how could anyone not love thom

I dont get why so many people seem to hate Blackwall...

I mean, yeah his actions as Thom Rainier were reprehensible, but after that he was going to join the wardens, but during his joning the only warden who knew him died to save his life. So rather than letting the real Blackwall’s sacrifice go to waste and live a life with no purpose, he took on the identity of Blackwall and spent the rest of his life trying to help people. Then he joins the Inquisition to help save the whole world. Id say he deserves to be pardoned for his past crimes.

But hey, he’s a chubby beardy man who doesnt think he deserves my inquisitors love and i have a thing for chubby beardy men with self esteem issues so i might be biased but still. I love that bear and i just dont know how anyone could really hate him.