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#26 “You’re not going to kill me, are you?”, #27 “Curiosity killed the cat”, #31 “It was one time” Peter Pan One Line Prompts

Pairing: Peter Pan (OUAT) x Reader

Words: 957

Warning: smut

One Line Prompts

Walking through the thick woods of the dark Neverland forest, easily making sure not to step on any dry twigs along the way to my destination: Peter Pan’s secret hut.

With my heart racing and hands sweaty as I approach his secretive hut nervously. He built it himself, I watched it over time. Who knows how long it took, time doesn’t exist here.

I look around as I approach the entrance, feeling uneasy about how simple it was to reach how far I’ve come. I know I’m quiet and sneaky, but it shouldn’t have been this easy.

Curiosity killed the cat.” I hear a familiar British accent interrupt my sneaking around behind me.

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from the aus to consider: "we live in different countries and got paired up as pen pals for a project for school" bc all my friends are long distance and i'm a sucker for pen pals. ps. i rlly love your fics but i am too Shy™ to come off anon


Dear Bucky,

How are you? My name is Steve. I’m nine and go to school in Brooklyn, New York. Why are you named Bucky? How is Indiana? My teacher says my letter has to be a page long, which is why I am asking so many questions. She also said I could not talk about the Dodger’s last game because you probably didn’t watch it. Can you read my handwriting? My mom says I don’t have good handwriting, which makes me sad. But I do spell really well. Do you speak other languages? I don’t. My mom can speak Spanish and I will start learning Spanish next year. Please write to me and soon. I am excited to talk to someone so far away!



Dear Steve,

Hi, I am good, thank you for asking. I’m Bucky and I live in Moscow, Russia. I am American but my dad works for the government and they moved us here two years ago. I don’t always like it in Russia. I used to live in Indiana. I didn’t watch the Dodgers game because my family roots for the Cubs. They lose a lot. I think you have fine handwriting. I also speak some Russian but not a lot. I mostly can ask questions about where the bathroom is. I have a cat named Milky. She’s white. Do you have any pets? I want to hear from you soon, even though we only had to write the one letter for class. Can you send me a picture? I sent you one of me by a museum in Russia.



So that’s how it starts.


12:00 AM



12:00 AM

Don’t you mean ‘have a very happy eighteenth birthday Steve, light of my life’?


12:01 AM

No, I mean happy birthday America. Don’t put words in my mouth, Steve. We’ve been friends for nine years. You should know better.


12:03 AM

Wow Buck. Thanks for ruining my birthday.


12:04 AM

RUDE. I was just celebrating America’s birthday because that’s where I am. Right now.


12:04 AM



12:05 AM

Aren’t you in St. Petersburg?


12:07 AM

Maybe you wanna come downstairs.

Steve jumps out of bed, legs tangled in his blankets. He nearly trips, but that doesn’t stop him. Steve takes the stairs two at a time, thundering down until he’s in the living room.

And there’s Bucky, standing next to Steve’s mom, beaming.

“Steve, look who’s here!” Sarah Rogers says, grinning as she gestures to Bucky. Her grin turns into a chuckle as she notices that her only son came downstairs in a pair of plaid boxers, a black tank top and bedhead. “Dear, you could’ve put on some pants,” she says.

Steve loves his mom, but he ignores her.

“Bucky?” he asks.

Bucky nods. He’s a little shorter than Steve expected him to be in person. It makes Steve grin.

“Hi Steve,” Bucky says. “Happy birthday.”

It takes Steve about three seconds to close the space between them and wrap Bucky in a huge hug, his leather jacket kind of cool against Steve’s skin.

Bucky chuckles, low and soft next to Steve’s ear. “It’s nice to meet you, too,” he says.

“I’ve known you forever, jerk,” Steve says, then pulls back a little, just to take Bucky in. “Hi,” he says.

And then Bucky leans in and presses a kiss to Steve’s lips. “Hi,” he whispers back.

Steve blinks a few times, surprised. “Buck?” he asks.

“I wanted to wait until I could see you in person,” Bucky says. “You, uh… right?”

“What?” Steve asks, starting to smile.

“Don’t make me say it.”

“You like me,” Steve says.

Bucky nods. “Yeah, I do.”

“I like you, too,” Steve says.

Bucky nods again. “Yeah,” he says. “You do.”

Sarah rolls her eyes. “Happy birthday Steve,” she says. “I’m going to bed.”

Bucky laughs, then looks over at her. “Thanks for getting me the ticket over here, Mrs. Rogers,” he says.

“It’s no problem. Now you two… have fun.”

Bucky laughs. “We will,” he says, looking back at Steve. His eyes go soft. “We will.”



This took me a long time to make. It didn’t come out how I wanted it too, but I tried my best with what I had. I hope you enjoy it regardless. (This is a parody of JelloApocalypse’ ‘So this is Basically’ series)

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Hey there, I love your writing, so if you're ever up to, could you write Rosa and Charles watching the surveillance tapes from the evidence lock up in episode 03x01? I just think it would be so funny to actually see (in this case read) Charles watching Jake and Amy killing a guy with their kiss, and Rosa telling him to chill (while secretly smiling to herself).

ahh thank you!!! once again i’m super sorry for how long it took me to turn this around!!!

“Wait, wait!” Charles shouts for the third time in five minutes. Rosa’s huff comes out as a growl as she basically throws herself backwards in her seat, rolling her eyes as far back as they’ll go in her head as Charles stands and hurries toward the surveillance room door. He flicks the lights off, throwing the room into an almost-eery glow that throws sharp shadows across his grinning face as he hurries back to his seat beside her. He’s already made her stop so that he could pee (“I don’t wanna miss a single second!”) and again so he could find a jacket (“I don’t wanna be distracted by how cold it is in here, Rosa!”), and now -

“Mood lighting?” Rosa asks, unable and unwilling to keep the disdain out of her voice.

“This is going to be the most romantic thing I will ever witness, Rosa. It has to be perfect. One day my kids are gonna see this tape.”

It would be touching if it wasn’t so totally weird.

“Whatever,” she grumbles, turning back toward the film pulled up on the screen. It took Savant all of twelve seconds to get everything pulled up for them, which apparently isn’t all that impressive in and of itself, except their last IT Department Head would sometimes take twenty minutes just to log in to his stupid computer.

It’s really a wonder they weren’t hacked sooner.

The picture quality is pretty bad, but Rosa can already tell that it’s Amy’s arm only just starting to push the door to the evidence locker open. Her fingers are strangely tingling as she reaches for the play button. "Ready?“ She asks Charles one last time.

“I was born ready,” he mutters, eyes glued to the screen.

She rolls her eyes and presses play.

Amy comes in alone, surprisingly. They watch the grainy image of her quickly pace toward the front row of shelves, where she feigns interest in what Rosa is pretty sure is a duffel bag literally stuffed full of cocaine, before the door suddenly opens and Jake appears. He’s turned back toward the exterior of the room, apparently in the middle of shouting something (Rosa vaguely remembers him yelling something about evidence earlier, but she learned a long time ago to not pay much attention once Jake starts shouting) before closing the door and quickly meeting Amy in the middle of the room. She half-expects them to just immediately go to town on each other, but they don’t - instead, they start talking. She can tell by Amy’s exaggerated movements that she’s excited about something - binders, probably - and Jake responds to her just as enthusiastically.

“C'mon,” Rosa grumbles. “We came for the action, not the foreplay.”

Jake asks something, Amy shrugs, Jake says something disparaging (she knows it’s disparaging because she sees his head drop down lower toward his shoulders the way it always does when he’s being annoying), and then -

“Oh, oh, we have hand-holding!” Charles shouts excitedly.

“Look at Santiago, initiating the rule-breaking,” Rosa says. Amy pulls Jake to the back row and spins so that her back is pressed against the shelves. His hand is still in hers, though, and she uses it to pull him to her; Jake appears to go more than willingly, bracing himself with hands on the shelf on either side of her shoulders, diving in for what appears to be a pretty raunchy kiss.

Charles squeals.

It’s pretty annoying, really, but Rosa finds that she can’t quite draw her gaze away from the two making out on-screen long enough to level a proper glare at him. “Oh I’m - I’ve waited so long -” Charles says, and she glances up to find his eyes glassy with tears as he watches.

“S'creepy, man,” Rosa tells him, but she’s fighting a grin that is dangerously close to bursting across her face. Amy’s no longer pressed against the shelves when Rosa looks again - in fact, she looks to be half-way through the process of pushing Jake back against the shelves - when suddenly the evidence locker door swings open and Dozerman comes lumbering in. Charles gasps when Amy shoves Jake away so forcefully he falls, and Rosa snorts when Jake leaps back to his feet brandishing a candy wrapper he apparently found on the ground. They both wince when Dozerman collapses into the boxes stacked to the right of the aisle, and Rosa finally stops the tape just before Amy reaches the door to the lockup. “They actually killed a guy,” Rosa marvels.

“Correction: their love killed a guy.” Charles says. He’s poorly suppressing a grin. “They’re the Jack and Rose of the Nine-Nine. It’s official.”

“Are you saying that Jack and Rose caused the Titanic to sink?”

Charles blinks a few times, his grin slowly fading. “N-No, I - oh,” he frowns. “Just that, like, the odds are stacked against them, but…their love will prevail.”

“You do remember how it ends, right?”

Yeah, but Amy actually won’t let go. They’ll die holding each other as the Titanic takes on water -”

“I think you may be getting a little ahead of yourself, there, buddy,” Rosa mutters, but he’s already grinning dreamily again.

And somehow, Rosa can’t find it in herself to mind.

Sorry it’s a little short. But I loved writing this! Some Sailor!Tom character development is going on here! I love this AU!


Marco swam around Tom’s ship, spinning and playing in the water. He loved it when it got warmer. Tom watched the siren play with fish that swam by and weave between seaweed floating in the water. “Tom!” Marco looked up happily. “The water is so warm here! You should swim!” He smiled. Tom laughed. “What’s so funny?” Marco asked.

“Well, I just don’t think swimming with a literal siren is a good idea.” Tom teased. Marco rolled his eyes.

“Come on, how long have I been with you? Don’t you trust me?” Marco asked. He reached his hand out. Tom smiled a little and took it. Marco swiftly pulled him into the water. Tom fell in with a little yelp-laugh.

“You jerk!” Tom laughed. “You yanked me in!”

“Of course I did.” Marco responded. He bopped Tom on the head and dove under, out of sight. Tom smiled and looked around, trying to see where the creature swam away to.

“Okay, Mermaid, where did you go?” He asked. His question was answered when he felt Marco jump on his back, laughing and pretending to growl like some sort of predator. Tom laughed turned around, holding onto Marco’s shoulders to take a break from treading water.

“Are you okay?” Marco giggled. Tom nodded and held on.

“We aren’t as good of swimmers as you are.” Tom explained. Marco smiled at Tom.

“Then I have an idea. Hold onto me and tap me when you need to breath, okay?” Marco instructed. Tom looked suspicious.

“O…. kay?” He agreed. Marco grabbed Tom and swam underneath the ship with him. The water wasn’t very deep where they were, but it was very clear. Tom held his breath but felt Marco tap him, Tom opened his eyes nervously. Expecting to see a dark, scary, isolated ocean. But he was shocked at how wrong he was. Tom looked at the ocean floor in awe. Every single fish sparkled in the sunrays that made it through the water, as they swam around seaweed. It was like a fairytale scenery, despite his vision being cloudy beneath the water. Everything from this wonderful place really was beautiful! He looked over at Marco. Everything. Tom tapped Marco when he felt the need to breath, Marco brought him back up to the surface.

“Marco! That was amazing! I never knew it was so pretty down there!” Tom mused. Marco blushed.

“You liked it?” He asked. Hearing that Tom had an appreciation for his home made Marco ecstatic. Tom nodded.

“It was incredible!… You’re incredible…” Tom told the creature. Marco looked at the sailor and smiled sweetly.

“Tom?” He got the sailor’s attention.

“Yeah?” Tom asked.

“I’m really glad I didn’t eat you.” Marco said, hugging him close. Tom laughed despite the comment having dark undertones.

“Yeah, I am too.”

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UT US UF Skelebros come home to find their s/o sobbing their eyes out on the couch, going throw boxes of tissues. Their favorite tv show just killed off their favorite character. How would the bros comfort them? (This just happened to me, please, i need something to heal my poor broken heart)

I’m sorry that this took so long. I hope your poor heart is ok :(

UT:Sans: He wraps you up in a blanket and teleports out to get you some food from grillby. Puts on another happier show to watch to take your mind off of it. Maybe even some episodes of the same show but where your fave is still alive. Lots of jokes and puns to cheer you up. He’s not the kind of person who’d react this strongly over something like this. The resets have taught him that good things don’t last. He still understands your sadness. He’s there for you as long as you need it.

UT!Papyrus: He gets really sad too. He might not even know the character but death makes him really uncomfortable and that mixed with you being an emotional wreck right now kind of sets him off. He wants you to do something that can take your mind off of things (his too, but that’s not important) this might involve a physical activity of various degrees depending on how up for it you are. He suggests going out for a walk, anything to get you out of the house. If you really don’t want to he’ll understand. Still wont let you sit on the couch for the rest of the evening. Anything else is fine.

US!Sans: It stresses him out a lot. Chances are he’s very informed on the subject of this tv show from you telling him about it. He might have even watched an episode once or twice so he gets really upset too. Ends with you two grieving together. He gets you tissue boxes and lots of water since he doesn’t want you to get dehydrated. Lots and lots of cuddles. He puts on a disney movie to take your mind off of things. Depending on the movie he choose this might be for better or for worse.

US!Papyrus: Look, he really likes watching tv shows with you. It enables him to do sappy couple things while laying on a couch. He’s watched pretty much every show that you’ve ever been into. He’s  low-key salty that you watched the episode without him. If it was a show that he was actually into and actively following he’s high-key salty that you watched it and also spoiled it for him. Takes pity on you in your grief though. He’ll just silently grab you another box of tissues and some comfort food and then cuddle up with you. Might put on a movie or something with your fave characters actor. (After making sure that they don’t die in it)

UF!Sans: He just um… He wasn’t prepared for this. He’s not really the best at emotional support or comfort. He’s doing his best though. Awkwardly sits beside you and pats your back because he is really not sure what to do right now. He listens to you rant about how stupid the show is for killing them off and how much you loved the character. If it’s something he’s good at, it’s being angry so he hops onto your anger. When you’re done crying and are just kind of hiccuping he gets you a glass of water and puts on a movie. If the show that made you cry is supernatural, he might tell you that there’s like a 50% chance that they’ll come back again. This comment is more likely to earn him 10 more minutes of ugly crying then anything.

UF!Papyrus: The bastard just rolls his eyes at you. Tells you to get over it already, crying over a tv show is just unnecessary. (He is such a hypocrite, he cried watching a disney film once. Romantic dramas are what really gets him though) When he notices that you’re actually upset he softens a little. Gets you something to drink and holds you for a while. He usually makes dinner by himself to ensure that it turns out perfect, but this time he asks you to help him. He needs to get your mind off of things for a while. And by asking you to help him I mean that you’re allowed to hang around and watch him cook. If you’re real lucky he’ll let you chop some vegetables. He’s a perfectionist so not doing everything by himself stresses him out a little. Still, he’s willing to suffer a little for his s/o.

“Remembering This” Part Two - Peter Parker x Female!Reader

Word Count: 1588

Warnings: Embarrassing parents (again), fluff, maybe swearing? (I can’t remember)

Author’s Note: Sup peoples! Sorry this took so long to get out, I’ve been really busy with school lately. But, I hope y’all enjoy! (Lilleh is awesome… she made me do that)

A few days later, Peter called you and asked if you would like to come over and watch a movie. You accepted and decided to wait last minute to tell your parents about the “big date” with Peter.

“So this boy,” Your mother started, glancing up at your father.

“Here we go,” you said sarcastically, crossing your arms and sinking into the chair.

“You met him at Tony’s party?”

“Well, not exactly,” you sighed, “I met him at the bus stop. He stayed with me to make sure I was okay.”

“Hm,” your father rubbed his chin, walking over to the dinner table to sit across from you. “How does he know Tony?”

“Yeah, it seems a bit weird that a child was at the Stark tower for an adult gathering-”

“How old is he again, (Y/n)?”

“He’s a sophomore, Ma.” You shrugged.

“Where does he go to school? Or is he homeschooled?”

“Is he a good boy? Does he get good grades? He smart?”

“Will he treat you right?”

“You know, no funny business. I don’t need a grandkid right-”

“Oh my god, Dad!” You interrupted, jumping out of your seat. “It’s only the first date! You both need to stop interrogating me, I know how to take care of myself. He’s a good guy okay, y'all can chill,” you laughed, shaking your head at your embarrassing parents. A buzz from outside the complex made you jump, and you rushed over to the window to see Peter outside the door. He was holding a bouquet of daisies, tapping his foot nervously on the dry pavement. Walking over to your parents, you gave them a quick hug and said you would be back before 11.

“Um, how about 10:30?” Your mother suggested with a dry laugh.

“Fine, I’ll be back at 10:45!” You winked and ran out the door, your purse in your hands and a cardigan flung over your shoulder. The noise of footsteps as loud as thunder filled the complex as you sprinted down the stairs. You stopped in front of the door, quickly catching your breath, before pushing it open and stepping in front of the adorable little dork. Peter looked up and his eyes opened wide, trailing up and down your body. Dressed completely casual, yet so beautiful at the same time. You took his breath away and all he could do was just stand there with his mouth open, looking like a complete idiot.

“Wow, (Y/n). You look- you look great. Not just great, I mean- you look just… wow,” Peter gushed, rubbing his neck as he stared at you dumbfoundedly. You let out a small giggle and fumbled with your fingers.

“You don’t look too bad yourself, Parker.”

Peter laughed and gestured towards the daisies. “I thought roses were too stereotypical, and I was gonna get you sunflowers but,” he handed you the bouquet, “I thought the daisies were beautiful.”

You smiled, how did you get so lucky to meet such a gentleman?

“Well, daisies are my favorite.”

The two of you stared at each other for a few moments, before breaking into laughter once more due to the awkward tension between the two of you. Peter lifted his arm, nodding his head as a gesture for you to place your arm in his. You nodded and slid your arm through his, laughing once more as the two of you started to walk down the dimly lit street.

“Oh, my! You must be  (Y/n)!” Aunt May exclaimed, pulling you into a tight embrace. “Peter was right, you are so beautiful!”

You looked over at Peter, who’s cheeks were burning bright red, almost brighter than yours.

“May,” Peter started, “Think you could let us in first? You know, before you embarrass me?”

You snorted, and immediately covered your mouth. Pulling away from Aunt May and walking through the door, your eyes scanned the small, adorable apartment. A bowl of fruit on the kitchen counter, along with a date loaf resting next to the bowl. A cute little couch with a small red blanket draping over it, in front of a flat screen TV, which was probably the most expensive thing in the apartment. You loved the flat, it really looked like the perfect style for the Parker’s.

“So, (Y/n). Do you like date loaf?” May asked, gesturing towards the loaf on the counter.

“Hey, why don’t we go watch a movie in my room! Over this way,” Peter nervously grabbed your hand and led you to his room, quickly shutting the door as soon as you were inside.

“I am so sorry,” Peter apologized.

“It’s okay Peter,” you smiled, plopping onto his bed, “I don’t mind. She’s sweet.”

“Yeah, but you really wouldn’t want to try that date loaf. It’s just…”


“Yeah, yikes supreme.” Peter chuckled and began to search through one of the drawers in his nightstand. “So, (Y/n), what would you like to watch?”

“Well, Peter,” you joked, “what can we watch?”

“I’ve got Westworld, the original GhostBusters,” Peter continued to shuffle through the drawer until he finally found the DVD he had been searching for. “And my personal favorite, Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back,” Peter had a cheeky grin bearing his adorable face.

You gave him a shocked look, “Wait… Star Wars?”

Peter’s smile faded, “Yeah? Why, do you not like Star Wa-”

“I LOVE STAR WARS!” You exclaimed, jumping off the bed and snatching the DVD from Peter’s hands. Your eyes were lit up with excitement, scanning through all the legendary cast names and the short summary on the back of the DVD.

Peter stared at you in awe, how did he get so lucky to meet such a beautiful dork like you?

*2 hours and 7 awesome minutes later*

Peter had snuck you up the fire escape to sit on the roof. The two of you were now gazing over the beautiful city lights, your head leaning on his shoulder and both of your legs dangling over the edge of the building.

“I could stay up here forever,” you mumbled, your eyes reflecting the sparkling lights. Peter gently kissed your forehead and let out a content sigh.

“I would gladly stay up here with you, (Y/n).”

You slid your hand into his and gave it a gentle squeezed. The two of you laughed and continued to stare out at the city.

“You know, you never told me what you do for Stark?”

Peter tensed up. “Well, I mean technically I did.”

“Sure, you did technically tell me what you do. But I mean… what exactly do you do as an intern?”

Peter’s thumb gently rubbed the top of your hand and he  exhaled. “Can you keep a secret?”

“Peter,” you sat up and stared into those beautiful, brown puppy dog eyes, “this is our first date. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I can keep a secret. But you don’t know that for sure. I’m not saying you shouldn’t trust me, but you would be extremely trustworthy to tell me something that is clearly a big part of your life.”

Peter furrowed his eyebrows, “Are you saying that being trustworthy is a bad thing and that I shouldn’t tell you?”

“I’m sorry, I make sense 12 percent of the time and the other 88 percent of the time is just complete and utter nonsense,” you giggled, covering your eyes and slightly shaking your head. “I’m just an awkward mess-”

Peter cut you off with his lips suddenly pressing against yours. Your arms gradually wrapped around his neck as the warmth of his lips kept you entrapped in his presence, making you wish that this moment would never end. His hands lightly trailed up your body towards your cheeks before softly pulling away.

“Wow, that was-”

“I’m Spider-Man.”

Your eyes flew wide open, “Random.”

Peter started to tell stories of his best moments of being Spider-Man. You listened carefully, watching the way he told every tale with a hint of excitement and the way he moved his hands when reenacting each time he webbed up a criminal. You were starting to fall hard for this boy, and he was making it really easy too.

“And then, I was like, ‘You know, in the future, if you’re going to steal cars, don’t dress like a car thief, man.’ And his face was priceless!”

You grinned as Peter started to laugh so hard that tears were forming.

“Hey, Peter?” You whispered, “What time is it?”

Peter glanced down at his watch, “Uh… 11:02.”

“Shit!” You yelled, standing up quickly and backing away from the edge. “I was supposed to be home about 17 minutes ago! Oh my god, they are gonna kill me-”

“Hey! Don’t worry-”

“No, Peter,” you interjected, lowering your voice, “My parents are very overprotective and would never let me out this late, let alone walking home by myself at this time of night!”

“(Y/n), it’s gonna be alright. We can just call your parents and I can walk you home,” Peter spoke calmly, with a small chuckle.

“Oh, yeah. That works too. Maybe you can tell me another story?” You suggested, shrugging while giving a small wink.

Peter blushed, “Definitely.”

You bit your lip and nodded your head as you made your way over to the fire escape. But when you didn’t hear footsteps behind you, you turned around to see Peter standing still, staring in your direction.

“What are you doing?” You asked.

Peter flashed a small smile, “Remembering this.”

You smiled in response, holding out your hand, “Come on, Spider-Man. Take me home.”

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# 4 Monica Geller and Chandler Bing (FRIENDS)

When i saw you walking down that aisle I realized how simple it was. I love you. Any surprises that come our way, it’s okay because I will always love you

Ecstasy- Vmin(Requested)

Originally posted by pasteltae

//things aren’t always fair, but when is it fun to play by the rules?//

~i have no idea what this is tbh, but to the nonnie who requested rough punishment with vmin smut, I’m so sorry it took me this long, enjoy~

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Humility (Minho)

{Requested by anonymous}

Request/description: I love your writing! I was wondering if you could do a Minho imagine where’s he’s a big cocky shuckface but when the reader comes in he changes. You can finish it from there.(But he’s still really sassy)

A/N: Sorry if this is different than you wanted, I was having a ton of writers block with it!

Warnings: None

Word count: 779


Minho ran out of the Maze with a smug grin on his face.

“How did everything go?” Alby asked and followed Minho to the Runners Hut.

“Good, as always. I mean, it’s me, Alby. What did you expect?”

Alby rolls his eyes. “Right. Well when your ego climbs down from that mountain its on, come tell me.”

Minho watched Alby leave and shrugged. Thomas ran in a minute later, completely out of breath.

“What took you so long, Thomas?” Minho laughed.

Thomas shot a glare. “Not all of us are as fast as you, shuck face.”

Another smug grin from Minho. “I know.”


When the box blared it usual screeching alarm, Minho turned to Thomas. “Five laps says he’s a Slopper,” Minho bets.

Thomas shakes his head. “You’re on. I think they’re going to be a Runner.”

Minho huffs and runs alongside Thomas to the ever growing crowd of Gladers. In the middle was the box that held the new Greenie. All the boys waited anxiously to see what he looked like.

Minho moved to the front and opened he door panels, feeling in charge. Except, his confident smile slipped from his mouth as soon as he saw who was inside.

“W-what?” Minho says under his breath.

It was you. A girl.


Your frost week in the Glade was rough. The rest of the boys stared at you like you were some foreign substance. Others were a little too happy to be around you. And Minho…Minho just made you laugh most of the time.

Whenever he wasn’t running, Ed hang around you. You found him silly at times, and surprisingly a little clumsy.

Alby noticed too. He watched from the Homestead as Minho walked next to you, staring intently at your eyes. He tripped over a rock but caught himself. Alby chuckled and shook his head.

“Shanks got himself a crush,” he muttered humorously.

Newt stepped up next to him and crossed his arms. “Who has what?”

Alby motioned to Minho with a smile on his face. Newt watched as you bent down and picked a flower. Minho tried resting against a tree but his arm slipped and he fell.

“What’s wrong with him?” Newt asked, concerned.

“He’s distracted. Look at him. He can’t stay on his own two feet!” Alby let out a loud laugh.

Newt furrowed his eyebrows until he saw you. Then he knew exactly what was happening.

“Does this mean I can trip him and he won’t be mad?”

Alby rolled his eyes. “No, Newt.”

“Tease him?” Newt raised his eyebrow hopefully.

“I could allow that. After all, he needs a little humility.”


You were really beginning to like Minho. He was strong, fast, and as sarcastic as you. But he did beat you in sass.

Lately a couple of the Gladers had been making faces at Minho, ones that you were always too late to see but saw Minhos glare back at them. You would raise an eyebrow but he’d just shake his head. Eventually you discovered that they were kissy-faces they were making at Minho. This only made your cheeks go a bright red and you often pretended not to notice.

When Minho sat with you at lunch, he’d talk about your job testing and how it went. A lot of the time you say it went fine, but, well today wasn’t as great.

“I swear I nearly killed everyone in that place,” you shake your head and shudder. Being a Slicer was not for you.

Minho laughed. “Well at least you’re not as bad as Winston was when he started. We were so close to making him a Slopper. Personally I think we still should.”

Winston rolled his eyes. “Hey stop tellin’ her lies. Slim it and eat your food or I’m telling Frypan you don’t like it. And you know how he gets.”

Minho nodded with his smile slipping off his face quickly. He ate some of his soup and turned back to you. To the left of you, you could hear Winston gasping in astonishment that Minho had took his advice for once. Minho didn’t notice.


The next day, you were helping Minho in the morning before the Maze doors opened.

“You know,” you say and help Minho slip on his Runners vest. “I’m gonna be a Runner one day.”

Minho stops and turns to you. “A Runner?”

You nod confidently. “Yep. And I’m gonna be better than even you, the king of the Runners,” you tease.

Minho gives a calm half smile. At this he knew he’d have to pay up to Thomas, but he didn’t care.

“Maybe you will.”

Finally finished!

Sorry I’ve been away and it took me so long to finish this. After the holidays I got caught up in work and I was also stuck about how to end the story. 

As I’ve mentioned, I’m new to DTWS and the ship. And even if I watch all sorts of reality shows and other programmes I’ve never been so touched by a relationship that I’ve been driven to participate in the Tumblrs and even come up with fics!

But S&J really just captured me because of their insane chemistry and connection. And all your posts about that last fateful day together just got my imagination going.

I can’t believe that J never made it to the tour. I sort of hate him for it. But in our version maybe there will be a different ending.

I still hope that S&J find the right conclusion to their story - whether it is an end or just a beginning.

It’s been lovely to see the community cheer for these two and together let’s see what else will unfold. As we said in the story… maybe one day.

we'll still have each other| kiane

summary: now that it’s raining more than ever, know that we’ll still have each other. [yes rihanna trash leave me alone]

pairings: king/diane, sorta one-sided diane/meliodas.

sidenote: *slides in* wow. Something with an actual story and not just pointless drabbling?? i thought this day would never come. dedicated to my DEAR friend Kiri, sorry this took me so long bby. have some cavity kiane.


A single rain drop hit her nose. Another slid down the expanse of her cheek, laughingly slow, like a tear drop paving a path for its brothers.

She had been expecting rain. She was even wearing her black rain boots, with bright white polka dots, and a light navy blue jacket to cover her school uniform.

She had forgotten an umbrella. How stupid of her.

She stared down at the sidewalk, watching the pale cream color dull into a deeper beige as the raindrops coated it, slowly at first, then all at once, like someone had decided to pour a bucket over the entire city.

Pieces of her hair became plastered to her cheeks from the force of the rain she didn’t care now, nothing mattered anyways.

The day had started off so well, too.



“What are you going to do today Diane?” Elizabeth asked her, school had just ended and they were on their way home to start the weekend.

“Nothing,” she replied, clutching her lunch box anxiously. She wasn’t going to tell Elizabeth what she had planned, she’d probably end up interfering anyway.

“We should go shopping tomorrow, I need new socks.” Elizabeth chatted. Diane wasn’t really listening, she had too much planned today, too much going on. She loved Elizabeth, but she sure could be oblivious sometimes.

When they got to Elizabeth’s house, Diane was all too eager to say goodbye to her. She had been waiting weeks for this day, and finally, she was going to confess. She was going to confess her love to Meliodas, it was all happening today.

She had snuck a note asking him to meet her after school at the football field. Football practice was cancelled because of the rain that was scheduled, already the clouds were beginning to darken, but it didn’t dampen her spirits one bit.

The trip to the fields took less than a minute, and the butterflies in her stomach were stirring up a ruckus. She was nervous, and excited, and hopeful all at once. She felt like she was in elementary school again, seeing him for the first time.

She grabbed a silvery section of the bleachers and hoisted herself up to see better. The metal was cool to the touch, and she eagerly scanned the field.

There he was. He had actually came! He was standing by the scoreboard on his phone.

She wondered who he was texting. Probably Ban.

Another part of her brain said that it was Elizabeth, but she swept the nagging thought away quick enough. She had noticed their closeness over the past year, and it had ticked her off a bit, since she had him first, technically, but she loved Elizabeth, so she’d never confront her.

She inhaled deeply and began the trek to the goal post. Everything would be ok.

When she was halfway there, Meliodas hadn’t even looked up from his phone. She felt her heart tighten and she weighed the option of running away.

But it wasn’t worth it, she’d run away too many times. This was her last chance.

“Meliodas,” she called when she was within earshot. He looked up from his phone and threw her a casual wave.

“Yo, Diane. What are you doing here?” He asked, looking mildly confused. He must’ve not realized she was the one who’d asked him to meet.

“I wanted to meet you here.” She said, folding her hands behind her back anxiously. Hi eyebrows furrowed slightly.

“That was you? What’s up?” He wondered allowed, still keeping that dopey curious face.

“I wanted to tell you something…” she closed her eyes and summoned all of the courage she had in her. “I…”

“Is it going to rain?” He interrupted her suddenly, holding his hand out, almost waiting for a raindrop to fall into the palm of his hand.

Frustrated, Diane puffed out her cheeks and decided to go out on a limb.

“I love you!”

It took a few seconds to affect him, he curled his hand into a fist and dropped it back to his side. Then, he sighed, like he had been expecting this whole ordeal to go down one day, and leaned his back against the goal post. It was old, so it made a small squeaking sound in protest.

“No you don’t,” he responded simply. Flabbergasted, Diane opened and shut her mouth, hoping for intelligent words to pour out with no avail.

“Wh-at?” She barely managed to annunciate. He shrugged.

“Come on Diane, you don’t really love me. And I don’t love you, not the way you want me to. I think you know that.” He told her softly.

“That’s…” she digested his words slowly, painfully, like needles sinking into her flesh.

He didn’t love her. He didn’t like her back, not at all…

“You’re my friend, Diane. And you always will be. But you don’t love me, you should realize that. It’s pointless to pin after me when you could do so much better.” He spoke with such resounding confidence, Diane wanted to believe him. But she was too hurt to even speak.

She had spent so long loving him, it didn’t seem like there’d be any world for her to return to after this rejection.

“Hm. It is going to rain, you should get home.” Meliodas said before inhaling and turning around to walk home.

She stood there, in the football field, watching him walk away.

That couldn’t be it. That couldn’t be all. This was her moment, her time to shine, it wasn’t supposed to be this way-

She looked down at her hands in awe.

What was wrong with her?



She wants to walk home, but her feet are frozen, the rain just falls harder and harder and somewhere along the line she starts crying, too.



Puddles begin forming on the street beside her, and cars fly by, eager to get home, to see their families after a long day at work.

She just stares at the ground, like she is waiting for it to grow a pair of lips and give her some decent advice.

What could possibly come next? Every chapter of her life up until now had been next chapter, you’ll live happily ever after, with Meliodas by your side.

But the chapter was over, and she had no happily ever after. She had no prince.

Maybe she was the dragon in this story, and everybody knows dragons don’t get happy endings.

But didn’t she deserve one too? Dragons want a happy ending, just like any princess.

She steps in a deep puddle and some water drips down into her socks. Great.

She’s sure she smells like a storm and looks like one tore right through her, but she doesn’t really care.

What was the point of looking pretty if you had no prince to be pretty for?


Her heart pauses at the sound. Could it be, Meliodas had come back for her?

She looks up, eyes wide with wonder, but blinks in confusion when she sees someone else running towards her.

“Good god, you’re soaked! Here,” he remarks,  holding his umbrella up higher, just so it covers up her dripping wet body.

King is not built for running, he is tiny for a boy his age and is wheezing like a dying hamster. It’s somewhat endearing, partly because she knows she looks no more attractive than he.

“Thanks King.” She speaks hollowly, making no movement to indicate genuine gratitude.

“Are you…?” He stands up after a few seconds of heavy breathing. “Ok? Are you ok? Did someone hurt you? You’re-“ his hand stops a few inches from her face. “You’re…crying…”

“I’m fine.” She assures him, in the least reassuring voice she’s ever conjured.

“Who did this? Who made you cry?! I’ll-“

“King, it’s fine. It doesn’t matter.” She makes a tiny effort to wipe her tears away, but frowns when nothing but dark black smudges on her hand. Right. Her makeup.

“No! If someone hurt you, that’s not ok! I…” He trails off again and it’s then Diane realizes that neither one of them are very good with words.

“It’s my fault,” she admits, trying her best to wipe her sopping makeup off. “I was dumb.”

“You…you’re not dumb, Diane.” He tells her, adjusting the umbrella to it’s a little bit higher. She is a few inches taller than him, but it was still endearing to see him try.

“I really am,” she sniffs, looking down at him sadly. “He never loved me, did he? I never stood a chance, you know that King.”

His face contorts in realization. Diane wonders if everyone did know about her crush, it seemed like Meliodas was the one who new more than anyone else.

“Well – yeah, maybe he doesn’t like you now, but that’s not because you’re bad, or anything!” King says, his tone is rushed, and she can instantly tell he’s just trying to cheer her up. He’s always done that, always been the one to pull her back on her feet. It’s selfish of her to want to keep King to herself sometimes.

“Do you think there’s something wrong with me?” She asks him, but it’s more directed at herself than anyone. What flaws did she have that drove Meliodas away? Was she too tall? That had always been a problem in her life…

“N-no! There’s nothing wrong with you! I mean-“

She raises one of her eyebrows at him. He blushes, and looks down.

“I mean,  you’re just…” He stops, almost like there’s a word lingering on the tip of his tongue.

“I’m just…what?” She asks him, looking down with blatant wonder and curiosity.

He smiles at her nervously and shrugs.


She stops walking for a second, and so does he. It seems like both of them are equally embarrassed.


“I mean…I just…”

“Thank you.”

He looks up at her, worried expression slowly fading.

“Thank you King, really.” She wipes her eyes again, only minimal dark smudges appear. She’s sure they make the weirdest pair, a sobbing, raccoon, faced girl and a small, fairy-faced boy.

“You’re…welcome, Diane.”

“You’ll always be my friend, right?” she asks, a wide smile gracing her cheeks.

His heart stops. She is so beautiful.


Because for her, he’ll be anything.

“Good, because I think I need a lot of ice cream,” she laughs a little bit, peeling a bit of wet hair off of her forehead.

He laughs along with her, tightening the grip on his umbrella to make sure she isn’t getting any rain on her.

They walk home to the beat of the falling rain, and the sunshine on Diane’s horizon is just a chapter away.



Her Gomez [ Steve Rogers x OC-Reader Insert ]

Prompt : Helping Steve catch up on TV Shows and you showed him the Addams Family.

Pairing : Steve Rogers /OC-Reader Insert

Genre :  General  |   Warning : None

Author’s Note : Enjoy ! I hope you like it :)

You could request a name of your choice for OC if you want. Send me a prompt, genre, and the characters you want me to write a oneshot of. :)

Request here

(gif doesn’t belong to me)

Originally posted by the-whisper-men

“Come here, Steve!” Steve could hear her voice from the doorway. He took long strides towards the living room to find her lounging on the couch with a bowl of popcorn in her hand and a remote TV on the other hand.

[Y/N] promised to show him to the ‘modern world’ ever since she found out how far behind he was on pop culture. Today, she texted him to come up to her place and watch The Addams Family with her. He hasn’t seen it yet but he did see some of the pictures [Y/N] had sent him this morning. Apparently, the upcoming Halloween was the perfect reason for her to force him to watch this movie.

“Is this a horror movie?” Steve sat next to her and she scooted closer to him, sharing the popcorn.

“Not really. It’s a lovely movie.” [Y/N] smiled and pressed the play button.

The night weather in New York was starting to get colder so Steve had to get up to grab a few thin blankets for both of them. She seemed undisturbed, her eyes focused on the movie.

[Y/N] stole a few glances at Steve while the movie was playing to see his reaction. He seemed freaked out by the movie, not that she blames him. She did notice a small smile on his face when Morticia and Gomex exchanged a few weirdly sweet words.

‘Woo her, admire her. Make her feel like she’s the most sublime creature on earth.’

Steve was clearly admiring Morticia’s and Gomez’ relationship and how much they love each other. The line did made him turned to [Y/N] for a mere second, a soft smile on his lips.

“It’s a peculiar movie.” Steve concluded when the credits started to roll down.

“It is. I love it though. So, how was it?” She smiled, clearly interested to hear his thoughts on the movie.

“I love Morticia and Gomez.” Steve told her.

“They’re a sweet couple aren’t they?” She nodded.

“And Morticia reminds me of you.” Steve said again with a grin on his face.

“I’ll take it as a compliment.”

“It is. She’s an amazing person with great personality.” Steve shrugged; oblivious to [Y/N]’s slightly pinked cheeks. Their little talks were interrupted by Bucky calling Steve for some help in his place. Steve looked apologetic when he hung up the call and told her he needs to go back.

“We should watch that kind of movie again.” Steve told her as they walked towards the front door, knowing how much she loves that genre of movies.

“We should.” She nodded and hugged him.

“Good night, [Y/N].” Steve waved and walked away from her apartment. He entered the elevator and heard her calling his name right before he pressed the close button.

“Good night, Gomez.” She hollered. Steve smiled back as the elevator doors closed up and he found himself looking forward to more weird movies night with her.

I’ll help you anyway-A Kyohei Rikudoh (Scandal in the spotlight) smut shot!

Kyohei was leaning on your doorway, watching you bite your lower lip in concentration as you were scribbling down phrases for Revance’s new single. Your beautiful locks were tied up into a loose bun, giving him a good view of your neck and collarbone. His soft chocolate brown eyes took in the hazy look in your eyes and your pouting lips as your mind was brainstorming for ideas. Smirking, he closed the door to your room, locking it from the inside.

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miasanmadridista  asked:

1 & 2 for Throw your heart to me ❤

1. What was my inspiration for this fic? How did it come to me?

There’s this BBC answer to CSI called Silent Witness and it’s on every January, and I was watching it after bingeing on Broadchurch and was also “this is AWESOME how do my sons fit in”. Most of the outlines kind of come together in about a minute, but it took me a really long time to figure out how the middle of this one would go. Middles are such a pain in the ass!!

2. What’s my favorite part of the fic?

When Ads and Hendo get it on first. I wrote smut!! Woohoo!! And it didn’t feel really weird!!! 

I do have lots of favorite bits though. I wrote the first paragraphs watching a Silent Witness episode and I stole like a million things from it. I feel like most of the first chapter worked out 10/10 as I wanted it, so I’m happy with that.

Thanks darling!!

Ask me fic-specific questions! 

I really Really REALLY love Toriel from Undertale only I’m having a hard time beating I think the almost last boss because I used up all my money and food on the boss before and that one took me like 30+ tries to beat too.

I’ll probably restart and try to have enough food by the end but I’m not sure how long I can handle it… I might end up just watching a playthrough, haha…

“No matter how bad things get, I’ll always be here for you.”

Request: “Wanda Maximoff #17″ 

A/N: Once again sorry it took so long for me to post this imagine but I hope you like it! Also in the future I promise to be responding to requests much sooner.

Warnings: Some Civil War spoilers and slight angst.

Pairings: Wanda Maximoff x Reader

Originally posted by wandamaixmoff

“Hey.” You said as you leaned on the doorframe. “Can I come in?”

“Yeah.” Wanda said with her eyes focused on the TV screen.

She was watching the news.  They were replaying clips of the explosion of the building in Wakanda.  

You and Wanda had a special connection since the first time you met.  You are basically the main reason that the Avengers accepted her.  You managed to convince the others that she deserved a second chance.  She was always so grateful for that and both of you had become close ever since.

You grabbed the control and turned the TV off as you sat next to her. “You have got to stop watching that.”

“It’s all my fault. I could’ve done something but I-”

You grabbed her hand and looked at her. “You have got to stop blaming yourself like that. It’s only going to make things worse.”

She shook her head as she wiped the tears off her face. “You don’t understand.  Innocent people are dead. People lost their loved ones because of me.”

“You were just trying to save Steve.  You didn’t mean to kill those people.  You were just trying to do your best to save people.”

“Sometimes your best isn’t enough.  So many people see me as a public threat now.”

“What does it matter how other people see you as.  What matters is how you see yourself and if it helps I don’t see as a threat.  You’re a hero.”


You interrupted her. “Yes people died but imagine how many more would’ve died if you and the other Avengers hadn’t been there.”

She placed a light kiss on your lips and leaned her forehead against yours. “Thank you.”

“Just remember no matter how bad things get, I’ll always be here for you.” 

Kian lawley imagine: Just tell me..

I watched his videos constantly. Hopping from one to another, again and again. He made my heart beat and my smile appear. I looked at him so close, jc spoke in the background saying God knows what. I looked around the room, I was alone. I was on my computer.. Completely alone. It was a tease, feeling his presence near me. Only in my dreams I could really get creative. Seeing him laugh, smile and hug me. That was until everything happened, I watched him near the counter singing a Christmas song. He caught me looking and chuckled,

“What?’ He says coming over

I shook my head, "nothing”

He sighed hugging me, “are you thinking about it again?” He asks

“No, seriously I’m not” I say hugging him back

“I promise, every day you’re with me I’ll show how worth it you are to me. I know it took a really long time to find you.. But I’m so glad I did. Thank you for not giving up on me. Even after all of the YouTube commotion” he says placing a kiss onto my lips

EXO react to comforting you when your dog dies

Aw anon, I completely understand what you’re going through right now. I remember when I lost my dog that I’d had since I was little, I was heartbroken. I hope this cheers you up. Things do get better.

As you’ve not specifically asked for 6 members, I’m just going to randomly pick. This post explains it in more detail. Also, I’m so sorry this took so long for me to do.

Note: Y/D/N = Your dog’s name

Baekhyun: “Will a cuddle with [yours and Baekhyun’s dog] make you feel better? We don’t like it when you cry,”

Chanyeol: “Babe, are you okay? I can’t imagine how hard this is for you,”


Y/N: “Y/D/N died this morning,”

Chen: “I’m sorry, come here”

Luhan: (Ignore him smiling) *Tries to comfort you when you’re crying*

Sehun: “I can’t watch you cry, because I’ll end up crying,”

Tao: “I know how much you loved Y/D/N, I loved him/her too,”