how could a man (woman) ever do that

  • Avengers: What superpower would you like to have?
  • Iron Man: What is your favourite piece of technology?
  • Captain America: What is your sexuality?
  • Black Widow: Share a secret.
  • Thor: What is your religion?
  • Hawkeye: What is your favourite movie?
  • Hulk: How strong are you?
  • Loki: What is the biggest mistake that you have ever made?
  • Scarlet Witch: If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
  • Quicksilver: Have you any siblings?
  • Vision: What weight are you?
  • Ultron: What is the last text you sent?
  • Ant-man: What height are you?
  • Wasp: What's your full name?
  • Bucky: Who is your best friend?
  • Falcon: Which fictional character would you like to hang out with?
  • Spider-man: What is/was your favourite subject in school?
  • Doctor Strange: Name a special talent you have.
  • Captain Marvel: What do you want to achieve in life?
  • Black Panther: How responsible are you?
  • Spider-woman: What is your favourite smell?
  • Nova: Do you prefer the moon or stars?
  • Luke Cage: What job do you want?
  • Jessica Jones: What is your favourite memory?
  • Daredevil: What is your favourite song?
  • Iron Fist: What is your favourite food?
  • Ms. Marvel: Who is your idol?
  • X-men: What social issue do you feel strongest about? (sexism, racism, etc.)
  • Professor X: What are you thinking about right now?
  • Cyclops: Do you wear glasses?
  • Rogue: What is your crushes name?
  • Magneto: What country are you from?
  • Mystique: What is one thing that you would like to change about yourself?
  • Wolverine: What are you afraid of?
  • Phoenix: What is your favourite book?
  • Storm: What is your favourite type of weather?
  • Beast: What is your favourite animal?
  • Angel: What is your MBTI type?
  • Magik: What is your star sign?
  • Gambit: When is your birthday?
  • Shadowcat: Have you any pets?
  • Groot: What is your favourite flower?
  • Rocket: What languages do you speak?
  • Star-Lord: What is your Harry Potter house?
  • Draxx: Who do you love most in the world?
  • Gamora: What is your worst memory?
  • Medusa: What colour/length/style is your hair?
  • Black Bolt: What is your accent like?
  • Ghost Rider: What is the worst thing that you have ever done?
  • Deadpool: Post a picture of yourself.

The Best Way To Cuddle

Disclaimer– this is a non-sexual tickle fic featuring the romantic pairing of Mike and Eleven from Stranger Things. In this fic they are around 16-17 years old.

Mike is dying to tickle Eleven, but he’s unsure over if it would be weird or if she would even like it.

Tickling was normal, right?


Mike still hadn’t convinced himself of it. It just seemed so odd the way couples would tickle each other on TV. The way he’d see them tickling each other in public.

He considered it for a while as he cuddled up to his girlfriend, the world seeming to slow as they watched the soap opera on the television. Mike wasn’t paying attention, but he could tell Eleven was engrossed in the conversation the characters were having.

“I love you,” a man said onscreen.

“How?” the woman replied.

“How?” Eleven echoed, her hand tightening its grip on Mike’s. He smiled, lowering his head into her soft brown curls.

His other hand snaked around her side, and before he could even notice what he was doing, Eleven jumped and shifted.

“What?” she felt her side. “That felt weird.” Mike frowned.

“No one’s ever tickled you before?”

“Tickle…?” Eleven repeated. Mike nodded.

“It’s a thing that people do to each other. It’s like… playful, you know? For fun. It makes you laugh. I mean– if you’re ticklish.”

“For fun?” Eleven tipped her head to the side.

“Yeah, let me show you,” Mike said. He curled his fingers in the tickling motion, dancing them in the air. “You do it like this.” he placed his moving fingers on Eleven’s side, who let out a squeal and threw her head back, giggling.

Her face was turning pink as Mike spidered his fingers around her stomach, and before he could stop himself he was on top of her, tickling all over her chest and neck.

“Mihihihihike!” Eleven squeaked as her boyfriend ran his fingertips along the nape of her neck.

Mike slowed, worrying that he had gone too far, but Eleven pulled his hands closer to her.

“D… Don’t stop.” she said quietly. Her face looked pink, and she was smiling widely.

Mike chuckled, diving back into tickling the adorable girl. She shifted a bit as he went at her ribs, but she didn’t struggle at all.

“MihihIIIHIHIHIKE” Eleven shrieked with laughter all of a sudden. “IIHIHIHI– IHIHIHI THIHIHINK I MIGHT BE TIHAHAHAAHA– TICKLISH–”

Mike slowed to a stop again, rubbing Eleven’s back.

“You okay?”

“Yes. Yes. It was… fun.”

Mike kissed the top of her head, chuckling. “Good.”

“Mike… are you ticklish?”

Mike paused. This wasn’t a part of his plan.

He gave a nervous shrug, unwilling to lie to her.

“Uh… well… sort of.”

“Can I tickle you?” Eleven lifted her fingers, and she wiggled them, imitating Mike.

He rubbed the back of his neck.

“Ummm… I mean… sure, if you want to.”

Eleven couldn’t be that good at tickling, could sh-

Eleven was on Mike in a hurry, wiggling her fingers against his ribs. He collapsed in a heap of laughter, snorting, loudly.

Eleven giggled. “Mike, you’re ticklish too!”

He could never fight back against her. Whenever Nancy would tickle him he’d kick and struggle, but he just took it this time for the sheer love of seeing Eleven so happy.

She was obviously loving being on both ends, and Mike started to laugh not just out of being tickled, but out of enjoyment.

And from then on, they knew the best way to cuddle.

Bat-Aunt: Part 2

Prompt:  An universe where Bruce wasn’t left all alone. See the changes a younger Wayne sister makes for a Bruce Wayne with something left to fight for. 

AN: Guys the second chapter of my baby is finished, and edited, and I’m so happy. I love this chapter. I really do. This chapter is four pages long.

Words: 1794

Part 1

You stare down the vile people in front of you with everything you have. Bruce calls it your Alfred glare, a look so powerful that it’s been known to get even him to cave. You can see the woman start to falter, but the man, well he’s doing his best to out glare you. Anyone who had ever spent ten minutes in a board room with you could have informed the idiot that it wouldn’t work.

    While you may not fight physical battles, you excelled in mental ones. Finding an opponent’s weakness and targeting it was your specialty. And you always did your research before engaging. That’s how you knew the idiot in front of you had been cheating on his wife for the past two years, had three illegitimate children, and was on the verge of bankruptcy. And the sickest part? His wife had no idea.

The bastard was out to make a quick buck, and he was trying to use your nephew to do so. When he finally looks away, you allow yourself to look at Richard. He won’t meet your eyes, and you know he thinks he’s in trouble. He’s not. He had defended himself, as he had been taught to do.

“Ms. Wayne, I don’t think you understand the gravity of this situation.”

Your eyes turn towards the principal. The man who -up until a few seconds ago- had been sweating bullets, and staying far away from tension you had purposely created.  

You turn the glare on him, “No, I don’t think you understand the situation. My nephew has been bullied for the past three months about his Romani heritage, and further bullied for his unique upbringing.”

“He was raised in a circus.”

You turn to the woman and raise an eyebrow in question, “And that gives cause for bullying how? Richard has been trained in Gymnastics since he was young, taught a hard work ethic, and been home schooled by a loving mother. In fact, she did such a good job, that he skipped two grades and still maintains straight A’s. So I’ll ask you once, what does my nephew have to be ashamed of?”

The woman’s lips slip into a pout, and it takes all you have to not roll your eyes.

“Ms. Wayne, he punched another student.”

You turn back to the principal, “He was being ganged up by three students who were all older and bigger than he is. He allowed himself to be shoved several times, had his backpack and belongings taken from him, and remained calm. Then their son said something to him and he lashed out. This after months of being picked on, and several complaints from both myself and my brother. None of which you took seriously.”

“And you know all of this, how?” The father asks.

You fix him with a tight, no-nonsense smile, “The video footage. Over the summer, there were several new cameras added to the building. Didn’t you know? I stopped by to watch the footage and get a copy before coming in.”

You watch him pale, “That can’t prove what my son said.”

“Actually it can. There are speakers around the school to pick up loud noises, so while ineffective with large crowds, with only a few students, it picks up everything just fine. Don’t you just love these fancy private schools?”

You watch him fidget nervously in his seat, as he puts on a kind smile, “Ms. Wayne I’m sure we can work something out.”

You smile, “No, I don’t think we can. You’re lucky Richard asked me not to share this tape.” You turn to the principal, “You’re lucky too, especially since I documented each and every complaint I sent in.” You stand up, “As of now I am un-enrolling Richard Grayson-Wayne. He’ll be transferring to a more inclusive school, where my concerns are actually taken seriously. Let’s go, Richard.”

Richard stands to follow you, and after he’s out the door, you turn back to the room, and face the father, “Keep in mind Mr. Leroy, I’m known as a bulldog in the boardroom. I never enter an argument unprepared. When it comes to protecting my family I’m the equivalent to a demon, I will do whatever is needed to protect them. And just like I do my research for the boardroom, I did my research here as well. You’re a snake Mr. Leroy, and your poor family doesn’t even know it. Stay the hell away from me and mine and it’ll stay that way.”  

Without another word, you leave the room. Richard stays silent the entire way to the car. Once you’re both in and have buckled your seatbelts, you turn to him and ask, “Do you want some ice cream?”

“Ice cream?”

You smile, a real smile, “Ice cream, I find that defeating a bully typically demands ice cream.”

“I didn’t defeat him. You did.”

You lean back in your seat. “No, I took down his snake of a father and hoity toity mother. You took on your bully.”

“I punched him.”

“You fight Gotham’s underground on the weekends, we both know that you could have laid all three of those guys on their asses.”

“I just punched the one.”

You nod, “Because he insulted someone you care about.” You reach over and ruffle his hair, “And you and I both know that what he said about your mom isn’t true. She was a beautiful, and smart woman who loved you so much.”

He smiles at you, “Yeah she was.”

There’s a moment of silence before you say, “So ice cream?”

He smiles, “Ice cream sounds good.”

Without another word you put the car in drive and hit the gas. What starts out as an ice cream trip, turns into a dinner-ruining fast food run, that has both of you picking at your dinner that night. Alfred’s knowing look, has you sinking in your seat.

Bruce takes the heat off just a bit when he says, “So Dick, I hear you had an interesting day at school.” Alfred’s eyebrow raises, “Punching a bully, being withdrawn from school, and being told you’re transferring.” All eyes are on you now, as Bruce takes a bite of food before asking, “Did she even give them a chance?”

Richard smiles, “She toyed with them for a while, before ripping them to shreds. It wasn’t pretty.”

Alfred snorts, “It rarely is. Your aunt is vicious when it comes to those she cares about. Count yourself among the lucky Master Richard.”

You smile, and look up at your father figure, “I learned from the best.”

And then Alfred delivers the killing blow, “Other aspects are left to be desired, though, like taking one’s nephew out to fill up on junk food effectively spoiling their appetite.”

When Bruce bursts out laughing, you throw a dinner roll at his head.When he catches it you just glare.

Later that night, you’re halfway through breaking an encryption when Dick shows up in your peripheral vision. Your eyes don’t leave the screen, “What’s up Birdie Boo?”

He scowls at the nickname, “I can’t sleep.”

You smirk, “Insomnia apparently runs in the family.”

“Alfred says growing boys need sleep.”

You shrug, “Said the same thing to me, I turned out alright.”

“You’re short.”

Your fingers freeze on the keyboard. “Excuse me?”

Richard grins, “Alfred says the reason you’re so short is because you didn’t sleep enough,

and  you didn’t eat your vegetables.”

    You spin in your chair to face your nephew, “I ate my vegetables!”

    “I’m afraid potatoes don’t count Miss Y/N.”

    You spin in your chair to glare at Alfred. The butler doesn’t bat an eye. “Now then Master Dick time for bed.”

    The boy grins, “Night Aunt Y/N.”

    You wave him off with a few flicks of the wrist and shoot him a grin when Alfred’s back is turned. His smile makes you smile. Then your turn back to your job.

It’s three in the morning when Bruce gets back, and you’re still working on the encryption. Both your feet have fallen asleep and your wrists and fingers hurt. But you’re so close you can taste it.

Bruce stares at you for a few seconds after jumping out of the batmobile. You’re in the exact same position as when he left. And people called him obsessive. He decides to give you a few more minutes and goes to change. He checks in with Alfred, and then he checks on a sleeping Dick, before grabbing a quick bite and heading back down to the cave.

The cave is silent. No typing whatsoever. He turns the corner to find you asleep. Your legs are crossed in the chair, and the upper part of your body is slumped against the keyboard. But there on the screen are the words “Encryption cracked, downloading all relevant information.”

He smiles as he scoops you up and carries you upstairs. He leaves you in your bed before slipping out silently. He makes a note to call your assistant in the morning to reschedule everything. But in the morning, you’re there, dressed to the nines and wearing shoes that must make your feet hurt.

You’re so engrossed in your paper that you don’t realize Bruce is staring at you for several moments. When you do notice you simply smile and say, “Hey there sleepy head.”

“What the hell are you doing awake. You went to bed three hours ago!”

You smile, “And I’ve been up for one.”

Bruce stares at you with the deadpan look on his face, “You’re going to kill yourself if you keep going like this.”

You take a sip of coffee, “Says the man who fights Gotham’s underground by night. And you went to bed after I did.”

“I have to take Dick to school.”

You smirk, “They’re expecting me.”

“I’m his guardian.”

“And I’m what? Chopped liver?”

“His scary aunt that terrorizes the school board into putting in extra security, while digging up every last piece of information on any possible threat.”

The two of you glare at each other until you both receive gentle swats to the back of your heads. Alfred stares at the both of you for a moment before saying, “You both show dangerous signs of obsessive behavior and self-destructive habits. Neither of which will be passed down to Mater Richard. That being said, all three of us will accompany him before the both of you return home, eat a substantial and healthy meal and sleep at least eight hours.”

Without another word, the butler leaves the room. After he’s been gone a minute, you ask, “Doesn’t he work for us?”

Bruce scoffs as Richard bounds into the room, “You want to tell him that?”

You both shudder at the thought.

mj’s wisdom teeth removal
  • one day, mj sits down in front of ned and peter at lunch and stares at them both until they look up from their respective sandwiches and at the girl in front of them
  • “now that i’ve got your attention…”
  • she tells them that she’s going to get her wisdom teeth removed this weekend and she’s going to need someone to take care of her since basically her whole family is away and she needs a place to crash at for the weekend
  • peter offers, since they’ve already had like 9827702382189 sleepovers and it would be no big deal
  • but because ned is a little shit and would love to see mj on drugs, he decides to make it a sleepover
  • mj doesn’t think much of it because she honestly doesn’t think she’s one of those people
  • you know, the kind of people who basically embarass themselves
  • and she also needs a ride to peter’s house from the dentist
  • and peter becomes her designated driver because why not
  • anyway
  • when peter picks her up, she looks like hell but in a totally adorable way
  • she literally does not give peter any trouble at all until they get into the car
  • like literally when they get into the car,
  • she kicks her feet up on the dash and she’s like, “man, i thought that nurse was never going to leave.”
  • peter looks a little startled but he expected this because, it is mj after all
  • and then before he can start the car,
  • “so, let’s talk. woman to man.”
  • peter gulps
  • “how are you so fit!!!!”
  • “what?”
  • she imitates his voice, “what do you mean, ‘what’? you have like literally washboard abs.”
  • her hand hovers over his abs
  • peter is very confused
  • “that’s right, parker. i’m on to you, you hot piece of ass.”
  • peter is very surprised
  • he starts the car and tries very hard to focus on the road and not on what mj had just said but then,
  • “can you do a hundred push ups?”
  • “yes.”
  • “woah!!! a thousand?”
  • “maybe.”
  • she punches his arm, “what! that’s so cool!!”
  • but then she lowers her voice, “i mean, ‘do ya even lift brah?’
  • oh god this has to be the weirdest day of peter’s life
  • then, she makes this big ruckus and forces him to pull up on the side of the road.
  • and he very exasperatedly, asks her, “what?”
  • she asks him to feel the material of her shirt (which is obviously cotton, duh) and asks him what material is it
  • but before he can answer, “do you think it’s girlfriend material?”
  • and then she has the cheesiest look on her face and it’s the cutest thing and peter literally can’t stop smiling oh mY GOD
  • it’s a downward spiral from there, though
  • “peter, do you smoke?”
  • “what? mj, no!”
  • “because you’re smoking hot.”
  • somewhere along the way, peter takes out his phone and starts recording, because god, he really wants mj to watch this
  • “if you were a transformer, you’d definitely be a hot-o-bot.”
  • “are you copper and telirium? because you are cute.”
  • at one point, she even takes over recording and starts vlogging at really weird angles
  • and then peter makes the mistake of turning up the radio
  • because
  • and she’s not fucking around because she literally waves her middle finger in front of his face
  • oh and then he also discovers during that car ride, that mj can rap like hell
  • she’s also got them moves
  • and then finally stereo hearts comes on
  • and by the time they reach his apartment building, it feels like he’s been on an emotional rollercoaster
  • she surprisingly coorporates when he gets her up the lift
  • but the moment she sees may when she walks into the apartment, she hugs may and she’s like “you’re so pretty.”
  • may laughs it off but then looks at peter like
  • “:-) ?????”
  • peter explains everything and then ned gets there
  • mj goes on the biggest rant about pineapples on pizza
  • then they have a 20 minute long profound and meaningful conversation about fried chicken
  • but then she cries a lot after that
  • because
  • it takes them an hour to console her
  • and they rewatch the footage of the whole recording once she falls asleep on the reclining chair
  • they both look at her with the biggest grins on their faces on sunday as they shove peter’s phone in her face and play all the videos

✰ * º ❛   buzzfeed unsolved sentence starters  ( pt. five )   ❜

          (   part of the youtube starter series   )

‘  spoiler alert: it’s probably aliens.  ’
‘  bad idea.  ’
‘  i’m considering him a suspect.  ’
‘  i’m considering him a suspect. her son’s feeding her sedatives. yeah, he was like, ‘go on mother, eat these pills.’  ’
‘  you just made this go so much more dark than it needed to be.  ’
‘  well, i just don’t trust this boy.  ’
‘  yeah, have some pills, smoke this cigarette. goodnight.  ’
‘  this is a very irresponsible landlady. if your tenant’s apartments smell like smoke, maybe check in on ‘em.  ’
‘  if your tenant’s apartments smell like smoke, maybe check in on ‘em.  ’
‘  this is gonna get a little morbid, but who’s to say that a burning body doesn’t small like barbecue?  ’
‘  no, of course it doesn’t make sense, it’s weird!  ’
‘  has any skull shrunk at any other point in history?  ’
‘  now you’re acting like a detective and not like a jackass.  ’
‘  you don’t think it’s weird that all of her was gone except for a skull, parts of the spine, and a fucking foot that was still completely intact like nothing happened?  ’
‘  i bet if george clooney was on the tonight show and you set him on fire, one of his feet would burn, and the other one would probably still be planted there on the floor in a very nice shoe. clooney’s flammable.  ’
‘  clooney is probably flammable, you’re probably right.  ’
‘  so, a fire that was too hot for firemen did not damage her apartment?  ’
‘  too much fire here. what do i look like, a fireman?  ’
‘  soot and a foot. that’s all they got, huh? soot, foot, and a cup skull.  ’
‘  that’s a bizarro version of a dr. seuss book right there.  ’
‘  the foot did not catch on fire… one of ‘em anyway. that other one? phew. donezo.  ’
‘  the first theory… is ridiculous. i’m just gonna say that right now, it’s ridiculous.  ’
‘  i don’t trust anyone who says, ‘it seen it happen.’ that sounds like a country bumpkin if i’ve ever heard one.  ’
‘  it seen it! i seen it with my own two eyes!  ’
‘  i seen it happen while i was playing my banjo!  ’
‘  yeah– well, okay… keep going.  ’
‘  can you imagine just being out, having a good night with your pals, drinkin’? and you know, toward the end of the night when you’re like, ‘yeah, what a fun night this has been,’ can you imagine just exploding? just catching on fire. all your pals would be like, ‘huh?’ not a good night. for him or his friends.  ’
‘  is it very european to burst into flames?  ’
‘  put that pen down. you look like a jackass.  ’
‘  a lot of people explodin’ in europe. something you might wanna look into. this runs deep.  ’
‘  when i think spontaneous combustion, i think, like, ‘bam!’ like a popped balloon, just shards of person just exploding.  ’
‘  that asshole in fantastic four? what do you have against him?  ’
‘  if my clothes are on fire i’ll do a little dance to try and get ‘em out, stop, drop, and roll, what have ya.  ’
‘  maybe she just passed out or died or something.  ’
‘  i’ve never had a doctor speak to me like that. i would love it if i showed up and a doctor just started unraveling strange little tales.  ’
‘  the answer could lie with extraterrestrial origin.  ’
‘  what if aliens just get drunk and fly around the universe and shrink people’s skulls and turn them into little piles of ash?  ’
‘  i can see how aliens would be involved in kind of like shenanigans and be hooligans.  ’
‘  i don’t even smoke, but i would love to have one last cig before i go.  ’
‘  this is a weird case! this is just sinking in! what are we doing here?!  ’
‘  what if we’re just lab rats to these aliens?  ’
‘  they’re gonna shrink her into a little tiny titty.  ’
‘  no… no. what’s the matter with you?  ’
‘  if you used voodoo for evil, you would kill me!? you would murder me?!  ’
‘  it’s a hypothetical, i wasn’t thinking of doing that.  ’
‘  sometimes we argue, but i don’t want to murder you.  ’
‘  i never said i wanted to murder you!  ’
‘  you wanna kill me!  ’
‘  this is a hypothetical situation!  ’
‘  alright, yeah, no. continue to tell me about it now that i know you want me dead.  ’
‘  i think you might intellectualize too much.  ’
‘  so this is kind of a night out… with spirits.  ’
‘  wha– you look so scared already.  ’
‘  i do find that more compelling than any of the other dumb ‘evidence’ you’ve dug up.  ’
‘  any time i can get you to do that shrug, it means i make a great point. it’s a great point. it makes me heart warm.  ’
‘  i’m gonna buy you one of those haunted dolls for christmas.  ’
‘  put away your fear and just focus on what you feel.  ’
‘  i’m bad at feeling. i really wanna believe in something outside the norms of, you know, physics.  ’
‘  i took an improv comedy class once because… well, i’m a white guy.  ’
‘  so, the takeaway here is… every little sound is a ghost?  ’
‘  the takeaway here is that sounds that don’t belong in that environment may or may not be ghosts.  ’
‘  my jacket just moved in a way that it felt like somebody touched me on the shoulder and i think if you had felt it, you would scream.  ’
‘  wait, what? that was never part of the bargain.  ’
‘  a lot of times i just do these because i know you’ll hate it.  ’
‘  i feel like i’m gonna fucking cry.  ’
‘  i don’t wanna talk about it. i wanna leave.  ’
‘  i think you need to learn how to shut the hell up.  ’
‘  i think you need to learn how to shut the fuck up… i stepped it up with the bigger curse word there.  ’
‘  i’m not even trying to be a jerk about this, i’m just getting tired of you asking me if i get scared about things i don’t believe in.  ’
‘  it’s like asking me if i’m concerned that, when i fall asleep, the moon turns around and winks at me with a big, evil face and has a boner or something.   ’
‘  tell me what’s more probable: the moon having a boner or a ghost being real.  ’
‘  the dark side of the moon just has a giant, dusty boner. that’s about as real as ghosts.  ’
‘  now we’re heading into the belly of the beast.  ’
‘  i’m excited. this is maybe he only time i believe in what you’re talking about.   ’
‘  bigfoot’s meat and bone.  ’
‘  no, that’s dumb. it’s not supernatural, it’s natural.  ’
‘  this is the heaviest sandwich i’ve ever embraced.  ’
‘  my organ’s are starting to shut down. i’ll be dead in five minutes. i think i might need to go to the hospital.  ’
‘  could you imagine being the guy who coined the phrase ‘bigfoot’?  ’
‘  ain’t that like a couple of funny brothers… destroying their father’s legacy.  ’
‘  don’t make bigfoot believe in your little ghostly energies bigfoot is meat and bone.  ’
‘  i don’t think that’s how bigfoot rolls.  ’
‘  the vest is gonna make me look more festive… and i won’t get shot, so there’s that. that’s an added bonus. having fun getting shot. i’m not gonna help you.  ’
‘  having fun getting shot. i’m not gonna help you.  ’
‘  you honestly think we’re going to encounter a sasquatch, the sasquatch is going to attack you and your life is going to be saved because you’re wearing a helmet? it’s gonna bring a rock down upon your head, we’re gonna get it on film, and we’re gonna say, ‘thank god you had your helmet on your head.’  ’
‘  i think we’re ready to rock and roll, man.  ’
‘  you look like an idiot.  ’
‘  if i see people taller than me i get concerned about them because i think they’re gonna die young.  ’
‘  i wasn’t fat-shaming bigfoot. i was just mentioning that this is a creature of enormous strength.  ’
‘  his name is cedric. he struck me as a cedric when i first saw him after i destroyed his apartment.  ’
‘  well, if it’s any consolation, you look like an idiot.  ’
‘  i think it’s time for a little beer break.  ’
‘  if a bigfoot actually walked out right now, this would be the greatest thing ever captured on camera, if we lured out a bigfoot with a beer.  ’
‘  they said that… i agree, but they meant it more, so hit them!  ’
‘  nah. this guys inhaling too many… cat… shit… fumes.  ’
‘  yeah, this is all jolly right now, but can you imagine what this is gonna be like at night?  ’
‘  it is a very old piece of footage, but so is… die hard. still good.  ’
‘  i’m saying just ‘cause something’s good doesn’t mean it’s bad, or–  ’
‘  that’s a completely different train of thought. what the fuck is going on here?  ’
‘  (wheezing and laughing) it’s been a long day.  ’
‘  now you look like a man i would never talk to under any circumstance.  ’
‘  don’t judge a book by it’s cover? it’s a hell of a cover. this place is beautiful!  ’
‘  i don’t wanna kill the vibe, but we could just turn the lights on, it’s a hotel.  ’
‘  holy shit! it’s a jacuzzi tub!  ’
‘  this is the best place we’ve ever ghostbusted.  ’
‘  like a ghost sitcom? sign me up!  ’
‘  well, he can go to hell.  ’
‘  oof. i don’t even wanna talk about that evening.  ’
‘  i stole this off the woman who died in the titanic!  ’
‘  …shadows do tend to follow you, though. that’s sort of how they work.  ’
‘  you gotta fuckin’ calm down, man!  ’
‘  ghost 101. week one, knock books off shelf. week two, uhh, hold a candlestick in the middle of a hallway. week three… sheets.  ’
‘  this is one of the best days of my life.  ’
‘  i freaked out because i thought something flew in front of me, but come to think of it, it could’ve been the reflection of my light turning off.  ’
‘  you know, a ghost has probably whispered point blank in your ear, but you’ve probably never heard it because you were too busy going, ‘ugh ugh okay, oh, what did i do? oh, what did i do? i always get myself into these things ooo.’  ’
‘  are we doing more of this or can i use the jacuzzi hot tub that we’ve been blessed with?  ’
‘  are we gonna spend the night here and not use the jacuzzi?  ’
‘  the jacuzzi jets don’t work… we’re just two guys sitting in a tub.  ’
‘  yeah… it’s daft punk. the dj’s daft punk came into our suite at night and gave me a little diddy, that’s what happened.  ’
‘  it’s not haunted. i know it’s not haunted. it’s not haunted.  ’
‘  you’re like a stupid string puppet that i can just bring along with me and i can pull it when i wanna hear something dumb.  ’
‘  no– they’re. no. no. nope.   ’
‘  the ball also stopped at the ‘i love pot’ graffiti, so maybe this ghost just loves to blaze it.  ’
‘  wha– what are ya doin’?  ’
‘  look it up. it’s a thing on the internet.  ’
‘  who are you pointing to?  ’
‘  i bet i could squeeze an apple till it exploded.  ’
‘  you hear that in the distance? it’s the excuse train coming.  ’
‘  great. that’ll be good. i’m gonna snap that.  ’

Lie about love - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Lie about love

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Castiel x Reader (slight, not really)

Warnings: Possessed Reader

Prompt: Reader gets possessed and tells Dean lies about reader&cas just to hurt him, but then cas comes and exorcises the demon and Dean thinks that what the demon said was true (bc of huggin etc) but then time skip reader tells the truth about her feelings?

“Do you think she’d ever have feelings for you? Dean Winchester?” she scoffed, spite in her voice but Dean couldn’t bring himself entirely to hate it because it was your face, it was your voice, it was your eyes- your everything that he actually loved. He couldn’t bring himself to be strong an face the monster because he was actually facing the woman he loved more than anything. She laughed. But it was not the same laugh that would usually make his heart skip a beat because unfortunately it was no longer you that laughed.

“Like hell” she scoffed “She’d rather kill herself than fall for you, much less get any closer as far as a relationship is concerned.” she said in a hiss “You’re one big damn flaw, Dean. Broken, in every possible way. You are a mess, a man with daddy issues, womanizer and an alcoholic. What would she ever want to do with you?” she scoffed and Dean swallowed down the lump in his throat.

He fought so hard to not let it show how much your words were getting to him.Because he knew it wasn’t yours words exactly it was her words because she was the one speaking. But in the very end she was inside you, she could see all of your thoughts and feelings. How could Dean be sure she was only lying to him?

“Shut up.” Dean growled, his hands not even flexing to throw the holly water at you like he would do with any other demon. He couldn’t bring himself to hurt you not even when it wasn’t actually you.

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Wrong Place Wrong Time (26)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©
Part 26 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4  Part 5 Part 6  Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 21 Part 22 Part 23 Part 24 Part 25  Part 27  Part 28  Part 29  Part 30  Part 31  Part 32  Part 33  Part 34  Part 35 (Final)

Word Count: 2,531

I was really trying end this series by Part 30, but I’m not so sure that will happen now, sorry guys.😱

Blood was pumping through your veins viciously. You tried taking a few deep breaths but it still wasn’t working. Your head was spinning, you were going absolutely crazy. Baekhyun was laughing maniacally on the floor behind you. Jongdae’s hands were down a random woman’s knickers and he wasn’t even trying to hide it, Yixing was staring at you spitefully and Minseok’s private party for two was just about coming to an end. Your vision was becoming blurred and you realised it was because you were crying.

“Y/N, don’t stand there you’re not making it any better for yourself.” Yixing put his glass down in the middle of the corridor and held his arms out towards you, looking at you through concerned eyes.

“Get off of me!” You spat, pushing him away from you, and accidentally knocking the glass on the floor over.
You saw Sehun entering from the direction of Chanyeol’s room, he looked sober so you had assumed that he stayed home tonight instead, he was stood there leaning against the wall with his hands folded across his chest, smiling smugly at the scene unraveling in front of him. You stared at him through angry eyes, the fact that this was satisfying him right now was making you sick, you were just about to go over there and give him a piece of your own mind when the door beside you opened.
A lady with long dark hair walked out, heels in her hands and red lipstick smeared across her face. You looked at her in disgust, taking extra note of the dark hickeys that were left behind on her neck. She walked past you , looking down at the floor making her way out of the house, when she was called back, she stopped in her tracks and spun around looking at the door.

“Melanie. You forgot something sweetheart.” Minseok popped his half naked body around the corner of the door dangling a pair of electric pink knickers from his index finger. The woman laughed shyly quickly running over to Minseok and grabbing her knickers from his finger, making sure to plant one last sloppy kiss on his lips before leaving the house entirely. All the while you were seething with anger and jealousy. Your breathing was becoming progressively louder and violent. You lifted your head up slightly to look at Minseok, a tear escaping your eye. But he returned your gaze with a blank stare. You stood there staring at each other in silence for a few seconds. He then graced you with a cocky smiled and disappeared behind his door, locking it from the inside.

“I hate you Minseok, I fucking hate you!” You screamed banging on his door, you had never been so angry in your life.

“What did you expect? It’s Kim Minseok.” Yixing scoffed, walking away slowly to the living room.
You stood there standing at the door, panting. You couldn’t take it anymore; you had it up to here with this house and everyone in it. Baekhyun was right; you couldn’t trust anyone in this house. Right now every last one of them made you sick.
So you ran.
You made a dash for the front door and you ran as far away as you could from that hell hole of a house. Baekhyun and Yixing were too intoxicated to catch you anyway; Minseok was probably too busy dreaming about what a fun night he had. Jongdae’s tongue was too far down some ladies throat to even recognise you were missing and Sehun probably didn’t care. If he did chase you, he’d kill you and honestly right now that sounded like bliss, so yes you were praying that Sehun had gone to retrieve a gun in order to hunt you down. But for now you would just keep on running as far as your legs could take you.

Your legs had apparently ended up taking you home, to your apartment. You buzzed yourself into the main building pressing the codes on the keypad and carefully walking down to your flat, but when you reached there was a yellow tape stuck across your door.

Police Line Do Not Cross

You smiled to yourself for a moment. So this did mean that they were looking for you. People cared about your absence. But you frowned again, knowing that you couldn’t go in, that would only complicate things and you’d have to explain where you had been. You hadn’t thought too far ahead to lie about that sort of thing yet. But you so desperately wanted to see your family too. The inner-conflict was stirring about in your chest, but you decided to leave before you would be seen. Maybe you would reach out another time, when you thought out a ‘legitimate’ believable story.

You exited the apartment building and carried on down a long dark street. You were cold and wet and regretting what you had done now, maybe you acted too rash, but you couldn’t go back, not now, not ever. And why would you anyway, they treated you like trash. It was hell in that house, your best friend apparently wanted to be your lover and the man that you were starting to become interested in had just had sex with another woman, so where exactly did that leave you on the map.
Your stomach began to rumble deeply, it was just at this point you had realised how hungry you were. You were also scared and alone, but there was nothing you could do about it. Turning left, you began to cross the road to the other side of the pavement; you weren’t really sure where you were now the area didn’t look familiar.
You heard a car in the distance slowly driving up behind you; you thought nothing of it, until you recognised the headlights were not moving anymore, the car was stationary. Confused and scared you turned around to look at whom it was, but you couldn’t see properly as the lights were shining bright into your eyes. You could just about make out a car door opening, but nobody was coming out.
Your heart beat began to quicken as you took one step back.
Two steps.
Three steps.
You spun around facing the opposite direction of the car, running as fast as you could, panting heavily, the engine of the car began to rev and it was chasing you further down the road.
But then you crashed into a tall gate, it was a dead end.
You were going to have to climb it, you concluded. Wasting no time you put your foot in the gap and began climbing as quickly as you could, the headlights of the car were still on you but the individual wasn’t attempting to follow you up the gate. You had just about reached the top, you were going to be okay. When all of a sudden you felt a painful force, causing you to involuntarily let go of the gate and hold your stomach, you tumbled 8 feet down to the ground landing on your back, screaming in agony you, pulled your hands away from your stomach and brought them up to your face, to see them covered in blood.
You had been shot.

“Sorry pumpkin, did I hurt you?” You heard a voice chuckle; footsteps were scraping across gravel approaching you.
The voice sounded eerily familiar. But before you could even think about whom it belonged to a sack was being placed over your head and liquid being poured into your mouth. You were becoming drowsy and you couldn’t tell whether it was because of what had been poured into your mouth or if you were dying, but your vision had eventually blacked.

Sehun’s P.O.V.

He rushed down to the kitchen where Kyungsoo, Junmyeon and a now drunken Chanyeol were sat.

 “Why are you drinking so much, what happened to you?” Sehun, frowned at Chanyeol, pulling the glass away from his lips and banging it down on the table. He hated seeing the boys drunk, especially when he wasn’t drunk himself, as the youngest he felt as though if he was in check the rest of the house should also be in check.
Junmyeon rolled his eyes, standing up from his chair and walking towards the exit. “I better go clean everyone up. I’m sure Baekhyun’s a bloody mess, I can hear him from here.” He took a bottle of water that was sitting on the side and left the room.
Sehun turned his attention towards the two remaining men in the room.

“So… slight issue. Y/N, she ran out of this house. I have no idea where she went.”

“Hmm?” Kyungsoo lifted his head from his hands that where crossed over the table.

“Yeah I was going to run after her, but then Yixing passed out on some broken glass and I had to clean all of that up. Do we tell Junmyeon, what do we do? Chanyeol are you even listening?” Sehun grunted, poking him in the forehead with his index finger. Eliciting a deep growl from the depths of Chanyeol’s stomach, he was so drunk he wasn’t able to properly understand what Sehun had said.

“Why would she run away? Surely she’ll be coming back soon.” Kyungsoo raised his brow at Sehun, who was shrugging his shoulders.

“I think she left because of this whole Minseok shit that Yixing was talking about. I know she’s been getting close to Minseok lately.” He rolled his eyes, still not keen on the fact that she was becoming attached to the person he was closest to in this house. “I doubt they’ve had sex, I don’t think Minseok would rush into something like that, not if she isn’t a whore, but maybe it’s possible that they’ve kissed. By the way Yixing’s going on about it all, I suspect he tried it on with her too. You know what Yixing is like when it comes to romance Soo, so what do we do?”
Kyungsoo drummed his fingers against the kitchen counter momentarily, looking from the exit back to Sehun.

“Let’s go, we’ll send Junmyeon a text.” He stood up from his seat, following Sehun out of the building.

Y/N’s P.O.V:

You woke up by the sensation of ice cold water being thrown over you. You jolted upright but fell flat on your back again at the searing pain of the gunshot wound in your abdomen. You looked down at your stomach. You were stitched up, but your body was shaking violently due to the cold water being thrown on you and the intense pain you were experiencing. You also noticed that you were bound by rope and were left in only your bra and knickers. You tried to shake yourself free of the ropes, but it was no use. Instead you just began coughing up blood and some type of black liquid, your eyes widened at the sight, what was going on.

“You took your damn time to wake up.” That eerily familiar voice said again, looming over you and revealing his face.


You opened your mouth to speak, beg, plead. But instead you were being burnt with a hot metal rod that was being pressed against your gunshot wound; he then poured a bowl full of ice cold water above the burn. You screamed out in pain, the extremes of the sensations that you were feeling right now almost causing you to pass out.

“What a coincidence, that we bumped into each other on this lovely night?” He smiled down at you smugly. You could hear his heeled boots tapping impatiently on the floor and it felt as though it was increasing the pain that your body was feeling.

“I have no proof but I know you’re the one that killed the professor.” His face changed, into something much darker and sinister then before, sending more shivers down your spine than the icy water had. “And you see, now you’re paying for what you’ve done; only I’m giving you an option. I’ll give you a chance to get out of here alive if you tell me everything I would like to know.”

You tried freeing yourself from the ropes again but failed for the second time. Coughing again, you covered your mouth with your hand, looking at it and seeing blood and the black substance. As if reading your mind Red answered your unspoken question.

“It’s black cyanide. I’ve poisoned you and I won’t give you the antidote until you give me the information I need. If I were you I’d hurry along, you don’t have much time.” He smiled at you in the most demonic way.
“So tell me, Kai. He’s secretly working for Genesis isn’t he? He’s double crossed me hasn’t he?”

You kept your mouth shut, your eyes darting backwards and forwards, you weren’t Jongin’s biggest fan right now, but you were not going to rat him out either, so many innocent people depended on the work that Genesis were doing and Jongin was one of the main reasons as to why the boys had been successful in their raids and ‘missions’

“No.” You managed through gritted teeth.

“So we’re going to do this the hard way? Fine…” He sighed sarcastically walking to the opposite side of the room that you were laying in. “In here, now!” You heard him shout, suddenly a door opened silently and a tall, slim man came running in. His eyes were sharp and his nose was long. He ran up beside you pouring some ice water on your body, making you scream out in pain again, your body was slowly beginning to fit and you were crying hysterically. He was looking at you worriedly and biting his lip anxiously as he kneeled down beside where you were laying.
You began shifting against the ropes again, but to no avail only resulting in vomiting of blood and cyanide again.

“Stop moving.” The man whispered in your ear, only loud enough for you to hear. “The poison spreads faster when you move, you’ll shut down quicker, so keep still.”
You frowned why was he telling you this. You looked over at Red, who was busy doing something in the far corner of the room, turning your attention back to the man you frowned at him again.

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Listen I’m trying to help you. By all means if you want to die in the most painful way possible, carry on wriggling about. I’m trying to get you out of here so do as I say, you’re lucky I’m the one that’s on duty.”

“Who the fuck are you?!” You hissed, looking up at Red to make sure he wasn’t listening or watching. “How can I trust you, I don’t know who the heck you are.”

“You do know me, at least you’ve heard of me and I know you Y/N. Now shut up and do as I say.”

“No, who the fuck are you.” You were not having another man trick you again, you put trust into a household of nine men who had let you down, it wasn’t going to happen again.

He rolled his eyes, looking down the bridge of his nose directly in your eyes.


justanxietyasks  asked:

I didn't know you were on the mila/yuri friendship train too! it's quickly becoming one of my favorite things to write and read about. got any fave headcanons??

im at the vip car of the mila/yuri friendship train, i dream of being the conductor of the mila/yuri friendship train, mila and yuri are platonic soulmates amen

  • they were childhood friends!! when they found out they were both going to train under yakov they were ecstatic
  • (yuri of course is like EW I HAVE TO SPEND MORE TIME WITH YOU but nah hes very very happy)
  • yuris bowlcut when he was younger was bc of a bet with mila that he lost. she’ll never let him live it down
  • once mila’s boyfriend cheated on her and yuri got so angry he broke into the bf’s house and stole his laptop and game consoles and mila was horrified for exactly .5 seconds before yuri asked if she wanted to play mario kart with him with his new wiiu
  • THEY ARE IN GENERAL EACH OTHERS LOVE CONSULTANT ( “yura do u think he’s cute? // “ehh maybe like a 6/10 u could do better” // “damn ok” )
  • regular!! sleepovers!! with junk food and movies and nail polish!!!!
  • mila calls yuri ‘yura’ very often but yuri only refers to her as ‘milya’ in private
  • mila was honest to god jealous of otabek for sUCH a long time bc she felt like he stole yuri away from her
  • but then she found out yuri liked him and instantly changed her mindset, Wingwoman Mila Engage
  • once yuri pulled sara aside and gave her a long intimidating speech abt how if she ever hurts mila in any way, shape or form, he will end her
teaching him

so this is a really shitty imagine for my best friend!! ever!!! happy belated birthday girl!! you are the coolest cat out there!!! sorry for this really horrible birthday present, happy late ass birthday

Originally posted by cindecasso

    the gods only knew how badly you wanted to drown yourself in the         creek infront of you, these girls would not shut up, their loud
  loud laughing only made your skin crawl worse. you didn’t mind having to work, hell, you could work for hours on end, the only thing
     that erked you was the women you had to work with. they wouldn’t   stop talking when you worked, currently they were talking about the men

              they’d all had in bed, and how big they were.

              “he was so big!, i didn’t think he’d fit!” svenia exclaimed making the other two giggle shyly at her dirty talk, you rolled your eyes
              biting back the scoff that was so desperate to escape. you scrubbed your fingers agaisnt the fabric of the shirt you were washing,
              but froze when your best friends name left martias lips

              “did you hear about ivar?, what happened with him and margarethe?” she asked quietly making the other two lean in, you sat still
               hands still drenched with water

                “no, what happened?”

                “well, i think everyone knows that all of the sons of ragnar favor her, ivar heard wind of this and wanted her in his bed as well”

                 you stared over at them, feeling hurt enter your heart. out of all the slaves you were closest to ivar, you understood him and comforted
                 him in his darkest times, and over time you two had grown closer then anyone in kattegat and it hurt you that he wouldn’t have told you

                 "so, she had sex with him?“

                 "yes, but he couldn’t even feel her, and he wasn’t even hard!, he knew nothing about how to touch her or have sex, she basically had to
                 teach him everything-”

                 "who told you of this?“ you asked suddenly cutting in making them look at you shocked, usually you were quiet as they talked, this was the first
                 time you had spoken all day. martia cleared her throat and spoke in a shaky low voice

                 "earlier at breakfast margarethe told a few of us girls……and sigurd” she knew how close you and ivar were, and she knew how easy it was
                 to tick you off. especially when it came to ivar. you couldn’t believe that she told anyone about this, and sigurd!?, why sigurd!?.

                 you hummed with a small nod, immeadiately going back to work, surprising the girls. on the outside you were composed and fine, on the inside you
                 were fuming, ready to rip margarethes head from her shoulders, how dare she?, didn’t she know the consiquences?, you knew ivar would be pissed
                 and humiliated, which made you want to throw your work away and go comfort him tightly in your arms.

                 "chelle are you-“

                 "fine, i’m fine” you said vice tight and deep with anger, that shut the girls up finally allowing you to work in silent anger.

                  later on that day you ignored lunch and dinner, not ready to talk to anyone or run into margarethe, you wanted so badly to
                  beat her, hang her by her toes letting the crows pick at her eyes and skin, watching as she died slowly, but for the sake
                  of your queen and ivar, you wouldn’t…….yet anyway.

                  as you looked to the fading sun you realized something, today was the usual day you’d clean ivars chambers. would he be there?
                  you hoped not, it’s not that you didn’t want to see him, you didn’t want him to see you. you were a horrible liar, he always knew
                  when you were hiding something, and if he found out she told the other slaves…his BROTHER, he’d be furious.

                   you didn’t want him to hurt anymore then he already was. you’d do anything to make it go away. as you were walking along the sandy
                   shore of kattegat you spotted a bright headed blonde rubbing dirt from her leg with the water beside her.


                  you could feel red enter your eyes the longer you stared at her, anger seeping back into your veins,
                  you went to walk away but her soft voice rang out through the quiet air

                  “chelle?”.  you cursed under your breath and turned slowly facing her with crossed arms “margarethe” you acknowledged with a curt nod.
                   she stood up drying her hands on her dress and brushed the hair from her face. then it was silent, the both of you looking at each other
                   hers in awkwardness, your in anger and sadness.

                   "what are you doing out here?“ she asked shifting where she stood, but you just stood still glaring at her with all the hatred in the world
                   not saying a thing. she nodded again not knowing what to say. the words in that back of your throat were getting bigger, the urge to
                   yell at her becoming larger, finally, you let loose

                   "why in the gods name would you tell anyone about what happened between you and ivar?. especially sigurd?, of all people!” you
                   exclaimed with a dry humorless laugh. she went to speak but quickly slammed her mouth shut, not actually knowing what to say.
                   but you had plenty to say to her.

                   "he already has enough pain in his life, magarethe. how could you do something so stupid?. do you not know how angry ivar can get?-“

                    "yes!, but-”

                    “but nothing!, hell margarethe you think telling sigurd will help you?, it won’t. as much as i care for ivar his anger is unpredictable”
                     you said feeling bad about saying it aloud but you knew it was the truth. she sighed loudly and spoke, her voice shaky as if she were
                     on the verge of tears

                     "chelle, i didn’t know what to do, i didn’t know who to go to. he hurt me". you scoffed, ivar you knew didn’t have a filter at all,
                     but you knew he’d never hurt a women, and if he did hurt margarethe, you didn’t blame him.

                     "tell me what all happend, margarethe. quickly, i have places to be" you sighed out crossing your arms tighter over your chest,
                     feeling the cold air fly through your body.

                     "he strangled me!, he-“

                     "not what he did to you. i wanna know how you had sex with him” you said cutting her off swiftly, your face emotionless, heart
                     thuming wildly in your chest. some part of you didn’t want to hear about her and ivars sexual encounter, but you knew you had
                     to know.

                     "i-i-i don’t know what you-“

                     "were you on top?” you asked bluntly becoming more and more irritated with her. you honestly were a bit jealous that she was his
                     first. she was silent for a few mintues and turned away from you.

                     "no, i didn’t want to be. i wanted him to be on top, take charge". you stared at her, mouth open in shock, anger, and sadness.

                      “for his first time……you made him top?, you threw him into it without teaching him anything?” with every word that left
                      your mouth you walked over ot her slowly, hands shaking by your sides. she honestly didn’t know what to do, she couldn’t
                      look you in the eye knowing how badly she messed up.

                       when you finally made it to her, inches apart, you spoke in a low growl. voice raw and deep.

                       "never, ever come near me or ivar again. if you so much as try to talk to him, i will kill you. do you understand?“
                       she stuttered for a moment and when she didn’t answer, you harshly gripped her fore-arm digging your nails into her
                       bare flesh making her whimper and cry out softly

                      "do. you. understand?” your voice could make any man and woman fall to their knees in that moment, you were speaking like a
                      true viking. margarethe nodded hastily, trying to jerk her arm out of your grasp but you wouldn’t let up. you could
                      feel her skin breaking under your sharp nails making you feel superior over her.

                      “use your words!”

                      “yes!, i understand!” she cried and you finally let go, pushing her to the ground roughly, ignoring her sharp intakes of breath,
                      you glared down at her shaking form feeling no pity for her, she hurt ivar. your ivar. you turned around and walked away, your
                      feet sinking softly into the sand, you had work to do, you had to see ivar.

                      you barged loudly into the hall glancing all around for ivar, sadly, he wasn’t there. which meant he was in his room…..
                      lovely. you made your way past the thrones and to the back, to the room you had been in at least a hundred times.
                      when you made it to his door hesitating to knock holding your knuckles a few inches away from the wood. you wondered

                      if he’d ask you if you knew, or if he’d tell you, all in all you had to mentally prepare yourself for whatever was to come.

                      you knocked.

                      “come in”. you smiled softly at the sound of his voice, but by the tone he was using you knew something was wrong.
                      you opened the door slowly, and when your eyes caught sight of ivar, your breath caught in your throat.
                      he was laying on his bed, furs pulled up barely to his waist, his broad and naked chest glowing in the soft

                      candle light. when he saw it was you he smiled gently not moving from his position.

                       "hello, chelle" he greeted, voice as soft as his chest looked. oh how you wanted to touch him, kiss him, but you had to refrain.
                        you were just a slave of course. you smiled at him brightly nodding to him curtly “hello, ivar. are you well?”

                        you asked walking over to the only window that resided in his room and grabbed a rag, wiping at the dust on the window sill.
                        he sighed and you seen him shrug in the corner of your eye “fine” he simply said placing his arms under his head staring
                        at the ceiling, confirming your thoughts that something was indeed wrong. and you already knew.\

                        you decided not to push him, you continued to do your work around his small room.

                        you wiped the small bead of sweat that was making its way down your neck, and leaned the small broom against his wall
                        next was shaking out his fur carpet, as you bent down to grab the fur, ivars voice rang out stopping you in your tracks

                        “chelle?, have you ever had sex?”. you closed your eyes for a few minutes then swallowed the large rock that had formed in
                        your throat. you looked up at him nodding, a tight lipped smile gracing your features.

                        “yes, i have” you said barely above a whisper, he nodded slowly drinking in your words, a small flicker of sadness in his eyes.

                         "and did you… him?“ he asked, voice thick with what you thought was nervousness. you dropped the fur from your hands
                         and moved up sitting on his bed beside him.

                       "no, i did not love him” you said running your hands over the soft fur, ivar raised
                       a brow at you, shifting where he lay. “then, why did you have sex with him?” he asked sounding like a small child, which made you
                       smile and raise a hand to brush hair away from your face, a nervous condition you had picked up after years of being a slave.

                       "i guess i just wanted to experience it, all of the other slaves were talking about how good it felt. i wanted to know"
                       you explained wondering what was actually going on in his head at this moment. ivar leaned back mulling over your words,
                       you didn’t want him to think of you differently.

                       "is it……does it…..feel good?“ he whispered still not meeting your eyes. you swiped your tongue out wetting your lips
                       a deep sadness overcoming your heart, you were going to kill magarethe.

                       "i-yes. yes it does. but i know it feels better when it’s with someone you love” you said making ivar look at you, pain etched into
                       his face, you didn’t know if that was the right thing to say or not, too late to take it back now.

                        “i know you know, chelle” he said making your heart stop for a millisecond, how did he know?.
                         you stared at him, knowing you couldn’t lie to him.

                        “ivar, i’m so sorry” you whispered making ivar turn away from you, his toned back facing you. he hummed lowly

                        “there is nothing to be sorry about” he said, anger and embarrassment clear in his voice. making you feel even worse about the
                        situation. you crawled up to him setting your bum beside his back and gently laid a hand on his shoulder, frowning deeply
                        when he flinched, but you didn’t move. you just started rubbing your palm against his heated flesh.

                        “it is not your fault with what happened, ivar. it was hers” you said jerking your hand away when he whipped around facing
                        you, eyes glistning with unshed tears, it pained you to see him this way.

                        “it is my fault. i could not pleasure her, chelle. she wasn’t………she wasn’t even wet”

                        “and that was not your fault. she couldn’t pleasure a man if she were blessed by freyja” you said
                         making ivar chuckle through his red teary eyes “how did it start?” you asked moving closer to him, biting back your smile when
                         he pressed his nose to your hip wrapping an arm over your stomach.

                         "i didn’t know what to do actually, she just started to kiss me, and….it picked up from there" he explained his voice muffled
                         by the soft fabric of your dress. you listened carefully, stroaking your hand through his soft black hair soothingly, making ivar
                         feel more calm and relaxed by your touch.

                         "i couldn’t…..feel. nothing. all because i am a stupid cripple" he muttered pressing his face deeper into your hip

                         "ivar" you scolded truly hating the way he talked about himself “i think it was nerves” you said making him look
                         up at you with a dark glint in his eyes “i was not nervous” he protested, but that just made you chuckle and
                         pat his head lovingly.

                         "everyone is nervous for their first time ivar. half her half nerves were at fault" you whispered, feeling
                         so horrible for your best friend. he sighed looking down at your hip, letting his finger trace the bone.

                         you wondered- no, no that was wrong to think of. he wouldn’t agree……..or would he?, maybe if-if you
                         showed him how to make love, how good it feels?, but what if he said no?. would he reject you?.

                         only one way to find out.

                         you lowerd your hand and placed it under his chin forcing him to look at you, you leaned your face down
                         close to his, eye to eye and whispered slowly, your voice sending a chill down his spine

                         "would you……… me to teach you?, ivar?“ your soft breath hitting his. he stared at you, eyes
                         wide in shock, oh no, here it comes. rejection. you shouldn’t have said anything.

                         "yes”. you swear you could feel your body grow hot from that simple little word, it made you smile.

                         you placed your hand on the back of his neck and drew him closer to you “are you sure?” you whispered
                         hoping he’d say yes. and he did. you brought him even closer and sighed when you felt his chest on yours
                         rising and falling harshly. you ran your fingers through the soft little hairs on the nape of his neck

                         and leaned in letting your noses brush against each other lovingly, you wanted to take your time and allow
                         him to be comfortable. you glanced into his dark blue eyes asking silently one more time if this was okay,
                         when he nodded is when you finally let your lips touch.

                         of course he was a little hesitant, but that just made it all the more sweeter, you pulled back for a moment
                         then moved on to his bottom lip. gently just barely sucking on it, his hand gripped your hip softly pullling
                         your lower half to him. it felt so good to have his lips on yours, you peeked your eyes open for a second

                        glancing at his beautiful face, which was scrunched together in concentraition, you blindly reached a hand
                        up and tangled it in his hair, making him relax just a tad more. you both then parted, lips sticking together
                        making a small pop as you let go. you both were breathing so heavily, that being the only sound in the room

                        he leaned in more, his nose pressing into the corner of your lips, you could feel his heartbeat beating rapidly
                        in his chest, you tugged on his hair lightly making him moan quietly. the sound alone sending a hot jolt to
                        your core.

                        “do you want me to touch you-”

                       "tonight is all about you, ivar" you said lips brushing against his as you talked, he was about ot protest but you
                        cut him off by kissing him again. even though he was innexepreienced he was an amazing kisser, how was magarethe not
                        wet while being with him?.

                       you then dared to slip your leg over his waist, pausing slightly when you heard him suck in a heavy breath as you kissed.
                       "are you alright?“ you whispered against his lips, kissing them again. he nodded reaching his hands up cupping your waist
                       rubbing the skin through your dress. you sighed into the kiss making ivars eyes roll back into his head.

                       just by kissing you were slowly driving him insane. he’d never felt like this before, his hands and stomach were quivering
                       as if her were cold, but he was anything but. he was hot and sweaty, just by your sweet honey like kisses.
                       he froze when you moaned as he squeezed your waist a little tighter.

                       he didn’t know what to say, it was the sexiest thing he’d ever heard in all his years of life. you pulled back from him
                       and smiled, hair dishevilled, looking like a fallen goddess in ivars eyes. "may i undress you?” you asked making ivars
                       eyes close tightly, your voice sounding like the smoothest of instruments.

                       "yes" he answerd gruffly, hissing when your cold hands reached lower brushing past his toned, tight stomach, hitting his
                       trousers. he was worried, worried that he wouldn’t be able to make you feel good like margarethe, that you’d laugh and
                       leave him there alone, naked and humiliated.

                       you pressed a small kiss to the corner of his mouth and moved lower, flashing him a seductive look, ivar swore he felt his
                       prick jump at the sight of you, maybe he was wrong. you made it lower and finally was eye level at his prick, you leaned forewards
                       and pressed a kiss to his clothed prick, smiling when he jumped softly, maybe he could feel after-all. you then kissed it again

                       a little longer and deeper this time, ivar was feeling his heart beat out of control, he had to calm himself. he focused on how
                       beautiful you looked in this lighting, your gorgeous hair glowing on your head, forming an anglic glow around you. your bright
                       beautiful eyes flashing up to his every now and again, making his heart stop and stutter, he never realized how goddess-like you

                       looked until now. you then slowly undid the string that was keeping his pants together and slid them out of the holes, letting the
                       fabric fall loose against his hips. ivar clenched his eyes closed not wanting to see your reaction to his ugly, kinny legs.
                       when you seen his legs for the first time, your heart fluttered and eyes widened in awe, even though they were never used

                       you could see the muscle and strength they held. you pulled the rest of his pants off and chucked them behind you, kissing the soft
                       skin of his legs. ivar shivered feeling your hot wet mouth on his legs, it felt to surreal, having you loving his body up, but it
                       felt so damn good. you made it to his inner thigh and sofly gasped at his prick. he was bigger then any man you’d been with.

                       damn, how was he going to fit?. how did margarethe not enjoy herself?. you leaned forewards to his softly erect prick and licked the
                       head. ivar gasped and gripped the sheets between his fingers. how did he?…..he feel that?. he could feel the hot breath leaving your
                       mouth hit his girth, he felt the small drops of saliva drip down his length. he felt it.

                       you smirked and licked it again, this time a bigger stripe, tongue flat against him. everything felt so euphoric to him, he’d never
                       felt this good in his life. “ch-chelle!” he exclaimed when you softly took him in your mouth. you could feel him growing in your mouth.
                       you lived for the noises leaving his mouth, your name sounding heavenly upon his lips. you were pulled from him when he placed

                       his hands on the sides of your cheeks pulling you back from him “what is wrong?, did i hurt you?” you asked feeling a small
                       drop of his already leaking pre-cum and your spit running down your chin. he shook his head, heavy breaths escaping his
                       beautiful mouth “i-i just wanna try to feel you around me” he whispered, you’d never seen ivar this vulnerable before,

                       it made you even more wet then you already were. you nodded softly and crawled back up, smiling at his large shaky hands that moved
                       from your face to your hips again. you leaned down and pressed an open mouth kiss to his collar bone, nipping and sucking on
                       whatever skin you could find “i can’t wait to feel you in me, ivar” you whimpered breathily, tongue lapping at his pulse point.

                       ivar groaned, feeling your words travel to his groin. “talk to me more, love” he whisepred moaning when you scrapped your nails
                       over his sides, you adjusted yourself over him leg on each side of his hips “you’re so big, i can’t wait to feel you stretch me out”
                       he’d never wanted this to end, ever. he stared at you transfixed on your movements. you reached your arms back and attempted to untie

                       the back of your dress. ivar sat up, moaing when your thigh brushed against his prick. he grit his teeth together and lifted his
                       hands up to the ties, you smiled when he moved your hands out of the way and started to untie them, you layed you head on his shoulder
                       kissing the skin gently, you never realized how badly you wanted him until this moment. when he undid them he soflty pushed the top

                       of your dress down your shoulders, stopping at the tops of your breasts, he surprised you by pressing a few kisses to the top of your chest
                       and your shoulders. your head flew back exposing more skin to him, moaning loudly when he suckled on your neck, right next to your
                       jugular vein. every sound coming from your mouth was whiney and just sinful sounding, it made ivar tingle and shiver with delight.

                       he finally pulled the dress from your body, revealing your naked body. margarethe had nothing on you, ivar thought. your beautifully
                       flawless skin ready to be kissed, sucked and bit. you grabbed his hand fom your waist and placed it on your breast making him cup you
                       in his large hand. you groaned and accidentally ground your hips against his, making the both of you moan out.


                       "chelle!” the both of you cried out, so sensitive to each others touches. you honestly couldn’t wait any longer, neither could ivar.

                       you gently pushed him back palm flat against his chest, he sighed feeling your bare thighs rub against his, he needed you….now.
                       you moved up a little and sighed out when his prick brushed against your sex. you leaned down and pressed one last kiss to his
                       lips, whilst reaching a hand down grabbing his hard manhood in your small fist, bringing him to your entrance.

                       "are you ready?“ you asked breathlessly, he nodded reaching a hand up bushing hair from your eyes "put me in you” he whispered
                       hotly, you bit your lip, slipping his cock inside you. he was so thick, all of him brushing against your walls the whole time he slid
                       in. you both groaned and gritted your teeth. you layed your head in the crook of his damp neck, giving yourself a moment to adjust

                       "are you alright?“ ivar seethed, gasping for breath, you nodded biting down on his shoulder, then finally snapped your hips forewards.
                       ivar swore deeply under his breath and reached his hands lower gripping your ass tightly in his hands, you swiveled your hips back and
                       forth, front and back, making ivar dizzy with a lust clouded head. you were so tight and warm around him, better then he ever imagined.

                       "ahh, fuck” he whined wildly making you clench at the sound, you felt so deeply connected to him. his cock was reaching places no man
                       had ever reached before, hitting your g spot repeatedly. you moaned crazily into his neck, you couldn’t find the strength to sit
                       up and fuck him furiosly like you wanted, but the way you moved and made love to him right now was somehow even better.

                       "chelle!, i-i can feel y-you, all of -you" he gasped against your hair, he moved his left hand up scratching his nails down your
                       back, not enough to make you bleed, but just enough to sting. you loved it. you lifted your head up continuing to rut against him and
                       looked into his deep dark irises, lips softly touching him “how tight am i?, tell me ivar” you moaned out leaning down to bite on

                       his bottom lip. he sighed out lifting his hand higher into your hair, wrapping it around his fist “so fucking tight, warm, wet”
                       he growled, tugging on your hair like you had done to his. the only sounds coming from the room were his grunts and your cries.
                       you two were glowing, sweat making you slide agaisnt each other swiftly. everything felt so right.

                       you could feel yourself slip closer to the edge, but you wanted ivar to cum first “ivar!, are you c-close?” you moaned squeezing
                       your eyes shut, ivar grunted loudly when you clenched around him, he leaned up biting at the corner of your jaw, making you clench
                       again “y-yess” he brought you closer to him, then made you cry out when he softly started to lift anf pivot his hips against yours.

                       then, you both came, together. with shouts of each others names. it felt better then any orgasem you’d ever had, somehow he still
                       kept thrusting realising every ounce of cum he had left. you collapsed against his chest, shivering and shaking in his arms, along
                       with him.

                       you’d both quieted down, breathing still heavy and loud. he still hadn’t let go of you arms enclosed around your lightly convulsing
                       frame, you finally gathered enough strength to raise your head and kiss him fully on the lips, lips lazily working against each other,
                       tongues brushing against teeth and lips.

                       "so good" he whispered resting his head against yours softly looking in your eyes with such love, awe and adoration. your eyes mirroring
                       his. you loved the fact that he was still inside of you, making you feel that full feeling you’d come to love.
                       "please don’t leave" he whispered again making you frown and lay your head down to his neck, pressing gentle kisses to his skin.

                       "never" you promised feeling his wild heartbeat stutter about. you knew you loved him months ago, but never come to terms with it
                       until now. ivar felt even more connected to you, knowing that you were the first and last person he’d have sex with, he needed you
                       more then anyone, you were his outlet, his home, his love, his chelle, you were no one elses but his.

                       you both spent the night together, talking, laughing, crying about the simplest things, even making love for a second time, and a third.

                       the next day you were back to work, washing clothed like you usually do every morning, and of course the girls were back to talking
                       about the men they’d been with

                       "his prick was so long, it felt so good!“ amae moaned making the girls around her laugh and slap at her playfully, you actually laughed
                       along with them this time, knowing that the prick you’d had last night could over take any mans cock in kattegat.
                       the other girls looked over at you when they noticed you laughing

                       "what are you laughing at chelle?” svenia asked turning her head to the side like a small child would. you piced up your basket of
                        clean clothes, shaking your head at them, a smirk on your lips. you were about to walk back to town when you decided to tease them
                        a bit.

                        “oh nothing, just remembering the most amazing sex i’d ever had last night” you said making them gape at you mouths open wide, you weren’t
                        the type to have sex willy nilly, so this intregued them deeply.

                        “who!?”  "how big?“  "was it ubbe?!”   “how long!?” so many questions that just made you laugh all the harder. you turned your back to them
                         and started walking, you paused, and turned your head to the side, allowing them to see the bruises ivar had left upon your skin.

                         "he was very, very big" you teased even deeper making them   groan and glare at you

                         "who?, who was it?“

                          you chuckled and licked at your slightly swollen lips

                          "ivar lothbrok”.

sorry for the way it was written down my computer literally won’t let me do anything, hope y’all enjoyed this shittyness, to my epic best friend!!! love ya girl!!!!!!! hope ya like it and i hope it lived up to how you imagined it lots of love and thanks from me <3  @zombiexbody


  • ❛  Stop talking to the dogs!  ❜
  • ❛  Get a clue, Columbo. I don’t wanna talk to _____.  ❜
  • ❛  Ugly American, party of one.  ❜
  • ❛  I didn’t know that my every conversation needed to be reported to you. I stand corrected.  ❜
  • ❛  Pure sex walking. Flying, actually. That man could fly. Have you ever thought of taking dance?  ❜
  • ❛  I hugged it, I hugged it really tight.  ❜
  • ❛  You travel with a spatula?  ❜
  • ❛  I bow to the foot of the master.  ❜
  • ❛  What are you thinking, buying an airplane?!  ❜
  • ❛  Everybody in the world’s life flashed before my eyes. That’s how much time I had. I thought we were gonna die on that van.  ❜
  • ❛  He’s not a 100-year-old eunuch or anything.  ❜
  • ❛  Hard work is good for a woman, makes her stronger.  ❜
  • ❛  I’m downloading wedding stuff from Prague.  ❜
  • ❛  Let me bottom-line it for you. Snakes are gross. Snakes are scary and slithery, and do you know where snakes do not belong?  ❜
  • ❛  The whole trip was a total fiasco. It was the Stones at Altamont times a billion.   ❜
  • ❛  You’ve got one minute to order, then six minutes to eat.  ❜
  • ❛  A couple’s massage is for a couple – not a couple of people.  ❜
  • ❛  Ow! Rat bastard!  ❜
  • ❛  You can borrow my water bra.  ❜
  • ❛  _____ lied to us. To you. To me.  ❜
  • ❛  Ok, that’s it. You’re nuts and I’m going - in that order.  ❜
  • ❛  Details please. Don’t leave out anything. We want every comma, apostrophe and ampersand.  ❜
  • ❛  Do you know that butt models make $10,000 a day?  ❜
  • ❛  Something romantic, but not mushy, something that will make us remember this.  ❜
  • ❛  _____ would never hike up her skirt in public.  ❜
  • ❛  Don’t look around, stare straight ahead, no more talking to people ever!  ❜
Paul Ryan Pulls Doomed Health Care Bill at Trump’s Request

The GOP has pulled the Health Care bill that would have repealed and replaced the Affordable Care Act.

“You’ve all heard me say this before — moving from an opposition party to a governing party comes with growing pains and, well, we’re feeling those growing pains today,” House Speaker Paul Ryan said following the announcement.

“This is a disappointing day for us,” he added. “Doing big things is hard. All of us, all of us, myself included, will need time to reflect on how we got to this moment, what we could have done to do it better. … This is a setback, no two ways about it — but it is not the end of the story because I know that every man and woman in this conference is now motivated more than ever to step up on their game, to deliver on our promises.”

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President Trump spoke from the Oval Office after Ryan’s announcement, saying that the health care bill fell short in the lead-up to the House vote because of no support from Democrats. “They weren’t going to give us a single vote,” the president said.

He went on to say that he is “open” to tackling health care again if “Obamacare” implodes. “If [Democrats] got together with us and get a real health care bill, I’d be totally open to it. And I think that’s going to happen. If it loses… Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer… now they own Obamacare. They own it. They 100 percent own it.”

Trump added, “It’s imploding and will soon explode. And it’s not going to be pretty.”

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With news outlets reporting that 27 Republicans in the House were solidly in the “no” camp and another four likely to follow, the outcome of the bill was in doubt from the get-go. As of Friday morning, the approval of the GOP health care plan was at 17 percent.

“Why would you schedule a vote on a bill that is at 17% approval? Have we forgotten everything Reagan taught us?” former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich tweeted earlier. MSNBC calls it “a failure marked in the official congressional record.”

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi told AP, “Today is a victory for the American people.”

Next on President Trump’s agenda: a pivot to tax cuts and tax reform.

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I Got You (Part 1)

Incredibly angsty cancer!arc @fictober fic. Inspired by this post from @baronessblixen. They might have the self-control to not write MSR cancer smut, but I sure as hell don’t.

Scully wakes up to warm tears and slow sobbing on her arms. She can feel his hand wrapped tightly around her own, holding it like he’s the only thing keeping her from slipping away. And maybe he is, because she’s sure as hell not fighting for herself right now. No, she’s fighting for him because she knows that he can’t live without her. She knows that if she keeps fighting and gives in then he will die too.

She doesn’t know how long he’s been here, but based on the wetness on the bed, she can tell it’s been a while. He probably snuck in sometime after visiting hours. The nurses knew him by now. They knew not to get in his way.

“Mulder…” She whispers as she runs her free hand through his shaggy hair.

He lifts his head and looks up at her with big, wet eyes. The pain she feels looking into those sad eyes is worse than anything the cancer or the treatments have thrown at her. It’s a shared pain that hurts so much deeper than anything she’s ever felt. Even Melissa’s death didn’t hurt this much.

Scully’s hand trails down to cup his cheek before she scoots over in the bed, making room for him. “Come here.

He doesn’t say a word as he climb into bed with her, his body facing her. Scully pulls his closer. They both need the closeness right now. He wraps his arm gently around her tiny, bony waist.

“I’m not ready to give up yet, Scully. I can’t…” He whispers into her hair as she curls against his chest. He can’t live without her, and they both know it.

“Mulder, I’m dying.” The words come out in a choked whisper. It’s the first time she’s said it out loud and really believed it. This was the end.

His sobs got louder. Scully pulled away to look into his eyes. “There’s still one last thing you can do for me.”

His sobs stop. His face gets that determined look that made her fall in love with him all those years ago. “Anything, Scully, I’d do anything for you.”

She leans in and kisses his lips softly, testing his reaction. Mulder doesn’t pull away, but he doesn’t respond to her.

“Scully…” His eyes are closed as he speaks.

“It’s ok, Mulder.” She gives him a weak but reassuring smile.

He initiates the next kiss. It’s just as slow, but there’s tongue and a sense of intimacy that the first kiss didn’t have. It almost gives the agents hope for a future with more kisses like this that aren’t in a dark hospital room.

Mulder doesn’t dare move his hands, even though he desperately wants to touch Scully. He’s too afraid to touch her. Too afraid that he might finally break her. Scully brings his hand from her waist to under her hospital gown, right above her already slightly damp panties.

It takes a few moments for Mulder to process the implications of her action and to pull away from the kiss.

“Scully, no…” He breathes out.

“I want this.” She reassures. “I need this.” Her thumb comes up to caress his cheek. “I should have made love to you when there was still time.” The tears fall down her face. “Please, Mulder, I need this.” She whispers. “I need to feel some part of you inside me before…” Her words trail off.

She doesn’t want to die. There’s so much more she had left to do. There was an entire life with Mulder that she never got to live. Of course she’d only realize when she was faced with certain death how much she loved his spooky ass, how nothing she ever felt for any man ever compared to what she felt for Mulder.

“Please…” She whispered against his lips. Time was running out.

How could he deny the woman he loved her last wish? He would give Scully the world, even if it broke him into a million tiny pieces.

Fox Mulder slowly slipped his hand into her panties. Time might be running out for both of them, but he wasn’t going to rush this. His hand played with the soft curls on its way down. Oh, what he’d give to plant his head between Scully’s beautiful thighs and make a new life there. If only they had the time.

His fingers gently parted her soft, surprisingly wet lips. Let it be known that Dana Katherine Scully refused to let cancer take this last pleasure from her.

“Tell me what you need, Scully.” He whispered, but what he really meant was ‘Please, don’t let me hurt you.’

She let out a soft moan as his fingers grazed her sensitive clit. Something about knowing this would be the last time she ever experienced ecstasy made her entire body heightened with need.

“You, Mulder.” She let out a breath. “Slow and gentle.” Her hand continued to caress his cheek. Their eyes were locked on each other.

Two fingers slide inside her wet core. He slowly moves them in and out as his thumb finds a similar rhythm on her clit.

They stayed like that, in silence, just looking into each other’s eyes for what felt like an eternity until Mulder could feel Scully’s breathing start to increase.

“It’s ok, Scully, I got you. You can let go now.” He says, still looking into her deep blue eyes.

He curls his fingers upwards and gives a little more pressure on his clit, and it’s all it takes to send her over the edge. She buries her head in his neck to hold back her moans. Her walls clench around his fingers, desperately trying to hold onto him and anchor her in the world of the living.

“I love you.” Mulder’s words are barely a whisper. He’s not even sure if Scully can hear it in her post-orgasm haze.

When she finally pulls away from his neck, Mulder’s face is drenched in searing hot tears. What should have been their beginning is their end.

He gently pulls his still warm fingers from Scully’s panties, and wraps his arm around her with the intention to never let go. He’s not going to let them take her from him. They’ll have to take him too if they want her.

She guides his head to her chest, her hands thread through his thick, messy hair.

“I love you too, Mulder. Don’t ever forget that.” She whispered between his sobs.

She’s going to keep fighting until the bitter end. They’re going to keep fighting together.

Sasuke anesthetized don't recognize his beautiful wife
  • Sakura: Okay, eat the cracker.
  • Sasuke: I need some remed...
  • Sakura: They will bring some now.
  • Sasuke: Oh my go... ouch!
  • Sasuke: ... Could I sit down for a little?
  • Sakura: In a minute, I'll see if you could up, okay?
  • Sasuke: The doctor send you?
  • Sasuke: ... Man, you're a candy
  • Sakura: *laughs*
  • Sasuke: Wow! ... You're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen!
  • Sasuke: You're a model?
  • Sakura: No, but I'll be here right with you. Eat your cracker.
  • Sasuke: Who are you? What's your name?
  • Sakura: My name is Sakura and I'm your wife.
  • Sasuke: *surprise face* You're my wife!?!
  • Sakura: yeah.
  • Sasuke: Holy shit! Damn! ... How long?
  • Sakura: Just eat the cracker, you're waking up.
  • Sasuke: Do we have children?
  • Sakura: Not yet.
  • Sasuke: Oh man... man, we kissed ... yet?
  • Sakura: *laughs* Keep eating your cracker.
  • Sasuke: It's hard, it's hard, baby, it's hard.
  • Sasuke: We do called us baby? How long we're married?
  • Sakura: A loong time.
  • Sasuke: Oh my God! I'm a lucky man.
  • Sakura: Eat your cracker.
  • Sasuke: man... *whisper* The most beautiful woman I've ever seen...
  • Sasuke: *looking for her* Let me see your face. Let me see your face.
  • Sakura: *approaches*
  • Sasuke: Wow. Your teeth are perfect... *looking* Turn a around.
  • Sakura: *laughs* No! Eat the cracker.
  • Sasuke: *confused face* We're married? *lookin' for her* wow... I did give you that ring?
  • Sakura: *confirm*
  • Sasuke: So, I really must have liked you.

The criticism that bugs me the most towards Zack Snyder’s Superman is that he doesn’t smile or that he spends too much time being sad. Recently in another post I talked a bit about how I interpreted this version of Superman to be a metaphor for depression so I’ll expand a bit of my thoughts on it here - but not by focusing solely on depression but rather on what it means to be human.

To get to the point, I think it’s disgusting when people make the complaint that Superman shouldn’t be sad and that he spends too much time doubting himself since he’s capable of so much more, because in a way the reactions by these critics mirror the way humanity shuns Superman in the DCEU for not being able to do everything expected of him, the way humanity in the real world disapproves of and/or alienates those struggling with depression or any mental illness in general, and the way the media attacks Zack Snyder as a person for simply making films that are different from their own tastes. It’s natural and justified for Superman to be in emotional distress, and in my opinion it would be insultingly unrealistic for him not to be.

It’s like telling someone struggling with trauma and depression “why can’t you just be happy?” or “just get over it! smile!” despite them going through or having gone through hell, despite them living in a world that prefers ignorance towards issues that need to be addressed, and despite them constantly being attacked by those who make them feel as if they’re a failure or a burden to the people around them.

Humanity in the DCEU views Superman as a devil and a god, as an enemy and a savior, and he knows that every decision he makes, even merely existing, will anger a lot of people. Humanity in real life idealizes Superman as a perfect hero who always finds the optimal solution to every problem, who smiles all the time, who isn’t allowed to show vulnerability or weakness. Zack Snyder utilizes these expectations to reveal that not even Superman is perfect, and in doing so he sheds light on the beauty of vulnerability and why it’s okay to surrender yourself to your emotions when it all becomes too overwhelming. That’s how you humanize a character like Superman.

“You look at Superman, and you wonder, what can he possibly have to worry about? What could possibly ever hurt him? But just because his skin is invulnerable, that doesn’t mean his heart is. And that’s how you hurt Superman. You break his heart.”

DC stories are mainly about finding the humanity within god-like beings. Wonder Woman, for example, beautifully portrays optimism and joy in a superhero film that explores the character’s humanity in its own grounded and special way, and many people are calling the film a breath of fresh air yet many are unable to do so without attacking the “dark and brooding” character of Man of Steel and Dawn of Justice’s Superman, because that character reminds them too much of the issues they’d prefer to stay silent on.

Reason why I will always stand by (and love and read books by) SJM:

Her characters are flawed. 

They make mistakes, and often find themselves in deep levels of shit and heartbreak because of it. They get in fights with their friends, and they have even let their friends down, even though they love their friends and would die for them. This is real. This happens, everyday, in real life.

We are not perfect, and neither are her characters. They are easy to relate to. 

They have mental illnesses, including depression and PTSD. This is real. People live with these, everyday, in real life. For people like me, these characters make me feel like I am not alone. 

Her characters often have had more than one lover. I cannot tell you how many books I have read where the protagonist finds a man/woman and falls in love with them, being the first person they have ever loved. More often than not, your first love will NOT be your true love, and your first boyfriend/girlfriend will not be the person you were meant to be with. This is real. It is not setting us up with unrealistic expectations.

I could go on and on, but the point is this:

A lot of people may have issues with the way she writes, or the way she develops her characters, or certain scenes. 

What do I see when I read SJM novels?

Real people in a fictional universe, and that is a beautiful thing. 

We caught up with Still Star-Crossed’s resident prince, Sterling Sulieman, to talk secret affairs, sacrifices, and Shakespeare.

Bid good-morrow to your new favorite TV prince: Sterling Sulieman has just begun his run on ABC’s Shakespearean soap fest, Still Star-Crossed. Before assuming the throne, the charming Hawaiian was best known for his roles as Nate St. Germain on Pretty Little Liars and Harper on The Vampire Diaries. Now in the capable hands of Shonda Rhimes, the Queen of Soap herself, his Romeo and Juliet is sexy, fun, and surprisingly complicated. We’re only three episodes in, but we’ve caught up with Sulieman to get the scoop on what to expect in the upcoming season, and what his character was “born to do.”

Sulieman phoned into TV After Dark to talk romance, violence, and intrigue in his new hit series, where his Escalus is still learning to balance his personal life with the greater good. We learned about Prince Escalus’s regrets, his relationship with Rosaline (Lashana Lynch), and what may or may not have actually gone down in Venice. Want to know more? Read on! 

TVAD | Romeo and Juliet is on the required reading list for many schools. Of all the Shakespeare you had to read in high school, did you have a favorite?
Sterling Sulieman: I really liked a Midsummer Night’s Dream. It’s so fantastical and magical, that’s one of my favorites.

Do you think you would still have taken the role if you had to do the lines in old English?
I definitely would have accepted that, but I guess it would be rough.

Prince Escalus lives in a society in which social class is of the utmost importance. Have you ever been in a situation where social conventions got in the way of love?
I think, personally, I haven’t been in that kind of situation, and it definitely exists in our society. It’s interesting to play with, so it’s not like a foreign concept but, personally, I never had to deal with that.

With so much pressure to abide by duty to his people, do you think the prince will ever truly be free to be himself?
You know, that’s one of the things that I wonder as well, because Benvolio and Rosaline from the get go–they are kind off battling their place in society. They don’t really want to be the heirs. They don’t want to get married, but as much as I want Rosaline, I am the prince and that’s what I was born to do, and I don’t think Escalus sees a way out of being the prince, or even wants a way out of being the prince. He just wants his cake and to eat it too!

The prince initially chooses duty over love. Will he come to regret the decision?
Yes. I mean, I think Prince Escalus regrets it while he’s doing it. It’s not a choice he makes lightly. In that scene, he wants, he thinks he can have her. He thinks it can happen, and then when he discovered Romeo’s body, it’s just very clear that, that can’t happen. If Verona falls, then everyone falls. He sacrifices his happiness for everybody.

What we do know is that the prince is a peacemaker of sorts. Is that something you’ve ever found yourself doing in real life?
Yes, that’s definitely a role I play in many relationships.

Prince Escalus often must appear neutral and dutiful to his people, but could giving up the woman he loves to another man force him down a dark path and if so how dark should we expect?
I feel like he doesn’t understand how dark he’s going to get. When he comes to town, he would assume that the way it should go is that his father should help him into this role, and he would take over, and there wouldn’t be this scandal with Juliet, and everyone is coming at him so fast. He’s learning to stand up for himself, and so it’s coming out in different ways, and it’s coming out harsh, and I think he would definitely continue down that path if he can’t be with Rosaline.

Prince Escalus may choose peace over love, but could his decision to push Rosaline into marrying Benvolio Montague have unintentional consequences?
Yes, definitely. He can’t choose a side, but there’s not, like, the feeling goes away, but there’s definitely be some kind of animosity against Benvolio, who gets to have the woman he loves. So, even though Prince Escalus is the one deciding it, I don’t feel like he feels that way about it. It’s like this has to be done, and, unfortunately, I think he probably will hold some grudges against the circumstances.

The show is going to turn audiences with more than just sexy accents and Shakespearean eye candy. Are there any surprise hookups for Prince Escalus?
There are some hookups happening all over the place but not for Prince Escalus. He is caught up in his duty and the drama with Rosaline. He’s pretty occupied.

While the original Shakespearean text about Romeo and Juliet had one innocently sexy bedroom scene, what is the most scandalous thing we can expect to see coming from the show this season?
There are definitely some secret affairs, and there are some love scenes.

Women in Shakespearean times were not given very much power over their lives. Given that this is a modern take, in what ways will we see Rosaline and the other female characters take charge and assert themselves?
You know, that’s interesting, because we do kind of stick to what the rules of the society. You know, Rosaline’s not off having affairs and stuff, like she’s keeping a virtue and all these things, but the women definitely find a way to manipulate their way around the rules and figure out what’s going on–and I think manipulate the men that are already in existence. You definitely see them all standing up for themselves and being very strong in our story.

We know that political intrigue is commonplace in this era. Could Prince Escalus be harboring a secret that could destroy his family?
I mean, he definitely has a past in Venice that we don’t really get to know about, but I mean, they broke Romeo and Juliet apart, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

If you could play a female character on the show, which character would you love to play?
Ooooh…that’s interesting. I think…tough. I mean, they are all wildly different. Maybe between Lady Capulet and Rosaline. Rosaline has a lot of fire, but Lady Capulet is so dangerous. She’s strong, and she knows her powers for sure.

What are your after dark guilty pleasures?
I would say drinking wine and going out dancing. My favorite nights is playing old school 90’s R&B.

Be honest. If you had to choose, would you be a Montague or a Capulet?
I was told to never take sides. (laughs)

Saving Grace

​​​​​​pairing: lafayette x reader
words: 3000 (i know guys i’m so extra lmao)
warnings: blood, war, things of that nature, ending is literal crap because it’s 5 in the morning
summary: reader is a battlefield nurse who must take care of a wounded Laf, who becomes smitten with his savior.

You had always been different. It was just a fact.

When you were a young girl, only seven, you acquired a reputation with your classmates of being a tomboy. You weren’t interested in such things as clothes and looking pretty—in fact, you hated such ideals. Instead, you preferred to play with the boys in your school, searching for bugs and rocks in the scratched ground, hiking up your skirts in such an undignified manner that your highly proper mother would surely have fainted at the sight.

She was certainly upset when you enlisted to be a battlefield nurse. You had always been interested in medical topics and signed up nearly right after you heard. As soon as she found out, she came flying into the room, managing to look dignified even as her numerous skirts and petticoats flew out behind her in a bustling mass that reminded one of a ship at full sail.

“(Y/N), you have done many unwise things before, but this—” here she waved her hands about helplessly, hopelessly “—this tops them all. How could you, young lady? You could be killed! You could be traumatized or catch an illness and die! What were you thinking?” You rose, incensed.

“Mother,” you said, in a low, angry voice, “this is the only way I can help the Revolution. I can’t fight, I can’t run for office, and I cannot vote. I am hopeful that this will change one day, but I am not about to sit around at home and do nothing! At least this way I am able to help men who can make a difference by saving their lives and putting them back on the battlefield!” Your father had come in by now, drawn into the living room by the loud voices of you and your mother.

“What is going on?” he shouted over the two of you.

“Your daughter—” your mother spat at the same time you said, “Mother doesn't—”

“One at a time,” your father said, spreading his hands in a gesture that clearly meant slow down.

“Your daughter has enlisted to become a battlefield nurse,” your mother said angrily. “I have tried to warn her of the dangers of such a profession, but she refuses to listen. Dear, please tell her not to go.” You uncrossed your arms, gazing intently at your father’s face. You knew his abolitionist beliefs ran deep, causing him to support the ongoing rebellion. Doubt played over his face; he was clearly torn between his beliefs and love for you and the desire to please his wife. He opened his mouth, closed it, then opened it again.

“As disappointing as it will surely be to you, my dear,” he said, motioning to your mother, “I have to agree with (Y/N). She is able to help our country in this position and I believe it will be better for her than just sitting at home and revolving through the social circles.” Your mother’s face grew stormier still.

“We have no country! We belong to England! It is simply a passing phase, a small period of rebellion that will be subdued! And (Y/N) needs to become acquainted with the ins and outs of social life! It’s the only way to find her a suitable match and you know it!” she cried.

You sighed. This again. “Mother, I want to choose the man I marry. Love shouldn’t be forced. It should be mutual and founded on deep trust and respect. I’m not interested in flirting and gossip. When the right man comes along, I’ll just—well, I’ll know it.” You and your father both knew what came next—the long spiel about how your parents’ marriage had been arranged and how they were just as happy as any natural couple.

He dragged your mother out of the room with a soft “Let’s go, dear,” and a pitying look that you knew meant he would try to talk some sense into her. He must have been somewhat successful, for you were off to training in a matter of days.

There were twenty other young women in the class with you, which was considered a high number, and you were put under the charge of the local doctor, who was known to be surly at the best of times. However, your talent became clear and you soon left everyone behind in terms of progress. He couldn’t help but admire your skill, and he gave you many kind, if rather gruff and grudging, compliments.

After three weeks of training, it was clear that you needed to be sent out to the lines as soon as possible. Someone with your level of skill couldn’t be left behind; you were needed. You were told that you would be sent out to a battlefield to serve Continental troops under General George Washington. He was famous everywhere, and you were always swamped with questions at social events.

The ride to the camp was somewhat lacking in comfort; you rode in a carriage drawn by a horse who seemed bent on running the vehicle across every single rut and stone lying in the street. However, you emerged from the two-hour ride all in one piece, if a battered and bruised one. You were greeted by a young soldier who looked to be about twenty years of age. He snapped a crisp salute.

“Miss (Y/N), ma'am?”

“Yes, that’s me. The new nurse.”

“I am Sergeant Locke. I have been ordered to show you to your quarters. Doctor Scott will show you everything you will need to know tomorrow.” There was something odd about the man—he wasn’t even in a proper uniform, but he exuded all the cocky confidence of a British officer. It wasn’t exactly a negative thing, it just seemed odd and out-of-place in such a situation.

“Thank you, Sergeant.” He held out a hand for your luggage and marched smartly to a small tent towards the center of the camp.

“This one’s yours, ma'am,” he said, placing your suitcase on a small table made of dark wood in one corner of the tent. “Try to sleep. It may be the only rest you get for who knows how long.” He left on this cheery note.

You dropped into the single straight-backed chair, exhausted, and looked around the bleak interior of the tent that was now yours. You didn’t know what the next day, week, month, however long, held for you. Death and suffering beyond imagining would be manifested to you, and you knew that it would shape you for the rest of your life. Of course, you didn’t realize just how important your service would end up being. You were just concerned with sleep; you needed it after that horrendous ride. Despite your new surroundings and forebodings of the following day, it came quickly.


Fortunately, Doctor Scott was the nicest man you could ever hope to work for. He was also unexpectedly old. You had imagined a man in his mid-thirties, maybe, but he was around sixty. His hair stood up around his face in a round, white shock, and his clear blue eyes were framed by small rimmed glasses. However, despite his age, his spotted hands were gentle and skilled. You liked him at once, and he couldn’t help but feel the same. You were a young, pretty woman who was clearly passionate about what you were doing. No matter how bad an injury was, you always kept your wits about you and worked calmly in life-or-death situations. Hundreds of lives were saved because of your work. You did so well that General Washington himself commended you on your successful treatments. Everything was going perfectly—that is, until one day, a certain patient came to the medical tent and shattered life as you knew it into shards.

The Marquis de Lafayette.


“Critical patient coming! Miss (Y/N), you’re needed!” a minor doctor yelled. Two soldiers came rushing in, stepping quickly but carefully, bearing a stretcher between them. They hoisted it up onto the table and released their grip. You wiped your hands on a towel and hurried over to check the wounded man.

Needless to say, you were blown away.

He he was badly battered and bloodied, but you could see that underneath the caked dirt and dried blood, he was undeniably attractive. His skin was a rich brown color, a nearly perfect match of the coffee you made for your father every morning at home. His hair spiraled from his head in thick corkscrew curls, and his defined jawline was dotted with stubble. His large mouth opened slightly to reveal very white teeth, and his eyes were closed and drawn tight with pain, despite his unconscious state.

You took this all in, then shook your head. “What has happened to this man?” you asked hurriedly.

“Shot in the leg, he was, marm,” answered one soldier. “Blood everywhere, there was. Passed out about a minute after bein’ wounded, I’d say. Shot mighta severed somethin’ important.”

“Thank you,” you said, your mind working quickly. “Please step outside for the time being. I need all the room I can get.” They did as you said, and you got to work, lifting up the cloth covering his lower body.

The wound was much worse than you expected. His entire leg was stained with the blood from the gaping hole in his lower thigh. You quickly tore off part of his pants, trying to subdue the rising color in your cheeks. He made a small, soft groan of pain, and you saw his eyes slowly, and with no small effort, blink open.

Chocolate. His eyes were rich, dark chocolate.


Blurred shapes. A light-colored streak directly in front of him. After the shades came the pain. Then the darkness, the nothingness. But then, too soon, the light was back. No, no, let me go back, he thought. The darkness is better. No pain there. But the light refused to go, would not stop coming at him, growing until he was able to move and was hit with waves of pain. He groaned, the quiet sound too small to express the hurt. Then his eyes opened, two slits of the world revealed.

And what saw made his eyes widen immediately. He didn’t even feel the pain for a moment. He saw what could only be described as an angel.

Her hair was what he saw first. Shiny and soft-looking, it was tied back. Strands of it escaped from its confinement, reaching down to frame her face like a crown. He smiled internally. Your halo is tattered.

The face her hair framed was the most beautiful thing he’d ever witnessed. The soft curves of her cheek, her eyelashes, the more angular lines of her nose, her upper lip. I have never known beauty before now, he thought. Now I have found it.

He sank into the darkness again, but this time, it had to pull at him more insistentently.


He had stared straight into your eyes for what seemed forever, then wandered around your face, his mouth parting slightly as if to say something. Then he went under again, and you shook yourself. Get to work, you thought. This man could be dying.


He made it through the night. That was the first sign toward a good recovery. A few of his veins had been severed, but you were able to tie up the loose ends. However, his lower leg remained pasty and colorless. You had your doubts about whether or not he would ever regain the use of his leg. The word amputation even crossed your mind a few times. Although you were most worried about the fact that he was still unconscious. He hadn’t felt a thing as you were touching his wound, and that concerned you. However, you decided to clean off some of the dirt and dried blood that caked his face.

You made your way over to his bedside with a bowl of cool water and a cloth and began softly wiping off the grime.

This time, his eyes fluttered open to meet yours, and you were shocked again by the concentration of the color, the intensity of the pure pools of brown. He croaked out something unintelligible, and you leaned closer, furrowing your brow. He tried again, but couldn’t speak. However, you could tell that his mouth was forming the word “water.” Working quickly, you filled a cup with fresh water from a pitcher and held it up to his mouth. He drank with some difficulty, then sank back onto the pillows, exhausted. You looked concernedly at him. His eyes found their way to your face again, and you couldn’t stop the blush staining your cheeks no matter how hard you tried.

“Your name…What’s your name?” he asked, hoarsely.

“(Y/N),” you told him. “How are you feeling?”

“Like I’ve been shot,” he responded, the corners of his mouth twitching up.

You listened to his voice. There was a heavy lilt to his voice; his words were laced with a rich, lovely accent. “Are you—French?” you asked him.

“Oui, mademoiselle. I am Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier de Lafayette, Marquis de Lafayette. But those who know me call me Lafayette. It is a sort of a—how you say—nickname.” Your eyes widened. This man was one of the most important men in the Continental Army. You felt even more of a duty to get him back up and fighting.

“And, mademoiselle, I must say that I have seen wonders great and small, but none so stunning as you.” Your eyes widened at the unexpected compliment.

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean. I am considered quite…plain at home. Ordinary,” you told him.

“In all of my native France, there has never been a fleur so magnifique.”

You understood enough French to know what he was saying. Feeling suddenly flustered and awkward, you excused yourself. “I…I must be going. Please tell me if you need anything.” He nodded and lay back down.

“Thank you,” he said.


However hard you tried, you couldn’t get the Frenchman out of your head. His words swirled through your mind, bringing a smile to your face every time. You were required to administer to him every day, and you savored the time you spent with him. He told you stories about France and you told him about your family, how your mother wanted to arrange every aspect of your life and how you wanted to be free, independent, able to make your own choices. And each time you looked into those chocolate eyes and softly wiped down his forehead and heard his lovely accent, you couldn’t help but fall more in love. Despite his words the first time you spoke, you couldn’t help but feel that he didn’t feel the same. He was an important figure in the newborn American cause, a famous soldier and diplomat. You were just you. The everyday battlefield nurse; nothing special. However, you didn’t see his eyes following you when you were busy around the tent, humming to yourself and straightening up anything that needed it. He saw your instinctive ability to please without trying, to brighten the day of every soldier you cared for. The look in his eyes as he gazed at you would have made you melt, but you were busy and never once thought that he could love you back.

Even General Washington noted how highly he spoke of you when he came to check on your patient.

“Keep treating him well, (Y/N),” he would tell you.

“Yes, sir,” would be your reply.

It wasn’t until he was leaving the medical tent that you realized how much he really meant to you.

You walked into the tent, then stopped short. His bed was empty, unoccupied. You ran out to the door of the tent, and saw his form walking away, steadying himself with a large stick when needed.

“Mister Lafayette!” you called after him.

“Ah, Miss (Y/N),” he responded.

“Where—where are you going?” you asked, anxiously.

“Why, haven’t you heard? I’ve been cleared. You have done your job well,” he told you, grinning his wide smile that never failed to make you go weak.

“Oh,” was all you could say.

“What, does the lovely nurse miss me already?” he asked, teasing in his voice.

“I—I didn’t think you’d leave so soon,” you told him. You had never felt weaker, more powerless in your entire life. “I won’t see you again.”

“My dear lady,” he said, stepping closer to you. “I practically have free range of this camp. I will always find you. Besides, you mean too much to me. I could never leave you behind.” And with that, almost before you knew it, his mouth was on yours and the rest of the world vanished. His lips were finally, finally yours.

You made a small sound and he pulled you impossibly closer to him, his arm snaking around the small of your back, its strength evident. Your hand tentatively reached up to do what you had wanted to do forever, to run your fingers through his mass of ebony corkscrew curls. And it felt so right that you didn’t even think of letting go, of stopping, even when a voice screamed out,

“Good God!”

Sergeant Locke was scandalized.

Figure It Out - Mitch Rapp Imagine

Author: dylanowhy (me)

Summary: You are one of the best hackers the world has ever heard of, but now the United States is in trouble and your head is wanted on a stick. Irene has took it upon herself to make Mitch Rapp your babysitter.

Pairings: Mitch Rapp x Reader

Warnings: Language. Angst. Kissing.

Word Count: 3,165

A/N: This one is in Mitch’s POV! Hope you enjoy, there will be a part three.

Part I

Originally posted by yaehl

She reminded him of her. The way she could be so caring about someone she just met. Her sarcastic remarks, even her smile. Fuck, her smile was as beautiful as they come. This wasn’t something he ever thought he would be doing – thinking of touching and kissing another woman. The only thing in his mind ever being Katrina and how much he loved her. He missed her daily,he wouldn’t be in this position if he didn’t. he promised himself if he could help it, he wouldn’t let anyone go through what he did. Watching the love of your life die right before your eyes while you lay helpless, it changes a man. It caused such a wall to become a part of him. A wall that only a few years ago wouldn’t have been up. A wall that when he was around (Y/N), it wanted to comedown. 

His lips moved quickly, hungry. It had been so, so long since he had been this close to something so sweet, so innocent regardless of the reasoning of why she was here. His hands touched soft flesh in places he hadn’t explored in a while. The hums that were coming from her mouth were so enticing, so inviting, even if he knew it was right to stop, he wouldn’t be able to bring himself to do it. He wasn’t sure how the kiss became so heated, her thighs now straddling his as his hands firmly pressed on the small of her back, bodies harsh against each other. A moan escaped from her, echoing in his ears. He was so lost in the joy that surrounded him, in the noises and pleasure he was giving and receiving just by the smallest touches. So, lost he didn’t hear the door open, just the angry slam as someone entered.

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Lost and Forgotten

Chapter Two

Warnings: sexual tension, angst, fluff, badass fighting

(Prologue)  (Chapter One) (Chapter Three) (Chapter Four) (Chapter Five)

You’d been there for three days and Bucky had come to visit you each one at least once. He’d come in and ask you to fix up the smallest scratches and wounds. He’d pretend to wince whenever you’d touch and clean them, making an exaggerated pained expression. Butterflies swarmed in your stomach every time you laid eyes on him, but you knew better. Odds were he was coming to visit you because of how you had broken character in the bathroom. 

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It is, and I want to be up there with the two people that I love and care about most in the world.

Neither of us were the first, you know.

So know this: today you sit between the woman you have made your wife and the man you have saved – in short, the two people who love you most in all this world.

But, for the record, over the last few years there are two people who have done that.

So here’s a few things you need to know about the man we both love.

I am still amazed how they do not make the slightest distinction between Sherlock’s and Mary’s love for John. Not ever. 

Combine this with  

I know you two; and if I’m gone, I know what you could become.