how could u anon

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that anon u got wondering how even could afford a suite.. just throwing this out there but wasn't he manic at the time?? so he prob wasn't thinking about money tbh

yeah, thats probably the case

i’ve been on tumblr for 5 years now, had a lot of blogs, was part of too many fandoms and i’m so surprised with the les mis blogs i follow (and it’s more than 300 lmao) because every single one of you is so nice and funny and beautiful and respectful and concerned about your mutuals and followers and that makes me really really really happy. so here’s a heartfelt thank you (to all of you). i appreciate your art, be it in doodles, drawings, fanfics, headcanons, shitposts, memes, funny videos, edits, the posts you like and reblog, everything. you are amazing, and i’m very glad I get to follow y'all.

now i’m thinking about it if we’re talking modern au they’d probably keep their surnames for sure because it wouldn’t really matter it isn’t about the names and loghain is still a mac tir, still born from the land, but theirin is the royal name and he’d probably need it in order to be officially involved in. theiriny stuff.

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