wanted to make this work. He wanted to stop the fighting and be friends. He wanted to take Baz’s hands in his, always so cold, and warm them up, sharing the sunlight within him. He never wanted to kill Baz. He never wanted to listen to his family’s whispers. He refused to believe that Baz could be evil, even though everything showed otherwise. He just couldn’t handle it. 

Simon placed a hand on Baz’s shoulder, who stiffened, his muscles tensing. Simon wished that there was a time where he would be comfortable with the gesture. 

“It’s okay,” he says, not being able to find the words to say anything else. 

“How can you say that,” Baz says, breathing in deeply, “When you know that nothing is okay?” This is the most vulnerable Baz has presented himself to Simon, and he wasn’t sure what to do with it. All he wanted was to take the dark haired boy in his arms and kiss him so that everything that hurt was washed away. But he knew that Baz would be at his throat in an instant. The least he would do is run his polished silver sword through Simon, the worst would be sinking the fangs Simon knew he had into his neck. But he wouldn’t stop him. Because no matter how hard he tried to admit it to himself, he was in love with his enemy. Even if that enemy was a monster. 

“I don’t know, Baz. But I do know that you’ll push through it. Like you always do.”

“But what if it’s too much?” Baz shouts, “What if everything comes crashing down, creating a bigger mess than what we started with? What if–” Simon grabs Baz’s waving hands, steadying them. He doesn’t let go and Baz doesn’t pull away. 

“You don’t have to do this alone, Baz. You have friends. You have Agatha, you have Penny, you have–” Simon cuts himself off before he says “me”. 

“You have people that are here to help, if you would just open up to them. If you would let the rough exterior drop, then you could have so many allies. Baz….” Baz is entranced, and Simon can tell. His eyes are wide open, staring at Simon with a glimmer of hope. For once, he doesn’t seem cruel and his lips aren’t turned into a sneer. For once, he seems human, and Simon’s heart cannot take it. 

Reluctantly, he lets go of Baz’s hands, starting to turn away. Maybe he’ll go down to the pitch and try to take his mind off of everything Baz related. Maybe he could just turn his feelings off for a while. It worked this far. 

But none of those where an option as Baz grabbed his hand, turning him around to face him. 

“Simon….” Baz says, for once in his life not calling him “Snow” or some other nasty name. 

“W-w-will you help me?” The first thing that hit him was not the words that left his mouth, rather, the way he spoke them. For once, Simon heard Baz stutter in a way that sounded scared and hopeful. Then, it felt as if his heart was collapsing in on itself as he realized what Baz asked of him. 

Slowly, Simon nodded his head, biting his lip to hide a smile. Baz let out a sigh of relief. For once, they could walk about Watford as friends, not enemies. Simon didn’t have to act anymore, and he knew the deal was sealed as Baz suddenly hugged him, enveloping him with the smell of citrus. 

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sterek + 15?

drive thru! (this fic is based on your prompt where they’re raising the fake baby together for the week. i’m sorry it took me a year ♥) edit: when i was writing this i was thinking drive in. my bad.


“It’s your turn,” Derek thrusts the baby at Stiles as soon as they leave the classroom.

His ears are still ringing from the fifteen dolls  crying all at once; his face cooling from the mortification of Finstock passing him one of the babies, pointing at Stiles and saying, “Congrats, Stilinski, you knocked up Hale here, go nuts.” 

“What? You’ve had her for all of five seconds, dude, and I have math, next! Math. No child wants to sit through that.”

“She’s not real, Stiles.”

“She is this week, Derek,” Stiles brandishes the baby in Derek’s face, “Look into her eyes, into sweet Mary Jane’s eyes and tell her you don’t want her, man.”

“I’m not— wait, you already named her? Mary Jane?

Stiles shrugs, “It’s a classic.”

“Fine,” Derek rolls his eyes, “I’ll take her to the library, but you have to keep her when I have practise, later.”

“Of course,” Stiles smirks at the silent doll, “We’ll come and cheer daddy on, won’t we?!”

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Juntos (Cassian Andor)

word count: 4, 253

request: Can you do a Cassian fic where you’re his daughter and you sneak onto the ship to Scarif to help him and he doesn’t know until after they land that you’re there and help them get the Death Star plans?

requested by: anon

a/n: Alright, first due to Cassian being played by Diego Luna (aka the sweetest human being on the world) Cassian’s daughter will also be speaking Spanish(but like not a lot cause I didn’t want to also out the English translation). I speak both Spanish and English the dialogue between Cassian and his daughter was pretty easy to write and to me, flows pretty well. 

ALSO, you didn’t specify if you wanted a fluffy happy ending and if you know me by now, you KNOW I feed off of angst so…that’s the warning my friends: It ain’t gon be pretty.

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The Repetition of Mirrors: A Strange Magic One Shot

Alternatively Titled: In Which a Reflection is Consulted, a Person is Remembered and a Name is Practiced

This wasn’t supposed to happen. Let’s just make this clear. This wasn’t supposed to happen. I’m already feeling all stupid and insecure about my writing, and wasn’t going to do anything for a bit. Or maybe I was… I don’t know. But the idea came to me today and hit me so hard and so fast that there was nothing to do but write it. And so I valiantly put all my work to the side, sat down, and one hour later this was produced. Is it my best… I’m not sure. But if I didn’t get it out, I didn’t know what I was going to do.

This is simply a one shot and is not connected to any further stories I have planned. Because, if you remember- never supposed to happen… 

Dedicated to the wonderful and talented Suzie-Guru who has been cheering me on endlessly, and who has been partaking in a ‘let’s see who can hurt the other person more with feels’ battle with me. Which has been a torturous treat, let me tell you. 

Thanks girl! I truly appreciate it!

And as you know, sometimes the only way a writer can thank someone is by writing. 

So, here you go!

P.S. Super nervous to post this, but I haven’t posted anything for a bit and I want to make sure that I get something out before I go and work on other things. 

Thanks to you all for dealing with me and dealing with my screwy time schedule! YOU’RE ALL AWESOME!

He practiced in the mirror. Constantly.

“I am the Bog King.”

It was so much easier now that there was a mirror to practice to. There used to never be, his own face a catalyst for too many memories, boiling hot, melting sand into glass. But Marianne had insisted.

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Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #18

Rules: You can find past rec lists here. This is stuff I like, and I have a huge bias toward Lance, hurt/comfort, and general fluff, in that order. Gen unless otherwise noted. Please comment on the fics if you read and enjoy them!

Day 2: Home by genocidalCatgal
Words: 1,440
Author’s Summary: Blue is the best thing that has ever happened to Lance.
My Comments: Suuppper cute bonding fic with Lance and Blue, early in their relationship. I love this emotional boy his giant robot cat. Also, very cool stuff about the past blue paladin.

Parasite Knight by VelkynKarma
Author’s Summary: “You may refuse all you like, Champion, but I have found the one thing in the universe that can be absolutely counted on is that everything that exists desires to survive. Even you. Perhaps especially you.”Something’s not right with Shiro, but it may go far deeper than anybody anticipated.
My Comments: Holy crap on a cracker, this fic is EVERYTHING. It’s hurt/comfort and sickfic and team bonding and we’re only halfway through and it is SO incredible already. The insights into just everybody are amazing, and everyone has an important role in tackling this seemingly insurmountable problem. Hurry, hurry, read it now so you can catch every update as they come out. This fic is making the wait for Season 2 bearable.

Stoplight by acryology
Words: 1,674
Author’s Summary: When Coran and Allura learn about the game of “Red Light, Green Light” from the paladins, they all decide to play a few rounds as a “training exercise”.
My Comments: Cute team bonding!

all alone, all together by seules
Words: 1,516
Author’s Summary: This is bigger than anything he ever imagined. Lance knows the world’s balls deep shitty, so it’s not much of a stretch for the universe to take a crap and coat itself in it, only in a much larger scale. But it’s different when you’re told that the universe as you know it is about to be completely taken over by a tyrannical, fascist madman (surprise, surprise) and Obi-Lance Kenobi, you’re 1/5 of the universe’s only hope!
My Comments: Aww, Lance and Allura bonding! I’m astounded that mine is the only comment on this fic. Please read it and encourage the writer.

The Ones We Leave Behind by psiten
Words: 2,894
Author’s Summary: In between all the bleeding and fighting, time for reading and writing. “Hey…” The unmistakable sound of a thought appearing in Lance’s brain, like the proximity of magnetic force summoning an electric charge out of nothingness. “Wait a second, Pidge… your human name was Katie Holt, right?” “Um. My birth name was Katie, or Katherine anyway. I never stopped being human, thanks.” Originally written for the PROJECT: PALadins gen zine (December 2016).
My Comments: This fic was absolutely worth paying money for, but if you couldn’t afford it, lucky for you it’s available now!

A Little Unsteady (Hold Onto Me) by DeerstalkerDeathFrisbee
Words: 13,385
Author’s Summary: Takashi Shirogane is nine years old when he holds his brother for the first time. “I’m here,” he’d whispered to his fussing baby brother, “I’m here, I’m here, I’m here.” And Keith stopped crying. He didn’t laugh; he looked up at Shiro with big, skeptical eyes. A challenge. Like this tiny person was saying ‘oh yeah, prove it’. And Shiro, newly nine years old, promised that he’d prove it. Shiro and Keith’s childhood in moments.
My Comments: Modern setting AU, but with a few tweaks I could absolutely see this working in canon-verse. It’s incredibly touching and well-written, and Shiro’s development from reluctant child to fiercely protective big brother was beautiful to watch. Both boys went through a lot of heartache, but by the end they’re together, and you know they’re going to be okay.

accidental by EmmaLuLuChu
Words: 2,768
Author’s Summary: one word prompt from a writing sprint in which a thing happens and it is Rough.
My Comments: This is angsty but somehow hopeful at the same time. The team will not give up on Shiro. Ever.

this decay, this hope, this mouthful of dirt by lacking
Words: 9,490
Author’s Summary: Sendak steps closer and Shiro thinks about statistics —the insurmountable odds against Sendak being discovered in the void of space, the passing ship being Galra and not some scavenger. Pidge or Hunk could probably devise some kind of equation to highlight the absurdity of it, lay out in a spectacular display of numbers just how bad Shiro’s luck really is. Or: captured by the Galra and awaiting rescue, Shiro’s forced to confront who he was, how he’s changed, and what that means about the person he’s become.
My Comments: This one is stunning. The non-linear storyline really enhanced the confusion and incoherence in Shiro’s mindscape, and all of the memories and present scenes were well-woven and important. Especially loved the bits with the paladins together, and the ending was perfect. 

So Small and Significant by Hedgi for Meriadoc
Words: 2,275
Author’s Summary: With everyone scattered, Shiro has to chose who to go after first, and it isn’t much of a choice. He promised himself weeks ago not to fail the Holts again. He may have to go farther than he thought to keep that promise.
My Comments: Shiro’s unthinking protectiveness of Pidge is absolutely in character, and their interaction was lovely. 

Surely Someday by 15Strawberries for buttered_onions
Words: 3,437
Author’s Summary: Lance and Hunk have a tradition. Every day after class, they find an empty classroom to jam in, to unwind from the stress of the day. It grows from there.
My Comments: Adorable college/jazz band AU. I love how the group grew and developed and came to depend on each other, and the ending was absolutely heartwarming. It reminded me of my own college experience in a music program, and that’s not a bad thing at all. 

Sorry, Who Are You? by squirenonny for Piper
Words: 5,643
Author’s Summary: When Keith was seven years old, he spent a year in La Quinta with a boy named Lance, the best friend he ever had. Ten years later, Lance and Keith reunite at the Garrison–only Keith doesn’t remember who Lance is.
My Comments: Mild Klance. I like the way this deepens canon, giving Lance a real reason for being upset with Keith from the beginning, though Keith’s forgetting is understandable, too, considering his life. The ending was sweet and satisfying.

Save The Date by buttered_onions
Words: 1,979
Author’s Summary: Homesickness in space is no joke, and Lance isn’t the only one who needs cheering up. Luckily, Hunk’s got a Plan. …assuming he can get it to work.
My Comments: This is absolutely precious. Everyone gets lifted up, in typical Hunk style, and he gets a turn, too. I especially loved the continuing saga of Coran’s birthday tootle.

boredom is cruel and unusual punishment by babitty
Words: 3,183
Author’s Summary: 3000 words of Lance getting the shit beat out of him, because i needed to get some angst out of my system. it’s not very graphic but injuries are listed and batons are used.
My Comments: This is an old-fashioned whump fic, where the point is very much Lance (and Keith to a lesser extent) getting beat up. But there’s a lot of courage and tenacity on display here, and they do very much feel like themselves. An enjoyable fic, if you’re in the mood for hurt with not a lot of comfort.

Let Him Rest by jadencross
Words: 960
Author’s Summary: Coran does so much for the team. And Keith thinks that it’s time he did something for his crazy space uncle.
My Comments: Ah, and this is pretty much the opposite of the last rec, haha. Love Keith being the very definition of Aggressively Cares About You, and Coran needs a lot more love. Sweet fic.

strength of the small by nowweareunstoppable
Words: 12,736
Author’s Summary: A false distress signal lands the paladins in a tough situation. It falls to Pidge to earn their freedom, and it doesn’t come without a dangerous cost.
My Comments: This fic is AMAZING. Pidge is an absolute badass, smart and strong and extremely well-characterized. The frantic run afterward to get her to help was intense and wrenching, too. And Lance was especially wonderful. You can feel his desperation, how deeply he loves Pidge and needs her to be okay, because she’s his little sister now and he CANNOT lose his family. Ahhh, I loved this one to bits. Highly recommended.

Previously Recced Fics That Updated This Week:

When Rome’s in Ruins by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
The Final Act of Mercy by ptw30
bombs and bullets by ashinan
Where No One Goes by earthstar
The Lightning Strike by Merilindir
Beast You’ve Made of Me by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)
He Sleeps in the Sky of Ice by jadencross
Coming Undone by Emerald_Ashes
Someplace Like Home by squirenonny
Road Trip to End Times by VelkynKarma

anonymous asked:

I actually liked the episode (and I was very prepared for the worst). But tell me why didn't you, please, I really respect your opinion!

Hi love :) Sorry it took me a bit to answer this…I read it last night, but I was tired and needed to get some sleep.

First off, I’m happy you liked it, I really am. At least some people should get some joy and entertainment out of it, but here’s some points why I just can’t…

  • It’s very sloppy writing. Things that happened earlier are being completely disregarded and explained away with like one line, if at all, e.g. the last scene of TLD (4x02) where Eurus/Euros (how the hell is it spelled? I’m gonna go with Eurus now) is revealed and she’s aiming her gun at John, saying she’ll “put a hole in it”, and it apparently was only a tranquilliser. Why? Why do all that? Have her pretend to be three different people, first flirt with John and apparently text with him, then pose as his therapist and go all dramatic on his ass…and then “Shot me during a session. Only with a tranquilliser.” is a throw away line in the next episode. That reeks of bad storytelling, like they wanted this big cliffhanger just for dramatic effect but then couldn’t be bothered to do anything with it. Same with the explosion at Baker Street - they are jumping out of a freaking exploding building, through the window! And then we get a cut and see them being fine on some boat.
  • Plotholes. John in the well: he was chained by his feet down there, which is why he couldn’t try to climb up himself, but then a rope is thrown down and the chains magically disappear? Sherlock’s ‘recurring’ dreams of water because of the well (those dreams have never been mentioned before btw, there was one line in TST (4x01) “You’ve been having dreams. A recurring dream?”): how can he make a connection to that well when he never knew it even existed? Sure, he suppressed the memory of Victor, but he had no clue what happened to him and that he was thrown down that damn well, so how does “Deep water, Sherlock, all your life, in all your dreams. Deep waters.” make sense?
  • Shit happening out of nowhere. The whole Eurus thing. They can’t expect me to be invested in something that came up during the last few minutes of the previous episode…that’s the first time the whole secret psychotic sister stuff came up. Sure, we got the line about “the other one” in HLV, but that was 3x03, three seasons into the show. And yet they claim it’s “the culmination of everything we’ve been building up to for the past six years”. That’s the final problem? Bear in mind that this might be the last episode of the whole show, and they’re telling me this was a story about Sherlock Holmes and his secret sister who apparently made him the way he is, even though none of that has ever come up prior to HLV. Even ‘Readbeard’ wasn’t mentioned before TSOT (3x02). But sure, “Every choice you ever made, every path you’ve ever taken, the man you are today is your memory of Eurus.” Sorry, not buying it.
  • Same goes for Moriarty. He had a five minute conversation with Eurus, and she apparently brainwashed him because “It took her just five minutes to do all of this to us”. So everything Moriarty did to Sherlock and John was because of her, that’s it. It takes so much away from his story and his infatuation with Sherlock, and it doesn’t even make a whole lot of sense because all of S1 and TGG (1x03) took place BEFORE that “christmas day 5 years ago” when Moriarty and Eurus met. The christmas they met would be the one in S2 during ASIB (2x01)…timeline wise. Maybe I got this all wrong - if I did, someone please explain to me why he even was in that episode and why that five minute unsupervised conversation was put in there - but that’s how I understood it.
  • The episode as a finale for S4. None of the episodes really have a connection apart from Eurus being 294 different people in them. Without TFP explaining why everything prior to it felt so weird and out of context (and it did! even casual viewers picked up on that), the whole season seems messy and disjointed. I’m talking about TST (3x01) and Mary in particular here: her whole redemption arc was done in that one episode, and ofc they only have three per season, but there’s still a way to make that feel more organic. Because the way it was done I’m simply not buying it. She went from wanting to kill Magnussen and shooting (and actually killing) Sherlock and threatening him to shut up about it afterwards to being a lovely and nice wife and mother in the span of a few months? And she fully ‘redeemed’ herself by…sacrificing herself. (And let’s not even talk about how absolutely shitty Mary’s death was done and how it’s impossible for anyone to jump in front of a bullet like that. I’d forgive other shows for that, but not Sherlock, a show that only two episodes earlier explained how being shot actually works and that “it’s not like it is in the movies”.) It just doesn’t sit right with me. Neither does John actually forgiving her for lying to him on that big a scale and for SHOOTING SHERLOCK. I’m sorry, but if my partner shot my best friend, there’s no way in hell I’d just be like ‘okay, shit happens’…and this is John!, the guy who killed a man for Sherlock after one day of meeting him. After watching TST I still thought all of this was a plan, now, after having seen the whole season, I just think it’s bad writing and horrible execution.
  • The episode as a (possible) finale for the whole show. No, just no. Like I mentioned above, TFP and its plot doesn’t wrap up the show in a nice bow for me. It’s barely connected to the rest, and it’s certainly not the big final chapter of the story they have been telling before. I felt nothing. Season 4 as a whole feels ridiculously separate from everything else and not like the show I love, I can barely recognise it, which is probably mostly due to the fact that this used to be a story about John and Sherlock (not talking Johnlock here, though I will get to that), and this season didn’t really have that at its core. The heart of it were always the two of them - “the story of two men and their frankly ridiculous adventures”-, but with these three episodes I can’t even remember them really talking to each other or having any interaction that shows the reality of their friendship/relationship/connection except for a hug and Sherlock saying John is family and, like, not wanting to shoot him.
  • Johnlock. What this show did was queerbaiting, plain and simple. I know there’s people who keep insisting it’s not because Moftiss once said they’re not telling a romantic story about John and Sherlock, but the show, its subtext AND text did, and that’s what I care about when I watch something. It was there, blatantly obvious even to someone like me who never used to pick up on those things prior to watching this show and who didn’t go into it expecting or looking for it. But I saw and noticed it before there were a million metas about it out there…and we didn’t just imagine it or make shit up. There’s a reason so many people believed in Johnlock, the show told us but didn’t follow through, and that’s queerbaiting. It’s a big fuck you to so many lgbt folks who truly believed they’d get actual, beautifully told representation - me included. It’s heartbreaking and so so cruel because they played us. It’s still there, in the show, and to me it will always be what John and Sherlock’s story is about, but it wasn’t made explicit. And that hurts, it really does.

So yeah. Even without taking non canon Johnlock into consideration I had a lot of problems with this ep and think it’s simply not good, the whole vibe of it didn’t feel right. There’s some other things I didn’t particularly like (what they did to Molly, the fact that Mary apparently knows John and Sherlock best, or that they summed it all up with a bullshit line like “Who you really are, it doesn’t matter. It’s all about the legend.” - what kind of message is that?), but this is already super long by my standards, so I’ll leave it at that.
Here’s to hoping all of this makes sense; I started writing it right after waking up and my thoughts were still a bit of a mess and I also had to switch my brain to English. Maybe I’ll do a rewatch of the season and have some more to say about it then, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen anytime soon because I really don’t feel like it. Which already says a lot because I’ve watched every other episode at least 12 times.


  The Devil Can Be Beautiful ~ Theo Raeken x Reader

 Requested: “I want to trust you. You were my best friend at one point, believe me, I want to trust you but I don’t know if I can. My pack they-” imagine with theo ???


Nostalgia is a funny thing. It’s just a feeling; it’s just a word- a paradoxical word at that. On one hand it provides a certain kind of contentment that arises at the thought of wonderful memories from the past, a feeling that fills you with wistful warmth.  But on the other hand, it can be a torturous sensation reminding you that you may never experience the same things again, that things have changed and they can never be the same.

 There was a time when they were friends, best friends even. It was a long time ago- ten years or so. They were just children who had no idea what the real world was. They thought their parents could fix anything, the good guys always won, monsters were ugly creatures that were distinct from the average person, and above all, they thought they would always have each other. But they were wrong. They were wrong about everything.

 The metal door underneath a neon red sign spelling out ‘EXIT’ opens easily under her influence. It’s a cool night, the air crisp and breezy, but not uncomfortably so. She finds a seat on the edge of the roof, letting the still night ease what’s left of the adrenaline pumping throughout her body. Waiting for Lydia to get out of surgery in the stuffy hospital was starting to become too much for her, so she sought out refuge in the quietest part of the hospital. Finding one of her closest friends bleeding out on the police station floor after being attacked by a kanima-werewolf hybrid was a lot to come down from

“So this is where you disappeared to,” a voice says from behind her. She doesn’t have to turn around to know who it is. The point of coming up here was to be alone, but since he’s the one who essentially saved Lydia’s life, she figures she should at least be courteous.

 “Yeah, It’s a nice night. At least weather wise,” she says a bit awkwardly, not looking at him when she speaks. Ever since he returned unannounced she hasn’t been sure how to treat him. Sure he used to be her best friend, but that was nearly a decade ago. She doesn’t know him at all now and no matter how genuine he appears to be, something just isn’t right.

 “It is. Are you doing okay?” he asks, taking a seat next to her, their legs dangling over the edge of the building. It’s probably not the safest position, but if she can survive a hybrid attack then something as mundane as sitting on the roof shouldn’t be too dangerous. If she goes by falling off the roof then that’s how she goes. At least the coroner wouldn’t find anything odd like scales or a tail.

 “I’m fine. I didn’t get stabbed or slashed or anything,” she assures, stealing a glance at his profile. Bad idea. Even from the side his face still relays an angelic appearance with a sharp jawline.

 “I mean like mentally and emotionally. Physical wounds aren’t the only ones that need to be stitched up sometimes,” Theo concludes.

“Oh, that’s thoughtful. Thank you for asking,” she says faintly, unsure of how to act around him. Time changes everything. Especially with her used to be best friend. She used to tell him everything and vice versa, but that was when they were innocent elementary school buddies. Now he’s nearly eighteen, looks as if God himself sculpted every inch of his perfect face and body, and has a shady aura about him.

 “That was formal,” he laughs, turning to face her directly. She can feel his eyes on her, observant and calculative.

“I don’t know what to make of you,” she admits, looking him in the eye.

“You didn’t look all too thrilled to see me at the senior scribe and you’ve been distant since then. You don’t trust me,” he murmurs despondently.  A vague look of sadness flashes over his face. It’s hard to tell how real it is.

“I want to trust you. You were my best friend at one point, believe me, I want to trust you but I don’t know if I can. My pack they-”

“Don’t. They don’t trust me,” he nods in understanding, getting up off the ledge to walk around the roof.

She remembers when his sister died.  They were seven years old and how no idea how cruel life could be. She had been missing for a while and Theo tried to put on brave face for his parents. He wore this smile on his face like a mask, hiding how scared he really was. He would pace around the living room, a nervous habit he developed for coping when he was upset or afraid. It was like he could walk off the unpleasant feelings.

 The day they found her he wouldn’t sit down. He walked around in circles with silent tears streaming out of his glossy blue-green eyes. Eventually she walked over to him and tugged on his arm to halt the motion. Neither of them said anything as she led him to the couch. She hugged him and they stayed like that, twined together on the couch for a very long time.

 Watching him pace around the roof reminds her of that tragedy. She can almost see the grief stricken seven year old. It makes her chest tighten uncomfortably and her eyes sting in the subtlest way.

“Theo,” she calls, her voice stronger this time, “please come sit down.”

He stops pacing and looks at her. He looks somber, but not necessarily sad. It’s an odd expression, one she’s never seen before. He’s resigned, but there’s something in his eyes that almost looks mischievous. In this lighting it’s hard to tell.

“Are you reminiscing over there?” he inquires, aware of what she must be thinking while she watches him pace.

“I guess I am,” she admits, patting the space next to her.

He rejoins her, overlooking the back lot of the hospital. From this view all you can see are the extra ambulances that sit still, waiting for an emergency to happen.

“Do you remember how much we used to love horror movies?” Theo asks, searching her face.

“Those and every thriller we could get our hands on,” she grins, remembering simpler times.

“That was a staple in our friendship,” he agrees, mirroring her grin.

“Now my life is a horror movie,” she sighs woefully.

Her statement isn’t far from the truth. She lives in a world full of monsters and murderous psychopaths. In a way, the movies she used to watch as a child somewhat prepared her for how her life would turn out. Except there’s one vital piece of truth the movies never displayed. In the fictitious stories the villain is hideous and marred with imperfections. The villain looks like a villain. They aren’t physically appealing- just look at Freddie Krueger. This is a lie in the real world. The bad guy isn’t always a disfigured lunatic; sometimes the bad guy looks like an angel and has a smooth tongue. Sometimes the bad guy is charming and enticing.

“Look on the Brightside,” Theo notes, “You’ve been prepared for all of this since you were a kid.”

“I don’t think anything could have prepared me for the nogitsune, or a kanima-werewolf hybrid,” she tilts her head, squinting slightly.

“Alright, fair point,” he chuckles softly.

It almost feels like it used to. Almost. Maybe it’s because they’re older and they’ve both gone through hell. Maybe it’s because they’re nearly strangers. Maybe it’s because puberty hit them both like a train and the tension is becoming obvious. Maybe it’s something she can’t quite place her finger on.

“Thanks for saving Lydia,” she says gratefully, “After everything… We can’t lose her, too.”

“The ex best friend saving the new best friend,” he jokes, lightening the situation.

“I honestly don’t know what to consider you anymore,” she chuckles, pushing her hair back from her face.

He studies her carefully, looking exceptionally considerate.

“Can I try something?” he asks, his voice soft.

She nods ‘yes’, giving him the green light for whatever he’s planning on doing.

It happens quickly and without hesitation. Her eyes close immediately, her body shivering in surprise. She wasn’t necessarily expecting him to kiss her, but she isn’t necessarily surprised that he did. He tastes like a mix of nostalgia and mystery. His hands feel like old memories and an unforeseeable future. He is a paradox of the familiar and the unknown.

 She never expected his lips to be so gentle, or his touch to be so soft. She never expected that her best friend would disappear and then reappear only ten years later to rescue her pack and kiss her on the rooftop of the hospital. She also would never expect that her best friend is a liar. She doesn’t know that this is power play in a scheme that will ruin their lives. She doesn’t know that he’s manipulative and cunning.

 She doesn’t know that the devil can be beautiful. She doesn’t know that the devil is her best friend.


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Solangelo and The Mafia

i had so much fun writing this! i will continue this someone pls ask me to do it. please don’t be mad that i made luke a bad guy it just happened to fit well! 

Part Two

Nico hadn’t meant to start stalking the cute little barista from the coffee shop. 

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anonymous asked:

Solangelo mermaid prompt #3 “I knew there was a reason why you were so good in marine biology and why you always had to one-up me in the exam scores yOU’RE A MERMAID THIS IS SO UNFAIR IM TURNING YOU IN FOR CHEATING CHEATER”


Anon said: Can u plz do mermaid AU #3 Solangelo plzzzzzz????????

Mermaid AU #3 Solangelo: “I knew there was a reason why you were so good in marine biology and why you always had to one-up me in the exam scores yOU’RE A MERMAID THIS IS SO UNFAIR IM TURNING YOU IN FOR CHEATING CHEATER”

Nico tugged his raven locks in frustration. He didn’t even know why he was in this class in the first place! Ok that’s a lie. You know you joined this class because of your stupid crush on Percy Jackson, who, is amazingly good at anything related to the water. Though Nico tended to steer clear of the water, something about the creepy things living in the ocean fascinated him, so it wasn’t that big of a loss to sign up for marine biology. He was over his crush on Percy anyways, especially since he saw how Percy acted towards his girlfriend, Annabeth, the architecture major.

Nico may have also found someone new to turn his attention to. This person being Percy’s friend, Will Solace. The dark haired boy didn’t want to judge or pry, but he couldn’t wrap his head around the fact that the two men were friends; they were just so different from each other! His mindset changed a few weeks later when he stumbled upon Will and Percy taking a little swim at the beach that the college backed up against. Nico now knew why the two were friends, they had a mutual respect for each other, they shared the same secret.  

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