how creepy did that sound

One of the most unsettling things that ever happened to me in a bethesda game was when I murdered that one priestess of Talos in Riften because I was bored but then I felt bad about it, so I reloaded my quicksave and when I walked up to her she just stared at me and said in a really resentful tone “the gods know what you have done” and I didn’t go back to Riften for a week

Kari Faux Talks Working on Childish Gambino’s ‘Awaken, My Love!’

“We were staying in this house that he made the album in. I wasn’t living in L.A. anymore; I had moved back to Little Rock. Whenever I would come out to L.A., though, I would stay at the house. It was just basically a creative house he called The Factory. They were working on the TV show [Atlanta] and the album there. I was finishing up my album there, and Malik was starting on his album there. He basically was just like, “Oh, come listen to this, listen to that’,’ or I would show him stuff. I remember him saying, "Yeah, I want to use your voice for something.” I was like, “OK, cool.” One day, I went in there with [producer] Ludwig [Göransson] and they were working on “Zombies.” [Gambino] was like, “Hey, I want you to say this,” and I was like, “All right, cool.” He kind of directed me on how to say it: whisper and sound really creepy. So I did it and he was like, “Yep, that’s very dope, I like it.” Then he just kept it.”  - Kari Faux

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@flirtacious-cat-noir surprise! I was your valentine for the ML valentine exchange! You said you really loved Marichat, soooo … here is a Marichat fanfic for you! Lots of fluff and a teensy bit of angst. I hope you like it!

Title: Why?

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Pairing: Marichat

Word count: 5496

Holy smokes this is officially my longest ML fanfic ever welcome to Marichat shipping hell everyone

“Why do you do so much for me, Princess?”


He wasn’t sure what, exactly, led him to Marinette’s roof.

Maybe it was the kindness she always had for others. Maybe it was the memories of seeing a genuine, loving family there. Maybe it was the food. But whatever the reason, instead of going home after a night of patrol, he found himself standing on her terrace and wishing she would wake up and come outside. He didn’t want to wake her up himself—she deserved her rest if she wanted it. And so he stood there for a while, waiting, his fingers drumming a quiet rhythm on the railing.

Then, as if his silent wishing had been answered, the trapdoor swung open and Marinette came out on the terrace, wrapped in a large pink blanket and yawning. Her hair was down, slightly rumpled from sleep. She jumped and did a double take when she caught sight of Chat Noir leaning against the railing. “Chat?” she asked incredulously. “What are you doing here?”

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I giggled looking over at him only a third of the way through my plate. I hadn’t finished this but I always had room for sweets.

“I am full, but I still want something sweet I shrugged, handing my plate over to him as he stood bringing them into the kitchen.

I had to admit, I was very impressed with him and his cooking skills. Such a big step up from his Saturday morning special of mixing chocolate based cereals in a big bowl grabbing two spoons and sharing it between the two of us. I missed those Saturdays, we’d wake up early, have cereal and watch cartoons until we fell asleep nestled by each other. That’s where the comfort of sleeping with him came about. It’s amazing how just this week I’ve loosened up and got back close to Kelton. Although we always talk about me, I’d love to find out more about him. I thought all this as I finished off my drink, grabbing both empty glasses bringing them into the kitchen.

I walked over the cups to Kelton taking a 360 in the kitchen seeing the big mess.

"Great meals cause great messes.” I smiled, creeping around picking up anything I could to help. I didn’t do much besides make everything in piles where he could get it daily and watch his every move. I snapped a few pictures of him cleaning, and one when I texted my mom earlier and sent them to ms.Pryor, and they just might see Instagram one day. I smiled putting my phone away as he came walking toward me and lifting me off my feet.

Like it was a chain reaction my legs wrapped around his waist and I blushed. Looking down and back up at him, holding onto the counter.

“So what you wanna do?” I shrugged looking in his eyes, he smirked and I began to chew on half my bottom lip.

“Well I got my projects to do but I can’t get into it, I’ll just wait until Liyah comes by this weekend to worry about it more.” I thought before speaking, moving my lips around before licking them quickly glancing back up at him.

“Honestly, I wanna learn more about you,” I looked down at my legs as I spoke. “I’m really not good at deciding things to do, so you pick.”

How creepy did that. Sound? I crossed my feet behind him squirming around on the counter, then I felt his phone vibrate in his pocket.