how could i've never seen these

⊱simple introduction starters⊰
  • ❝what are you doing here?❞
  • ❝you're going to hurt yourself, let me help you.❞
  • ❝why are you staring at me?❞
  • ❝if you didn't want to talk to me, you could've just said so.❞
  • ❝i think you dropped this.❞
  • ❝here, i'll pay for that.❞
  • ❝so i assume you're the one everyone's talking about.❞
  • ❝that outfit looks nice on you, where'd you get it?❞
  • ❝why are you doing this?❞
  • ❝so that looks dangerous... want to try it?❞
  • ❝you're going to do WHAT with WHAT?❞
  • ❝can you help me grab this?❞
  • ❝don't talk to me until i've had my coffee. thanks.❞
  • ❝that was possibly the weirdest thing i've ever seen.❞
  • ❝you have the prettiest smile i've seen all day.❞
  • ❝do i have anything on my shirt?❞
  • ❝are you waiting for an interview too?❞
  • ❝is this seat saved for anyone?❞
  • ❝i've never been here before, it's beautiful.❞
  • ❝do you know the directions to (location)?❞
  • ❝so how long have you been working here?❞
  • ❝how many of those have you had?❞
  • ❝i'm not suppose to talk to strangers.❞
  • ❝you'll be ok, i promise.❞
  • ❝can you hear me?❞
  • ❝i think you're on my foot...❞
  • ❝i guess you're stuck with me 'til the elevator starts working.❞
  • ❝could you POSSIBLY get more annoying?❞
  • ❝i have several questions, first off WHY?❞
  • ❝why would you do that?"
  • ❝i think that guy is giving you a weird look.❞
  • ❝hey are you ok?❞
  • ❝do you live here?❞
  • ❝are you third-wheeling too?❞
  • ❝why are like this?❞
  • ❝who did this to you?❞
  • ❝who told you that?❞
  • ❝why are you following me?❞

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Could you pretty please do a friends to lovers with Namjoon?????? I've been obsessed since your Yoongi one 💖

how cute, thank you!!
find jungkook (here), jimin (here) & yoongi (here)  ~

  • you and namjoon first see each other on the bus you take to get to work every morning
  • and you’d never seen him before,,,,but he definitely catches your attention because he’s so tall and looks so intelligent with glasses perched on the end of his nose and a thick, philosophical book in his hands
  • and you’re close to 100% sure that he completely looks past you when you guys get in line to get on the bus
  • but to your surprise he takes a step back and lets you skip him to get on first,,,,,,
  • and when you meet his eyes to thank him,,,,,you can’t help but notice how the dark brown of them behind his frames still seems somehow soft,,,,,
  • and for a couple of weeks you two silently stand side by side with the rest of the morning crowd waiting for the bus and maybe it’s your imagination but every now and then you feel like he might be looking your way,,,,,,,,,but you brush it off
  • until one day you find yourself standing beside him, shuffling a stack of heavy paperwork that you needed to bring with you to work in your hands when,,,,,,,,,,,it starts to rain
  • and because your hands are full you groan because you can’t get the umbrella from your bag,,,,,,,,,,,,if you even had an umbrella which ,,,,,,you don’t think you do
  • and slowly you can see the paper getting wet and you try to hide the stack under your cardigan but it won’t work
  • until you feel someone step closer to you and you see the mysterious boy holding a giant black umbrella over your heads
  • and you shift the pile of paper in your arms and manage to stutter out a thank you
  • to which he looks at you and smiles,,,,,and you almost drop the papers because you ???? never noticed he had dimples before?????
  • and he tells you that it’s no problem, that the pile of paper looks heavy and if you want he can hold some for you
  • and it’s so sweet and you say thank you again,,,,,but pause because you actually don’t know his name 
  • but he just smiles again,,,,the warmness you saw in his eyes spreading over his handsome face and he’s like “kim namjoon, and you are,,,,,?”
  • and it’s as simple as that to get you two talking and you tell namjoon about your job and he tells you about his and suddenly you ask about the books you always see him reading
  • and he laughs into his palm,,,,,as you two are seated together on the bus and he says it’s quite embarrassing,,,but he’s what his friend taehyung calls a book worm
  • but you insist it’s nothing to be embarrassed of!!! you like reading too!!!
  • and when it’s your stop namjoon hands you the umbrella which you hesitate to take because won’t he get wet- but he tells you that your papers look important and plus his long legs will help him run faster inside 
  • and you giggle but thank him
  • and from that day,,,,,,,you and namjoon aren’t just standing awkwardly side by side at the stop anymore
  • nope you guys greet each other and talk about your days and sometimes you even check to see you guys are early so you get some coffee at a nearby cafe and return to the bus stop all the while getting to know each other more and just,,,,,,,,,,becoming better friends
  • the umbrella which he gave you,,,,you keep forgetting to return and you apologize everytime but namjoon shrugs it off,,,,,,,,until finally it’s raining again one morning
  • and you grab his umbrella and dash out to get to the bus only to see poor namjoon shivering with his hood up and you’re like !!!!!!!! where’s your umbrella and he sheepishly admits that the one you’re carrying was actually the only one he had,,,,,,(the others were broken due to clumsy events)
  • and you’re like oh my god im so sorry here- but namjoon is like ill take it but let’s share it
  • and as you wait for the bus,,,,,,,,you can feel namjoon standing so close that your shoulders brush and that you can smell a subtle, but simple cologne coming from him
  • and when he turns to look at you,,,,it’s kind of,,,,,there’s something more than there usually is
  • “this umbrella is the reason we became friends.” he suddenly says and you nod slowly because that’s true,,,,before that you hadn’t talked much
  • and you look at his hand holding it and wonder for a second what it would be like if you just put your hand over his,,,,,
  • and almost as if he knows namjoon goes “wouldn’t it be nice if this umbrella was also the reason,,,,,,,,,”
  • he stops and you see him shift his eyes a bit,,,,red tint over his high cheekbones and he looks at you finally and finishes with
  • “,,,,was also the reason we became something more?” 
  • and you can hear some women going finally! the bus is here
  • but you and namjoon stand there under the umbrella looking at each other and the bus stops and people are getting on
  • but neither of you budges until you lean forward and put your hand over his thats holding the umbrella and shyly answering that,,,,,,,,it would be nice,,,,,,,if you guys could be something more
  • and namjoon looks like a christmas tree that’s just been lighted up with how wide he smiles
  • but before he can say anything the bus pulls out of the spot, tires running through a puddle and splashing both you and namjoon
  • until you’re both drenched and in shock
  • but turning to look at one another and laughing like it’s not big deal
  • that day you both call into work with excuses and spend it on your first date,,,,,even if it’s raining over the city,,,,,you guys get cozy in a bookstore and maybe just maybe you think that since it’s a first date namjoon might end it with a kiss in the rain?????
  • but you’re like thaTS ToO CORNY he wouldn’t
  • (he does) 

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Is it canon that Lena actually hates aliens? I've seen that tossed around in a couple of recaps and I never got the vibe that she hated aliens at all. Apprehensive of them and their potential powers, sure. But hating them seems strongly like other the other Luthors that she's trying to distance herself from. That and she doesn't want to be judged so how could she justify judging the entire alien population, excluding Supergirl?

Well let’s start off by tackling whether or not being “Apprehensive of them and their potential powers” is just common sense… or if it’s xenophobia.

Because I think you’re right about Lena not “hating” aliens, but she certainly fears them.

Now, the situation in the show was clearly intended as a direct parallel to the immigration narrative going on in the states currently, but it has complicated the politics of the show from it’s intended mirroring of reality, because forcing muslims to tell you their religion for ‘your protection’ is obviously wrong, but if they had powers?

And it’s true that many aliens have great abilities that humans do not have, that could easily hurt people. 

(Who knows what the percentage is, as most of the aliens we encounter on the show cause problems by necessity of the plot, but we know that aliens who can harm and who do harm exist.)

…But in America, people are also legally allowed to carry concealed weapons.

Someone could pull out a gun and kill you in a second. Or a knife. Another could be a black belt and easily able to over power you without a weapon. Maybe another knows ten ways to kill you right now because they’re obsessed with some edgy™ documentaries.

Who knows?

The people all around us have capabilities to harm us that we cannot see or know.

That, in reality, we rarely even think about.

But when it comes to people that look or behave differently from us it’s suddenly our biggest concern.

Essentially, there’s an issue when we start identifying those who have the capacity to harm us with those who are “other” than us.

Because Johnny Whiteman down the street owns a rifle and that’s his business but Xoun’gof’s skin turns purple and get’s spikey when he eats something he likes so we’re gonna have to know everything about that right away.

I mean… it’s pretty safe to assume that if you need a device that tells you when someone is an alien, that you think of aliens as dangerous. 

And that’s like… pretty xenophobic. 

“But Aliens are dangerous! They have all these fantastical destructive powers!”

But that’s not what makes someone dangerous

What makes someone dangerous is not only ability, but the want to do harm.

So an alien could easily blow up a mall.

Lena could, too, probably. With her money and intellect and the circles that she has connections to, she could easily pull it off.

But are we afraid that she’s going to do that? Nah.

If she met another human who theoretically had that same capability, would she fear them? Probably not.

But if she met an alien who had that capability…

It’s about trust. And when you specifically don’t trust those who are foreign, it’s xenophobic. 

And the only reason Lena wants to know and wants others to know who is an alien and who isn’t (as demonstrated by her creation of the alien detection device) is because she doesn’t trust aliens specifically.

So… that’s xenophobic. 

Plus, there are some other things shown in the way she talks about her alien detection device that suggests a very… other-ing view on aliens.

“Not truly one of them” suggests something different and darker than “has abilities humans don’t have.”

Pictured: Kara looking at a device that would reveal she “isn’t actually one of them.”

And after she successfully passes Lena’s Human™ test:

And I don’t know about you guys but to me this reads differently than “Golly gee, someone almost found out that I’m Supergirl!”

This feels like “Someone almost found out I’m different.

And it’s in response to Lena’s obvious belief that aliens are not only dangerous, but inherently not one of her kind.

Now, in the later couch scene, they bring it back around to just being about dangerous people and protecting yourself and drop the “not one of us” talk. And Kara is experiencing and giving into her own biases about other aliens at this point (which A. she Learns Is Wrong by the end of the episode and B. are based on her view of Daxamites, a view which turned out to be surprisingly valid considering they were literal slave owners…)

They also make it about Lena’s general distrust of people because of her experiences with Lex. 

But that doesn’t erase the shady language she used earlier, or the fact that she isn’t just acting like “some people are just bad”, she’s putting something out there specifically against aliens- even if Kara is in Empathy Mode™ and is trying to understand Lena’s point of view.

“But hating them seems strongly like other the other Luthors that she’s trying to distance herself from.”

This is very true. But at the beginning of the season, the only obvious Luthor Hate™ that Lena was trying to avoid was against the Supers.

In fact, when Lena tells Kara of the alien detection device, she goes as far as to say she’s doing it “for the good of the world”. 

So obviously she doesn’t see the issues with it (I mean, it literally could put aliens at physical risk because humans are scary and violent) or see how her view of aliens would then coincide with the rest of her family. 

And seeing as Lillian’s hatred of aliens surged when Superman imprisoned Lex and ‘drove him mad’ (gathered from Lillian mentioning what happened to Lex every time she did something evil against aliens), I wouldn’t be surprised if xenophobia was fairly new to the Luthors, or if it was just low-key enough for Lena to not realize what it was.

But weirdly luckily for Lena, Lillian got a lot more intense about her xenophobia.

Throughout the rest of the season, Lillian drew some very obvious lines between right and wrong regarding aliens.

Lillian became a danger to aliens, rather than the other way around. And Lillian’s knowledge of who was an alien (via the registry) was what allowed her to attack them.

Since Lena’s stance has been firmly against her mother at every turn, and since her mother’s actions mirror the ideas behind the device, it would follow that her evaluation of the alien detection device may have shifted.

But then there’s her reaction to Rhea being an alien, which was… not positive…

She read Rhea’s act of not revealing that she’s an alien to a virtual stranger as a betrayal which means she still thinks she has a right to the information and that she thinks the information is important for her to know.

But there’s also the factor of Lena feeling like she, personally needs to be trusted or they must think she’s like her mother, which Rhea ultimately played off of.

So because of Lena’s issues, it’s kind of like… a friend feeling betrayed that you didn’t tell them that you’re gay because they think that means you don’t trust them, vs someone expecting you to tell them that you’re gay when you first meet.

Neither are right, but the one is more a warped feeling of personal betrayal than a political view.

And when Lena realizes “oh, my mom would hate her for hiding that she’s an alien,” she reevaluates things.

Hell, she even calls Kara to ask her opinion, because she’s been shifting more and more to Kara’s worldview over the course of these months.

If Lillian where not to stray by the moral compass, then Kara is true north.

Now, by the end of it all, when Rhea turns out to have been lying to Lena, and when an alien race is threatening the planet, Lena still doesn’t side with her mother.

She sees these Daxamites as a specific threat and seeks to get rid of them, but she doesn’t denounce all aliens and knows even that there are non-evil Daxamites, Kara’s boyfriend.

So perhaps she’s working through any xenophobia her family trickled in as she grew up and overcoming even the more insidious and hidden parts of it. 

There’s a definite progression from the scene I picked apart above and the end of the season re: Lena’s relationship to aliens.

But there’s no way to know for sure until we again see how she views aliens she doesn’t know personally. Until we see if she thinks it’s more important to have humans know who is an alien than to keep aliens safe from persecution. Until we see how she reacts to Kara secretly being an alien.

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I was looking through the COP and there is a beam dismount that is "Free (aerial) cartwheel into salto bwd tucked"- has anyone ever done this? It's worth an E, so it has enough value that I feel like someone would have done it but I've never seen it.

I’ve literally never even seen that when looking through the COP before but it looks like it was retroactively named for Nellie Kim in the 2009-2013 COP lmaoooo oh Nellie. I think it’s literally just in there because she wanted the most skills in the code. Generally skill combos aren’t named or given a single element value…a combo like that would typically be like aerial (D) + back tuck dismount (A) or whatever but I don’t see how the eff that combo could be worth an E? It’s literally not even able to fill the requirements for NCAA.

OH oh lawd, from the language I assumed it was an aerial connected to a back tuck but actually going and researching, Nellie Kim competed a literal side aerial back tuck all as one skill. It is…HELLA FREAKING WEIRD. And super freaking difficult?!?!? It’s def undervalued as an E.


I kept my progression of discovering this skill as I wrote it live because I was literally like omg what a turd she is for naming a combo after herse…OH SHIT WHAAAAAT?!?!?! hahaha. Well. You learn something new every day.

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"Hi ma'am, how are you today?" "Your manager said I could get this for 1.49 since it was in the 2 for 3 spot." "Ok, I'll change it from the 6.99 price. But since you're only getting one it'll be 1.99-" "Your MANAGER said I could get it for 1.49." "...ok ma'am." "I'm just telling you what your MANAGER said *pretentious laugh* it's probably because I shop here all the time." I've never seen you're intitled soccer mom auro goblin ass in here before, but sure let's go with that lie.

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Thank you for doing these Q and A sessions, it always makes my day to hear more about some of my favorite characters! So my question is how do you come up with all your different character names? Especially since many of them aren't traditional names (at least, I've never seen the names Veralidaine, Numair, Keladry, Thayet, etc, anywhere other than in your stories). Also, how do you come up with all of your different country names?

At first, I used new age baby name books (with brown paper bags over the covers because I got tired of people asking when I was due). As I got more experienced, I started drawing names from the cultures I based different areas on. Not just the names I could find online, but bits and pieces of place names. Now I have whole books on the structure of names and the history of various types of names. It’s a bit of a hobby of mine.

  • INFP: OMG! Look at this gif of a widdle chibi bunny wearing a space suite! Waaaha! It's so cute!!!
  • INTJ: Why would a rabbit need a space suite?
  • INFP: Because it's adorabl-
  • INTJ: What is the purpose of sending that... limbless thing into space?
  • INFP: You never know. He could fight off some approaching aliens, help fix the ozone laye-
  • INTJ: And just look at the space suite! That's the sh**iest thing I've ever seen. It doesn't even have an air supply! How the **** is your little " bunny" going to stay alive while up there? Huh? He's gonna be dead instantly. He wouldn't even survive the blast off, in the first pla-
  • INTP: Team rocket's blasting off!
  • INTJ: Anyway, that rabbit is dead. **** your " whimsicality over practicality mindset". Get you're head out of the clouds. The world is a dark and miserable place full of pain and suffering, not some lala-unicorn-fairyland.
  • INTP: y u gotta b so xtra bro
  • INFP: ...
  • INFP: That's the last time I'm conversing with someone like you. I tried to like you, to find the good in your heart and bring it to the surface, but in the end you're just an over-baked batch of cookies: Dark, hard, bitter, and disapointing. Goodbye, INTJ.
  • INTJ: ...
  • INTP: y U gotta b so xtra too, bro?

An episode where Pearl meets someone who acts like her could be interesting. Like they use their frail appearance and sad back story to get what they want from people or to stop people from critisizing them. Someone who won’t get over that one crush who moved on.

And at the end Pearl is getting sick of listening to them and either Steven or Amethyst goes ‘But pearl, don’t you do the same thing?’

And Pearl just has a big moment of self realization of what’s she’s done over the years. Her obsession with Rose and behavior against Greg.

It could end with the gems chasing the person away because now everyone’s just annoyed at them, and Pearl just kinda… thinks in the house and doesn’t do anything for a few days/episode because she’s still thinking.

And she starts being more observant when she starts doing her pity stuff and feels angry over Rose, she becomes more hesitant and really starts to think things over.

You know, character stuff that takes a long time to do.

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Hi :) I'm an ENFP thinking about what is often termed our 'optimism'. What's your take on it? I've seen the suggestion that it's because possibilities are so real to us that we can never feel to stuck in a situation. I've seen in my own life recently how it can be negative. I can see good characteristics in people that aren't really there, or at least, aren't shining very bright through all the bad stuff they're doing :/

I understand. Completely.

Ne sees what is there and what isn’t; it sees what could be rather than what is. Ne looks for what this person could be like, if they were a better person, and wants to help that person become better. Since THEY hate being stuck in a rut, seeing someone ELSE in a negative rut is painful to an ENFP, so they try and help. Show them happiness. Encourage them. Throw solutions at them. And the person may stay in the rut, and drag the ENFP down with them, into a state of melancholy or hopelessness.

This desire to see good in everyone can cause the Ne to ignore the reality of the person in front of them and become drained by people who are never going to change, who don’t want to change, or are not worthy of the ENFP’s time and emotional attention. Ne hates to see only the negative side of a person, so the ENFP is reluctant to believe all the negativity, without seeking redemption. Ne is so open minded it can cause the ENFP to reason that, despite the bad feelings or vibes they are getting, or the mean things this person keeps doing to them, their perception might be off; maybe they don’t see “the truth” of this person (by judging them too harshly), so they fall back on believing that what the other person is doing is being misunderstood by the ENFP (I just read it wrong, it’s not that bad), because a healthy Fi doesn’t understand why anyone would treat another person badly or take advantage of them.

The ENFP will convince themselves of that, and withhold as much judgment as they can until the pain becomes too much to bear, and then have to accept that no, this person isn’t good – in general or for me. Or maybe they aren’t all bad, but what they are doing to me is bad.

One example of this idealistic mindset is Claire in Outlander when she stumbles into the English garrison and runs into Jack Randall. The first time she met him, he tried to rape her. He hasn’t a shred of goodness in him. At all. Anywhere. She is leery of him at first, but after he talks to her for a little while, she starts easing up around him. He hints that he might be sorry for his actions. Claire, an idealistic ENFP (whose lousy inferior Si glosses over their first rape-encounter), latches onto that – there is HOPE for him! She falls for it. She pushes him a little bit, tells him he can become a better person, and stops distrusting him. And how does he reward her? By punching her in the stomach.

She shows similar hope in a later season, when she believes he HAS TO marry a perfectly nice girl, but tries to convince him he shouldn’t touch her, out of love for his brother. She assumes he has enough goodness in him that he won’t savage the poor girl his brother loves. Whether that’s true or not, she holds to the hope that he’s not truly as awful as what the evidence shows her.

It’s a combination of Ne and Fi, I think, since I haven’t seen ENTPs struggle with this as much. Ti is more objective. Fi holds such high personal standards, the evil, selfishness, or vindictiveness of other people baffles it. Since a healthy Fi would never dream of gas-lighting someone, misleading them, hurting them, or being insincere or manipulative with their emotions, it’s hard for them to accept other people do that. It’s hard for them to believe there isn’t some good in everyone due to Ne’s idealism and tendency to see what this person could be like, if they weren’t what they are or their circumstances could change.

I have gotten sucked into many bad relationships because I kept thinking I could help the other person – and I never could. I saw the good in them and chose to ignore the bad things and even my feelings because it felt “wrong” to see them in a negative light; my Ne kept me supplied with arguments like, “You might have misinterpreted that statement, it wasn’t meant to hurt you the way it did,” or “Maybe your perceptions are wrong; you have been wrong in the past about other people, and you might be wrong this time” (Fi hates to misjudge; making them “worse” than they are is seen as a cardinal sin, because it’s not authentic to the person). I have continued to stay “friends,” even when others have told me, “Look, this person is not good for you; they upset you more than they make you happy. What they did is not excusable. GET THE HELL AWAY FROM THEM.” In short, I am too nice and hate to think badly of anyone.

I have walked away, but only after it reached a point where I could not take it anymore (or, when I was a kid, after my dad said, after seeing me crying one too many times, “You are not being friends with that girl anymore”). Then I felt guilty for the overwhelming sense of relief that flooded my soul because I did not have to deal with them anymore. And for a fortnight, a little voice in my head said: “You were wrong. They aren’t a bad person and you emotionally overreacted. You misjudged them. Go back.” I refused to listen, and often the distance gave me a better perspective and a more honest one.

Fi has a tendency for self-blame, so it isn’t great at looking at someone else and saying, “You know what? This situation REALLY IS ALL YOUR FAULT. I did not do a damn thing to deserve what you just did to me.” In an under-developed or insecure Fi, the Fi assumes that if THEY were a better friend or person, the other person would not treat them like this

Here’s what you do: avoid situations where you will fall into this trap. Stay away from people who abuse you, emotionally, mentally, or physically. If someone makes everything your fault, get away from them if you can. Avoid people who ignite too much of your sympathy or demand you pull them out of a hole. Often those people seek compassionate souls to emotionally drain, because they like someone feeling sorry for them. Find someone in your life who loves you, whose opinion you trust, to talk about the people you’re not sure about, and who will help you see the “real” side of this person, unclouded by your idealism.

You are the only person who will be with you your entire life.

You have to live with yourself for as long as you walk this earth.

Your mental well being is more important to you than anyone else’s.

As a compassionate, idealistic extrovert, your natural focus is to be outside yourself – but rein in your Ne. Make a list of everything that bothers you about this person and really look at it. Is it longer than the list of their positive traits? Now, make a list of what they GIVE BACK TO YOU. How many things are on it? How many of those things can you live without? Does what is on that list offset the emotional pain, frustration, or guilt they put you through on a regular basis? If not, give yourself permission to leave.

Remember these things, ENFPs:

  • Bad people exist.
  • Some people have NO GOOD in them.
  • Some people are BAD FOR YOU.
  • Some people are emotional vampires and will suck you dry.
  • When your Fi tells you something like “I didn’t like that,” LISTEN TO IT.
  • Trust the people who care about you, and listen to them when they say, “This person is not good for you,” or “You don’t deserve that.”
  • Seek friends who make you like who you are when you are with them.

Idealism is great. But wisdom is learning to avoid situations that prey upon your weakness. Learn to identify who is worth your emotional investment and who isn’t. Find emotionally healthy and stable friends and grow with them. You should not be in a position where someone needs you to either help them all the time, cheer them up all the time, apologize to them all the time, or feel sorry for them all the time.

You and your friend or significant other should make one another BETTER PEOPLE, through give and take; you should receive as much as you give.

- ENFP Mod

the signs as I know them
  • Aries: there's this fiery aura that surrounds them. they're always so warm and exciting. they're a natural leader and they won't hesitate to call you out on your shit. they might be pretty hot-headed sometimes but they're usually so generous and encouraging.
  • Taurus: very, very hardworking but they enjoy their lazy days too. they always try to get the best out of every thing. Is very affectionate and adorable when it comes to love, usually kinda introverted but they don't mind being in the spotlight. Rarely changes their mind but sticks to it if they do.
  • Gemini: so, so damn funny. I love these guys because no matter what they're feeling, they'll always try to make you laugh. So clever and intelligent but can be pretty manipulative sometimes, even when they aren't even trying to be. They have this childish quality about them which makes them seem so young and curious. Are usually very talkative but expressing their emotions and feelings can be pretty hard for them.
  • Cancer: Experiencing their moods is like watching those really old movies that make you feel so nostalgic. It's very hard to get them out of their shell because deep inside that cool, hard exterior is fear. They're always so paranoid that everyone is against them so they protect themselves under that strong, protective shell of theirs. Very poetic minded and imaginative but they do use logic over intuition sometimes, depending on their moods.
  • Leo: Oh god, honestly, the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. So damn charming and hilarious. They can be so intimidating sometimes because they seem so cool, but you'd be surprised at how grounded they actually are. They absolutely love their hair and will complement you on yours too. Very honest and straightforward. I love how positive their vibes are.
  • Virgo: This is the sign I get along the best with, mostly because they're so careful, helpful and caring. They will always, and by always I mean ALWAYS put you first, no matter how shitty they feel themselves. It's very difficult for them to open up about their emotions and don't expect them to do that unless they trust you. They're always thinking and that's what makes them so prone to anxious and disturbing thoughts. They don't always show it but they're very sensitive deep down.
  • Libra: They're so damn friendly and will always try to include you in their group. They're so charming and incredible. They might seem emotionally cold sometimes but they know more than they reveal. They usually end up taking people's shit way too much, sometimes to the point where it's very unhealthy. So good at solving conflicts and they always strive for equality, no matter what.
  • Scorpio: I fall in love with them all over again just by the way they look at me with their magnetic, piercing eyes. They are so misunderstood because they don't show their true emotions. They either love you or hate you. They tend to hold grudges against people who have hurt them but if they forgive you, you're lucky because Scorpios never forgive and forget. Everything they feel is so intense and part of the reason why they hide beneath a poker face. Very obsessive and suspicious.
  • Sagittarius: They're honest as hell, sometimes to the point where it can come off as hurtful but they don't really mean it. Very independent, they won't put up with your shit and thats exactly what I love about them. Can be pretty blindly optimistic sometimes. They just want to have fun and want everyone else around them to have fun too. The most genuine smiles and hugs. Laughs at themselves.
  • Capricorn: Ambition really is the one word that describes them. I find them so fascinating because of their ability to never back down. They're so intimidating and it's pretty hard to try to talk to them, but they're really so warm and sweet. So damn self controlled, you can never guess how they really feel. Their opinions are usually pretty strong. I wish I could figure them out.
  • Aquarius: They tend to have a very easygoing and friendly attitude. I love the way they think so differently and never give a damn what people think of them. I love how they're always down to taking long midnight walks, star-gazing and discussing conspiracy theories. They're so quiet sometimes but when they do open up, you'd be surprised.
  • Pisces: They fascinate me with their imagination and intuition. The most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. They can get so caught up with their dreamland sometimes that they forget what's really happening. It's hard to get them out of that place. I love how genuine they are with their words and emotions. They have such caring personalities and I love the way they listen to my endless rants.

whysogrimm  asked:

Since you are the Stannis expert, and since I've never seen a meta on it: why won't Stannis let Mance hold his son? It sounds like the kind of last request prisoners often make in our world, yet Stannis could also say, "Well, he hasn't earned it." I'm not condemning the One True King here, but what do you think Stannis' reasoning is in this matter?

Here’s the thing: I love Stannis, I get Stannis, but the One True King does not understand these, how you say, Hoo-man Emoshuns. Or rather, he does, but everything about his life (from Proudwing and the death of his parents forward) has taught him that exposing his feels is asking for trouble. As such, he buries them deep, and it takes a lot to bring them out. Davos consistently pulls it off, as does Jon. But while Stannis explicitly respects Mance, that same connection isn’t there. I wouldn’t condemn him for it either, but we king’s men must admit that this is the less-attractive flipside of the stoicism and bluntness we love about him. 

skypalacearchitect  asked:

I've seen that you've talkrd about the appalling way Rowling has depicted disability rep (or lack of it)&i just wanna add: squibs. As in, squibs are basically ~Magically Disabled~, yet despite her series being about prejudice BASED on magical ability&background, she never once seriously addresses how squibs could be discriminated against,&even uses the Bitter Jealous Disabled Person trope. Rowling is so bad she even fails in her /metaphoric/ representation.

The squib stuff always pissed me off. Like, from a representation pov, it’s freaking terrible and you pretty much highlighted all the reasons why, but also from a writing pov??

Like how are squibs so unimportant? One of the big things in the series is how the magical and muggle world are segregated as much as possible and how muggleborns pretty much break that separation and all of the prejudice against them, but we get nothing on squibs? They are the reverse of muggleborns, from magical families but having to live without magic and more often than not ending up living in the muggle world because the wizarding world doesn’t accommodate them at all. They should have been a central part of the story if you ask me. 

Pros of Sidon: 

  • I’ve met amazing artists and joined so many streams lately 
  • The positivity is contagious; thinking about how nice he is makes me feel 10000 times better
  • His theme song is amazing
  • More popularity means he could get official merchandise! 
  • And most importantly, the pose: 


  • ????? You seriously expected a con? Are you insane? Have you SEEN Sidon? He did nothing wrong. He’s perfect. How dare u.

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You know, I've never seen The 100. But from the gifsets I've seen, I think I'm a hardcore Clexa shipper.




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My Clexa shipping exists on a fluffy cloud where they just get to be happy and nothing bad ever happens to them ever. They deserve to be this happy forever. 

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How do I know if I'm asexual? I've been questioning for a while bc I've never felt sexual attraction, like, ever... but I've seen loads of people saying "don't say you're asexual if you don't have a reason" like something's happened to you... idk I'm just so confused and didn't know who to ask. Sorry for rambling!

Once a trans person said cis people don’t really question their gender. And in very large part I think they are right. Furthermore I think it could apply to all queer labels. If you question if you ever felt sexual attraction you are likely on the ace spectrum. That is a good enough reason to use asexual. I really feel rules on needing to “earn your label” are nothing but internalized phobia from either yourself or others who want you to label like them or fear that people changing labels means everyone is fake. It doesn’t. Understanding of yourself and how words apply to you change. 

  • what she says: I'm fine :-)
  • what she means: this is the biggest bangtan has ever been and I never could've imagined them being this huge before last year I'm so proud of these boys who worked their asses off to get where they stand remember that time we all had to spread I Need U around everywhere we could so it could get just 1mil?? Well now we're getting over 3mil in less than 24hrs and breakin records and it's so unreal how much they've grown as a group and how much more recognition they got in just a year since 쩔어 came out and they're still one of the most generous groups I've ever seen they are too good for us I just wanna thank them for all their hard work and whipping me into shape w their words and lyrics I'm so much happier now thanks to bangtan

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Wow wow wow. You legit made your own sans mask?? It looks so perfect how is that possible? But seriously it's the best sans cosplay i've ever seen you should be extremely proud because i'm proud ahh (p.s i love your art it's so great you're super talented) ~kitty anon =^.^=

Of course I did C: I learnt how to do Sans mask from this amazing tutorial

I’m so proud, cuz I’ve never expect that my first cosplay could come out so good! (awww thank you ;w;)

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hi! I've always seen ppl saying that jj abrams is a bad person but i never rlly found anything telling why... i was just wondering what he did? i mean honestly i don't know much abt the guy + i could care less abt him i just kinda wanna know. (u don't have to answer if u don't want to! ik u have been getting a lotta stuff like this)

in all honesty i think the ‘fuck you j.j. abrams’ sentiment is essentially the fandom’s pure pissed-off energy at how the reboots have been bigoted (against women in particular). i am not sure – and have never been sure – exactly how much of it is j.j. abrams’s specific fault. in fact, i think a lot of the blame should be on the writers – but i’ll give a general overview of the concerns i’ve seen expressed.

in st2009 and Into Darkness, the two films directed by J.J. Abrams, women have no rank tripes on their uniforms; they all appeared to be ensigns (even uhura, a lieutenant). men, however, displayed their rank clearly. this was probably not abrams’s fault, but in Beyond, a movie he did not direct, the problem is fixed and women have rank stripes and are addressed by rank, the same as men are.

in st2009, you have the idea of a womanising kirk, which is not only inaccurate to the original series (here’s another entire essay on that) but insulting to me, y’know, as a woman – it seemed like having kirk sleep with gaila only served to make gaila “the slut” and show her and uhura in their panties. oh, but because we had a shirtless chrispi there too, it’s all equal, right? mmmm, except it’s not, because we all know that straight male viewers (and that movie was made for straight male viewers and straight male viewers only) are gonna jack off to the shirtless green lady and zoe saldana almost-naked. but female viewers are not nearly going to salivate so much over 30 seconds of chris’s chest. why? we’ve not been conditioned to accept the other sex as our toys.

people have said the following about st2009:

“an over-abundantly high emphasis on action & spectacle over story & character, two things Star Trek is almost exclusively known for” (x)

“I genuinely still believe that the 2009 Star Trek is one of the stupidest movies I have seen in my entire life. That movie is awful on almost every conceivable level. The plot, the structure of the film, the characterization, the action set pieces (…) it’s supposed to be a reinvention of characters that you grew up emotionally invested in. And it felt like, well, this is not Star Trek.“ (x)

“The new film’s key plot points — like a fatherless farm boy challenged by an elder to leave his home and venture into space, and an entire planet being destroyed halfway through — were completely derivative of Star Wars.” (x)

my twelve-year-old sister is no professional literary critic. she saw st2009 and loved it, rated it 10/10. a couple weeks later, i showed her The Voyage Home and a couple episodes of TOS. after that, she told me “i liked [the reboot] at first, but when i saw the old ones, i didn’t like it so much. it’s really different from the old ones, and i didn’t like uhura and i didn’t really like spock and i didn’t really like any of the characters. the uniforms were different also. i just didn’t think they did the characters well enough. and it didn’t even have a plot, except destroy the romulans, y’know.” get rekt by a 12-year-old, AOS.

boy howdy are there problems with Into Darkness too. CAROL MARCUS, okay? and i’m not just talking about the shirtless scene. as it happens, abrams was not the person who wrote that into canon – that was Damon Lindelof, who apologised for the moment with a misspelling of misogynistic. gee, thanks.

Abrams didn’t even see the giant objectification in it. he stated “it was a sort of balance. There’s a scene earlier where [Kirk]’s not dressed either, so I thought it was a trade-off.” HE THOUGHT IT WAS A WHAT? He then he showed a deleted scene of benkydonk cumbutt showering. right, because that’s what female viewers want to see??! jesus f. christ! there was no reason to show a woman in her underwear and it made kirk into some sort of peeping tom. like what the fuck. i’d pay Actual Money for the next reboot movie to include some version of the the “a woman?” “a crewman” scene from TOS. also, the scene where kirk wasn’t dressed was just after he had a threesome with two (ALSO NAKED!!) female aliens. and that disgusted me. like, TOS kirk did have his faults; that’s undeniable. but misogyny was not one of them. the only episode (in three whole seasons) where he has a one-night-stand was, I think, Elaan of Troyius. but in AOS we have two casual-sex scenes in as many movies. i have sincere difficulty making this AOS chris pine character any version of the earnest and sometimes goofy but exponentially more respectful shatner kirk. in Charlie X, he said “You go slow, be gentle. It’s no one-way street — you know how you feel and that’s all. It’s how the girl feels, too. Don’t press.”

in TOS, kirk remembered all the names of all his exes, even ones he hadn’t seen in years. tell me, would st2009/Into Darkness kirk remember the names of all the alien chicks he supposedly banged when he doesn’t even know who Christine Chapel is?

(by the way, why isn’t Chapel in the reboot? too many women? why isn’t Janice Rand there for more than half-a-second of her hairdo running into the transporter room?)

i guess another major problem was that abrams didn’t even like star trek, yet was given the reins to reboot it into your typical sci-fi action sequences with women mostly shunted to the side or given the job of kissing spock to make him seem more loving and human. He said this about TOS:

“Star Trek always felt like a silly, campy thing.”

yikes. not the kind of person i’d hire to reboot the iconic franchise to a worldwide audience.

he continued with “I remember appreciating it, but feeling like I didn’t get it. I felt it didn’t give me a way in. There was a captain, there was this first officer, they were talking a lot about adventures and not having them as much as I would’ve liked.” (x)

he also said “It always felt too philosophical for me.” (x)

call me weird, but star trek’s philosophy is precisely what i love about it, and i think it is so relevant to the modern day – they even addressed fuckin’ contraception, for pete’s sake. if any of TOS’s thoughtful reasoning had made it into the reboot movies, even in a diluted and more uncontroversial form, we might have had something really, really special.

instead, we have explosions, brightly-colored warp trails, and carol marcus in a push-up bra.