how come i havent seen this one before

more important questions to consider for your OC:

  • What is their favorite scented candle?
  • What noises can they just not stand?
  • What chore do they absolutely hate doing?
  • How do they pass time when they’re anticipating something, like a friend coming to pick them up?
  • If you checked their CD player, what would be in there?
  • Do they leave laundry (Dirty and/or clean) laying around the room/house?
  • Would they be ashamed of their internet search history?
  • Do they buy into horrorscopes and the like, or are they skeptical?

fairy prince jin!

  • has hair long enough to reach his knees
  • has the prettiest golden eyes in the kingdom
  • enjoys horseback riding and swordplay, much to the surprise of everyone who doesn’t know him (they assume from his looks that he enjoys poetry and whatnot–which he does! but he prefers physical activities more)
  • enjoys fishing (canon lmao)
  • because of his royal lineage, he can control all the elements (unlike most fairies that can only control one ie. a water fairy can control water)
  • would like to study humans up close someday
  • close friends with the goblin king in the neighboring kingdom, much to the surprise of everyone who has heard of the goblin king (because the king can be quite grumpy at times, jin thinks he’s funny) 

Klaus and Camille’s dynamic is, and has always been, one of my favourite elements of the Originals. Its definitely one of the most developed relationships, and in my opinion, is one of the foundations of the show. It’s incredible to me how far they have come in such a short time. They had a rocky beginning but Klaus/Camille have become such a support for one another and I couldnt imagine the show without them. What I enjoy most about them is that they genuinely love and respect each other as people. Cami gives Klaus what he has never had: someone to wholeheartedly believe in his humanity and someone that doesnt judge him for what he has done but sees him for who he is. And because of Cami we are able to see a side to Klaus we havent seen before. She is his mortal heart, she enables him to see the himself, and the world, in a different light. Cami constantly challenges him to see the beauty in the world. Klaus honestly wouldnt be who he is today without her. Klaus gives Cami a challenge; he has brought her into a world full of monsters and darkness but it enriches her understanding of the world. He enables her to see that the world is not white and black - its shades of grey. He has given her someone to believe in. Klaus and Cami are the dark and the light, the monster and the human. As viewers we wouldnt see as much of them as characters as we do without their interactions. Cami has made Klaus a better person and Klaus has taught Cami to embrace those darker parts of herself. From the start Cami has always believed in Klaus’ inherent goodness. He has tried to push her away but she wont let him. He has never had someone outside of his family who has fought for him so hard. No one, not even his siblings, stood up to Mikael the way Cami did. She fights and fights because she alone believes he is good. And he fights for her. Klaus almost died for good because he couldnt let this human die. He tried to cut her out of his life but she scratched her way back in. She tried to live her own life but his voice was too strong for her to resist. They are under each others skin. I have no idea where their dynamic is going to go, but I cant wait to find out.