how could you not like her

It makes so much sense that that “something Kylo can’t quite place” could be a romantic interest towards Rey. I’m not going to list all the reasons why Kylo is clearly attracted to her (I’m just gonna remind you of how he gave her the once-over in the woods and how he was staring at her lips during the interrogation) because there has been tons of meta about it already, but the mere fact Adam said “something to be feared” about Kylo’s feelings for Rey is very telling. I mean, what is there to fear for a warrior of the dark side? The light (not intended like the Jedi do, but simply as the opposite of the dark side) and the feelings that come with it, such as compassion and love.

Add that Kylo lived a lonely life desperately searching for affection, which means he’s probably never been in love or never felt anything even remotely close to it, than you have the answer as to why he “fears” the feelings he has for Rey. They’re confusing, they’re unknown to him and they’re dangerous for what he’s trying to be and what he’s trying to achieve, aka a merciless warrior of the darkness fueled by anger and hate.

anywAY let’s talk about amanda things:

- being so surprised that the rowdy 3 would stay around so she could learn magic? ofc they would girl they love you
- the martin hug looked like such a good hug i hope they both enjoyed it
- her cute hood, basically her cute entire outfit, the wardrobe department is fucking magic
- just after that when she’s like ‘I’m a freakin witchakookoo!!’ that was too good
- when she was surprised again when the rowdy 3 were so willing to go south
- i want to let her know just how much she has become part of the rowdy 3 family, it is very important to me that she knows this
- 'i AM punk’ we know babe and we love you for it
- basically every single time she was on screen was great
- i really love amanda thanks for listening have a good one

You know that thing Taylor does with her lyrics where it’s so achingly specific that you can’t help but picture exactly what she is talking about like she could keep it basic and say something like “pictures on the floor” but instead we get “candle wax and Polaroids on the hardwood floor” you get the exact type of photos that were taken which gives you a sense for how that party must have been, where instead of everyone taking selfies on their phones they must’ve been so in the moment that they whipped out Polaroid cameras instead, and you get the type of floor which tells you that if candle wax was on hardwood then that must’ve been a hell of a mess to clean up the next day based on how easy it is to damage hardwood, but it was so worth it because of who she got to spend her time cleaning it up with


Imagine Jim Hopper falling in love with you, a younger women


Jim watched the younger female from across the street, she was standing on her front lawn smoking a cigarette.
Smiling to himself Jim took a deep breathe before making his way across the street and over to her.
“Hey Miss. (L/n). How’s your morning going?” Jim askes.
Taking the cigarette out of her mouth (Y/n) puffed out the smoke and smiled towards Jim licking her lips, “Officer Jim-” she greeted, “How many times do i have to tell you, you can call me by my first name.”
“And I always remind you that is disrespectful for an older male to address a little lady like you by her first name.” Jim says.
Taking a step closer Jim could feel her chest pressed up against his own, “And how many times do I have to tell you I like older men addressing me by my name.”
“What if a older man called you little girl, then what?” Jim questions, he didn’t know what had over come him to say such a thing just as he was about to apologize to her he felt (Y/n) stand up on her tippy toes and whisper into his ear.
“Only if that older man is you fucking me into my bed sheets telling me I’m being such a bad little girl.”
Jim puffed air from between his nose, “Oh you would like that wouldn’t you?”
Nodding in response Jim stared down into her (e/c) eyes, “It seems you’ve broken a law little girl. Looks like I’m going to have to arrest you now.”
Bitting her bottom lip she stared up into Jim’s, “Are you gonna hand cuff me officer?”
“Are you gonna come willingly or will I have to force you?” Jim growled out, he was started to feel himself get hard.
“I’ll be a good girl and come willingly sir.” she replies licking her lips.
Stepping aside Jim pointed to his car his hand hooked on his belt loop, “Well then lead the way little girl.”

I’ve  Always Cared: Part 2

THIS IS FOR MY GIRL ANNA @queen-archeron whose birthday was yesterday!! She is is one of the best people I know and please check out her blog if you already haven’t cause she is amazing! I’M SO SORRY!!!! I know, I suck, this took me forever to write because I had to start over about 3 times. BUT I did find out how I want this entire fic to go and I think (or hope) you guys will like it ! This one is kinda short but only because I needed this to set some other stuff up. People you asked to be tagged @songbirdsbooks @aelin-firehearts-court @krm00623 @queen-archeron  

Her mouth dropped open. 

“What are you doing here?” Cassian and Nesta said simultaneously. She scowled at him and said before he could open his mouth again, “You know what? I don’t care, if you’re here the rest of your dog pack shouldn’t be far away. I’m leaving.”

She had to get away from him. Out of all the people Nesta could have seen tonight it had to be him. Well, she’d be damned if she let Cassian see her as a sad drunk. She didn’t need him to add more reasons to the list of why he doesn’t like her. Nesta moved to leave, but should have known he wouldn’t let her get away that easy though. 

Cassian grabbed her arm and brought her close to him, “I’m here looking for you.” he said with an almost panicked look in his eyes. 

“And why were you looking for me?” She said annoyed.

“I-We thought something happened to you! Nesta you haven’t been out of that house for more than a couple of minutes for the last four months, but you’ve been gone for hours today! You left no note, nothing to show us you were okay, you just …left.” Cassian said all in one breath. 

Nesta looked up at him wide eyed. “I-I didn’t realize anyone would have cared or noticed if I was gone, least of all you.” 

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Cassian said looking…hurt? Crap, she didn’t mean to admit that last part but still, why did care all of a sudden? 

Nesta laughed dryly, he didn’t care but that doesn’t mean he was willing to admit it. Too bad she already knew. “Cass, it’s no secret that you’ve been avoiding me. So excuse me for being a bit confused on why you are acting worried about my well being after months of me locking myself away. You didn’t care about me then, so why do you care now?” She said bitterly. She was being childish and unfair, but she didn’t care. She was hurt, and drunk, and couldn’t help but voicing her thoughts. 

Cassian had a pained expression on his face. He opened his mouth, probably to come up with some bullshit explanation when Nesta just could not take it anymore. She pushed him out of her way and left the bar. This time, Cassian didn’t stop her. 

By some miracle Nesta remembered her way to Feyre’s town house and knocked on the door. Elain opened it, her smile fading when she saw Nesta’s expression. 

“I don’t want to talk about it” She said while gently pushing past her little sister. Elain had been staying at the town house for a while now, and always let her know when it was empty so Nesta would feel comfortable staying over. That morning Elain had sent her a note that said she had the house to herself for a week, and Nesta had been planning on staying with her over anyways. 

“I, uh, have a surprise for you.” Elain said with a sheepish smile. Nesta couldn’t tell if Elain was nervous about whether she would approve of her present, or if she was even in the mood to get one. So Nesta forced a smile and asked “What for? Its not my birthday is it?”

Elain laughed and said “No, no, I was out and well, you’ll understand once you see it.” Elain grabbed Nesta’s hand and led her to the room she uses when she stays over. Elain stopped in front of the door and turned to her sister. “We’ve had a rough couple months, and I need you to know that you deserve to feel happy again. I hope this will get you there a bit faster.” She said, and opened the door.

Nesta didn’t know what to think other than her mind felt completely clear for once. She stood staring at a grand piano with unfilled sheet music and pencils upon it. It was the sheet music that made her understand.  Nesta realized that Elain knew she was broken “Elain I haven’t written since-” Nesta began but was cut off.

“Before we moved into that cabin? I know. You told me then it was because you couldn’t write about how you felt because you would only become angrier. Nes I think you are way more than angry now. You don’t have to, but i think you should write about why you feel so…guilty.” Elain said while avoiding looking her sister in the eye. 

Nesta whipped her head to look at her sister. She had always been bad at putting her feelings into words. When she was a girl, Nesta’s father realized how  much she adored music, and taught her how to write her own. Nesta soon learned that she was fabulous at it. Whenever her thoughts would overwhelm her she just turned them in a song to help her sort through them. It was her favorite coping mechanism, but when they moved to that cabin all she felt was that anger. She tried to write about it, but she always ended up feeling worse. After so long, Nesta never thought she could ever write a song again. 

But Elain, Elain who loved to here Nesta sing when they were little apparently never doubted her. Nesta sometimes forgot how well her little sister could read her. Elain knew Nesta was filled with guilt and possibly more feelings she didn’t know how to deal with anymore.

“Just try Nes, I know it’s been a while but this used to help you, maybe it still can.” Elain explained and left Nesta alone in the room.

Nesta decided to listen to someone’s advice for once, and sat in front of the piano.She began to think of who she wanted to apologize to first. 

Your OC's review

For Rem and Aoimotion (Hi Rem, if you like this submission could you possibly share it with Aoimotion, since i can’t find a way to submit it to her and i want her to know how much i appreciate and love her share of the work as well as yours!!)

OK, so after seeing a few posts about tons of people people giving you shit for reasons i don’t really understand (or want to) i figured i’d try to do something nice and write the both of you a review about why i love your OCs (Cynthia and Jack most of all, since they have the most content, though Zac, Stella, the chief and his wife all have their turns in the spotlight as well.

Also, i want to clarify one more thing; all of the following gushing about your OCs characterization comes from both Rem’s drawing and Aoimotion’s writing. Without your writing, Rem’s drawings wouldn’t convey some of the subtler, deeper emotions that come through in the characters dialog and actions, while without the drawings Aoimotion’s writing would lack the visual that made me fall in love with each and every one of your characters before they even said a word. You two work together brilliantly and it is wonderful and amazing to see and we all are blessed to be able to enjoy all of it.

So first, let’s talk about the two main characters, Jack and Cynthia. I first encountered them in the Black Jack comics, and i instantly fell in love. Jack was so calm, so cool, so collected and suave and unflappable even in the face of Nick’s outright hostility. The first comics gave us both a verbal and visual introduction to Jack: professional to a fault, clearly experienced based on the scars on his body and the simple fact that he is in charge of this team. At first he seemed almost entirely too professional and rational, given how he dissected the possible team members like a surgeon with a scalpel.

But then it got so much better with the introduction of Cynthia Walker in Chapter 4. Because it showed a different side of Jack. A side of vulnerability and awkwardness, weakness and a hint of shame, as well as a sense of familiarity and camaraderie. We saw Jack ask for advice, which was a huge character development moment as it showed that he was capable of knowing when he needed help, swallowing his pride and asking for it.

At the same time, WE GOT TO MEET CYNTHIA (and Stella, though at the time i don’t think she had a name). Beautiful, deadly based on her targeting skills and sharper than a sword, but at the same time totally unwilling to put up with Jack in any way. He called her, which was something she had wanted but totally denied for a long period of time, then the moment he strayed off topic she got fed up with him and almost hung up the call. It was such a funny interaction and way to introduce her as a character, and i fell in love instantly.

Over the next few chapter releases, we saw more of Jack and Cynthia discussing his main problem, namely one officer Wilde, and we saw more of the interactions between them.  It was so enjoyable to see Cynthia continue to dig into him mockingly, jokingly, in a way that only true enemies or extremely close friends can (speaking from experience here, as my friends and i regularly insult each other one second and proclaim our shared love the next). But then suddenly things became serious, and we saw the colder part of Walker’s side come out. Despite what we as the viewers might have wanted, Jack denied Wilde a spot on the team per Cynthia’s advice. That moment, and the moments where Hopps confronted Jack, showed a bit more of Jack’s dangerous side. The glare in his eyes, the ferocity and anger Jack showed in that gaze, was amazing. Even i was a little taken aback by it.

At this point, i discovered that Animotion had some individual pieces of writing on archive that delved further into Jack and Cynthia’s backstory, as well as more individual drawings that added so much to the characterization of both characters, and gave each of their backstories tragedy, pain and love in equal measure. I must confess, i have read them but haven’t added comments, something i feel terrible about. But the depth, the characterization, Cynthia’s agony and Jack’s awkwardness, the emotions roiling around in these two; the love and fear, the confusion and anger, back and forth between two people who care deeply for each other but are unable to voice it. Because of fear. And because life has been difficult and terrible to these two mammals; they have been forced to be strong, resilient and savage their entire lives, so it makes perfect sense that both of them have to dance around each other like this.

AND YOU KNOW HOW I KNOW THIS??? YOU KNOW HOW I CAN TELL THEY LOVE EACH OTHER DESPERATELY. THE NECKLACE CYNTHIA WEARS, AMONG OTHER THINGS. It is such a small thing, but we always see her with it. A constant reminder of Jack, a piece of him that is with Cynthia always. When he first presented it to her, there was a moment of openness, of vulnerability and affection. And at the same time, it was a truly good pick for Cynthia. She is like the moon; beautiful, pure, changing, always moving across the sky endlessly. She changes, adapts and evolves, and exerts influence on everything within her sphere of influence.

AND THEN YOU CAME OUT WITH THE DINNERTIME COMIC AND MY HEART JUST ABOUT DIED. it was so precious and adorable to see Cynthia so dressed up, and see Jack in an apron, acting domestic and concerned about Cynthia’s health (as an aside, i just realized that Cynthia’s face exploded in a blush when she saw Jack’s bed. So adorably cute.) And the cupcakes, oh god the cupcakes. I died from the sweetness of that scene.

And then we hit the second comic, and i love how Walker eggs Jack on. Teasing him, messing with him, and finally lightly mocking him, which drives him over the edge and causes him to drink. Probably more then is safe, considering his assumably low tolerance from not drinking and how he just slams two glasses of wine. (as a prediction, I AM BETTING JACK JUST TEARS INTO CYNTHIA, WHICH SPAWNS A MASSIVE ARGUMENT THAT LEADS TO A HUGE CONFESSION. IF THAT IS WHAT HAPPENS I WILL SCREAM IN HAPPINESS AND DIE FROM JOY.)

So…..i may have been focusing a lot on Jack and Cynthia and i am sorry about that, BUT I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH. THEY ARE SO REAL AND FLAWED AND STRONG AND TOUGH AND OH GOODY LORD I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF THEM.

So thank you both so very, very much for sharing your characters and your world with us. I love and appreciate you and your creations so much. I hope you liked my gushing about your characters, and i hope that both of you have a wonderful everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh, gosh…thank you so much. You’re one of the first people who wrote to me, you follow me since almost 2 years and I wish I could hug you, from the bottom of my heart…people like you are special, diamonds for people like me. thanks for all the kindness and the support you always give me, @moonwatcher13. ;________;


Je t’aime

Imagine 2: Je t’aime

Summary: Peter tries to confess about his feelings to (Y/N), convinced she’d never like him back, but is pleasantly surprised at her reaction.

Pairing: Female!Reader x Peter Parker

Warnings: N O N E, a ton of fluff

Word count: 845 (short baby fic)

Credits to me, Stan Lee and Andrew Garfield.

[Written: 8-19 Nov, Edited: 19 Nov, Published: 19 Nov]


Author’s Note: This was based off of a text from French class. How ironic that something so insanely boring could be the cause of an average Spider-Man oneshot. Also, my Peter Parker is Andrew Garfield, but feel free to imagine whoever you like. 

Originally posted by allenparker

“I can’t believe that Flash actually tried – and succeeded – to ask Lacey out for prom.” I blew out a cloud of white as I wiggled my toes in my winter boots. The frost coloured the pavement a shade lighter than usual, and the snow-covered windows happily blinked at me, reflecting the lights of the lampposts and other windows. Peter walked beside me, his cheeks all red from the cold. I’d told him to bring a scarf, but he wouldn’t have it. Now the top of his cheekbones and his red were flushed scarlet. The on-the-go coffee cup in his hands almost glowed with warmth, and I could see how he clasped his cold hands around them to try not to lose any stray fingers. After he’d thrown it into a bin, he tried to catch some warmth to his frozen fingers by rubbing them together. Looking down on my own glove-covered hands, I could feel my own face go red as I quickly grabbed his hand in mine.

“Wouldn’t want your hands to become ice before Aunt May can scold you for not wearing mittens.” I watched how a white cloud with words flew from my mouth, and proceeded to hide my red cheeks in my scarf. Peter laughed and grabbed my hands even tighter. “I guess not.”

We settled quiet, just watching people dealing with the unexpected cold and snow. After a few minutes, he said: “I’ve got something to tell you.”

I closed my mouth, having opened it to say something myself before he cut me off. “Ok”, I raised an eyebrow, “Shoot.”

“I’m…”, he took a shaky breath. “I’m in love.” He looked at me, his hazel eyes glistening.

“But that’s great!” I exclaimed, smiling at him. Quickly dropping his warm hand, I flushed as I realised what this meant. The one whom he loved was probably, most definitely not me. He looked a little disappointed, before settling his hands in his pockets. I kicked a pebble on the ground in front of me, missing the his warmth of his smooth hand, but far too shy to do anything about it.

“She’d never like me, anyway”, he later added, kicking the same pebble I’d just attacked with my own snow-boot. Sure, like anyone could dislike you, a voice in my mind objected.

“Sure, like anyone could dislike you”, I heard myself say. Damn it, mouth, don’t eavesdrop on my brain!

Peter snorted a short laugh. “Ha.”

I felt myself go red, and tried my best to hide my face in my scarf. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

“Anyway, like I said; The girl I like would never like me in that way, so it’s kind of a closed case”, Peter continued, adding an adorable sigh at the end.

Smiling sadly to myself, I said: “Hmm. It’s kind of the same thing for me.”

“What?” he exclaimed, looking at me.

“The boy I like doesn’t like me back”, I rolled my eyes slightly, “Not in that way.”

“That’s absurd, you’re the best!” He blew out a cloud of white air through his nose, looking at me with kind, sad eyes.

After laughing a little at his reaction, I said: “No, no, really. It’s a lost cause. Guess it’s just my usual bad luck.”

“Who’s the lucky guy, anyway?” Peter asked with eager eyes.

This was an insanely tricky position. I decided to go with the easiest way out: lying.

“It’s… someone.” I tried to be as vague as I possibly could, but Peter wouldn’t have it. He kept on asking, and I kept on giving uncertain answers.

“But if I can’t have you, then please let me know how can!” Peter blurted out, his brown eyes glazed over with tears. I stared at him, my mind racing with all kinds of thoughts in the style of ‘Oh my God is this happening?´.

Peter looked at me, his face apologetic. “Shit, I’m sorry-”

“No, no. Don’t be”, I breathed, feeling how my cheeks grew even hotter. Summoning all of my courage, I intertwined my fingers with his. “Because I think you’ll find that it’s not quite so impossible that the girl likes you too.”

Peter turned his head to me, a goofy smile stretching out his mouth as he said: “You do?”

“Hmh.” I nodded, looking deep into his eyes, before focusing on the snow-covered road before us.

“If you say so”, he smiled, grabbing my hand in his fully and swinging our arms together. I laughed at him, feeling how an exciting feeling lit a fire in my blood. My mind was buzzing with happy thoughts, and I couldn’t contain my smile.

“Don’t mind if I do.”

We walked down the streets together, our hands carefully twisted together. The both of us knew that if we’d only known each other, we would have confessed about our feelings earlier, but I couldn’t bare to feel regret as I felt how his steps melted into my pace. Snow covered up our footsteps, and no-one would know about this moment and this feeling, except us two.


  • She could hold you down with just one arm
  • And she will
  • Goodbye to whatever morning plans you had.
  • Kisses the back of your neck constantly.
  • Endless teases.
  • She’ll even wrap the blanket around your feet so its harder to get out.
  • Will bribe you with whatever she thinks it’ll take to get you to stay longer.
  • Will slip her shirt over you so her scent can lull you back to sleep.
  • Loves to play with your hair to help you fall asleep.
  • Is most likely to take selfies with your sleeping form and post them everywhere.
  • She’ll probably apologize with a late breakfast in bed.


  • Will lock her limbs around you.
  • All four if that’s what it takes.
  • She’ll probably even lay on top of you.
  • Expect more than kisses.
  • She’s gonna leave some hickeys to try and to get you stay with the promise of sex.
  • 9 times out of 10 you never get it lol
  • Will scent you more in this state.
  • The only thing that can get her up is the promise of coffee.
Violets and Violence

Reposting an older fic bc after seeing all this punisher stuff on Tumblr I remembered this one and it feels the most like the tone of kastle in TPS. (Plus I have some new followers - pls pls let me know what you think if you hVe time to read it :D)

The last thing she remembered was the smell of violets, dainty petals pushed against her nose, the scent invading her sinuses. She’d closed her eyes for half a second to lose herself in the sweetness, to imagine that he had been the one to leave them on her fire escape. How stupid could she have been?

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anonymous asked:

wow Rey Solo is making me cry cause it’s ,, so good?? Like lil Rey and Leia doing her hair and Han attempting to do her hair (I think someone made a fan comic somewhere of Han inventing Rey’s three bun look and she loved it). And Han like being “alright kiddo here’s how you use a blaster” and Leia is like “wait NO- Han your technique sucks THIS is how you properly use a blaster safely and effectively sweetie.”

It is an utterly tragic theory, which is why it could end up being true. Remember George Lucas’ famous quote about Star Wars “It’s like poetry, it rhymes.” 

Tell me how the story of Rey being that she was a child kidnapped from her loving parents, which tore apart her family leading to her brother’s eventual fall into darkness and her parent’s marriage to break down, then having finally been reunited with her father have him torn from her before a proper realization and who killed him, her own brother isn’t poetic. 

Rey Solo rhymes like poetry, it’s heart-wrenching storyline. It could give the audience a reason to feel for Kylo Ren like Rian Johnson wants us too. If they end up framing it that Ben Solo became Kylo Ren due his sister being “killed” by Snoke then the audience would have a reason to feel for Kylo Ren. 

Cause right now they are just claiming we should without giving us a reason to really. What’s there to like about an overly spoiled 30-year-old man who fell into darkness at 24, slaughtered all of his uncle’s padawans, and murdered his father. There is nothing to really root for in that storyline. 

Similarly that Vader’s storyline would be meaningless without realizing he’s Luke’s father. Learning that Kylo’s fall into darkness might have been due to Snoke purposely breaking apart the Solo family, gives you a reason to feel for him. Just like it makes Han and Leia’s actions make sense, why were they neglectful of Kylo and completely focused on work because their grief for Rey was too great. 

Everything makes sense with Rey Solo theory. 

A guy yesterday tried to make me straight/denied my sexuality(apparently, all lesbians secretly love dick now?), attempted to make a Christian friend of mine hate me for that and insulted her for not doing things “as the bible says”, and insulted a bisexual friend of mine. Then he started talking about how his life was so hard to which I just got up and said “you know what, I got my own problems, I’m out of here” so he stood in the door of the room and wouldn’t let me out because suddenly he wanted me to tell him all about my mental illness and claimed he could fix it in five minutes. Not to mention his dirty comments - like come on, I have a very dirty mouth and love a dirty joke but we all have our boundaries, man, and I really don’t want suggestions for what your fantasies about me are thank you very much.

drippingfox  asked:

What made u ship valki? And what keeps you shipping it?!? For me it's because I see the potential of the ship and that's why i ship it! I wish for them to eat more time together tho plus THAT FIGHT Scene THO

Hey! Honestly what made me ship Valki more than anything is watching Tom talk about how much he loved filming their fight scene. Especially when Valkyrie puts her knee on his chest. It was apparently a highlight for Tom and I feel him lol Valkyrie/Tessa could kill me and I’d find a way to thank her from the afterlife lmao.

What keeps me shipping Valki though is very much like you. I see what they could be. Which is what shipping is really all about. The idea of Loki x Valkyrie is great to me for so many reasons. They’re both assholes. Valkyrie can put Loki in his place. Loki can be there for Val. I’m very very into the idea of Loki worshipping a black woman. I love the idea of her being Loki’s rock. It’s just a lot of reasons lol.

anonymous asked:

First off, I love your blog <3 So today is my birthday and at first I was kinda excited, really, but nobody has remembered or cared. I've been hospitalized several times this year for mental health, once for being suicidal, so it's a bit of a slap in the face that my birthday is being ignored I guess? Could I get McCree, Sombra, Widowmaker and Mercy w/ a reader in the same situation as me on her birthday? Thanks in advance.


  • He’s gonna feel heartbroken when he learns this! How could something like that happen to you on your birthday?!
  • He’s gonna promise you the best birthday ever! He’s gonna chase those thoughts out of your mind.
  • If you don’t want to do anything, he won’t force you. He wants you to have a nice day, not a horrible one.


  • She becomes aware of what happened to you on your birthday and aims to rewrite the day.
  • She’ll go all out on everything (even managing to snap on a party hat to Reaper).
  • She’ll be all over the place, but she’s going to make sure today is all about you, trying her best to remove the awful memories from your mind.


  • She seems like she doesn’t care on the outside, but boy does she care on the inside.
  • She’s going to order everyone around, scaring everyone into doing what she wants so your day can be perfect (even earning some quivering from Doomfist of all people).
  • It’ll shock you of how much she actually did, warming your heart at her actions as the memory faded for a bit as you enjoyed the party.


  • She’s aware of what happened to you on your birthday and she ensures you that you have nothing to worry about.
  • She’ll treat you with the upmost care and will keep in mind of anything that could turn sour on your birthday.
  • She’s caring for you throughout your special day, making you calm as she plants soft kisses to your cheeks.

it’s funny how it takes a blink of an eye
and and afternoon of tears for me to want
to talk to you again
i keep thinking of two words kept together:
together they sound like the buzzing of bees
and a sweet honeybee tearing down the walls of an empty cove
that she used to call hers
scratching the walls to find some honey inside

you see,
i was never taught how to love myself for who i am
but for the people i could be
and i spent so many years waiting 
that i found that person in somebody else
maybe i found her in too many people
and none of them were me.

Woah actual original content!?!? Wowie,
I drew turbo fink from the newest episode. Venomous is such a good dad and fink is such a good daughter, so how could i NOT draw her?
I tried adding the purple aura to make it more turbo- like, but it ended up making the picture look crusty, i mean it still looks crusty either way but whatever
so you just get an edgy fink. 👌👌👌👌


Moonstruck - George Weasley x Reader

Originally posted by jesimahcah

Request: 17 + 27 from the prompt list with george weasley pleaseeeee


A/N: I LOVE me some Weasley twins (Fred however, is my favorite) Anyway, here you are. Hope that you like it!

Words: 2498

Warnings: Negatory

17: I am in love with you, you could you not know that?

27: When I look at you, I see the sun, the moon, and all of the stars…

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I'm so over Taylor hate that I'm so close to writing an essay over it. I'm applying for scholarships and one essay prompt is if you could tell the world one thing what would you say. I want to do it about how Taylor is not this awful monster some people try to paint her as and she's actually a genuine cupcake, but I feel like my mom would be slightly mad if that was my topic.


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can I have a scenario with Soonyoung where the reader is feeling extremely down concerning family circumstances and she goes to his place to get away for a bit after an argument and he distracts her with his stupidity/cuteness, maaaaaaybe a tad bit of nsfw (im trash pls) but mostly fluffy TT

Here you go, anon! I hope you like it, there is also slight smut like you asked but not an awful lot >.< Hope you feel better soon~

baby don’t cry.
Hoshi x reader
genre: angst, fluff, comforting boyfriend, slight smut, cute af

You were sat outside your boyfriend’s apartment, holding your phone tightly as you looked around. Your eyes burned with tears as you remembered the argument with your family, something that resulted in you walking out of your house.

Now you were waiting in the cold November night, wondering if you should call Soonyoung and ask if you could stay with him for the night. You hesitated, but you weren’t sure why you were holding back.

You finally gathered up the courage to give him a call, and he had picked up on the first ring.

“Babe? What’s up, it’s really late.” His voice was laced with worry as he spoke, and as steadily as you could, you said, “I walked out… Can I come to yours?”

Soonyoung sounded like he was getting his keys together, offering to come and pick you up.

“I’m already outside, Soonyoung.”
“What? In the cold? How long have you-” He stuttered. “Let yourself in, okay? You should have just come home instead of waiting…”

You felt bad that he sounded so concerned, but you agreed and walked through the entrance of the building.

Once the lift got up to the seventeenth floor, you turned right and went down the hallway to your boyfriend’s flat.

The door was open, and you entered slowly. Soonyoung had appeared from the living room, pulling on a jumper.

“Oh, no, what happened?” He rushed up to you just as you started to cry softly. Soonyoung pulled you into a hug, holding you close as you weeped into his chest.

“I hate my family. They’re treating me like shit and they don’t understand.” You shook your head as he shushed your crying, hugging you tightly and trying to make you feel better.

“Hey, babe, listen. Save your tears, those people aren’t worth it.” Soonyoung was glaring at the floor, he knew how your family was and every time you had an argument with them, you were always the one that suffered from it and he was annoyed at them for being this way.

“Come on. I’ve got your favourite ice cream in the freezer.” Soonyoung grinned.

“I’m freezing to death, dumbass, how am I going to eat cold ice cream?” You raised a brow as you nudged his stomach, making your way to the kitchen.

“There’s the snarky girl I fell for.” Soonyoung smirked. “Though I did like you better when you call me by my name instead.”
“Dork. I always call you by your name.” You both set the ice cream out on the counter to let it melt a little bit.

“Yes… If my name is Idiot, Dumbass, Little Bitch-” Soonyoung began to count the names off his fingers, and you rolled your eyes at him.

“That’s cause you act like one most of the time.” You placed your hands on your hips, looking at him incredulously. “Dont deny it.”
“You love it when I’m dumb, don’t deny it. It makes you laugh.” Soonyoung stuck his tongue out.

“Uh huh, right.” You nodded, leaning against the counter. “I totally love it.”

Soonyoung turned towards you, his arms on either side of you on the counter as he looked down at you.
“You love a lot of things about me, babygirl.” He chuckled, his voice low and soft as he spoke. “Can’t deny that, right?”
“Oh God, we are dating, Soonyoung, it would be an issue if I didn’t.” You snorted, looking up at him with a grin. You were feeling a lot better now, this boy definitely knew how to lighten your mood.

“Babe… I know you’re a little slow, but I’m trying to kiss you here.” Soonyoung arched his brows as he smirked. “A little kiss always made me feel better.”

You chuckled, allowing him to kiss you softly, his lips meeting yours and melting together like chocolate. His hands moved down to your waist, gripping onto your shirt as he let out a small moan.

“Soonyoung…” You whispered as he pulled off your shirt and let it drop to the floor.

“My name sounds the best when you say it. Breathless, heavy, needy…” He pulled you closer, kissing you deeper and making you whimper as your fingers twisted in his jumper.

“Hey, shall we go to my room? It’s a lot warmer, we can get some sleep even without our clothes on.” Soonyoung laughed breathlessly, his thumbs rubbing circles on your hips in a way that was both comforting and enticing.

“We’re not going to get any sleep, babe.” You said softly, hiding your face in his jumper. Laughter rumbled through his chest, before he lifted your face to kiss you again. You whined into his mouth, until you both parted, both panting softly and staring into each other’s eyes longingly.

Soonyoung lifted you off your feet and carried you to the bedroom, the chocolate ice cream long forgotten.

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hey anon!!! what the fuck!!!!!!!!

okay uuhhhhhhhhhh so hmmmmm. i think mike would be the one to Lose It. you see how he went to hell and back when will was missing?? and how upset he got when will “died” (in s1 w/ the fake body)?? could you imagine if will actually died and mike thought he could either bring him back or avenge his death? i think that mike is lowkey a little ball of rage when it comes to his bf.

(however, that isn’t saying i couldn’t see will losing it too. idk how else to explain it but - do you remember in buffy the vampire slayer when (spoiler i guess but the show is old lol) willow lost tara and immediately her powers went dark, even tho she was so sweet and kind, and she tried to kill everybody?? i can see it being like that with will, like if he lost mike. but i think that’s less likely than mike going dark.)

send me an otp to hear me talk about sadness (specifically this hell post)