how could you not like her

My favorite thing to do when someone at work is talking on their phone during a transaction is to ask every single question I can as loudly and pleasantly as possible. For example, this one bitch is on her phone talking to her friend about this new diet or whatever she’s on, and I’m trying to just get the sale finished but no, Stephanie on the other side of the line is more important. So I ask very loudly and chipper every single question I could. Would you like that in a large? No? How about an extra shot of espresso? Any flavoring? Anything to eat with that? Are you a member? Would you like to be a member? How do you spell your name? Let me read that back for you, and also repeat the order one more time to make sure I got everything. She was, understandably, pissed, but when she called the manager over (she’s actually the only one to do so) she didn’t have a leg to stand on, because I’m supposed to ask those questions. When she left i finished it off with a perfect retail smile and a “have a great rest of your day”

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tfln y/n thinks theres a ghost in the house while harry is gone but, instead of him comforting her, he teases her to scare her even more

Harry. Missus.

H, while you’re down there, could you make me some tea, pleeeease?

With a cherry on top.
I don’t mean put a cherry on top of the tea.

Please don’t do that again.


How am I supposed to make you tea when I’m not home, hm?

You’ll get your tea, give me like an hour. Still at Jeff’s.

Oh shut your little whore mouth, I hear you downstairs right now.

Why do you keep closing cabinets? Make up your mind.
Harry for the love of God, slam one more cabinet and I will shove my foot so far up your ass you’ll feel me for the next month.

Unless you’re into that.

Are you into that?

Christ, babe…

I’m at Jeff’s. On his couch.

I’m about to block you.

But you are home! I hear you! Your noisy ass footsteps walking down the hall.

I’m at Jeff’s!

Here, he took this of me because I keep ignoring him.

There’s a ghost in the house, Harold.

A mother fucking spirit lurking around our home.

He’s going to get me and drag me under the floorboards where I will become one with the house.

How are you so sure it’s a ‘he’, love?

Little bit sexist, don’t you think?

Not all ghosts are men.

No, but if this ghost is half as annoying as you then don’t doubt my judgement.

Hey, being pretty mean to the guy you want to make you tea.


Weren’t we watching that last night?

Just wanted to leave off where we stopped.



Why in gods name is the kettle going off…

Tea’s ready, love. Come and get it. x

I just witness this white men legit drop his groceries in his car, stop what he was doing to help a little black girl sell chocolate in front of publix. Literally harass people to make them buy chocolate because the little girl had told him that no one was buying chocolate from her. Took his time to teach how to hussle and acknowledge her presence. Bought a lot of chocolate from her and wished her luck on all her future endeavors because he could tell that she would be successful! Like you can tell he’s a great freaking dad. I’m so fucking teary-eyed because often time, young black girls are treated as women and not as children.

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ahhhh please tell me more about parker i adore him. sweet boy

Parker has a crush on Poppy, and he knows she likes witchy things, so one time he bought like. . Those test tube thingies.. but big enough so he could stuff pebbles and fake plants and mini succulents in them.. and then he put the cork on it and gave them to Poppy and she was very pleased with them.. displayed them in her room right next to Devendra’s stuffed birds.
Parker is also allergic to dust and birds, so Poppy’s room, which Has to be dusty for the #Aesthetic, is like, a deathzone for Jonas. Plus there are huge spiders in there.
One thing about Parker is that when he talks too fast.. its that accent. He Has it. You know how Cake Boss talks? Blake finds it endlessly amusing. “You talk like a mafia boss, dude.”
Parker also lives on a honey farm, so he’s a friend of the bees. His room in NY 2nd bare and boring, but his room with his Nonna? It used to be an attic but now it’s plastered all over with posters of Jurassic Park, Weezer, and Simple Plan. His desk is cluttered with plastic dinosaurs and books and fun things he wasn’t allowed to keep in NY.
There are marigolds growing outside his windows. The house he lives in is basically a magical place being swallowed alive by plants.

i know what she’s like she’s oouut of her mind and wraps herself around the truuuth she’ll jump on that fliiight and meet you that niiiight and make you tear up the roOooom she loves when everybody’s watching she knoWS the way her body mooOOooves she lovES the way they all crawl back when she saaays she loves nobody else but yOUUUU she’s on the loose she’s on the loose and she’s coming for you she’s on the loose she’ll dance in the dark a real work of art her eyees could burn down the roooom so get out while you can you don’t understaand she doesn’t know how to lose she loves when everybody’s watchin she kNOWS the way her body moOOoOves she loves the way they all crawl back when she says she loves nobody else but you she’s on the loose she’s on the loose and she’s coming for you she’s on the loose SHE’LL RUN WITH YOUR MIIND AND PULL YOU IN TIIIGHT THEN TRADE YOU IN FOR SOMETHING NEW I KNOW WHAT IT’S LIKE I FELL FOR IT TWIIICE AND NOW I’M JUST WARNING YOUU she loves when everybody’s watching!!! she knows the way her body mooOOovES!!! she lovES the way they all crawl back when she says!! she loves nobody else but yoUUuu!! she loves when everybody’s watching!!! she knoWs the way her body moOOOOVes!! she lovES the way they all crawl back when she says shE LOVES NOBODY ELSE BUT YOUUUU she’s OOOOON THE LOOSE AND NOW SHE’S COMING FOR YOU COMING FOR YOUU SHE’S ON THE LOOSE AND NOW SHE’S COMING FOR YOU COMING FOR YOUUUU 

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What's the reaction of the guys if they see a naked girl in thier backyard because she been drug and some assholes stole her clothes?

It’s been a while, but here it is!


♥Ayato: Reiji! Look what I found! It seems today is my lucky day!

♥Kanato: That’s… Disgusting! She smells like alcohol!

♥Laito: Mhmm~ How unlucky~ To be left at the door of a mansion full of vampires…

♥Subaru: J,just cover her with something, idiot!

♥Reiji: Oh dear… Who could have done this? But… It is true that we are running out of blood supplies…

♥Shu: Heh… Are you happy because a unconscious girl is the only way you’d get laid, Ayato?

♥Ayato: HEH? Say that again!


♥Azusa: Ruki… There’s someone… In the garden…

♥Ruki: Tsk. Just tell them to go away, Azusa.

♥Kou: Uum~ its probably one of my fans! Even though I told them that I don’t like it when they come here…

♥Azusa: No, you don’t understand… She’s naked…

♥Yuma: What?!

♥Ruki: -sighs- Very well, I’ll just tell one of the familiars to send her away.

♥Yuma: W,wait! We should check if she’s alive or somethin’, you know! I could do it!

♥Kou: Are your playboy magazines not enough for you, Yuma-kun?


♥Shin: Nii-san, there’s a human woman outside! What do we do with her?

♥Carla: … The wolves will do their job.


So, I decided to make an alternate ending where these two are endgame. And as I said before, english is NOT my first language, so I’m really sorry if there’s anything wrong here (probably there is). 

I hope you all enjoy it! :)


Eva was talking about food. Talking about how she doesn’t like tomatoes. Talking about how those meatballs tasted so good. And even with sauce on her cheek, she could make Chris’s little heart melt. After taking one of her meatballs, he just smiled at her, with a full mouth. Damn, it was actually really good. 

“They’re good, aren’t they?” She asked.

“Yeah, they really are. Can I get some more of your plate?” He said with a little smile on his face. 

“Can’t you just walk to the table and get some for you?” She said while eating another slice of the purple thing she has got.

“Actually I can but, you know, if I eat from your plate, it will be more a couple thing.” Eva smiled. When he first started with this whole thing about them being a couple, she never thought that he was serious. Maybe he had some feelings for her, but in her mind he would never want a truly relationship. In fact, Chris Schistad was really determined on having Eva Mohn as his girlfriend. 

“A couple thing?” She said. “Still with this in mind?”

“Oh, come on, Eva.” Chris sighed. He was getting tired of Eva not seeing that he wasn’t joking. “I even bought flowers! And I… I texted Jonas asking him for advices! I mean, did you ever imagine me doing shit like this?! Because, I didn’t! I can’t even recognize myself, cause I’m fucking in love with you, and I’ve never been like this before.“

He really said that. Out loud. Christoffer Schistad said that he was in love with a girl. Was that even possible? People started to look. Not all of them, but the ones nearby, and everyone was just too shocked. He fucking admitted.

Eva couldn’t help but smile. At first, she got a bit shocked like the others. He actually asked Jonas for help? Yeah, she’d never imagine that. But also what she would never expect, is that Jonas really helped him. Did he? Well, she didn’t ask. All she did was pull her plate away and kiss him. A soft kiss that could calm him down. 

“You can’t just kiss me like that after I shout out to everyone that I’m love with you and don’t expect me to insist for you to me my girlfriend…” He looked deep into her eyes and cleaned her cheek calmly. “Eva, I’m not the same guy I was. I’m not, I promise you! Ever since I saw you for the first time I– I knew I had some kind of feelings for you, but know I’m sure. I know what I want and… it’s you.”

Chris had his eyes on William for a half second. We wanted to be sure that he’d hear that. And he did. Actually, he and Noora just looked at each other and smiled. 

“I told you.” Noora said to him. ”You owe me 5 krone.”

Eva was smiling. And blushing a bit. But was still a little disturbed after everything Chris said to her. The same Chris that a year and half ago she disliked so much for being such a douchebag, now just wanted to date her so much. And even though she was afraid, afraid of being so insecure in another relationship, Eva’s wall toward him has been totally destroyed, and… she was in love with him. His eyes were drowning in desperate when she said:

“Yes, of course.”

He didn’t understand at first.

Yes, of course? What does that even mean, I–”

“When you told me about your dream.” She didn’t let him finish. “When you asked me to be your girlfriend, I said ‘yes, of course’, didn’t I?”

He got it. And he couldn’t hide his happiness because he smiled so bright, like he always does when he’s next to her.
“Yeah, yeah, you did.” He said. 

“So… Yes, Christoffer. Of course I want to be your girlfriend.”

That time he was the one who kissed her. Kissed her with everything he had because she has finally accepted. And he would prove to her that she would never regret. 

“Oh my God, finally!” Chris Berg said at the moment she saw them. “I expected so long to see this!” 

People started cheering and all Chris and Eva did was continue to kissing whit smiles on their faces. Eva didn’t even bother look at Jonas. She knew that he was moving on with Emma. Just like she was with Chris. And now they were a couple. Finally a couple.

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how to treat your girl if it's long distance relationships?

Well you could send her little unexpected presents from time to time. Make plans to meet up in the future because you really have smt to look forward to. Call each other either on the phone or videochat. Something fun to do is also watching the same movie at the same time and videochat tgt. It’s like a movie date. I’d find that cute things to do and things i’d look forwards to. Plus don’t forget you both still have your own life. It’s fun to be able to chat/talk all the time but you should not give up on going out with friends. There should be enough trust to let each other go out with friends. 

Seventeen Reacts to: their Bi crush being sad because she found out her crush (a girl) was straight?

He would try very hard to comfort her in every way he could possibly figure out how to. Buy her anything she wants, gives her candy and probably listens to her pour her heart out.

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“Ah~ Well, I’m sure there’s another cute girl waiting for you to show up. Don’t feel bad, my crush doesn’t really like me either.”
Would comfort her in a non-awkward and actually sincere way because he’s had that happen to him before *coughseungcheolcheatedonhimwithminghaocough*

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He would be a little confused as to what bisexuality was but was too shy to ask questions so he’d give her hug and asked if she was honestly okay.

Originally posted by performanceunit

“So I have a chance?”
Makes it obvious he has a crush on her but wouldn’t be too flirty or try to force himself on her. Just teases and jokes around about it for a little.

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He would feel so bad for her. She loved to talk about her crush and when she told him that she asked her out and was turned down, he felt crushed as well.
“She rejected us both, lets cry and watch sad movies.”

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He would be a little awkward because she was crying and he didn’t really understand what she was saying through the tears. So he’d kinda just pat her head.
“It’s okay..”

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“Aish, Vernon tried that one on me..”
Would try to cheer her up with random things that came to his mind, like joking about why Vernon said they would never be a couple. 

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“Aw, no.. Let’s not be sad, lets be happy that you took a chance, yeah? You tried and she still loves you as a friend. We all go through that, let us not cry.” Hugs and cuddles her tightly

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“Thughao can pimp you out. We’ll find a cute girl for ya, no worries.”
Makes jokes towards her about it, not in a harsh way though.

(c-ing my way out sorry for this) 

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“Ooh, that’s rough. Wanna talk about it or are you just gonna cry and watch movies clung to my leg?”
Watched a  movie or two with her whilst eating food.

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He wouldn’t know what to say. He’d probably just give her a tight hug.
“I’m sorry that happened to you.”

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Oh you bias wrecker whore slut bag get outta here before i dIE 

Gives her flowers, food and tissues.
“I hope it’s not awkward between you guys after this..”

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He would do anything with her that she wanted to make her feel better.
“She turned you down though? Was she at least nice about it?”

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I have a request. How would the Sakamakis react when s/o suddenly asks them to bit her? (By the way, I love your blog ^^)

♥Shu: Heh, and why would you want this now? You truly are a masochist, woman. Well, not that I complain about it…

♥Reiji: Why the sudden urge to be bitten? I’m busy now. But maybe… I could make an exception. Only for this time.

♥Ayato: Heheh, have you finally accepted you’re mine, Chichinashi? This is actually a good thing… Oh well, let’s dig in!

♥Kanato: Don’t be so lascivious! I don’t feel like sucking you now. I prefer doing it when you’re scared…

♥Laito: Are you desperate, Bitch-chan? Hmmm… I’ll gladly do it but… It feels strange that you’re not resisting~

♥Subaru: Wha-…! Do you want me to breakyou or something? Because I’ll do it if that’s what you want, using my fangs…

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How about we spice up things a bit? I really like your dragon oc rivier. Can you tell us more about that cutie? (I'm a big nerd for your dragon ocs and scribles, keep it up!!)

ahhh im rly glad u like her!!! (and my other dergs ye) 

i have a lot of info on rivier but!! sadly i cant reveal most of it because itll be taken care of in the comic c’:

i can say that shes part of a rare species of dragon thats not local to the desert they live in, and shes very damn strong too. 

also a fun fact!! she can pretty much flatten herself to the ground with her legs underneath and her tail under the sand to camouflage herself (its pretty efficient too yea)

and finally heres an important rivier loaf that didnt make it into the final panels of the next pages.. she slep

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How do you think the p5 gang would celebrate pride month?

I didn’t think they had pride month in Japan? I know they have Tokyo Golden Week during Golden Week though. I think they’d like to support LGBT businesses during it -not that they wouldn’t otherwise. They might join the march but otherwise I don’t know? It all sounds really generic.

Yusuke might do facepainting or something at some events, or his art would be more pride themed. Haru could start toward for my diversity in her company. Akira might ask Sojiro if he could do some specials for the cafe. Futaba could hack into homophobes social media and put the flag over their DP. Makoto might petition for more inclusive school policies. I’m not quite sure for all, it’s all kind of vague, sorry about that anon!

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How would you feel about Dove Cameron playing Sabrina?

Binch I have been on board with that idea since the dawn of tiME!
She is an incredible actress, bisexual, and is constantly interacting with her fans and letting them know how important they are. Her social media is nothing but positive and I can’t say there’s ever been any negative controversy surrounding her.
That being said, Sabrina being played by dove Cameron would be perfect. She fits what Sabrina should look like, and her personality could fit to make a very interesting dynamic.

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May I have a headcanon on what kind of reaction Izuku would have if his crush kissed him suddenly but it was so a group of boys could back off ((cause she is prettt so she is very popular and guys always swarm her even tho she doesn't like them)) and she says thank you to Izuku. How would he feel or react? Thank you so much for allowing headcanons :3

Midoriya Izuku: Midoriya would be confused with a lot of conflicting feelings, mostly because he didn’t have a single chance to think before you ended up kissing him. He thinks about how soft your lips were against his, and good you smelled because you’d never been this close to him before. His heart is beating a mile and minute and he scolds himself because the kiss didn’t mean anything, it was only to get surrounding people to leave you be, though the way you say thank you to him… he wonders if he actually has a chance. 

Not Meant To Be pt. 3

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Characters: Jungkook x Y/N, Yoongi x Y/N
Genre: Angst
Word count: 2.2k

PART: 1 | 2


“Ever since the moment you broke up with her until what happened in the hospital, all you did was break her and tear her apart. You don’t even deserve to talk to her. I will be the one to pick her pieces up and mend her heart, and you will be the one to stay away forever.

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Could I request headcanons for shino finding out from kiba and hinata that the girl he likes, likes him back. And how he would initiate asking her out. Please and thank you!

did i hear shino day? shINO DAYYY <3 well it was supposed to be. i’m writing an nsfw shino scenario at the same time as writing these xD also, i know that this asked for a female s/o, but i want to make it as gender nerutal as i possibly can.

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Shino Finding out From Kiba and Hinata that The Person He Likes Likes Him Back+Asking Them Out

- Shino did what he could to avoid talking about them in front of Kiba and Hinata, but sometimes, he couldn’t help it. So when he heard from his two closest friends, that the person he likes likes him back, he’s all a-flutter.

- He still maintains his composure with this whole situation, however, and makes sure that they hardly know the difference. He notices their little quirky habits as he approaches them, talking to them, trying to get to know them better with renewed confidence.

- At times, he forgets who he’s with. He’s ecstatic on the inside, that he’s with them. It almost doesn’t seem real; the person he likes, likes him back. It almost feels like it’s something out of a storybook a parent reads to their children with the whole “And they lived happily ever after” bit.

- He’s slow in asking them out, however. He makes it kind of like a game, showing how clever he really is. He builds up their relationship, without them asking each other out. He build it up so that it seems as if they’re already in a relationship. 

- That’s when he asks them. They’re hardly fazed, and instead, their answer brings the smallest smile to his face. “We weren’t already?” “No, I just wanted to make it official.”

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how do you think a convo would go between ghost eridan and ghost kanaya in the dream bubbles considering eridan killed her and everything? (she also killed him but revenge so it's more fair)

Probably awkward but tbh they used to be really close so I feel like they could make up after a while (not right away tho) considering how killing is viewed in troll culture, plus Feferi and Sollux both forgave him (as seen in Terezi: Remember, they were waiting for him and they were happy to see him, he looked really guilty) so i figure after some talking out things could turn out ok, but I bet he’d still get scolded as fuck. 

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scenario where revali doesn't want skali and reader to date but then reader saves her life and he practically welcomes them into the family

“Absolutely not! No! I forbid it!”


 “Do not ‘Rara’ me! You kept this from me and I do not approve of them! You lied to me!”

You stood awkwardly off to the side while your girlfriend, Skali and her father, Revali, had a squawking match. Apparently, Skali had forgotten to mention to her father that perhaps, maybe, she was dating and the fact you had given a kiss on her cheek while Revali happened to stumble upon you two was not the best idea.

 It was like lighting a grass field catch on fire with how quick his feathers bristled out and stormed over to you two. In your favor, it was lucky that Skali had quick reflexes and got in her father’s path, but now they were having a debate so loud you were sure the Gerudo village could hear.

 “You do not have room to speak of such allegations when you have clearly followed me! I am an adult, Rara, and you should respect that!” Skali retorted, her usual soft raspy voice booming as she stood her ground.

 “You informed me you were going alone, and I worried. What would have happened if you were attacked?” He scoffed, his feathers ruffled for more than one reason. He couldn’t believe Skali had the audacity to misinform him so she could hang out–hang out with a sham like you! Why, the thought of your lips on her precious cheek sent his blood over the boiling point! He should drag Skali home for her blatant disrespect and to protect her innocence from you!

 “I clearly did not lie! I merely said I am traveling to visit Auntie Urbosa and you took it out of context because I did not imply anyone else!” Skali crossed her arms and tapped her toes. You’d never seen her this steamed, and it might be odd to admit, but you thought it was a breath of  fresh air from her usual reserved state. She had a point that even Revali could not think of a counter argument, and he sputtered and his neck feathers ruffled further.

 His eyes fell onto you and you couldn’t stop the gulp pressing down your throat. It was like a predator had you in their sights and you knew you would not survive, not with how protective Revali is of Skali…He lifted Skali up, placing her off to the side despite her struggles and stormed over straight to you. His loomed over you and glared at you with with a side-glance.

 He was sizing you up and by his furrowed brows, you knew he did not like what he saw. “You look like a washed up rat. Honestly, I am not sure what Skali sees in you because as far as I am concerned, you are a weakling with no merit to your name whatsoever. You could not provide my daughter the protection and the respect she deserves, so turn your tail feathers around and do us all a favor, and fu-”

 Revali was shoved to the side before he got the chance to finish his sentence. He regain his balance and peered over his shoulder in shock as Skali stood in front of you. She looked absolutely livid and she was on the verge of tears.  

 “Y-you think just because you’re titled a C-Champion that you can boss and insult others? How dare you, Rara, you obviously have no r-respect for me. You do not have the right to speak to [Name] like that as if you know them and you certainly cannot push someone I care about away! I-I am not your puppet that will follow your bidding!” She held her hands to her chest and in the midst of her outburst, you placed your hand on her shoulders.

 Tears shed from her eyes, but she stood tall and regained her composure the best she could. She grabbed your hand and tugged you away from her paralyzed father. As the two of you passed by him, Skali shot him a look before snapping, “Just go home.”

 Skali continued to pulled you over where a herd of sand seals reside, and you were gnawing your lip concerned and on edge as she paced about. You rarely saw her this upset, her feathers were ruffled and she was muttering under her breath. She would occasionally look up at you and fire fueled her again causing her to go on another mumbling rant.

 “Hey Skali, it’s okay, I didn’t take what he said to heart.” You spoke gently, trying to calm her nerves.

 She whipped towards you, her eyes furrow up and bit her bottom lip, “[Name], it is not okay. It is not! I know my father can be insufferable, but he crossed the line. He did this time and I will not stand for it!” She sighed, rubbing her upper arm as she paced in a circle. Her distressed was causing the seals to grunt and move about and you were becoming alarm how close she was getting to them.

 “Shhh, it’s fine, it’s over now, why don’t we let a guard know that we’re here so they can get Urbosa for us?” You attempted to grab her hand, but in her frustrated state she pulled away and stepped back. She knocked into the railing that kept the seal tied up and it collapsed on the ground with a loud smack before bouncing and landing on one of the seals’ head. It cried out and in a flash the seals dispersed and you jumped out of the way with a cry of alarm.

 Skali was not lucky, however, and was run down by one before its rein slithered onto her foot dragging her along with the rampaging seal. She yelped and attempted to grab the rein, but the seal was weaving about and banging her against rocks. You watched in horror for a split second before darting after her and quickly jumped on another frantic seal before pulling on its reins. The animal called out upset and bucked, but you kicked its sides and turned the reins to place your dominance.

 It fell under your control in a matter of seconds and your spurred the sand seal towards Skali. You had quite a distance to make up and you needed to block that loose seal. You saw a shipment of boxes it was about to pass and pulled out your bow and arrow all the while attempting to balance on this blubbery animal and shot with all your might. The box after the bottom broke creating an avalanche in front of the animal, but it caused it to rear back, running Skali over again, before it turned the other direction heading towards you. You spurred your seal again and the opposing seal was about to turn when you vaulted off and on top of it.

 Your grabbed the cheek piece and pulled back with your the weight of your body, causing its face to bare to the sky and it cried out coming to a halt. The momentum of its stop flung Skali through the air, knocking into you and forcing both of you to the ground. A bit dazed, you quickly scrambled for the rein around her foot and cut it with your pocket knife. The sand seal being free of you two sped off in a different direction with a few Gerudos chasing after it.

 You panted, and tried to calm your beating heart before bringing Skali into your arms. She seethed in pain and reeled back from you. She held the front of her halter top to her chest, the back of her outfit nearly ripped to shreds and her back baring road rash. You gasped and held her face in your hands, and peppered her face in kisses.

 “Oh, Skali, I am so sorry!”

 She blinked at you for a moment before shaking her head and smiling gently. She grimaced from pain, but her eyes shimmered with gratefulness. “Do not be sorry, you saved me.”


 Revali’s voice cried out as he and Urbosa ran over to you two. You looked at him in fear and closed your eyes as he approached, but when you did not hear or feel the stings of his insults, you peeked your eye open only to stare at the Rito Champion kneeling before you. You looked between everyone, not completely sure what was happening, but Skali and Urbosa smiled pleasantly.

 “[Name].” Revali’s voice broke through your confused state, and you felt as if he was going to spring on you any moment. However, when Revali peered up, his eyes flashed between you and his daughter. “I saw what you did, and-” He sighed bowing his head, “I was too flustered to react, but you put yourself in danger for my daughter without a moment’s hesitation. I..Please forgive me for what I have said earlier… I was tactless and incorrigible…”

 He stood up and held his wing out for you. You gazed at it for a moment before placing your hand in his, and his wings encompassed your palm before tugging you straight to him. You stared at the sky awkwardly as Revali hugged you for a split moment before pulling you from him. He coughed and stared off to the side, and said “You are…perhaps, incredibly dependable…”

 He walked passed you as you stared ahead feeling dazed. Revali knelt to his daughter and nudge her face with his beak as he whispered apologies. You left the two be as they would need to talk, and Urbosa came up behind you with a pleased smile. You craned your neck to look at her, and she placed a hand on your shoulder, “I would hope it goes without saving Revali is very grateful for what you have done. As well am I. Thank you, [Name].”

 You couldn’t stop the smile on your face and sheepishly laughed.