how come ive never seen this before

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heres a fun way to find new fics: come up with random words and individually search them with the "search within results" function on ao3. example: search the word "floor" or "makeup" some shit in the viktuuri tag and see what comes up! its how i find new fics, just by looking around my room for examples and searching a random word. it brings up fics ive never seen before! hope this makes sense

What a great suggestion! I’ll definitely start doing this for my more specific requests!

Thanks for sharing and have a fantastic day!

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how do u unlock chairman meow ive never seen them before sjhdbfhsd

Chairman Meow uses the earthenware pot and the sunken fireplace. He’ll come with all food.

The wiki has a rare cat guide that tells you all the goodies and food that the rare cats like.

Also, redditor kittiv has been maintaining a spreadsheet of what food and goodies the cats like, taken from the game’s data. According to that, Chairman Meow likes the earthenware pot and sashimi the most.


how come ive never seen this before this is pure gold