how could i forget those tags

you know how everybody’s got those really embarrassing memories embedded in their mind like things u wish u could forget, cringe memories,

or memories that are so inane they shouldn’t have stuck with you but you remember them clearly or remember thinking ‘i’ll remember this forever for some dumb reason’

well imagine being a pearlcatcher and just. uncontrollably drooling at random points of your life and being like 'huh, i guess this is what my gremlin brain has decided to remember’ w/ absolutely no choice in the matter. this is what ur subconscious has decide u must slather on your pearl


Here I am, months later and still I wonder how you’re doing and if sometimes you think of me, too.
And it’s at those times that I wish I could still message you and just talk.
I’ll never forget you.

typicallyvillainous  asked:

how would i draw a 20 something male that was gaunt but not sickly? i keep trying but he always comes out looking underfed!!

Hi, sorry it took me a bit to get to you! I tried to find a few references for you, overall I’m not sure how great they are but I hope they help! - This blog seems to have a lot of references for all body types!

This picture may help as well! (credit)

I think the main bit of advice I could give you would be to pay attention to where muscles are in the body, and decide whether you want him to be skinny with or without bigger muscles. Either way, everyone has some muscle to them, so don’t forget to give room in the body for those muscles! (internal organs too, obviously.) Good luck!

anonymous asked:

G.... If anything happens just know.... We all care about you. And the same goes for you sans and papyrus... Sans, never, EVER give up hope. Never forget all those great times with your dad. Please.

-“I know. I know how good I have it, I know how much my family loves me. I feel good. I’m feeling a lot better than yesterday. AHeh heh…”

“i don’t think i could forget this. we’re making the most out of today.”

In the aftermath of the election, I was, like most people, giving a lot of thought to how I could better engage in the causes I care about and how I can make a tangible difference. At this point in my life I don’t have much spare money, and I don’t have much spare time. In order to help people the best way I can in the future, I do have to continue some of my current commitments right now (such as taking the bar), and so I was looking for something to do that did not drain my resources, but also provided resources for those in need. 

I decided to start making embroidery patterns, and calling it the Give A Stitch project. I know that might sound strange, but stay with me! For the next year, I will be releasing one embroidery pattern a month with all money from the sale of the pattern going towards a progressive cause.

I wanted to release this pattern on the 1st of December, but unfortunately got behind schedule due to bar review and 2016 continuing to be a royal dick. Despite that small setback I still wanted to put it out there to help raise some money for a cause I’ve been wanting to tangibly support for a while now. 

This month all proceeds from the sale of this embroidery pattern will be donated to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Fund. 

Even though we received the wonderful news today (December 4th!) that the easement necessary for continued construction was not granted, there is still a lot of work to be done and costs to be incurred by those fighting for a favorable permanent outcome. The money raised will help cover medical and legal bills incurred during the protest, as well as the inevitable future legal fees to be incurred in the coming months. 

You can find the pattern here in my Etsy shop! 

It is a downloadable PDF, complete with all instructions you will need to complete this project. If you haven’t ever embroidered but want to, this is a great way to start! I have included directions and detailed photos on how to do the stitches necessary so it is very beginner friendly, but if you are a seasoned embroiderer then you can easily just use the design and go wild with whatever stitches you think would look best! 

I will report back at the end of the month with how much money we managed to raise through this. In the mean time if you buy a pattern and complete it I would love to see the finished product! Feel free to tag me or send me photos here on tumblr, or through Etsy, or you can find me on instagram under the hande A_Canny_Lass, and use the hashtag #GiveAStitch for any photos you post so I can easily find them! 

Thanks in advance to those who purchase a pattern and/or spread the word! While it is really exciting to celebrate the victory that was won today, there is still a long road to a permanent solution ahead and we can’t afford to forget about it now! 

I’ve been seeing a lot of secret santa things popping up now but i haven’t seen any Rooster Teeth ones yet this year so i thought i’d make one ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ (i apologize for the shitty graphic)


its a secret santa for Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter/Funhaus fans to get together and talk, exchange presents (not required), and hopefully make friends. for those unfamiliar with secret santas here’s how it works:

  • if you want to participate reblog this post until November 30th (you can tag it with a specific channel/show/person if you want and i will try to match people accordingly)
  • on December 1st you will get a URL in your askbox and someone will get your URL
  • anonymously send them nice messages until December 25th (don’t forget to add “- secret santa”)
  • you can say whatever you want (could be specifically Rooster Teeth or you could talk about your day/your favorite movies/would you rather questions/whatever or just give them compliments) as long as its likely to make them happy :)
  • also if you want you can make presents (fanart/fics/playlists) to either send digitally or through the mail if they are ok with giving you their address (make sure to ask first)
  • on Christmas morning you can reveal yourself and maybe make a friend (ノ゚▽゚)ノ (this isn’t required, you can stay on anon if you prefer)


  • must have your askbox open and anonymous messages turned on
  • be kind and friendly ♡〜٩(^▿^)۶〜♡
  • please try to send messages at least every few days
  • if you reblog this and later decide you don’t want to/can’t participate then please send me an ask and let me know
  • you don’t have to follow me but it would be really nice (pleeeaaase)

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Weapon Master
Write about a character who happens to forge weapons for a living. Explore the point of view of someone who, for a price, will arm those willing to seek adventure and treasure. How did this character end up with this job? Could it be that, a long time ago, they were an adventurer?

Any work you create based off this prompt belongs to you, no sourcing is necessary though it would be really appreciated! And don’t forget to tag maxkirin (or tweet @MistreKirin), so that I can check-out your stories!

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