how could this happen to me etc. etc

wait okay hold up i am SO HERE for a time-themed album like just entertain me here for a minute (hehe). so like obviously everyone knows that taylor’s favorite number is 13 right, but recently she’s been especially extra about 13. why? well if the album does have a theme of like time (and assuming it’s the 12 hour time not 24 hour time) then 13 wouldn’t exist in time… so essentially the entire album could be themed in like the absence of time, or getting lost in a moment, etc. that would be so cool and then like everything big would happen at 13:00 aka 1pm. oh and also what if there’s something about like traveling through time zones, and how time isn’t actually a tangible thing and we all just kinda make it up



Yo never in my life have I thought ever I’d reach the day when I’d reach 1k followers. I know everyone says this but just thinking about it just blows my mind and I couldn’t be happier QWQ

Even though I’m still processing all this and accepting the fact I have 1,000 people following me, I can’t help but feel like that I don’t deserve it but I want to do something to thank all of you for putting through all my crap ^o^)/

Anyways, I just wanted to make this to thank you all! I will be choosing the winners randomly so please don’t get mad if you don’t win. If I reach 2k followers, I’ll probably host another raffle :3


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  • Anyone can participate
  • Have fun and be paient! :D


1st Place Winner wins:

A fanfic that is 3,000+ words long

2nd Place Winner wins:

A fanfic that is 2,000+ words long

3rd Place Winner wins:

A fanfic that is 1,000+ words long

Additional info: (!Important!)

The fanfic can be about anything; angst, fluff, I’ll even do sin if you wanted. If you don’t have a story planned in mind, then you have the option to let me choose in which what happens, but you’ll have to let me know what theme you want. In addition, the fanfic could be about a ship or even OC’s. If it’s about OC’s, you’ll have to give me a thorough explanation of their looks, personality, etc. If it’s a ship that I’m not familiar with, you’ll have to do the same.

You can also choose what will happen in the fic, why it happens, the ending, how it starts, the setting, etc. In this case, you’ll be telling me what you want to happen and what the scene will be like and I’ll be writing it. If you want to kill someone, go for it. If you want a happy ending, tell me.

In short, you’ll be responsible for what happens to the characters. You can choose what happens to them and why. Keep in mind in how long your fic is. For 3rd place, I could only write so much unlike for 1st place, I could add more.

Or maybe I’m just putting too much thought into this XD

Deadline: June 1st 

when school’s over hehe


About Himchan and Jonghyun’s situation

I just wanted to write a little something because I’m really upset about this.

So, just to remind or tell some people who still don’t know about this, Jonghyun form CNBLUE, a old friend of Himchan, in a video, told himchan “Lose weight, Lose weight!”. 

Some people (like me) are really mad about this and some other are saying “It’s a joke! They are friends!”.

Just let me get this straight: those kind of hurtful jokes are not okay, regardless of who says it. Especially in Himchan’s case! We KNOW he has a eating disorder and have been struggling with his weight for a very long time! 

Not even one month ago, Himchan was at this hospital for a stress fracture because of his sudden weight loss. And still, people didn’t learn and tells him to lose weight. What if someday he does too far? He was already hurt because of this, I don’t want to know what could happen next. I just want him to be heathly. remember Badman era? He was so thin, it’s scary. Now he is at his healthly weight and people wants him to lose more weight. Do you realize how dangerous it can be? Especially in his case where he is often dancing, practising, etc. 

I had a friend who was always moking me, saying hurtful things. As a joke of course. Those comments were even about something that I was struggling with (like wieght or skin color, etc). But does that mean I was okay with it? Does that mean it didn’t hurt me? No. I was deeply hurt by this until I had enough and cut ties with her. Best decision I have ever made. 

I just hope that his friends will stop saying that.

Guys, there’s thins thing troubling me for a long time. Its about Dan and Phil’s vidcon podcast where they talked about how they lost their flight etc etc- you know, and the thing is, what would they present to the audience if that didnt happen? My concern is that maybe they lied to us. Im so, so sad that im thinking that but its really something questionable. Ive seen a lot of people talking about it and i want more opinions. If they actually lied, it means they only cared about how much money they could make from this, and how much more famouse they could get by this little story. I mean, it has everything: a prediction, a tragic mistake, a last minute incident, a cute disagreement about who’s fault it was. Dont get me wrong though, i don’t completely aggree with that lets say im 40% positive this happened. But it makes me sad, if this concept is real, it means that fame has changed them for good just like many more youtubers and theyre becoming commercial. Correct me if im wrong i would love to read your thoughts about it. And please dont attack me im sensitive and small- I absolutely love dan and phil with all my heart. This is just a thing that makes me kinda sad

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I'm honestly so stoked for the sex and I can't wait for it to happen considering you already gave us a lot of lovely details in the past chapters! The size of kags' peenage, how hinata produces a lot of precum, and that he's already getting used to the sensation of fingering, etc etc. My brain just short circuits when I think about how it could all come (heh) together! Super looking forward to it ❤️


(check out my cool sword that came along for the ride)

and i’m still expanding my collection! it’s so hard to find the ones I don’t already have though!!

Anyway. Thank you for giving me that moment to enjoy.

and UGHH I feel like the kags having a large peen is just done to DEATH but UM YEAH I DON’T CARE it just WORKS SO WELL why destroy something so perfect? the precum thing is 100% a favorite headcanon of mine. Just like… Hinata is so easily and powerfully turned on. mmhmm. the fingering is also… very important for a part i have planned for the future, so i’m super happy that you’re looking forward to what’s to come (<3)

Larry in the Wild

So I’ve seen the recent influx of “I saw/was told about Harry and Louis being at xyz” stories making their way around. I’ve seen some skeptical that all these people must be lying (and I’m sure some are) and raising the question of why they are just now “coming out” with their stories. Well, I’d like to add to that. 

I have a close personal friend who is in no way related to the 1D fandom. She knew that I liked the boys, but had no clue that the idea of Harry and Louis being together was even a thing (the extent of her knowledge was their names and their hit songs). Anyway, she went to LA during Spring Break last year (2014) and had an appointment to get a tattoo at Shamrock Social Club. As she was walking into the building, she had to push through a group of fangirls that were waiting outside. 

While she was getting tattooed, Harry and Louis came in. (I’m assuming through the back.) They played a bit of pool, joked around and talked with the tattoo guys, etc, etc. Her tattoo artist then proceeded to tell her that Louis “had had an appointment for tonight, but that they would probably end up coming back tomorrow and actually getting the ink done then.”

A month later, she tells me the story of how “omg I ran into Harry and Louis from One Direction while being tattooed.” (she literally could not have fathomed what that sentence would mean to me). I double check with her which date she was there and it just so happens that the tattoo Louis came back to get the next day was the arrow. 

So morals of this story:

1. They most def still can and do go places together.

2. Even when there are literally fans outside (that shockingly don’t see anything), it doesn’t stop them from risking it and sneaking in anyway. 

3. Harry was very much there for the arrow (well, for the original appointment and planning, at the very least).

I had previously shared this story with several people within the fandom, but to my knowledge it hasn’t moved past that. I’ve known about this for almost a year. I’m speaking out now because at this point I don’t think stories like this will keep them from doing these things in the future.

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Hello, Mr Peterson, I had a question about the names used in Defiance (and GoT, I guess). In some language traditions, people's names are forms of sentences (such as many names from Hebrew), or they are based on words for things (i.e Haruhi = spring day) or the days of birth (some people name their children after the Saint they were born under, many Ibo names refer to the day of the week the child was born in). How do the defiance aliens name their children?

That’s a good question, and this post will then be the last post where you can win a hellbug! So this post is a hellbug eligible post! If you would like a plush hellbug, please reblog this post by 11 pm ET next Thursday! For more details, see below!

Naming traditions work differently in the three languages. I’ll start off with the language I usually start with: Castithan.

First, Castithan names traditionally have the last name come first. Thus, the proper way to say Datak Tarr would be:

Taro Detako

The last name takes the -u termination because it’s actually the possessor of the first name. In effect, it’s like saying “The Tarr Family’s Datak”. (Then Detak takes the -u termination just because that’s the citation form.) On Earth, this practice has fallen by the wayside—or at least for those Castithans that ended up in the West, where family names follow first names. In traditional contexts, the old ordering is still used.

Now, for the names. One popular naming convention is to name the child based on the order of their birth. Numbers take either a masculine or feminine suffix and a name is produced, e.g.:

  • Avizu “first boy”; Avilo “first girl”
  • Kamazu “second boy”; Kamalo “second girl”
  • Dunizu “third boy”; Dunilo “third girl”

Of course, this was an old practice, so now parents may choose such a name because they like the sound of it (like Jalino ”Fifth girl”, which I believe was the name of one of the Castithan handmaidens this season).

Many names are built off of verbs. For this, the suffixes -(a)k and -(i)ts are used, the first like the -ee suffix in English, and the second like the -er suffix in English. The names formed in this way aren’t inherently masculine or feminine, but many names have come to be more closely associated with either men or women. Here are some examples:

  • Male Names: Detako “loved one”, Uthiko “laughing one”, Alako “chosen one”, Melitso “discoverer”
  • Female Names: Melako “found one”, Kahiko “smiling one”, Shulako “left one”, Karétso “talkative one”

Another strategy is a reduplicative strategy. You take any word and then copy the first syllable and follow it with -n and place it after the first syllable. Such names aren’t inherently masculine or feminine, but some names may become more closely associated with men or women. Even so, this strategy proves quite useful in coming up with novel names. Parents take some characteristic of the child or its birth and create a name based on that word. Some examples are below:

  • Chadachano (type of tree)
  • Banimbano (eye)
  • Tamitano (type of ground cover)
  • Shegisheno (ear)
  • Kazhikano (blush)

Then there are names that are just based on words. These names are older and more likely be male or female:

  • Male Names: Iskato (meaning lost), Seto (meaning lost), Daigo (fire)
  • Female Names: Stamo (summer), Puráyo (spring), Swogo (star)

Now for Irathient names.

Many Irathient names are drawn from geological or meteorological phenomena, or animals. These names have been gendered. Here are some examples:

  • Male Names: Nugyekpe (mountain), Kagnazi (Irathient animal), Tigyukta (Irathient animal), Indur (rock cluster)
  • Female Names: Dinara (type of flower), Umbigyire (waterfall), Gyase (flood), Ulike (river)

These names are found in their natural noun class (i.e. ulike is the actual word for “river” if you wanted to use it in a sentence), but sometimes stems are put into Class XVII, saved for animate augmentatives, by simply adding the gy- prefix to form a name. It might not have an independent meaning outside of the name, but the idea is that the name is formed from a class that does have a special meaning. A couple examples are shown below:

  • Male Names: Gyedonla (cf. edonla ”cliff”), Gyutonygye (cf. utonygye “beach”)
  • Female Names: Gyeinnira (cf. einnira “rain storm”), Gyukombe (cf. ukombe “lake”)

Sometimes bare roots are taken as names, or they’re put into Class XVII themselves, without being a part of another class first. Rath is an example of a root that often is turned into a name on its own.

Another separate strategy is to use Class I to produce a name that means “she or he who x’s” or “she or he who x’d”. These names are unisex, if otherwise unmodified. While these names take the Class I prefix, they do not take the Class I suffix. Instead, they take the -(ei)n suffix for completed events, or optionally the -(n)ǝ suffix for incomplete events (the latter is rare, since the interpretation is an incomplete event by default). A lot of times these names are given by parents to describe what the child’s first act was, or to describe how they hope the child will be later in life. Here are some examples—at least one of which should be familiar (note: remember that e becomes ei before a nasal coda, e.g. -n):

  • Starrein “S/he who roared”
  • Zelig “S/he who was sleeping”
  • Zdrorǝ “S/he who breathes”
  • Zailonggein “S/he who screamed”
  • Zburein “S/he who cried”
  • Zungni“S/he who swims”

All the names above (not just the Class I names, but all Irathient names) can take on masculine or feminine suffixes, should the namer so decide. The names are fine with or without them; sometimes a parent may elect to go with something a little longer. The suffixes are:

  • -®úr (masculine; can’t be added to names ending in r)
  • -(n)us (masculine)
  • -(n)aila (feminine; can’t be added to names already three syllables long or longer)
  • -(l)on (feminine)
  • -(n)igya (feminine; not added to names whose last syllable is ni)
  • -(a)nya (feminine)

This is how one of my favorite Irathient names Rathus is formed.

Now for my favorite: Indojisnen names.

Indojisnen names are simple. The idea is that parents give their children names that are one syllable long. The real designation for an Indogene comes when they get their first implant. Each implant has a name, and as an Indogene gets an implant, the implant’s name becomes a part of their last name. As they get more implants, the last name grows, until it becomes insanely long—too long to be used in non-official contexts. This is why on Earth, Indogenes use a shortened form of their last name. Doc Yewll is actually:

Me Yewlundenganarizomperismoyekariyuinkochikanyirasnairon

But no one’s going to say that, so she goes by Yewll. Same with Eren Niden (though a note on her first name in a second).

In order to form a first name, one just needs to follow the rules of Indojisnen syllable structure. All monosyllable words have to end in a vowel, or the letters tk or n. Indogenes favor heavy syllables, which means that if the word ends in a vowel, it should be a diphthong (like Lev, whose Indogene name is actually Lew—changed on Earth so humans could pronounce it more easily—ditto with Eren, whose Indogene name is Ewn), or an old “compound” vowel—specifically, e or o.

The names themselves don’t mean anything at all. If they happen to sound like a real world, it’s happenstance—and, in fact, parents try to avoid names that sound like actual words. Instead, parents will do things like have names that match in some way, to indicate that they’re from the same family, e.g. LewLonLatLek, etc.—or rhyming, TowRowHowSow, etc.

Doc Yewll’s first name, Me, is actually an old compound vowel. And, of course, Ben’s name looks like a human name just by happenstance.

As for confusing one for the other (e.g. young Indogene students in a ialusmik), students with the same given name are given numbers, e.g. Lew 24 and Lew 56. These names aren’t official, and only last while they’re needed.

That’s a bit about how I came up with names for Defiance. Since I’m not the only one who comes up with names, not all names will conform all the time. But it’s a big world. I’m sure there were Irathients with Castithan names and vice versa long before the Votans ever got to Earth. Now that they’re here, names can come from all over.


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anonymous asked:

Hi so for your Bingo I thought of an fan fiction were The group (Riley, Maya, Lucas, Farkle, Zay) go to a baseball game and the kiss cam lands on Lucas and Maya.

Untitled Kisscam fluff

Summary: The group go to a baseball match. Lucas and Maya get caught on Kisscam. Lucaya 


“Baseball was brought over by English immigrants during the mid-18th century. However, the earliest reference to baseball may actually be referring to the game of Rounders, which is typically played by schoolgirls in the UK and Ire–“

Maya slapped her hand over Farkle’s mouth.

“Farkle, for the sake of my sanity, I need you to stop.” She warned.

“Oh come on, Maya.” Riley said next to her, “Farkle’s just expressing an interest in baseball.”

“Well, he needs to stop expressing it in my ear.”

Riley smiled at her fondly and stood up purposefully. “Ok, swap with me.”

Thank you. Maya mouthed and shuffled gingerly around Riley. The stadium seats were small and Riley had to cling to Maya’s waist to stop her from falling backwards into the next row. Maya wasn’t overly fond of heights and her stomach lurched a little at the prospect. 

It was only after she had dropped down into Riley’s vacant seat that Maya realised who she was now sat next to.

Lucas met her eyes, his gaze flickering to where their knees were touching, and looked away. Maya suddenly wished she was back between Farkle’s breathless lecture on the origins of baseball and Zay’s worryingly large foam finger.  She crossed her legs awkwardly, tilting away from Lucas.

“Hey look, I got you one.” Zay was saying to Riley, handing her a matching, oversized foam finger. Riley bounced in her seat excitedly and they spent a few moments trying to high five each other over Farkle’s head.

“I love this,” Riley said cheerfully, throwing an arm around Maya’s shoulders. “I love my giant finger and my hotdog and my friends. This was a great idea.”

Maya peeled Riley’s fingers off her arm, “Yeah; questionable meat, uncomfortable seats and hours of waiting are just grand.”

“Maya, am I imagining it, or are you not a fan of baseball?” Zay asked from the end of the row, eyebrow quirked in amusement.

Before Maya could send back a sarcastic comment, music erupted from the speakers signalling the start of the game. Maya sighed and wiggled down into her seat, watching as players streamed out onto the pitch; she didn’t think she was prepared for two -and-a-half-hours crammed into a hard, plastic seat, lost as to what was happening and pretending things between her and Lucas were fine.

Lucas had been avoiding Maya since their almost kiss at Johnny Logan’s house party two weeks ago.

Maya had been four vodkas in when Lucas had cornered her in the hallway. He’d stretched one arm against the wall behind her, smiled and leaned down to kiss her. Maya had slipped, smashed her forehead against his nose and their evening had ended with a trip to the emergency room and a humiliating lecture about underage drinking and safe sex.

By the time they saw each other in school, both of them were pretending the whole incident had never happened and doing their best to avoid each other til the memories died. Riley had been needling Maya to talk to Lucas, but Maya couldn’t imagine that Lucas would want to kiss her again after she’d nearly broken his face.

The music started up again and the announcers called for the seventh inning stretch.

“Oh look, they’ve got a KissCam!” Riley shouted, her fingers digging into Maya’s arm.

Maya looked at the big screen, just in time to see an adorable old couple slowly pecking each other on the lips. The crowd cheered around them.

“I love Kisscam!” Riley said dreamily.

“I prefer it when it goes wrong.” Zay mumbled; Maya was inclined to agree.

On the big screen, another couple were blushing and awkwardly leaning in to kiss. They were followed by a couple who all but leapt at each, falling out their seats in their eagerness to make out. Maya laughed and turned to Riley, screams ringing in her ears.


A sharp elbow struck her in the ribs. Maya frowned and spun around to face a wide-eyed Lucas.

“Seriously? You haven’t looked me in the eye for a week and now you’re elbowing me…”

“No, Maya look.” And he grabbed her chin, forcing her around to look at the big screen. Her own face stared down at her, held in Lucas’s giant hands and frowning in irritation.

The crowd were cheering, booing around them. Some guys near the front had started a chant of ‘Kiss, Kiss, Kiss’ which was quickly taken up by what felt like the entire stadium. Maya felt her stomach drop in disbelief and glanced up at Lucas dumbly. He stared back, eyes wide with panic. The camera man was apparently not going to take a hint and move on because their faces were still blown up on the screen.

Sweat rolled down Maya’s back, the moment seemed to last forever.

“Lucas, just kiss her.” Farkle shouted suddenly, sparking another round of chanting near them.

Lucas’s hand was still curled around her chin, holding her place.  The muscles in his jawline jumped and Maya felt her breath catch in the throat as she met Lucas’s eyes, seeing herself reflected in his blown out pupils.

Maya couldn’t wait any longer. Cursing, she hooked her fingers into the neck of Lucas’s shirt and dragged him down.

Their kiss was clumsy; Maya was so nervous she was shaking, fumbling and for a moment their noses bumped, threatening a repeat of last time. Then Lucas pressed down into her, his lips firm and hot against hers at he took control. His hand, which had been resting against her chin, slid up her face and into her hair. Maya melted against him.

Around them people were cheering, wolf whistling but Maya could barely hear it over the blood roaring in her ears.

Lucas’s tongue pressed for entry against the seam of her lips and she opened up for him, her hands gripping his biceps in an effort to hold herself upright. He coiled an arm around her waist and drew her against him, almost dragging her out her seat.  Maya gasped in surprise, heat coiling in her belly. Lucas’s thumb was stroking the sharp edges of her jawline, tender in comparison to his hot, demanding mouth. This was nothing like the awful, drunken kiss they’d nearly shared a week ago.

Finally, Lucas broke their kiss, slowly setting Maya back into her seat. Maya blinked her eyes open fuzzily, her lips tingling.

A sharp whistle near her ear snapped her back to earth.

“Damn, Lucas, I did not know you had that in you!” Zay called.

“It’s about time.I thought I was going to choke on their sexual tension.” Farkle added dryly.

“I think it’s cute.” Riley said, hugging her foam finger, “How romantic for a first kiss?”

Maya suddenly remembered that their kiss had been projected onto an enormous screen for a stadium full of people. Blood rushed to her face; Lucas was no better. He coughed awkwardly, his fingers were still entwined with hers.

“I’m sorry I ignored you.” Maya told him quietly, once the kisscam had moved on.

“Yeah me too…” Lucas smiled down crookedly at her, “Do you think we could have a normal kiss at some point?”

Maya grinned, “Dunno, better keep trying to make sure.”


A/N: I am not American; I know literally nothing about baseball. In fact, my search engine queries for this fic were something like: what happens at a baseball match? Is baseball like rounders? When does Kisscam happen is baseball? How long does baseball last for? etc etc. 

katkit-42  asked:

hello i have a question. i try my best to make my stories as diverse as possible but ive seen posts talking about making sure poc characters r written with their color in mind like make sure their pov is one of a person of color but im not really sure how to do that? like im a white american and my charas r american (and not like first or second generation immigrants, theyve been in america for a long time) and im just wondering how to do that?

Accurately Portraying POC and Culture

Have people in your story react to your character’s skin tone/culture/etc. Not all the time, but now and then. Maybe 2-4 times in your book. Pick your choice. I know it’s always a reality call for me when that happens…

But seriously….you could think about their culture, which will probably play some kind of role. Think about micro-aggressions, prejudice, stereotypes, racism, etc. Maybe look through our other tags as well. 

~ Mod Alice

There’s really no need to have a hyper-focus on their race in mind, as someone being Latinx, Japanese, whatever they may be, adds some cultural aspects and as Alice mentioned, facing a certain brand of racism and micro-aggressions depending on if you’re including that in your story, but does not define them.

Get too focused on making them adhere to what you think x race acts like and you’re in danger of creating a caricature as opposed to an individual.

What you really need to determine is how much they’re submerged in their family’s culture vs. the mainstream culture of their region. There’s likely an uneven balance of the two.

What cultural holidays & practices do they engage in, in relation to their race, religion? What about American holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween? Are they bilingual? What is the dominant culture of their region? How involved in it are they?

What family dynamics do they have? Does their family structure run in a more “Americanized” style, a way more specific to their home culture, a mixture of both? Determine this, then research, research, research, as we always say. First-hand media (fiction, non-fiction, vlogs, etc) by the peoples you’re writing about is best.

More Reading:

~ Mod Colette

Stuckaboo From Hell

This is actually a bit of a long story, but I’ll try to shorten it as much as possible.

I could die from writing this, so pls keep it anonymous thanks. I am scared to even submit this, but it’s something I’m still dealing with and writing about it is therapeutic.

TW: abuse, self harm and suicide mentions, staking, harassment

So up until my senior year of high school, I was horribly shy. I had a lot of anxiety problems, so the whole “making friends” thing was a bit of a challenge for me. I typically used fandoms as a way for me to meet people as it was I easier for me to do. I had been using tumblr for about a year and a half by the middle of my sophomore year rolled around, and this is how I came to discover Homestuck. As an avid reader and writer, the complexity of the story really drew me in and I was immediately hooked. After being in the fandom for two weeks, I was already planning cosplays. I wanted to cosplay Dave, so I ordered the shirt and wore it to school the day after I received it in the mail. This earned me a bunch of compliments and a new friend- Matt. Matt and I became very close very fast and stayed in contact once sophomore year ended and summer came around.

I caught up with the comic in late June and worked on two new cosplays: Roxy and Vriska. Vriska was by far my favorite character. I loved how badass she was and kind of secretly wished I could be her. When Matt and I downloaded Pesterchum onto our laptops, I incorporated her name into my handle and even made my snapchat name the same thing when snapchat was the cool new thing.

Junior year came around and because I was a little asshole who refused to get her license over the summer, I still had to ride the bus. This also meant there were tons of new freshmen riding with me. One of them in particular stuck out to me as she was very loud and dressed very colorfully. I never talked to her until I saw her wearing a Jade shirt.

Keep reading

I want to cry sometimes at how biphobic the world is. Like, a lesbian woman literally called me unsanitary and a straight man called me greedy and indecisive. Juvenile if it didnt happen so fucking often. It hurts. I want a sense of belonging. My lesbian girlfriend doesn’t have biphobic thoughts so I know it’s not every lesbian, but the way the community treats me half the time hurts so much more than straight people could because you expect them to understand.

Its so hard. I get tired of being black, woman, queer, mentally ill, etc etc because then you see the biases against you and sometimes you can ignore the prejudices but it gets overwhelming.

I can not choose my sexuality, gender, race, etc. I am what I am and everyone is what they are and why is it so hard for people to be okay with that?

I just hurt to think people can’t know me yet already hate me for being what I cant choose.

SU Theory: Whatever happened to Pink Diamond?

I don’t believe that there is the slightest chance that Rose Quartz is PD for a bunch of reasons, most of which you are tired of reading about (Her size, Her gem cut, etc etc) But for me the most clear piece of evidence is this image:                                            


Let’s think about it, how would Rose Quartz, A quartz among many,  go toe to toe against a Diamond? She used Pink Diamond’s Gem as some kind of Power Up or weapon so she could win. What happened to Pink Diamond? How did Rose get her Gem? Well, We all know she did some shady stuff.                          

At some point between gems first settled on earth and built the first buildings 

And the events in The Answer something happened to Pink Diamond. I support this chronology with this:                                                                                                                                        it must have been after the settlement on earth because:                                               

why would you build all structures with the old symbol if PD was already missing/poofed/etc by then? 

now it also must have happened before the answer because:

in The Answer every gem silhouette is either a shade of Red/Pink or Blue. (note many of the pink colored gems have the same gem placement as Rose Quartz) Why are these pink gems under Blue Diamond? That makes me think that something happened to PD and her underlings were distributed between the remaining diamonds.

Now I have a conjecture that maybe Earth was originally PD’s colony and after whatever happened to her happened the colony was assumed by BD.



anonymous asked:

Hi, you seem like a clever and understanding person so I want to read your thoughts about Louis in all this mess. I know that he is surrounded by people he loves who are kind to him but does the fact that his image is dragged through the worst dirt is affecting him on personal level? Sorry if it's to personal. I hope Harry is giving him the best of hugs ;)

I cannot really talk on his behalf, I can only share my opinion as an observer and believe me I am all for ending this shit show because it is ridiculous and it has been ongoing for 209 days, and my heart literally stopped when he tweeted the announcement tweet, but I do believe it could be so much worse if he did not have people on his side. 

And this in itself is calming and is probably still hard on the fandom, but the thing is that they are not doing this to *us*, we are not part of the *show*, they are just in an unpleasant situation and they are doing whatever they can to get the freedom they deserve. And because the fandom *is hurting*, it is easy to project that hurt to Louis and Harry and I probably have an unpopular opinion but I do not think it takes that much of a toll on them as it does on *us*. 

In the beginning it was sure hard and I would be naive to think they just took it easily, but I don’t think it was a piece of cake, especially the month-long physical separation in April, but in May they were totally together in LA for a month, and they could argue and talk it out what needs to be done. This is a very heavy stunt.. fooling an entire fandom, fooling the entire world basically, but it was NOT supposed to last this long and that fake baby bump should not have ever been strapped on, but it was.  

I can also imagine babygate being part of a 3 hours meeting when H or L flat out refused to cooperate, maybe even left the room and then after taking a few deep breaths and weighing in the pros and cons they started to think about it, and whatever decision was made, the final one was made together. 

So we are in an unpleasant situation and the worst would be if there was no fan questioning the legitimacy of this *pregnancy*, if the Larries would be turning their backs on him, if there was a common change of minds that this boy seems to change his mind and wants to stay closeted now, or even worse, some could believe that he really cheated on Harry and knocked up a random girl.

I think they somehow learned to ignore the media and I am pretty sure there are moments when they take the phone from each other, to stop checking out the articles or the tweets, because of course they are IN THIS TOGETHER, no matter who says what, Harry and Louis are in everything together and babygate is not an exception.

At the moment there is no win-win situation. He either plays along and posts an ig picture, gets papped with the carrier and tweets some off his account (if that was even him) or he can ignore the whole thing and let the media/Syco/OT spin it and put such a dent in his already awful public image that would take tremendous effort, time and money to correct. GP is good at *forgiving*, but those who leave their kids, leave the baby mama, and who just simply refuse to be in the life of their kid are NEVER going to be in the good graces of GP. Even if it is not true, remember that negative scandals are very damaging.

But the thing is that the news broke in the most coming out friendly way, and although the story is absolutely putting stunts into shame in terms of how far are people willing to go but at the same time they left so many holes in the story that literally all of us are still here. I do not want to sound naive, I am very aware that some stuff are done to ensure us, and I would really quickly like to put a disclaimer here that this is not queer-baiting because we are talking about an actual closeted couple, and yes although there was some Larry-friendliness in the press, the actual red flag was how the MEDIA treated this fetus/baby. And that is not a normal thing and whatever your beliefs are, there is NO WAY the media is mocking an actual baby and an actual pregnancy the way media mocked this fetus. So I think that helped a lot in undermining this story. And it is quite a relief to Louis that people see that.

So I think they cope with it just *fine*, which sounds ridiculous, but tbh he still did very minimal efforts, and when he was done with work he could meet up with Harry, Anne, Robin and just forget about it. It means the world to me that Harry is there with him, that at least that part is covered that we are not getting angsty attacks that H is not there, H doesn’t love him, look how H is in the UK, they broke up etc etc. 

Also when we saw them, I am thinking about the shoeless fan fic and Harry’s quick shopping trip to YSL, they looked well rested, tanned and pretty fine to me.

They are in a business situation, knowing pretty well

  • WHAT is happening, 
  • WHY it is happening (hello yachtgate initial freak out and now the relieved realization and virtual high-fives that it is mocking Simon when I vividly remember how people hated on him after it happened.cough-cough..), 
  • WHEN the next step is and that makes such a difference.
  • THAT at the end they will get their freedom, the freedom they have craved for since the very beginning. 

What you see was their business decision, I am 100% sure of that and they both agreed to go along with it.

Feel free to disagree, I was just laying out my opinion on how I see things. :) 

I believe in long distance. I really do.

I believe that long distance relationships are the one’s worth fighting for if you genuinely like this individual. It’s also the toughest ones to go through. Who could have ever known that someone so far away can have such a huge impact on you. Some have met. Some have never met. Some started to develop feelings. Some fell in love. Some disappeared. What really interests me is how one fell in love, not because of their appearance or what their social status was, but through the endless conversations, talks, moments, the emotions etc etc. It amazes me how what the norm  perceives  expect to be impossible, can be possible. Because it can happen and it does.

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Can you really quickly sum up what's happening with syco and the sun? I have a time limit with my phone before my parents take it away and I can't research it. Please, and thank you x

Sure thing, dear.

Back in September, Sony and Syco were in talks about redoing their Joint Venture or Sony completely purchasing Syco’s interests. Sony wasn’t happy with Syco, because they felt as though Syco was requesting far too much money. This mainly stemmed from the fact that Syco was projecting their future worth based on their earnings with One Direction. Sony said that wasn’t accurate, because Syco’s share of One Direction would expire at the end of the next fiscal year. Here’s the actual quote: “The calculation of the price is unreasonable particularly as the last three years have been cherry picked to apply to the EBIT formula which of course is the period during which Syco has enjoyed unparalleled success with One Direction and during which Syco has benefited from a share of One Direction’s lucrative ancillary income which share comes to an end next year.” Syco’s fiscal year runs from April to March, so Syco’s share of One Direction would end in March of 2016. Sony also forecasted out what they believed to be the scenarios for Syco’s future, and in EVERY single case, One Direction’s revenue was set to “fade.” Thus, we have in writing since September (but they more than likely knew FAR before this) that Syco was losing 1D for good. No contract renewal, their time was up.

Dan from The Sun ran an article about One Direction going on a hiatus a few months back. That was denied by a 1D rep. Liam and the other boys addressed the rumors along the lines of “not knowing where that came from,” and “focusing on the fifth album.” Thus, they never denied the rumors of a hiatus.

Simon also gave an interview talking about the future of 1D, stating that they were going to go on a break. He seemed very flippant about the future of the band, very uninvested as to their future. Louis Walsh (a judge on X Factor) made some comments to a newspaper stating that he didn’t think 1D could last for much longer. “One Direction had one thing going for them and that was Simon [Cowell]. Simon made it all happen. Nobody ever gives him the credit for what he does, but he and Sony made it happen.” One Direction had one thing going for them….? Why the past tense? I mean, it sounds to me like a friend of someone who was just broken up with raving about how the person would never do better than their friend, etc. etc. It’s all been very favorable of Simon and his contributions to the band and its success, which isn’t surprising given the fact that Dan lives in Simon’s back pocket.

Now, The Sun announced that 1D will go on a hiatus for at least a year starting in March. March of 2016, as in when they will be free of their contractual obligations from Syco. They’re leaving Syco behind, thank God. Simon doesn’t seem too pleased about it, which makes sense given that they’re a cash cow. They’re not even touring for the label, which is where they make A LOT of money. It looks like they’re fulfilling their minimal contractual obligations and running as far away from Simon Cowell as possible.

They likely will go on a hiatus. They’ve talked about that. They deserve to do that. They deserve the opportunity to take a break and explore their other interests. But, I’m hoping that they’ll come back, and they’ll come back sans Syco.

I’m Coming Back Here

Hey guys, if you haven’t heard–my old (new, lol.) blog was deleted.  I know Lullys made a post and so some of you guys have seen it.  It’s been a hard week, trying to understand how this could have happened and why.  Sucks that so much history is lost, ie: poetry, chicon posts, etc.  :/

In any case, I decided that coming back here was my best bet, because I honestly don’t want to start all over again with posts and blog content.  

So you can follow me here. I turned on my ask/submit, so you guys can get in contact with me if you need.  

This blog will not be fully functional, until some point later this week when I am off and can divulge a lot of time to fixing it up with a theme and posts, etc.  So please bear with me as I move back into my old space.  

Thank you guys,


*I’d appreciate any reblogs on this, so people can find me. Thank you.*

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this is kind of pathetic and kind of triumphant all at the same time, and this is why

my job right now is a housekeeper for the local resort. you’d think that after i spend all day cleaning up other people’s messes, i’d get home and be all “i can’t stand this mess!” and keep things clean and etc etc but really what happens is i get home, look at everything, and just want to break down and cry because i am so. sick. of. cleaning.

i’m not going to talk about how there are five other people living in the house right now doing the same as me: not cleaning up after themselves.

anyway it’s kind of pathetic that this was all i could bring myself to do tonight after work, but i did it. the basket that remains on the couch, rather than in the laundry room, because it is the Ever-Loving Sock Basket, which i hate with a fiery passion.

i went through and matched all the ones i could, but obviously there are some left behind. i threw away all of the ones with holes in them, and my brothers can pitch a hissy fit all they want but seriously this family needs some new socks i mean fersrs. at least i can tell which ones are mine because i buy ~colorful socks~ but no one else seems to follow my shining example, so it’s sort of hard to guess because my mom and my bros all wear boring white hanes??? i can tell dad’s apart because they are for his diabetes, and mom’s usually have pink lining, but trying to figure out which ones belong to which brother is a lost cause.

i put benny’s timeline poster up on the wall behind the door so it wouldn’t keep falling on people’s heads and losing pictures.

yay me~

anyway i am going to try and do more ufyh because i need to and tumblr is going to hold me accountable for it. if you get disgusted with the sad, sad state i am living in, bite me.

have a good night!