how could this happen to me

Wyatt: Mom, listen to me, this is not your fault. We’ll bring her back, I promise. I-I’ll issue an APB at work, and talk to the chief to get a search party going. It’ll all be okay.

Vivian: I’ll call around and see if anybody’s heard from her. Oh, Wyatt, she must be so scared… How could this have happened?

Wyatt: Things happen, Mom. Just … just make those calls and I’ll head out early. I love you, things will work out.

things ppl could totally say to kit that rhyme with his name

OK LMAO idek why i’m doing this but i just feel like it’d be really funny if it happened to kit lol. feel free to repost and add ur own :))

kit: hey, when will you be ready?
person: in a bit, kit

kit: and what do you want me to do?
person: um… just sit, kit

kit: nope, i don’t actually know that song
person: HOW?! it was a top hit, kit!

i’m so excited to go to vietnam with my mom bc i know how hard she’s worked my whole life and how hard it’s been for her to be away from her own family and that it means the world to her to go back and see her own mom who is sick and for me to see my grandma again because she knows she won’t get another chance to go unless something bad happens. i’m glad we could take this trip together now that i’m an adult and can appreciate it more for everything it means to both me and her. 

Just as I was about to retire from Tumblr for a bit and return for season 3, this shit goes down. Let me tell you guys how I truly feel about the situation:

When I first saw the clip of Jeremy mocking Supercorp, I was shocked. The first thing that went through my mind was “…how could someone be that stupid?” However, things happened the way it did.

What hurt me even more was seeing the other cast members humming along and Mehcad getting up to DANCE to the tune. I felt like this was a personal attack on me as an LGBT fan. Afterwards, Melissa had the nerve to call him “brave” for what he did. For Melissa, I have a question for you: as someone who claims to be a feminist and is forward thinking, is it really brave to make fun of and openly mock a group of young women who already feel marginalized? 

I’m really grateful for Katie for standing up for the fans. Watching her speak up definitely gives me strength as a fanI don’t think that either Odette or David are responsible for what happened. They looked really uncomfortable in the situation. I feel really bad for Odette because she’s the new girl and she doesn’t deserve to be involved in this mess. I’m also glad that Chyler was not part of the group. I feel that we as fans would either have been extremely disappointed in her or we would have seen her be shut down as Katie was for speaking up.

After I saw the entire video, I was never more grateful to no longer be a 16 year old girl anymore. I remember being suicidal because I couldn’t deal with the fact that I liked girls. Who knows what would have happened if I saw this video of people who I looked up to openly mocking and making fun of something that gave me comfort.

In conclusion, I am angry at the cast. I dedicated so much time to both Supergirl as a show and the Supercorp fandom. I cheered Supergirl on even through the shit mess that was season 2. I dedicated my time and energy to this show because it gave me hope that my life was going to get better. Now? I can’t even bear to look at the majority of the cast without feeling as if I was being made fun of. I honestly don’t know if I will continue to watch Supergirl when it comes back in October. I’m no longer a fan of Melissa or Jeremy, that’s for sure.

“I ran down as fast as I could”

Me hahaha

Wh… What? Why does she have a giant googly eye? How could that fall have affected her eye?

Oh… That doesn’t look good. I’ve never thought about what happens if you damage your gem. Can it heal over time? Or is it damaged forever? Is this what caused her eye to be all wonky?

NO. That is NOT the end of the story, Steven. YOU CONTINUE RIGHT NOW, YOUNG MAN.

Issues- Part Eighteen


Negan x you

When the saviours turn up early Negan comes face to face with one of the secrets Rick has been keeping from him. His eldest daughter.


Swearing- as always

Word count- 1,617

Read previous parts- HERE

Part Eighteen

Every part of me was numb.

What just happened?

I was aware of the voices speaking all around me and shots still being fired in the distance but I couldn’t see anything apart from the space that I had last seen Negan. The last time I had seen the man that I loved. Oh god.

This is bad.

This is really bad.

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What's even worse is wlws recommending fucking YAOI GAMES as an "alternative" for mlms instead of dream daddy. Like Jesus how more tactless could you possibly be. "Hey! Instead of the really diverse Dream Daddy made by actual LGBT ppl which is Bad(tm), you should instead play these fetishizing games starring pale cis teenage boys made by and for (straight) women!!"

Oh no please tell me that’s not what’s happening. Please

Ways to become my friend on tumblr...

Send me an ask saying hi.

Send me a message saying hi.

Send me pics or gifs of any of the following:
Richard Speight Jr
Rob Benedict
Chris Evans
Sebastian Stan
Christian Kane
Dean O Gorman

I will then reply and then you reply then I reply and then we are friends. If in doubt just ask @deanxfuckingadorablexwinchester
@thewhiterabbit42 or @littlemisssyreid if it works, they will agree this is kinda what happened and now we are friends. (there are loads more people I could add to that list @vintagevalentinexx for one but then it would get crazy long!)

So consider this me saying HI to you all x

  • meeting ari in the real life
  • went to the crocker art museum; wasnt sure if i was allowed to bring my energy drink in so i just fucken chugged it
  • saw a painting of a giant furry (among other things)
  • it was a million degrees and ari almost died cause theyre weak and cant survive the elements
  • ari knowing how to navigate sacramento better than me cause i dont understand maps
  • we got ice cream and mine melted faster than i could eat it so i was just fucking sticky for half the day
  • sat in a cafe and just talked :’-) 
  • a strange man played the “you dropped your pocket” joke on me and i have vowed to find him again someday and kill him
  • i forget how it happened but ari somehow catapulting an ice cube onto the floor. i promised them i would pretend i didnt see it
  • went to the gay part of sacramento which i didnt know existed until recently but probably cause its like one block. its called lavender heights and there’s some rainbow crosswalks
  • went to a comic store!!!! ive never been brave enough to go in one by myself so it was my first time!!! we looked at comics!!!!
  • made buttered tortillas at midnight and i dropped mine on the floor
  • our throats hurt by the end of the day cause we both had talked so much
  • ari’s space cat pajama pants and “this guy loves cats” shirt
  • painted ceramic maneki nekos!!!!! ari is rlly good at painting details and i was jealous
  • watched the rabbi’s cat which neither of us had seen it was sooo cute and funny and the art was good

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Thank you! <3

Salty ask meme

17. Instead of XYZ happening, I would have made ABC happen…

I answered this one here, but I’ll bring up another point that’s honestly just been bugging me forever: why didn’t Reiner just keep Eren in the Armored Titan’s mouth while they were trying to get away…? Like Annie did - it seems like a much better option and harder for the Scouts to take him back… Idk if this is even something I’d change, per se, more like I’d be curious to see how it would have changed things and if Reiner and Bert could actually have taken him back lol

I still SO badly want to know who the surprise traitor’s going to be in KHIII.

Because if there is a traitor (and the jury’s still out on if there is one or not), I think it’s someone in the KHIII era, not the Chi one.

Why? Because Gula talks about how the traitor is apparently someone who “bears the sigil”: The Recusant’s Sigil, most likely.

And while I SUPPOSE someone in the Chi era could easily have that and be the traitor there, it seems more like that it’s talking about KHIII to me.

…Unless the betrayal’s already happened, and it was Isa against Lea or something (as Isa is one who bears the sigil). But I really strongly doubt it.

Edit: I also know the traitor could easily be Luxu (because he has an “X” in his name, and when he and Ava clash it causes the bell that signals the Keyblade War to ring), but I just still don’t think he was a traitor. It seemed like he really believed in the Master’s intentions, and thought they were good–and cared about the others–so if he IS the traitor, he’s an accidental one (in my opinion right now) and was tricked into being it.

Edit 2: Or perhaps the most likely thing: The Master of Masters was the traitor, and he bears the sigil because of his “Super X” box, or whatever (the “Super” part clearly being a part of his name “Superbia”, meaning pride).


Challenge 3 - The Date

What the eyes see and the ears hear, is what the mind believes.

Mother & Father,

I’ll probaby never send you this, just some basic standard letter about how good I’ve been and false updates on my work out progress - nothing thrilling, but somehow I just wanted to let you know what really happened.

In the past few weeks I’ve learned more about life and love than in the 18 years I have lived on this planet. This place, this oddly familiar place, has taught me so much more than you ever could. The people around me have shown me how to be kind, truly kind and taught me how to trust them. For the first time I experienced true consequences of my actions and rude behavior; that alcohol isn’t a liquid to be consumed like water and what loneliness can do to people. Love doesn’t grow on trees and you have to earn your trust. I am still working on myself and finding new aspects of my true being which I’ve never considered to be there. But all in all I am living and learning about life at it’s fullest.

So far I’ve had the pleasure of meeting my very first friend, Lady Aricia. She is everything and more I aspire to be, she has a similar past to mine but a much brighter future ahead. And there’s Prince Dominic, the royal sweetheart with the lovely eyes. I still haven’t figured out why he is still keeping me here, but he must have seen something not all to bad, at least that’s what I hope. I hate to admit it, but I don’t think I am one of his favorite girls to be around. I mean how could I be? That silly girl who barely knows anything about life and has zero knowledge of basic communication and relationships. Either way I am just grateful to have been given a second chance and will try to make the most of it.

And yesterday? Yesterday was my first date, ever. Could you imagine that father? Your little babygirl on her first date. I mean you have already disapproved of him without even getting to know him, but that’s fine by me, as long as I am certain that he could be the one, I’ll keep on trying. I decided to bake chocolate cake with him - please don’t kill me mother -, probably not my brightest idea but it was very lovely. And considering the fact that neither of us have really baked before, we did a great job. No one was hurt or died of food poisoning which should be considered a success. I actually enjoyed the process of baking, never thought I could be that easy putting random ingredients together and mysteriously creating something edible. Though I spilled a bit of flour, I didn’t ruin the kitchen and the cake was still very delicious.

And my cooking assistant? He looked so wrong yet so skilled in the kitchen, without a clue he was so secure in his actions. But there was always that ice cold distance. For the first few weeks I didn’t know if the ice prince was a simple act or a part of his personality, but now I am certain that it’s his protection. I should be the one to know that letting down your guard isn’t that easy, but being open with nearly every person? - Impossible. Sometimes the image cracks and I get a glimpse of what lays behind that facade but if he isn’t ready to show me his true being - I shouldn’t be the one to push him. I’ll wait and see what he presents himself to be and gather all my strength to not get hurt during that process.

Ohh, Dad, what would I give for your support right now. Just knowing that you would totally stand behind me, supporting me in every decision I make and maybe even give useful advice. Sometimes I lay in my bed and wonder if I should call you, wonder what it would be like - you giving me advice on how to survive this, how to pretend to be happy even though you’re dying inside. Sometimes I imagine mom and I would be closer, that you both wouldn’t be that hard on me and I could just call her and ask her how to seduce a prince. Giggling with her, hearing you shuffling around in the background and plotting future dates. What would I give for a picture perfect family…

I just wish you could be the parents I crave you to be.

Love, Rubes

Tears stream down my face as I crumble up the letter in front of me, locking away all demons inside my brain.

Mentions of @domschreave and @ariciaeast

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top five people in fv

( ONE ) my baby girl blaise. she’s been there ever since i’ve moved to san diego & i don’t think her leaving my life is going to happen anytime soon. plus she’s hot as hell, have you seen her ?! TWO ) thomas is papa. i don’t know how to explain it ? everytime we hang, no matter what we do, we always have a gnarly time ! it’s just one of those feel good friendships, y’know ( THREE ) & of course, if thomas is involved, so is jameson ! there’s not much i could say ‘bout him though other than he’s a great guy & i absolutely love having him around ! he makes me happy ( FOUR ) oh, & who could forget my girl leti ! every outing we have always ends up incredibly lit. i absolutely never have a dull moment with her. ( FIVE ) can all of my cousins be added into this last one ? farida, layne, & pembroke ! mi familia !

Little women.

I remember there being a short period of time in which i believed that maybe things could get better. And these became the hairline fractures in my heart. Until suddenly there were so many, that they morphed into one huge unavoidable break. There were so many moments in which I was alone with her. Evenings where I wandered into the void of her darkness with a lantern fathomed out of desperate need to understand, “what is happening.” I hid the quivers in my voice, or the shutter in my ribcage in order to make her believe that I would be okay holding the weight of her information. I became her confidante. And one evening she handed me her baby. Swaddled in a towel, and wriggling in the wake of the passage between her arms and mine. I gazed upon the child, who appeared faceless. The weight of the baby in my lap bewildered me. How could something so small weigh so much? Bent on the stairs like this, with my mother, and a baby–I met the man who killed her. And his hand outstretched like a snake in a garden, clenching my neck until my eyes burst. I bellowed for my mother to save me, but her eyes became dark pits in the middle of her face. She was holding the baby by it’s neck, and neither I, nor it, knew how to cry. The baby dropped from her hand like a wine glass, and shattered into a thousand shimmering pieces. The man was gone, but the seam where mamas spine should be, began splitting in a perfect line right down her middle. Bent on the stairs like this, I watched her turn into a yellow tinge. I saw black on the tops of her teeth, and the way her chin would come to sway like a hammock in the breeze. I saw her lose and gain weight like an unexplainable tide, bellowing at the moon like a wolf in the middle of the night. She wept like the rain outside my window, and the same fear i felt in the wake of Midwest Summer sirens screamed in me like one thousand questions. I remember when she told me the “ya ya sisterhood” would save her. I remember when she asked me to pack up the wine glasses and the opener, thinking that a box in the garage would be enough to keep her at bay. But it wasn’t. Like asking her daughter to bury a gun in the backyard, only to come home one day and find that she had dug it up and blown her brains out on the kitchen floor.

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BETTA 911!
I was asked to take in a crowntail who is severely underweight, is hanging out at the bottom of the tank and breathing hard, and his gills are like…sagging out/down? it seems to take Effort™ to swim Up, so I’m worried about his swim bladder…also he has a bump in the triangle his lower jaw bones make that looks like a bubble but?? I can fix fin rot or fungus but what is happening? he was a cup betta my friend ‘rescued’ and brought to me thinking i could help. is it ammonia poisioning? he’s in a 2 gal hospital tank (all i had on short notice) with a heater and filter rn and I’m not sure how to help him. I added a little aquarium salt but I am out of my league here. please help.


Hey, there.

In a case like this, the most important thing you need to do is keep the water absolutely pristine and reduce stressors. Unfortunately, a 2-gallon setup is a bit too small to do this properly without stressing him out even more. If possible, you may want to move him into a food-safe bin that’s more like 5 gallons. Safer to heat and good for the water parameters.

In this case, I’d personally:

  • Focus on doing water changes and water checks at least once a day to make sure no ammonia is present. In the 2-gallon setup, unfortunately, you’re going to be looking at more like 100% changes, which is why I recommended a 5-gallon temporary setup above. In a 5-gallon bin, you can do frequent smaller changes depending on what your test kit says with less stress for the fish.
  • Focus on reducing stressors, such as leaving him in a quieter, darker room where he won’t be disturbed as much. Make sure that the water temperature is fairly consistent since fluctuations can cause additional stress.
  • Have plenty of plants in the setup (real or silk) for him to rest in. Especially tall plants so he doesn’t have to struggle to the surface. I actually have a breeder’s net that I’ve put fish in in the past that had trouble swimming. It’s keeps them near the surface, so it’s a lot easier for them to swim if needed. It could be a swim bladder issue you’re dealing with or he could just be very weak from being underweight and sick in general.
  • Use a double dose of API Stress Coat and an Indian almond leaf to help promote healing. This can help with ammonia burns, which it sounds like the poor boy is suffering from. I’d personally avoid using aquarium salt.
  • Gradually fatten him back up with a regular, high-protein diet. The temptation will be there to overfeed a skinny fish, but you mustn’t. Be sure to remove any uneaten food to avoid more ammonia.

As for the bump, do you have a picture of it? Any bumps that I’ve seen in that particular space have either been tumours or pellets stuck there (at least that’s what was believed to have happened).

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Hello! I was wondering if you could lend some advice. I just recently got a drawing tablet, and I love it! But I'm having a bit of trouble getting used to the pressure sensitivity ( like keeping the lines consistent and things of that nature). Would you happen to have any tips? Thank you!

I had the same issue when first switching over from traditional to digital. For me it took a lot of experimenting with brushes and practicing with them to be more familiarized with their effects dependent on how light/hard I pressed on the tablet. I would suggest checking out some of kyle t webster’s brush packs and trying them out and see if they help? he’s got some free brushes too if you don’t have money to spend. 

all of these lines were made w/the same brush. I increased the size using [ or ] shortcuts on mac. opacity makes colors lighter, flow can thicken/thin out brushes. I mess around w/that setting a lot when doing lining work.

getting used to pressure sensitivity has a lot to do w/using the tablet more. hope this doesn’t come across as a cop-out response, this is honestly how I got more used to it myself. You’ll start to notice that some brushes where you don’t need press as hard vs others to get the coloring/lining effects you want.

sorry if my explanation doesn’t make sense ;; I have a hard time explaining things sometimes. hope I was able to help a little !