how could anyone not love him is my question

I am trying to put a pin in this.
I am trying to call this finished, or
over, or
something we are on the other side of.
But it’s hard finding closure when you’re standing
in front of a door you never opened.
See, you can’t finish a race if you’re still
standing, bashful, at the starting line.
I wonder
how many months we’ve already spent
watching each other fall in and out of love
with other people.
I wonder
if I’m meant to spend a lifetime
asking god about your mouth.
This boy is not my answer
to the question we never ask each other.
No matter what anyone says,
I’m not looking for you, in him.
He is not the echo of your hands;
he looks nothing like your ghost.
I could fall in love with him and
it would have nothing to do with you–
just like the boy who broke your heart
had nothing to do with me.
I shouldn’t have to apologize
for the state we find ourselves in, and yet
I catch myself dusting my own heart
for fingerprints, for motive,
for evidence of a crime.
So this is what it is to be in love at a distance:
measured in miles,
measured in time-zones,
measured in how often I’ve thought
about my hands and your hands and
your hips and my thighs,
measured in how high we can stack
the fear, the denial, the regret.
I guess this is us finding out the hard way
that a hundred thousand maybes
aren’t worth a single fucking
Pandas BackStory theory

Ok,so we know grizzlys backstory and yesterday we found out what ice bears backstory was.So I got a question What do you think pandas backstory is ? My guess is that it has to involve love and here’s my reason why,maybe when he was a baby he never got any love and was abandoned.That could probably explain why he’s so butthurt that he can’t find anyone to love him back or it has to do with deforestation,im not sure.You know would be a great episode,how all 3 of them first met eachother,that would kill me,If I were to watch that show I would be on fire and die while on fire

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Tyler Hoechlin, MVP of My Heart: DOTW Chicago

This Sunday was the second day of DOTW Chicago, and I was lucky enough to attend. After a number of dramatic airport antics, I finally arrived at the convention just before it began. I flew halfway across the country and I couldn’t be more excited for the day, even if I had been awake since Friday night. The only real goal was getting to talk to Tyler for a little bit, but along the way I made some friends and the day turned out all the better for it. The day began for me with Orny coming on stage and introducing Ian, but as this trip was mostly about Hoechlin for me I’ll leave the recaps of everything else for others.

The first big thing I did was attend Tyler’s Meet and Greet. The amazing darkenednights (Go check out her photo’s of the con!) was kind enough to sell me her ticket, and I couldn’t be more thankful. The whole day was the best ever, but this really was it’s core. Now I don’t know how much we’re actually allowed to say about it, so I won’t go into much detail about it. But he was so nice and made sure to involve and talk to everyone during it, and answered questions and smiled and was just so nice. At one point I asked him about the Dodger’s game, and he said it was amazing to be a part of, but that his brother had been teasing him about how he only hit two home runs, and when I said “but you were MVP” he said his brother reminded him he was only the co-MVP. I responded by putting my hand on my chest and saying “Well you’re the MVP in my heart” to which he just gave a really big ‘awh’ and said “that’s the one that matters.” He really is just the best guy like wow. 
While in there I met some super awesome people, such as switch842 / runningwithwolves42! It was pretty great. Everyone in there was amazing and it made it all so much fun.

Next up was his panel, which has been reported on in depth I’m sure. I didn’t get to ask him the question I wanted to, but a highlight has to be when someone asked him how he would survive in a zombie apocalypse. He decided he would want dragons (because who wouldn’t?), but when I yelled out asking what if they bite the dragon, he just said you’re done. It’s over, you’re dead. haha Another just amazing part was when this little kid asked him what his favorite Beatles song was and he talked about rocking out in the car to the ‘na na’s at the end of Hey Jude. He was just so happy and perfect and it was great (also I crazy want to hear him car singing now haha)

The last two things were the photo ops and his signing! I had two photos, and told him at the Meet and Greet I had a plan for it, and he said he was looking forward to it as he left. When I got up to him in the line, he remembered that I had a plan and asked what it was.
I had a bottle of coke in my hand. He hadn’t noticed it.
I smiled and looked at him.
“okay, Tyler?”
“I need to ask you the most important question I can ask someone.”
He looked a little worried. He didn’t know. Hadn’t realized yet. I drop to one knee.
“Will you.. *presents the coke bottle with his name on it to him* Share a coke with me?”
He died. He threw his head back laughing and clapped while saying “I will”. It was so great I was so excited. After he stopped laughing he grabbed the bottle a little and smiled down at me: PHOTO HERE. (the photographer took it just as his smile started to fade, which is a little sad but I still love the photo). I stood up and gave him the coke and he seemed surprised he got to keep it?? He’s so great oh my gosh. 
He put the coke to the side and was like “hug?” 
I thought he meant an actual hug. He meant a photo hug. I went for it. My head fell into his shoulder and He started to pose. I realized halfway through and turned my head awkwardly with my hand on his shoulder to look at the camera. He thought it was funny apparently, though, so that’s nice. PHOTO HERE
I left after getting a real hug, and made my way upstairs to the autographs.

Now, I almost missed my autograph. Things were running a little slow and I had to catch my flight. I had been up since Friday night still. Starbucks had closed. I was so tired it was a mess. Eventually the wonderful Creation team bumped me to the front so I wouldn’t miss my flight, and I got to say goodbye to Tyler. He laughed and smiled when he saw my photo, and said he was sorry I had to leave so quickly (I told him why I got bumped up). But before he finished signing, I told him how much he meant to me and why. Basically I told him that he was the best, and my hero, and that he and Derek got me through a really really bad depressive/almost suicidal spot four years ago and have been helping me ever since. He got these really wide eyes (which is a sight to see even in my state truly) and an awed expression, and looked a little lost for words (he said “that’s amazing” or something similar at first) and then made for a high five before just getting up and walking around the table and giving me a huge hug (which was magical and I was almost crying because it was really hard to say and I was so tired and he was being so amazing and fantastic to me). I told him he was my hero again and that I had to go but just thank you so much for existing, and he got this really serious face and nodded as he sat down but then immediately smiled and told me he wanted me to come see him again soon (and I died inside). I smiled and nodded back but joked that the goal was he was going to be so famous that he wouldn’t do these anymore and I wouldn’t be able to afford it. He just smiled and waved at me and told me to have a safe flight. And then I was gone. I left the room and said goodbye to my new friends and got to the airport and cried for a long time because of how amazing he is and how much I wish I could talk to him again and how much I missed him already, and because I have no idea when I’ll get to see or talk to him again and it kills me.

So. That is my (very, extremely long) recap of my day at DOTW Chicago, and the part that was most important to me (for reasons that I hope were made clear). The take away should really just be that Creation Events are great, con friends are the greatest, and that Tyler Hoechlin is the best human being in the world, my favorite person, my hero, and now MVP of my heart. 
Nate out.


Okay I’m really proud of Thea right now. She told her abuser to get out of her life and despite him using pretty much every move in the book to get her to change her mind (I’m doing this for you, you are too young to understand what is going on but I do, I made you who you are, before me you were nothing, you choose this, I am your father, I love you, etc etc) she stuck with her guns and said no. I regret going to you. I hate you. I want you out of my life. This is without anyone on screen questioning how healthy her relationship with him is (at least not for the last few months, some at the beginning but none now). 

We’ve had Oliver refuse to kill him because of this bond. He didn’t want to take away Thea’s father and make it so she could never have a good relationship with him. At the same time Laurel said multiple times kill him. Let him die. And I can’t blame her. For both her and Thea. Laurel has had to work with the person that drugged a good friend (practically mentally adopted sister) of hers to kill her sister. And we saw how messed up that left both Laurel and Thea. Malcolm murdered her sister in a way that hurt everyone, put them all in danger, and extremely messed up her friend. And more then that he made Thea, his ‘daughter’, kill a good friend of hers and used that to get Oliver to fight his battle for him. Thea has been interacting with the person that did that to her. And now Thea is saying no. And I am so proud of her. She needed to say this. And I hope this means he no longer works with Team Arrow. For Thea’s sake, for Laurel’s sake, and for everyone else’s sake.

Thea needs to go to team Flash for a bit and be daded by Joe and hang out with Cisco, Caitlin, and Barry. They have experience with a mentor/father figure betraying them and hurting them and it turning out that said mentor/father figure is emotionally abusive (among other forms of abuse). They should be able to help.


Turning tail to lick their wounds does come at a price, though.. Jun was keeping a very shaky control on the empire that his family had built, but for him to keep his location hidden? It was very easy for someone to move in and claim that they might not even be talking to Jun at all- it could be some impostor pulling the strings. It was a prime opportunity to seize this glorious empire and thoroughly cut Jun off from his assets that were shared between the brothers. 

However, the most unkindest cut of all?

         “Please, dear. Call me Valery.”
                       “Right.. Valery-san?
   You will be taking over the Manjoume Group, in his absence?” 

      “Oh! My precious Jun!! He’s gone and disappeared!!
        I hope he’ll return to me soon enough!! I miss him so~
   Jun, if you’re listening: I love you, my darling!! Please return!!

How could anyone even think to question it? He was undoubtedly the man in that sex tape that was released. He killed anyone who dared question him within the empire, and.. made his move. He had a silver tongue and was an excellent public speaker, knowing how to work the crowds to his favor- especially with his blubbering nonsense of a lost lover.

Not even Jun knows his intentions to devour him if they ever saw each other again. 

This made him angry- bitter. He didn’t want to do much of anything, even with Rollo’s training, when Hokuto was healed up from their fight with the wolf warriors. Jun would sit and watch from the cabin’s porch, but participation?

He’d receive an F on that test. 

For the first week or so, Rollo didn’t say anything about it.
By the second week, the deer warrior made small comments about it, away from Jun.
The third week? He openly commented about it in front of Jun, hoping for a retaliation, but received none. 

And by the start of the fourth week?

“Jun, come on.. You’re not going to learn anything by just watching..”

And, as per usual, the black wolf growls under his breath, then turns his head away. 

Even more random thoughts from Southern Anon

I have lots of thoughts and emotions about the Oscar B/SShow and I’ve stewed on them long enough. (Am I the only one who’s noticed that Benedict + Sophie = BS? Fitting, don’t you think?) I need to get them out of my head. 

The juvenile, over the top PDA was just so embarrassing and painful to watch for anyone who ever had any respect for Benedict. Everyone out here has done a great job of putting my own thoughts into words, so that’s all I’m going to say about it. 

The selfie he took with SH and his parents was beyond sad and very telling.  I’ve always said you can roll your eyes and question just about everything he says and does anymore, but no one could ever doubt how much he loves his parents.  So to see him put his parents in the back of that shot – to physically put them behind a cheesy showmance – was just so disappointing. And I just now saw the picture of his father trailing behind them on the red carpet. Mercy. I don’t know them and it hurt to see it.  Good lord, BC, if you won’t or can’t stand up for yourself, at least stand up for your parents. Your “wife” treated your parents as if they were an inconvenience – and you let her do it.  You’re 38 years old - how many more red carpet opportunities do you think you will have with your parents? Snap out of it! 

 Regarding SH - up until now, I’ve tried to be fair-minded where the blame should be placed. But after Sunday’s show, I’m done.  DONE.  This was BC’s night, not hers, and yet she drug him around by the nose.  And if she was nurturing at all, she’d have made sure his parents spent as much time with their son on the red carpet as she did. But she couldn’t be bothered. She’s self-absorbed, pretentious and self-serving. God help him, getting mixed up with someone like her. 

Other random thoughts: 

-   As always, thanks for giving us such a great place to hang out, Ballsy. I know it’s taken up a good part of your life.  I raise a glass of Bailey’s in your honor! Hugs! 

-   I prefer BC in a dark tuxedo, but I really didn’t think the white one was that bad.  I think it would’ve looked better and gotten fewer negative comments if he wasn’t so, so thin lately. 

-   The guy in the liquor store now knows my beverage of choice is Bailey’s from memory.  I’m not sure what that says about the frequency of my stops the past couple of months, but it can’t be good.  

-   My two new favorite phrases: “skinny-ass frump” and “sullen, unknown wastrel” 

-   Some folks have decided to walk away.  Not me.  I’m stocking up on popcorn and Bailey’s, because Karma’s going to come to town and I’m going to be here for the show. Paybacks are hell, Sophie.


Ballsy:  Big hugs and Baileys to you too SA. :D