how could a man (woman) ever do that

  • Avengers: What superpower would you like to have?
  • Iron Man: What is your favourite piece of technology?
  • Captain America: What is your sexuality?
  • Black Widow: Share a secret.
  • Thor: What is your religion?
  • Hawkeye: What is your favourite movie?
  • Hulk: How strong are you?
  • Loki: What is the biggest mistake that you have ever made?
  • Scarlet Witch: If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
  • Quicksilver: Have you any siblings?
  • Vision: What weight are you?
  • Ultron: What is the last text you sent?
  • Ant-man: What height are you?
  • Wasp: What's your full name?
  • Bucky: Who is your best friend?
  • Falcon: Which fictional character would you like to hang out with?
  • Spider-man: What is/was your favourite subject in school?
  • Doctor Strange: Name a special talent you have.
  • Captain Marvel: What do you want to achieve in life?
  • Black Panther: How responsible are you?
  • Spider-woman: What is your favourite smell?
  • Nova: Do you prefer the moon or stars?
  • Luke Cage: What job do you want?
  • Jessica Jones: What is your favourite memory?
  • Daredevil: What is your favourite song?
  • Iron Fist: What is your favourite food?
  • Ms. Marvel: Who is your idol?
  • X-men: What social issue do you feel strongest about? (sexism, racism, etc.)
  • Professor X: What are you thinking about right now?
  • Cyclops: Do you wear glasses?
  • Rogue: What is your crushes name?
  • Magneto: What country are you from?
  • Mystique: What is one thing that you would like to change about yourself?
  • Wolverine: What are you afraid of?
  • Phoenix: What is your favourite book?
  • Storm: What is your favourite type of weather?
  • Beast: What is your favourite animal?
  • Angel: What is your MBTI type?
  • Magik: What is your star sign?
  • Gambit: When is your birthday?
  • Shadowcat: Have you any pets?
  • Groot: What is your favourite flower?
  • Rocket: What languages do you speak?
  • Star-Lord: What is your Harry Potter house?
  • Draxx: Who do you love most in the world?
  • Gamora: What is your worst memory?
  • Medusa: What colour/length/style is your hair?
  • Black Bolt: What is your accent like?
  • Ghost Rider: What is the worst thing that you have ever done?
  • Deadpool: Post a picture of yourself.
Paul Ryan Pulls Doomed Health Care Bill at Trump’s Request

The GOP has pulled the Health Care bill that would have repealed and replaced the Affordable Care Act.

“You’ve all heard me say this before — moving from an opposition party to a governing party comes with growing pains and, well, we’re feeling those growing pains today,” House Speaker Paul Ryan said following the announcement.

“This is a disappointing day for us,” he added. “Doing big things is hard. All of us, all of us, myself included, will need time to reflect on how we got to this moment, what we could have done to do it better. … This is a setback, no two ways about it — but it is not the end of the story because I know that every man and woman in this conference is now motivated more than ever to step up on their game, to deliver on our promises.”

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President Trump spoke from the Oval Office after Ryan’s announcement, saying that the health care bill fell short in the lead-up to the House vote because of no support from Democrats. “They weren’t going to give us a single vote,” the president said.

He went on to say that he is “open” to tackling health care again if “Obamacare” implodes. “If [Democrats] got together with us and get a real health care bill, I’d be totally open to it. And I think that’s going to happen. If it loses… Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer… now they own Obamacare. They own it. They 100 percent own it.”

Trump added, “It’s imploding and will soon explode. And it’s not going to be pretty.”

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With news outlets reporting that 27 Republicans in the House were solidly in the “no” camp and another four likely to follow, the outcome of the bill was in doubt from the get-go. As of Friday morning, the approval of the GOP health care plan was at 17 percent.

“Why would you schedule a vote on a bill that is at 17% approval? Have we forgotten everything Reagan taught us?” former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich tweeted earlier. MSNBC calls it “a failure marked in the official congressional record.”

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi told AP, “Today is a victory for the American people.”

Next on President Trump’s agenda: a pivot to tax cuts and tax reform.

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♥ “ sweet nothing’s ” meme pt 2

part one is here 

  • “i just can’t get enough of you.”
  • “tell me again why you fell in love with me.”
  • “i love the way you moan my name.” 
  • “don’t cover yourself up around me.” 
  • “no one in the world compares to you.” 
  • “everything you do makes me love you a little bit more.” 
  • “you’re everything i’ll ever need.” 
  • “i wish you saw in yourself what i see in you.” 
  • “breathtaking.” 
  • “you’re ever man/woman’s dream.” 
  • “i’ll never get tired of this.” 
  • “i could lay here and look at you all day.” 
  • “stop putting yourself down, do you realize how perfect you are?” 
  • “tell me what you’re thinking.” 
  • “you remind me every day how lucky i am.” 
  • “i never thought i deserved someone like you.” 

Numb. That’s how she had felt since she had arrived in the Capitol, hell it was how she had felt ever since that man had pulled her name from the reaping bowl. He had tried to make polite conversation during the train ride, ask her about the people that had come to see her before she left, and she knew deep down he was just trying to be nice. She could see in his eyes he was genuine, that he genuinely hated what he was doing, but she couldn’t bring herself to return the kindness. Not today. She was now, however, staring intently at a bright orange nest perched precariously on a woman’s head, wondering if the thing was made of real hair or a wig, before she sensed that she was no longer alone. “Do you think that’s real, or synthetic? My money is on synthetic, she seems the type to be able to afford it, don’t you think?” she sighed, frowning a little in the woman’s direction, no judgement in her tone despite the nagging thought that the money spent on that thing would probably have been enough to feed her district for a year, but still she didn’t voice the opinion. She couldn’t.

  • Myles: Alanna is a good woman. How could you do this to her?
  • Jon: I don’t know. Bad things are always happening to me! It’s like I have bad luck.
  • Myles: Son, you don’t have bad luck. Bad things happen to you because you’re a dumbass.

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                  There’s a certain tic about Ripley. She’s so awful with emotional discord. She likes Perry. The woman shouldn’t even be down here. This isn’t a haven any longer (was it ever?) Rapture is just hell. Rapture is everything that makes man awful because men can’t be Gods. They can’t even be Kings. Men can’t sustain power. Perry? The woman was trustworthy from the moment they met. How does the engineer tell Perry she’s sorry for the mess they were both in. They needed to get out of here, honestly - but could they really do that with the Little Sisters. They had good heart. Here, in this apartment complex, they were safe. They were controlled. They’d never be a Splicer. They’d always be humane. Why is it even bothering her so much? Because war is Hell and she’s reeling from so much. “——– Perry?” Was was she even going to say? 

Instead she reaches out, long fingers wrapping around the younger woman’s lower arm, Ripley’s other hand reached past Perry, pressing the button on the door - it hissed shut. 

What Do You Call A Man...

What do you call a man
Who is more brilliant than you could ever imagine…
more charming than you could ever afford…
more handsome than–“TV” handsome…
Yet, does not know how to treat a woman?

You don’t.
You do not call him.

Do write a poem or essay or song about him.
Do talk to your friends about him
Do sit in your home, or on the train, or on the toilet and wonder
How such a universe exists without light.
How such a sound can be so silent.
How such an intelligent man can lack one of the most definitive traits of intelligence that matters.

It don’t make sense if he don’t respect you.

Laugh at how “don’t make sense” it is.
Remind yourself how much you avoid “don’t make sense” things
Now that you are too damn grown and high chinned to crawl back into these sewage type
love games you used to play when you were 19 and love just meant making out on a couch somewhere
Now that you are finally pieced together into something whole enough to know what is not whole - you ain’t got time for what don’t make sense.
So do nothing more.

Do not give him your voice.
Do not lend him your smile.
Do not afford him your woman-ness -

You leave that pretty and smart and idiot
man to fumble through his own
misshapened idea of you.

Leave him to wonder why his charms
could not work this time.

And maybe in the absence
of your radiance…your sunlight…
his black galaxy heart
will realize how wondrously
ridiculous it was for him to think that he
could ever make sense
without you.

C. 2015 Rashawna Wilson

We were just looking for something that felt classic and you just don’t get more classic than Carole King – there’s just nobody better. It was a song about connection and it was a song about where you lead, I’ll follow – that we’ll always be together. And what’s interesting is I just wanted to use the song off of Tapestry, and we thought there’s no way that was ever going to happen, because how would that happen? We’re a tiny show, we don’t really exist and Carole King is a legend. And we got to her and what was weird is she said, “I don’t do that song anymore in concert because it’s about a woman following a man and I feel that the times are different and I don’t want to be singing about a woman following a man. But I love the idea of a mother and a daughter and if I could re-record it with my daughter and turn this song that I wrote into something more relevant, I would love to do that.”

It was her idea to do it with her daughter [Louise Goffin] which was, you know, our immense good fortune. And if we were on for a hundred years we would never change that theme song. How could you change that theme song? Good Lord. It’s the greatest theme song in the entire world.

—  Amy Sherman Palladino on the Gilmore Girls theme song [x]
  • I was in my early teens before I learned how babies were actually made. I had been taught how they grow inside and had seen drawings and pictures of it, but no one ever talked about how they actually started, so I just put together the pieces from watching movies. I thought that when a woman kissed a man really deep, she swallowed something that was in his mouth that made her pregnant (since movies liked to have a dramatic kiss before skipping time forward with a woman pregnant or giving birth). I knew sex existed in some form but didn’t know it had to do with babies.
  • The little information I learned about sex later on lead me to believe that only men could enjoy sex, and that women just laid there and “put up with it”. It made me very angry, because I thought I (cis female) was being deprived of something just because I was a girl. I angrily tried to masturbate just so I could force myself to learn how to like it, but I didn’t know how, and ended up hurting myself by forcibly penetrating myself with things without proper preparation. This was in my mid to late teens, and lead to a lot of negative feelings about being a woman.
  • I didn’t know exactly what a condom was until I was 18. I knew the idea- it was something that covered a penis during sex- but I didn’t know what it actually WAS. I thought it was a very thick (like .5cm) hard plastic thing that went over the penis, and wondered how that was even comfortable for anyone. Then I heard that they could break and was terrified of how intense sex must be that something like that could break at all! I was very relieved to learn the truth (which I didn’t learn from teachers or family, but from someone who thought it was funny to open a condom in class as a prank).
  • I thought my clitoris was actually my urethra until I was 20-something. I couldn’t figure out what in the world it could be by examining it but I never really saw the head of the clitoris, just the hood, so I thought the urethra was in there somewhere (because what else could the function be? I had a hard time seeing everything down there so I hadn’t found my actual urethral opening at the time). I had never looked up actual information about anatomy or sex, but happened upon the word “clitoris” in a piece of fan fiction that also explained the function. Learning more about my body in fanfic than in school = priceless.

You looked at me and told me I was beautiful, like it was something you had just discovered for the first time. You were assuring me that I was beautiful, like you were doing me some type of favor. Like you could make flowers bloom in the darkness of my self-worth.

How could I tell you that I already felt more beautiful than any man could ever tell me? That I wasn’t some sad, lonely woman. That my insides weren’t dark but rather sprinkled with lilacs and peonies and daises. That the sun made me smile and the breeze made me laugh and the world was so lovely through my eyes.

It hurt my heart to hear you litter that word for me - beautiful. Because beauty was something I felt swimming through my veins, not a prize to receive from a man that couldn’t even see the sparkle in my eyes.

—  Until Tomorrow - Isabel Klee

I’m not a Harry girl but it seems that a Harry ‘the live-in manny’ AU would be top notch.

Can you imagine him? All cute with the kids. Carrying around the baby while
He makes lunch for the older one. Softly singing lullabies at bedtime. Playing in the back yard barefoot while the baby takes a nap. Then your husband decides to leave you for his secretary like the biggest cliche ever and you’re left all alone. You don’t knew what to do. You feel terrible. Except there’s Harry. All sweet. And he feels so bad for you. Bc he’s always thought you were an amazing woman. And your piss poor ass of a husband must have been blind. Who cares you’re a few years older than he is. He’s wanted to show you exactly how a man should treat a woman since the moment he laid eyes on you. And now it’s his chance…

Yeah, I think it could be good…