how come jane said no

omfg Xiomara!

I couldn’t believe my ears when Xiomara told Jane “did you even listen to yourself up there? How your dad and I kept choosing each other? Maybe he is your destiny.

This is the same woman who literally made a LIST OF OBSTACLES that stood in Jane and Rafael’s way (baby, playboy past, different worlds, still married, crazy ex wife). 

They have come such a looong way!

Also I love how everything Jane said about Xiomara and Rogelio applied to Jane and Rafael. Being a mess, breakups, hurt feelings, misunderstandings… but they chose each other. Jane and Rafael chose each other. Even when not romantically they chose each other as friends and partners. They never left each other’s side.

I hate this show for messing with my head. It was so easy to see Rafael as simple destiny, and Michael as choice. Now I have to admit Michael was also her destiny and Rafael was also her choice. Why did JTV have to complicate these things?!