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One year ago: Dan and Phil began their two-month journey of TATINOF USA!

That man was once a king,
Until he lost everything.




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I know requests are closed but in the tags on that one post u said u wanted to do bts personalities so pls do that.

a/n: thank you so much you’re an angel <3 <3 <3


the got7 one

rap monster

  • Master of Destruction
  • crazy smart but also can’t cut an onion?
  • D I M P L E S i’m pretty sure you could live in his dimples
  • really loves to read/has probably read more than you will in your lifetime
  • the one who got viruses on their work computer because he’s been downloading porn (the work computer, namjoon? really?)
  • a little awkward but actually a really caring leader who does the best he can to take care of his members
  • literally would not leave bangtan for anything like he does his own stuff but those are his guys
  • really great mc like he’s genuinely really eloquent
  • kim daily revolutionized the fashion industry tbh like @designers take note


  • he wants to be a rock in his next lifetime
  • loves kumamon more than he loves himself
  • everyone calls him lazy or sleepy or whatever but he actually works really hard and cares so much about his music and his fans
  • cocky af like he does this thing where he takes out his earpiece at concerts so he can hear the crowd screaming and he gestures for them to get louder
  • i think tae said something like “i don’t think you’ve ever been young” in the bts 3rd bday vid and that’s too real because yoongi is basically 80 year old man
  • he may as well be yelling at kids to get off his lawn
  • it is a miracle his hair is still on his head because that boy has had his hair bleached more times than i can count
  • give the man his own radio show he’s funnier than pretty much everyone currently on radio
  • #yoongismixtape2k16


  • Chef of Bangtan
  • also the Face of Bangtan
  • also the mom of bangtan
  • the Prince of Mario
  • very talkative and very outspoken i still remember when he told that dude on american hustle life that his handwriting sucked after he’d paid him
  • incredibly confident in his appearance and he keeps a pink flip phone for the aesthetics and honestly #goals
  • like honestly he’s so important and people so often forget that but he does so much for his guys
  • and his dancing has really improved! 
  • has the voice of an angel

j-hope (my bias, my angel, my hope)

  • a huge ball of sunshine
  • his mouth makes a little heart when he smiles and he gets these little itty bitty dimples when he eats
  • the King of Dance
  • but also an incredibly talented rapper and singer
  • it is 2016 if i gotta hear one more person say j horse or horseok or anything similar i’m gonna scream
  • him and jin were the Dream Team in american hustle life and killed every challenge and i think people should remember that
  • he has a lot fears but honestly don’t we all
  • everyone in bts gets along with hobi and they all say such wonderful things about him he truly is our angel and our hope
  • him rap mon and suga all have bears that they’re obsessed with, his is be@rbricks


  • ok just right off the bat the “jimin you got no jams” thing is old so lets all agree to move forward
  • even if you don’t stan jimin you stan jimin
  • he can LITERALLY break chopsticks with his ass like that boy is rock solid
  • just his whole body is a masterpiece
  • but also he’s a soft baby who gets shy easily and is very touchy and sweet with his members
  • him and taehyung are twin terrors but his one true love is jungkook like i’m pretty sure he would carry him on his back everywhere
  • he’s also a Dancer but his dancing is totally different from jhope’s like the best way i can describe it is like an ocean wave
  • when he runs his fingers through his hair and pushes it back if you listen closely you can hear every jimin stan crying


  • he is probably the softest cutest little angel ever
  • like when he smiles you just feel happy
  • the resident trendsetter of bts like he started wearing his sunglasses on the back of his head and then everyone else started doing it
  • like everyone wants to talk about rap mon’s fashion but also take a look at tae
  • he’s the one you want to be the future father of your children because he is just so good with kids (him and his cousins have so much love for each other it’s precious)
  • his voice is so deep it vibrates in your soul
  • it’s been 2 years and i still need to know how coolio didn’t love taehyung like??? he’s so sweet??? how???
  • he puts up with so much from jimin like jimin had him on a leash once *eye emoji*


  • the baby bunny of bts
  • puberty hit him square in the face 
  • and arms 
  • and legs
  • some say he’s sexy (i wouldn’t know he’s practically my son) because he’s been bulking up over the last couple years
  • i’m pretty sure he would hit the gym every day if bighit let him
  • is there anything he can’t do??? i saw him catch a fish with his bare hands like he is straight up superhuman
  • him and yoongi are gonna open up a lamb skewer business
  • is totally comfortable acting silly which is why there are so many jungkook memes
  • terrified of girls
  • but the members are terrified of him

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this sounds mean but I sorta wished bts met some black celebs like nicki minaj or even see a glimpse beyonce smiling @ them before n after their performance but they were just talking about how post malone taught them some stuff and it scared me ngl like i kept flashing back to that hip hop thing w/ coolio and how none of them knew hip hop was from us but were quick to speak it to coolio and every other black person.

I’d like to believe they know better now especially after watching rm fuck up and get lit up so fingers crossed that they don’t need to see black artists to show they are respectful~D

After literally fifteen months of Dan and Phil being on tour and living TATINOF, it’s finally ending. I really, really hope they know how proud, happy, and thankful we are for them. And I know they’re proud of themselves. The end of their documentary still brings me to tears. Just the thought of knowing how many people they’ve impacted in seven years is amazing. I’m so thankful I got to experience their journey live, and even if I didn’t meet them, it was one of the best nights of my life. 

They’ve come so far, and worked so hard for everything they’ve done. It has been so fun, and I know it was the experience of a lifetime for them, and even for us. All of the people who helped with the show are such amazing people to have worked so hard to help produce, create, and put together the show to make it possible, and change so many lives.

Goodbye, TATINOF. Thanks so much.


Hmmm this is sort of confusing for me.
A lot of people say its bad/pointless to ask saints and angels for help since God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit have the most power to do anything.
Some say it’s bad even talking to them.
But I can’t help wanting to, especially cuz the angels are so interesting and Mary and the other saints are super coolio.
How do all of you go about this? I mean, they are upholders of God’s will and guardians so I’d imagine by asking them, they would then ask God if it’s good to help and then act? I don’t know.

You know what fucks me up?

When you realize that all we know of 2009 is a few videos and screenshots of old tweets and daily booth images. But Dan and Phil lived it, not only the videos but the parts before and after and even the parts during the video that we just don’t see.

Our memories of Phil is not on fire are of us watching it. Theirs are of living it, how everything felt, looked, smelled, everything.
They remember the feelings of filming it, because they didn’t just watch it, they did it.

And when Dan recalls some bits and pieces of it and talks about it in the documentary, how the first question they got was “Why do you always make cat whiskers on your face?”, he remembers getting that question and writing it down and saying it and making the film we now know.

This concept I’ve got in my head is extremely difficult to explain, but really what astounds me the most is how we characterize each year as a different “Dan and Phil.” This is why when I realize that it is the same person, but Dan/Phil has grown so much physically, emotionally, and mentally over these seven years that they seem like different people.

But it’s the same person with the same experiences and same life and same memories and same feelings and it should be such a simple thing to comprehend but it is just astounding to me.

They have grown so much, but they’re still Dan and Phil.