how come we don't talk about this more

ok but we should rly talk more about magnus’s reflexes and instincts bc it doesn’t matter how powerful you are you can’t fight if you’re too slow and sluggish. long story short magnus definitely has the reflexes of a wildcat and i want to see it come up even when he isn’t using his magic

like imagine a shadowhunter trying to catch him off guard by tossing him smthng real quick and magnus just turns around and fucking catches it

also can ppl talk more about how difficulties with tone obscure the communication of autistic folk so that we can come off as assholes when we’re genuinely trying to engage and how that gets us into more trouble than we deserve

can ppl just talk more about how autism demands a conscious re-evaluation of the way you interpret things coming from autistic folk–not coddling, not being a doormat, not even being nice, just being mindful that you can’t read any meanings deeper than the literal bc you’re projecting your own meta-language on what they’re saying and then reacting to that as if it’s what they meant

like. autism isn’t depression or a personality disorder. it affects the way people communicate, and it demands a little consideration. don’t read tone that isn’t there bc usually it isn’t

You said that we could talk about whether sexual orientation was a choice or not. But tell me who would choose this.

Who would choose a life where death and murder are more common than happiness and acceptance?

Who would choose a life where who you are can get you arrested, beaten or even imprisoned for being you?

Who would choose a life where being this way means the risk of disappointing the people you hold dearest when you come out to them?

Who would choose a life where some of us have to fight to even have our existence recognised?

Who would choose a life where some of us have to fight to have basic human rights?

Who the fuck would choose a life where they have to fight for their existence to be legal?

Tell me, dear uncle, who would choose this? Cos if I could have fucking chosen, I would not have chosen this.

—  a reply to a homophobic uncle
#Blackout is more than just pretty selfies

To all my new followers yall can speak to me. You can come into my inbox w/ the most random shit and we can have a whole convo about it idc. I just want to get to know ya. Yall my people


That scene was supposed to happen after Mercedes has seen Klaine talking about how they’re having a girl, and Jesse coming in talking about marriage and wanting to start a family with Rachel (there’s another cut scene showing she was supposed to be in the room with Tina, Klaine and St. Berry for that scene with Rachel at the vanity) and her seeing Tartie together. And remember she’s just found out Sam is still texting her but has a(nother) new girlfriend.

So AFTER all that, she has dinner with Sam in Lima and tells him she’s ready to settle down? Then we see Will and Sam talking about Mercedes and that dinner in a ‘is she single? are you?” way so there’s no mistaking any of that shit is about being ‘just friends’ and there are people thinking that wasn’t intended to be their endgame moment? 

Damn, a hater will reach til their dying day, eh? 

Okay but can we talk about how just overwhelmingly sweet and nice and giving shay is like first she is just this great supportive shoulder for cosima then she like completely let’s cosima just like hang out at her place with no question then being the little sweetie pie she is leaves her own room to give delphine and coisma alone time in her own apartment then let’s cosima borrow her own car to see Alison…not to mention she let’s coisma just casually take a bath in her living room…then when she finds out cosima’s sick just listens quietly while gently pouring water on her and then when that thing happens at the end doesn’t freak out but holds her and supports her no question asked like she is literally an angelic ray of holistic sunshine. Just how can one person be so giving and perfect like how even what the doodle! Holy holistic hearteyes!