how could you be so adorable

combined two prompts: (Imagine Pennywise falling in love with you after stalking you for months Could we get a fic where Pennywise is absolutely in love with the reader and just completely adores them and doesn’t understand why he feels that way and why he can’t help feeling that way) + this is very long, oops, I really like it though :)


  • he had seen you walking by the sewer drain
  • he was looking for prey but something about you kept him quiet
  • he felt compelled to just watch you
  • so he did
  • took notice of how you moved, what you were wearing, the way your hair was styled, the way you nervously picked at the hem of your shirt
  • he gulped
  • he saw you again a few weeks later
  • followed you home
  • convinced himself it was because you’d be good prey
  • but couldn’t let himself hurt you
  • something about you was offbeat, so he decided to just watch you and stay invisible from your vision
  • he watched you draw, stare out your window, sleep, became completely obsessed with waiting for you to do something he hadn’t seen you do yet
  • he had never been so drawn to a human
  • something he was supposed to be preying on
  • you were twisted and dark, drew disturbing images in your sketchbook and stared aimlessly out the window
  • he wished and wished he could see inside your head, what was haunting you
  • he didn’t know what he was doing here in your room, wasting his time, taking up so much energy trying to stay hidden
  • he would hide under your bed, morph into a bird and sit on the tree outside your window
  • one night he saw you changing and found new emotions erupting inside of him as he looked all over your body, something he had never even thought to notice in the ways he was now
  • every unique curve of your body
  • he wanted to feel
  • he wanted to know what it felt like to have you stare into his eyes
  • would you be scared? confused? excited?
  • day after day he watched you
  • weeks passed, and he went out of his way to check on you and see what you were doing
  • he was a curious clown, and enjoyed seeing you do new human things: brush your hair, clean your room, dance in your room to music
  • he felt a sick sort of pleasure knowing you thought no one was watching you, and seeing you do things you would only do in the privacy of your home
  • you touched yourself, made noises that sounded like you were in pain but he assumed no one would cause so much pain to themselves as often as you did
  • he soon figured out what you were doing, something he became even more curious about as the weeks passed
  • he saw your fingers move inside of yourself, and he wondered if his longer, thicker fingers could make you moan even louder than you made yourself
  • he felt something awakening in parts of himself he didn’t know existed
  • weeks turned to months and by now he had spent countless hours watching you
  • you had a bad habit of walking around at night
  • wandering into the woods too close to dusk
  • he felt obligated to follow you then
  • he couldn’t control it, he had no other obligations
  • he was just frustrated with the why part
  • why were you always on his mind?
  • why didn’t he know you yet??
  • why did he want to protect you
  • maybe because he had spent all this time focused on you, it’d be a shame if someone hurt you
  • that thought was quickly expelled just a few weeks later when he found himself completely taken with thoughts of you
  • he scribbled your name on random objects
  • left trinkets and gifts around areas you frequented in hopes that you might pick one up and take it home, and it could be like a secret gift you didn’t even know he had given you
  • he watched other couples touch each other, fueling his imagination with ways he could touch you and hold you and kiss you
  • god, he wanted to kiss you
  • he had never done any of this stuff before and the desire to just know what it felt like was powerful
  • you didn’t even know he existed! and yet he was thinking all of this
  • the more time passed, the deeper and dirtier his thoughts got
  • he wanted to know why you had watched the same movie 4 times in the span of a couple months
  • he wanted to know why you wore the same shoes every day
  • how you decided to wear your hair in different styles everyday
  • your inspiration for the drawings you made
  • what it would feel like to hold your hand
  • kiss your lips?
  • kissing looked so soft and nice he wanted to try
  • how he could hold you
  • what you thought of when you touched yourself
  • How could he get you? What would it take?
  • all this time thinking about you and conjuring up ways different scenarios could play out
  • how would he approach you?
  • not scare you?
  • he wanted so badly to have you
  • and you were going to be his
  • he just had to figure out a way to do it first…

(thinking about making a part two…)

nct 127 reaction to you being shy when they ask you out

request: ‘Hello deary ❣️ Can you do a reaction, when you’re being asked out on a date for the first time in your life and being really shy about it? I hope you understand me hahah. Lots of fluff please ❤️ Also, if you could emphasize it on Jaehyun and Mark :) (NCT 127) Thank you very much x’

jaehyun: when you start blushing and stuttering, he would immediately feel a lot less nervous finding you extremely cute– which is the reason why he asked you out. though he wouldn’t say much about it besides the smile spreading across his face, he would replay the flushed image of you constantly and become all giggly like having a little crush.

mark: thinking to himself, ‘awhhfhehs she’s so cute!!’; he would start getting shy himself because of how adorable you look– stuttering and all that. he would definitely be in shock when it was your first time ever getting asked out, considering that you were the most beautiful girl he had laid his eyes on, inside and out. 

johnny: he would just smile and ask, ‘wait really?’ finding it cute how it’s your first time and you were nervous. he would make sure to make you feel as comfortable as possible, taking you out on a simple date like movies and burgers: still truly a day to remember. 

taeil: taeil would be reassuring, like, ‘yeah, it’s fine! don’t be shy :)’ but he would be a nervous wreck inside himself. by the end of the date he would be thinking to himself how awkward and horrible he was, without knowing how much you loved it. you would kiss him on the cheek causing him to be a blushing mess.

taeyong: secretly, he would be so happy he was the first one to ask you out. he would make sure to make your first date memorable by planning everything out down to the core– not forgetting a single detail. 

yuta: as soon as you tell him he’s the first guy ever to ask you out, he’d be sucha proud guy. smiling and getting more excited for your date, he would initiate all kinds of actions: from holding hands, to hugging… and maybe a kiss.

doyoung: similar to johnny, he would question you, but be more on the teasing side. ‘awee that’s so cuteee’ he would still be a total gentleman on your date, like holding doors open for you, taking out your chair, walking at the side of the road, etc. 

winwin: overthinking the whole thing, he would become a nervous wreck. ‘what if she doesn’t like this?’ ‘how high are her expectations’ worrying about the simplest things, he would still succeed in charming you and taking you out on a second date after so. 

haechan: first initial reaction is to tease you then apologize for his immature behavior. the date would probably scream haechan: something fun, amusement park, carnival, etc. he wouldn’t be too nervous– more honored that he’s the first guy to ever take you out. 

GOT7 Reaction // Talking to your pregnant belly.


I swear you fall in love with this man more each day. He would treat you so well and handle you with care. It was the most adorable thing when he talked to your child.

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He would probably find it a bit awkward to talk to your belly, but he would ALWAYS rub and snuggle up next to your belly. It was a very adorable sight.

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This boy could sit and talk to your belly for hours if he could. He would talk about all kinds of stuff, including how cute his mommy was.

Originally posted by defwang


He loved coming home after a long day of practice to lay down with you and your belly. He would often make savage jokes and rub your belly for hours until he fell asleep.

Originally posted by pinkhoodiemark


Right before he went to bed, he would have cute and adorable, deep conversations with you and your child, and even cracking his adorable laugh. He never fails to tell you how much he loves you and the child.

Originally posted by choiyoungjae


Once he sits down and starts talking, he probably won’t be able to shut up. He’ll talk about lots, from the love he is going to show both of you, to what clothes he’s gonna wear out in public.

Originally posted by kim-yugyeomie


He’d be having the most stressful day ever, and then when he came home his mind would be at ease. He didn’t even need to talk he just wanted to lay down and rub your belly.

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I love all the baby requests you guys are sending in! If you want, please send in some BTS requests cause I’ll be doing them soon!

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What do you think are the 104th squad's favorite animals?

This is going to be more of a modern au, just because there aren’t many animals they could be exposed to in canon!

Eren: Otters. Otters never fail to make Eren smile. They’re just so zany and adorable and make him so happy.

Mikasa: Dolphins. She loves the fact that they look cute and adorable, but will also body slam predators that go after their young. She also just loves how smart they are and that it looks like they’re smiling all the time.

Armin: Birds. All birds. They make him feel calm and safe, happy too. Everything from little sparrows and pigeons and ducks he sees everyday, to cockatoos and flamingos and those beautiful exotic birds, Armin loves them all. He loves all the birbs.

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[quietly approaches u] could i have One ishimondo for the otp ask thingy please


Who starts the playful pillow fight? Mondo. At first Ishi’s like “Kyoudai we can’t do that it’s not…”, then Mondo hits him right in the face and he’s like “OH BRING IT ON”
Who makes the other blush without even trying, and they find it super endearing? Ishi could do anything and Mondo would blush like and idiot cause he loves him and how the hell does he manage to be so cute. When Ishimaru notices he would chuckle and plant a kiss on Mondo’s cheek because he’d find it adorable.
Who likes to piggy back on the other? Ishimaru. Whenever someone does some stupid shit while in the hallways they see Mondo running while holding Ishi and the hall-monitor yelling them to stop immediately. It sounds funny but for those students is the scariest shit ever.
Who gives the other raspberry kisses? They both do it, but Mondo does it more often tho, especially when he thinks Ishimaru needs a break from study. Ishimaru found out that this is the best way to wake him up so he isn’t late to school and he doesn’t hesisate to use it.
What theme would their wedding be, if they were going to get married? I think they’d do a traditiona japanes wedding.
What does their typical friday night look like? After a lot of convincing, Mondo managed to take Ishimaru out to ride across the city with his motorcycle. Ishimaru tells him constantly to slow down but it’s useless, but in the end he actually enjoy the thrill of going so fast. They find so isolated place where to stop and they enjoy the night together, and if the sky’s clear enough, they stargaze.
What movies do they like to watch together? The thing is they both enjoy different kinds of movies. Mondo loves action movies, Ishimaru likes dective stories, and whenever they watch them with the other, they always complain on point out how the movie could’ve gotten better, but they still try to enjoy them for the sake of the other, so you get Mondo really getting into the story and trying to predict who’s the culprit, and Ishimaru going all “WOOHOO” when explotions happen and he really passionately roots for the good guys.
Who likes to playfully pull the other person back to bed? Mondo. Only that it’s not very playfully cause “Ishi why the fuck are you up already is 6am come back to bed for fuck’s sake”
Who likes to sits on the other’s lap? Both, but Mondo’s a bit more embarassed about it.
Who buys the other person clothes that they know that they would look good in? Ishimaru. It’s usally stuff like sweater etc cause Mondo never covers himself not even during winter where it’s super fucking cold, but Mondo appreciate the thoughts (even if some of the stuff Ishi buys him is a bit embarassing)

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Hello! I adore what I've seen of your blog so far. I read your profile and couldn't help notice something extraordinary. It turns out that I am going to be starting the same Masters course that you studied!! I too am incredibly interested in taxonomy. I was wondering if you could maybe give some advice/similar about the course, and maybe share how your experience was, please? I can't private message you currently, but please let me know if you'd prefer to talk privately. Thanks! :-)

Hey!! That’s awesome, yeah message me off anon and I can answer in private :)

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hi i'm in love with the actual light of my life. she's amazingly sweet, gorgeously crafted by the gods themselves, and her art skills are sO SO GOOD?? her singing could ease all my sadness for years, and her laugh reminds me of sunny, happy days. i love our deep conversations and how great of a listener she is. have i mentioned how gay i am for her?? she's the best girlfriend anyone could ever have and i appreciate her so so much and i love her with all my heart!!!

this is so adorable !! i am so happy for u!! life goals 💛✨

To Amy Rose!
Now, keep in mind that I didn’t make this, I…found it…but it’s the thought that counts! Happy birthday!


“Ah! It’s adorable! I don’t know how you were able to capture me in a red dress, but it’s gorgeous! Though Sonic looks a little… well, taken aback, we can say. Thank you so much! (Geez, could it kill the guy to accept a friendly hug?)

(I won’t call the police, but I’ve gotten in trouble for accidentally using people’s art without permission. Please be careful, but thank you for the cute picture! I’ve seen it before and admired it too :) )

Aries: Broken hearts and bloodstained fingers, your voice reminds me of a lively melody. A warriors heart with a delicate soul, an unlikely combination you put together so well. You have it hard, don’t you? Yet you get up with only the skin at your knees scraped and dripping red.

Taurus: The reminiscence of a rose - the single flower that’s so impossible to hate, delicate and pretty, even when it stops blooming. Your voice could calm even the most chaotic oceans, always soothing with soft notes of comfort. Even your eyes could mesmerise the most soulless creature; your sweet face leaves me dreaming in heartache.

Gemini: Your eyes twinkle with mischief, what are you thinking about? That’s what I always wonder, the curve of your mouth always makes me suspect. I love your mind, I think that’s my favourite thing of yours, you tell me so much I cannot help but wonder the things you leave unsaid.

Cancer: Lovely eyes filled with unspilled tears, how can you be so wonderful? I’ve always said that, people who can feel so much have the capacity to be the kindest. How have you not broken yet? I think I can admire that. Sensitive, emotional, I dream of you. Your heart reminds me of an endless sea, so much you leave undiscovered.

Leo: It’s enamouring, how full of life you are - your soul could rival the sun, it’s as if you shimmer with the promise of eternal bliss. Perhaps that’s why you so easily win the hearts of all; so golden and glamorous. I’ve always said your gaze held the most wonderful of stars, even now I can still count them; youthful and shining. I think it might be impossible to ever fully hate you, your warmth is far too compelling.

Virgo: I find it odd that you can’t see your beauty, it’s always been so obvious to me. Why must you be so harsh to yourself? Especially when you’re so obviously perfect. I think it’s your innocence that draws me in most, always so pure and lovely; like the sweetest rose. I wish I could win your heart, but I know I’m undeserving. Yet there’s a gentleness in you I can’t help but have.

Libra: Ah, Aphrodite’s purest creation - how could you not adore such a thing? There’s a sweet nostalgia of love about you that makes my heart ache; as if I miss a love I never had. I think your nativity is what makes you so pure amongst the rest of us. There’s an underlying softness to everything you do.

Scorpio: I don’t think there are enough words to describe you, your depths are unfathomable. I think here lies the true meaning of profound. There’s a frustrating beauty in you I can’t seem to point out, perhaps it’s because it’s so buried. You are kind, so very kind, I don’t understand where people see your darkness. Or perhaps I do. I think it’s in your eyes, how dark they seem even when you smile. They’re the eyes of someone who has seen tragedies, yet you arose from them with a certain light and grace that can’t help but seem lovely.

Sagittarius: An adventurer, a wandering soul always searching for its next quest - you’ve danced with the sun and conversed with the stars. The universe knows you better than you know yourself. You are wild and brimming with the promises of life, so much too see, so much to learn! There is truly nothing more lovely than the life of one who experiences, I see the whole world when I’m with you.

Capricorn: Cold eyes and shy smiles, I know you’re gentler than you believe. Your stars are least private in December, perhaps that’s why it’s my favourite month. I admire your patience the most, it brings peace to my fiery spirit. It’s funny, how unemotional you portray yourself - your soul warming smile contradicts that in every way, it’s unexpected yet not at all surprising.

Aquarius: The ruler of rebellion, invention and revolution - it’s as if you shake the world awake. Your mind is the strangest place I love to be in, show me all your thoughts; especially the ones you’d never think of sharing. A lover and a loner, detached yet still connected, you always leave me wondering.

Pisces: The moon tells me tales of your heart every month when she’s full and shining, I wonder how it hasn’t burst yet. She tells me there’s a beautiful idealism to you, I don’t think there’s a single dream you haven’t dreamt. I think it’s beautiful, how such a pure soul can exist. My heart aches when I hear the stars whisper soft words of comfort you every night you disappear into yourself; licking wounds and drowning in sorrows - your sensitivity is what’s most raw. I hope one day you can find your heart.

—  My Thoughts On The Signs

Namjoon and Suga are very good friends as they both joined their label quite early. They said many times that they each stood by the other at hard times. They are so close that when you ask them to be 1 cm away from one another they don’t hesitate a second:

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When Jin does something you will hear someone in the distance say “He is cute” and that voice’s owner will certainly be Namjoon. RM adores adorable things so him allowing Jin to take a nap on his shoulder is a given:

Originally posted by syubtae

Jugkookie declared that if he could be somebody in the team he will be Namjoonie and RM wanted to be JK too. So if you see them glued to one another, they are maybe trying to make their souls change bodies or something maybe. 

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They are 99% friendly, 1% awkward and 100% able to make smooth skinship. 

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They are roommates. No more description needed. PERIOD. 

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Monie thinks that Jiminie is VERY sexy and seductive. How does he know? Well he suffers from this Mochi’s spell more than anyone on earth 

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BTS’ members obviously value their leaders, and who keeps a distance from things they cherish anyway? certainly not Bangtan.

By @mimibtsghost


make me choose: cute or sexy zelo for anon!

        *✧・゚ the boy with starlight in his eyes  *✧・゚

You are so much more than beautiful, you are intelligent and worth care taking. I love the way you smile and how you get so happy when you talk about the things you love. I could write a whole book of how much i adore you. How you even make the moon and the stars jealous of the way you shine. You are the cure to anything bad in this universe. The way you bloom like every other season keeps amazing me. So many unwritten stories locked down in your heart. Tell me everything about you, endless thoughts of you in my mind. I could write endless of poems about you. You are a poem yourself that I could never write. Out of words when I see you. I get so shy and get lost in my words. Sometimes I wish I could tell you as much as I could write down so you could understand me a little better. Even on these cloudy days I will hold you down. When you cry I will do anything in my power to make you smile. I sometimes get jealous and think about other people that will probably love you better and that I’ll always have to live with that thought stuck in my mind. I need you more than anything and I will never forget about you. I’d travel a million miles just to see you. When It’s 4am and you need me I’ll be 1 call away. I love every little bit of you. The comfort in my body when I’m around you is something special. We are meant to be together, that’s what the universe told me. 7 billion people on earth and my focus is on you, you only. Your fingers running through my body trying to find my scars. And maybe you won’t be the one for me and you fall in love with someone else. Because right now im the chaos in your mind and you are the potion to my heart. I will be happy for you, i want you to be loved. I hope they will not only love you only because of how beautiful you are. But because of how intelligent and strong you are, how you carry the world by yourself, how you educate everyone around you. How you make winter nights feel like summer evenings. How you got the ability to make me so calm in a world full of cruelty. So many stars in the sky tonight, and oh they so adorable.

But nothing as adorable

As you
my love.

—  yungogsyd 

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If you wanna write a ficlet based on the tags you put about Derek not being good at receiving compliments so stiles compliments him always I can guarantee you that I will 100% read it and reblog it and comment about how much I love it :D

Well how can I resist that??

The first time it happened, Stiles didn’t think anything of it. Standing over the smoldering remains of the creature that just tried to kill them, he said “nice job”, gave Derek a friendly slap on the back, and suggested they go out for celebratory we didn’t die today milkshakes. He was pleasantly surprised when Derek both agreed and paid, and he dipped fries in both to see if they went better with his strawberry or Derek’s chocolate.

(The answer was chocolate, and Derek didn’t even get mad when three of Stiles’ fries were lost in his shake.)

The second time, he was marveling at the obscure text Derek managed to track down and said, “dude, you are literally the best, I’m buying you pizza!” And shockingly, Derek let him, and even told him what toppings he wanted. That might not seem like much in the grand scheme of things, but Stiles had spent years watching in silent judgment as Derek picked off half the toppings from the pizzas he ordered for the pack, as if he couldn’t get another for himself that he actually liked.

Stiles told him he liked the way he rearranged the loft, and Derek sat through the entire extended edition of The Fellowship of the Ring on his new flat screen.

When he mentioned liking the fancy pasta dish Derek made and asked for a lesson to make it, Derek agreed. He showered compliments on Derek’s meticulous overhaul of the bestiary and Derek let him borrow three books.

Derek never let anyone borrow his books, they never left the loft.

These events were all spread out enough that it took a while to click, but when it did, it was both a revelation and incredibly depressing: Derek had no idea what to do with even the most casual of compliments.

Sarcasm was no issue, Stiles knew that much—he’d personally thrown out enough nice martyr complex, jackass and the like to figure that out—but anything that was even remotely sincere?

He started paying attention after that, to the way Derek would stiffen and his eyes would widen a bit before his face closed off again. He would go quiet, maybe nod, and quickly agree to pretty much anything just to get the focus back off himself.

Because Derek was actually embarrassed by compliments.

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Mercer’s Magnificent Mane™ appreciation post

Requested by ~Anon~

I don’t think we appreciate girls enough like??? they’re so precious bc
•messy buns yo
•skater skirts are the cutest???
•oversized t-shirts
•oversized flannels
•oversized anything
•idk how to explain this but sometimes they have stray glitter on their face and it’s adorable
•scrunched noses
•they smell like vanilla and beaches and fresh fruit all the time I don’t understand
•big glasses
•cute lil snorty giggles
•"bad" dancing
•when they accidentally do something embarrassing and hide their little blushing faces in their hands (!!!)
•they’re so good at selfies??? teach me your ways
•b e a n i e s
•how could you not love girls


At last! My tiny fluffy teddy bear moths have arrived!

My first southern flannel moth adult emerged from his cocoon this morning. You may remember my previous posts of them: as caterpillars, they are the most adorable fluffy shy hairballs who are also so venomous their stings are considered the most painful kind you can get in North America.

They were so cute and I wanted to hold them SO BAD but the closest I could get was stroking the side of the tank while I wept over how life was so cruel to deny me the joy of holding these sweet babies.

Well, my first sweet baby is here. A boy: his antennae are feathered to detect the scent females let out to attract mates. I knew they were small, but I was still surprised to see this tiny baby. Every surface is covered in fluffy fur.

His little black boots. His fluffy bum. His orange mustache 😭

I’m not going to lie. I kissed him. He is perfect.

Cocoon made July 6, emerged August 8, 2017

43 Reasons to Love Misha Collins

1. He is kind 
2. He is selfless
3. He is flawed
4. He is sarcastic
5. He’s seen the worst that the world and humanity can give and became the opposite
6. He loves freely and openly
7. He is passionate
8. He is messy
9. He is genuine
10. “Be kind to yourself so you can be happy enough to be kind to the world”
11. He is bright
12. He is intelligent
13. He is witty
14. He is sharp
15. When he realized how much of an impact he had, he founded a non profit charity that promotes small random acts of kindness and created a scavenger hunt that fosters creativity to raise funds for that charity
16. He is an incredible actor
17. He is the father every child needs
18. He is an attentive husband
19. He is a loving friend
20. “I want to live in a world where the word ‘normal’ is an insult”
21. He is real about life sometimes being complicated and confusing
22. He fights hatred with kindness
23. He is present
24. He doesn’t take himself too seriously
25. He wakes up early to hand out coffee at ComicCon, stays up late to serve dinner, because he gives love in spades
26. He values family
27. He supports everyone at once without ever knowing it
28. He recognizes and owns his mistakes and learns from them
29. He believes that people can grow
30. “Do what you love and the 'good’ will follow”
31. He believes in the power of one person
32. He is proof of that power
33. He helps people living in the dark see the light
34. He allows people to love themselves, quirks and all
35. He understands things on a deeper level than most; he seems to immediately comprehend the meaning behind words and empathize with the experience even if he lacks a personal frame of reference
36. He stands up for those who can’t stand up for themselves
37. He fights on behalf of all
38. He sees beyond himself
39. He is vocal about injustice
40. “I am passionate about tea, running, the idea that we are bound only by the limits of our imaginations, and maple syrup”
41. The way his smile lights up a room
42. The way his laugh is contagious  
43. The way he is unapologetically himself and in doing so, helps others do the same


Imagine watching your boyfriend Tom talking about you in an interview (Tom Holland x Fem!Reader)

warning: fluffy!! fluff fluff fluff, language

word count: 869

a/n: here’s a cute little imagine I wrote for u guys, i hope u guys like it xx Also, I’m trying something new with this so I’m so excited for u guys to read it!!

You opened your laptop, hoping to find some type of cure for your boredom. Tom’s only been gone for a week and you already missed him terribly. I mean, it’s kind of natural for you to want your boyfriend with you at all times. Or most of the time. Right?

You sighed, opening up YouTube and immediately letting out a little laugh as one of Tom’s interviews popped up in your recommendations. It was titled ‘Tom Holland talks relationships, romance, and more!’ Your eyebrows quirked up as you read it, curiosity getting the better of you as you clicked on it. As the video loaded, you briefly read the description and saw that it was pretty recent, only uploaded two days ago. A thirty-second ad popped up, causing you to roll your eyes in impatience.

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