how could someone have passed this up

Please, if you meet someone who makes you excited to wake up again, don’t waste your chance. Tell them how you feel before they slip between your fingers. Because never knowing what you could have been, it breaks your heart just as much as being rejected. Take the risk. Do it for me. Do it for yourself. Do it because you can’t let love pass you by. Not again. Not this time.
—  These words hurt but I need to say them. For you. For me. For everyone too scared to try.
Soulmate AU

Got the idea from one of @phan-cannons Aus

-tattoo of the things your soulmates love spear on your skin
-lance has a tattoos of the moon, lyrics from emo songs that are actually really meaningful(he likes to read them when he’s sad or feels homesick), a red heart, and him
-about a year and a half ago the drawing of him showed up on his skin
-this meant that his soulmate was somewhere in the school
-the only question was who was it
-he started by checking all the astrology books that have been checked out
-because of the moon he has
-after that he tried looking for all the people who had checked out the books looking for someone wearing black and probably sitting in a corner
-there was only one person he didn’t look for and that was Keith because of course it could be him, he was lances rival, no matter how hot he was
-time passed and he forgot about his quest to find his soulmate
-next thing you know lance is in space fighting aliens as a part of Voltron
-so one day lance is heading to the bathroom to take a much needed shower
-after opening the door he stops, frozen
-there in front of him is Keith with his shirt off and a big tattoo of Ursa Major lances favorite constellation
-shocked Keith turns around only to show his front where there is a tattoo of curly writing that just says “family” placed on his shoulder
-near his hipbone is more writing that stars “friends”
-his stomach is covered in cartoon faces, lances favorite cartoon character faces
-Keith is frozen in shock until he realizes that lance figured it out
- lance is promptly shoved out of the bathroom and is left standing in the hallway with the knowledge that Keith is his soulmate
-later, after a very awkward diner, lance heads to Keith’s bedroom
-he finds Keith with his shirt of looking in the mirror
-Keith sees lance in the mirror but doesn’t turn around
-so Keith decides to do the only thing he can think of
-he kisses Keith
-Keith is shocked at first but soon melts into lances arms
-after they pull apart lance is a little dazed but soon recovers when he catches sight of something that wasn’t there before
-right over Keith’s heart is a tattoo of the one thing lance loves most, Keith

Um… oops!

Took on a client project I can’t tell you about. Hopefully this won’t further delay commissions reopening, but I hope to have everything managed by February. Fingers crossed, and sorry to everyone for the stupidly long wait!

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If you're comfortable answering, how and why did you start fostering at such a young age? I'm 19 and want to foster one day, but I can't imagine doing so at 25! That's pretty incredible :)

Hmmmm, have I mentioned that I am 25? Genuinely curious because I can’t remember and am a tad weirded out.

BUT becoming a foster parent kind of just happened for me. I was dating a girl who grew up in foster care. She has a sister who her grandparents have custody of, and she always talked about wanting her when their grandparents passed. I think I was just googling how that could happen. I landed on the DCFS site and submitted my email/phone number for more info. I completely forgot about it, but one day someone called. She set up a time for a licensing worker to come out, and set up my PRIDE classes and it kind of just happened.

I personally don’t view my age as something outrageous. I know some people who have done it younger. 75% of my peers are all in the starting families/making babies phase, so I kind of compare it to that.. just a little less traditional haha.

My advice to you is to make sure you really want it before you commit. It completely changes your life. You automatically become responsible for these little humans. Your life intertwines with them, and their big traumas. Your life takes backseat. There have been times where I contemplated if I had made the right decision becoming a foster parent. Sometimes I miss my freedom… but I think those feelings are valid for foster parents of all ages. I wouldn’t change anything. If I had to choose, I’d do it again.

P.S. make sure you have a strong support system.. I couldn’t do it without my people.

ALSO. Thank you.

You know, I normally don’t say anything if someone posts something on social media that I do not agree with because I believe everyone is entitled to their opinions. But, I couldn’t pass up this tweet without commenting. Sorry for the rant that is about to occur.

Someone tweeted about not understanding how someone could attend college for four years to study theatre/plays. Now, of course theatre has to do with reading plays; but, it is so much more than that.

Theatre is about understanding how people’s brains work, how they think and feel. It’s the study of psychology. Theatre is about learning to relate to many different people in many different ways. It’s the study of communication. Theatre people have to be fascinated by words, because we have to know many different words and how to use them. These words even include medical and scientific terminology. It’s the study of English and language. Theatre practitioners must love history, because we must be aware of how the world worked in different time periods. Theatre is about thinking creatively, and outside of the box. It’s about learning to understand ideas and concepts that have never even crossed your mind. It’s the study of philosophy. Knowing how businesses work and are effected by the economy is essential if one wants to work in a theatre. It’s the study of economics. Theatre is the study of truth, it’s the study of life.

Theatre can make people feel, and think. It can make people believe, remember, forget, explore, and understand different things. Theatre creates open-minded individuals, with a love for learning.

Some people are very quick to judge and comment on things they know very little about. There are so many factors that go into studying theatre, which many people are unaware of.

Theatre has led me to meet some of the most creative, intelligent, and compassionate people that exist in this world.

I am fortunate enough to say that I am passionate about what I study, and will love my future career. I am proud to be a theatre major.

Retrograde - Part 5

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Rhys’ plan had worked. At least, he hoped it had. If it didn’t, then he’d managed to get himself into even deeper shit than he’d started in.

He’d come up with the idea after his arm had been so unceremoniously ripped off. He knew he’d blacked out for a bit from the pain, but he returned to consciousness way sooner than he would’ve liked to at the feeling of someone’s fingernails biting into the bloodied flesh of his right shoulder.

“Did I say you could pass out on me?”

“No,” Rhys said coolly, looking lazily into Vasquez’s eyes. “Although I have to say, for someone with such ‘advanced’ knowledge about cybernetics, you sure as hell don’t know how to take them off properly.”

Rhys could see Vasquez’s scowl deepen at the air quotes his remaining hand made around the word “advanced,” and he wasn’t exactly surprised when Vasquez’s fist slammed into his gut.

That didn’t stop it from hurting like a bitch.

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Goosebumps Title Asks

Welcome to Dead House - Have you ever moved to a new home?
Stay Out of the Basement - Are you hiding anything…?
Monster Blood - How tall are you? Would you change your height if given the chance?
Say Cheese and Die - What is your favorite photo of yourself? Could you share it?
The Curse of the Mummy’s Tomb - Do you believe in curses and bad luck?
Lets Get Invisible - Have you ever wished you could trade places with someone else for a day?
Night of the Living Dummy - Do you constantly try to one-up your siblings? If you don’t have siblings, do you constantly try to one-up other people? 
The Girl Who Cried Monster - Can you recall a time that people did not believe you about something, even though you were telling the truth?
Welcome to Camp Nightmare - What lengths have you gone through to pass a test?
The Ghost Next Door - If you could choose how you were going to die, how would you go and why?
The Haunted Mask - What do you consider to be a “symbol of love” in your life?
Be Careful What You Wish For - If you had three wishes, what would they be?
Piano Lessons can be Murder - Do you have any musical talent? What kind of instrument(s) can you play?
The Werewolf of Fever Swamp - Would you adopt a stray animal? Have you?
You Can’t Scare Me - What is your biggest fear?
One Day at Horrorland - Do you enjoy rides? What is your favorite ride?
Why I’m Afraid of Bees - Do you kill insects or let them outside?
Deep Trouble - Do you like to swim? A pool or the ocean?
The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight - Do you have any bizarre family/close family friends? What do they do that’s so out of the norm?
Go Eat Worms - Have you ever ruined someone else’s hard work?
Ghost Beach - Do you have any unusual hobbies that other people may judge you for?
Phantom of the Auditorium - Have you ever been to or been in a play? What play(s) have you gone to/been to?
Attack of the Mutant - Who is your favorite comic book Super-Villain?
My Hairiest Adventure - How did you react when you reached puberty? How about when you started to grow hair in weird places?
A Night in Terror Tower - Have you ever traveled to another country? Where did you go and what kinds of things did you experience?
The Cuckoo Clock of Doom - If you could go back in time, where would you go and why?
It Came from Beneath the Sink - How often do you compliment others? How often do you insult others?
The Barking Ghost - Are you a dog person or a cat person?
The Horror at Camp Jellyjam - Have you ever tried so hard to win something that you realized wasn’t worth winning in the first place?
Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes - Have you ever been accused of something you never did?
A Shocker on Shock Street - What is your favorite genre of movie? What is your favorite movie of that genre?
The Headless Ghost - Do you enjoy scaring others? Or do you enjoy being scared yourself?
The Abominable Snowman of Pasadena - Do you prefer the cold weather or the hot weather? 
How I got my Shrunken Head - Do you own any rare or bizarre artifacts?
Bad Hare Day - Are you into magic tricks? Can you perform any?
Egg Monsters from Mars - What is your favorite holiday?
The Beast from the East - What is your favorite outdoors game to play?
Ghost Camp - What is your favorite summer-time activity?
How to Kill a Monster - What are you allergic to (if anything at all)?
Legend of the Lost Legend - Have you ever gone treasure-hunting or geocaching? 
Attack of the Jack'O'Lanterns -  What is your favorite Halloween costume (that you’ve worn or seen someone else wear)?
Vampire Breath - Are you forgetful and often misplace important things?
Calling All Creeps - Have you ever received and answered a strange call from an unknown number?
Beware the Snowman - What is your favorite thing to do in the snow? 
How I Learned to Fly - Do you wish to be famous? Do you think being famous would ruin who you are?
Chicken Chicken - Have you ever done something that has caused you to regret it once you received the consequences?
Don’t Go to Sleep - What keeps you up at night?
The Blob that Ate Everyone - What kind of things do you like to write about (if anything at all)?
The Curse of Camp Cold Lake - Do you treat others with the same respect they treat you?
My Best Friend is Invisible - Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever gone ghost hunting?
The Haunted School - What is your favorite subject in school? What is your least favorite subject?
Werewolf Skin - Do you feel comfortable in your own skin?
I Live in your Basement - Are your parents extremely over-protective or are they under-protective?

wewalktheheavens  asked:

I'm having such a hard time moving on. My boyfriend of 1 year just broke my heart because he found someone better than me.. I miss him so much and I still love him... I feel so worthless because he was able to just throw me away that quickly. The way I found out was that, not even a week passed since we broke up, he posted a snapchat of him laying in bed with his new girlfriend... how could he just do that... I want to die😭

Hold up did you just say “better than you”, hell nah. Let me tell you, no girl is better than you, or worse than you. We are women we stand together. Him I’m sorry to say but he’s a jackass. Hes a retarded muther beeper for him to let go of such an amazing, beautiful, strong and independent woman like you for probably a (woman that has alot of sexual partners) and please delete him off of snapchat as long as he still knows he’s got you undercontrol he’s gonna find every single way to make your life miserable. I know it’s gonna be hard but let me tell you it’s gonna get better. Go shopping with some friends, get your mind off of him. He’s a fucking loser. And you’re amazing you deserve all the happiness. And stay beautiful!

Lydia knew drinking the punch was a bad idea. She had been to far too many parties where the punch was spiked but the church was so hot and Lydia was already feeling dehydrated for some reason. Not to mention her head was killing her. And it wasn’t from any voices inside of her head, it was from a high pitched frequency that she couldn’t stop hearing. The banshee needed to have a drink and eat- no matter how dangerous it would be. She only took a little sip but that was enough to have her vision become blurred within a matter of minutes. She turned when she heard someone ask where their friend had been. Lydia could barely see straight. Between the headache and the room spinning, she knew something was up. And it wasn’t just the punch being spiked with wolfsbane- although she knew there was a massive amount in there. “Sorry.. I don’t know.” She mumbled, stumbling over and barely passing out as she found herself bumping into someone. “Hey, have you seen his friend?” Lydia asked the familiar face, but when she went to point out the other person they were suddenly gone. Was she hallucinating?

Gabriel: NOPENOPENOPE. I have learned the hard way on this one. Any “battle”, traditional or otherwise, ends the same and I am not breaking my wings for a game of Parcheesi.  

Raphael: I concur. I will pass on this.


Lucifer: We would have been the winning side either way…IF SOMEONE KNEW HOW TO PLAY AS A TEAM NOT AS A MILITARY LEADER.



Gabriel: You can also spell Meat with it.


Tell Me Again Tomorrow

You were feeling no pain, the doctor had given you a muscle relaxer and a pain killer. You’d be better if the drunk asshole hadn’t hit your car and ran, which is how you ended up in the ER. You weren’t seriously hurt, just bumps and bruises.

You were ready to be discharged and go home except one thing you didn’t have a ride. Your house wasn’t that far from St. Thomas, you could walk, no need to bother anyone.

Gathering your things together, you wobbled out the door. By passing the nurses station, you didn’t want to get caught leaving. You were suppose to wait for someone to pick you up. You lied and told her your boyfriend was coming, truth was you didn’t have one.

You made it to the end of the parking lot before you fell on your ass. Laughing you started talking to the small red child to your right.

Laying back on the grass, the sun was blocked out. Looking up you see your friend Opie standing above you. “Ope! What are you doing here?”

“Your car was towed into TM! And I’m your in case of emergency.” You laughed, he reached down helping you up.

“Can we give little red a ride?” You point to your friend. Hearing Opie chuckle, he lifts you up in his arms.

“That’s a fire hydrant, I don’t think I can get it in my truck. Let’s get you home.” You relax in his arms, smiling at him.

“You’re my favorite giant Opie. I love you, always have.” Laying your head on his chest, you twirl your fingers in his beard.

“I love you too, your my favorite short stuff.” He carried you to his truck, placing you inside.

“No, Ope! I mean I really love you!” Sliding across the seat as he gets in, you wrap your arms around his neck kissing him.

“Let’s talk about this when your not drugged.”

“You don’t love me?” You hear him growl, his hands go to your face.

“I just want you to remember it, when I tell you!”

“You can always tell me again tomorrow.” Laying your head on his shoulder, you slowly start to doze off.

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Iced coffee

It was that time of year again. Not three minutes could pass without someone sneezing, coughing or having their voice cut out for literally no reason, and everyone would ask if their throat was sore.

No one was actually sick, they just had some symptoms. Well, except for Kwan, he was sick. Meaning Dash was having a bad day.

It was Saturday. And therefore, unworth the trouble of tracking down Fenton, for petty amusement. That was how he ended up at the local coffee shop, searching for something to do.

In line, the board jock counted 4 coughs, one sneeze, and the cashier who assured everyone she was fine despite how she sounded. “A little low on the sneezes” he thought, wondering if that would jinx it.

By the time he gave his order a Ghost fight had broken out by the street! Phantom! Dash thought as he grabbed the steaming foam and ran out the door.

The fight was over by the time he reached them. Phantom turned putting the lid on the soup can. Dash opened his mouth to tell him… to ask… to say something. When the ghost sneezed. “Yup! I jinxed it!” The thought came as freezing air shot passed him.

Phantom, noticing something Dash didn’t , burst into laughter and flew off. Confused, the quarterback turned and walked off. At least he had his steaming hot… NO! Iced Coffee!?!?!

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How was your vday? Anything fun? Anything you wish you could have done?

honestly it was pretty moot.  Was v productive in terms of setting myself up for future success; I just have to act on it tomorrow. I wish i could have mustered up enough courage to give someone a card i made to go along with their queerplatonic valentines gift, and smooches bc im a hopeless romantic. But it’s not like its gonna ruin my week, this too shall pass, ya feel?

Thanks for asking! Come back Soon!


Requested by anonymous

You had your head deep into your textbook, amazed at how much progress you made, especially since you didn’t like the class. Then you heard it. The door opening. Without looking up you knew exactly who it was.

“Shut up,” you preemptively said.

“Hello to you too!” Wade greeted in a cheery tone.

“I’m studying. Find someone else to annoy?” you suggested, feeling all progress suddenly halt.

“But I have no one else to annoy,” Wade replied with what you could assume was a pout, though you couldn’t see it between his mask and you trying to focus on your book.

“Tough luck. I need to pass this test. No way in hell am I re-taking this class,” you stated. You almost didn’t notice the desk shift a little as Wade sat on the desk across from you. He leaned back so that his head was resting on your book. You glared down at him.

“But I want a kiss,” Wade said, before puckering his lips under the mask.

“If I give you a kiss, will you go be you somewhere else?” you asked.

“I make no such promises,” Wade stated. “But I’ll get off your book at least.”

“Okay, fine,” you sigh, leaning over to give Wade a kiss through his mask, since he didn’t bother to pull it up to expose his lips. It was weird kissing when your top lip met his bottom, and vice-versa.

“Okay, now let me work,” you said, pushing Wade off your book at the same time he got off.

“But I have nobody to talk to,” Wade said.

“Talk to yourself. That hasn’t stopped you before,” you replied.

“But you’re more fun,” Wade said. You decided to just not reply. “Well, usually you are.” Still silence. “Say something!”

You get a little smirk as you start to read your text out loud, only stopping when Wade groaned.

“Okay, that’s even more boring than talking to myself,” Wade stated. “Can’t you at least take a break or something?”

“Sure,” you replied. “I’ll take a break once I pass this test.”

You assumed the movement you saw out of the corner of your eye was Wade sticking out his tongue.

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Do you keep track of how many people you kill? And because I'm curious, as well as morbid, how would you go about torturing me?

Oh, it’s impossible to really keep track. Someone like me could really lose their mind *comical eye roll* trying to keep up with it. But, there have been many.

And as for you my Queen, I would take the most pleasure in tying you down completely clothed so that I could use a knife to slowly slice the garments from your body. I’d enjoy seeing the shiver that passes over your curvy, soft body, your eyes wide with uncertainty….You know what? I don’t want to give too much away. So much to look forward to. *wink*

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So I hope Mashima really clears this up...

Or maybe someone could explain this to me.

From what I’ve gathered, Zeref says that Layla opened the door of the Eclipse on July 7th X777.

When it was time to open the gate, Aquarius’s key had yet to be found.

Seven days passed and Zoldeo killed Grammy.

However, this is where I’m lost. How was Zoldeo able to kill Grammy in the first place if by this time he should have been merged with Capricorn?  

Remember, Capricorn explains his story on Tenrou Island in the year X784. This is seven years after X777.

Twenty years ago means the year was actually X764 when Layla’s health declined and she gave up her keys.  

And according to Zoldeo/Capricorn, he had been gone from the celestial world for 17 years, indicating that was when Zoldeo left the mansion and committed the taboo in the year X767. 

So how is it possible for Zoldeo to be in the Heartfilia mansion and to have killed Grammy in X777 when he should have already been missing for ten years? Even if he heard news about Layla and had come back for his revenge, one- Layla would have been missing 2 keys, and second- Zoldeo should have been trapped in Capricorn’s body.

Maybe it’s possible that there were two incidents when Layla opened the Eclipse door? One in X767 and the other in X777?

It can’t be the year X764 (even though Capricorn states something happened) because according to Layla and Grammy, Lucy is already born and she wasn’t born until the year X767. 

So is it possible that Aquarius’s flashback takes place in year X767? It would explain why Zoldeo is still around and that Lucy is born even if she’s just a few months old. But then again, this doesn’t close a loop and instead raises MORE questions. 

Why was the gate opened in X767 when the dragon slayers weren’t brought until the year X777? Was it something related to Lucy? And how would Layla be able to open the gate in the year X777 if Capricorn’s key wasn’t around? Does she just give up the rest of her life force to bring the dragon slayers over? But Aquarius and Zeref talk like the gate only opened once and Zeref gives the date so could there even be an earlier day? But most importantly, why are the Gods letting humans open the Eclipse gates so much?

I hope Aquarius’s flashback takes place in the year X767. I mean, there are some small details that still won’t make sense but I think it would be less messy than this taking place in X777 like Mashima was hinting.

EXO's reaction to getting a huge phone bill for talking to you too much while overseas on tour

Xiumin: “I think I’m gonna pass out.”

Luhan: *telling you about it later - on Skype*

Kris: *instant migraine*

Suho: “I just wanted to talk to my girlfriend.”

Lay: *needs a moment*

Baekhyun: “Those are some big numbers.”

Chen: “I hope this is one of those stories I can laugh about later.”

Chanyeol: “Someone tell me this is a prank.”


Tao: “Do you know how much Gucci I could have bought with this?”

Kai: “No more phone calls while I’m on tour. Video chatting only from now on.”

Sehun: “Hey, Suho-hyung, you know I love you, right?” *suck-up*

Seventeens reaction to you being a 99-00 liner

Would be really shocked that youre so young because you act so mature and he probably low key has a crush on you and now he feels like a pedophile.
< Scoups, jun, Jeonghan >

Doesn’t really care if your that young because you act way more mature then you are and probably could pass off for someone way older.
< Joshua >
Honestly doesn’t really care how old you are probably prefers someone more mature then him to balance out the friendship/ relationship.
< DK, Dino, Vernon >
Would probably be all for how young you are not like in a creepy way Haha but he’s intrigued by how much more mature you are then him and he wants to get closer to see if you have a childish side. < Hoshi, Minghao and mingyu >
Probably just happy that there is someone who is mature like him and he’d end up being really into you and try to hold back because of age but he really likes you. < wonwoo, woozi >
Honestly can’t find a good reason to really care you’d get along well no matter the age as long as you were a good person
These are all my opinion I don’t think any of the boys would have a big problem with it!

stardusttown  asked:

can i do all three hearts and request Specifically they be about me because i'm worth it

LOL ok

💜 for a vague about someone

i still care about you but i don’t know how we’d be friends now. maybe we really are too different after all the time has passed but the years we had were lovely, even though i was less than the friend i could have been. i was too much where i shouldn’t have been and not enough were i could have been, i just wanted to protect you so much but ended up hurting i think. i hope that you can forgive me. 

💙 for a confession about someone

tbh idk what the difference between a confession and a vague is supposed to be but. i was too hard on you for too long but you aren’t good at loving people, you made it easier to push you away. i don’t know if we’re healing now, but you letting him step in makes it that much harder. i can say that i love you now but i don’t know if we’ll ever be friends.

💛 for my honest opinion of you

guardian !! i love you SO MUCH i am so glad we got back into contact again !!!!!! ur such a positive influence always and such a caring individual, u make me so emotional, an amazing supportive friend and an angel in my life honestly :-*

i was looking through the tfc extra content again and this popped into my mind so consider this: nicky and allison roping neil into modeling/trying out clothes 

  • the boy’s got to have nice legs considering he’s a long distance runner
  • so nicky and allison team up to see how they can show him off best
  • allison’s putting her fashion skills to perfect use and nicky’s definitely not gonna pass something up like this
  • so of course, they go with a skirt
  • they convince neil by saying they need someone to measure and model the clothes they make
  • neil is like “wtf why not?”
  • (at this point he’s comfortable enough with them that he no longer worries about hiding his body)
  • when he first tries on the skirt it’s weird bc wow it’s so much freedom…but he kinda likes it?
  • so neil agrees to keep on being their model and tries on so many skirts/dresses
  • eventually andrew finds out where neil keeps disappearing off to and walks in on one of these modeling sessions
  • ((idk they’re all in neil and andrew’s room, for the sake of where i’m going with this))
  • andrew just….freezes when he sees neil
  • nicky and allison hightail it out of the room as soon as they see the intense look in andrew’s eyes
  • (and secretly high five each other when they’re out of sight)
  • let’s just say that andrew definitely showed his appreciation for neil (and his legs) in that skirt as soon as they were alone
  • and absolutely no one is surprised when allison and nicky let neil keep the clothes and neil quietly accepts