how could he abandon such cute baby!!

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Hi I thought I could give u a cute request of the members reacting to a box of abandoned kittens and/or puppies <3

Hoseok: This man would melt and be furious at the same time upon finding an abandoned box of precious baby animals. “How could someone do such a thing?!” He would say to himself or to the other boys if they were with him. He wouldn’t be able to just leave them all there and go on about his day like normal, he would feel incredibly guilty if he did that. So, the box of animals went with him for a few hours, refusing to let them go anywhere he felt wouldn’t be safe for them. 

Ahhh, I just want to take all of you home with me!”

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Namjoon: Being the biggest softy a heart, he wouldn’t be able to pass the box of crying puppies. He’d instantly think of RapMon and how the thought of him being abandoned the way these puppies were absolutely crushed him. If he wasn’t in any rush, he would sit right there on the ground and give all of his attention to the now excited animals. He couldn’t just leave them there, so, he would look up the nearest no-kill shelters and take them there. 

It’s gonna be okay, I’m taking everyone somewhere safe.”

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Taehyung: He wouldn’t have even noticed the box of puppies on the sidewalk if he didn’t hear a bark. He’d stop in his tracks and listen carefully, just to make sure he wasn’t just hearing things. However, when he heard the bark again, he was quick to turn around and find two puppies in a box. The three just looked at each other before he wouldn’t be able to resist any longer. He would play with the puppies for a few minutes before it sunk in that they were abandoned. He’d quickly take the two puppies home with him and see if anyone he knew wanted one or both. 

Ah, don’t worry, uncle Tae Tae is here to save the day!”

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Yoongi: Hearing the loud cries of kittens as he walked down the street made him curious, causing him to search for where the noise was coming from. When he finally found what he was looking for, he bent down and pet the small kittens who craved attention. He didn’t remember how long he had been there playing with the animals, but when he heard the booming cackle of sharp thunder in the sky, he knew that he needed to get home and that the kittens couldn’t stay out. Grabbing the box, he shook his head. 

This isn’t permanent, you three. Just for the night.” *meow* “……Just until I can find you somewhere else to go.”

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Jeongguk: Stumbling upon the box of an abandoned kitten and puppy made him upset, wondering how someone could be this heartless. “They’re babies! They’re defenseless!” He would say to himself and then to the other boys after he brought them home for the night. He would ask around those he knew if anyone wanted them and if not, then he would start looking at taking them to a shelter.

What was I supposed to do? Leave them there? I didn’t think so.”

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Jin: He and the boys would have been leaving a restaurant when someone mentioned that there was a box of puppies and kittens outside the building in a casual conversation. Turning around, he would go to where the person said the box was, to see if it was true. When he saw the box that consisted of two kittens and a puppy, he quickly moved the box from the busy street, not wanting something bad to happen to them. Looking at the other boys, he’d give them a small look before picking up the box. 

We’re taking them to the shelter.” “But-” “Sorry, can’t hear you.” 

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Jimin: Crossing paths with the abandoned box of kittens made his heart hurt a little. He’d lean down and pet the babies for a good long while before he realized it was getting dark. “Ah, I have to get going! I’m sorry little ones.” He’d say to the kittens and start walking away. However, the would cries of the animals made him feel guilty. Turning back around, he would quickly pick up the box of five kittens and hold it close to his chest as he hurriedly made his way home. 

It’s supposed to get cold tonight, so you guys can stay with Jiminnie- There you’ll be nice and warm.” 

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Ah, this was such a cute one to do !! Thank you so much for requesting and I hope you enjoy !

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A scenario where the the boy (s,m,t) lover tells them she's a month pregnant (they didn't know she was pregnant)

((I’ll just be doing their reactions, since writing a whole scenario for each boy is a lot.))


He was shocked at first, but after it settled in Shu wasn’t really freaking out about it. It was true he thought children were troublesome and noisy, but he had a feeling he wouldn’t feel that way towards their child. After all, he had faith in his lover, so it shouldn’t be too hard for them to raise a child.

“Looks like we’ll have a kid together...” He’d mumble, totally calm about the situation. Shu wouldn’t leave his lover, he’d be there to support her through it all. Having his own family didn’t seem too bad.


Reiji’s shock couldn’t even compare to the feeling of satisfaction inside of him. He wouldn't tell his lover, but he had been secretly hoping she’d get pregnant. He had always wanted to settle down and have a family, and it was finally happening. 

Alright….We have so much planning to do.” He’d say absentmindedly, looking towards his pregnant lover. “No more junk food or careless acts…you’re carrying my child now so be prepared to for the responsibility.” Even if his words were somewhat harsh, he was truly happy.


Laito could only react normally in his happy-go-lucky attitude. He didn’t exactly know how or what to tell his lover since he never thought he’d become a father…ever. But, seeing how his lover seemed worried, he wanted her to feel reassured that every thing was going to be alright.

Oh~? A baby us, huh? There is no doubt it’ll be cute~!” He’d chime, bringing his lover into a hug. “Don’t stress, you’re going to be a fantastic mother!” Maybe having a kid wouldn’t be bad.


Ayato appeared to be calm on the outside, but he was really having a small breakdown. He wasn’t ready to take on the responsibility of taking care of a child! Even so, Ayato wasn’t going to abandon his lover, how could he when he cared so much? Plus, she was carrying his child now.

He’d turn to his nervous lover and set his hand on her shoulder, hoping to comfort her. “Don’t worry….We have like eight months, right? I’ll become the best dad by the time he or she arrives!” He’d claim, his confidence easing his lover.


Kanato was displeased to say the least. Children were filthy, noisy creatures that gave him a headache. Plus, the little brat would take all of his lovers attention. Kanato wasn’t the fatherly type at all, so it was only natural he’d react this way. On another note, he had no intention of leaving his lover or forcing her to have an abortion.

He’d sigh out, obviously a bit annoyed by the situation. “Well…..I guess there’s no avoiding it. It better not turn out to be a little brat.” He’d tell his lover, thinking over a plan on just how he was gonna put up with a child.


The moment his lover spilled her little secret, Subaru’s pale features rushed over with red. It wasn’t from being flustered though, he was just so shocked. Had he really gotten his lover pregnant? The only one who he really cared about? He felt extremely terrible, implanting his sinister offspring within her delicate body.

He’d take his lovers hand in his own, gently, as he looked up at her with a horrified expression. “You can get an abortion if you want…..I don’t want you to have to go through this….It might kill you…” His worried tone was a shock, but Subaru had his reasons. But his partner seemed extremely happy about it, questioning why she would even think about getting an abortion. “S-So…..You want my…child?” 

The fear of losing his lover was always on his mind, but hearing that she really wanted their child was more than enough to fill his chest with happiness.


Ruki had a nice reaction, honestly, he wasn’t freaking out or expression how happy he was. His laid back attitude about the situation was only because Ruki had already planned for his lover to be pregnant. After having a long night with her without protection, it was rather obvious. Ruki didn’t mind a child, it would actually be nice to be a father, in his mind at least.

That’s good to hear. I knew you could give me happiness, but a family too?” His caring tone was music to his lovers ears, revealing that he really did care about her. Ruki had brought his lover into a small hug, setting his palm gently on her stomach where the start of a new future for them lied.


Yuma was stunned to hear that his lover was pregnant, but he wasn’t angry or displeased at all. Sure he’d have to learn a whole lot of troublesome things on how to properly care for a child, but heck, that didn’t really matter to him.

He’d pull his lover into a gently hug, his cheeks faintly pink from the glee he felt. “Haah….Imma make sure to spoil it. I jus’ hope you’re ready to get kicks from hell…” His tone held an amused happiness, delighted he was going to get his own little family. “I hope ya know…we ain’t stoppin’ after jus’ one.


Kou had a similar reaction to Laitos’, he didn’t exactly know how to feel about the situation. He felt as if he should be happy, but than again, wouldn’t a child only stop him from doing things freely? It was a responsibility he would have rather avoided until later, but it was happening now. Kou knew he was going to have to step up and be a father for the sake of his lover.

How unexpected….Oh well! Now I can decorate a room for it! I wonder what gender it’ll be…? A girl would be nice but so would a boy!” Kou’s constant babbling was able to ease his lovers emotions, it was going to be rough…but they both knew they would be able to raise their child with love despite its unplanned existence.  


Azusa didn’t exactly understand the situation right off the back, wondering if his lover was only trying to hint at wanting a child. After some explaining though, Azusa was speechless. A baby? Now? Was he even cut out to be a father? Did he even deserve a family? Many thoughts ran through his mind as he stayed silent, soon realizing that he was probably giving off a bad reaction towards his lover.

W-Well….I guess this….is good..right? We can…finally start a family…..I just hope….it won’t hate me…” After saying this, Azusa would take his lover in his arms, having a feeling that the next eight months would fly by and his child would be here.


Carla’s silence would have gave anyone a fright as he thought over the situation he was. A baby wouldn’t be bad for him since he’d be able to have a guaranteed offspring to take over his role as the First Blood King. Though, he had many things to fear about this child. It could possibly kill his lover for one, but it could also develop the Endzeit virus from having his pure blood. The virus could easily kill the infant and it would be born. Carla didn’t want his lover to have to watch their baby slowly die. But abortion was not an option, at all.

“Hopefully you’re ready to raise a child of mine. It’s not going to be easy.” Carla wouldn’t tell his lover about the risks since they could all be avoided. It was honestly up to fate as to what would happen. In the end, Carla was secretly pleased that his lover was pregnant. 


He was a bit hesitant at giving a reaction, but he seemed to be content about the situation. Shin honestly had no clue about how much work it would be to raise a child, but the thought of spoiling his lover and their child, then getting spoiled in return was enough to help his mind be upbeat about it. 

Oh, how sudden. I bet you’ve been waiting for this happen though, right? You get to carry my child, it’s an honor, so make sure to keep yourself in good health! I wonder if it’ll be able to transform into a wolf too…that’ll be so damn cool..” His hopes were up now, he was expecting to have an amazing child with his lover.

A Boy, a Bear, and a Zookeeper

Well, hello again! Been a little while since I’ve written a one-shot, eh? Well I’m making my comeback and this one is super cute and stuffs so I hope you like it my lovelies. This prompt was recommended by @thehuggablehope and I hope this satisfies your zoo requests! If you ever want to give me a prompt or give me an idea, my ask is always open!

I hope you enjoy!


A Boy, a Bear, and a Zookeeper

Pairing: H20Vanoss

Word Count: 963

Triggers: None


Evan was sweeping the cage when he first saw him. The guy was watching the grizzly bear with such wonder in his eyes, it made Evan smile. The guy had been standing across at the other exhibit, just watching the bear lay around in the sun. Whenever the bear moved, the guy squealed and Evan smiled even wider. Frankly, it was adorable.

The next day, Evan was doing a feeding when he saw the guy again, this time admiring the owls. He was constantly taking photos, and when he would look at them he would smile so fucking wide that all Evan could do was smile too. ‘This guy must really love animals,’ he thought, as he finished putting the food in the bucket. Of course, he had nothing against that, because he really loved animals too.

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Exo Scenario: Singing to Kai ~

Hi there! I was wondering if you could write a scenarios featuring Kai where the reader is jamming to one of Exo’s songs and Kai comes in, but the reader isn’t embarrassed and starts singing the song to him instead lol I thought it’d be something cute to write

Sorry that this has taken so extremely long for me to get to. Hope you like it anyway, and it was worth the wait. Let me know what you think of it :)

You didn’t feel ashamed to be cleaning the dishes while one of EXO’s songs played out loud. You didn’t have many of his songs on the playlist, but you did have quite a few, adding to it daily. At one point in time, you may just have all of his group’s songs on there, it was certainly a possibility.

While cleaning up the dishes, the water running and the suds from the soap nearly everywhere, you were dancing and singing a little bit, humming the lyrics to yourself and smiling as you did so. Though he didn’t have very many singing parts, you could always tell when your Jongin was singing, and you adored those parts the most.

Stepping into the kitchen where he could see you shaking your butt along to the rhythm of the song, he let out a brief chortle of laughter before you were turning your head and then proceeding to sing louder, which only made him laugh more.

“What are you doing?” he asked in mock horror while you sang along to Love Me Right. You knew the dance moves, too, and with a soap stained hand, you started dancing back toward him. He nearly doubled over in laughter as you sang the words aloud, but couldn’t help but also find you incredibly adorable as you tried out the choreography as well. It was seriously too endearing to witness and he found himself singing along to his group’s song as well.

Come to me, don’t hesitate. You’re alluring, you’re my universe.” the words echoed through the kitchen as the two of you danced and sang together, not caring for the leftover dishes in the sink that you had now abandoned.

“Baby love me right!” you both screamed at the same time, not really even singing anymore.

Falling into a fit of laughter, Jongin caught you before you fell over and he laughed with you as you buried your head cutely into his chest, pressing your face against the thin material of his shirt and giggling like a child because of how happy and just generally elated you were. 

This was why he had fallen in love with you - you were a free spirit and you could sit back and laugh without a care in the world. He adored that about you.

“You’re cute.” he murmured before leaning down and kissing your hair. Your arms wrapped around him, getting comfortable before he realized that your hands were still wet from washing dishes and they sunk into his back, getting his shirt wet as well. He pulled away from your touch, but you held onto him, knowing exactly what you were doing. His nose wrinkled in protest. “Jagi…” he started to complain.

“Mhmm?” you answer, face still buried in his chest as the next song started playing. 

Jongin shakes his head one more time before he’s leaning down to kiss your head again and murmuring very softly, “Nothing.” 


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Could you do a deanx reader where they have to look after baby sam after a witch hunt and dean realises he loves the reader while watching her look after the baby

Rating: PG

Warnings: None

You sat upright as loud music filled your ears. You squinted as you rubbed your head, the sudden awakening having caused you to bang your head on the low car roof. Sam sat in the front seat, also woken up by “Back in Black” blasting through the speakers. He glared at his brother, Dean, who sang along cheerfully to the ACDC hit.

“What the hell Dean?!” Your watch read 7 am and you gritted your teeth, the sunrise still burning your eyes.

“Rise and Shine! Welcome to Los Angeles, California!!” You rolled your eyes, trying to block out the sun and the music with your blanket. “Come on (Y/N)! Greet the morning!!”

You smacked him, the car swerving to your satisfaction.

“Okay, so looks like three people were killed by different forms of witchcraft.” Sam scrolled through the Los Angeles Times website, relaying the information to you and Dean. It was still a mystery to you how he managed to get all the free, endless WiFi he did, no matter where he was.

“What kind of spells are we talking about?” Dean tossed you a beer from the small motel refrigerator. You caught it with ease, popping the cap off on the table. Sam glanced at you, having broken his train of thought for a nanosecond, before returning to the screen.

“Looks like the first woman, Alison Sherwood, choked on about ten razorblades that inconspicuously appeared in her throat. Heather Noddson, scratched at her own torso till her intestines fell out. And finally, Franklin Adaline, well, x-ray scan found needles in his brain, as if they had been hammered in from the outside.” You’re face twisted with disgust.

“There goes my appetite.”

“Are you sure this is where the witch is hiding?” Castiel, a rebellious angel who occasionally joined you and the Winchesters on hunts, nodded. His angel blade slipped from his sleeve into his cautious hand.

“Yes, this is the place. This is where the energy is coming from.”

The four of you stood in front of a dingy orphanage, so under-kept, it was quite literally falling apart.

“So our witch is Annie?” You rolled your eyes at Dean’s joke, partly surprised he even knew who the singing orphan was.

“Let’s just get on with this.”

“SAMMY!!!” Dean cradled his arm, stumbling toward the lump of what remained of his brother. You coughed, wiping your mouth and stumbled toward Castiel’s unconscious body.

“Cas… Cas come on…” Your attention was torn away from the bloodied angel to look at Dean, who appeared to be having trouble breathing. “Dean? Dean, Cas isn’t waking up… What’s wrong?”

Dean turned toward you slowly, his green eyes wide with confusion and fear. And in his arms, was a baby.

“Dean, it isn’t your fault. Even Cas didn’t know all the orphans were witches. How could we have possibly avoided this?” The elder Winchester didn’t respond. He slumped on the couch next to Cas’s limp body, taking a swig of beer. He was furious, that was a given, but he was also extremely worried. You looked down at the tiny sleeping body in your arms. Sammy, now about the age of two, was sucking his thumb, wrapped awkwardly in a flannel way too large for him.

It was about this time that the tiny body of Sam Winchester began to wake up.

“Sam? Can you hear me?” The boy blinked, groggy and a little confused. He yawned stretching and rubbing his eyes. He was actually adorable, having a head of messy brown hair and big hazel eyes. Sam looked around until he saw Dean and he reached out, making grabbing gestures.

“Dea… Dea!” Dean sighed, getting up and taking Sam from your arms. He held the small child out in front of him.

“Hey Sammy. Looks like you’re a baby again. But don’t worry, we’re gonna take care of it.” Sam cocked his head to the side, looking at his brother with a clueless expression. He began cooing and giggling, causing Dean to laugh. “I forgot how freakin’ cute you were as a kid.” Dean looked at you, suddenly realizing what he had said.

“Don’t tell him I said that.” You simply laughed, waving him off.

“My lips are sealed.”

“SAM!” You came through the door to the bunker to hear what you could only assume was Dean’s “dad-voice”.

“What’s going on?” Dean came walking into the room, looking slightly disgruntled and very annoyed.

“Sam is not cute.” There was a loud bang from the kitchen and you abandoned the baby products by the stairs. Castiel stood, covered in spaghetti noodles.


“Hello (Y/N). I have become aware that Sam has been turned into a child.”

“Uh… Yeah…” You helped him wipe off the pasta as Dean left the room in search of a certain troublemaker. “What are you doing?”

“I read Sam’s mind. He wanted Mac and Cheese. I was trying to make it.” You laughed.

“Cas… this isn’t… Nevermind. What else was he thinking?”

“Well, Sam’s body as well as his mind are in the state of a two year old human. He does however, have a better handle on his motor skills, which is how he’s causing so much trouble.”

Dean re-entered the kitchen, Sam tucked, squirming, under his arm.

“He was never this much goddamn trouble last time… Jesus…” A lightbulb appeared above your head.

“I bet it was those brats from the orphanage. They must have cursed Sam to be a troublemaker just like them!”

“That is possible…”

“Well how do we reverse it?” You sighed.

“I have no idea…”

“Okay, I have an idea.”

“Lay it on me.” Dean sat outside a makeshift playpen, in which Sammy was trapped inside with several “toys”.

“Looks like it’s just a couple candles and a spell.” You frowned. “And a drop of Sam’s blood.”

Dean sighed. “He is not going to like that.” Without another word Dean pulled his younger brother out of the playpen and handed him to you. He pulled out and knife and you gasped, shielding the little boy.


“Are you insane?! He’s just a kid!”

“He’s a grown man in a kid’s body.”

“Dean!!!” The Winchester groaned.

“Then how do you suggest we get the blood?” You thought for a moment.

“Go get the first aid kit.”

You sterilized the medical needle inside the kit, looking over Sam’s body for the best place to draw the blood.

“Hold up his foot, and rock him slightly.”


“Just do it Dean, it’ll keep him calm.” Dean rolled his eyes, obeying as you stuck the needle into Sam’s heel. The little boy began to cry, flailing and trying to kick you away. You finished up quickly, handing Dean the needle and taking Sam. You stood, hugging him and singing softly.

“Hey… What are you singing to him?” Sam’s crying had stopped within seconds and he sniffled, looking at Dean with red eyes.

“Hey Jude. Sam told me your mother used to sing it to you guys when you were little. Thought it might calm him down.” Dean was silent, his apple green eyes studying you with a look you hadn’t seen before.

“… What?” Dean shook his head.

“Nothing.” He emptied the syringe into the bowl, muttering the incantation. Sam fell limp in your arms, almost instantly asleep. “Might wanna put him in his room. That makeshift diaper isn’t going to hold in a couple minutes.”

“I’ll take him.” Castiel took little Sam from your arms. “I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help.” And with a flutter of wings, he was gone.

“Well. That was… Interesting.” Dean chuckled.

“I’m just glad he’s going to be back to normal.”

“Yeah… We don’t need you worrying like that.” Dean scoffed.

“I wasn’t worried.”

“Liar.” He just smiled.

“Well… He is my brother. He’s all I’ve got.” You came to sit next to him on the couch.

“You’ve got me.” Dean smiled. A genuine, relaxed grin that made your insides melt.

“Yeah. I guess I do.”


Let's Talk Adam Milligan

Okay, but this guy right here

As some of you may or may not know, that hot guy is the actor, Jake Abel who plays Adam from Supernatural. As you can tell, he looks very different than the cute baby faced kid from the show.

Many movies and things play off his younger look and use it to their advantage for various movies. It’s getting progressively harder to do that though as he gets older.

In the event that if Adam somehow did return to Supernatural(and that’s a huge if because you know how those writers are) it is in fact still possible at this time to attempt the younger, innocent, even tortured look that he may have portrayed in the show. Of course he’d look older, but they could easily play the abandoned kid stereotype for him. 

The problem with Adam wasn’t that he was a bad character, They gave him little depth and most of his fanbase are only interested in him because they feel bad for him. He was Sam and Dean’s younger brother that they promised to protect and instead forgot him and left him at the mercy of two very angry archangels. He only appeared in the show shortly and not much about his personality or anything is fleshed out or known. He’s young, smart assed like Dean, intelligent like Sam, good willed like both of them and has a good faith. That’s all we know and as good as it sounds, it’s not much and just the surface of what he could be or become. The ‘good’ outcome would have been that he was saved, traveled with the Winchesters, maybe even become a hunter and have the two big brothers that he never had growing up. That idea is very two dimensional and honestly, we don’t know what Adam would have done or reacted in any situation because he wasn’t in the show long enough.

Now let’s go off the idea that all we see of Adam is who he is (basically Sam and Dean’s love child). If Adam were to get out of hell now, let’s say with all his memories. In theory, he could go down the same path Sam did. Maybe Sam and Dean try and help him though since they know better so he doesn’t end up as bad as Sam. With Jake Abel’s cute look, he could easily play the tortured kid, maybe even well enough to act out a proper mental break down of a kid who spent so long in hell with Lucifer and Michael. 

The thing with that is that it would only create more Adam sympathizers and people wouldn’t be interested in the character himself. It would play too much on what he’s lost, including his mind, and may inevitably be thrown away once that’s all been squeezed out of him. It’s common out of most of the side characters, I’ve noticed. 

Imagine though that they didn’t simply play off his sympathy and they didn’t use his young, childish look. Imagine that going to hell didn’t make him weaker, tortured, or small. Imagine instead that they focused on Jake Abel’s other qualities. 

Adam didn’t show weakness facing Zachariah. The only time he ever did truly show weakness was when he was calling for Dean. Obviously as a normal person, as most normal people, he could be considered weak in the eyes of viewers and in need of saving. Of course his only crime was that he believed the angels.

What if they played on him no longer believing in angels? He hardly knew Dean so after being so long in the cage, he lost hope. His mother is dead, he’s living eternity in hell, and no existence he’s lived so far has been up to his expectations. There’s no reason to wish for death because it only brings more pain. Everyone he’s met since returning to the living had lied and betrayed him. 

Except Lucifer. 

Lucifer has never lied to him. He’s tortured him and never gave a front. Never had any reason to betray him. Adam was just there for his amusement because he had something to do in the cage other than fight Michael. He spent a long time with Sam, but after his favorite left all that remained was Adam, the bastard child he had no interest in. Imagine his surprise when after enduring torture longer than Sam, Adam never begged or broke. He always had a fire in his eye and despite being the nineteen year old college kid from a little town in Wisconsin, he was stronger than Lucifer thought he would be. 

And he tries to break Adam mentally. He tells Adam that Dean and Sam are never coming for him. He’s stuck there forever with Lucifer. They abandoned him. He’s trying to break Adam like he did Sam. Adam never says anything through all this time until one time among the decades to centuries he was there, he simply says 'I know’. It’s not full of resignation and he’s not broken. It’s said as a matter of fact and it’s angry.

Lucifer realizes then that he can’t torture something that has nothing left. All that’s been in Adam since he entered the cage was pain, emptiness, anger and hatred. He couldn’t be dependent on the Winchesters saving him, he realized. There was no point in hoping or putting any trust in them, but he never begged Lucifer to stop. The torture kept him from his mind numbing boredom that came from the cage.

He’s been in the cage, being tortured by Lucifer for centuries. He’s not a kid anymore. He stopped being a kid the moment he was dragged into this mess. He went in a child but came out as something else. Many demons become a demon in less than a hundred years. He’s been there well over 600 being personally tortured by Lucifer.

Now, imagine that this Adam got out of hell. 

Imagine that this monstrosity born from hate, betrayal and anger walked the Earth.


That would be a far more interesting story and create a more notable character.