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The Hero and the Fairy: Welcome to Madness


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Rating: M

Summary: Your boyfriend is on tour and missing you very much, so he sends you a very “touching” video. ;)

Warnings: Graphic detail, mutual masturbation, exhibitionism, and scarf kink. (Yes, seriously, scarf kink. I think I’m just making up new kinks now. *facepalm*) Read at your own risk! 

You were lying across your bed in your fuzzy cat pajamas, listening to Exo and doing some homework when you got a text from your boyfriend, Baekhyun. You smiled to yourself, figuring it was one of his usual good night messages. He always sent you a text right before bed, wishing you to sleep well and saying that he loved you. However, he had been texting you even more frequently ever since he left for a short tour overseas.

He kept saying that he missed you. This didn’t surprise you, since Baekhyun was a really thoughtful guy. You considered meeting him to be the best thing that had ever happened to you. He was so loving and sweet, truly an angel on Earth. He shared everything with you, so even though you had only been together for a few months so far, you felt like you had known him forever.

After a string of bad boyfriends who had clearly only wanted sex from you, Baekhyun was like a breath of fresh air. He had single-handedly restored your faith in the male gender by never ogling your body but always being the one to look after your heart with such tender love and care. 

In fact, you realized that he had never even mentioned sex to you once. You were sure that he had no such thoughts about you. You were totally fine with that, since you didn’t have interest in such things at all. After all, true love was pure and innocent, right? Of course! That was what made it so romantic and exciting! 

You squealed to yourself gleefully, hugging the Baekhyun-shaped pillow on your bed (which he had given to you) with both arms, then you picked up your phone to check his message.

Upon clicking it, a video started to download and you noticed the words “video message” which you had missed before entirely in your excitement. 

This seemed even more interesting to you, since seeing Baekhyun was always the best option, but what would he be doing in this video? You figured he would probably sing. He sometimes sent you videos of him singing, either because he just felt like it, or because he wanted to sing you to sleep.

After loading, the video launched and the face of your beloved filled the screen of your phone. You squealed and fanned your face because, as always, he was incredibly handsome and it made you feel like your heart would leap out of your chest and sail out of your throat, exiting your body entirely and thus killing you instantaneously. It was an overwhelming and exhausting sensation, sure, but such was the feeling of dating Byun Baekhyun.

“Jagiya, annyeong!” he sang adorably, making finger hearts at you and causing you to squeal some more. He then began to just talk to you comfortably, filming himself with his phone as he walked around his hotel room. Apparently he was getting ready for bed.

“So I’m stuck in this hotel room right now and it’s so boring. I’d much rather be there with you, but I can’t.” he pouted dramatically, and you grinned at your phone. “So I thought I would send you a special message. Are you ready? Okay, let’s start!”

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In The Middle.

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Requested: Yes

Pairing: Dean Ambrose x Reader x Finn Bàlor

Word Count: 2170

Warning[s]: Cursing

Summary: As long as you can remember, you’ve had a crush on Finn Bàlor. The problem is, he doesn’t seem to like you back or notice you at all. Dean Ambrose, your best friend, is firmly against you pining after Finn’s affection. He pushes you to come on from him, but you aren’t too sure you can. One day, Finn does take the initiative and asks you out on a date. You agreed since you have a crush on him after all. When you tell Dean this, he flips. It turns into this huge argument, and Dean admits his feelings for you.


A/N: This came to me out of the blue. I hope you like it, Anna!

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@starcoweek3 happy starco week! here’s day 2, mewberty pt. 2

She whines from underneath him, cupping the back of his neck and holding him down to her lips. Star takes another taste, another kiss - and it’s as if he’s never close enough, even when there are no inches that separate them. How much closer can she be? “I think you’re making it worse,” she breathes, frustrated.

Marco pushes himself up to look down at her, eyes closed and brows crinkled together and mouth wanting, and sure enough, he sees the small dusting of purple hearts grow along her cheeks and up the bridge of her nose. He peels a scale-covered heart off of her that popped onto her forehead, purple residue coating the tips of his fingers. Three more grow in its place.

“Yeah, I’m definitely making this worse,” he observes, crinkling the heart between his thumb and pointer finger. 

Star groans, falling further into her mattress. “Great. Now what am I supposed to do?”

“I mean, if kissing you is pushing your mewberty phase along, maybe I should just –”

“No!” Her hands encircle around his neck, pulling him down next to her. Marco doesn’t resist when her hands grip his against the bed and she leans over him, inches from his face. “No, I –” She hesitates, huffing loudly and letting go of his hands. Purple powder coats his wrists, and she backs away, mortified. “Sorry. Don’t go.”

“I wasn’t gonna leave.”

She blinks. “Really?”

“No!” He laughs at the incredulous stare she gives him. How could he leave her like this? “I just didn’t know if kissing you was a good idea with…y’know,” he gestures back and forth between their matching violet hands, “this happening.”

“I personally think kissing is an amazing idea,” she protests. “Even if I am turning into a needy, purple mess.”

“The last time this happened, Glossaryck said it ends at like, what, 4-ish? 3:57 PM?” He reaches over to the side of her bed and grabs his phone. “And it’s 3:32 right now. I think we can kill some time before then.”

Her lips immediately claim his, hands cupping his cheek and running through his hair and it’s messy and wonderful all at the same time. Her hearts are glassy and slide against his skin – tickling every open inch they trace. Her lips are wet and messy and she keeps moving, pressing deeper and deeper as if he offers some sort of sanctuary in his mouth. Marco tangles his hands in her hair and tilts her face to calm her down just bit, to take just a slither of control, but then she hums a sweet, desperate sound and he gives it all back. All he can do is open to her need, to give and give and give until she’s content.

“D’ya think you’re gonna grow four more arms again?” He questions once she lets go for air, tapping a finger to his chin. “I can’t figure out if that’ll end up being super cool or really, really weird.”

The sounds of her laughter drowns out the unmistakable hum of hearts budding around them.

Headcanon about Kain and his sons

I’m not certain on the kind of man Kain was, mostly because we’ve never seen or heard him talked about, but I have this head canon that he didn’t want much to do with Izana when he was born.
He didn’t see the point in interacting with a baby and was nearly completely absent in his early years. Haruto, who was forgotten by the king after the birth of the heir, moved to Wilant to raise the prince and be nearer to her family. There Izana was pushed to be friends with other noble boys like Touka and Makiri.
It wasn’t until Izana was six and all his tutors were reporting to Kain about how brilliant his son was that he ordered the queen to return to Wistal with the prince.
Izana was a naive kid and was excited to finally spend time with his father, but every interaction made him realize that Kain was more like a stranger than a father to him. But I think Kain, seeing his clever and well spoken son, was over come with pride for Izana and decided he wanted another kid. This time around, with Zen, he didn’t let Haruto return to the north and made it a point to spend time with his sons. He actually held Zen as a baby, and was very interested in his studies and swordplay, and sometimes he’d even let Zen ride on his horse with him during hunts.
He was proud of Izana, but tended to favor and dote on Zen. Izana always had to be the best to get attention, but Zen just had to be.
It also helped that Zen took well to the things Kain was interested in, while Izana seemed to be almost purposefully doing the opposite. Excelling at archery, focusing on strategy in battle rather that strength, and spent most of his free time alone with ladies than away on lavish hunting trips with other noblemen.
The differences in their treatment never made Izana resent Zen, but made him nervous about the sort of man he might become.


Rolling over and waking from a restless sleep, your shocked to find the bed next to you empty. Well, not really shocked seeing as Michael would never come to bed until everything was off his mind. It was something you both loved and hated about your new husband; his ambition; his drive. It’s what drew you to him when he first showed up at the offices as Polly’s newfound son. You had a bet with John he wouldn’t last a week; it safe to say you were more than upset when you had to buy John drinks at the pub. Noting it was coming on two in the morning, you forced yourself out of the warmth comforts of your bed, roaming the empty halls of your big house. You weren’t surprised to see the light in his study still on. You slid the huge doors open, Michael’s head popping up when the abrupt scrapping sound pulled him from his deep concentration. He sighed when he saw you standing there in you’re billowing robe, the light illuminating you like the angel he saw you to be.

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Five times Jakes was wrong, and one time he wasn’t.

Say No To This (A Lams Rewrite)

I swear I have way too much free time so I get super board and wrote a Lams style rewrite of the song Say No To This where john never died and mariah never came to ham. Also a fanfiction in the works pm me if you want the link to it.

Burr: There’s nothing like summer in the city.
Someone under stress meets someone looking pretty.
There’s trouble in the air you can smell it.
And Alexanders by himself,
I’ll let him tell it.

Alex: I hadn’t slept in a week.
I was weak, I was awake.
You’ve never seem a bastard orphan more in need of a break.
Longing for Angelica.
Missing my wife.
That’s when John Laurens walked back into my life.

Alex: He said-
John: I know you are a man of honor.
I’m so sorry to bother you at home.
But I don’t know where to go and I came here all alone.

Alex: He said-
John: Alex you’ve been doing me wrong.
I was loving you, kissing you, now I’m missing you.
And finally I’m back in town.
And I knew I had to see you now.

Alex: So I spoke to him alone.
And he led me to his home.
He said-
John: I still care for you.

Alex: Over the next few days I had my heart locked away but he lived a block away.
He said-
John: And you still care too?

Alex: Then I said, “Well I should get back home,”
He turned red, he led me to his bed,
Let his legs spread and said-
John: Stay?

Alex: Hey…

John: Hey…

Alex: That’s when I began to pray.
Lord I know I should say no to this,
But I don’t know how to
Say no to him.

Alex: But my god he looks so helpless.
And his body’s screaming “Hell yes!”

Alex: Whoa…

Alex: Nooo show me how to
Alex/Ensemble: Say no to this.

Alex: In my mind I know I should go.

Ensemble: Go! Go! Go!

Alex: Then his mouth is on mine and I don’t wanna say

Ensemble: No! No!
Say no to this!
No! No!
Say no to this!
No! No!
Say no to this!
Say no to this!

Alex: I wish I could say that was the last time.
I said that last time. It became a pastime.
A month into this end endeavor I received a letter
From a Mr. Henry Laurens, even better it said-

Henry: Dear sir I hope this letter finds you in good health
And in a prosperous enough position to put wealth
In the pockets of people like me, down on their luck.
You see, that was my son who you decided to-

Alex: Fuuuu-

Henry: Uh-oh! You played poker with the wrong politician.
So time to pay the piper for the pants you unbuckled.
And hey you can keep seeing my whore son
If the price is right; if not I’m telling your wife.

Alex: I hid the letter and I raced to his place.
Screamed “How could you?!” In his face
He said-

John: No, sir!

Alex: Half dressed, apologetic, a mess he looked pathetic,
He cried-

John: Please don’t leave me!

Alex: So was it all just a set up?!

John: I don’t know about any letter!

Alex: Stop crying!
Goddamnit, get up!

John: I didn’t know this would happen!

Alex: I am ruined

John: Please don’t leave me with him-

Alex: How could I do this?!

John: Let’s just give him what he wants so we can have peace!

Alex: I shouldn’t want you!
I shouldn’t love you
I shouldn’t-
John: If we pay we can stay.

Alex: Lord, shown me how to
Say no to this.
But I don’t know how to say no to him.
And the situations helpless.

Alex: And our hearts are screaming, “Hell, yes!”

Alex: No, show me how to
Say no to this.
How can I
Say no to him?
There is nowhere we can go.

Alex: When his body’s on mine
I don’t wanna say…
Ensemble: No!

Alex: Yes!
John: Yes!
Alex: Yes!
John: Yes!
Alex: Yes!
John: Yes!
Alex: Yes!
John: Yes!

Alex: Say no to this.
I won’t say no to him.
There is nowhere we can go.

Henry: So?
Alex: Nobody needs to know.

I Am An Alpha Ch 2: They Took Him

It’s getting dark. In the early stages of winter the cold is biting at my cheeks turning the normally tan color a pink hue. I don’t mind the chilly air, in fact I prefer it to the hot humid days of summer. Not to mention there is nothing more fun than running through fresh snow. But today isn’t a nice little frolic through the field I’m on a mission, well sort of.

“Kookie-ah! Kookie-ah!” I call as I rush through the forest in my annoying human form instead of my wolf upon the request of Jin. It takes longer for the wolves of this territory to realize that we are here when we are humans. Sadly for us, Jungkook forgot about that and transformed when he rushed to find something that caught his attention even in his human form. And as his guardian it’s my job to fetch him and then return to the rest of the pack. “That stupid boy is going to get me killed as usual,” I sigh.

“Hyung, can you stop talking bad about me when I’m within hearing distance?” The young wolf appears with his signature grin on and nothing else.

“What do you think you are doing? Why did you transform back without clothes near by?” I rush to him and quickly pull out an extra pair of pants and a shirt for him from my bag.

He accepts them and begins pulling them on, “I had to transform back about a mile away and run the rest back to you. I ran into another alpha near the water fall we were at last night, I think he might be trying to track us.”

“Jin hyung is the best at erasing our scent, that alpha won’t have a chance in hell at finding us. Now put on your shoes so we can get going, wolf or not you are going to freeze out here. The others are already at the camp.”

He nods and slips on the boots I offer him. The hike back isn’t too bad, a few miles but nothing we haven’t done before. Kookie is strangely silent on our way there, I notice right away but blame it on the cold. Half way there after I offer him my over sized sweater I know something is wrong with him.

“What is it?” I mumble softly as we climb over a log.

“What is what?”

I sigh, “Kookie, don’t lie to your hyung.”

He is hesitant to show the information, “That wolf I saw, I didn’t just see him, I may have engaged in a bit of an altercation.”

“Since when do you use the word altercation? Stop taking excuses from Namjoon,” I stop and turn around to face him as his words sink in. “What do you mean by altercation?”

“He saw me before I had a chance to get away, actually he smelt me or you, I guess.” Kookie stares at the ground nervously, not something I usually see from the young alpha.

“Is my scent showing or something? I slept next to you and Jimin last night so I should be reeking of alpha, not the other way around.”

“I know that but he looked up at me,” He hesitates, even stops as he tries to find the correct way to describe what he saw. “His eyes turned gold, I think I found your mate or he found me.”

I stop in my tracks. “Mate?”

The word screams in my mind, mate, mate, mate. My wolf wants to turn back, to run to him and cling to him like I wanted to all those years ago. His picture flashes threw my mind and even though I’m scared of what kind of monster I know he is, he’s my mate. He won’t hurt me. Jungkook sees my obvious desire to run and quickly grabs my wrist to keep me from doing so.

“Hyung please,” He suddenly begs. “He is powerful and scary and I’m scared he might hurt you. What if he takes you away? Or maybe he might hurt us for being in his territory-“

“His territory,” I cut him off. My eyes go wide as I realize whose territory we must be in. I grab his hand and begin dragging him faster.

“What’s wrong? I thought you wanted to run the other way, what about your mate? Don’t you want to meet him?”

“I’ve already met him,” I admit, giving the younger an ashamed look over my shoulder.

“You met him? When? Why haven’t you told any of us? Why haven’t you gone to him?”

“Because just as you said, I was afraid he would hurt me. I thought that he would separate us or kill you guys in rage at the situation I was in.” After clearing another mile and our pack scent is in the air I stop and turn to look at him. “I met him the day I found you. We were raiding the village and the black dragons busted in and started slaughtering our pack.”

Kookie nods, “I remember that day, that wolf tackled you and Jin busted in to save us when they were attacking.” I shiver at the vivid memory in my mind.

“That was him.”

Confusion covered his face, “But wasn’t his wolf black?”

I nod, unable to ever forget what my mate looked like as he ran away.

“This wolf was light gray, it looks completely different than that wolf.”

I tense at the new, the realization of this other wolf being my mate opens to more than I want. I pull Kookie along faster, “We will talk about it more once we get to the others, I need to talk with Jin and Namjoon about this before I’m sure about what could be going on.” I begin dragging the younger back again.

“Hyung?” Kookie mumbles.

“Yea?” I glance back at him again only to see him staring back into the woods completely horrified. I pause for a moment, confused about what he could be doing but then I hear it. Someone running strait towards us. “Is it him?” In my human form I can’t smell the wolf yet but as my body begins to tingle and the magnetic pull I felt year ago starts to drag me closer to the on coming wolf.

“We have to run!” The younger commands, this time he’s dragging me towards our pack. “Jin hyung! Namjoon hyung! This is the black dragon’s territory!” He begins to yell, hoping that maybe they could hear us. I pull my hand away from the younger, he looks back confused, “Hyung what are you doing?”

“Run Kookie,” I push the younger away.

“What? I’m not going to leave you.”

“I’ll be fine, you go take the others to our rendezvous place. Once I have him distracted I’ll meet you guys there.”


“Kookie, go now! He won’t hurt me!” Just as the words are out of my mouth the wolf is there, tackling Kookie to the ground. And just like before it feels like my whole world is paused. But this time it’s a slightly smaller wolf, light gray, like Jungkook said. I’m to dumbstruck by the sight of this new wolf that also appears to be my mate that I don’t notice Jin sneaking up behind me. One of his arms goes around my waist while his other hand goes to cover my mouth. He pulls me away from the scene in front of me. In that moment it is too late for me to escape his grip. We are tucked behind a tree and I know he is doing the thing where he hides out scent and makes it as if we disappeared.

“Hyung!” Kookie cries as the obviously more mature wolf growls down at him. I fight against Jin’s grip without any give. My pup, I scream in my mind, my mate is attacking my pup and that angers me more than I want to see my mate. How could he just attack him? What if that had been me? Would we have just repeated what happened 30 years ago with another wolf? How can he not see past the scent? How can another one not see me standing right in front of them?

Jungkook’s cries for help have stopped. Jin allows me to glance around the tree with him, keeping a strong hold on me. The wolf must have knocked him out because now he’s just laying there, and for a brief moment I think he’s dead. I can feel my face pale and my heart stop. He can’t be dead. My pup is not dead. A growl erupts through my chest, loud enough for the wolf to hear. But before it can come investigate Jin is running with me toward our camp sight a bit farther away, out of the wolf’s senses range.

The others all stand when we arrive but those smiles drop when they see both Jin’s faces and mine. I know Jin isn’t happy, with bloody bite marks on his palm and probably a bruise on his chest from me hitting him. When he finally lets me go I quickly spin around and punch him in the face, knocking him back in his ass. I’m over him in seconds to continue my punching but Namjoon is quick to pull me off.

“What the fuck?” The head alpha growls.

“Why did you pull me away?” I scream at Jin.

Joon growls once again, pissed at the possibility of me raising my voice at him, “Why the fuck are you hitting him?”

“He left our Jungkook to die! How could you leave him? I could have handled it without your help!” I continue to fight against the alpha holding me. Another alpha appears, and just like the others he’s emitting his dominance over me in waves, trying to get me to submit. The three younger boys realize what they are doing and quickly join in, knowing how strong willed I am it will take all of them to calm me down.  After another minute I feel my omega instincts kick in and I find myself letting out small whimpers. Joon lets go of me and allows me to fall into Yoongi’s arms. I’m shaking in his arms as I let his warmth consume me.

“Now Hyung,” Joon says with a sigh as he sits down at one of the logs surrounding the fire they had built. “What the hell happened, where is Jungkook?”

Jin drags himself over to another log while Yoongi sits down with me on his lap, trying his best to actually calm me down, and not force it. Jin watches as I tremble when he speaks, dominance still thick in his voice, “We ran into one of the owners of the territory.”

“What?” Jimin is on the edge of his seat. “I thought we were too far on the edge of their land for them to find us.”

“Well, something seems to have brought them to us.”

“Do you know who the pack is?” Joon wonders.

Jin sighs, “Black Dragons.”

“He fucking brought them back to us,” Hoseok groans as he stands up to pace.

“Hoseok,” Joon warns, “Calm down.”

“How can I calm down when we are sitting in the territory of the pack who has been chasing us for thirty years? They slaughtered the lot of us when we found that brat and got Jaebum’s team the one time we met a few years later. It’s as if that kid is leading them to us.”

“He’s just a pup,” I growl back, my omega instincts begin to fade as I try to regain my usual dominate personality. “He is part of our pack. How can you say this stuff? He has been with us for thirty year, we ate dinner with him, slept next to him, how can you just call him a bad egg and let him die?”

“We are not leaving him to die,” Jin snaps, “I just wasn’t going to let them get you.”

“He wouldn’t have hurt me,” Even I don’t believe the words coming out of my mouth.

“Just like the other one? I don’t want to have my shoulder shredded again because you were dumbstruck by a pretty alpha.”

My eyes narrow on him, “You know?” I never told him, I never told anyone that I had found my mate.

“Of course I know. I saw your eyes light up when you saw him that night. I didn’t know it was more than one of them until a few minutes ago.”

“Wait,” Hoseok jumps in, “Does that mean it was you who brought them to us?”

“So what if it is? Are you going to get rid of me too?” I accuse.

Jin quickly interjects, “He couldn’t even if he actually wanted to.” The oldest glares threatingly at the younger. “Hoseok, stop with your empty threats.”

“I didn’t threaten her. I was just making it public knowledge that the reason the legendary blood red army was wiped out because they were looking for her.”

I scoff, “You’re welcome.”

Jin rolls his eyes, “That doesn’t matter now, does it? Now it’s on us for coming to them. We are on their territory so they had every right to attack us. They probably smelt Insoo’s scent on one of us and came rushing to find their mate.”

Yoongi hums in agreement, his grip on me tightens protectively, “They are going to be pissed that they found Jungkook instead of Insoo.”

Jimin clicks his tongue, “They are probably going to be more pissed that their mate’s scent is all over another alpha.”

“So we should go now, so I can explain,” I say eagerly.

“What if they are as dangerous as everyone says and they slaughter the rest of us?” Taehyung wonders mindlessly. We all share a look, “I mean they almost killed us back at that village. What is going to stop them from doing it now?”

“I will.”

Tae shakes his head, “Sorry Hyung, you can’t just save us with just a pretty smile or be your normal aggressive self. These are cold-hearted alphas that have killed as many, if not more, people than us and they really had a choice in it.”

“I’m with Tae on this,” Hoseok agrees, “We should have a plan so we don’t get ourselves killed.”

“What if I go find him and say there was a misunderstanding?”

“Yes, of course that will work,” Hoseok scoffs, “And what makes you so sure they will release Kookie after you go to him? What makes you so sure they haven’t already killed him?”

“You guys calm down with the hostility,” Joon warns. “We need to remember that pup isn’t like us, he can’t handle being captured.”

“Maybe if Insoo hadn’t babied him his whole life he would be able to some what take care of himself,” Jimin snips.

“He is a normal alpha, sorry I didn’t raise him the same way we were. I thought it would be nice if at least one of us weren’t prone to nightmares. Sorry that I didn’t bring out the whip and punish him properly. PTSD isn’t something I really enjoy so I figured I shouldn’t pass it along.”

“That’s not what I mean.”

“Than please tell me what you mean Jimin since you didn’t punish him at all either these last thirty years. I’m pretty sure you babied him more than I did.”

Joon sighs, “Okay I’m tired of this shit. All of you shut up. Insoo please stop fighting with everyone, we are not leaving Jungkook. Everyone else, stop being assholes, I’m not the type of alpha to leave my pack members behind and you all know that.”

“How are you planning on getting him back?” Jin wonders.

“I have no idea. Jin is the only one who could sneak in there without being sniffed out and I’m not going to send him in alone.”

We are all silent for a moment, the air is heavy with unsaid words. Sitting around the fire we watch as the sun completely sinks, leaving us in darkness. I know what I should say, I should offer myself. Trade my freedom for Jungkook’s and live happily ever after with my mates. But I’m scared. Yoongi senses this and quickly begins trying to sooth me. Jin comes over a moment after and takes me from the younger.

“You know you don’t have to go,” He mumbles into my hair after I tuck my face into his neck.

“But I want to go to him.”

“Than why do you reek of fear?”

“Because I’m scared.”

He scoffs, “You have had to live your whole life pretending to be an alpha, lead a unit in the most feared werewolf army and survived. How can you be scared of a few alphas? You are too strong to let them hurt you, what do you have to be afraid of?”

“I’m afraid that they might hurt you. I couldn’t imagine you guys dying because of me.”

“I don’t have much to live for,” He shrugs. “I’m a very old wolf, I’ve lived a long life and done plenty of things. I can be done with my life. These bastards have done the same.”

“Don’t include me in that,” Jimin, Tae, and Hoseok interject together.

“I’m still young!” Tae whines.

“I haven’t even met my mate yet,” Jimin joins in.

“We still have so much to live for!”

“But we need to save our pup,” Joon reminds them sternly. He looks at me with soft eyes, “But we also don’t want to force you to go to your mates if you don’t want to. So you have to give us the okay before we can even try to figure out how we are going to do the trade.”

I take a few deep breaths before nodding, “I can do this.”

Just Friends~Jungkook Part 3

Hey there so here is part 3 already omg this is going so fast :’)

I still feel like it’s a mess tho, tell me what you think :D


-2 408 words

prologue, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10

~ Jungkook comes storming back in your life and messes everything up again~ 

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Jungkook yelled at Yugyeom while agressivly holding him by the collar of his tshirt. All the people in the café stopped and stared. Yugyeom remained calm and just said quietly with a smile:

“Long time no see” 

“Shut the fuck up, I can’t believe you’re doing this.”

“Well I am.” 

Yugyeom was obviously doing that to annoy him. I just stared at them I didn’t know what to do. He continued talking in a completly calm voice and I didn’t understand how he was keeping his cool, Jungkook was almost about to punch him straight in the face but he remained still.

“I think you might want to let me go now people are staring at you…well I mean you’re probably used to that by now aren’t you? With all the scandals in the papers, remind me, how many girls have you slept with?”

That was it I could see Jungkooks face go red, he was mad. He lifted his fist. I rushed up to them in panic, I had to do something. 

“STOP IT JUNGKOOK!” i shouted. 

He was going to hit him but I had managed to catch his wrist before he hit Yugyeom right across the face. Jungkook turned his face towards me. I could see all the anger and hate inside him. I had never seen him like this, it felt like he had become a total stranger. Yugyeom just waited to be put down, but ince I had interfered he seemed  bit anxious,  he was about to say something but Jungkook put him down and before I knew it he had took my arm and was tugging me out the café. 

“Wait Jungkook, leave me alone!!!”

I yelled but in vain he just pulled me behind him without a word. Yugyeom tried to make him let go. But when he took his arm to pull him away from me Jungkook spun around with his fist in the air and hit him so hard he fell to the floor. I gasped and as I was being pulled away I turned around to see if he was ok. He was, well at least eople had come to help him I felt a bit relieved. Jungkook was still gripping on my wrist and he was hurting me, when we were out of the café I tried to make him let go and shook my arm and I was growling and cursing but he was too strong and he ignored whatever I said. In the end I just let him push and pull me around, but I was still worried. I didn’t know how Yugyeom was, and what the hell was going through Jungkook’s mind. He wouldn’t be the sort of person to do that, he was out of control. We climbed into a taxi. The silence was painful, I had no idea what he was doing. The atmosphere was so tense and all the emotions bubbling inside of me made me feel dizzy. 

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part 2 of “prompt request  #2″

Request from anon: Can I ask a part 2 of “Prompt request #2”? With numbers 8, 9, 16, 38 and 42. 

Part 1

8: “I don’t have to have a reason.”

9: “Please just do it, I don’t care anymore.”

16: “Who told you that??”

38: “You can’t and won’t stop me.”

42: “There’s an obvious difference here.”

i really want to write this one since everyone enjoyed part 1 so much, i will get back to the order i said i would do after this one! its kinda short and it goes in all sorts of directions im sorry sahugjkfnvbcjf

Word count: 938

Warnings: swearing, minor smut? mentions of it at least

The morning after the events of that horrible night, word spread fast. Everyone in camp knew what Bellamy had done, and how you had reacted, but nobody knew what would happen about it. You weren’t sad about yours and Bellamy’s split. You weren’t sad, you weren’t mad, but you weren’t happy either. You had felt so much hurt and pain and longing at first, that you shut your emotions off. You turned the switch and hoped you would never have to turn it back on. But, you couldn’t turn them off forever. When you let yourself feel something again, the first thing you’d felt was the longing, and the desire to be with someone. 

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here’s an imagine to brighten up your day ;)

Imagine running through the trees of Neverland. You were so close to escaping that you could feel the adrenaline pumping through every inch of you. You ran faster and faster until you came to the edge of the island. Hook was supposed to be waiting there but as you caught your breath and looked around you realized he must have been running late. You turned to look behind you but regretted it immediately when you saw Peter come into view.
“What do you think you’re doing?” He said, with an amused grin on his face.
“Peter I-”
He put up his hand to stop you, “No, no. I think I know,” he shook his head in mock disappointment, “you’re trying to leave me.”
You were confused for a moment about the way he chose to word that sentence.
“Peter this has nothing to do with you, we aren’t-”
“No, I should have told you,” he said, slowly moving closer to you. He looked nervous, which was rare for Peter. As he came closer, you took the time to really look at him. You never really noticed him before, but suddenly you were.
“I don’t really know how to say it, so,” he trailed of as he began to lean in closer to you, his hands slowly lacing themselves with yours. His lips brushed yours lightly and you decided to close the small distance between the two of you. You pulled him into you, moving your lips against his as he held your waist tightly. You pulled away breathless and you left a smirk on his face. You saw a ship coming towards the island. Peter turned and saw it too. He turned back with you, his smirk gone, replaced with sadness and longing. “Please don’t go,” he pleaded. You couldn’t leave now. You smiled up at him, “How could I?”
His smirk returned as he grabbed your hand and you ran with him back into the trees of Neverland.

First Fight

request: your first fight with shawn imagine

You read over the paper that Shawn brought room, and your heart dropped to your stomach. “I don’t like this, I don’t think you should do that.” 

“Well, Andrew talked to them and they said that we could go “as friends” and not do anything, but they talked to me after Andrew left, and said it’s better for her if we act like that. So she can get more attention in the media and gain fans.” Shawn scratched the back of his neck. “It’ll just be a PR thing.”

“No! I don’t care if it’s just a PR stunt! I don’t want you going to that party!” Your face was bright red from your yelling match with your boyfriend. 

Shawn was told that he needed to attend a party with another celebrity, and “act coupley” so said celebrity would gain more media attention. “Baby, I know, but it’s just on-”

“Shawn, you don’t understand!” You yelled, feeling your throat begin to tighten. “There are already so many stories about how you want to leave me for her, and that you two have been dating for some time, and- and it hurts! It hurts to read something like that and wonder what would happen if you actually did leave me.”

Growing irritated with your fight, Shawn closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. “Maybe it’ll be better if that happened.” As soon as the words left his mouth, his eyes flew open. 

You felt the tears fall, but you felt no pain. He doesn’t mean it, it’s just the anger talking. The dumb fight you two had. You looked at him, and fled to the safety of your bedroom, and locked the door behind you. “Wait, baby! I didn’t mean it!” Shawn called, following you down the hall.  

You didn’t know much time had passed, but enough for you to fall asleep. You sat up, and looked in the mirror, your face was swollen from the tears, and your shirt was wrinkled. Stepping out of the room, you sawa Shawn on the phone with someone, and he was yelling into the phone. He spun around when the floor creaked, and sent you a small smile. 

“-don’t care, I’m not going to go.” He hung up, and set his phone on the table. “Management called.” He informed you. “Told them I wasn’t going to ruin this relationship.” 

You nodded, playing with the ends of the sweater you had on. “Um, d-did you mean what you-”

“No, not now. Not ever.” Shawn wrapped his arms around you, and you looked up at him. “How could I leave the girl who puts up with my sorry ass?”

You broke a smile, giggling. “Yeah, no one else will get you Tim Hortons when your sick.”

Shawn smiled, “I love you.”

“I love you, too.”  

Made to be Broken

PAIRING- reader x Pietro Maximoff 


WARNINGS: ANGST, swearing (only if you squint) 

Request from Anon: Hey doll! Sry 4 bothering you, but may I request Pietro Maximoff x reader oneshot based on Goo Goo Dolls song “Iris”? Ps! I think you rly cute and rly adoroble littlw cinnamonroll 😚

I don’t know how this turned out so angsty but it did. And I’m very sorry in advance. I think this cold has done something to me….. again SO SORRY….Enjoy?


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And I’d give up forever to touch you
‘Cause I know that you feel me somehow

Empty, you felt empty. Everything that you once held onto was ripped from your grasped in a shower of machine bullets and fire. You had watched your home being raised from the ground like a living nightmare; you were convinced the end of days was approaching. And it was your entire fault. You had signed up for Strucker’s experiments as soon as your friends had. Wanda and Pietro were all you had left. No family was waiting for you in Sokovia; you had no ties to the hell driven town. Only the two twins, you had grown up with them, fought beside them at every protest. You had your mind and body ripped open for him. You let the hydra scientist pull you apart and spit you back out again all for him. Because you couldn’t lose him, you couldn’t loose the man you loved no matter what. 

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If You Only Knew - Live From Houston (x)