how country girls are

I’m glad Ruru, Reina, and Funaki didn’t go to MM, but damn I feel bad for Chisaki :(
All the groups were like “oh, so it’s you, oh well. Welcome :3” or “aww, I’m so happy, don’t cry” but MM was all like “uh… yeah well whatever, um yaaaa, not impressed.”

You know how Country Girls was made out of MM 12ki finalists? I wonder how Chii feels being in MM 2 and a half years after not passing their audition. Also, I feel like because of this, she should be an extension of 12ki, not a whole nother generation

I hope Chisaki gets Kanon’s old dark green or white. Kaede, Reina and Chisaki are like mustard, ketchup and wasabi or mayo. Lol.

people are like “omg!! musume thought fuku was annoucing graduation! don’t blame them!!!” well if fuku had a little bit of a smile or seemed chipper like wada or miyazaki they wouldn’t have thought she was graduating. hell, both wada and miyazaki are older and in the grad danger zone but they kept a good mood announcing new members. =__= fuku even looked tired through the whole thing and when maaduu brought up the grad thing she went, “well there’s a lot happening in h!p lately.”

I’m honestly disgusted with MM’s reaction to Chisaki being added to their group! Like… Get a grip of yourselves! Especially Mizuki crying over it was breaking my heart. Get Chisaki out of there and get her into a group that appretiates her!

If all the Morning Musume members don’t change their attitude very soon I wouldn’t be surprised if Chisaki would announce her graduation within this year ;(

It’s beyond me why people have to be so bitter about girls being placed where they were. It’s BEYOND me how people are assuming Mizuki is angry about Chisaki joining. Do you know what she said? Probably not, please take the time to look at the translations of what she said in the moment, and what the other girls said. Morning Musume thought Mizuki was going to announce her graduation, Mizuki seemed super stressed and she was concerned about Chisaki feeling out of place. Research, people.

Apparently, none of MM or Chiichan knew what was happening. As a result, they all looked super awkward and stiff. But after they saw the reactions, H!P clued the others in. In my opinion, that’s such a bad thing to do. They should’ve at least told Mizuki and had her tell Chiichan what was happening. You wouldn’t leave your employees in the dark when you add someone new to a shop. At least the manager should know so they can properly introduce everyone. It’s not that Mizuki wasn’t thrilled or that MM wasn’t either or that Chiichan wasn’t. They had no idea this was going to happen. We may have known but the girls were told June 5 and 6. The announcement wasn’t until June 9. It’d been done and over by the time it was announced new groups would happen.

i don’t think people in this fandom are communicating with each other. nobody is ‘mad’ at mizuki for the way she met chisaki, people are just like ??? at HOW fuku ANNOUNCED new members to morning musume. that’s WHY they thought she was graduating. that’s literally it. anju doesn’t even need to be dragged in because yukanyan announced it better than fuku.

I feel so bad for Mizuki because the poor girl is getting all the blame, so let me clarify this. Mizuki’s tears had nothing to do with Chiichan being added to MM, but bad video edition made things worse. According to Maria’s blog, they were supposed to take dance lessons but were shocked to know about a new member, plus everybody thought the announcement was about Mizuki’s graduation. Chiichan is not a “reaction member” so put 2 and 2 together.

Chii-chan wanted to become a Morning Musume 12th member but failed the audition. Her favorite H!P songs are Momusu’s Wagamama, What is love? and Love Machine and she looks up to Sayashi and Iikubo. She was overwhelmed by all the transfer situation and her respected sempai Momochi is graduating in 3 days. Her reaction was perfectly normal to me. Don’t worry about her, she will fit in the group.

Morito-chan won’t we alone in Morning Musume. The girls are so nice and it looks like her audition-mate Nonaka was so happy to have her in the group. It will be like the Maria/Kaedii relationship.

I wonder if the Chisaki wota are happy with this transfer system. She is so cute and was a popular member in Country Girls but just a newcomer in the 13 nin Morning Musume.

Not a Country Girls fan here so I wonder if Morito is a fan of another group than Morning Musume because her reaction when she met Mizuki was… Well, no reaction at all.

I’m glad Ruru, Reina, and Funaki didn’t go to MM, but damn I feel bad for Chisaki :(

How is it that J=J managed to be so warm and welcoming to their new members even though it’s something that never happened to them and MM treat their new member as if she was merely air when they should be used to getting new members all the time anyway!? 

I have a feeling MM getting so bloated is because we might get some grad announcements right after Duu and they’re adding members who are old enough to carry the group post-grads and not be lost little kids the wota don’t know.

It makes me so glad to see that Angerme has always been one bug happy family welcoming everyone. Even Juice=Juice seems suprisingly happy about the change, probably because they’re getting fellow trainees. I think Chisaki was a good decision for Morning Musume, but the girls could have at least tried to hide their disdain.


Things that Momochi never did in Berryz

Feminism is cancer

Disclaimer: I know not all feminists are like this, believe me. However, the squeaking wheel gets the oil, and the loudest majority will get my attention. Here I am talking about my issues with modern day feminism, rather than the idea of equality in itself.

-I don’t see how we need feminists in first world countries. While there are young girls being forcefully circumcised in Africa, feminists here want to focus on an imaginary wage gap, and going to marches naked.

-You can say ‘oh it’s about equality’ all you want, but you’ll hardly see feminists discussing men’s issues. The bias against male rape and abuse victims, the normalization of male rape, because 'they’re supposed to want it’. How about father’s being forced to pay child support, even if the child was proven not to be theirs? Or male rape victims being forced to pay for a kid that resulted from sexual assault?

-Let me talk about female pedos for a second. I’ve actually heard feminists excuse an adult woman having sex with an underaged boy because 'he probably enjoyed it’ or 'it’s every little boys dream’. If the genders were reversed, you’d have statutory rape.

-Stop blaming the patriarchy, an imaginary system, for all of your problems. I didn’t get that job I applied for, a man got it instead. Must’ve been the patriarchy. I didn’t get into that college I applied for. Fuck the patriarchy, amiright?

-Stop talking about man spreading like it’s an actual issue. Men have balls between their legs, that are extremely sensitive to pressure and temperature. So, yes, they need to spread their legs a bit. I’m not even going to go into buzzfeed’s bullshit video on women spreading their legs excessively in public in order to 'prove a point’.

-Sorry, but no matter how 'oppressed’ you feel, you cannot generalize cishet white men as dirty pigs. That’s almost like…you’re putting people down for factors they can’t control….huh….

-If a man looks at you, that’s not rape. If a man catcalls you, while it’s a slimy thing to do, that is not rape. If a man accidentally brushed by you while walking, that’s not rape. This is coming from someone who has been raped. Stop using the word in any context you deem fit.

-Hate to bring politics up, but some of you wanted to vote for Hillary, due to the fact that she has a vagina. That’s it. A female candidate? Fuck looking at her policies, fuck watching the debates, she’s a woman? Cast my ballot right fuckin now!

Meet Abigail! She’s the third of the four romanceable girls in my next project.

She’s a cow, which I honestly kind of resisted at first because she’s kind of a country girl and it felt a bit on the nose, but as I was drawing it I just felt like she was too cute this way and so it kinda stuck.

I don’t have colors here so I just have to inform you that she has pink hair.

Y'all need to chill

Yes it’s like Julie is teasing us with Russ even tho we won’t witness it, but we gotta think bigger and why Sana fighting for it is important.

- the title of this week’s episode was along the lines of “im a guy, I don’t get hate”
- this references Elias’ Russ “advice,” setting up the culture clash Sana will have to face
- Sana is FIGHTING for the bus. It’s not practical, but it looks like Sana feels the need to prove herself
- To Elias and the Pepsi max gang, especially after both of their hindering remarks
- (which is why shes the baddest babe on the block)

Episode 2 was all about the bus, but IMAGINE what Sana has to face now: disapproval, ignorance, and more comments like Sara’s. This is the perfect setup to explore how a “Muslim girl in a faithless country” has to cope, and more importantly, bring up any discussion about Islamaphobia.


I’m a yousana fan all the way, so I just HAVE to shut down mikael/Sana theories right now.

- as mentioned above, russ is super important to Sana
- NO ONE believes in her right now
- except yousef
- the meme he sent was specifically about Russ, meaning that he TRULY understands how she feels on a larger scale
- this kind of support was seen in previous seasons
- (noora’s making Eva feel better w her “girls who call other girls sluts…” comment, Sana’s reasoning with Noora about willhelm, Jonas just straight accepting Isak’s sexuality)
- it’s the little things, but to the main it always means so much more
- which is why yousef is integral to Sana’s story. - Mikael will deffo play a part, but I think it might just be as a plot catalyst. As far as we know, doesn’t contribute to Sana’s internal, personal growth/journey like yousef does.

“I can have Norwegian friends”

This scene kinda explains every Muslim girl in western countries. This is actually how our parents are. Not that they don’t trust us but they are afraid that we with our Muslim background will clash with the Scandinavian background since they’re VERY different. But I hope that this season of skam will show how we actually can adapt and still be friends despite our different cultures and backgrounds.

all over again | michael gray

anon request: “an imagine where you’re married to Michael when he was Henry, when Tommy comes to talk about polly he’s invited into your house and you meet, and finally you meet the family. And everyone makes jokes about the ‘country bumpkins’ and how he met a good looking girl etc.”

“Oh, Henry, I have mud on my face” you whispered to him, leaning away from the suited man before you. He obviously still heard you by the smile that broke out on his face.

“Don’t worry about that. You’ll see much worse in Birmingham” the stranger laughed.

You dragged your eyes from Henry, looking properly at the man for the first time as he placed a cigarette between his lips. You’d been working the vegetable patch your mother-in-law had helped you plant when Henry had walked up with a stranger in tow.

“What’s he talking about?”

“He…says my mother wants to meet me. My real mother”

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Across the Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up

Loki watched as Thor and his idiot friends sat in a circle, clearly deep in thought. Knowing that there was a significant chance of irritating them, he decided to join them. “Norn’s but are you all not the most cheerful group, who urinated in your mead?” he scoffed as he walked over to them.

“Not now, Loki, we are dealing with something,” Thor growled.

“If it is which one of you is the greatest pain, that truly is a dilemma,” Loki smirked. “What is so difficult for you all?”

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Hello neighbor x Knock-knock!! crossover

@neighbor-and-crow okay, how you can see, I really like your crossover and honestly I’m very surprised that you know this game xD
Your art inspired me to do this -w-
(I don’t know how the forest girl is called in other countries, but in Russia her “name” is Бука (Buka))

P.S. Sorry for my Englishʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

anonymous asked:

Hello, may I request on how the RFA would react to more of a country girl MC who's very romantic and old fashioned? Like she invites them to a town they grew up on and such? ((If it's not too much to ask ^^

I’m sorry I took so long on this one, I’ve been really tired recently. After writing it I realised I took a kind of Hannah-Montana road? Im sorry….


  • dies inside
  • You were so!!!!!!
  • Adorable!!!!!!!
  • He was an unbelievable blushing     mess when you got all romantic on him    
  • But he is the same
  • You guys have competition to     see who can be more romantic 
  • He’s new at this so you win
  • When you invite him to your     home town he’s super excited    
  • “MC! What’s that? Oh oh!     What’s that?”
  • “That’s… a     shop….?”
  • “Oh, yeah, I knew     that…"     
  • He definitely walks hand in     hand with you
  • Kisses every few minutes 
  • He’s just so unbelievably in     love with you     
  • “Wait, MC do you have any     ex partners I need to know about? Do I have to fight someone?”
  • “No, no please don’t fight     anyone Yoosung”    
  • “You might get hurt


  • control the gay, Jaehee
  • She is so in love with your old     fashion ways
  • And your country style
  • She tries to be romantic but     she’s kinda new to this    
  • She does find you very cute 
  • The easiest way to catch her     off guard is to randomly show affection verbally or physically 
  • "Jaehee, I love you very     much”
  • MC stop you’ll kill her
  • You take her to your home town,     which is in a very very different setting from the cafe the two of you now     own
  • You show her all the place you     use to go as a kid, and even your old house
  • She’s happy you had a good     environment to grow up in    
  • She’s also a little afraid you     might want to leave the cafe and come back here
  • You catch on very quickly
  • “I love this town, it’s my     entire childhood, but it’s in my past. And now it’s time to make new and     exciting memories, with you Jaehee! And the RFA!
  • Aaaannnddd she’s dead


  • the two of you are hopeless     romantics     
  • It’s insane
  • Everyone in the RFA is sure     that the two of you provide half of the worlds romance 
  • He’s fascinated by your old     fashion ways     
  • While he lives more in the     present, he still loves the old-style quirks you have 
  • Needless to say an on-the-rise     actor and a small-town country person are two very different people 
  • But you make it work
  • Zen has shown you his life, and     his life can get a little overwhelming 
  • So you return the favour by     showing him your life    
  • He probably does something     strange
  • Like buy a cowboy hat and     insist on wearing it when the two of you arrive in your home town
  • Like Yoosung he asks a lot of     questions
  • He also posts a lot of pictures     to show his fans and make himself sound more educated then he actually is
  • You take him to your towns old     fashioned theatre
  • He gets super sentimental and     emotional
  • A little offended because no     one really knows who he is in your town
  • Now he is known as "MC’s     Boyfriend"     


  • Jumins not the best at romance
  • Let’s be real here
  • His idea of romantic is buying     a new dress with a diamond ring to go with it
  • Kinda clashes with old fashion     idea of romance
  • However, he is thankful for the     things you do for him    
  • And his mood will improve by     1000% if you do something romantic to cheer him up
  • When you take him to your home     town, you should probably get him to wear casual clothing
  • Just so he doesn’t look like a     stiff business man
  • Jumin is very cute in flannels 
  • He’s very fascinated with your     town, especially the old industries that reside with in it 
  • You probably have to convince     him not to buy out the land    
  • He has a very relaxing time, he     feels like it’s grounded him even more to reality


  • no matter what, Saeyoung will     find a way to poke fun at everything    
  • Anytime you make a mistake     he’ll say "oh, you’ll have to excuse them, they were raised in a     barn"     
  • You could smack him until he     stops
  • But the easiest way to shut him     up by being super romantic     
  • This boy goes red and silent 
  • "Saeyoung, did you know     you’re the light of my life?”    
  • “And I love you very     much”
  • “Thank you for     everything"     
  • B l u s h i n g
  • If once he snaps out of it,     he’ll be just as cheesy     
  • Saeran is disgusted but also     happy for his brother     
  • Like Zen, he will try and find     something that is stereotypical country side
  • But he will go all out
  • You do not want to be seen with     him
  • But when you get there he is     generally happy, he gets to see everything you had as a child
  • He’s glad you had a much better     childhood than he did    
  • Moved by the whole experience 
  • He understands why you like     such old fashioned things more    
  • He tries to fit in with his     floppy disk obsession    
  • Of course, none of this will     stop him from making fun of you     

for everyone else disappointed in the media and tv this week for yet again killing off a mentally ill black character for shock value, and feel like they want to try and new show with actual good writing of race, religion, and sexuality, I suggest you try out Class, the new doctor who spin-off available in its entirety on BBC iplayer, which features:

- no straight white males in the main cast

- equal gender divide in the main cast

- a non-white sikh boy who talks about his religion and how he faces prejudice because of it, whilst also being the popular jock character who’s actually really smart, and a physically disabled amputee

- who also has the best familial relationship on the show with his dad

- a non-sexualised teenage black girl who is canonically the smartest person in the main cast and gets to be angry and nerdy and young and be a human instead of a walking stereotype

- a gay couple as the first romance on the show, one of whom being a polish immigrated man living with his boyfriend after his family kicked him out, who speaks with a heavy accent and talks about how he adapted to moving to another country 

- a girl who suffered parental abuse and came out of it as kind but also wanting not to be seen as fragile, who acts as a young carer to her disabled mom

- a diverse cast which doesn’t feel like it’s a diverse cast so it can make a point of it, but because that’s what the average London class looks like now and the writer understand teens and has always written inclusively (Patrick Ness, whose YA books I recommend above all others, his writing is amazing)

some iffy points:

- slight ableism in the disabled mom being magically cured by alien technology, as is Ram’s amputated leg, but he struggles with his prosthetic more

- the two alien members of the main cast are forcibly together, as Charlie has a piece of technology in Miss Quill’s head which means she has to obey and protect him, or she will die. they actively have debates as to whether this is punishment for her ‘war crimes’ or slavery, and I feel this will be a major plot point and absolutely shown as fundamentally wrong in the show, but just a minor warning that personal control does happen in the early episodes

all in all, this show has started really strongly and only got better, the most recent episode easily being the best by far, and I think it’s only going to go from strength to strength, so please please give it a chance and support it!

Boys Will Be Boys

Boys will be boys.

How many times had I heard that before? It was a popular saying in my circle. It was what we told ourselves so we could get through another night of clammy, pawing hands and drunken come ons. It was what we said to each other after another all-too-near-miss with a particularly forward client. It was what we repeated in our heads while we forced our red lipped smiles in the face of yet another boy who had trouble with the word no.

After all, wasn’t it just part of the job?

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Twin Flames (Negan x Samantha x Sabrina) Chapter 2: Country Girl

Word Count: 2,412
Genre: Smut
Fandoms: Negan, The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Pairings: Negan x Samantha x Sabrina
Rating: Explicit
AO3 Link:
Warnings: Language. Zombies. Oral sex. Vaginal sex. Object insertion.

Summary: With Sabrina off somewhere with Dwight, Negan and Samantha head out to the countryside for a romantic picnic and sexual rendezvous.


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im screaming about the ‘fake country girls’ meme!!!!! can you BELIEVE that there are real women in this world that actually think redneck culture is worth gatekeeping…. like ok, ashleigheigheigh , have fun riding your horse to school and waving a confederate flag to the sound of george strait . tell me how your cousins dick taste, lmfao

anonymous asked:

*sigh* it’s a children's movie, why get so upset over this? you don’t even know the story behind the new movie. maybe there’s a good reason as to why the main character is not the age/gender/color you’d want them to be. but then again, it’s FICTION, written for children. they could make the main character a green alien if they’d want. it’s a movie.

I’m upset about a children’s show because Spirit means a lot to me. Maybe there is a good reason why the main character is a white girl from the city, but I don’t believe there is. 

“When city-turned-country girl Lucky meets a wild mustang named Spirit, she feels an instant connection to the untamable horse” (source: x)

Not even Little Creek was allowed to ride him at first, and now this girl randomly connects with him and they become friends? Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron ended with Spirit finally becoming free again, returning to his herd after a long and dangerous journey for his freedom.

I am sad and disappointed that Spirit, after all that he went through for his freedom, is now someone’s horse, even more disappointed that the girl is white. They shouldn’t have made the show in the first place. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron was whole on it’s own and didn’t need a show to make the story about Spirit complete.

I won’t even complain about how unrealistic it is that this “city-turned country girl” is able to tame Spirit in the first place because this is a children’s show, I get it. I won’t even complain about the animation.

I heard that the show is going to be about Spirit’s son, but that does not make me less salty about any of this. That makes all of this even weirder, why is he still named Spirit?? I guess I’ll have to watch the show to find out.

If you are excited for Spirit Riding Free or if you’re still going to watch it or whatever, that’s cool! I just don’t care.

Milk Bread | Yuto

Group: Pentagon
Genre: fluff,
Summary: you’re a exchange student who lives with the Adachi famliy with there son Yuto.
A/N:not smut but I wanted to do a cute exchange smut but it didn’t work that way. Ft Momo of twice  (I love momo so much)

You watched the tan Japanese boy swing his bat, hitting the ball. His eyes flared with passion when he played baseball.

Yuto Adachi. Your exchange family son he was a quiet, Japanese(ofc), deep voiced, tall, and a rather handsome teen.

He hit the ball again and again and he never looked bored of the repetitive motions. 

While you never got tried from watching him hit the ball. Yuto looked so serious when he played sports but under that you knew he loved it. 

Sighing deeply after almost two months going on three it’s official you have a crush on Yuto Adachi. And living in the same house as him was getting hard because of your growing crush.

From him helping you with your Japanese homework, to good morning greetings to catching him shirtless after showers. He was the perfect host wih welcoming you into his home. He made it hard not to like. 

You were lucky enough to have won your schools exchange program out of all the people. While the Adachi family took you in for a temporary 9 months while you attended Japanese highschool as a learning experience.

“Hey day dreamer” Yuto deep voice broke your thoughts. Smiling unconsciously at Yuto, “yes” you replied. “Do you want some milk bread before we go home” he said.

“Yeah definitely” you said jumping off the bleachers and following Yuto.

Yuto was a delight to talk to when you got him going about something he enjoyed, other than that he was a good listener.

“You’ve been with us for so long it’s so normal to have you around” Yuto awkwardly laughed.

You nodded trying not to blush at what Yuto said. “Yeah Japan is so beautiful I was lucky enough to come here” you replied back. Something about talking to him was calming and nice.

Yuto and you quietly walked through the calm streets. “Hey I have a question” Yuto asked. You looked up from staring at your feet unconsciously.

“Yeah” you replied. Yuto grinned “how in your country does a guy ask out a girl” he asked, Your smile lowered a little “hmm”.

“Well I know in Japan it’s different a little but we give flowers or chocolate” you told him. A small sinking feeling came into you after you told him that. Having a excellent poker face you elbowed him “who is it Momo” you guessed poking him.

Yuto grinned and looked away “I’m not telling you” he said playfully. “But I’ll give a hint you now her” he said. You know them?

You smiled but under it was more of a sad smile you should understand that realistically a relationship couldn’t even happen between you two.

Going into the small store you and Yuto parted ways so you could get the Milk and he got the bread like normal.

Sitting outside the convenient store was nice, just hanging out with Yuto was nice. “Milk bread is so awesome why can’t they have this in my country” you told him exicted, taking a small sip of milk.

“Hey Y/N” he said you looked up to see Yuto holding out a chocolate bar. “What’s that” you questioned him raising an eyebrow. “You don’t normally like chocolate” you told him. 

Yuto looked nervous “its chocolate and I’m giving it to you as a gesture of my feelings” he said holding it out for you. 

Your heart leaped when you looked at the candy bar and back at him. You giggled “you took it literally”. A blush rising to your cheeks.

“Yay you jerk” you hit his arm gently “made me think you were going to ask Momo” you complained to him.

He grinned “got you didn’t I day dreamer” he replied to you. You took the chocolate “I accept your gesture” you said taking a bite of the Milk bread.

“Oh my god my heart is racing” he said in a cute manner holding his heart. “Your heart I think I’m more nervous than you” you said. Yuto smiled and grabbed your head and laid it in his chest.