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10 Things that make you an INTJ

1. You have already visualized how the same thing could happen in a million different ways. 

2. You decided on the best outcome, set your mind to it, nothing will change your mind. Like you will literally walk over flaming hot coals, because that is what you decided to do. 

3. You become an overnight expert in the new thing that really interests you. While you are on team sleep, when you have a new obsession nothing will get in your way of knowing ALL OF THE THINGS.

4. Sticky notes are you favorite thing. You write everything you need to do on them, you place them on things, you cover up INTP’s mouth with them.

5. You like real calendars so you can write on them. You probably have a pretty intense relationship with that one calendar that has funny puns on it because it reminds you of INTP.

6. You plan ahead for everything. Even when its just hanging out with your friend. Literally, you plan the clothing you’re going to wear, the walks you are going to go on and things you can do, and then act like it was a casual plan because who actually does that?

7. Everyone annoys you, the way they breath, the way they walk, the way they eat, the way they drink water making that weird gulping sound.

8. Exceptions to number 7 include the few people you have built a bond with. For these people all rule breakers do not apply, you would literally love them despite their loud mouth breathing.

9. You don’t react appropriately to people crying. You sort of pat their backs awkwardly and make an ill timed joke. Their tears make you feel incredibly venerable, and you will do anything possible to leave the situation asap.

10. You get completely and irrationally irritated with something and will go on an hour long rant about the subject and why it is so dumb.

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(1) Like the oc in FH I also am still hung up over jungkook. I think it's because I feel that when they ended their relationship, it didn't feel like a closure. It was more of a "we will meet each other again". If it wasn't for jungkook's ambition, their unstableness, the general fact that they were young, they probably would still be together. Their relationship didn't end on a bad note. There are a lot of possibilities on how this could go, in terms of what happens at the end/who she ends with

(2) The character I’m worried for is jm though. It’s great how he treats and respects the oc, and it’s good for her. But in the back of my mind, I’m thinking that the oc isn’t good for him as we (at least, I) still are unsure of whether or not it’s the fact that jm is similar to her ex or his genuine care toward her that is making her give him a chance. I just think it’s unfair toward jm, but I guess a lot of things in life are unfair.

(3) But at the same time, if say, the oc were to choose jimin, I feel that jungkook would just continue to spiral into the hole he’s digging himself. I just hope all the characters will have a good closure? Plus, we still have yet to find out jungkook’s pov, which I’m anticipating

(4) all in all, the way I see it, everything is strung together so delicately; the relationship between the three, even the oc and jimin despite how much of a pure sweetheart he is And I’m so sorry for these asks, but I hate the word limit on these.

it’s completely fine! i don’t mind all of these asks at all, honestly it’s asks like these that make my day! 

but yes i completely agree about your take on why the oc is still so hung up on jungkook. a lot of people are annoyed that she hasn’t tried moving on even though it’s already been a year and a half, and while yes that can seem weak to some people, like she’s letting her happiness be dictated by a guy, i don’t think it’s necessarily that simple. like if no one makes her feel even a fraction of what she felt with jungkook then why would she want to move on when she knows she has the ability to achieve a greater level of happiness. move on just for the sake of looking like you’ve moved on? no, that’s not fair to her or to the guy she tries to involve herself with. it’s not until she meets jimin that she finally starts to catch some of those similar feelings, and if you read carefully you can tell that she’s taking the steps to get over jungkook with jimin, she’s just scared for everything to go wrong again, understandably so. and yes like you said, there was no closure, jungkook and the oc didn’t end on a bad note, they were still completely in love with each other, life just didn’t permit their relationship to continue, so i think still having these feelings is completely understandable. 

and i can completely understand being worried about jimin’s feelings in this entire situation. you can obviously tell that he cares about her a lot, and wants to help her through this entire life rut that she’s going through, and i think it would be hard for him not to fall in love with her during that time. and yes, it’s unfair to jimin that jungkook is back now, and he has to compete with these intense feelings that the oc already has for jungkook. 

i’m very excited to write jungkook’s feelings on this entire situation bc we really have no idea what he’s been thinking for the past year and half, and i think it’s going to be very interesting to see!

but really thank you so much for sending in this message. i like trying to explain the motivations behind the characters as much as possible especially in a situation such as this where people are very divided on the oc’s inability to move on

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Smrookies reaction to their boyfriend slaying them in a dance battle (he isn't a trainee) and/or Smrookies reaction to their boyfriend competing with Ten on Hit The Stage (He is taking Momo's part and dances) . Tag me please!

Smrookies reaction to their boyfriend slaying them in a dance battle (he isn’t a trainee):

Taeil: *embarrassed* *did I train all these years for this*

Hansol: *speechless*

Johnny: “You in for a game hun”

Taeyong: *proud* “Did y’all see that?”

Yuta: “No one can beat Nakamoto Yuta except Nakamoto Yuta”

Kun: “Good boy”

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Legit Terrified

So somebody who hates me somehow found my Twitter account, which I have never publicly shared on here.

They printscreened some of my tweets and posted them on their blog.

Now my FULL NAME is on Tumblr. I hardly ever use my Twitter account so I never thought to change my name.

With my full name (and face) attached to the nasty things they’ve been saying about me, I’m legit terrified at what could happen-how it can be used by her and/or her buddies…or just other people who stumble across it.

I would NEVER share someone’s full name with anyone online unless they gave me explicit permission to do so and even then I would hesitate to do so.

That’s behavior that cannot be condoned by anybody.

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I just wanted to say I shipped Sephiroth and Angeal since I first played Crisis core!! This ship really needs more love!!!! Maybe you can draw them please??


(don’t look at me I’m weak and embarrassing)

A majority Tory win? Not even a coalition? Great. A+. Now we’ll get the deluxe version of Eton right wing politics, with no second party to temper it. Good job, Britain. I eagerly await the five more years of austerity and funding cuts that we’re about to live through. I honestly feel like having a little cry.

Legend of Korra had the potential to show how a formerly hate-driven nation of war had changed in times of peace, and how the good of that nation flourished under wise and honorable rulers…..but then, everything changed when the Fire Nation became nonexistent