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Caption-a-thon week! (A community event idea)

Hi everyone!

So I made a post yesterday expressing an idea I had where we spend a week or so going through Mark and Jack’s videos and putting proper captions on them! Since there seems to be a lot of problems regarding people in the community abusing the YouTube captioning feature, I thought we could do this community thing where we properly caption as many videos as we can, so that we can promote the how to use the captioning feature right and fans who are hard of hearing can be able to enjoy the videos as much as we do!

I don’t know how to properly go at this idea since I never really prepared something like this before, so if any of you are interested in this event, have plenty of experience captioning videos or have any other expertise regarding captions and would love to help, I’d greatly appreciate it! Here are some things I thought of so far:

  • I thought about starting this event on April 1st. Since it’s April Fool’s Day, it might be a possibility that people might take that as an opportunity to abuse the captioning system even more. I thought we could make April Fool’s Day a more positive thing for the community by doing this event!
  • We will be captioning new videos as they upload, as well as checking on older videos and remove any improper captions such as jokes, unnecessary commentary, etc.
  • I thought about doing other little things that are a part of this event as well. Maybe something art related things, where artists or other creative can participate and create PSAs, or maybe some interview things with hoh fans and other people who need captions that can offer a perspective and show just how important captions really are. I would like for this event to be a big thing where everybody can participate

So these are what I’ve thought of so far! I would really appreciate some feedback from you guys if you are all interested in the event! If any of you happen to have some experience doing big community things like these or have any knowledge and expertise regarding captions and would love to help me with this project, feel free to message me in any way!

Thank you guys so much! I’m really looking forward to try and make this a thing :D <3

I totally blame this spiral on @agentsassydirewolf, because we were discussing how Felicity’s hood looks green. Meaning it might possibly have either been Oliver’s or in tribute to him after he died. Then we started discussing Felicity’s amazing moves and speculating whether Oliver may have trained her in the Doomworld. 

Oliver hates Felicity ever being in danger, and he probably would’ve put up a fight about her going into the field. But she would’ve told him that it was her life and her choice, so he could either help her or not. Oliver, knowing he’s the only one who can truly prepare her for what she’ll face out there, reluctantly (and grumpily) agrees to training.

One day, Felicity shows up in the lair with a full suit and mask. Oliver is totally speechless. His eyes rake her over, a mixture of pride and absolute fear, because now the reality is setting in that she’s going to do it. She’s going to head out into the field with him and be on the front lines of danger.

As a joke, since Oliver loves to grumble his protests under his breath, Felicity coaxes him into taking a selfie in their masks. She strikes her best badass Overwatch stare while Oliver remains straight-faced. Felicity tells him to lighten up, and he tells her that vigilantes aren’t supposed to smile. The bad guys should be expecting a fight not a hug. That makes her grin even wider before finally getting serious. She settles for a mysterious smirk as she takes their picture.

Afterward, Felicity kisses his cheek and promises that she’ll be fine. She’ll hold her own, because it was Oliver who trained her and he’s the best. What Felicity didn’t realize at the time and soon learns is that she needed to be just as worried about Oliver as she did herself. Her confidence in his abilities is why she was utterly terrified and devastated when Darhk kicked him off of the rooftop just as he ripped off her love’s mask.

Felicity couldn’t get to Oliver fast enough and finds him on the ground in the alley. He was able to shoot a cable arrow to prevent a straight fall, but there is still blood pooling around him on the pavement. It’s then that Felicity sees the knife sticking out from his side. Darhk managed to pierce Oliver’s armor and deliver a deadly blow.

She pleads with Oliver to hold on. She’ll call Diggle, and he’ll get help. He has medical training and can patch Oliver up in no time. But Oliver knows better. He forces a smile. For her. Then he tells Felicity that she’s the most beautiful, stubborn, badass woman on the planet and he loves her all the more for it. He tells her to be safe. With tears streaming down her face, Felicity proclaims that she loves him too and not to leave her. Oliver takes his last breath against her lips, and then he’s gone.

It would’ve been easy to give in to the pain and grief after such a devastating loss, but Felicity doesn’t. Her resolve to take down Darhk and his Legion of Doom is stronger than ever. To stop fighting would be dishonoring the memory and legacy of the man she loved. She had his hood added to her suit so that a part of him would always be with her. The photo she’d taken a whim, though crumpled and torn from looking at it so much, remains in her pocket every night. If she doesn’t carry it, it’s almost like their time together didn’t happen and she needs that reminder as the time passes. It stayed with her longer than even Diggle, who was violently and tragically taken from her too. 

That photo was with her the day she died. Felicity placed her hand over her pocket as she faced the man who’d taken almost everything from her. She fought back until the bitter end knowing that when she saw Oliver again, he would be proud of her. Nothing less would be acceptable in any world she lived in.

“Thought that I was dreamin’
When you said you loved me.
Yes, it started from nothing.
Had no chance to prepare,
I couldn’t see you coming.
And it started from nothing
Oh I could hate you now,
It’s quite alright to hate you now.
But we both know that deep down,
The feeling still deep down, is good.
You broke my heart last week.
I’ll probably feel better.
But if we can still remember how you’d hold me,
As you’re screaming my name,
The feeling deep down is good.
It’s all good, all good, all good…
It’s all good, all good ….”

Hey, guys, since I just made the second last exam of the semester, I decided to create a post where I will explain a bit how I get prepare for an exam, specifically for the oral tests. So…let’s start:

★ 1. Planning materials and hours of study.

    The first thing I do when I have to prepare myself for an exam is get hold of       the program of study and then calculate the time that could potentially use to     study everything and repeat. So in this case I recommend that you do not         arrive at the last second, but start as soon as possible to collect the study         material. I personally started studying at least one month before the exam         takes place, if we speak of course of oral exam. For already written it is             different, because I, personally, can pass a test written just reading many         times the topics to bring . But then again, it depends from person to person,     so … take your agenda or your calendar and start to establish which days or     hours where you can devote yourself to the study, and once established it         tries to respect your program , but rest assured, it’s not a problem if                   sometimes jump!

★ 2. Organize your notes.

    Another important thing to do before you really start to study is to place the       notes taken during the lessons.You can fix them or from time to time, or all       at once when you have finished all the lessons. The right thing to do would       be the first, but I do not always succeed, especially because often my               university classes end up about six o'clock in the evening, so I get home not     before seven. 

★ 3. Read your textbook and highlights the most important things,                   helping with the notes, then unite it all.

    Here I don’t think there needs to be an explanation, usually I’m used to             help me with the notes I previously organized, so that I both easier to                 read and understand what are the most important things to learn. Usually         I join the notes taken in class with the textbook doing a summary or by               writing in pencil on the book, it depends on the amount of                                   notes. I also use a lot of highlighters of different colors to highlight, of                 course, each of them has different meanings depending on use and color.

★ 4. Repeat aloud.

    Regarding this point i don’t think there is much to say; usually I  repeat aloud     to better fix things and above all helps me a lot to prepare for the oral.

★ 5. Review.

    Regarding the revision I’m used to repeat aloud, but above all to do mind         maps or summary, however, I recommend these methods especially for           written exams.

                       TIPS TO OVERCOME ANXIETY PRE-EXAM

Another thing I wanted to deal with is the question of anxiety, I suffer and I wanted to tell you a bit ‘my tricks to “overcome”.

★ 1. Estrange the mind.

The first thing I can tell you to do before you do anything else is to alienate the mind. In moments of leisure, stay away from the study, thinks of nothing else, watch a movie or a funny television series, go out with friends, read a book or whatever makes you relax. This will help you above all not to go under stress, and it is important for your mental health.

★ 2. Don’t drink coffe.

Before an exam is important not to drink coffee, or who does not drink too much, at least for me. The coffee, in fact, even if it has the property to raise the level of concentration, can also, if taken in excessive doses bring a widespread state of anxiety as well as insomnia. This could result in a bad performance on the exam day (what we do not).A good substitute is the green or black tea.

★ 3. Chamomile or Calming herbal teas.

This more than advice is my pre-exam ritual. In fact, usually, when I am particularly anxious or scared for an exam, I like to drink a chamomile or calming herbal tea, or a simple red fruit tea. Help to calm down and let me rest.

★ 4. Inhale and Exhale.

Another tip is to breathe. It happened to me sometimes to have some mild panic attacks before an exam, so before you take medication, you should simply exhale and inhale slowly filling and emptying the stomach, this way your mind will become calm.

★ 5. Believe in yourself.

Last but not least, believe in yourself. You are your only limit, and only you can overcome them. Only you know what you did and what you’re worth, so do not make you throw down, life is a great challenge!

Fans were probably nervous when waiting for the concert. Actually, we were just the same. Because we were really nervous when we were preparing for the concert, thinking about how to do better and what could make it more interesting. Ah, it’s really tense. But I really hope that we can fly even higher together. This concert wouldn’t be completed if it wasn’t for you all. I don’t really know what else to say but you’re all 깹짱!
—  Yoongi’s speech [170218]
How to Identify a Werewolf

10.30am - Defence Against the Dark Arts

Professor: …and with your O.W.L examinations taking place soon…

Professor: …ensure you are revising these lessons outside of the classroom…

Professor: ….additional homework to help you prepare effectively…

Severa raises her hand, interrupting the monotonous droning of their teacher.

Severa: Could you tell us whether the O.W.L exam will be covering werewolves, at all?

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Fanfiction - A Lifetime of Her (Part VII)

Part VII – “You bleed just to know you’re alive”


Why do sirens cry in blue and red?

Are they calling for help, for the crushing urgency, the need to rob time of time itself? Or are they warning us to look away, to prepare ourselves because tragedy is upon us – we might as well be next?

Even after many years, I’d recall their grieving sound. The way my hands pressed upon Claire’s belly, blocking the exit of her life with my palms. The screams around me, senseless, enhancing my growing despair. How her eyes never left mine – daring me to stay with her, to keep death at bay.

The paramedics came. They could have taken from seconds to a lifetime to reach us – I wouldn’t be able to say. Time skipped and jumped, a leaf on the fury of wind, fragile at the thought of flying.

“I need you to step aside, sir.” A small man told me with assertiveness, trying to dislodge me from my position, kneeled next to Claire on the ground. His gloved hands were already evaluating her pulse, placing an oxygen mask on her face.

“I will not leave her side!” I growled, ferocious. He gave me a serious look, but didn’t make any further attempts to take me away from her, certain I would strike and maim any man foolish enough to try. He was right.

They quickly bandaged her abdomen with a pile of snow white compresses, held tight against her body by a bandage skilfully applied. Claire tried not to moan, but I could see her pain in every ragged breath, in the sweat that dripped from her brow.

The ambulance flew across the roads of Edinburgh, transporting us to the closest trauma centre. The driver had opened his mouth – about to object my presence – but was shortly discouraged by my menacing glance and a shook of head from the short paramedic.

“Hold on.” I repeated to Claire, like a mantra, holding her band – being almost thrown to the opposite side of the ambulance as the vehicle raced to the hospital, jumping on speed bumps and sliding on the curves like a car in hot pursuit. “Dinna die on me, mo nighean donn. I won’t let ye, do ye hear me?”

“I’m… not… too keen…. on the idea… either.” She puffed haltingly, making a weak attempt of a smile, which almost broke my heart.

“Woman of thirty, victim of an armed robbery, gunshot wound to the upper right quadrant with no exit wound – she’s losing blood fast.” The paramedic announced, as they erupted through the emergency doors, a team standing by to receive them. “Glasgow fifteen, she has been responsive during transport. Her blood pressure kept dropping, the saline is wide open but ineffective fluid challenge.” He informed to a man with brown hair and olive eyes, who nodded in acquiescence, leading the gurney carrying Claire to a trauma room as I followed closely.

“Denzel.” Claire whispered to the young surgeon, as he started to unpack her abdomen to access her injuries. “Is that you?” He looked at her face, surprised at hearing his name, and his eyes opened in shock.

“Claire!” He touched her face in greeting, as nurses hurried around, preparing trays and drugs that might be necessary. “Dear God! What happened?”

“Do ye know her?” I asked, grabbing her hand in spite of a nurse’s protest, prepared to shoo me away from the secluded room.

“Of course.” He looked at me with concern in his calm eyes, as he started to palpate her belly. Claire hissed in pain and he pursed his worried lips. “I met Claire during medical school in Boston and was very pleased when she decided to return to Scotland and be a resident here, as I am. You really shouldn’t be here, sir.”

“Please…” Claire pleaded, closing her eyes for a second and licking her chapped lips. “Let Jamie stay…just a while longer.”

“Alright.” Denzel Hunter patted her hand in reassurance. “As long as he doesn’t faint on me.”

“How… bad… is it, Denny?” She asked, her eyes more unfocused and glassy. “I’m…fairly…sure…it went through…my liver.”

“And I’m sure you’re right - brilliant even in this situation, my dear. I’ll ask Doctor Myers to come in to operate.” Denny smiled, skilfully inserting a catheter on her jugular vein.

“I’ll be dead…before…he gets here.” Claire said sheepishly, raising her brow. Her face was hazardously pale, her whiskey eyes shining even brighter, her orbs dilated from pain and blood loss. “It has…to be you. I trust…you.”

Denny nodded, solemn, checking her pupils with a small flashlight, as she suddenly became unconscious – the monitors around them going crazy with alarms. “She’s bleeding out! Let’s move people, hang that saline wide open and two units of blood on the rapid infuser!” He commanded, concentrated in the wound’s trajectory. “Do you know her blood type, by any chance?”

I didn’t know her blood type – never had the chance to ask her, that information amongst a million other precious details of her that I knew nothing about. I didn’t know her birthday, even though I knew the position she slept in. I didn’t know her favourite dish – even if I was aware she preferred sneakers than high heels. I almost choked at the realization of the lifetime of things I could be robbed of, so devastatingly – left wondering, forever, because the time we had been offered hadn’t been enough. Knowing how much I loved her – and yet knowing so little of the one I loved.

“I dinna ken.” I admitted, gripping my fists, fighting the urge to curl into a ball and weep on the floor, stained with her blood.

“That’s alright.” Denzel assured me, throwing away compresses soaked in blood. “Let’s go with O-negative! I need a blood gas test as soon as possible and someone call the OR, let them know we’re coming! I want to be doing the first cut in less than five minutes!”

“Is she going to be alright?” I fearfully asked him, reluctantly letting go of her hand as a nurse took blood from her wrist with a fine syringe.

“She’s going into shock from the blood loss.” He explained in a steady voice. “I need to repair the damage right away, before she’s too unstable to endure the procedure. We’ll take her away now.”

I approached her, feeling numb as if my own blood had been turned to ice in my veins. I kissed her forehead, my lips hot against her perspired skin.

“Don’t leave me, Claire. This time I’ll beg.” I whispered in a broken voice. “Don’t leave me.”


I roamed the strikingly white corridors, incapable of sitting any longer in the waiting room outside the OR, where other husbands, daughters and mothers gathered, hope and fear lurking inside their eyes.

I came upon the small chapel, whispering of shelter and tranquillity in the half-light. I sat on the wooden bench, my hands entwined in prayer – I was ready to surrender to His will well enough, but was intent on offering a bargain.

“Lord, ye gave her to me.” I whispered, my eyes fixed on the cross where he had been martyr, symbol of the most loyal of loves. “I canna make sense of it in any other way. When my need was greatest ye set her upon my path so she could heal my soul. All along I was meant for her.” A warm tear streamed down my check, too raw to be contained. “And I intend to love her well the rest of my days – to care for her and make a home of her heart. I shall repay the gifts bestowed upon me by loving her to the best of my abilities. So I ask ye now – dinna take her away.”

I clenched my teeth, fighting against the sobs that threaten to wreck my body. “For if ye ever loved, ye know this – there’s this place inside me that only exists as long as she walks the earth. Once she’s gone, the part of me that lived in her light – the best, the one that makes me myself and no one else - will die with her.” My voice was unhinged, resounding in the naked walls, pulsing as the chambers of His heart. “I’m none so brave as I was before, ken?” I added very softly. “Not brave enough to live without her anymore.”

I heard footsteps approaching the door – I didn’t bother to clean away the tear tracks on my cheeks. I didn’t turn either – I knew who had come to bring me news.

“Does she live?” I asked aloud – the hint of pain, of shaped glass an inch away from shattering, creeped into my voice.

“She lives.” Denzel Hunter sat next to me, sighing in tiredness as his bones found comfort in transient rest. “It was touch and go for a while, but I was able to retrieve the bullet and repair the vessels – she lost a bit of her liver, but it will regenerate itself with time.” His outline was sharp, softness mixed with edges, akin to a bust of an angel descending from grace to speak of hope to the lost crowd. “It will be a slow recovery – but she lives.”

“Thank ye.” I closed my eyes and bent my head, my body shaking from supressed grief, as I let go of the leash I had been using to keep myself together. “Thank ye.” I repeated. I didn’t know if I was thanking Denzel Hunter or God – but to me, in that moment, they were one and the same.

He squeezed my shoulder in silent acknowledgment and left me alone – to cry for joy and gratitude, for my heart had been saved.


I sat by her side as soon as she went to a room in recovery. I jumped each time a monitor bleeped, startled to the point of panic – but she slept peacefully, her lips still hauntingly pale.

I knew sleep wouldn’t touch me – my task was to watch over her. To guard her. To will her back to me.

I marvelled with each heartbeat – found terror in the infinitesimal space between each and every one of them. I talked to her in the Gaidhlig, the language of my dreams, in which I could best tell her all my heart. I brushed her hand with inquiring fingers, learning the lines of her to make sure they were still the same. I kissed her lips softly, remembering the promise of her laugh.

And as the moon rose outside, I watched the circuit of air inside her lungs, the tiny movements of flesh and bone, adjusting to the challenging rhythms of life. I watched her breathe again and again, until she opened her eyes to look at me – and I discovered that I too could breathe again.  

Prompts and Preparations!

Alright everyone, after ten days of voting, we finally have the six prompts that will be used for the actual event! Those six prompts are:

Monday, April 3rd: Bad Boy x Princess AU - Total opposites of how they appear and act in the show, so how well do they maintain this wild relationship of theirs? (AU created by @fullertoons)

Tuesday, April 4th: Mewberty Part 2 - Mewberty has come back and it’s up to Marco to fix things. When it comes back is up to you, could come back in her 40’s or 50’s in the form of Mewnipause

Wednesday, April 5th: Original Concept - A blonde energetic little girl from Earth who thinks she has magical powers and loves Sailor Moon is rivals with a little boy who’s into karate and likes Dragon Ball. What can go wrong?

Thursday, April 6th: Recovery - Can’t have a ship week without some good old angst! So what did Star or Marco do this time that requires them to recover from an injury or illness?

Friday, April 7th: Miraculous Ladybug AU - The city of Echo Creek is under attack! Can our two love birds save the day against the forces of evil? Make up your own designs or use @disney-n-stuff’s wonderful Miraculous AU designs!

Saturday, April 8th: The Little Mermaid AU - A sweet and simple AU. Marco, go on and kiss the girl!

Sunday, April 9th: AU of Choice - Last day guys and after doing all what you have done, I think it’s time you get to do whatever you want on the last day! You guys earned it!

So there we go, with those six prompts and two weeks of preparations on your side, I just might think this starco week will be even better than the last! Good luck everyone and have fun! :D


I look into those blue eyes that no amount of dramatic makeup can make truly deadly and remember how, just a year ago, I was prepared to kill him. Convinced he was trying to kill me. Now everything is reversed. I’m determined to keep him alive, knowing the cost will be my own life, but the part of me that is not so brave as I could wish is glad that it’s Peeta, not Haymitch, beside me. Our hands find each other without further discussion. Of course we will go into this as one. 
 ya lit meme 5/8 OTPs Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark (the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins)


Dominic Sherwood about Katherine McNamara slapping him in the face.

Dominic: When I read the books, I was quite excited to film the slapping scene ‘that’s for the other 10% deal’. And then we got to set and they said that Kat was gonna slap me. She was gonna hit me in the face. Which I wasn’t.. That’s not quite what I was prepared for. Now, we were talking earlier about how small Kat is, she got a slap on her, let me tell you. She’s got a slap on her. And on top of that, Jace has to kind of react, because he’s a shadowhunter, he kinda has to react like it didn’t hurt. It did! It really did!

Katherine: Hey I asked and you told me to slap you as hard as I could!

Dominic: Yeah, but look! Imagine what I was expecting! But yeah, I was excited to film that and then.. Now I’m not.

anonymous asked:

Could we get Prompto and s/o's child going back in time as well? c: Your guys' writing is amazing, by the way <3

*Takes deep breath*

Alright. I heard y’all. I heard ya. And because I heard ya it took me forever to write this because I wanted it to be perfect. 

First, it makes me so happy to see how much you guys have enjoyed the OC children. I’m having an absolute blast writing them. Huge shoutout to the anon who started it all. Second, there’s some kid/kid shipping in this one— so prepare yo selves!

Third, I’ve been thinking about it and if by chance, you guys want additional content with the children and want to suggest prompts including them, then please do! I don’t think I’m ready to let go of these bbys just yet. ;_;

(For timeline purposes, this takes place shortly before Ignis’ prompt)

Enjoy my lovelies~


Read Noctis, Ignis, and Gladio here!

When you meet her it’s not in the heat of battle, it’s not just before the end of the world— it’s by a stroke of luck— or fate if you will, that you even see her at all.

Only Prompto, Ignis, and yourself are traveling by chococbos through the southern region of Duscae one cloudy afternoon. Noctis has been suffering from terrible migraines as of late and it’s becoming clear that they’re correlated with the sleeping Astral underneath the meteor. It’s the only reason why you haven’t yet left for Lestallum— he had taken a terrible hit by an Iron Giant the previous night; the pain in his head impairing his defenses.

“You sure it’s around here, Iggy?” Prompto asks, fidgeting as he struggles to control the bird beneath him.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think this will really never stop? This will last forever??

Hello my Anon and i think we should define “forever”! If you mean when we’ll get rid of Simon, my answer is probably never cause he’ll be around in some degree.

If you mean “Rosemary’s baby”, I expect it to last a couple of years (these stunts usually take time) but in the meantime be prepared to see articles about liam who goes out partying and drinking while poor Cheryl stays at the hotel at home taking care of the baby and sacrifices herself as only a model mother could (”buy Cheryl’s book on how to bring up kid”, “buy Cheryl’s clothes line for your kid”, etc).

And I can understand Cheryl; she’s 33, her biological clock was ticking, she wanted a child; but the question that any sane people would ask themselves is why Liam, aged 23 (meaning he’s got many years ahead of him) and ready to launch a solo career (which takes a lot of work) would want a baby at THIS point of his life. As you see, my Nonnie, it does not add up. And since Liam is always the reasonable one, I’ll say that he didn’t . So my bet is that he’ll do his best to focus on his career and leave this charade behind him as soon as contractually possible

Wife-Like (Reaction)

Requested by Anonymous: BB reaction to you being ‘wife like’ cooking for them and keeping things clean?

Jiyong: Since Jiyong was rarely home, he would also rarely clean.  You couldn’t help but deal with the little dust bunnies accumulating everywhere and forced him to spend his day off cleaning his house with you.  Though Jiyong did help, he noticed how caring you were towards his well-being, making sure he was still getting enough rest.  Once dinner time came around, you forced Jiyong down onto the couch so he could get a nap while you prepared dinner.  He couldn’t help but stare at you lovingly from his seat as you made yourself busy in front of the stove to fix up a quick lunch, even adding more kimchi to his nearly-empty fridge.  “Now all we need are just the rings…”  (”What?”)  “Nothing, babe!  Haha, you’re so cute and pretty in that apron…~”

Originally posted by lavender-kills

Youngbae: Youngbae’s apartment was like your second home, so he wasn’t surprised when you entered the pass code to get in with grocery bags in your arms.  His hair was still a mess when you slipped yourself into his kitchen, fixated on making him brunch (he was still asleep up until 11).  Determined to stubbornly help you, your boyfriend stuck right by your side, begging to do at least half of the work.  Since the both of you were so accustomed to each other, maneuvering the kitchen while avoiding a collision felt extremely natural to Youngbae.  Eventually you forced him to sit down, telling him that he could make their kimbap for their picnic later that day.  As if stuck in a daydream, he started giggling, imagining the future when you two were a permanent couple.

Originally posted by daesungstrash

Seungri: Seungri always made you stay over at his place, regardless of his responsibilities that would come the day after.  One morning, he made an attempt to curl his arm around your waist, only to feel nothing but the bed sheets.  Confused, he panicked and immediately shot out of the room.  Did you leave?  However, his anxiety was replaced by serenity and comfort when he caught a whiff of coffee and something being fried in the kitchen.  Sleepily making his way out, Seungri would pester you until you would give him a morning kiss – which was interrupted by a phone call from a friend he hadn’t contacted in years.  “Can we catch up later, Bro?  I’m with my wife, so..” (”W-Wife!?”) “All we need is a wedding and we’d be set, babe.”

Originally posted by taeyangspecs

Daesung: Whining and groaning at the loss of your presence in bed, Daesung would pull on his clothes (He sleeps naked) before clumsily making his way into his kitchen, nearly tripping over the pedal from his drum set.  There was something boiling on the stove and two mugs filled with coffee on the table.  Your back was to him while organizing various sheet music and documents on the kitchen island that he had scattered the night before.  Smiling at your thoughtful actions, Daesung slipped his arms around you from behind, tenderly nipping your ear lobe when you retaliated with a bill to his face.  Shocked, he would stare at you with wide eyes until you said, “If you don’t pay the water bill by today, they’re going to charge you extra…  You must have forgotten this under the mountain of other things you threw onto the pile.”  He giggled, tightly hugging you, burying his face in your shoulder.  “Okay, okay, Wifey~” (”What?”)

Originally posted by daesungstrash

Seunghyun: In the beginning months of dating him, you would always leave Seunghyun alone when he went through tough times.  He would always need space alone in his apartment with a wine glass in hand, in complete isolation from the world with his phone turned off.  Now however, after years of loving each other, Seunghyun always calls you over to help him through these rough days.  Tonight was such a day, and you had barged into his home to first give your boyfriend a hug, situating him in his living room with a wine glass in hand.  After a few minutes, however, you found yourself leaving him alone on the sofa to do the responsibilities that he had neglected while coping with his sadness and exhaustion.  Washing dirty dishes, folding his laundry, cleaning his bathroom.  Little did you know that Seunghyun was observing you sharply the entire time, and the moment you made your way back into the living you, he embraced you tightly.  Taking a deep breath before uttering his next words, you would only catch the last bit.  “…arry me.”

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Dear Journal,

I don’t know where to start. I’m not going to talk about my classes because they were boring and i don’t want my journal to be boring. But after classes, I was looking outside the window in the hall, admiring the new landscape. During the day, the snow melted. Yes, it was still a bit muddy and humid, but we could see the green grass and the colourfull flowers. I suddently felt strong arms around my torso. Sirius. My cheeks flushed and I turned around and he hugged me properly.

“Hi Moons! How would you feel if I took you on a date tonight? It’s been a while since we had a proper date..” he said, smilling.

“Yes, I would love that!” I responded, feeling my heartbeat quicken.

“Great! Meet me in the common room at 6 o'clock! I have things to prepare so i’ll see you then!”

“Okay, I’ll be there!” I kissed his forehead.

“I love you babe!” He screamed, starting to run away.

I laughed and I sat on the edge of the window leading to the garden and opened my book. I thought that if I read a bit, time would go faster and my date with Sirius would get closer. Sometimes, i can’t believe how lucky I am. I can still picture the day Sirius and I first kissed in my head. The snow on his jet black hair, his big grey eyes and his red cheeks. I love him. So much. Seeing him smile always made me happy. I looked at the clock on the hallway’s wall. 5:50. I decided to head up to the common room to meet Sirius. When I arrived, he wasn’t there yet. I went up to our dorm to change. I wore my black trousers with a plain white blouse. I tried, and i insist on “tried” to place my messy hair. I wanted to look good for my boyfriend. I stepped down the stairs, receiving glances from students and that’s when I saw him. He was standing straight, waiting for me. He was also wearing his white blouse but with a black tie. I took a few seconds to admire him. He was nervously tapping his foot on the floor with his hands behind his back. I aproached him and softly coughed to get his attention.

“Remus! Wow! You look handsome..” he said looking down, blushing.

“You look really handsome too Sirius.” I blushed.

It was like we were crushing on eachother all over again. Both blushing and giggling.

“Follow me.” He said, linking our arms together.

“Where are you taking me?” I giggled.

“Just wait… You’ll see.” He smirked.

We walked through the empty halls and stopped in front of the room of requirements.

“The room of requirement, a classic.” He smilled.

“What are you planning..” i smirked.

“Come in and you’ll see…”

He opened the door for me and i softly gasped. The room was lightened by hundreds of candles. The walls were decorated with white long veils. At my right, there was a small round table dressed with a white tablecloth. Roses were thrown here and there. An old vinyl was playing a slow song in the background. I turned my head to the left and saw a big bed. The white covers on it looked so soft and smooth. Was he planning to sleep here too? I looked at him with a big smile. He was smirking at my suprised face.

“Do you like it? Is it too much? I thought the roses made it a bit cheesy but I know that you like it when it’s romantic so i di..’

I crashed my lips on his, not letting him finish his sentence.

“It’s perfect Pads. I love it. I love you.” I whispered to him.

“Well… would you like to eat?” He asked.

“I’m starving!”

We sat face to face, looking at eachother lovingly. We ate and talked about the old times. Our first day at Hogwarts, our numerous pranks, the time we spent on the map and all the times we fell more and more in love with eachother. After we were done eating, Sirius grabbed my hand and lead me to an empty space of the room. He turned the volume of the slow music higher and stepped close to me. He layed his hand on my shoulder and took hold of my other. I put my hand on his waist and he stepped closer so our foreheads would touch. I could feel his hot breath on my cheeks. He smelt like expensive cologne mixed with our dorms soap. We danced slowly for a few songs.



He distanced his face so he could look into my eyes.

“I love you so much Remus. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You mean so much to me. You are my familly. I want us to be a familly. I wanted to wait until graduation but… with the war coming closer everyday, i just want us to be together forever.” He said, his eyes glowing.


“Remus.. Will you marry me?”

“Sirius… Are you.. Are you asking me to marry you?”

“Yes.. Yes but we don’t have to get married so soon.. But for now, will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?” He asked.

“Of course I will! Sirius I love you! I love you so much!!” I said, jumping to his neck.

He held me close and pulled away so he could kiss me. It was a long and romantic kiss.

“Are you crying baby?” He asked, noticing my teary eyes.

“They are happy tears I promise!” I laughed.

He wipped my tears and kissed my cheek.

“Here, I got you a ring. It’s really simple but there’s something written in it. Look!” He smilled.

I looked inside the ring and read «Moony + Padfoot»

“Sirius.. it’s beautiful. I love it. Wait, I want you to put it on me…” I whispered.

“You are so romantic Merlin!” He giggled, sliding the simple ring on my finger.

“I love you”

“I love you too Re.. Let’s go cuddle now, I sick of wearing this thight tie.”

I took him on my back and dropped him on the bed. He was laughing. His laugh was the best thing ever. It made my heart warm up. We got dressed into our pyjamas and layed on the bed. He was only wearing his pyjama pants. I could see his muscles rise up and down as he breathed. I was wearing a white t-shirt with grey pyjama shorts. I know that Sirius doesn’t care about my scars, but I felt more comfortable with a t-shirt on.

“So now, can I call you my fiancé?” He smirked.

“Only if I can too!” I smiled.

“Can I be Sirius Lupin after our wedding?” He laughed.

“It sounds weird!” I giggled.

“I can’t wait to marry you, my future husband..” he smilled.

We kissed again. My fingers softly ran on his bare chest, sending shivers through his body and mine. He ran his hand in my messy hair. I felt like my skin was on fire. He kissed down my neck, leaving purple and red marks. I felt safe with him. I felt good. I know Sirius wanted us to do… Well, do “it”. But when he first asked, I wasn’t ready. He was very sweet and he told me that he would wait for me to be ready. Since then he never asked again. He’s waiting for me. I pulled away from his kiss and catched my breath.

“Pads.. I’m ready.” I said, feeling confident.

“W-What?” He asked, confused.

“I’m ready… i want you.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want you to feel pressured love..” he said, looking into my eyes.

“I’m ready. I want this.” I smilled.

He kissed me deeply.

“Merlin i love you so much.” He said, kissing my lips.

“I love you too”

That night, we fell asleep in eachothers arms. It’s like we were all alone in the world. It was definetly one of the best days i’ve ever lived.

Febuary 1st 1976

So short recap of my trip to coupe du printemps:

My first time watching a competition live! I was so excited! I only took pics during warm up because I wanted to enjoy his performance.

First there was some chaos. I had to get to the rink by bus and there was some marathon and the road was blocked. Apparently this was news to the bus driver because he promptly turned back, stopped and told us to get out. Great. Just walk. For 4 km. Along the highway. Fortunately there were 2 guys I could share a taxi with and one of them was the choreographer for the Gala event!

Arrival: I was not prepared for how close you get to the skaters I mean after I just bought my ticket I went for coffee and Takahito passed me. And when I sat down there were Shoma and Mihoko chilling in the corner. I almost spat out my latte.

I managed to meet up with @fyshomauno so we could watch the event together! It was fun and she’s really nice. Thank you for watching the competition with me.

Warmup: Takahito looking good. I hadn’t seen much of him before but I liked him. Shoma falling on his ass worrying striking terror into my heart.

5 skaters is really not a lot for a competition.

Ok the new costume doesn’t look that bad irl. I actually like it. Not as much as the regular one but he’s so sparkly! Also new hairstyle! We’ve come so far since the asian success perm.

He is so fast. You don’t really see it on the broadcasts because the camera follows but watching live and in direct comparison with the other skaters he speeds across the ice like lightning.

I totally teared up during his performance and I was not the only one. No clean skate (Will we ever see it happen? Fingers crossed for worlds) but still amazing to see him live. And I felt like he put on some extra touches to the program expression wise.

Holy shit 300 points! WTF. I did not expect that.

Shoma mysteriously disappearing during the award ceremony and then sprinting back like the hounds of hell were on his heels, to get to the ice was so funny. The series of medal ceremony mishaps continues.

Feeling like I’ll probably know the japanese anthem by heart at the end of the day.

Taking photos of skaters is hard. I only got the hang of it after the men’s competition T_T Focusing on jumps was a mistake. Now I got a bazillion pics of Shoma either a) wearing a facial expression of excruciating pain b) with his limbs in the most awkward positions or c) like he’s facing a 1000 mph jet blast. Strangely the pics of Takahito turned out fine.

We were a ticking time bomb.

Preparing for the end before we even began
Trying to figure out how we’ll call it quits
But making sure to never fall asleep without a goodnight kiss

We were a ticking time bomb
We knew this wouldn’t last
Doing 10 mph wondering are we moving too fast ?
Yet we told each other everything
Patched the cuts and healed the bruises
As long as when it got too serious we could distance ourselves with useless excuses

We were a ticking time bomb
Just waiting to explode
Our words and actions never quite matched up
No matter how much we tried it just never felt enough

We were a ticking time bomb
Most of “us” was a mistake
Sleep walking through this
convincing ourselves we were awake

I know you’re out there reading this
and I know I came to mind
I’m sorry you can relate
To such a lingering and devastating heartache


Rafelina Michelle

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My Everything (Lafayette x Reader)

Characters: Lafayette x Reader, Alexander Hamilton, John Laurens, Marie Louise (Laf’s Mom!)

Length: 1541+ words


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“Do you remember the first time we met?” you asked, leaning back to look at your fiance’s face. You sat between his legs, your back against his chest as you sat on the blanket the both of you had brought when you prepared for the late night picnic.

“You mean the day I fell madly in love with you, mon amour?” he uttered back, tilting his head down to meet your beautiful eyes. A smile adorning his beautiful face, and a glimmer of happiness in his eyes. “Of course. How could I forget?”

“I can’t believe the luck we’ve had,” you told him, slightly shaking your head. “To think, out of all the families and houses I could choose from, and I chose yours.” A sigh escaped your lips as you snuggled back to his chest. He warmed up those coldest of the nights, and right here, right not, sitting on a blanket on the grass of a park in the dead of the night, there was nowhere else you would rather be. “How did I get so lucky with you?”

He chuckled, bringing his lips to your cheek. “I think I’m the lucky one.”

Gilbert was quiet, thinking back about the day that you guys met. He had done an exchange program in New York previously, and had gone back to France to finish his studies before planning to move to America permanently. His family, knowing how passionate he was about studying abroad decided to support future students by opening up their home to any international students in need of a home.

The family took in three students, all from America. Two of them were Gilbert’s friends that he’d met in his time at King’s College, Alexander and John. At first it was a bit weird, having three boys, and one girl in the house, but with the way they behaved, the boys had quickly become like brothers to you. They were annoying, and loud, and rambunctious, and messy. All in all, your first impression of them were not good at all.

Luckily, his mom took you under her wing fairly quickly. Marie Louise was a wonderful, spirited woman who saw so much joy in life. Gilbert definitely had gotten his high-spirits and charm from her. She took you out whenever she needed to run errands, making you feel like you belonged in the country, instead of just being an intruder. She taught you so many things, and you would not have survived your year without her. Marie became your mother in France. Her husband, Michel had died early on when Gilbert was a young boy. It was a tragic work accident that left her a widow, and Gilbert fatherless. They’ve been on their own since then.

“What’re you thinking about now, mon amour?” Gilbert asked beside your ear, pulling you closer against his chest.

“How wonderful your mom is.”

Gilbert threw his head back in laughter, making you giggle as his chest reverberated against your body. “Oui. I agree. Ma mere is wonderful.”

“We wouldn’t even be together if it wasn’t for your mom either.” You nudged his ribs with your elbow, a small smirk on your face.

His grin got bigger. “Oui. I remember.”

It was a month into moving in, and you’ve accepted that the boys were acceptable when you hang out with them individually, but they were a force to be reckoned with when they were together. It was another Saturday when Marie asked if you could go into town, and get some groceries for the week. She would go, but she had an emergency appointment that she had to attend. Of course, you said yes, but she still felt guilty for ruining your nonexistent plans on a weekend. After a bit of back and forth, Gilbert walked in. Plaid PJ bottoms, loose tanktop, and his usual tied-up hair was loose, framing his face. He let out a huge yawn, rubbing his half-lidded eyes, and wondering why his mom was staring at him with such relief.

“Oh, good. Gilbert, you’re awake. Go with Y/N to town, and get some groceries with her.”

“But, mom!” he whined like a child. It made you burst into laughters, and that’s when he noticed your presence. His cheeks immediately burned red as he tried to recover his image. “Ahh, Y/N, I did not see you here. How did you sleep?”

“I slept fine,” you snickered, shaking your head.

“Go with her,” Marie said with finality before grabbing her purse. She kissed your cheek, and kissed Gilbert’s cheek before walking out.

“When do you wanna go?” you asked him, leaning on the kitchen counter with your eyebrow raised.

He shrugged.

“Can you get ready in half an hour?”

“Can you?” he sassed back with a smirk.

You rolled your eyes. “You’re insufferable.”

The arrogant face he had disappeared, and you would never admit it to him then, but when his eyebrows pulled together in confusion, and his bottom lip jutted out, your heart skipped a beat.

“You’re annoying,” you rephrased, seeing his face turn into understanding and then fake hurt. But by then you had already walked into your room. You giggled a bit to yourself. This was the kind of relationship you had with the boys, just a few sassy remarks back and forth until Marie decided it was time to step it- which wasn’t often. As annoying as the boys were, they were good kids. You knew because you’ve seen the way they treated you and Marie with such respect- much different from the boys you were raised with when you were younger.

Half an hour later you were waiting for Gilbert on the couch, wearing just casual jeans and a plaid shirt. When you heard no noise signalling that he was heading out, you knocked on his door, mindful that the other two boys may be sleeping.

“Gilbert?” you hissed, knocking on the door again. When you heard nothing, you opened his door slightly, seeing his figure sprawled on the bed. He had changed his PJ bottoms to jeans, and his hair was tied up again, but his tank top was the same. “Gilbert!” you exclaimed, trying to wake him up. Usually, you would’ve been fine going out alone, but you wanted some company. Plus, his mother did say that he had to go with you.

You grabbed his pillow that he was clutching onto for dear life, and hit the back of his head.

“Wha-?” He shot out of bed, turning his head.

“Get up. We have to go.”

“Go where?” he asked sleepily.

“To get groceries!” you replied exasperatedly.

“Oh, right.” He nodded tiredly, getting up, and grabbing his sweater from his chair.

“Don’t forget your wallet.” He clutched his jeans pocket, feeling the outline of his wallet before nodding.

The two of you made your way to the market, you had made a mental note of what Marie had run out of when you were waiting for Gilbert. The walk was silent, every time you would mention something, it would lead to the both of you arguing. It really did seem like he always had to oppose your opinions.

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“You can’t humanize [evil historical figure]!“

No. I can and I should.

You know why?

Because if we forget they’re human beings, we’ll be repeating the mistakes of the past.

We’ll be forgetting that any old prick could potentally be the new Caligula, or the new Hitler, if given the chance.

If we imagine those villains as caricatures from a distant time, we won’t stay alert. We won’t stay woke. We won’t be prepared for when the next asshole repeats the cycle all over again.

And well, will you look at that. It’s happening right now. People treated Lord Dampnut as a joke, a caricature, instead of considering the fact he’s a multifaceted human being who could conquer people through the image of a “hot-tempered but good Christian businessman“, and look at where he got.

Don’t treat history’s villains like a caricature of distant times. Treat them like that asshole coworker who steals your sandwiches despite the fact he knows you can’t buy lunch because you’re paying for a relative’s medical expenses. Treat them like that kid who keyed your car and spray painted your house “for the lols”. Treat them like that cheeky neighbor of yours who seems to get a just little bit too happy around kids (even more if said kids avoid them like the plague). Like that uncle of yours who’s married to an aunt who always got bruises and never speaks when he’s hearby. Like that pastor who seems to do good community jobs but chants the Leviticus a bit too enthusiastically.

Stay alert. Stay vigilant. Don’t forget that many people got the potential to be the next Hitler, if the opportunity arises.

Reminding yourself that evil historical figures were human beings helps reminding you of this.

And in special, remind yourself as to not fall for such pitfalls and end up becoming the next Evil yourself. Because even if you feel your initial intentions may be good, Hell is paved with “good intentions”.

tl;dr I remember those evil assholes as human beings as to not give a chance to the potential next evil asshole to rise

… By the way, have you punched a Nazi today?

I think I’ve never shared this here but the video Mason just posted reminded me of this…when I went to see Hedwig in LA, my sister, a friend of mine and I had the chance to talk for a bit to Mason when he came out of the stage door and he was the sweetest. We chatted for a while and he told us how amazing, kind and sweet Darren is, especially as a coworker. Like he told us how, even if he never got to actually play Hedwig in SF nor LA, Darren let him handle the rehearsals so that he could be prepared and be ready and that he made him (and everybody else) feel important in the process. Like, he made sure to point out how genuine and nice he is and how working with him is a beautiful thing since he makes sure to always make everybody feel included. I was honestly bursting with pride. I’m so happy to be a fan of such a good person :D

tsvlink25  asked:

Ever since Breath of the Wild released and we learned who the voice actors were, I started following your social media, and you've very quickly become my absolute favorite voice actor. I love how you interact with your fans and share love of characters! Your Teba and Revali are amazing. I'm gonna try to request a con invite you as a guest over the summer!

I only wish “audio shitposting” was something I could do as a convention panel, because man would I be prepared.

EDIT:  Actually yeah! If I invited people to submit links/comics ahead of time, then took up volunteers to voice roles in multiple-character comics, we could totally do a live “Comic Dub Bonanza”! I’ll look into this!