how could you not like her

Okay how about yoongi leaving his family behind in order to pursue his musical career. He also left his girlfriend that supported his dream and ends up running into her after his success. The girl is a corporate lawyer who is suing big hit for copyright infringement. Suga still has feelings for her but doesn’t want to seem like he only likes her so the lawsuit could be dropped. Even though she tries to avoid him, they keep meetings inevitably through charity galas and corporate parties. I will leave the ending up to you ☺️


“Ms. Y/N, we have the team from Big-hit waiting for you outside. Shall I send them in?”

You looked up through your reading glasses to see Conrad, your assistant, bodyguard and friend, standing at your door. You shifted your weight on your luxurious seat just enough to see past him into the lounge. You could see a group of four people sitting on the couch, out of which one, you knew well.

Too well.

You sighed as you nodded your head to signal Conrad to let them in. He turned around and was about to leave when you called out to him.


He turned around to look at you.

“Yes, ma'am?”

You gave him a nonchalant look.

“Drop the honourifics please. We are childhood friends, it makes me uncomfortable.”

He gave you a half hearted smirk.

“Yes, ma'am.”

You watched him as he left and snorted. “Fucker.”


You lifted your head once again, hearing the urgent knocks on the door and a small, “ may I come in?”

You opened your mouth to tell your guests to make their way in but before you could, the door was pushed open and a bunch of handsome korean men walked in.

“Well, hello to you too.” You said.

You knew these boys. You had virtually stalked all of them(even the one remaining three, who were not present here), albeit unlike their fans, you had a completely different reason.

“Have a seat, please. I don’t see why you are being so shy after barging in like fantastic four.” You gave a little laugh.


The entire room went silent. Min Yoongi had spoken up.

“That’s Ms. Y/N for you.” You said with a smile. “What would you boys like to speak to me about?” You gestured for them to speak up.

“Drop the case. We did not copy them. You know it, better than anyone.” Yoongi spoke again.

Your expression turned from easygoing to a displeased one as soon as he uttered those words. 

Five minutes into the conversation and he says this? 

You removed your reading glasses, staring him right in the eye.

“Do I, now?” You said, the hint of anger clear in your voice.

“Yes, you do!” Min yoongi said as he put both his hands on your desk, his face screaming indigence.

“Min Yoongi-ssi, mind your tone. You are standing in my office, at my workplace. Don’t speak to me like we are separated lovers meeting after years.” You taunted.

Min yoongi’s eyes slightly widened as he straightened up and stared at you in slight disbelief.

“As far as the case is concerned, I’m looking into it. I do not know for sure if you have in fact, copied my client’s work. My uncertainty is the primary reason I sent you a warning notice. Now if you will excuse me, I have work to do. Thank you for dropping by.” You said, as you picked up your glasses to put them on again.

“Y/N-ssi, please, listen to me.” It was the eldest, Jin, who spoke this time. “I meant to say this to you the day we performed at the corporate meet but I did not know you were the one dealing with this case. If you will allow me to be a little personal, I have something I need to say.”

You stared the man. You could tell he was smooth with his words.

“Go ahead.”

“I hope this resentment towards us is not because things between you and Yoongi didn’t end well.”

You looked at him with bored eyes and then shifted your focus towards Yoongi, who was glaring at Jin, and gave him a smile.

“You told them about our past?”

Yoongi turned towards you, “No, I mean yes, but-”

“It’s okay, ” You got up from your seat and walked towards Jin, who was observing you. You stood in front of him,  at a professional distance. “I don’t know what you have been told or why you thought about bringing this up but let me tell you, although I don’t owe you any explanation, I don’t bring my personal biases into my work. I can tell that you are disturbed but the only consolation I can offer you is this- I will never let an innocent man suffer. Not on my word. I hope this relieves you. If you are innocent, you will walk out of this innocent.”

Namjoon put his hand on Jin’s shoulder. “ Thank you. I trust you will do the right thing.” Namjoon, Jin and Hoseok, who gave you a bright smile, bowed and proceeded to leave the room.

You looked at them leaving and turned to Yoongi, who was leaning against your table looking at you with eyes that clearly showed he was in pain and conflict. You knew those eyes, you knew that gaze, you remember it so vividly.

It was same expression, the one he constantly had before he left you.

He kept a poker face though, looking here and there, avoiding your gaze as soon as you looked at him. Finally after five minutes or so, he seemed to have reached a resolve. He turned to look at you with the the same eyes and you felt your act falter for a tiny second but you buckled up.

You can’t show him what you truly feel. It took all your energy to keep yourself together, you have come too far to break down now.

He came closer to you and just when you thought he’d stop, he kept coming closer and hugged you.

“Y/N…How have you been?”

You didn’t move your arms, your resolve was giving away, you eyes were on the verge of watering.

“What an interesting question to ask in this position, Min Yoongi-ssi.”

He didn’t move and neither did you. He held you and you held back. 

Minutes passed and your hands finally moved to push him away from you gently. You looked at him and maintained your deadpanned expression. 

“Y/N…why are you being like this? You know I had to leave, you know the reason why we ended things.”

You snorted. 

“Don’t give me that shit. YOU ended things. Without my consent. You just left. You left me only a letter to tell me we were done, one fucking letter for all those years we were together.” You voice was starting to hint the anger you had within you.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Y/N! How could we have been together? I didn’t even know how long I was leaving for…or if I was coming back at all. It would have been cruel for me to keep you hanging there, just waiting for me and-”

“How convenient.” You interrupted him. “You think leaving me like that was not cruel? I’m being ridiculous? For all the years we were together, you could not even think about our relationship enduring the test of distance and your immediate thought was to leave me? You didn’t even try. Forget that, you didn’t even bother asking me. How could you be so sure? It’s almost as if you didn’t want us to be together. If you had told that to me before leaving, it would have made a lot more sense to me. At least, a lot more sense than the shit you are sprouting right now.” You finished, you chest heaving.

Min yoongi looked shocked, and dare you say, even a bit angry.

“Okay..if you were so affected by me not being there in your life, why didn’t you call me? There was not a single text, no letter, no calls, nothing. It’s not like you tried, either. You can’t only blame me. I can only say I’m sorry for what happened, Y/N…but it wasn’t only me.”

You stared at him for second before saying-

“This has got to be the shittiest apology I have ever heard in my 25 years on this planet.”

There was silence in the room for a moment before you broke it.

“Leave, Min Yoongi-ssi. I think we are done here. I hope you have a wonderful career and I hope you find a lover who has no self-respect because that is clearly the kind of partner you are looking for. Adios.” 


Min yoongi could not believe fate. 

What were the odds, that the woman he thought about everyday, tried to find whenever he went back to his hometown-to his family-without success, would be suing his company for copyright infringement?

He loves you, he never stopped loving you, but things were so different when he met you again after all these years…you were so different, so independent and so…cold. You were not the same girl who would smile all the time and tease him by using that phrase which had become synonymous with your personality.

“Ahh…Oppa, you’re a genius rapper, really.” 

You were detached now, you didn’t smile when he met you least not that carefree, kind smile you would give him back in those days. You called him ‘Min Yoongi-ssi’ and it sounded so foreign to his ears. He had seen you at the corporate meet, from afar, looking like royalty and he froze for a moment. He was seeing you after years, but how could he have come to you? He was performing and the press was there. It would become a scandal. He knew you had seen him as well, you had locked eyes for a split second, but you turned away like you didn’t recognise him and continued speaking with the suited men and women, with a dead smile on your face.

You had changed and he had a strong feeling that he was the reason for that change. He had taken something from you and it was killing him. 

He loves you, he never stopped loving you. 

The camera in front of him flashed and he could care less about the photoshoot right now.

He knew he couldn’t stay away from you, not when he loved you so much and definitely not when you were right there, so near to him. All he could think about at that moment was much he loved you…and he would turn the world upside down to get you back. 

The camera flashed again. His resolve was renewed. He knew what he had to do.


SO that’s that. I will be dividing this into two parts. This is, you guessed it, part 1. The account that requested this has chosen to stay anonymous. 

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Black Woman Gladiator with Servitude Ties

@pieforhumanity asked:

I have a fantasy story with a black female MC. She is in a industry where homeless children are snatched off the streets and trained as gladiators. When they become adults they can be “rented out” as bodyguards and such. 

There are gladiators of all races and are judged by their performance. However, I realized it could be very problematic to have a black protagonist in this position, due to how similar it is to slavery in how the gladiators are treated as objects or animals. 

The race of the character was a complete coincidence bc I created the character before I created the plot. And the whole system is shown to be corrupt, kind of like a fantasy dystopian society. 

I wouldn’t want to take away diversity from the story by making her white, but still, this greatly worries me and I’m really unsure if I should continue the story as is. Do you have any advice on how to handle the situation? Is it like super offensive and problematic? (I’m so sorry if it is!)

The first thing that comes to mind is, would this be representation I’d want to read as a Black person? This really is a concept we get too much to be a mere coincidence and it makes me wonder what would be best to do. 

In terms to debunking harmful tropes it would best be left to a Black author who has their own lived experiences to find the right nuances, points and areas to focus on and sensitivity to write this so it’s not jarring even with the best of intentions. And with a premise and protag like this you really need that sensitivity and knowledge to give it different from all the other harmful representation we get. 

Another thing that comes to mind is that it would be great if your Black MC is not dehumanized in your writing, even if other characters are. This story needs a fully developed and complex character and they need agency, even if it’s limited by their situation. Allow them to be vulnerable too, no Strong Black Woman nonsense here.

But most of all you’ll need to think about if this would be a story your readers would like to read. Ask yourself: is this representation Black women are looking forward to reading?

~ Mod Alice

Disappointed - Draco Malfoy

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Characters: Draco Malfoy

Warnings: N/A

Request: Anon: “let’s just pretend for a moment that James and Lily did not die. They obviously have Harry, but since they didn’t die they did not die they have a daughter. Could you write something where she is sorted into Slytherin and James and Lily do not know how to react and she gets super upset because she feels like she let her family down, especially her uncle Sirius who always told her Slytherin was awful”

Word Count: 725

Author: Hannah

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anonymous asked:

Can I please request the rfa + saeran breaking the fourth wall and finding out their in a game? I get seven kinda did but it'd be interesting to see how all of them would react.

I feel like all of the charcaters would be extremely sad to find out that they could never meet MC, so I made this kind of angsty. I also added Seven even though he kind of does know it’s a game because I just love him too much not to add him! I hope that I answered this one okay, let me know if I didn’t!! ^^


  • The irony of finally getting a girlfriend only to have her for eleven days broke Yoosung’s heart
  • He regretted every single time he called you Rika
  • You were so kind to him, you didn’t treat him like a child, you were genuinely curious about his future
  • All he wanted to do was go to you, feel how warm you would be when he hugged you
  • But that day never came
  • After all, Yoosung was just a character in a game, never being allowed to see you
  • He cried so much, more than he ever has in his life
  • But Yoosung was determined to make the most out of his limited time with you via the messenger
  • When the eleventh day came, Yoosung wept uncontrollably as he called you one last time telling you that you were his sunshine and that you would always be on his mind and that he would always love you no matter what
  • But eventually, his sunshine was taken away from him


  • Zen never thought that such a perfect girl existed until he first called you and listened to your voice
  • After years of being alone, Zen finally found someone who cared about him, not just for his pretty looks but for his true self
  • He realized that he was just a character in a game, that he would never get to see you, touch you, or kiss you
  • Zen felt his world fall apart at the seams but he knew that he had to use his remaining days to give you nothing but all of his love
  • You were incredibly supportive of him when he broke his leg and even more when he had to deal with his scandal
  • Even though he was in a game, you felt so real to him making it hurt that more more when the eleventh day came
  • In his last phone call to you, Zen tried holding back his tears as he sang gently to you, saying that he finally found his princess just like out of a fairy tale
  • However, this fairy tale didn’t have a happy ending


  • For what felt like the first time in her life, Jaehee finally found someone she could call her true friend
  • She was just known as ‘the assistant’ to everyone else but you never saw her that way, you saw her for the strong, independent woman that she was
  • And when you encouraged her to keep up with the coffee project because it made her happy, Jaehee thought about all of the different types she would make for you when she would meet you
  • But that day would never come, Jaehee was in a game but you weren’t
  • She tried not to let her feelings get the better of her, she had finally found a friend that understood and appreciated her
  • But as the days went on, Jaehee felt something more for you, you weren’t just a friend who she like
  • No, Jaehee had fallen in love with you without even realizing it, making it that much more painful
  • Jaehee silently cried when she called you for the last time, telling you that she loved you so much, that she would never forget you, you then told her that she was you your dream
  • And you were hers


  • Jumin didn’t understand that he loved you the moment he read your first message
  • He thought that it was silly, how could he mange to love someone he never met?
  • But he did fall in love with you, something he never thought that he was capable of
  • Everyone saw him as the man with no emotions, but you didn’t, you saw him for who he truly was
  • You treated him like any other person and Jumin would be eternally grateful to you because of that
  • His feelings of love towards you were in vain, since Jumin was just a character who could never see you
  • Even with his wealth, being with you would be impossible and Jumin felt nothing but sadness because of it
  • Nevertheless, Jumin kept a cool and calm composure for those elven days, even though he was hurting on the inside
  • Jumin’s last phone call to you was one of the rare occasions that he cried, he tried his best to convey all of his feelings towards you, with him promising that you changed him and he’s become a better person because of you
  • You asked him on last request, that you would always remain in his heart and his last words were simply stated
  • As you wish


  • He knew from the very beginning that you and him could never be anything more than names on a screen
  • Seven was simply a character in a game, nothing more nothing less
  • He tried his absolute hardest not to fall in love with you, but he stupidly did
  • It was going to be so painful, almost as painful as leaving his brother, when he would have to say goodbye to you
  • But Seven didn’t want you to be sad, so he stayed as 707, joking with you so that you would be happy
  • The phone calls with you were something that he would cherish for the rest of his life
  • For those eleven days, Seven let himself be selfish and feel happy whenever he chatted with or called you
  • He didn’t let his pas haunt him, Seven only focused on making you laugh and feel loved
  • Seven got barely any sleep those eleven nights since all he could think about was how his happiness would fade away in the upcoming days
  • The last phone call Seven made to you, he became Saeyoung and while talking to you, he let himself cry tell you how you saved him from his own darkness and although he would never be able to marry you at the space station
  • He would always love you to the moon and back


  • The way that you made him feel when he watched you in the RFA chat room confused him
  • Saeran had only texted you once, some vague message and even though you asked him questions, he never bothered responding
  • But as Saeran watched you chat with the other members happily, it made his heart physically hurt
  • He didn’t understand, why you were making him feel this way
  • Saeran’s life had been to the equivalent of hell and he never thought he would feel joy in his life
  • However, as he watched you through the messenger, Saeran realized that he felt happy, that he had fallen in love with you
  • You were so kind to the other members, giving them advice and truly caring for them
  • None of it matter though, Saeran knew that he was just a character in a game and that meeting you would be impossible
  • Even though he knew the pain of when the eleventh day arrived would be immense, Saeran continued to watch you talk to the other members
  • He had less panic attacks and even cracked a genuine smile for the first time in a very long time
  • As the eleventh day arrived, Saeran decided to call you and confess his feelings, he didn’t care since this would be the last time he would ever hear your voice, he poured his heart out to you about how much he loved you even though this was the first time that he ever talked to you and that you showed him what true happiness was
  • And even though you were going to leave Saeran
  • He promised to love you forever and always

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anonymous asked:

How does Nina make you feel?

The first hello exchanged between us had me nervous but confident. My voice was shaky and I was upset that day. Throughout the days spent talking to her almost everyday on FaceTime I grew to not be nervous but to feel motivated and happiness. A connection between us flourished and talking to her felt so easy, words poured out of my mouth like a river after a storm. It was easy with her. It still is. I began to love her and I knew she loved me back. Falling in love with a girl who loves you back could not be described. I could write a novel about it and not fully comprehend how being mutually in love feels. She makes me feel like I have a home and a someone who’s always looking out for me. I have a soul mate that I can always count on and who I imagine spending forever with. She smiles and my whole body tenses and as cheesy as this sounds my heart skips a beat. Her smile brings out the best in me. She makes me feel important and worth something more than I may feel on off days. I could keep going but I think you guys get an understanding that this girl makes me feel beautiful, inside & out.

What a Beautiful Day

Member: J-Hope // BTS

Main Plot: They have to get the money before their family can suffer.

Short Summary: She bore his child and so he swore on his life to protect her. His promise was fulfilled.

A/N: My heart is wounded because of you, @kawaii-hedgehog. Originally, it wasn’t supposed to end like that, but then I got a great idea and killed people :)

Warning: Character Deaths.

Words: 3.6k

/ SeokJin // YoonGi // HoSeok // NamJoon // JiMin // TaeHyung // JeongGuk /

Life was a beautiful thing, thriving with colour and emotion that was so deep no human heart could comprehend it. That was how HoSeok felt on a daily basis, only seeing the good of people and places, events and days. Jung HoSeok was a blessed man with an angel-like personality.

Beautiful smile. Beautiful crinkling eyes when he smiled. Beautiful girlfriend. Beautiful house. Good friends. And most of all, a beautiful life, filled with nothing more but love and adoration towards his sweet like honey girlfriend.

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anonymous asked:

It seems someone with a basic understanding of the law showed up and challenged LawyerLarrie. The whole back and forth is worth reading (just to see how LL wriggles to avoid stating a position) but here's the last post where she takes her toys and goes home. Whoops, I meant 'goes back to work' lawyerlarrie tumblr com/post/158747703261/you-are-tremendously-oversimplifying-what-a I love the way she just casually concedes that 1DHQ wouldn't actually sue Louis in court for coming out.

so since they’re so concerned with precedent, I assume they have examples of artists being sued for “failing to comply with his image clause.” Or like. Image clauses existing at all in some way that could possibly make an artist do what Larries say. Because I have never, ever been able to find an example. And neither have Larries, the examples they use are based on applying reality show contracts to everyday life, making shit up, ignoring stuff they don’t like, or just saying “probably 1D’s contracts would be worse than this” even in situations where the reverse is likely to be true.

i’ve obviously fucked with the algorithm, but when I search “image clause” and music industry in google, I just get larrie blogs.

this is why it’s SO FUCKING ENRAGING for her to her to ask for examples, while PERPETUALLY just making up shit that has never, ever observably happened. and did i not JUST SAY that they pretend conflicts between artists and the music industry never happen and that we never ever hear about them??

also, fuck this disgusting hypocrisy forever:

all of their fucking perpetual outing of Louis and Harry is based on their insistence that they want to come out but can’t. The idea that he could, but it would just be difficult, also means he didn’t fight to be with his family as Jay was dying, didn’t fight TO NOT FAKE A BABY or not commit a felony, didn’t fight to keep his sisters away from the supposedly horrible women that Larries say are his beards, didn’t fight to keep his sisters out of this mess at all.

But when they get too uncomfortably aware that LOUIS COULD NOT LEGALLY BE KEPT CLOSETED AND THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO PRECEDENT WHATSOEVER TO THINK THAT THIS WOULD HAPPEN, all of sudden they just suggest that Louis might just not want to deal with the hassle of coming out.

skiesinoureyes  asked:

Here's the link to the Sanvers roadtrip where Alex stands up to Maggie's father. Hope you like it! archiveofourown(.)org/works/10159067/chapters/22652504

You gave Maggie a blue pickup and had Alex kiss her fingers all over, how could I not like it? ;)

Some things I love...

1. I love how their individual shots were the opposite of the first picture we saw, like how GG was smizing and CP was grinning and then they switched in the pic together. 

2. I love how in their second picture GG was smiling the same genuine big ass smile as he did the first time. Like has this boy ever smiled this big? Lmao. 

3. I love how comfortable they look with each other. Like they could take pictures all day. How easy it looks, how they just seem to fit. 

4. I love how good they look together!!

5. I love how if you look really close it seems like he pulled her closer in the second pic because there’s less distance between them. 

6. I love that he couldn’t help but grin. 

7. I love that he posted it on his IG. 

8. I love that she liked it. 

9. I love that he used the grinning emoji. 

10. I love all the positive comments and I love how real it looks. There’s a lot of fakeness on his IG wall… so it’s refreshing to see something really genuine and beautiful; friendship, love, respect, adoration… I just love it!

catchthespade  asked:

oooh how about ☮️ for eisuke or jumin :>

oh man this is cute!! Thank you bby


  • Would be surprisingly open with MC, complimenting her without any teasing
  • He really does think the world of her
  • Lowkey amazed that she puts up with him all the time
  • Seriously, how did he get this strong person next to him?
  • Tells MC how he sees her as an equal
  • Can’t hold MC close enough while he’s revealing his innermost thoughts 
  • “I never knew there was someone out there who could keep up with me until I met you”


  • He loves MC so much so at night he’s like??? So smitten???
  • How did he get so lucky?
  • Loves to hold MC in his arms and tell her how much he appreciates her
  • Knows he can truly be himself around her
  • Jumin isn’t afraid to show his emotions and share his fears with MC 
  • Really becomes self-reflective at night 
  • “Do you think I can become the kind of person who opens up to others?”
  • MC smiles and runs her fingers through his his hair. 
  • “I know you can”

anonymous asked:

Could you do an Elucien fic? Maybe where Elain sees Lucien for the first time since he told her they were mates at Hyberns castle. And Lucien really wants to talk to her, but he doesn't want to scare her or force her into the bond if she doesn't want it.

This was great to write! Hope you like how it turned out!

“I Know This” An Elucien One-Shot

         Relieved. Confused. Unsure. Overjoyed. Maddened. Hopeful. Elain had too many emotions running through her and trying to sort through them clearly was making her head hurt. She stood at a window looking out but not really seeing. Elain had asked Azriel to fly her to the house on the mountain where Lucien was temporarily staying after Feyre and his great escape from the Spring Court three days ago. Elain was overjoyed to have her sister back safely after four very long months but she couldn’t help that nagging thought, a thought she deeply hated, that resented her sister’s long awaited return only because Feyre was not alone. Lucien had been brought to the Night Court as her fellow escapee, rescuer, and new ally in the war against the King of Hybern. It meant Elain had run out of time to process the whole “You’re my mate” declaration…just another thing to get accustomed to in her new body, new world.

         She looked at the flower she accidently grew in her hand and sighed. A Begonia flower wove its way through her fingers during her worrying. Elain’s affinity to for nature had amplified from when she was mortal to now where she could grow, control, and even destroy any kind of tree, flower, grass, you name it. Due to this, she now tended to voice her thoughts unconsciously through different plants around her. Studying the Begonia in her hand, she huffed a short but humorless laugh as the Begonia stands for deep thoughts as well as caution. She stuck the flower in her hair, among the few others already placed throughout her day as she couldn’t find herself to throw them away or leave them on the ground to get crushed…not to mention, flowers are too pretty to not decorate herself with. 

             Squaring her shoulders, Elain followed the hallway to Lucien’s temporary quarters. She raised her hand to knock when the door flew open so fast she gasped in surprise. Lucien stood before her with wide eyes, looking excited but nervous. “Elain!” He greeted her with a small smile that she returned effortlessly. “Uh, please come in?” It was a statement but he said posed it as a question, due to his nerves at her presence she assumed.

        It was a simple bedroom with a large bed, a dark wood dresser, and the furthest wall was more window than wall revealing the beautiful night sky, a sight she had really come to appreciate during her stay here. Elain noticed he was barefoot in light pants and a shirt, his red hair a little messed like he was constantly running his hands through it. Her eyes followed to the bed which was rumpled and unmade.

        “Did I wake you? If so, I’m sorry and I can come at another-” Lucien waved her off from the door as she started for it.

        “No. No, I wasn’t sleeping. Finding it a bit difficult these days, honestly.”

        “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.” She truly was. They fell into a silence but saw Lucien open then close his mouth multiple times before finally pressing his lips together. He wanted her to initiate the conversation. So she did.

         “ I suppose that answers my question to how you are doing?”

          Lucien threw his hand behind his head and shuffled from foot to foot but kept his eyes on her, “I am struggling..” He sucked in a sharp breath. “I know…I know I am better here than the Spring Court. I know this.”

          Elain nodded but said nothing because while he was talking to her, it seemed he was also talking to himself to assure himself of his recent choices. Elain wondered if anyone has truly ever asked him how he was doing given what she was told of his complicated family history and Tamlin’s ‘friendship.’ He took her nod as the ‘okay’ to continue like it was permission, a fact that troubled her quite a bit.  

           Lucien padded over to the window and stood in the very position she was not very long ago. Unlike Elain, his gaze remained focused, not at the night sky but trained on her.

          “Tamlin is…was my friend. I believed I owed him everything for the rest of my life…but his choices of late with Feyre and the war are wrong. I know this.  I do not believe even after we escaped that he really sees that.” Another pause.
“Elain how are you faring with all of this?”

           Elain smiled kindly at him and he automatically gave one in return. She really liked his smile. Elain found herself walking towards him, slowly but more sure with each step. Her hand tingled and without looking down she knew what flower grew. “I am struggling but even during the moments when I am struggling the most I know am better off here.”

        She was never this forward but she couldn’t help but see a familiar sadness in his eyes, a sadness she kept to herself because her sisters one common goal was to keep Elain safe and unharmed but unbeknownst to them, she did not come out of everything unscathed. She lived with sadness. She drowned with overbearing guilt. She burned with anger. She felt things just like her sisters. She recognized the pain and the guilt in Lucien and forgave him for his wrongdoings by her sister because she would be a hypocrite otherwise. There was no high horse but deep understanding.

         They stood no more than a foot apart when Elain lifted her hand carrying the delicate white flower and curled it behind Lucien’s ear. He stood completely still as to not scare her or in shock she did not know but she couldn’t help of graze her knuckles gently across his cheek and told him softly, “I know this.”

          They stood there, remaining close but not touching, basking in the temporary peace. When Elain broke the moment by stepping away, Lucien grabbed her hand. His hands were rough but warm. “Thank you, Elain.” He whispered then released her hand. As she walked out, her hand tingled on last time for the night as she filled his room with white tulips, geranium, peony orchids, white chrysanthemums, and daffodils.  She closed the door with a lasting glance of a male surrounded by forgiveness, comfort, healing, truth, and new beginnings with hope tucked behind his ear.

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Do you think Julie knows how much we want to see Isak and Even holding hands? I don't think she really know and maybe we all should do something to make her notice that so Evak will defentlly hold hands.

lets send her pictures of boys holding hands and be like “this could be evak but u playin”

This is my last post about Diane and Norman shitstorm.

It’s awesome how people who ship them start to insulting me just because I express my opinion.

  • I don’t like Diane one bit, so what?

I never liked her, since before all of this drama, she treated like shit a lot of people, even people that I know so, yeah, i have my reasons.

  • “You’re jealous, you wanted Norman for yourself gnignigni…

Wtf? Norman could be my father, i don’t like him that way, i’m just worry about him, he’s a good man, and I’m afraid he’ll get hurt.

I’ve supported all Norman’s previous relationship, just for the record

  • “Norman can date everyone he wants”

Of fucking course he can! he’s 48 years old for fuck sake!

  • What do you think about them?

It’s not important what i think, if he’s happy with her then he can do whatever he want.

I just hope that all this drama doesn’t ruin his career

Whit all of this said, I don’t intend to answer anymore about all of this; keep bashing me, hating me, i don’t care, this is a writing blog, not a gossip blog.

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You want a fanfic about you? Here it is. (I'm so sorry. (I assumed your gender IM SORRY)It's horrible.) An artist. Thats what she was. She moulded words like clay and used her sentences to make a sculpture. She was a beautiful writer and will never know just how much we appreciate her. She was a light in the dark shining bright and never flickering. She along with many others guided her ship home through the darkness of hate and we are all thankful. We appreciate you.

I was in the middle of my AP LIT class when I saw this, and I promise you that I almost cried when I was reading it :’) But before I could, I had to read/act out Polonius’ lines from Hamlet, so I had to get my act together and become a man (figuratively for acting purposes). I wish I could hug you for writing this for me because this is just too sweet!!! I can’t thank you enough 😭😭 I’m always so self conscious about my writings and when I get feeback like this, it just…ughhhhh it turns me into such an emotional piece of trash 😂 I just…thank you so much! I wish I could give you the world, but sadly that’s impossible 😢 You are literally too sweet for this world, Anon 😙

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Dude, you gotta write why/when/where Gaston bit Lefou's stomach

hahahaha, sure 

Gaston was furious drinking in a hair in front of his fire, “how could Belle regret me like that!?” life was kind of used in this conversation, she regrets him almost every day, “gee, I don’t know Gaston, maybe she’s just as crazy as her father….” he said, sitting on the edge of a table, they were at Gaston house, as always he did not want to be disturbed by the Bimbettes but be praised by life.

“remember, who needs her when you got us? we together, can have plenty of fun doing manly things you wouldn’t be able do with her” with that Gaston got up his chair and was making his way to Lefou

“manly stuff like what my friend?” he was facing life now, he was kind of uncomfortable and weirded out by the position Gaston took, he was sitting on the table and his friend was between his legs facing him with his hands at the edge of the table also. “Well I don’t know, we could have a spitting competition, play darts, have a wrestling match, perhaps–” “I like that idea” Lefou wasn’t able to reply because immediately Gaston pushes him until his back touch the table, Gaston, still being between Lefous legs pinned the young man’s hands on top of his head with one arm, he loved being dominated, and started the match, Lefou was practically in heaven, he didn’t really care about it, til he felt a hand underneath his shirt, and then a set of teeth hard on his lower abdomen, it hurt like hell but he couldn’t get enough of it, “do you surrender?” he could barely understand his friends words underneath him, “YES, YES I DO!” , the two boys were exhausted, but still it was getting dark, they most keep going to the tavern, on they way there Gaston tried to make a little talk “did it hurt buddy?” “what?” “our little wrestling match” “well… in a wrestling match nobody bites like Gaston….” he knew it would leave a nasty scar

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I'm literally only on the first season of the flash and I can already tell that Barry and Iris are in love and going to end up together. Why are people so delusional?

BUDDY!!! PAL!!! YOU GET ME????? these people are trying to go against decades of comic book canon???? barry has never been able to have a successful relationship with any other woman because of his feelings for iris, he’s been in love with her since day one, and while iris took way longer to sort through her feelings, her own father is like yeah buddy don’t worry you’ll get there. LIKE???? barry and iris are best friends, partners, they’re each other’s home, their safe space. barry constantly talks about how iris is the very reason the flash even exists, how he keeps going every single day. grant and candice have never once hinted that any other ship could ever be endgame, that it’s always been and always will be barry and iris.

like!!! LIKE!!!!

anyway wow sorry to vent on you like that i hope you enjoy the show as you go further!!! it has its bad moments but overall i really think the flash is such a fun, pure show.

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Could you write an imagine where you (the reader) is belle and Adams daughter and she was kidnapped not long after she was born and years later (when she is like 15 or 16) they somehow find her or something I don't really mind how it ends as long as it isn't sad😂 I would really appreciate it and if you don't that's fine😁

Pairing: Belle x Adam + Daugher!Reader
Fandom: Disney ; Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Warnings: a bad family situation 

A/N: omg I loved this prompt so so so much!!!!! it’s fantastic and kinda reminded me a bit of tangled so the beginning is very tangled-y lol. I hope you enjoyed this! <3 (also, since I didn’t know how to tag it, I’ll add general lists to my fandoms page, where all the prompts go in which the reader isn’t shipped with anyone!)


A child is the most precious thing a person can have.

Belle never understood the feeling, until she held you in her arms.

This little bundle of joy, with your beautiful (Y/E/C) eyes, looking up to your parents and then flashing them a toothless smile.

Belle and Adam swore that this was the happiest moment of their lives.

And then, that moment ended.

It was about four weeks later, when Adam got up in the morning to check on you only to find your crib empty.

They searched and searched but couldn’t find you. Not in the castle, not in the gardens, not in the village.

Today would’ve been your 16th birthday and they still had no idea how you vanished. They didn’t even know if you were still alive.

Something changed back then.

The happiness they had only just found all those years ago disappeared once more and everyone knew that it wouldn’t come back this time. Both of the parents too heartbroken over the loss of their daughter.

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what she says: i’m fine

what she means: i’m still not over how in the 100 season 4 episode 6 clarke told bellamy that he was special and he almost told her that he loves her like you could see it in his eyes how much he wanted to say it and you could tell she knew and didn’t want him to say it because it would mean he’d given up hope about surviving the end of the world version 4.0 but how she might have let him say it anyway because she needs so much love and support rn and how she was trying to say the same thing only she used different words (see above: how special you are) and how they were THIS CLOSE to having that moment but then fucking king roan the cockblocker of azgeda had to go and fucking interrupt them over one fucking barrel of rocket fuel and now who knows when they’ll be reunited next and i’m not over it will never be over it until i die and even then i’ll come back as a ghost and haunt the internet and change every single fucking supernatural gif in existence into a bellarke gif just you wait 

Watashi no kokoro “Part 1″

Sasuke’s POV

They say that…we humans, we have the capacity to only ever remember the bad memories. Like a film that plays over and over. A wheel that never stops spinning.

 If it is the truth, then why can’t I erase your memories from my mind. 

Your wide smile, bright sunshine…that slight wrinkle around the edges. How blue eyes, bluer than a thousand seas, a thousand skies, light up like the supernova of the unknown night. The restless night. How you would look at me, hair spun gold, blinding. A tilt of your head because for a split second you did not understand me. How your spirit crumbled, how you felt betrayed, but by whom? Betrayed, you felt betrayed by your own spirit for not understanding. Why punish yourself on my behalf? 

You are not like her, you are not like them. You don’t pretend, you could never pretend, and when you wrap your arms around my shoulders, when I stiffen in your hold and you wouldn’t dare let go…in you I knew I could believe. On that night, when I whispered secrets against your lips… when I dared to touch what was forbidden, taint such purity. When I felt the ice shift and your ever consuming fire set my soul ablaze. On that night when tears spilt down my cheeks, strange emotions as I caressed your skin and watched you sleep. 

When I knew… when I knew I loved you…Naruto. So why…why can’t I forget? You are a memory ever so precious, ever so sweet…even when I left you bleeding, heard you weep. Even when I turned my back and listened as my heart broke, for my destiny would never rest in Konoha’s embrace. Why can’t I forget? I need to forget, I want to forget!

Because if I don’t!

If I don’t! 

You are the air that I breathe, the song my heart beats to…the balm to my soul and the light of my existence!

If I don’t! If I don’t!

Then I would come running back to you! You would share my pain tenfold even if I never wanted you to.

 I would crush you, extinguish your light!

Naruto, with me…you would break.

Naruto, with me…you would shatter, a million pieces over. A precious crystal forever tainted by my disgrace.

Ah, I see…so that is why I still remember. That is why…even thousand miles away I can feel your soft skin against mine, the warmth of your smile…a gentle touch.

Sweet torture for yearning, for wanting what must always be free. A faith much worst than a bad memory. 

Naruto, my love… 

I can’t forget, I won’t forget.  

I won’t until you set me free. 

Hello @sasu-loves-naru , so it seems that you have quite an enthusiastic fan! They asked me to write this little piece for you, though they want to remain anonymous. They chose a theme of yearning of sorts and asked me to do a pov of Sasuke in regards to Naruto and then a pov of Naruto if possible. Unfortunately, I’m really busy so I only got to Sasuke’s pov which I did…five minutes ago I think. So at a later date, I’ll get to Naruto’s pov. Hope you like ^_^ and anonymous…I’m sure sasu-loves-naru won’t bite, maybe you should let her know you a little bit, no pressure, though! ^_^

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I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I feel like you're completely dissing the reasons why Octavia does what she does. She was locked away from 17 years of her life basically. She finally got to Earth and it was like her heaven. She could walk around freely and she could interact with who she wanted to interact. Lincoln represented all of that. He represented what she learned and how to fight and how to be strong. When he died, that strength faltered and she's trying to deal

I understand why Octa.via is the way she is. But that doesn’t excuse her from physically lashing out/abusing the people she is close with when she’s angry/upset with them. She physically struck both Lincoln and Indra when they were in physically/mentally weakened states, she literally BEAT HER BROTHER BLOODY leaving him with physical scars (and she knew he’d never defend himself even if he weren’t literally chained to a wall), she then told him she would have killed him IF, and only if, he weren’t her blood relation, and this past episode she hit Ilian prior to them sleeping together after attempting to murder him last week.

This trend started before Lincoln’s death I might add.