how could you not love these dorks

rhodey is the cutest person i can’t believe this,,, saying “boom” when something goes his way…Dad Jokes™… being So Into Being War Machine oh my god literally every one-liner rhodey has is life-changing i can’t believe how good he is??? “welcome to the dance floor, boys. oh no, i didn’t say you could leave” “I think it’s weird. you look like two seals fighting over a grape” “you look damn good mr president but i’m gonna need that suit back” WAR MACHINE,,,COMIN AT U,,, “no, it’s your fault, I just wanted to say I’m sorry”

he adapts so quickly to ridiculous situations he’s brave and resilient and selfless and incredible and his password is WARMACHINEROX with an x all caps what a giant dork i love him @ marvel where the fuck is my war machine movie

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So how do we know that the banquet scene that Victor actually fell for Yuri there at that point? Because yeah his eyes sparkled but I thought that was down to him having an epiphany like "omg yes that's a great idea! I can coach for a year!" What do you think??🤔

While I don’t think Victor could have possibly fallen in love with someone he didn’t know, I do think he was swept off his feet by Yuuri at the banquet.

Look how much fun Victor’s having in that picture!

And yeah … I’m still not over these two dorks doing the bull/matador thing with each other. 

Note that Yuuri is still dressed in these pictures, which means that he didn’t ask Victor to be his coach until after they danced together. (Later, he wasn’t wearing pants and his tie relocated to a much nerdier place.)

I think at the banquet, Victor sees something exciting and new in Yuuri.

It’s not love, but it’s a spark of attraction. I think it’s obvious from Victor’s behavior at the beginning of Season 1 that he developed quite a crush on Yuuri at the banquet.

Victor is easy to misinterpret as a touchy-feely person because of how he behaves with Yuuri. But go back and watch him in Season 1. Victor only touches and flirts with Yuuri. If Victor touches anyone else (like Yakov or Yurio), it’s more friendly. The way you would act with family. Mostly, he keeps his hands to himself.

But not with Yuuri. Victor’s behavior sets him apart as a romantic interest from the beginning.

So while the idea of becoming a coach might have contributed to the sparkle in Victor’s eyes at the banquet, I do think there was also some romantic attraction happening as well.

good things about yugioh
  • Duel Monsters: Nostalgia!!! Yugi is such a cutie omg!!! Mai is the female duelist we always deserved! Egypt is so cool!! Lookit how beautiful and cute all the friends are they're so good to each other oh no i'm crying
  • GX: holy hells the character development, so good A++ insert the ok emoji here; beautiful dorks going through angst what else could you want?? and what a lovely message about growing up so good yes 100%
  • 5D's: the motorcycles are SO COOL OKAY and Yusei is HOT; fascinating setting, cool ass dragons, amazing look at classism in society, Aki has such a beautiful character arc, Lua has a beautiful character arc, Crow is such a good birb dad, Jack/Carly is so pure and good and well developed A++
  • Zexal: omg, the animation, top notch, the music??? beautiful and fantastic and perfect, the characters are all so cheerful, upbeat, and adorable, would protect 11/10, good foreshadowing and interesting twists and cool past life shit, Yuma is a good boy, beautiful messages about healing and forgiveness
  • Arc V: ahhhhh the writing and foreshadowing is so on point!! the character designs are A++++++ 15/10, the dimensional setting is an amazing premise, the duel writing is 11/10, Entertainment dueling is so much fun and the monsters are so cute and it's great seeing the duelists interact with them and run around the field together; there are SO MANY GIRLS and everyone is pretty af and good and pure and they have interesting emotional struggles and it's A++ inspiring 12/10 would be inspired again
Dating Peter Parker Would Involve...

[a/n]: no request but i sense lots of thirst for peter and wow same. so i decided to post this really quickly while im writing my next request

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Dating Peter Parker Would Involve…

  • Him being a fucking dork all the time
  • Him always wanting to watch “that really old movie, Empire Strikes Back”
  • idk about you guys but I would not mind possessive!peter
  • Him loving to show you off at school because he is actually so confused as to how he even got someone like you
  • Peter getting jealous easily because he thinks that someone else could give you so much more
  • You having to tell him that you don’t want anyone other than him
  • Like I’m dead serious a guy would just be talking to you at school or some shit and he’d get scared that he was going to take you away from him
  • “Don’t you dare ever even think about her again. You have no idea who you’re dealing with.”
  • Date nights consist of eating pizza and cuddling while watching a movie
  • Having to tell Peter to be careful when he goes with Tony
  • Him still getting flustered when you tell him how cute he is
  • But him giving you constant compliments like his life depends on it
  • Since his hoodies are too big you pull the sleeves into your palm and make sweater paws while he plants a kiss on your nose and tells you that you look much better in his hoodie than he does
  • Him loving the way you scrunch up your nose when he kisses it
  • Sometimes you just glance over and he’s looking at you with his head tilted to the side, eyes filled with pure admiration 
  • Making him take selfies with you
  • Bugging him about the selfies so much that eventually he’s just done and so he crashes his lips to your’s, snapping a picture
  • “Post that one. I like that one”
  • You posting it and him being happy because he loves how everyone can see you’re his
  • idk guys I just think that Peter would love and treasure his girl more than anything else in the world
  • fuck now i want a peter. where can i get one?
Social Butterfly (Jason Todd x Reader)

@ahs-elsa :Could you write a Jason Todd one shot where the reader is super shy around him, so he thinks that she doesn’t like him & it sort of pisses him off and he rants about it to the other Robins and they’re like “dude she’s like in love with you” please?:D”

Schninner: Why of course!!! This is such an adorable idea, but I am pretty sure I butchered it. So apologies, but I hope you like it! This was also WAY longer than expected…

Key: [F/B] – Favorite book

Warnings: Just a few cuss words,

Word count: 1317

You lounged comfortably on the couch inside of the Wayne manor’s living room reading one of your favorite book. You stretched out feeling the warmth of the fire spread through you, and let out a lazy yawn as you curled back once more and continued reading.

Some might find it weird to be so comfortable in a home that wasn’t yours, and if it were any other house, you wouldn’t have even asked to use the bathroom. You were just that timid. This just happened to be the house of your best friend Dick Grayson. You guys had met when you were kids, and both went to Gotham Academy. You had been the awkward and quiet girl that nobody noticed, and you were perfectly fine with that. People had always made you extremely nervous, you just never knew what to say to them, so you tended just to keep to yourself.

Most people just ignored you, but Dick was not most people. He had seemed to make it his mission to befriend you, and in the end, he had succeeded. It wasn’t long before you guys started hanging out, and as the years went by, he eventually introduced you to his family.

You were quiet around them at first, but after a while you warmed up to them and essentially became a part of the family. You loosened up and become more vocal toward everyone in the family. Well… almost everybody.

Jason Todd. That was the name of probably the most gorgeous man alive, and it wasn’t even his looks that made him attractive to you. You loved how he acted like such a rugged bad boy, but in reality, he was just a big dork. You loved the way his blue eyes lit up whenever he heard someone mention his favorite book. And his smile? There were no words to describe the feeling in your stomach whenever he flashed you one of his dazzling smiles.

Of course, you had never told Jason this. In fact, you could never seem to form full sentences when you were around Jason. You spoke, but your more were usually incoherent mumbles or grunts. Simple to say, you didn’t talk to him much.

Just then, Dick plopped himself down right by your feet.

“Hiya [F/N]! What ‘cha reading?” he asked snatching the book away from your grasp.

“Dick, what the hell?” You squeaked in surprise as your friend looked at your book’s cover.

“[F/B]? Oh no, [F/N] not you to!” He said with an exasperated groan.

“What are you talking about-?” You start as you try to snatch you book back.

That’s when a hand reached up from above you two and grasped the book, removing it from Dick’s hands. A pair or bright blue eyes danced with excitement as they read the title of the book. Jason Todd then took his eyes off the book and looked to you, he smiled brightly as he spoke, causing your heart to flutter.

“[F/B]?! No way! [F/N] you like this series too?”

You nodded, avoiding any and all eye contact while letting out a small, “Mmm hmm.”

“Oh, don’t you just love the part when…” He went on and on bringing up several of your own favorite parts of the book. You gave him a small smile and nodded your head while he was speaking.

His phone then beeped a few times, causing him to pause while he was in the middle of angrily ranting about the antagonist o the book. He eyed the phone and gave a slight frown.

“Well, duty calls.” He said gesturing to his phone.

He handed you back your book, his thumb, accidentally brushing against yours, almost sent you into shock.

“It’ been fun talking books with you [F/N], we should do it again sometime.” He said as he walked toward the front door.

You managed to make a barely audible, “Mmm hmm,” and a little wave before the door shut gently behind him.  You stared at the door for a while before turning around to find Dick smiling at you mischievously.

“What?” You said, trying to act as casual as possible.

“OOOHH!!! [F/N] got a crush on Jaybird!!!!!” He teased giving you a wide smile.

“Grow up Grayson! I do not!” but as soon as you said it, you felt your cheeks burn bright red.

“I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!” He replied giddily bouncing up and down on the couch like a six-year-old on Christmas day.

You groaned in defeat, and slumped into the couch covering your now bright red face with your book. He was never going to let this go.

Jason Todd did not get you. It wasn’t as if he didn’t try, in fact, some might say he’s tried a little too hard to understand you or get your attention. But it seemed to him that whenever he was around, you would tense up and immediately grow silent avoiding pretty much all eye contact.

At first, he thought you were just shy, but he quickly diminished this idea when he saw you casually chatting with Tim and Damian. He had tried to enter the conversation, but you had immediately found an excuse to leave the conversation.

At first, he thought he might have done something to upset you, but then he realized that you had never been in a conversation long enough for him to have insulted you in any way.

Then, a thought had crossed his mind.

“What if she just doesn’t like me?”

And that idea really pissed him off. It wasn’t just because he had had a crush on you ever since Dick introduced you to everyone, but mostly because he had done nothing wrong.

This is what Jason had been angrily ranting about to Tim, Dick, and Babs for the past 40 minutes. (Damian was there at one point, but he had “refused to tolerate listening to Todd’s sad love life.” Then left)

“… it just really pisses me off!” He angrily stated while walking back and forth.

Babs just sighed, this wasn’t the first time she had listened to Jason rant about you.

“Jay! Just relax, [F/N] is too sweet to hate anybody, your just over reacting.”

Tim gave Barbara an unsure look, “I’m not so sure Babs, I mean, why else would [F/N] not talk to him?”

Jason gestured toward Tim, “Thank you!” he shouted before collapsing in a nearby chair. He sighed angrily and leaned over, placing his head in his hands. He gave his head a firm shake before looking up. He looked over to where Dick was standing… silently?

“What’s up with you? Why are you all quiet all of the sudden?” Jason asked Dick.

Dick’s eyes widened, “Who? Me? Nothing’s wrong! I don’t know anything!” His voice cracked, and he quickly averted his eyes away from Jason’s.

Jason, Tim, and Babs all gave each other confused glances. Jason stood up from his chair and walked slowly up to Dick.

“Richard Grayson, you know something, don’t you?”

“Whaaat? Pfft! No…”

Jason looked at Dick with suspicion, “Well that’s a bummer, cause it would really be helpful if- “

“[F/N] doesn’t hate you, she’s just really really shy especially around you because she has a MEGA crush on you and she made me promise not to tell you but here I am telling you and she is going to kill me if she ever finds out so please don’t tell her that I told you!” The words came rushing out of his mouth, and as soon as he finished talking his shoulders slumped as if a large burden had been lifted from his shoulders.

“So… yeah.”

Jason looked at the older male with wide eyed shock. His heart seemed to be beating faster by the second, and he could feel his face grows bright red. She-she likes me?

“Holy shi-! “

Perfect (Bucky x Reader)

Request: Can I request a bucky x reader where you bring bucky to your parents home or they come to visit at the compound or wherever you live and they bring pictures of you as a baby,pre teen and high school

Words: 1,337

Warnings: Nope

Tags: pabegay1 i-am-mina frolicsomefawkes thyotakukimkim happelu970 annadier Shamvictoria11 spookass

Literally I was cringing just thinking about my preteen awkward pictures as I wrote this. I hope my boyfriend never finds those…..hahahaha

“I miss this.” You sat down at you and Bucky’s kitchen table. Your grandma was sitting across from you, a cup of coffee in front of both of you. Your hair was off your face, being pushed back with a couple bobby pins and hair sprayed to avoid it from coming loose.

“So have I, but it’s not like we’re necessarily right around the corner from one another anymore.” Your grandma chuckled softly, and placed both hands on the sides of the cup. You hummed in agreement and blew on your coffee to cool it down. Although you knew you weren’t really helping it cool down.

“I wish we were.” You admitted. Your grandma made a tsking sound and looked around your kitchen and dining room area.

“But you like it here, especially now that you live with that handsome man of yours.” She nodded to where your mom and Bucky were in the living room. Your mom and him laughing at something one of them said.

“I’m lucky.” You laughed softly, turning around to face your grandma again.

“That you are.” Your grandma agreed with you, a sly smile crossing over her red stained lips. “And so is he. You two are perfect for each other, never have I ever seen such a beautiful couple. So young, so in love.”

“Thank you?” You giggled, playing with the locket hanging from your necklace. You heard Bucky’s laughter erupt from the living room and you turned around quickly to see what had caused it.

“Mom? What’re you doing to him?” You scrambled up from your seat and made your way into the living room where your boyfriend and mom were looking through photos in an old photo album. “You brought that?”

“It’s for you, Y/n. I thought you would like to have pictures of your childhood around in your new home.” She looked up at you with a sly smile on her face, and you simply rolled your eyes and laughed.

“Scoot over then. I wanna see.” You sat in between your mom and Bucky. Your mom laughing at where you chose to sit, and placed the photo album in your lap.

The pictures started off sweet. They were from when you were just a little baby or toddler. Your outfits were adorable and awkward at times, but nobody can harsh on a little baby with pretty eyes and a silly smile. Bucky cooed at what you looked like all those years ago and you giggled softly, you cooed at yourself several times as well.

But then the pictures began to move on to when you became older. There was one when you were eight and were overly mad at the time the picture was taken and it was obvious by the look on your face. You knew what was coming, but you didn’t freak out until you saw the pictures that had been erased from your memory.

Your preteen years.

“Oh my god, no!” You tried to shut the album but both Bucky and your mom stopped you. Your preteen years were filled with awkward as all hell pictures. Horrible hair choices and purposely ugly faces every time a camera was pointed your way. Your fashion choice was awful and you cringed just looking at it.

“That’s you?!” Bucky stiffened a laugh. “You’re adorable.”

“No I wasn’t!” You blushed, reaching up to cover your cheeks with your hands as you cringed. “I don’t know what I was thinking, okay? God, shut up, okay!”

Bucky wrapped an arm lazily around you and pulled you closer to his chest as he chuckled at pictures of twelve year old you. You could feel the warmth radiate off his chest and scrunched your nose as his chin dug into the top of your head. You mom watched the two of you with heart eyes, she adored the two of you.

“I love you.” He murmured into your hair, although you could still hear the tease in his voice and the stiffened laughter.

“Whatever.” He squeezed you closer to his chest and you laughed. His scent swarmed your senses and your heart beat a little faster.

The pictures moved on from your preteen awkward years and moved on to when you were in High School. Your fashion taste were way cuter, and your hairstyles were way more stylish. You actually started looking like yourself, unlike when you were twelve. There were pictures of you with your friends, some who you were still friends to this day.

There was a picture of you when you first started learning how to drive and from all the times you went to sports games at your High School. There were pictures of you in Homecoming dresses and at school events. As you neared the end of your High School years, Bucky stared in awe as he saw you in your Prom dress from senior year.

You felt at ease when the album finally shut, and Bucky could feel it too since you slouched back into his chest again. Bucky chuckled once more and your mom grabbed your hands, pressing a light kiss to them and grinning at you.

“I love you, Y/n.” Your mom placed the album on your coffee table for you.

“I love you too, mama.” Your mom stood up and went into the kitchen to where your grandma still was. You tilted your head all the way back against Bucky’s chest and kissed under his chin lightly. He looked down at you, a grin still covering his handsome features.

“Is it too soon to tell your mom I love her?” You couldn’t help but laugh, moving your head back to facing forward. Bucky’s arm wrapped around your shoulder and hung lazily in front of your chest and stomach. You played with his long fingers with your much smaller ones.

“Feel free, she already loves you.” Bucky’s whole face lit up although you couldn’t see it, you just knew.

“When did she say that?” He sounded eager and excited, he adored your mom and her approval of him being with you meant the world to him.

“A while ago. She said you’re already family to her.” Bucky grinned more, and wrapped his fingers around yours before bringing them up to his mouth and pressing a soft kiss on them.

Bucky fell silent for several minutes. You could both hear your mom and grandma mumbling a conversation in the kitchen but neither of you could understand a word they were saying. They both adored Bucky to the moon and loved how he was with you.

“You’re so perfect.” The words came out of his mouth softly and his voice was only just above a whisper. Your heart skipped a beat and you froze for a second while playing with his fingers. You wrapped your fingers around his metal thumb and squeezed it tightly.

“You’ve always been perfect, doll.” He shifted his fingers around so that they were holding onto your hand instead. The coolness causing chills to run throughout your body. “Even when you were a dork.”

“Hey!” You giggled, your eyes closing softly and staying closed for several moments. You opened them and looked down at the your hand intertwined in his. The metal feeling of his fingers never failed to cause a rush of butterflies in your stomach and electricity to run throughout you. He gave you a sense of life.

“You’re perfect, Bucky.” He didn’t say anything. He only squeezed your hand softly, careful not to hurt you. He was always worried about his arm around you, he always thought he would snap you in half if he wasn’t gentle. For the longest time, he wouldn’t let you touch his arm.

You told him you loved him, every last bit of him. You told him you loved his arm, you told him that it wasn’t scary to you. It was a part of him, and you loved everything about him.

“I love you, Y/n.”

“I love you too, Bucky.”

December 16th (Bucky x reader)

Ahhhhh, I’ve been writing all afternoon and I decided to write and post this one in between by two series’ that I’m updating today. Because who doesn’t like a cute one shot with Bucky in it? This was requested by an amazing person, who I think is one of the sweetest people I’ve met here on tumblr. This one’s for you. xoxo

Request and Requested by @barely-emily : Hi, love! Could you write a one-shot/imagine/whatever about the reader’s birthday being on the 16th of december, when all that stuff happened to Bucky, and she doesn’t mention her birthday to not draw attention to the date and Bucky or Tony or whatever find out and it’s just kinda fluffy?? Awkward request but you’re such a good writer, you’ll pull it off! xox 

Warnings: None


It was December 16th. Today was the anniversary of when everything was taken away from the love of your life. It had been a day that he had been dreading for the last two weeks, the horrors of the past resurfacing as the day was drawing closer. Two months after you had started dating him, he became completely open with you. He decided that you had a right to know when and how all these horrible things happened to him. He didn’t want to keep such a life altering secret from you. That was seven months ago. From there, all your relationship ever did was grow and you two just loved each other even more. 

You had prepared yourself for what the day would bring. Today was actually your birthday, but you hadn’t brought up your birthday in months. Obviously you had told him before you found out what this day meant to him, but after that, you kept your mouth shut. You didn’t want to draw attention to yourself today, you wanted to focus on Bucky. He needed your support, and you were completely willing to give it to him. Who cares that you were one year older? You just wanted to be with Bucky, and that’s all you could ever want on your birthday. 

You started off the day by sneaking out of bed, and heading down to the kitchen to make Bucky’s favorite breakfast. It was to distract him from the memories, because you knew food always did that for him. You made chocolate chip pancakes and bacon, with a bowl of plums on the side. When you carried the tray into your room, he was beginning to stir, slowly waking up. 

You stood next to his side of the bed, and balanced on one leg as you nudged him in the ribs with your foot. He groaned and turned towards you, opening one eye. You looked down at him, biting your lip. He gave you a soft smile. 

“Good morning, babe. I made you breakfast.” You whispered into his ear as you kissed him on the cheek, still holding the tray. He sat up, chucking lightly as you placed it on his lap. 

“All of this, for me?” He gave you a sweet kiss on the lips. “Doll, you didn’t have to do this.” He gave you a look, a smirk on his face. 

“I know, but I wanted to.” You sat down on his side on the bed, and he placed his hand over yours, silently thanking you. He praised you on your cooking skills and told you how great the plums were with his mouth half full, making you laugh out loud. He kept telling you how amazing of a girlfriend you were, making sure to tell you about ten times that he loved you a lot. He was such a dork, and you loved him for that. Once he finished all his food, you took the tray and went back downstairs to put it in the sink. 

As Bucky waited for you to come back in bed, he heard a chime from your phone that was on the nightstand next to him. The screen was facing up, and he could see what the message was notifying you of. 

Happy Birthday my sweet girl. xoxo, mom

Bucky was confused. You hadn’t mentioned your birthday in a really long time and he never remembered it being today. He realized that he forgot your birthday completely and began cursing himself. You heard him mumbling in the bedroom as you walked back in, a huge smile on your face. 

“It’s your birthday and you didn’t tell me?” Hurt was etched all over his face as he gazed at you from across the room. 

“I-I didn’t want to draw attention to today… because you know… it’s that day and I want to focus on you.” You fumbled with your hands as you averted your eyes anywhere around the room as long as you weren’t looking at him. 

“Babe, come here.” His eyebrows were furrowed as he pulled back the sheets, inviting you to join him. You got into bed with him and rest your head on his chest, his metal arm rubbing your back. “I know today is that day, but because I have you, it almost feels like any other day. But, it’s my doll’s birthday and how could I not want to celebrate it? Forget about me, if it’s your birthday then that day all those years ago means nothing to me. Because baby, you’re my world.” 

You smiled against his skin and lifted yourself to place a tender kiss on his sweet tasting lips. “I love you, James Buchanan Barnes.” 

He smiled down at you, kissing your forehead. “I love you too, doll, and Happy Birthday.” You kissed his collarbone, and breathed in his scent. Suddenly, he was on top of you, biting your ear lobe. You gasped, and lust filled your eyes as he whispered in your ear, smirking against it. 

“How about you get in your birthday suit, and I give my doll a part of her present?”

Ta da! I hoped you liked it love, and I hope I did your request some justice. This one was a lot of fun to write, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have the opportunity to write this. I’ll be doing more requests and one shots, so if you have one, don’t be afraid to hit up my inbox! I love you all and have a great evening. xoxo



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that hug...

Ok because I can’t yet bring myself to actually talk about the scene inside the house,  because it still reduces me into a blubbering mess, I decided to talk about something  else. 

That second hug.. because my God just take a look at this…

(gif by @hypernovadust )

The more I look at the less platonic this looks. I mean if you take a look how tightly they are wrapped up together,  you could not get the crack of dawn between them. And take a look at her hand on the back of his neck, in his hair as she pulls him a little closer. It’s at that moment when he presses his face into her shoulder and seems to breath her in.  It is in direct reaction to her hand caressing his neck. 

This is just a beautiful thing to look at. These dorks love each other so much and it’s so clear they don’t want to let each other. When you are holding someone that close and reacting to their touch  this way, they are clearly very, very special to you. 

Daryl has to pull away almost foricbly because if he dosen’t he’s never going to leave that is perfectly clear.  And tells her to take care of herself and walks away without looking back because… well he’d go back if he did. 

He has to go and dosen’t really want to. And she dosen’t want him to go, the way she watches him leave. These two really at this moment don’t know if they will ever see each other again. It is pretty heartbreaking at the same time its beautiful. Its really everything they are. 

These two look like two people who need just a little more time. A bit longer of break. More time together in this quiet place. They look so close to falling over that edge it does feel like it is only a matter of time. 

I mean the way they are holding each other right there guys…  can there be any doubt?

And when that happens they are really gonna kill me guys..

I am not familiar with the smell of the trees,
but the green of the leaves is a color I’m so intimately familiar with;
you’ve touched me too many times with your jade tinted fingers
and you’ve left the rusty imprints of them forever branded on my skin - they resemble the ground in autumn far too much.

I am not familiar with the howling of the wind,
but the sound of traffic whirring by while I sat beside you
is forever encased within my ears.

I am not familiar with the feel of the ocean waves on my feet,
nor am I familiar with the grate of sand beneath my foot,
but the sight of the water weaving back after touching the shore
to meet the oncoming wave is a scene
I’ve always associated with us.

I am not familiar with the taste of desire on my tongue:
I’ve always considered fondueing an act beneath me, I should know,
because the first time I felt another’s heat between my legs,
I felt nothing
but uneasy contentment,
not at the motions I just went through with clinical detachment,
but at having satisfied my curiosity;
and I never looked back, because that was that, and I was done
but I never quite shook off the uncertainty, the unsettling realisation that I was not
built like them.

I am not familiar with the so called honor in people,
nor do I think they are familiar with the notion of integrity;
it is not possible to acquaint myself with both features when I have yet
to meet a man who breathes honor or a woman cloaked in honesty.
It is so easy for them to lie and deceit through the sharp gleam of smiles
and it is so easy for me to do the same
while I swallow my pride and feel it burn to ashes in my stomach;
if I were a better person, I will embrace the remnants of the flames and set fire to the lies,
but I am not a better person,
I am the same as everyone else.

I am not familiar with the wetness on my cheeks,
certainly not during the black of the night,
I’ve always been a daylight crier, you see,
but I find myself tearing up in the middle of the night
and this is how I know;
I have a soul that will never be happy again.

I am not familiar with the view of the stars in the sky;
the things I see with my naked eyes have always been too blurry, too out of reach,
so I covered my eyes with plastic to see better
and I realised that the moon looked just the same to me:
far too blurry and so very distant.

I am not familiar with the feelings that brew inside me
but I am familiar with the melanin of your skin and the swoop of your eyelashes against your cheeks,
I know the curves of your lips, how they twist and flatten, every line and every word,
I know the slant of your back and the curls in your hair,
I know the softness of your thighs and the sadness in your eyes,
I know the sweat on your hands - how could I not? I’ve held them a million times, I want to hold them a million more,
most of all, I know you,
I know every nuance and idiosyncrasy rooted in your soul.
I know you. I know you.

I am not familiar with the concept of love,
but I think I’ve begun to understand it.

—  oscarsins
Dating Johnny

I Taeil* I Hansol* I Johnny I Taeyong I Yuta I Kun* I Doyoung* I Ten I Jaehyun I Winwin* I Mark I

*coming soon

A/N: Basically, I really want to make this a series with every NCT member~ sO I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE THIS (ofc I’m gonna start it off with this cutie) sorry if it isn’t that good

  • Giant dork sweetheart
  • Is in his senior year
  • ½ of the school comedy duo with Ten
  • Everybody loves him, how could you not love him? Even the teachers love him
  • Smooth talks them into bumping up his grade  
  • He isn’t bad at school tho
  • Like his grades are good  
  • No overachiever but slightly above average
  • But is doesn’t hurt getting that C moved up to a B every-so-often
  • Can make anyone’s day 10x’s brighter with his 11/10 smile
  • He isn’t cocky, but he knows he’s hot af  
  • He doesn’t gloat about it tho  
  • One of the ‘popular kids’ at school  
  • But tbh he finds the other higher status kids annoying so he stays away from them
  • Finds them stuck up and egocentric  
  • So spends 110% of his time with Ten  
  • Least favourite class: history  
  • Favourite class: psychology
  • Actually where he met you
  • And you’re lowkey one of the reasons it’s his favourite class
  • Was so happy when you two were assigned partners to make a presentation on biopsychology
  • You both worked in the library every evening that week to get the presentation done
  • Tho you noticed he lost focus quite often whilst you both had to work on the only free library computer together
  • Ofc it was bc you were constantly bumping shoulders with him and at one point whilst explaining something to him you turned at your face was so close to his  
  • You literally jumped back slightly bc goddamn  
  • 0 proximity  
  • He’d make some insanely cute yet rlly lame joke I would come up with one but I’m really not that funny
  • After that assignment was finished
  • You both just so happened to always go the library at the same time near enough everyday  
  • Totally a coincidence  
  • Not like you both really liked each others company and it was your only time to hang out together even if I meant being in complete silence  
  • You’d both be studying staring at each other when the other wasn’t looking and he’d just randomly ask you out  
  • Like offer to buy you a coffee and walk you home after when you were done in the library  
  • You began dating not long after that little trip to the coffee shop  
  • To the surprise of some people  
  • Bc you were a rather quiet person  
  • And he was basically your juxtaposition
  • Right the dating stuff now sorry it took so long lol
  • Lowkey skinship in public  
  • Bc you both found it annoying when couples were all over each other right in people’s faces  
  • You didn’t want to be that couple  
  • So usually just hand holding  
  • A small kiss every now and then  
  • But when it was just you two  
  • Constant cuddles
  • Constant kissing  
  • Sometimes it made even you cringe but you also loved it
  • Tbh you loved him  
  • But you were scared to say it first  
  • So you waited  
  • And waited  
  • You started getting worried bc what if he didn’t feel as strongly as me?
  • Nono
  • He does  
  • He just also doesn’t want to say it first  
  • And he’s panicking just as much as you  
  • But one night
  • You were at his house watching really epic yet shit films your favourite thing to do together constantly roasting the bad acting ect  
  • And, just like when he asked you out, he just randomly said those 3 words
  • You were so relieved  
  • And you said those 4 words  
  • You asked where the hell did that come from due to the sheer spontaneity of his confession
  • Tbh he wouldn’t know himself  
  • And he wouldn’t care  
  • Bc you finally knew how much he loved you
Nct 127's reaction to having a s/o that enjoys singing

Request: I was wondering if I could request a reaction from NCT 127 to his s/o being a singer? like, not a professional or famous one but more like a casual singer who happens to be very good at it :) cheers!

A/N: i like singing myself and this was so fun to write , thanks for requesting !



Since he’s a really good singer himself , you were too shy to tell him that you yourself enjoyed singing , afraid that he may judge you .

But one afternoon while you were cooking lunch , you started singing to the music playing in the background , as you thought Taeil was sleeping in his room , like always . Little did you know he was mesmerised by your voice , as he appeared from behind you , harmonising and singing together , with a proud and bright smile on his face .

After that day , the both of you started singing together during your free time , as he gives you tips and advice on how to sing better .

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He always knew you liked singing , as he’d always catch you humming to songs while you were doing work , and also hearing you sing as you watched the different music shows on television .

He loves it when you sing , and would always clap cheerfully and loudly , acting like your fan , as he jams to your singing .

this is him whenever you sing:

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Mother Taeyong woud find your singing beautiful and mesmerising , as he often sat beside you , giving you a proud smile as he cheered you on to finish the song .

He loves giving you compliments every time you sing , and he encourages you no matter what ,

“ Your voice is so beautiful , i’m in love ”

“ You should go be a singer babe , you’re doing great .”

“ Such an angelic voice ”

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Whenever he heard you sing in the shower , he’d smile & laugh to himself , as he found it cute how you always didn’t sing infront of him , but would get so into singing in the shower it’d get really loud .

So he teased you sarcastically at first , “ Wow , you sing so softly in the shower , i can’t hear you at all ” . And when you hit him playfully with your cheeks all reddened , he’d smile again and hug you, “ kidding babe , your singing’s wonderful , you should do that outside of the shower too , i want to hear it everyday ”

the way he smiles whenever you sing for him :

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You never really thought you were good at singing , as you just sang casually to songs , and it was not until the first time Doyoung heard you sing that made you more confident , as he complimented you non stop ,

“ I think you can sing better than i can , wow ”

“ You’re so talented babe ”

“ I could listen to you sing all day and not get bored . ”

When he has the time he sings with you and both of you would often record song covers too .

when he first heard you sing:

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Jaehyun instantly smiled and clapped his hands as he heard you singing for the first time - when he joined you and a few other friends to a karoke session .

Soon after he’d beg you to sing for him , claiming that he needs to see your ‘performance’ at least once a week .

He loves singing with you , especially when it’s a duet ballad song , as the both of you are able to interact and sing together ,showing your strong connection .

pretend you’re mark in here:

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This cute bun would be shocked at first when he heard you sing , his eyes widened and his eyebrows raised , but would slowly smile and blush as he found your voice and vocals amazing .

He saves your contact in his phone as “ my idol ❤ ” and likes to joke about making you a trainee in sm , then forming a collaborative unit with you , claiming that he’d be the dancer , you , the singer .

But he loves it most when you sing to him late at night , as the both of you are cuddled on the bed , as he finds your voice soothing and calming , making him fall asleep .

the way he stares and smiles at you when you sing:

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Mark found it amazing how you’d always sing while doing activities , from doing work , to simple things such as watching the television .

Like Taeyong , he smiles at you encouragingly whenever you sing , and would clap & cheer for you everytime after you finish .

He loves playing his guitar while you sing , and both of you could spend hours playing and singing together , and he’d compose songs for you to sing to when he has the time .

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This dork teased you as soon as he heard you singing , claiming that he was a better singer than you were . But deep down he loves it when you sing , and at times you’d catch him smiling to himself unknowingly , as you sing softly to yourself .

He often finds excuses to make you sing , but doesn’t make it obvious ,

“ You know they say , practice makes perfect , if you want to be as good as me , then sing more often ”

“ Sing for me now , i need to give you advice so you can improve babe ”

“ Your singing isn’t as good as mine but since i’m a nice boyfriend , i’m willing to listen ”

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When You Look Me in the Eyes

Summary: The one where Veronica would defend Betty to the death, and Betty is the only thing that can bring her back down to earth despite her overwhelming fury

Word Count: 901

Rating: PG for the most part..

A/N: Inspired by @yellow-beronica // When You Look Me in the Eyes by the Jonas Brothers.

I hope I did your idea justice! xx


“The Riverdale football team just made the worst decision of their lives, crossing me. They’ll regret this.” Veronica slammed her locker shut, across the hall from Betty’s locker. Kevin did his best to calm the infuriated Veronica down, even in the littlest. “Betty’s fine. Look we’ll clean the paint off her locker. Everything will be okay, Veronica.”

Veronica pushed Kevin into the lockers, “Stay out of my way, Keller.” She snapped at the boy, who eagerly backed up. It was true, nobody should mess with Veronica Lodge.

Kevin rushed off to find Betty, and tell her of the situation. Not wanting Veronica to get in over her head. Kevin definitely knew that Veronica wasn’t someone who could be talked down off the edge, unless of course it was Betty doing the talking.

Veronica wouldn’t have let this get on her nerves, something this immature and idiotic would never have bothered her, but it bothered Betty. No amount of Betty telling her it was okay was going to change anything about the situation. Veronica could see the hurt in Betty’s eyes at the words that were written all over her locker. Betty wasn’t crazy, she wasn’t a slut. She was none of those things and Veronica didn’t have the slightest idea as to why the football team thought of the blonde in such a harmful way.

Betty was anything but crazy. She was the biggest sweetheart Veronica had ever known, and she cared for people an immeasurable amount. Betty was the farthest thing from a slut too! “Ridiculous idiots,” Veronica mumbled, her heels clicking against the smooth tile hallways of Riverdale High School. Those words hurt Betty, and Veronica wouldn’t stand for that. No one, and she meant no one was allowed to hurt her Betty. Her eyes nearly mimicked her raven hair, dark with anger as she made her way to the boy’s locker room.

Betty rushed out of the girl’s bathroom after Kevin had come to her aid. “Where’s Veronica now?!” She sniffled, wiping at her eyes after finally stopping herself from crying. What they did shouldn’t have affected her nearly as much as it had.

“Presumably, out for blood.” Kevin rolled his eyes. Betty rushed off to the boy’s locker room, the only place she thought Veronica would be going. Veronica burst into the locker room, her face red hot with anger. Archie was pushed by one of the other players, stumbling and almost losing his towel. “Ronnie, what are you doing here?” He asked eyebrow raised in confusion.

“Back off Andrews, I have no business with you.” Archie, much like Kevin, immediately did as he was told. “I don’t know who you all think you are, but you do not get to mess with Betty Cooper in that way. You’re all such children, it’s unbelievable.” Veronica scoffed, obviously pretty damn pissed off.

“Look Ver-”

“Don’t you, ‘look veronica’ me, you absolute imbeciles. What you did to her will not fly in my book. So don’t you ever mess with my girl again, or we’ll have a serious problem on our hands.” Veronica shouted at the locker room full of wet football players. They just laughed in return, unaware of the kind of damage Veronica could deal.  “I swear to g-“ Veronica was cut off by a familiar hand wrapping around her arm and holding her back from physically beating one of the guys down.

“Ronnie. It’s okay.” Betty’s sweet voice filled the air, nearly instantly calming Veronica down. Veronica turned to Betty, still fuming on the inside. Betty placed her other hand on Veronica’s arm, rubbing it gently. Their eyes met, Betty’s lips parting to breath out four words, “Ronnie. I love you.” Betty knew that was sure to somewhat calm Veronica down if not completely bring her back to earth. Veronica’s brown eyes softened when she looked at Betty. It was as if the whole world around them slowed down to a complete stop, like it was just B and V and no one else in the world. It was a feeling neither of them would ever forget, one that made their hearts soar. Betty led Veronica out of the locker room, but not before Veronica glared at everyone to remind them not to step out of place.

Betty laughed softly, “Thank you for standing up for me, even though you didn’t need to…seeing you angry makes me equally scared and turned on, which is strange.” The two girls walked down the empty hallway of Riverdale High, hand in hand, smiles on their faces. Every one noticed how they looked at each other. They were obviously in love. Anybody with eyes could see that.

Veronica pulled Betty off into a janitors closet without so much as a warning. “Okay when I said turned on, I didn’t mean ‘let’s do it in the janitors closet’, you dork.” Betty rolled her eyes, even though it was practically pitch black in the closet. “Shut it Elizabeth Cooper, I only brought you in here to kiss you.”

Without another word, their lips connected, sending shivers down both of their spines. After a bit of heated kissing Veronica pulled away, the slightest glimmer of a smile shining through the darkness. “Every time you look me in the eyes, and tell me that you love me, I know everything is going to be alright.” Betty’s smile was uncontainable, “I love you. You dork.”


Bucky BarnesAU! x reader

Summary: you are the unofficial editor of Bucky’s writings. One day, you discover, in his computer, a document with your nickname.

A/N: I hope you enjoy this writing; it was too much fun to write it!

Tags: @supersoldierslover @barnesandnoble13

Originally posted by bucky-plums-barnes

(Credits to the owner of the gif)

‘I will be there at 5, Bucky.’

‘Ok, you know where everything is. And you know, you have total freedom to tell me what you think about these chapters.’

'There are no worst editors or literary critics than me, uh?’

'That is the reason why I don’t fear them, Y/N.’

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You’re My Gift.

Peter Parker X Reader One Shot.

Prompts used: 125. “I don’t deserve this gift, Y/n. You have to take it back.” -  118. “I don’t deserve you…” {Winter Prompt List}

Warnings: Like, One cuss word. Not proof read.

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You struggled to knock on your best friends door, Almost dropping all the presents you were holding in the process. 

“Peter open the door for me!” You yelled, Loud enough for the whole building to hear. Soon enough, The door opened to one of your favorite people.

“Aunt May!  Merry Christmas!” You smiled, making your way into their cozy apartment. You had always loved the place. Around the holidays it always smelled of cookies, Cocoa, and pine trees. They were basically family. And the small place was your second home. 

“Y/n! So glad you could make it in all this weather. We’ve been estatic that you could spend today with us!” May told you joyfully. She energy was enough to light up the whole block. “Here, I can take these over to the tree for you. Make yourself comfortable.” 

You nodded as thanks, Handing her the all the gifts in you arms. You swore you had to have some sort of powers to be able to carry everything two blocks away. You quickly took off your winter jacket and boots, Ready to relax and eat as many cookies as you possibly could.

“Hey, is Y/n here yet?” Peter asked, Coming out of his room. Still in his PJs, His hair was a mess and he looked like he was living off of 4 hours of sleep. But he still had that weird charm about him. Peter always managed to look adorable. 

“Yeah, I’m here! But only for the food.” You joked, Giving him a hug. “i missed you.” You said, Poking his cheek playfully. 

“Of course you are.” He grinned. 

“Sorry kids! I’m going to head out. Joanne is having a pie crisis. i’ll be back in a little.” You saw May rush from the kitchen and quickly put on all her May waved goodbye as she hurriedly headed out the door.   “Well it looks like it’ll just be us..” Peter muttered.

“Guess we’ll have to wait for lunch. How bout’ we open up gifts instead?” You nodded over to the tree, giving him a hopeful look. “Please?”

“Sure. Whatever you want.” He agreed.

“Come on Peter, It won’t bite you. You can open it.” You said, Nudging his arm. Waiting for him to stop staring at his present and just open it.  

“I know, I know.” Peter replied. Taking off the box lid to reveal a brand new computer, Up to date and with all the hardware he needed already installed. 

“I knew yours was breaking down, And i couldn’t bare it if you lost all your projects.” You smiled at him, Extremely happy to give a new thing for him, Since you knew his old junkyard stuff was starting to wear out fast.

“You must’ve spent a fortune on it! I don’t deserve this gift, Y/n. You have to take it back.” He pushed it back to you, An unreadable look on his face. You didn’t know why he was acting so weird about it.

“It was worth it. Peter i wanted to give this to you. There’s no way in hell i’m taking it back.” He saw that there was no use. You weren’t going to budge at all. “Thank you. Really. God, I don’t deserve you…” 

“What are you on about?” You asked. “Nothing.. I just.. Here, I got this for you.” He reached over to get the package from underneath the tree.

“I’m sorry if you hate it. It’s not even half of what you got me.” He handed you a small box, Wrapped very terribly with a bow. At least you could tell he did it himself. He anxiously shifted as you unwrapped it, Keeping his eyes on you and your reaction. 

“Oh my god.” You muttered, Observing the stunning necklace shaped in a heart, ‘I love you,’ Was written in cursive on the front. While the other side was a picture of you two only a year ago, sticking your tongues out at the camera. It was one of your favorite pictures together. You didn’t even know what to think.

”Peter, Wha-” His lips suddenly pushed against yours in a hard kiss. That completely took you by surprise. But it didn’t take you long to melt into it, Wrapping your arms around his neck to pull him closer. You could feel the sparks flying. It’s cliche, But you knew it was meant to happen exactly like that. 

“Oh wow.” You breathed, biting your lip unconsciously. Your whole body felt warm, And you weren’t quite sure if that really just happened. Your mind was going at 100 miles a minute.

“I love you.” Peter confessed, Sighing as he said it. 

“No shit. I did read the necklace.” You giggled, Loving how Peter’s face turned even more red when you teased him. You pressed another soft kiss on his lips, Loving the feeling even more. “I love you too, You dork.”

A (not so) short summary of my obsession with lil cinnamon roll aka Newt Scamander

Okay so look

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He was literally beING ARREsted and he’s grinning because he’s so CUTE

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(also that niffler’s pretty adorable)

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Twister || Changkyun

Group:Monsta x

Member: Changkyun/I.M

Genre:fluff, teasing, very light smut,

Word count: 800

Request:Hello, can I request smutty fluff with I.M from Monsta X? Something dork-ish with some kind of teasing, I’m leaving you the space for your imagination, if you know what i'am saying 😂 Love your writings, have a nice day! 💞

A/n: i hope you liked this I rarely get mx request so I was excited for this one. 

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“Twister” you said standing in the cleared area of the room. Changkyun looked up with a grin “Yeah Twister the game of twisting until you cant twist no more and then fall in defeat” he said smiling.

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If you know anything about the pairing between Qui-Gon Jinn and Tahl Uvain you could do a Beauty and the Beast AU? Or even for Anakin and Padmé.

I do know Tahl but, unfortunately, it’s Qui-Gon I can’t seem to write.
Also, this was absolutely not what I intended to write, but Padmé doesn’t do the princess-in-distress very well

The Beast reeled back, massive hand-paws going to his fanged snout, with a startled expression as he stared at the tall woman in front of him.

“Did you just hit me ?!”
“Of course I did ! You blackmailed my father, trapped me in an enchanted castle and growled at me first thing in the morning,” Padmé said, fists on her hips. “What did you expect, that I’d go cry on my bed and curse my bad luck while waiting for someone to save me ? Tough”.

She left with a huff, taking long strides across the dining room, only stopping to grab a basket full of pastries, banging the door behind her.
The ‘falling in love’ part of his curse would not be a problem, at last.


The ‘being loved in return’, however, was proving to be trickier. Everytime he tried to talk to her, she would prove to be infuriating, nagging him about him letting her go, that she had nothing to say to a jailor, and if the tried to argue, she would run circles around him until he wasn’t even sure what he was trying to prove in the first place.
That was always the moment he snapped, his temper getting the better of him, and she ended up either leaving or hitting him and then leave.

He tried gifts, then. That had been a disaster. If she had looked like she did like the clothes at first, as soon as he opened his big mouth to tell her how pretty she’d look, he had gotten a glare, a comment about how she wasn’t a doll to dress up, and the closet had remained firmly shut ever since.


Padmé stared as she stepped into the garden. Usually, it would be the one place, with the library, where she was sure she would not encounter the Beast. He seemed to like being gloomy and roam the west wing of the castle instead of going out into the sun.

“What… are you doing ?” she could not help but ask.

He was rolling into the grass, squirming.

“I… have sand stuck in my fur.”
Padmé snorted, involuntarily. “Sand ?”
“There is nothing amusing about that!” growled the beast. “Sang is rough and gets everywhere !”
“Well then, maybe you should have bought your castle elsewhere than on a beach.”

The beast growled at her but not for long, groaning as he tried to scratch at his back. It was… totally ridiculous.
She had stopped fearing him very quickly, because he acted more like a young, spoiled man rather than a terrifying killer, but she was loathe to admit he was starting to grow on her.

“Come here.” she finally gave in, approaching. “I’ll help you, if you have a brush.”
“I don’t have a brush, I’m not a girl.”

Padmé only raised an eyebrow at him. NOBODY with that much fur to care for lacked the proper tools.

“It gets stuck.”
“Oh stars, you’re just a big baby.”


“And who, exactly, told you to come ?” growled Padmé.
“Why, my dearest Padmé, we’re here to rescue you, of course.” answered Sheev Palpatine with a smile. “Deliver you from the Beast…”
Padmé snorted. “I’m quite capable of delivering myself if I so choose.” she said, still standing between the armed men and the injured Beast.
“Well, then, avenging your father, at last, for he was cruelly kil-…”

A sharp laughed interrupted him.

“My father lives here, invited by our host at my demand, since we were tired of leaving in your small-minded town, Sheev. Now, leave, or you won’t like the consequences.”

Palpatine frowned.

“As you saw, I’m quite capable of dealing with your pet monster. Now, you will listen to me, you little tart…”

Padmé growled.

Goodbye, Sheev. Obi-Wan, if you would…”

The animated candelabrum gave her a big grin, stepping next to the arrogant mayor and putting his candle-hands in front of him, blowing hard.
A jet of flames went up, directly towards Palpatine’s backside.


“At least, I got to see you… one last time.” whispered the Beast.

Padmé snorted, kissing him on the forehead.

“Anakin, you’re sick with the flu, not dying.”
“…How do you know my name ?”
“You gifted me a whole library. With family records, Anakin.”

The cursed prince left sheepish eyes towards her.

“There wouldn’t happened to have the records of my curse there, would it.”
“What do you think ?”
“Well… what do you think ?” Anakin asked, a bit fearful of her answer.
“I think that you’re the biggest baby on this planet, that you have an awful temper and the manners of a spoiled prince. But if you’re worried, I do love you, you dork.”

At least the curse had the added benefit of taking the flu with it when it was broken.

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I love your blog and your Mysmes threads! I'd actually like to do a request, I think it would be interesting. What about RFA finding out MC is deaf? Thank you!

I’m actually taking sign language right now so this is somewhat relevant.


  • very shocked of course
  • you never mentioned in the messenger before!
  • after your first smooch, he tried to talk to you
  • you kind of know how to read lips but you were never good at it
  • and you awkwardly just sign to him
  • and he didn’t even know what you said ;;;
  • thankfully Seven knew so he had to play translator 
    • yes even on your first date
  • even takes lessons from Seven in exchange for cleaning his house >
  • it becomes a useful skill when he has deaf clients come in with their pets 
  • very involved in deaf awareness events with you


  • you made mention of it somewhere
  • but Jaehee sort of forgot
  • she was so excited to see you!
    • >//
  • she’s just talking and talking
  • and you just nod along, trying to stop her for a second because you didn’t catch most of it
  • you ask her if she forgot you were deaf
  • and she just stands there…
  • flushed
  • how embarrassing
  • thankfully Seven stepped in and helped translate for you
  • she didn’t want Seven following you two around everywhere so she has you teach her
  • it becomes really useful when you two are at the cafe


  • you told him pretty early on that you were deaf since it’s a piece of important information
  • and it was awkward when you went over to his apartment
  • but you two made due
  • you were pretty good at reading lips so it was incredibly hard
  • this marshmallow was such a dork because he was so excited to learn
  • very determined to tell you how much he loves you with signing
  • his acting skills make it all the better
  • if anyone dares to insult your disability
  • he’s got a few words to say
  • lw likes most of the RFA has no idea what you two are saying
    • you two could be talking about something nasty and most of them wouldn’t know
  • Zen signs to you to complain about Jumin
  • and this fucking starts signing back
  • wtf
  • Zen is shook


  • you thought it would be awkward when the two of you first met
  • or just in general, it was going to be awkward
  • but when you told him that you were deaf, he started to sign to you
    • uh like what
    • boy where did you learn that???
  • he took up signing as sort of an advantage when there were clients who were deaf
    • very smart
  • it made you so comfortable
  • this donut knew how to sign and that made you all warm and fuzzy inside
  • is very insistent EVERYONE learns how to sign
  • has the RFA learn and all his bodyguards learn
    • so they can communicate with you without any problems
  • overall he’s extremely supportive and just a sweet donut


  • found out during your background check yo
  • thankfully he’s found someone else he can sign to
    • not only do you know morse code and binary, you can SIGN
  • you didn’t even mention it, he just claimed that he can sign to
  • so you were signing to the camera in the apartment
  • and he told you exactly what you said to him
  • wowie!
  • he was even better than you were
    • and you knew the language your entire life!
  • becomes your translator for events and conversations in the RFA
  • is very proud of you though because you don’t let your disabilities hinder your ambition
  • which adds onto the very long list of things that he loves about you  (❤ω❤)