how could i ever think he's not handsome

Can we just please take a moment to talk about Freed. I just can’t put into words how much I love him, he’s like really really handsome and strong and serious and can be so scary and you really don’t want this guy to be your enemy, like, ever. But he’s also such a cute dork when he’s around the people he trusts and so loyal, but still lets you know when he thinks you’re making a incredible mistake and- wow, I could talk about Freed for hours- there aren’t many characters I ever loved that much.
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You see, there’s this guy. He is…out of this world. I’ve never met someone so handsome, so caring and so loving in my life. He is sweet to everyone around him and to me. He treats me like I am worth something…like I am meant to be here. He makes me feel more confident with his words and his actions. “You’re beautiful”, he says. He gives me the most welcoming and comforting hugs I could ever think of, but his kisses? Oh, they give me butterflies. I wake up every morning, wondering how I was lucky enough to meet such a perfect human being.
—  12:05 a.m.

The first time I tried to learn Russian I had nothing - no books, no internet connection (which wasn’t even a thing back then, or barely), not even running water. I was in the middle of a forest with a spiral notebook and a really handsome Russian guy, and I was young enough to think it would work anyway.

“How do you say to be and to have?” I asked him, clicking my pen open and placing the open notebook on my knees.

He looked puzzled for a moment.

“We don’t have those.”

“You don’t have the verb to have?”

“Not really.”

“And you don’t have the verb to be?”

He shrugged.

That was the moment I started feeling that learning this language could be the best idea ever or the worst idea ever. Gripping my pen more firmly in my fingers, I pretended it was completely normal for a language not to have the verb to be and plodded on.

“Okay. Okay. That’s fine,” I said, in what I now realize was an unintendedly rude colonial tone. “You have cases, though, right? Nominative, Genitive, Accusative?”

He frowned.

“I think. We don’t call them that.”

“What do you call them?”

He spit out a music of unconnected sounds. I smiled at him, started writing in my notebook (I wrote NOM and GEN, that is, because of course I didn’t understand what he’d just said).

“Can you describe them for me?” I asked.

At that moment, a bird bursted into song somewhere over my head and I started to feel hopeful again. Because, sure, this was a weird way of doing things, but, on the other hand, how exciting! Forget boring lessons and stuff - this is how people used to learn languages, by listening to words and holding on for dear life.

And, well, if I could just understand which case was which (the idea that their cases could be completely different and not a Russian version of the Latin and German cases I’d learned in school never even touched me - but, as it turns out, I was right not to worry, because these things tend to be roughly the same for everyone, and thank God; or, rather, thank Chomsky) - then surely I could start doing some kind of learning here?

“The first case is for things that exist,” he said, a bit diffidently, and I smiled encouragingly at him.

My pen hesitated under the NOM I’d already written. It was an odd way of putting it, but surely that’s what he meant? The case for the subject?

“The second one we use when things do not exist.”


He gestured vaguely.

“If something is not there, we use it.”

So here was a language which apparently didn’t have the verb to have, or the verb to be. A language which took the time to say which things existed and yet had a special way of describing invisible things. A language which, to me, sounded like honey and flowers blooming and those noises otters make when they’re busy.

And people are always surprised I slaved away at it so many years. I mean, who could resist any of that? And also: the beautiful poems and the soul-wrenching books, the quiet forests and the wide open spaces brimming with stars? Certainly not me.

Languages are like wands - you don’t choose them: they choose you.


there are people who will look at photos of trans men who are really really masculine, incredibly good ‘passing’ and handsome and nobody would ever tell they’re ftm… and still ask questions like “wtf i’m attracted to him but i only like men does it change my orientation”

dumbasses everywhere. if you clearly cannot tell a difference between this guy and a cis guy how does thinking he’s attractive change your sexuality? I know that more than 99% men you casually see and find attractive will have a penis but you find them hot before you get to know what’s in their pants. they could have a nasty ugly penis that would turn you off completely but it doesn’t change the fact their half naked body is attractive.

you don’t even know what’s in his pants on the first place. you could question your sexuality (but not necessarily) if he was fully naked and pre bottom surgery and you would find his private parts sexually appealing to you. I know trans people can confuse someone’s sexuality but I think the rule is simple: if you see someone who looks, smells, behaves like a cis guy and you find him hot, and normally you are interested in guys, it doesn’t change your sexuality

what frustrates me so much about those comments is that you people see just a shirtless guy and what makes you question your sexuality is not his body but your knowledge that he is trans. basically, you’re questioning your sexuality because you’re transphobic

sorry but yes, yes you are

Chapter 28: Father’s Day Short


“Move Don, damn.” I rolled my eyes as finished deep waving my hair. I forgot to braid it up last night and I wanted it to be wavy. It was taking a long time because Don kept messing with me. I was getting ready to go pick up Amarie and I’s Father Day gift to Chris. I already gave Don his.

When I told him Happy Fathers Day, he was happy and surprised. He didn’t think I would tell him since he wasn’t Amarie’s father. How could I not? He stayed down since Day 1. Even though he isn’t Amarie’s father, he’s been helping out ever since I was pregnant with her so I still consider him as a father. I remember the first time we met.


“I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention.” I told this really handsome guy as I dropped all of the items I had in my hand down. 

“Damn, you bumped me all the way to the other side of the store wit’ ya titties.” He said as he rubbed his arm, causing me to laugh. The first time I laughed in a while. Ever since I found out I was pregnant, I’ve been staying to myself. 

“Yea, they’re big.” I shrugged as he smiled down at me. He did for a while until he realized all the things I had in my hand was on the floor. He picked them up, and put them in his basket causing me to furrow my eyebrows. What was he doing? 

“Why you in a baby store anywa– Oh you pregnant.” He asked but then answered his own question when he looked at my stomach. It wasn’t that big but you could still tell. 

“Yep..” I mumbled as I started playing with my fingers while I looked down at the ground. He lifted my chin up to look at him, and I swear it turned me on a little bit. 

“You don’t sound too happy bout’ that.” He said, noticing the disappointment in my voice. I wasn’t happy about it. 

“Yea, I don’t really have any help. I cheated on my boyfriend with my ex and ended up pregnant by him so my boyfriend broke up with me and my ex doesn’t care.” I sighed as I felt the water works coming again. I wasn’t gonna cry in front of this man but I was still emotional over the fact that August broke up with me, but I guess I deserved it.

It made me really emotional over the fact that Chris didn’t wanna listen to me and the way he treated me. The only reason I had sex with him that night is because I thought we could work things out and I wanted to be with him again but I gave it up all for nothing. 

“I just had a bad break-up too, I feel your pain. What’s your name?” He asked. 

“Raye, yours?” I asked as he looked at me like he’s seen me before or something. 

“Oh, you Raymond’s lil sister? And Don.” He said as I rolled my eyes. Figures, everybody knows Raymond. I don’t see how he’s so damn popular, he’s annoying. 

“Yea, every body in Cali knows Raymond like damn.” I said making Don chuckle. I hope he asks for my number because I could really use a friend like him right now. 

“That nigga chill as fuck, that’s why. But on a serious note, I can help you out.” He said, causing me to gasp. I didn’t think he’d say that I thought he’d just ask for my number. 

“You don’t think that’s too much?” I asked as I bit my lip, trying to make it not sound rude. 

“Nah, you seem like a cool chick and I could use somebody like you to talk to everyday. Plus, I love babies.” He admitted as he flashed his pearly whites at me. Damn, he’s everything. 

“Alright, you can help me out Mr. Don.” I smirked at him as he pushed the basket towards the register. I reached to get my stuff out of the basket, but he lightly smacked my hand away. 

“I got it, you sit there and look pretty.”  He said as he took everything out the basket and pulled his card out. I couldn’t let him do this, we just met. I didn’t want him paying for me. He literally meant he was gonna help me out. 

“You don’t ha–” he cut me off by telling me to be quiet with his finger causing me to shrug. Once he paid for everything, 

“When I say I got you, I mean it, aight? Remember that.” He assured me as he bent down to give me a kiss on the cheek. I got chills on the inside. 

“Where ya keys?” He asked as we got outside of the store. I took my keys out my purse and unlocked the doors to my new Mercedes. I gave August his car back, but I couldn’t keep it knowing how bad I treated him so I bought my own car. 

“You shouldn’t be driving while you pregnant.” He said as he took my keys out of my hand and started putting my groceries in the car. 

“Where’s your car?” I asked as he pointed to a nearby nice looking neighborhood. 

“I live over there, so I didn’t feel like driving. That’s lazy, so I walked.” He said as I nodded in agreement. 

“I see you like to work out.”

“Fuck wit’ me.” I smirked cockily as he raised up his shirt to flash his chiseled abs. Me being the bold person I am, I ran my fingers over them and feel in love. He was fine, with a great personality and body? Hell yea. 

“Alright, hurry up and  get in so we can hump each other when we get to your house.” He said with a straight face, causing me to laugh. I’m ready for this journey. 

*Flashback Over*

“Fine, I’ll go play with Amarie since you wanna be all moody.” He said as he mugged me before leaving the bathroom. I wasn’t trying to be rude, I just had a specific time to pick up Chris’ gifts and I didn’t want to be late.

“She sleep..” Don pouted as he came back in the bathroom with his arms over his chest.  He slid his hands in my pants and started tracing his name on the back of my neck. 

“You remember when we first met?” I asked him as he looked confused before smiling like a kid in a candy store. 

“Oh yea, I had a big crush on you. I always thought about hittin’ that, and when I finally did after you had Amarie.. MAN a nigga was happy.” He said all loud and hype as I shook my head at his nasty self. After those weeks I had Amarie, I let him smash. Those months I was pregnant with her he was real patient with me and that meant a lot to me. 

“You ready to go?” I asked as he nodded and took his hands out of my pants. I put my deep waver up and left the bathroom to get my purse. Don left to go wake Amarie up and I was about to stop him but he ran away to fast. 

“WAKE UP AMARIE!” He yelled really loud in a high pitched voice, and I swear I felt Amarie’s pain. He stays playing with her, I don’t see how she likes him so much. 

“Get out!” Her little baby voice rang throughout the house causing me to chuckle cause she sounded just like my stubborn ass. 

“Amarie baby, remember you’re going to daddy’s house!” I yelled as she yelled an ‘ok’ back. Grabbing Don’s keys off the dresser, I put them in my purse and made my way to Amarie’s room. She was already in her bathroom brushing her teeth. Damn, she must really miss Chris. 

I wonder what goes on over there.

Since she was only staying for a few hours, I didnt bother to pack her a bag. We were waiting on here for about 20 minutes and she finally came out with an outfit that I didnt buy. Chris or Don probably bought it, they both spoil her. 

“I’m ready.” She said as grabbed her teddy bear that Chris gave her. Don bent down so that she could get on his back and when she did, he ran out and left me. I didnt even both going after him cause he’s literally a track star. 

When I got outside, they were both already in the car singing songs that Don had on his phone. When I got in the car, Don didnt hesistate to pull of. He was in a rush all of a sudden.

I looked over at him and noticed the frustration on his face and the erection he had in his pants. “Don, why are you hard?” I laughed as he sucked his teeth and flicked me off. 

“Them tight ass pants you got on.” I shrugged and the whole car ride, I just held in my laugh, because he was gonna get mad if he knew I was laughing. Once we pulled up to the mall, Amarie got excited because she knew that they had ice cream here. Shit, I forgot to tell Don to stop at Mc. Donalds for breakfast. 

“Hey!” Amarie said, breaking me out of my thoughts as we got out of the car. Don had knocked her doll down and he refused to pick it up because he swore it was an accident.

“Don, pick dis’ up.” Amarie said as his mouth formed into the shape of an ‘O’ because he was shocked. She said it with attitude and everything. Thats what he gets for knocking down her doll. He picked her doll up before we got on the escalator and mugged her. 

“You got my phone?” I asked Don as he nodded after typing whjat ever he typed on it. I snatched it back and noticed that he took a pic of me fixing my hair. 

Rayeisbae: Don here 👅💦🍑

I smiled at how good my ass looked in these pants and texted Chris letting him know that I was gonna bring her over there. He wanted her to come over. It was super early so he was probably still sleep. 

“Look Ri.” I told Amarie as I held the box with Chris’ necklace in it open. Inside the necklace was a pic of Amarie and I and on the back the words ‘To the best daddy in the world’ was engraved on it. Amarie told the jeweler to put that, and it was the cutest thing ever. 

“It’s pretty.” She smiled. 

“Um Raye, I gotta go. My assistant is here waiting on me.” Don said as he checked his watch. I sucked my teeth because now I was gonna be by myself since Amarie was leaving.

“Sorry baby, I’ll make it up to you later. I love you, bye lil ugly.” He said as he quickly kissed me on the lips and gave Amarie one of the cheek. Amarie always mugged him when he called her ugly and it gets funnier every time. 

“Ready to go to daddy’s house now?” I asked as she nodded quickly with a smile on her face. She loved her some Chris. 

“Look!” She said as she pointed to an  ice cream stand. Sucking my teeth, I held her hand as we both walked to the stand. I don’t know why she’s likes ice cream so much. 

After telling the man what kind of ice cream she wanted, I paid for it and with that, we both left. 

When I got in the car, I heard a familiar voice on the radio. “Alright y'all, we got August Alsina in the building!” Big Boy said as I frowned. 

“Hmph..” I mumbled as I listened to him talk for a few minutes. I ain’t heard his voice in years. For the rest of the car ride, I just listened to him talk and he actually made me laugh. I ended up turning it because he started talking about relationships. 

“Hi Amarie.” A sleepy Bliss answered the door in a robe as she smiled down at Amarie. Amarie’s eyes lit up and she hugged onto Bliss’ leg. I could be petty and tell Chris to keep her away from my child, but nah. 

“Cocoa, I mwiss’ you.” Amarie said as she smiled up at Bliss. Cocoa? Who the hell is that? I must be missing something. 

“I missed you too baby, um.. Raye is she spending the day over here?” She asked as she rubbed her eyes before picking Amarie up to put her on her back. 

“Yea, Chris didn’t tell you?” She looked at me confusingly and shook her head no. This nigga. 

“No, that boy is knocked out. It’s okay though, I got her until he wakes up.” I nodded and gave Amarie a kiss before doing our little hand shake. I waved bye before they both went in the house. Sighing, I made my way back into Don’s car. 

Now Ima be bored and lonely.


“Daddy!” Bliss and Amarie both yelled at the same time as they jumped on me, trying to wake me up. I wasn’t even sleep, I was pretending cause I knew they was gone surprise me. 

“I’m up y'all.” I chuckled as I sat up and sat both of them on my lap. They both yelled Happy Father’s Day to me as I attacked them with kisses. My two favorite girls. The fact that Ri was here made everything even better. 

“I know you haven’t been in Ri’s life for a long time, but y'all already got a great bond and you’re a great father, baby.” Bliss whispered in my ear, causing me to smile even harder than what I already was. All this love I was getting made a nigga want to cry. 

“Daddy, we made cake!” Amarie said excitedly as she tugged on my fingers so that I could follow her. Getting up out of the bed to follow her, she led me to the kitchen while I held Bliss’ hand. 

“Cake face!” Amarie yelled as she smashed strawberry cake all over my face. It was the funniest thing ever to her. It actually tasted good as hell, Bliss does the damn thing with cake. 

“You got me Ri, but guess what?” I said as she stopped laughing and asked 'Huh’. Little did she know that I was about to get her little ass too. 

“Cake face!” I yelled as I lightly smashed cake in her face and she just shrugged and ate it. Bliss and I were just laughing. Damn Raye was right when she said Ri was greedy as fuck. Ever since she been over here, I had to cook and I don’t even cook on a daily basis. 

“Daddy, that was good.” She said as she rubbed her stomach causing me to shake my head. I thought she was gonna get mad and cry, but she did just what I would do; eat the cake. 

“Go upstairs Chris, we’ll clean this up.” Bliss said as Amarie shook her head no. Just like her damn momma, never wanna clean up. 

“Come on baby girl.” I chuckled as I picked her up and carried get upstairs with me. I need to take her a bath, she all sticky from that cake. Once I got to my room, I sat her down on the toilet while I ran the bath water.

When I went back in my room, a big ass bear was sitting on my bed that scared the shit out of me. It said 'touch me’ so when I did, Amarie’s voice came from it saying 'I love you this much, daddy’ as the bear stretched it’s arms out. So this is why Bliss been taking Amarie with her all week. I love it. 

“Thank you Amarie!” I yelled excitedly as I threw her in the air and spun her around. Her giggles filled the bathroom, which made me laugh because her laugh sounded like a little goat. 

“Welcome daddy.” She said as she took her mini robe off and got in the tub. I grabbed one of those spongy towels and started bathing her. 

“Mommy said you cute.” Amarie said, catching me off guard. Raye really said that? Damn, I wonder what she be saying around Amarie. 

“Foreal?” I asked as she nodded and laughed. She started playing in her hair as I washed her off. She had a lot of hair just like Raye. 

“Yea, and she love you.” She said and I smiled. I knew Raye already said she loves me, but sometimes I think she’s lying. She doesn’t show me that she does. 

After Amarie told me 1000 facts about Raye, she started to ask me questions about Bliss before I finished bathing her. I wrapped her up in a towel and told her to go find something to wear in her room. She wanted to dress herself. 

My phone in my pocket vibrated and lighted up, indicating that I had a text.  It was a Father’s Day text from Raye that I’ve honestly been waiting for all day.

Bm😜😂😎😤👶👫💘: happy Father’s Day duty head 😛

Me: childish asf, some damn “duty head” 😂😂😂😂😂 but thanks ugly 😘

Bm😜😂😎😤👶👫💘: that’s what Amarie calls you when you don’t let her have ice cream. She’s always like “daddy’s a duty head, he said I can’t have ice cream” 😂 

Me: I do let her greedy ass have ice cream it’s just that she asks for that shit every second 😩 ain’t she lactose like me? she stay complaining bout her stomach 

Bm😜😂😎😤👶👫💘:  yeah but wyd I’m bored 😴

Me: washing my face cuz Bliss told Ri to cake me 😞

Bm😜😂😎😤👶👫💘: when its Father’s Day and the baby momma wants to spend it w/ her baby daddy but he’s spending it with his girlfriend 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

Me: 😂😂😂😂😂 just ask me to come over Raye it ain’t that hard. 

Bm😜😂😎😤👶👫💘: Chris can you come over so we can have lots and lots of fun 

Me: yea I’ll be over in a lil while. go finger yoself or something since you so bored 

Bm😜😂😎😤👶👫💘: ok I’m about to, ttyl 👉🐱 

Chuckling at her silly ass,   I put my phone away and made my way downstairs to see Bliss about to leave. Damn I wanted to spend a lil more time with her. She told me she was going to see her dad but I forgot all about that shit. 

“I’m out, babe. Kiss Amarie for me, and I love you.” She said as she gave me a quick kiss. I grabbed her arm and pulled her back into me to grab her ass. 

“What Chris? I promise when I get back you’re gonna get your gifts and stuff from me.” She said, making me feel better. 

“Alright, better. Go have fun, I love you. Tell ya pops I said Hi.” She nodded before leaving. I guess I can go to Raye’s house now.

“Mommy!” Amarie squealed as Raye answered the door. Raye picked her up in excitement and spun her around in the air. Raye was such a good mother. Damn who would’ve thought that we’d have a child together. 

“Baby, I missed you so much!” She smiled as she let her down. I cleared my throat because she forgot I was here, and when she noticed me she smirked and pulled me into their little group hug that made me feel good as hell on the inside. 

“I guess I missed you too, punk.” Raye admitted as she playfully punched me. I had Amarie over my house for about a week. Wanted her to stay longer, but she said she misses Raye. That little sleep over we had a few days ago was honestly the best sleep over I ever had. We was cuttin’ up. 


“Twerk dem cheeks, suh!” I encouraged Raye as I turned up the music. She was twerking to She All About Her Shmoney, and honestly a nigga dick was getting stupid hard. I had to control myself. 

“She'on fuck with broke niggas!” I rapped as I threw some 1’s on Raye which encouraged her to do better. I gave Amarie some 1’s to throw on Raye and she just threw them all at once causing Raye and I to laugh.

“Nah Ri, like this.” I corrected her as I stood like a G and singly started throwing some more 1’s on Raye. Amarie nodded and did just what I had demonstrated, as I clapped like a proud father. 

“Chris! Why are you teaching my baby how to do that?” Raye sucked her teeth as she stopped twerking to confront me. She picked up all of the 1’s and put them in a bag causing me to shake my head. She didn’t even ask if she could she keep it. This ain’t a strip club. Maybe I wanted it back. 

“Child support.” She smirked at me as she tossed the bag full of money on the couch.

“I support Amarie, I give her ass money everyday for no reason. I just bought her a phone too.“ 

"Look mommy!” Amarie yelled as she held up her custom pink glittery iPhone 6. I would’ve gotten her the 6 plus but it was way too big for her dainty hands. Since she was always on my phone, I just bought her one got herself. 

“Chris why’d you get her a phone? You buy her eno–” I cut off her rambling. I already told her that I was gonna get her anything and everything she wanted, so I don’t know why she acting surprised. 

“Relax, calm ya tits." 

"Mommy look!” Amarie said as Raye and I snapped our heads in her direction. She was attempting to twerk like Raye was as Raye encouraged her by clapping and cheering her on. What the fuck? 

“Hell nah, turn the fucking music off now!" 

*Flashback Over*

"Ty, Nae and King are here.” Raye said as she put Amarie down to play with King. On queue, Ty came out of no where jumping on my back, making both of us fall. Dumb ass nigga. 

“Damn man, you ain’t as little as you used to be jumping on people like you 5 pounds.” I mugged him playfully as I pushed him off of me. We both stood up and dapped each other.

“Sorry man, I ain’t seen you in a minute.” He said as he gave me a side hug. Ain’t even gone lie, I missed him too. After I look at these pictures Raye promised she’d show me of Amarie, we gone be down here turning up. 

“Raye baby, where them pictures at?” I asked Raye as she stopped talking to Nae and looked at me. She stood up and whispered something in Nae’s ear before jogging upstairs. 

“HAPPY FATHERS DAY CHRISSY POOH!” Nae yelled, as she walked over to me to hug me. I ain’t seen her in a minute either. 

“Thanks bae, I’ll be upstairs with Raye.” I said as I started walking up the stairs backwards. 

“To fuck?” Nae asked as I quickly shook my head no. They must be crazy. 

“You gone show me now?” I asked Raye as I got to her room. 

“Yea, I got lots of pictures of her in my phone.” Raye said as she unlocked her phone and tossed it to me. “Make sure you go to the album that says Amarie though..” She warned me before she left the room to go back down stairs with Ty, Nae and the kids. 

She must got nudes or some shit that she don’t want me to see. It’s all good, I’ve seen everything already. 

Clicking on the gallery, I went to the gallery that had Amarie’s name as the title. There was over 600 pictures in here and I actually really looked at all of them from when Amarie was born to now. Some of them made me laugh because Raye was young as hell in most of them. It made me feel some type of way when I saw a pic of  Don holding Amarie after Raye delivered her. I wish I was there. I missed everything. Her birth, first words, first steps. There were even pictures of Don kissing her stomach and shit.

Getting rid of the negative thoughts, I found a few pics that I liked so sent them to my phone. I even saw a pic of us that we took when we were together. Damn, she still kept it all these years. That actually means a lot to me. 

Once I found a pic I really liked, I uploaded it to ig. 

fuckyopictures: lol throwbike *plies voice* @rayeisbae nerdy ass teen days, happy fathers day to me tho 

Smiling as I put my phone away, the pillow that I got Raye was neatly sitting on her bed. Damn, she don’t hate me as much as I thought she did. Let me see if our scrap book is still in here some where. 

Walking over to her closet, I looked all at the top were some books were and a pink folder caught my eye so I grabbed it. The title was 'Love of My Life’ which made me smile a little bit. It was a little dusty so I know she ain’t touched it in a long ass time. 

When I opened the binder, there was small gifts we gave each other, pictures, and letters and shit that we wrote. Damn, this really got me thinking. 

“Chris what are y–” Raye said as her and Amarie came in the room and sat down by me. I looked at Raye, and she looked down at her feet, smiling. Glad to know that I can still make her blush. “I was gonna give that to you later, nosey.” She said as she stuck her tongue out at me. 

“Thanks Raye.” I chuckled as I opened my arms wide for her to fall in. She did just that, and held on tighter than what I expected. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her on the forehead. 

“Group hug!” Amarie yelled as she made her way in the middle of our hug. All of us laughed and a few seconds later we heard Ty and Nae’s 'aw’s’. 

“Happy Fathers Day, butthead.” Raye said as she kissed me on the cheek. This was honestly the best gift ever. 

“Mommy, daddy said he love you.” Amarie spoke up and this was actually the perfect moment to tell the that. Amarie’s smart. 

“Tell daddy I love him too.” Raye smiled as she looked at me. 

“Daddy mommy said she love you.” Amarie told me as both me and Raye laughed. Amarie was a trip.

My mood right now is just wanting to give Yoongi the biggest possible hug I could ever give.

Seeing him like this breaks my heart. Bangtan are my source of happiness. And all I ever wanted for Yoongi and the whole of bts is to be just as happy as they make me and probably all of us.

From all of the tweets he has posted on twitter about himself and how he says he thinks he is not handsome? Even though he is the most handsomest, the most amazing person I have ever laid my eyes on. For my bias to think this just breaks my heart and…

What I want to do now and I think every A.R.M.Y out there right now is to just be his shoulder to cry on and even though the only interaction we can have with bts because we are international fans is just seeing them through a computer or laptop or phone is enough for me to love them and support them and continue to be and A.R.M.Y.

Words can not even describe how much I love these seven boys and how much work they put into there job.

Yoongi if I could, I would give you the most enormous hug I could give you because you are amazing, you are handsome, you are the most hardworking person I know, and you have never let me down with anything. You are the reason that I smile everyday. And all I can say is thank you. Thank you so much for everything you and bangtan have done for me and every A.R.M.Y out there.