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Balcony Scene (ALiL Deleted Scene)

Summary: (College!AU): In which an impromptu performance of Shakespeare occurs at the foot of your stairs.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,558

A/N: @snugglebuck requested: Omg so I just say this prompt list and one of them was “i was on my balcony and you started loudly quoting romeo and juliet at me” and all I could think about was ALIL and Bucky doing this or like even when the reader is at the top of a staircase and like even better when he’s drunk or something. This takes place between “The Honeymoon Phase” and “Jealousy”

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

@avengerstories - I can’t thank you enough for always editing my stuff for me. 

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After what felt like an endless day of classes, you decide to treat yourself to a night off. In order to fully enjoy yourself, you change into the coziest pajamas you can find and take all of your best snacks out of hiding. Once you’ve gotten everything you need in order, you close the door to your room and turn off the lights. The darkness adds to the overall movie theater atmosphere that you want to create for your night of Netflix and relaxation.

You’re halfway through your second movie when your door flies open. The bright light from the hallway is a shock to your system and you cover your eyes automatically, blindly searching for the space bar on your laptop to pause what you’re watching. “What?”

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No Pain-No Gain

Request:  I’m not sure if you do like one shots or stuff but I had an idea for a soulmate au where someone’s soulmate can feel there pain. Like a a person breaks their foot, their soulmate will feel it to, just not have a broken foot. Image how Clarks soulmate would react with all that stuff. I think it would be cute, but could be kinda angsty. Just an idea. Idc if you do it or not, just thought it was cool. Have a nice day.
Word Count: 9636.
Pairings: Clark Kent/Superman x Reader
WARNINGS: Lots of swearing. Mentions of: low self-esteem issues, traumas, bullying, weakness complex. Angst (personally, I don’t consider this very angsty but, you need to be warned). Also, I’m sorry for any typos since this was not edited and english is my second language.
Author’s Note: Hope this isn’t to cheesy and that you will be able to enjoy it. Also… NINE THOUSAND WORDS IN LESS THAN A WEEK?! That’s a record for me! Anyway, hope you enjoy this and that the anon who requested it isn’t disappointed.

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Originally posted by amancanfly

Yes, I totally needed three gifs of Henry Cavill. You did too, don’t deny it.

I hate my soulmate, that’s for fucking sure. I totally hate him (or her, you never knew) and I don’t give a single fuck if I haven’t met him. Also, no, I’m not exaggerating in the slightest and yes, you can hate someone you haven’t met, thank you very much (and yes, even if it’s your fucking soulmate, especially mine).

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Hold Me Tight | Jimin X Reader

Ch. 1 | When, Where, What, How 

Rated Mature - implied smut with set up for future chapters 

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

There is a time and a place for everything. Except to Park Jimin who makes you create time and place out of thin air until there’s really no argument to stand on. He’d heard about you from a friend, someone like himself who thought it ought to do him some good to- anyway, this is where it begins.

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Someone Else Callin’ You Baby

Author - Aingeal

Characters - Dean, Reader, Mentions of Sam & a male friend of the reader

Summary/Request - After telling her the truth about what he does for a living, Dean has to leave for a job. What happens when he comes back, and sees her leaving her house with another man??

Word Count - 1,569

Warnings - Angst I suppose…And a little fluff…I think that’s it though?
(If you spot any other warnings I should add, please let me know so I can edit this post to include them!)

A/N - Based on Luke Bryan’s Someone Else Calling You Baby 
Any indented text is a flashback :)
This was a challenge, but since I haven’t written any SPN lately, I figured I’d post here too :D

Story -

Originally posted by zest-wincest

Standing in my kitchen, running some hot tea through my fancy-schmancy keurig machine, I hear the front door open, followed by it being slammed closed.

I flinched a bit and heard heavy footsteps making their way through the house.


“Kitchen,” I responded, calling out. “And can you not yell, please?”

“Sorry, sweetheart,” he said as he walked into the room. “We need to talk.”

I turned around to face him, leaning my hands back on the counter, a bemused smile on my face.
Dean Winchester wants to talk? That’s a first.”

“I’m serious here, Y/N,” he sighed before frustratingly adding, “I deserve to know the truth.”

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19 Days Omegaverse Chapter 1

So I started this fic like a month ago and finally completed it! This is the first time I ever wrote a fic or really contributed to a fandom before. Also a HUGE TON of thanks to my best friend @ jimpson22 for editing and encouraging me to write this, also if it wasn’t for her this fic would not have smut ;p. The rest will be uploaded by chapter this weekend and it gets NSFW in later chapters. Total 6 chapters, enjoy!! 

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6  

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The Devil in the Details

Characters: CastielXReader

Word Count: 1693

A/N: One-shot inspired by 12X12 Stuck in the Middle (With You) – consider this your spoiler warning. I hesitated to post this fic, since there are so many other amazing reader insert “re-writes” of the most epic Cas scene ever. But after re-reading and editing it, I think it’s different enough to share. Script straight from the episode is italicized and not mine. Obvious angst (You saw the episode, right?! Right?!), also fluffy flooff.

(GIF source @subcas)

Let me tell you a story – the unlikely story of Lucifer’s underling, Ramiel, Prince of Hell, who unwittingly used one of heaven’s most unyielding weapons to unleash the undying love of an uncommon angel. And how the King of Hell, Crowley, unquestioningly the luckiest upstart crossroads demon ever to usurp the underworld, gave this unparalleled love an opportunity to unfold with nary a soul unpeopled in the undertaking. You could say the match was made in heaven, but the devil was undeniably in the details.

Castiel, fallen angel of the Lord, former soldier and commander of Heaven’s divine army, recent (only in practical terms of eons of existence) sufferer of human weakness, the seraph with too much heart, remained stoic even in the face of certain death.

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Accidents Happen 2: Avoidance

Part Twoooo! Hope you guys enjoy! I know I did ;)
Reader x Jeff Hardy
Word Counter: 1,702
Warnings: SMUT SMUT SMUTTY SMUT, anger, fighting, dominant Jeff Hardy.
Jeffs been avoiding you since the kiss. Will you finally find out why?

Six days, you think to yourself, laying in your hotel room. Six days since the last text message from Jeff. Might as well get sleep, tomorrow is RAW. You roll over in your bed, swiftly closing your eyes.

The Cajundome. Lafayette, LA.

You roll up into the parking lot in your midnight blue Chevy Tahoe, parking close to the door so you don’t have to walk far. Thank god there was a spot runs through your mind. You grab your duffle bag and get out of the truck as Matt walks up to you. He squeezes you in a tight hug.

“You ready to kick some French ass tonight?!”, Matt yells excitedly.

“I’d rather have french toast but hey, french ass is good too”, you say, trying to bring any other emotion than anger up, your head swings up as you stare up at him, the twisted look in your eyes speaks volumes. He knows, and the expression on his face is enough to send you into a quiet rage. He’s been purposely avoiding you.

Spinning on your heels, you walk through the back entrance doors, damn near knocking the security guards out of your way. Matt follows behind you as your phone buzzes. 2 Text Messages: Jeffro. Stopping in the hall, you stand still, staring at your phone. Your stomach turns, taking a deep breath as your finger drags across your screen. Touching the envelope icon, you read the messages with a knot in your throat.

Jeffro: (½ 6:30:43pm) Hey, I’m sorry I’ve been avoiding you. I needed time to think about what I did, and what I did was wrong. Good luck in your match and I promise that

Jeffro: (2/2 6:30:50pm) it’ll never happen again.

Your heart starts beating out of your chest, the sound of a melancholy drum pulses through your entire body. It’ll never happen again. Event security, referees, and staff walk by you in slow motion as you begin to hyperventilate from anger. Your head turns slowly as you look to the older Hardy brother.

“I’m gonna go get into my gear”.

You walk away, heading towards the women’s locker room. As you burst through the door, you instantaneously lean against the wall. You take few deep breaths and begin to get into your gear. The black leather shorts and a bright purple top for tonight’s edition of Raw. You glance in the mirror after you’re dressed and take a look at the faint scar on your head. Why did he kiss me?

You walk out of the locker room, and notice Matt was waiting for you. He stands up off the ground as you both heard towards the curtain. You turn the corner, “I don’t know Matt, why did h-“, you sentence is interrupted as you run into Jeff who is walking with Bray Wyatt. Bray stops talking about the cage match between them later and nods, walking away, leaving you two in complete silence.

“(Y/N), I..”

You reach back and push your hands to his chest, shoving him backwards so hard, your hair flings around your face.

“What the hell is wrong with you? You kiss me and then avoid me for a week! A week Jeff”, your face scowls with anger as you turn your head to the floor, “you don’t just get to fuck with my feelings like this!”

Jeff pushes his face into his hands, pulling them down against his skin. He then begins to rub his temple, trying to find the right words. You both snap out of the heated moment by the sound of the Hardy Boys theme starting up.

“We’ll talk later. After my match. So stay close or I’ll come find you.”

You turn on your feet and exit the hallway through the big black curtain. Jeff leans against the wall as the crowd screams for his older brother and his closest friend. He leans his head against the gray wall and looks over only to find Seth Rollins staring at him.


“You are in sooo much trouble”, Seth laughs as he walks away, leaving Jeff alone. He pulls off his dark gray hoodie, tying it around his waist as he waits, knowing better than to leave.

Your match isn’t long, a couple few good shots, some high flying action from both you and Matt, and an old Hardy Boys era Poetry In Motion set you up long enough for Maryse to pin you using the ropes as leverage to win. The start of an interesting rivalry between you and Maryse.

Walking back through the curtain, you see Jeff still where he was before you left, his hands in his pockets, his legs crossed, and your heart flutters at how amazing he looks. Stop, you’re supposed to be angry. He looks over at you, not saying a word. Matt takes off to the locker room before the claws come out.

“What did you want,”, he asks bluntly, the lack of emotion hurts you, “and if you could walk and talk, that’d be great, because someone has to get ready for a headlining cage match”.

“Explain the reason behind you kissing me”, you struggle to get out as you slip off your wrestling boots.

Jeff turns and leads the way down the hall, “because sometimes I’m an idiot who makes mistakes”, he turns around to you, walking backwards, “I may look and act like an alien but you know, still very much human”. He spins back around as he reaches his locker room.

“Jeff, I love you”.

The four words hit him like bricks, making him stop still by his door, his breathing slowed, “…what was that?

“I love you, you idiot”.

He grabs your arm, pulling you into his room, locking the door behind you. You’re pinned in the corner of the room behind a six foot tall Hardy boy, with tattoos covering his upper torso and arms.

“You love me, huh?”

You nod, quietly.

“You really shouldn’t”.

In one swift motion, he tugs your purple top up from your abdomen and over your head, leaving you in nothing but your white lace bra and leather shorts. He places his lips to your shoulder, softly biting up to under your ear lobe as he slips a finger underneath the hem of your shorts. Wasting no time, he slides them down and off your body, your matching panties to the bra contrast against your sweat soaked skin perfectly.

He takes a step back, looking you up and down before wetting his lips with his tongue, “I definitely like making mistakes”.

You saunter up to him, unzipping his pants. You pull them down to the floor, leaving them in a dirty pile next to his feet. He smirks, “less to do when I need to get my gear on”. He pulls his white t-shirt up off his body, then sits down on the shiny wooden bench. You stand back up, then throw a leg over his, straddling him on the bench. Running your hands through his freshly, multicolored hair, you pull his face towards yours. Pulling him for a kiss gently, he wraps his hand in your hair, pulling tight before the kiss gets hungrier, parting your lips so he can slide his warm tongue against yours.

You grind your hips against his, feeling him get hard underneath you. His hands slowly reach around your back, unclasping your bra, letting it fall to the floor next to his pants. He buries his face in your neck as he cups your breast in his hand, tweaking a nipple with his free fingers. You moan softly at the feeling, the blood rushing all over your body.

You feel him grin in your neck, the sweet smile you love, as he pulls his head up. His beautiful green eyes look deeply into your (Y/E/C), before moving closer to your face. “This is as gentle I’m being with you”. He pushes you off his lap, his bulge straining against his briefs, desperately wanting to be freed. Jeff takes his fingers and strokes you through your panties before finally removing them.

He stands back up, slowly walking behind you before guiding you to the floor, bending you over the wooden bench. You hear him groan in pleasure behind you as he slides off his own briefs, throwing them in the corner a few feet away from you. You instantly grip the bench, awaiting what comes next when..


A strong hand against your ass sends shivers up your spine as you glance behind you. He kneels behind you, placing one hand on your hip before rubbing his hard cock against your wet slit. Your head dips low, preparing yourself as he slides himself into you hard. You moan loud, and he chuckles softly, enjoying it. Giving you no time to adjust, he begins thrusting into you at a bruising, hard pace. The slaps against your skin give you almost give you as much pleasure as he is.

“You’re mine”, he growls low, pulling your hair once more, “aren’t you, princess?

Your moans are the confirmation he needed, letting go of your hair as he grips your hips with both hands, pulling you back into each thrust. “Mmm, Jeff..

His fingernails dig into your skin, “this was”, his breathing becoming wanting pants, “all I could think of”, he removes his left hand from your hip, placing his two fingers against your clit, as both of you begin reaching orgasm, “after I kissed you”, he rubs circles agonizingly slow against you, “you can see why I avoided you”.

“Jeff!”, you nearly scream out, the coil in your stomach tightening with every second. An evil grin plays out on his beautiful face, “you’ve no idea how long I’ve wanted to fuck you like this”.

Those words send you over the edge, your breathing strained as your orgasm hits, your pussy convulsing against the thickness of his cock.

Fuck, (Y/N)”, his orgasm hits almost instantly after yours, spilling everything in him out, which brings him to a flurry of explicit sentences. He slowly pulls out of you, finally laying down on the cold floor, pulling your arm down so you can be next to him.
He kisses your forehead.


Final Fantasy XV, aka ‘Please, Hajime Tabata, Stop It.’

I just spent the last few hours of 2016 finishing FFXV. 

Do I have feelings? You bet. A LOT OF FEELINGS. 


Ah, Final Fantasy XV. Development hell resident. The forever-morphing former member of the Fabula Nova Crystallis collection. Formerly known as Versus XIII. We’ve been through a lot. You gave us all you could, but we all know that you could have given us so much more. 

You had it in you.  

(This is going to be a long one. A LOT of spoilers inside. EDIT: now with MUSIC portion!)

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Let It Snow ❄

Originally posted by fxsdiamond

Pairing: Reader x Woozi (Jihoon)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1074

A/N: Something cute and fluffy for the winter season! Also, my first Woozi scenario because he’s amazing and deserves to be loved and he ruined me this comeback. Thank you @tookorean & @hansolmates for editing! Ily guys <3

The cold breeze tickled at the back of your head, making your hair fly in front of your face. You shuddered and quickly pulled your hood over your head. It was big enough to cover half your face, and the jacket itself was bigger than it needed to be. It was your favorite though because it matched your boyfriend’s winter jacket. White and puffy, like a giant marshmallow.

You stood out on the porch, with the un-lit fairy lights making the atmosphere feel a little gloomy. The lack of snowflakes upset you even more. A couple moments later, Jihoon appeared at the doorway, holding two cups of hot chocolate. He looked less tired than usual, wearing a comfy white sweater and jeans.

“You coming in?” he asked, raising one of the cups to his lips and taking a sip.

“Yeah, just a few more minutes,” you replied, looking up at the sky.

“It’s not going to snow anytime soon, Y/N,” he smiled, looking up as well.

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Blur - Barry x Reader

Name: Blur

Pairing: Barry x Reader

Word Count: 1,223

A/N: Holy shit, something other than Danny/Hard to Handle? Amazing. I’m writing this on no sleep and a single sip of coffee, so let me know what you think. 

Also, I have never edited a single thing in my life.

Barry leaned closer to the woman he was sitting with at the restaurant. She was telling a story about a party that she had gone to the last week with her best friend.

“… then she tripped down the stairs and into the arms of her soul mate, just like that! They both hand swirls on their left ankle, and he never would have noticed if she didn’t literally fall into him. Isn’t that crazy?” Barry nodded, tensing up at the mention of soul mates. It was a concept that he found uncomfortable. There was another person out there with the exact same birthmark at him that he may or may not ever meet. He didn’t see the point in waiting.

“Oh, what’s that?” She asked, reaching for his left hand. Barry knew that their date was over the moment she noticed. No one would believe that a purple ‘X’ was a normal birthmark, but it was just sloppy enough to not pass as a tattoo.

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In My Way - Chapter 2

AO3 link, Chapter 1

Genre: Chaptered. Actor!Dan AU, fluff, bit of angst, slow burn, getting together (eventually)

Summary: Fiction. Daniel Howell is 21 and Britain’s newest star. He’s just been cast in the much-anticipated film adaption of Last Man Standing, the popular teen fantasy novel with a huge fanbase hanging off his every tweet. In other words, Dan has made it big.

Phil Lester couldn’t care less. He’s a stressed out PHD student working part time at a bookshop while he struggles to get into post-production. He’s 26 and still lives in a tiny flat on the fifth floor of a building with a lift more broken than it is in use. He loves books, but he thinks big film adaptions screw with the plot too much.

Needless to say, Phil is less than impressed when Last Man Standing is getting filmed in his hometown. And he certainly doesn’t want anything to do with obnoxious, arrogant, so irritatingly perfect leading actor Daniel Howell.

Warnings: Swearing, Ace!Phil, Bi!Dan,

Word Count: 3000-5000 per chapter (ish)

A/N: Not much happens in this chapter, but it’s a sloooooow burn, so things’ll take a while to get going. Thanks for the comments so far! <3

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Start of Something

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Charlie Bradbury, Castiel, Y/N L/N (Reader)

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Summary: The gang have a New Year’s Party at the Bunker. Castiel and the Reader have feelings for one another. Would tonight be the night they speak up or will they bring in the new year alone and miserable?

Word Count: 1,331

Warnings: None, just a dust of slight pouting, fluff

Author’s Note: Hey guys! This is my entry for @cici0507​‘s Heaven vs. Hell Christmas Edition Challenge. I picked Castiel and the prompt: New Year’s Party. I hope you all like it! It’s been a while since I wrote for my blue eyed angel. Feedback is always welcomed!! *hides face*

Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood

I bobbed my head in time with the music. Charlie had done an amazing job at picking the music, careful not to let Dean slip in one of his songs into the stack. I loved Dean with all my heart but sometimes the dude had to let others listen to their music. It wasn’t all about him, you know.

I snorted into my cup as I watched Dean inch his way near the stack of CDs, his eyes darting around, making sure no one was watching him. I smirked when he saw me, but he did nothing to step down and he deliberately stacked his CD at the very top, matching my smirk before he walked away.

“Damn Winchester,” I mumbled before taking a sip.

Castiel joined me then, a slight confused look on his face. “Y/N,” he began, his blue eyes hypnotizing me almost instantly. I wondered if he knew how incredible his eyes were. “May I ask you a question?”

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Peter: Reassemble

A/N: guessed who finished their scholarship and still had time to update!!! I’m excited, are you excited?

Summary: Reassemble: verb; to gather together again; to put (something) together again.

Warnings: Cursing

Word count: 4452

“Hurry up, Spider-Boy, or we will leave you!”

Despite the cold air that swirled around their hair, the sun was shining with full blast as the rays of light threatened to dip below the horizon. It washed Stark Tower in orange and pink, a light that complimented Natasha and Peter very well.

“How come you aren’t rushing her,” Peter mumbled twisting his arms as he walked into the stationed quinjet. The denim jacket he wore was a little stiff, considering he hadn’t touched it in almost a year. It didn’t feel as baggy as it used to, fitting closer to his taller, more muscular physique than it had when it was bought. He frowned when he sat down next to Sam Wilson, face etched in deep concentration.

The older man had taken quite a notice to it. “You’re not nervous, are you Spiderling?” his toothy grin was borderline malicious, obviously reveling in Peter’s discomfort. “Relax, Stark’s parties aren’t so bad. Besides, this one is for Tin Man,” he grumbled, referring to the metal-armed man of honor. “There’s no way this party is going to be any fun.”

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Family First

“It hurts, mama." 

My 4-year-old cub was sick with strep, trying his best to swallow a spoonful of Chicken Noodle soup. He carelessly splashed his spoon back in the bowl, splashing little drops on the table. I grab a paper towel and walk over to him. His poor throat was as dry as sandpaper, so he couldn’t swallow right. Giving him medicine was hell, having him tip his head all the way back to help him ingest it better. I sit down next to him, cleaning the mess and wiping his pouty mouth.

"I said only drink the broth, baby. Don’t worry about the noodles and vegetables." 

"I know but it still hurts.” His voice cracked between his plea. 

“You wanna take your medicine and go to bed early tonight?” His loose curls wrapped around my fingers, as I dove into them. 

He pushed his soup aside, resting his cheek on the table. “I want daddy." 

From the opposite end of the kitchen, my cell went off. I left Milo at the table, hurrying to pick it up because the ringtone was his father’s. 

"Just on cue,” I sigh happily. 

“Hey, baby. How’s my wife and son?”

“I’m fine, but Milo really needs to see you tonight. Joe, please cancel any outing you have after work and come home.” I look at my baby boy. “He caught strep yesterday from school." 

"Are you serious? Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” The urgency in his voice made my heart swell. 

I roll my eyes, “Check your phone, baby. I texted you the news at the doctor’s appointment this morning." 

A few seconds pass from Joe checking his texts. "I’m so sorry, my love. Today was going by so fast with all of the interviews and shoots. But tell Milo to wait up for me.”

“Are you really coming?" 

"I’m on my way now, Amy. I’ll give Hunter a call and tell him my boy is sick.”

I smile at Milo, who’s watching me through sick eyes. “I’ll make sure he stays up. See you soon.”

“Love you, beautiful.” He declared. 

I blush, “Love you too, handsome." 

"Daddy’s coming?” Milo’s raspy voice asked. 

I happily nod, “Yes! Are we excited?" 

His brown eyes gleam as he nods. 

"Good, now can you take just a few more sips for mommy? I want you to have something in your stomach when you take the medicine, okay?” I softly plea.

He slowly turned his head towards the table, bringing his bowl close. His spoons were half full, but he took his time swallowing each. I grabbed his med from the cabinet, sitting next to him. I planted a kiss on top of his black curls, showing my appreciation for him trying. 

“Thank you, baby." 

He nods. 

"From now on, I want you to write to mommy what you want. I don’t want you talking too much while your throat is like this. I know how much it hurts." 

He nods again, holding his neck back to ease the broth down his throat.
A few minutes later, he was done. I disposed of the left overs and gave Milo his medicine. When he finished taking it, Joe’s footsteps marched from the back door into the kitchen. His body was draped in one of his merch shirts and the black pants he wrestles in. My nerves went haywire as they always do when he comes home every other week. He never fails to cause me to blush all over. When he saw me, that infamous smirk spread on his lips. I was suddenly engulfed in his muscular temple, feeling captured in the safest way possible. We pecked small kisses on each other for a few seconds.

"Feels good to be home.” He smiles. 

“I do agree.” I stand on my tip toes, giving him one last peck. 

I release him and he walks over to Milo, who’s patiently waiting for his daddy to come love on him too.

“How’s my wolf cub?” Joe slides Milo’s chair from the table, picks him up and holds him in his lap. 

Milo shakes his head, diving into Joe’s neck. His little arms wrap around his shoulders. “Not good.” His hoarse voice replies.

“Not good, huh?” Joe brushes those unruly curls away from Milo’s forehead. “Mommy tells me you have strep." 


“Well, I have some good news. Wanna know what it is?" 

Milo nods into his neck. 

"Daddy’s gonna be home for an extra day. So I’ll be able to help mommy take care of you." 

Milo shot his head up, nudging Joe in the chin as he stared at him clearly shocked. Joe and I laughed at the small hit to his chin. I was surprised as well! Joe usually comes home for four days, so to have him home for almost a week was a pure blessing! 

"That sounds good?” He asks Milo, still smiling at his excitement.

Milo hugged him as tight as his little arms could squeeze. I know that news cheered him up and I wish he could shout it out to the world. However, his dry throat would punish him for that. A few seconds later, Milo yawned and loosened his grip around Joe. 

“Come on, son. Let’s get you into bed.” Joe stands up, wrapping Milo tightly in his arms. 

He walks towards me, “Kiss mommy goodnight." 

My tired baby reached his arms out to me and I let him hug my neck. He kissed me on my cheek and I returned a kiss on his forehead. 

"Goodnight, my baby. Joe don’t forget to help him brush his teeth." 

"Yes ma'am.” He winks at me. 

After cleaning up the kitchen, I peaked in on Milo on my way to the bedroom. He was sleeping underneath a glowing Galaxy on his ceiling, holding his favorite Superman plush toy. 

I walked into my bedroom, where there awaited my semi naked husband. Wrapped in a long white towel, I saw that he was fresh out of the shower. 

“How’d you manage to miss tomorrow’s show?” I walked over to the bed, wrapping my arms around his neck. 

His strong arms seized my hips. “I told Hunter that I had a sick son at home that needed me.” He shrugged, “Simple as that." 

"But didn’t you have a match?”

“Not anymore." 

"You’re amazing, Joe.” I plant a kiss on his forehead. “I think you know how much Milo and I really appreciate this." 

"When my family needs me, nothing will stand in the way of me coming home.” He playfully smacks my butt. “Remember that, Amy." 

I giggle, crawling on top of him. "Yes sir.” I bring him into a big hug, “I hope my baby gets better soon. I can’t stand to see him like this." 

"I know but Milo will be fine, baby. Don’t stress yourself out.” His hand softly traces my curves. “He’s an Anoa'i, we only produce strong men." 

"How reassuring,” I roll my eyes on a chuckle. “I suppose that claim has some truth to it." 

Joe raises an eyebrow, "You of all people should know. Or would you like me to demonstrate?” He sexily bites his bottom lip. 

“Hmmmmm decisions, decisions.” I pretend to ponder. 

He applies pressure to my hips against his groin. “Be careful, now. Your choice could lead to another edition to our pack." 

I twirl his damp hair through my fingers. "I’m ready when you are.” I kiss his soft, pink lips. “We have five whole days." 

He yanks my shirt off, "I’m ready now.”

Hello, basically I am here to talk about Lannisterjolras and Tywin feels. (this is also my opening salvo for Les Mis fantasy week woooo!)

All inspired by tell-themstories’s amazing ASoIaF AU! Ya’ll need to read it now, please, goodness. (edit: Tumblr ate this part up;; )


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Thefooliam’s Author Interview

Welcome to the last week of BrittanaCon Author Interviews!  It has been a pleasure sharing these with the fandom, thank you again for your patience as were finally able to get them all posted.  We kick off this final week with a bang, alittlefoolish is probably near the top of most people’s lists as one of their favorite fandom authors, so much so that’s it’s difficult to pick only one of her stories as a favorite, but since you’re asking, and even if you aren’t, (I’ve Never Reached An Answer) I’m Only Given Clues has to take the top prize with Rhythms as a close second.  Check them out today if you haven’t done so already!  Thank you, so much, to those who sent in questions and a big thanks to alittlefoolish for taking the time to answer our questions!  Enjoy!

1) What do you think are your particular strengths as a Brittana writer? What do you wish you did better? (Submitted by Lindsey via email)

I can make people cry.

I can make people horny.

I can make people cry while they’re horny.

But, hopefully, I’m honest with the characters and I keep them true to themselves and realistic. That’s what I want.

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anonymous asked:

Hello:) could you rec me some ballet fics, please?

Hey ! I haven’t read a lot of ballet!AU, so I’m gonna add some Dancer!Louis with this, okay?

- Hold Me Closer  : Louis Tomlinson is one of the most promising dancers of the English National Ballet, on track to become the youngest principal dancer in the company’s history. That is, until forces conspire to significantly complicate his life, including: a surprise ballet, an unfairly attractive guest choreographer, and being pushed into a rivalry with his best mate. Featuring lots of wine, dancing, pining, and a happy ending. (36k, amazing)

- Can I Make It Any More Obvious?  :  “I don’t have a good past. With boys. I’ve dated some crap guys who’ve done terrible things to me and I've…I’ve done some crazy shit with some guys, and Niall and Liam have always pulled me through, they’ve always had my best interests in mind. And they…they don’t think that you’re good for me.” Louis finished, sighing and looking down at the tiles. “And the least I can do is listen to them, because I really do adore you, but if I get with you and I fuck things up, like I tend to do, then I’ll lose their trust and yours, and I don’t want that. I can’t–I can’t deal with that. It’d kill me.” [AU where Louis does ballet and Harry is the epitome of everything Louis’ friends want him to stay away from] (35k)

- never gonna dance again  :   Harry is quiet for a moment and his fingers feel like they’re burning past the fabric of Louis’ jumper, branding his skin. “Can I kiss you?“  This is where Louis should walk away and leave Harry to pirouette and cambré by himself in the faint moonlight shining through the windows. He is a spy and Harry is a dancer. There are lines that should not be crossed.  Louis surges forward. Louis is a spy and Harry is a dancer. The only real thing they know is each other. (55k)

- Or Brûlant  : Louis is about to say no. About to politely decline, even though the shock of actually being considered for such a role is making him slightly dizzy. He can’t accept. He won’t accept.“We accept.” Harry grins, dimple popping in his cheek, a hand coming to rest lightly at the small of Louis’ back. Which, odd. “Of course, we accept. Thank you so much for asking us, Madam.” He bows his head a little and Madam Charee all but preens in delight at his politeness.After completing his prestigious dance training overseas, Harry returns to England to begin teaching in one of London’s elite ballet schools. Only, certain dancers aren’t too happy to have him suddenly on board. Or his well-fitted lycra uniform. Throw in some unusual dynamics, tense elevation demonstrations and an unlikely dance partnership, and you’ve got yourself a pretty interesting edition of Matthew Bourne’s ‘Swan Lake’. Or the one where Harry is the new ballet teacher, despite him being younger than everyone in his class, and Louis is less than impressed by his inescapable talent. They sort themselves out eventually. (WIP, 80k for now)

- Soft Hands, Fast Feet, Can’t Lose : American Uni AU. Harry Styles is a frat boy football star from the wealthy Styles Family athletic dynasty. A celebrity among football fans, he knows how to play, he knows how to party, and he knows how to fuck (all of which is well known among his legion of admirers). Louis Tomlinson is a student and an athlete, but his similarities to Harry end there. Intelligent, focused, independent, and completely uninterested in Harry’s charms, Louis is an anomaly in a world ruled by football. A bet about the pair, who might be more similar than they originally thought, brings them together. Shakespeare, ballet, Disney, football, library chats, running, accidental spooning, Daredevil and Domino’s Pizza all blend into one big friendship Frappucino, but who will win in the end? (112k, by the amazing @haydolce )

- put you on repeat, play you everywhere i go  : Harry is a college radio show host and Louis is a contemporary dancer attending said college. After a drunk hook-up, naturally a whole bunch of pining, dedicated love songs and make-out sessions on dance studio floors ensue.

- Still  : Still with feet touching. Still with eyes meeting. Still our hands match.
Still with hearts beating (Louis is in love. Or, at least he used to be.) (40k, TW about cheating)

Update (last update on October 17th 2016)

- slow dancing in a burning roomstrictly come dancing au ft. sexual tension, glitter, rimming, and too many references to hugh grant (39k)

- I Wanna Feel the Heat With Somebody.  : Harry teaches yoga in the studio right before Louis teaches ballet. He tends to linger, and it wouldn’t be such a problem if Harry weren’t so hot. (4k)

- Now I’ve Got You In My Space :Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson almost met on X-FactorThey meet on Dancing With The Stars instead (10k)


Nico takes Will for a little stroll through Venice to reminisce, and finds something he thought was long-lost.

“This used to be a flower shop.”  Nico pointed at an old painted brick building nestled between two similar-looking stores.  “The shopkeeper was this old woman that hated kids.  We used to dare each other to steal lilies from the window.”

Will smiled at his boyfriend.  For whatever reason, Nico’s memories had slowly stitched back together over the past few years.  An old song would come on and Nico’s knife would halt on the chopping board as the son of Hades blinked at the radio like waking up after a long nap.  One of Will’s old books would make him run his fingers along the spine wistfully, as if remembering when the binding was stiff and glossy.  Sometimes, Nico would wake Will up early in the morning, eyes bright, and tell him about a dream he had of family dinners and schoolyard fights and pirates.  Somehow, Nico was remembering more and more about his past and it was giving him the closure he never had.

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Without Doubt - One Shot

Without Doubt - One-shot by heyjelenahey and king-and-beauty

“Selena, smile.” Justin said, pointing the camera at her.

“Jaaay.” She whined, trying to push the camera away from her face.

“And that was moody Selena, everybody.” He announced. Selena gasped and playfully smacked his arm. Justin ended up laughing uncontrollably.

“I’m sorry babe.” He frowned, bashing his eyelashes at her. She couldn’t stay mad at him for long, she burst out in this cute dorky laugh.

Justin then switched the camera off.

“Why do you always take that video recorder around with you?” Selena asked, pointing to the electronic device.

“So I can take snaps of my beautiful girlfriend.” He said, kissing her on the lips.

“Fair enough.” She mumbled against his lips, butterflies fluttering inside of her. It was crazy how he made her feel the same way she did when they first met each other.

“Come on, let’s get back in the car. It’s getting late.” Justin said, he then picked up Selena without warning and carried her like the princess she was to him. Selena was giggling along the way, but felt save in his arms. She always felt safe with him.

When they had comfortably seated themselves, the driver then drove off. They played little games with each other, taking more videos and pictures. After a while of all fun and games, Selena soon fell into a deep sleep with her head resting on his lap. Justin glanced down at her, smiled and placed a soft kiss on her forehead. He watched the ends of her lips begin to move upwards into a smile.

Gazing at her beauty while she was asleep, his eyes began to grow tired but he still couldn’t manage to fall sleep. Whenever he had this insomnia feeling; he would try to occupy himself so that he didn’t end up listening to his thoughts over and over again. If he was at home, he would end up creating new music, writing random lyrics down and making a new song, but this was different. He reached over for his laptop and switched it on. Plugging in his earphones and his video recorder, he began to play each video.

“Jayyyyyyy, look at this little cutie.” Selena squealed, gently grabbing the tiny turtle off the sand. She let it squirm around in her hold, causing her to giggle a few times.

“They remind me of those turtles from Finding Nemo!” I heard my voice. I remember that I was smiling behind the camera lens, I watch as my hand stroked its shell. I still remember the feel of it, it was wet and slimy with a tint of scales. It was the prettiest creature that I had come across.

“I need one of these.” She gasped, holding it close to her chest.


“Are you ready for this?” I asked, the camera lens facing the both of us. Selena was nervous as hell, she shook her head a couple of times, whining like a little kid dropping their lollipop on the ground. This was her first time experiencing a roller coaster ride and I’m glad she got to lose her roller coaster virginity with me.

“I am definitely not ready.” She told me, resting her head on my shoulder. I glanced over at her and placed a gentle kiss on the top of her head. I watched as her cheeks grew into a rosy colour.

“I’m going to be right next to you, through the whole thing. So don’t you worry at all!” I comforted, I intertwined our fingers together and gave her hand a little squeeze.

“Just squeeze my hand as tight as you want. Okay?”

“Okay.” She nodded, smiling at me. She leaned in and kissed me on the lips, letting the feeling linger around on my lips. Those random kisses always were the best.


“Woah. That sunset is beautiful.” Selena sighed, her eyes glued to the scene in front of her. I tracked the camera to focus in front of us. Different colours were layered on top of each other, letting it’s beauty amaze us all. A beautiful creation from our very own God.

“I second that.” I agreed, hearing the camera shuffle, I knew my arm had found it’s way around her shoulder. A familiar position. She rested her head on my shoulder, another familiar position.

“Thank you for this. Thank you for taking me on this beautiful journey. Without you, I would be lost.” She shuffled closer to me, her hands cupping my face.

“Don’t thank me. It’s love. I love you.” I told her, leaning in to connect our lips.

“I love you too.”

Thirty minutes has passed, of constant replays of the videos and pictures I had taken. I remembered that Selena always wanted a slideshow off her memories. This would be a great surprise for her. I heard Selena shuffle around, letting out a quiet groan. I quickly shut the laptop down.

Trying to avoid any awkwardness, I grabbed my phone and started to text Alfredo. He was helping me with the surprise, by editing the videos and putting it altogether. Selena couldn’t find out.

“Are we home yet?” She asked in a groggy voice. I chuckled and shook my head.

“About another thirty minutes.” I told her. She nodded and stretched her body as much as she could.

“What you doing?” She asked, snuggling up to my side. I didn’t want her to know what I was doing, so I locked my phone and set it in my lap.

“Nothing much.”

Selena felt a upset and a little angry. Justin would always let her see his phone, she knew he was hiding something. She sighed and shifted to the other side of the car.

“Selena..” Justin said, realizing her sudden change of mood.

How could he lie about it? He was always on his phone or on his computer, doing something. Probably chatting with someone. I know I am supposed to trust him, but after all that we went through? I was still having trust issues.

I am normally not the jealous type. Seriously. But ever since we came to this trip he has never left his phone or computer. I couldn’t help wonder who he was so busy talking to.

I decided to forget about it. Justin said that he would change, he promised. I have to trust him. He is my boyfriend.

 ‘‘Can we get something to eat when we get home? How about hamburgers?’’ I asked, trying to forget about all my suspicions. My stomach let out a rumble

‘‘Of course baby, with extra pickles for you’’ Justin chuckled.

He loved her appetite. She was the only girl he had met that could eat so much in front of boys. A reason why he liked her.

He was relieved that had she changed the topic. It had been a close call. Justin realized that he had to be more secretive about his slideshow Project.

‘‘Baby I am so tired. Let’s go to bed.’’ Selena begged after watching 3 movies, cuddled with Justin.

‘‘Babe, whatever you want, but I have to work now. You go to bed, and I’ll come after I finish, okay?’’ Justin replied

‘‘Well, okay Jay, but come quick, okay? I can’t sleep without you.’’ Selena sighed

‘‘Goodnight sweetie’’


It felt like Selena had been lying in bed for hours, but Justin hadn’t even come upstairs to check on her.

‘‘What is he doing downstairs?’’ Selena wondered.

What was he doing? Talking to a girl? Chatting with his friends? Writing new music? Selena turned towards the door. She got up and walked to the staircase. She heard Justin’s voice.

‘‘Baby, you are going to be surprised by the new music I wrote to match the whole thing. It is just wonderful. It represents our relationship. I’ll bring it down to the studio tomorrow.’’

BABY? Justin only called Selena her baby. Nobody else. Who was this girl?

‘‘You might have heard it wrong’’ a positive side of Selena thought.

How could she hear the word baby wrong? And why was Justin writing songs for that girl? Justin only wrote songs for her.

‘‘Justin only wrote songs for me.’’ Selena whispered. She was shacking and she felt a bit dizzy. She crouched by the staircase, waiting to hear more of Justin’s phone call, but heard him get up from his chair. She ran to the bathroom and locked the door.

Justin was excited. He kept on drinking glass after glass of water to calm himself down. If he didn’t calm down, he was going to blurt everything out to Selena when he went upstairs.

After he had calmed down he walked up the stairs to the room they shared. He walked towards the bed, to only see that Selena was not there.

‘‘Selena?’’ Justin yelled to the empty room.

Oh my god, what was she going to do? Open the door and act like she heard nothing? Or open the door and start questioning him? None of those options would help.

‘‘You can just wait and see who comes to the studio tomorrow.’’ A voice in her head suggested.

‘‘In the bathroom’’ Selena yelled back through the closed door, turning on the water, to take a shower.

‘‘Babe, are you showering? I want to come to see my sexy girlfriend!’’ Justin questioned.

‘‘Yes, I am taking a shower, but no you may not come in.’’

‘‘Why? We can have some fun…’’ Justin protested.

‘‘Justin I am too tired for some of your fun.’’ Selena replied.

‘‘Okay, fine Sel, I’ll leave you to take a peaceful shower tonight.’’ Justin sighed and went to bed.

Selena lay down next to the heavily sleeping Justin, and thought about how she was going to track up Justin’s secret girl. She was definitely going to go to the studio tomorrow, but if Justin knew she was there, he might tell the girl not to come. That would ruin everything.

‘‘I can just walk up to him and talk to him calmly about what I heard like a 21 year old, mature, woman who’s boyfriend was cheating on her would.’’ She thought. Her eyes started to close as she started to see a dream about her catching Justin with another girl.

The next morning Justin woke up early. He had tons of things to do. He had to go to the studio, record the song he wrote for Selena, and add it to the slideshow. Then he had to arrange their secret hill so they could have a nice picnic. Then he was going to have to pay for the sky-projecting machine. Then he had to get a tux (which Selena loved) and have Selena come to their secret hill. He dressed quickly, wrote a note for Selena and drove to the studio.

Selena woke up a few hours later, and turned, expecting to see Justin’s face. Instead, there was a note on his pillow, apologizing for leaving early and telling her to be dressed and ready by 7:00 p.m.

Selena got up from bed, now remembering the phone call last night, and started to think of a way to know the truth again. Finally, she decided to go to Justin and talk about it. She dressed quickly, now nervous, and rode to the studio. After she said hi to a few of the people there, she went to see Justin. He was on his computer, as usual.

‘‘Justin, we need to talk.’’

Oh no. Selena had started questioning Justin about the phone call and about all the time he was spending on his phone and computer. Justin was nervous and tried to calm himself down before he told her all about the surprise.

‘‘Baby, I would love to explain everything to you right now, I honestly would, but I can’t. Wait until 7:00 p.m. to find out’’

Selena was waiting for Justin to arrive in a short, purple, strapless dress. She had done her hair and makeup.

‘‘Baby, I love you. I am so sorry for even doubting our relationship and not trusting you.’’

‘‘No baby, I am sorry, I gave you the reasons not to trust me. I love you Selena…’’ Justin leaned down and slowly started to kiss Selena. Selena kissed back, opening her mouth for entrance. They kissed passionately for a few minutes, packed up and went home.

After Justin had picked Selena up, they had gone to their secret hill. There, on a picnic blanket filled with Selena’s favorite junk food, were two candles and a flower. They sat down and slowly and silently started to eat. Suddenly, there was a flash of light in the sky, as pictures of Justin and Selena started to show up. Then, Justin’s soft, soothing voice started to sing. Sing to her, and only her. Now she understood. He had been preparing this surprise the whole time. She regretted all the time she doubted Justin. They were forever, without doubt.


Okay so I wrote this with the amazing and wonderful heyjelenahey and she is so amazing and kind and seriously patient. I am sorry again for waiting for me so long heyjelenahey . Hope you guys loved it please leave feedback I love you guys so much thank you for reading this and being amazing as always

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx king-and-beauty