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The ‘q slur’ tag

Every time I see someone reblog my posts and tag them ‘q slur’ I feel pain. 

I get it: you wanna make your followers comfortable. But did you think about me? How do you think I feel about my identity being called a slur every single day? As if I am something dangerous, traumatic or nsfw just by existing as queer?

I know you don’t think you’re doing harm, but I can feel the hurt, they’re little needles in my queer heart every single day. I’m tired of it. 

I am QUEER. That is non-negotiable. That is where my strength comes from and my rage and my joy. No other term is ever going to describe who I am like ‘queer’. No other term is ever going to be my home like ‘queer’. 

And I refuse to let my home get called a slur every single day when I know the strongest voices behind the ‘queer is a slur’ campaign don’t give a shit about triggers. they’re transphobes and aphobes and biphobes trying to crush to spaces where people can exist without clear labels. They’re the people that want to make my queerness disappear. 

I am Queer. That is my soul. That is my rebellion. That is my solidarity. No ‘gay’ or ‘bi’ or ‘transgender’ label could set my heart aflame like that, could set me free like that, could give me the courage to walk through walls like that. Queer is why I am still here, alive.  Queer is my every breath.

If you don’t respect my identity, why reblog my posts? If you won’t let me be queer without putting ‘slur’ on who I am, just stop reblogging my posts, okay? 

So last week, for the humble price of $17, I ordered a copy of the original script of The Room from Tommy Wiseau’s website, which was a thing I did not know existed until like… a week ago, and anyway, it came today.

I knew TW wouldn’t let this kind of thing get out the door without some kind of personal touch, but I had no idea just how far he’d go.

For those of you who might be having a tough time reading it, it says: “to: Kraig, May all your dreams come true, love: Tommy Wiseau.”

He even went so far as to date it, BUT WE’RE NOT DONE.

He also included a shirtless headshot as soon as you open the thing up.

And last but not least, a pair of underwear with his name emblazoned on the waistband.

I cannot even begin to process all of this but yeah if you ever want to get the original, even more absurd script of The Room now you know what you’re getting into.

Portuguese Influence on Japanese

I’m pretty sure I have a similar post on this, but this post is much more in depth because I wrote a whole term paper about this. If you love BOTH of these languages like I do or if you want to learn more about Japanese, stay tuned: 

Some (very brief) History:
In about 1543, the Portuguese arrived on the island of Tanegashima (off the coast of Kyushu) in Japan. The contact of the Portuguese and Japanese resulted in a lot of trade and religious conversion (on the part of the Japanese). For a pop culture context, look up the movie “Silence” with Andrew Garfield. At one point the daimyos promoted having the Portuguese in Japan, but at a later date they didn’t really like them anymore because he wanted to “nationalize” Nagasaki. So they kicked the Portuguese out. 

Changes from Portuguese → Japanese

Some phonological changes:


Portuguese nasal ending -ão translates to Japanese ending -an. Where do you think the word bread (pan パン) in Japanese comes from? Portuguese ‘pão’ bread! 

Epenthesis (insertion)

A consonant-vowel syllable type is the most frequent syllable pattern in Portuguese, however, Portuguese does allow consonant clusters at the beginnings and the ends of syllables. Japanese can only have consonant-vowel structures, but Japanese can also have 1consonant-vowel-2consonant syllable structures IF the second consonant is a nasal ‘n.’ Because of these differences in structure, Japanese has to change something about these words from Portuguese in order for them to fit into the language. One of these repair mechanisms is vowel epenthesis (or insertion). For example, Portuguese ‘cruz’ has a complex onset (’cr’) and a final consonant (’s’) which is not allowed in Japanese. To repair this, Japanese inserts a ‘u’ between the ‘k’ and ‘r’ sound, and an ‘u’ after the ‘s’ which makes it 

Consonant changes

Portuguese and Japanese differ on a couple of consonants (i.e. Portuguese has some consonants that “don’t exist” in Japanese phonology, so Japanese has to change these consonants to fit theirs). Some of these changes include:
Portuguese f → h sound 
Portuguese l and r → r (because Japanese has to l/r distinction)
Portuguese v → b when at the beginning of a word (my data had no examples of v or b in the middle of a word so I only placed the conditions that exist). 

I have more data regarding semantic change and orthographic choices (i.e. how Japanese chose to represent certain loan words in kanji). If you’re interested in seeing some of that, let me know. 

But one last interesting point: 

Did you know Japanese kabocha (pumpkin) comes from the Portuguese word for Cambodia? 

Before the Portuguese arrived in Japan, they were in Goa (India) and Macao (China). Supposedly on their route from Goa to Macau, they stopped in Cambodia. I’m thinking that maybe “kabocha” used to be “pumpkin of Cambodia” where, when the Japanese received these pumpkins from the Portuguese, just clipped it and ended up using “kabocha” to refer to the pumpkin. 

Just a fun fact. Because I was floored when I learned this. 

Edit: All data based on romanized orthographic recordings so orthography may not actually correspond with phonemes, etc.

in all seriousness

i think fleur and hermione would spend several years in france

and they wouldn’t move to england until they have kids, and when they do, fleur teaches them perfect french and they’re little wee bilingual children

so whenever the kids want to tell fleur something “secretive” they tell it to her in french

and it isn’t until they’re 10 when hermione just breaks into laughter because they’re whispering french back and forth and she’s just like

“your mother and I spent four years in france, i can understand every word you’re saying”

cue mortified looks from chilren

“she’s the brightest witch of her age” fleur says, sipping her cup of tea

“yeah, sure muman”

and its not until the kids both go to Hogwarts do they hear all the stories about their moms because before they thought their moms were just witches and both were very modest about their past

so the first year they come back for winter break they’re like “mum you get attached by a trOLL?!?!”

and the second year “unCLE HARRY FOUGHT A SNAKE?? YOU WERE PETRIFIED??" 

and by the forth year the teachers are like "oh and fleur delacour came from beauxbaton” and the kids are like “we know, we know, mums told us the story of how they met a million times”

until they come back from winter break and is like “Maman yOU FOUGHT A DRAGON???”

The Interview

Pairings: Joe Keery x Reader
Words: 2,146 sorry
Request: I absolutely loved the Joe Keery x reader one you made. Could you do a similar one where joe is still dating Maika but somehow starts to fall for the reader? I love all your imagines, you’re so talented! xx
Summary: You portray the new character Olivia Henderson in season three of Stranger Things. You and Joe go on a Jimmy Kimmel interview together to talk about the recent season together.
Part: 1/5
Warnings: Joe likes the reader but is dating Maika, so if you consider that cheating.
A/N: I absolutely loved writing this, it’s probably one of my favorite fics I’ve written, so I hope I did your request justice! I cut this into two parts because there’s just so much more I want to do with it. (Also I have no idea how interviews work so if this is really inaccurate, I’m so sorry.

Part 2

Your foot bounces as nerves run through your leg. You watch the TV backstage as Jimmy tells jokes to his audience. You stand beside your co-star, Joe, preparing to walk in front of the boisterous crowd. Joe playfully bumps your shoulder with his own, a smile tugging at his lips. “Relax,” He maneuvers himself behind you and begins to rub your shoulders, Joe’s touch calmed you down immediately -much to your dismay. “You’re going to do great, okay?” He reassures, “And if you panic just know I’m right there next to you. Jimmy’s interviews are always the best, he makes you feel right at home. There’s nothing to be worried about, I promise.” You nod along with Joe’s words. You can do this, you’re Y/N Y/L/N.

“Without further ado, everybody, Joe Keery and Y/N Y/L/N from Stranger Things season three!” People in the audience screech as you step onto the stage to meet the host. You and Joe quickly shake hands with Jimmy and situate yourself onto the couch as Jimmy gets comfortable behind his desk. “Welcome, welcome!”

“Thank you so much for having us!” You gush towards the man and the crowd cheers, you wave slightly to the crowd as their voices die down. “Ah, I’m so nervous, this is my first night show, I feel like the pressure is on.” You mention, Jimmy lets out a loud laugh and the crowd mimics his actions.

“Well I am honored to be your first host,” Jimmy grins towards you before jumping right on into the interview, “So Stranger Things 3 aired on Netflix about a month ago, correct?” You and Joe nod to answer his question. “Y/N, you’re the newest member of the cast this season, would you mind telling us about your character and her background? I believe it was mentioned here and there but just to make sure everyone is familiar with you.”

“Of course!” You cheer, your nerves subside as you begin to speak, “My character was Olivia Henderson, she is Dustin’s cousin who lived in New York. Her father was re-marrying a woman  who Olivia wasn’t fond of and she just wanted to escape for the summer, so that’s how she ended up in Hawkins.” You explain the backstory of your character like the back of your hand.

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“The hijab robbed me of my childhood”

 “I assumed my life should be next to a man. […] and that would be my life.”

“One day my mother gave me the hijab, and from then on, I was supposed to cover my hair with it. I asked why. I still felt like a child, and wanted to play, to let my hair loose, to run with the other kids. Why wear the hijab? The hijab robbed me of my childhood.

“I had no contact with science when I was a Muslim. Most of the time I would read the Quran and do the daily things Muslims do. The knowledge area in my brain was blocked, neglected, or non-existent.

“I did not know anything about the Big Bang, about the evolution theory, or even about philosophy. […] How come the education systems in Islamic countries do not provide this information? Why are you hiding it? What are you afraid of?“

“[I had to hide being atheist] my family would kill me, and if they didn’t, the state would execute me. You don’t get the choice to leave Islam.“

Meanwhile at the Women’s March:

anonymous asked:

Do you have any acd fic recs?

Hoooo boyyyy do I ever. In no particular order:

The Incident In The Room With The Red Curtain, 9k, teen. Friends to lovers. “Holmes investigates the mysterious disappearance of Francis Colleton, a case that requires some of Watson’s specialist knowledge.” Absolutely one of my favorite fics of all time. They are so gentle with each other.

The Adventure of the Doctor’s Heart, 12k, E. Friends to lovers. “Holmes has observed much of Watson’s habits and tastes over time, which is why it surprises him when his friend objects strangely to a folk song sung at the conclusion of a case. Disturbed by the Doctor’s unexpected display of emotion, Holmes becomes determined to lift his spirits by any means necessary, with mixed results.” This was one of the first Doyle-style fics I read. Holmes’ quiet adoration of John is so good.

Grit, 5k, M. Friends to lovers. “Watson, still bruised and damaged from the Afghan War, decides to hide his inversion so Holmes will remain his friend and flatmate. He thinks the trade-off won’t be difficult, but in a moment of weakness he goes to an underground club with an erstwhile lover. What he discovers there is more than he’d bargained for.” Funny and sad and sweet, with a beautiful ending.

A Man Of Great Character And Better Humor, 2k, gen. Established relationship. Retirement. “When a bit of bad news threatens to crush Watson’s spirit, Holmes knows just the solution.” Absolutely the loveliest little sketch of two old men in love.

Five Times Sherlock Holmes Lied, 5k, gen. Friends to lovers. TAB verse. “Something in Wilde’s persecution has touched a nerve in Sherlock – snapped that tenuous thread of hope holding him upright – and it feels as if he has taken to bleeding internally.” This one’s hard, but gorgeous.

The Ill-Tempered Patient, 1k, gen. Pre-slash. “Holmes has a cold and is being disagreeable, but Watson is used to indulging his moods.” A funny glimpse into their affection for each other.

Mon Couer, 1k, teen. Established relationship. “Holmes tries out a new endearment in the midst of pillow talk.” Holmes gets insecure, and Watson comforts him. The two of them trying to figure out how to be sweet with each other–and flustering themselves–is too lovely.

A Taste of Honey, 3k, teen. Pre-slash. Sickfic. “A failure to observe leads to a successful deduction.” Watson becomes deathly ill while Holmes is away, and Holmes is forced to confront how badly he needs him.

The Incident With The Bicycle, 2k, gen. Established relationship. “We know Holmes can ride a bicycle, but when exactly did he learn?” A bit of a wobble in the early days of their love. I adore Watson’s kindness in this.

Wintry Morning, Victoria Station, 1k, teen. Established relationship. “Watson had come to see me off at the station, that chilly morning in November when a quiet yet momentous shift took place in that strange thing that existed between us.” Watson and Holmes find words for something deeper than anyone around them could imagine.

The Tempest, 3k, teen. Friends to lovers. “Now that Holmes had come back from the dead, things could return to how they were before.” Aftermath of Reichenbach–Watson is so brave.

As Yes To If, 3k, gen. Friends to lovers. Granada. “Leave for your own sake if you must, but on no account shall you leave for mine. I can imagine no sadder outcome of the insight you have gained tonight.” Watson lets slip more of his heart than he realizes, after they nearly lose their lives.

Winter In London, 45k, NR. Friends to lovers. CW: rape. “The last stages of a case go dangerously wrong. Afterwards, Watson tries to live with the memory of a terrible bargain in secrecy.” This is heartbreaking, and deep, and beautiful. Be careful of the content; but if you can manage it, it’s worth it.

I May Be Speaking To Closed Doors, 2k, teen. Established relationship. “Watson makes a Valentine, and then isn’t sure what to do with it.” Poor Watson, a romantic in a relationship with the world’s most unromantic man–so it seems.

Invasion, 2k, gen. Established relationship. Watson can’t bear mice. Holmes thinks it’s rather silly, but humors him, until he understands. This starts off a bit cracky and then ends so sweetly.

Tea From Terai, 700w, gen. Established relationship. “Sherlock Holmes gets a letter from Terai, and remembers that he does know someone in Terai. Or, knew.” Watson learns a little something about his love’s past.

What Is Right, And What Is Easy, 600w, NR. Established relationship. “There’s a reason that Article 28 (which criminalized homosexuality) was called the Blackmailer’s Charter.” This cuts deep for how brief it is.

The Red Notebook, 10k, teen. Post-Reichenbach. I hesitated to include this because it’s a bit too much heartbreak for me–I can’t believe that they would ever willingly give each other up, after love. But this story’s Mycroft is so good, his relationship with Watson so bittersweet, I had to. And it ends joyously, as it must.

Masked Ball, 30k, teen. Friends to lovers. “Six months after Holmes’ return from the dead, the delicate equilibrium in Baker Street is disturbed when a stranger walks out of the London fog with a case–for Watson. Holmes is wary, Watson is fascinated. But who is the man calling himself Álvaro de León? And what does he really want?” I love, love, love this story. I love Alvaro, I love the way Holmes deduces Watson’s bisexuality, I love the mystery and the sweep and the humor of it. It’s wonderful.

Text Omitted, 1k, teen. Established relationship. CW: child abuse. “Watson learns something disconcerting about Holmes’ past.” This makes me cry, and smile: the courage with which they love each other.

The Bee Grove, 14k, teen. Friends to lovers. CW: suicide. “Watson travels to Kent to attend the funeral of an estranged friend from his past who committed suicide. Certain things transpire to make Watson wonder if his inappropriate love for Holmes could possibly be requited.” Beautiful.

Idée Fixe, 1k, teen. Friends to lovers. Granada. “He does not know what to begin with it. It is too grave a thing to be treated as a mere distraction, too tenacious to be dissolved in tobacco smoke. What does one begin with an idée fixe? With a mind bent towards one single thing.” This is almost infuriating in its restraint, but fascinating, too.

The Thieves’ Den, 6k, teen. “The discovery of a large cache of stolen goods ends badly.” Words cannot express how I love this fic–particularly the meddling Mycroft, and the protectiveness of both of them, in spite of each other.

Since I First Saw Your Face, 70k, M. Developing relationship. “During the Great Hiatus, Holmes, studying in Tibet, reflects on his first meeting with Dr John Watson.” The only WIP I’ll rec, or read, because the wealth of historical detail and depth of their intimacy is such that I’d be immensely thankful to have read this even if it never ended. The author can be found on tumblr at @artemisastarte.

When You Know Something’s Wrong, 1k, M. Established relationship. Sickfic. “Holmes gets it wrong.” This is just 1k of lovely Watson gently forcing his medical attention on a truculent Holmes.

Pilgrims Of A Sort, 12k, teen. Friends to lovers to retirement. Absolute classic. “A pair of young travelers turn up at the Sussex cottage of an aging Holmes and Watson, searching for proof that love like theirs can last a lifetime. Watson tells them the story of himself and Holmes–which also happens to be the story of Mary Morstan, and her own unconventional love affair.” Featuring a fantastic old married Holmes and Watson and TWO pairs of happy lesbians.

A Matter of Integrity, 3k, gen. Established relationship. “It is a curious thing when a celebrity whom you’ve never truly met is widely considered your most prominent suitor. Irene Norton sets out in search of some answers, and discovers that sometimes the truth is a delicate matter.” Irene is wonderful, Holmes is careful, and this is good.

Cameo, 8k, teen. Friends to lovers. “Holmes and Watson become embroiled in a case Scotland Yard refuses to acknowledge. A soulmate AU.” One wouldn’t think a magical AU in Victorian times could be very delicately done, or mesmerizing. One would be wrong.

Chimera, 800w, gen. Pre-slash. Post-Reichenbach. “My dear Watson, It is with reluctance that I begin this letter to you, for there can be no doubt regarding its fate. It will follow into oblivion all the other letters I have written to you over the past two years, the only difference between them their means of demise.” Poor Holmes.

Something To Retire To, 9k, teen. Friends to partners. Asexual Holmes, miscommunication, jealousy. “Watson contemplates the future while he and Holmes investigate the three Garridebs.” This fic will break your heart into a hundred pieces and put it together again.

Hallowed Be Thy Name, 40k, E. Established relationship. “A word must be said upon the subject of witticisms first, within the context of the manuscripts which have begun littering our rooms.  My friend the Doctor’s sense of humour exists in direct correlation to his state of physical well-being, and the more active a man he becomes–a felicity for which I am grateful as much to his ferocious tenacity as to any higher power–the more wry grow the invariably poetical descriptors applied to my person.” Holmes’ past, Watson’s love, and an epic poem of a story. This fic changed me.

Of course, look up each author’s full body of work if you want more. Mistyzeo is on tumblr at @mistyzeo and posts recs frequently. I write Doyle-style here. @granada-brett-crumbs has another magnificently expansive canon fic rec here. @knightfury1895 and @jeremyholmes post canon-style ficlets on tumblr. Basically, there’s a wealth of wonderful fic out there!

Diabolik lovers Chaos Lineage: [CD drama - Scarlet Family -Vol.1] ~translation|traducción~

[Scarlet Family] [Violet Family] [Orange Family]

Hermanos del mayor + al menor -: 1.Reiji - 2.Yuma - 2.Shu - 4.Kino.

Please let me know if there are any mistakes.
Muchas gracias a @dialoversthai por haber hecho esta traducción posible!! y a @madamemalfoy21​ por ayudarme con la traducción~!


*The church bells are ringing*

Reiji: Thirteen vampires… … descendants from the same lineage, all of them divided into three
families. Destined to obtain one woman.
Kino: Agaiiin with that legend? Something like “destiny” is stupid.
Kino: We must obtain one woman, which is Eve. Once you get obtain her, you will become the Supreme King.
Reiji: Exactly. To be the Supreme King is the destiny that was imposed upon us. We must not let other family to overcome us.
Shu: Haa … … How bothersome. I’m not interested in being the Supreme King.
Reiji: Shu, this is a matter of major importance for all of us brothers. The person who obtains her, shall also obtain the world. Nevertheless, whoever gives up the fight, even if it is a vampire, shall get the worst of punishments.

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Language dates
  • Come over and learn the basic grammar of my conlang
  • Let’s create a Memrise course of the worst swear words in both our languages
  • We should make cookies in the shape of kanjis and see if we manage to make any that are recognisable after baking
  • Hey, let’s listen to a language we don’t know for 30mins to get a feel of how it sounds and then try and come up with words in that language and check if they exist on a dictionary: winner gets 1 kiss for every point of advantage they scored on the other
  • If I don’t understand your language, you tell me a sentence and I have to understand if it’s a compliment or an insult “your lips are really soft” vs “did your face get hit with something”
Lana Del Rey on Religion

“My understanding of God has come from my own personal experiences… because I was in trouble so many times in New York that if you were me, you would believe in God too. When things get bad enough, your only resort is to lie in bed and start praying. I dunno about congregating once a week in a church and all that, but when I heard there is a divine power you can call on, I did.“ 

“Well, I mixed it with my studies in theology, because it was the best school for the Jesuit faith and all of the Jesuits taught philosophy classes. There was just a lot of talk about going back to that basic question: Why do we exist? How did reality come to be? Why do we do what we do? And how not to become the butcher, the baker, the candlestickmaker, the guardians of the middle-class—that really interested me. I don’t know. Yeah, I loved being around people who wondered why we were here.”

“I guess I would say that the beautiful thing about feeling connected to something greater is that even at my lowest point I always have a feeling that I’m being taken care of. “

“And Jesus—I mean, being raised Catholic, it was just a way of life. Spirituality and religion were strong. I was in Catholic school until I was 13. Like a lot of other people, I think foundationally I was hymn inspired—musical hymns, not Him, Jesus. [Laughs.]”

“Like so many people, they always state the difference between faith and religion. The faith that I’ve come to find is a science of my own through lots of trials and errors. I’ve been through so many different walks of life that I’ve needed to ask a lot of questions that no human power can answer. I’ve had to seek a lot of guidance. I’ve had to pray a lot because I’ve been in trouble a lot. But it’s not until you do that that you realize there are answers out there to be found.”

To thine own self be true. Seek and ye shall find. There’s a science to prayer, I would say. I think sometimes when you’re really faced with a huge life dilemma or problem and you’ve turned to every sort of thing for answers, sometimes the last resort is to pray and to put out a question to the universe in your mind. Even when you put your question out there, you ask that invisible whoever “What do I do?” you sort of get answers; you forget the problem all over again.”

“I went to a Catholic school called St. Agnes and I loved going to church. I was very interesting and curious about the idea of a divine plan and that there was something bigger than us out there. I don’t have a traditional Catholic view of religion or God though – but I enjoy the feeling of being looked after in the spiritual sense.”

She attended a Catholic elementary school called St. Agnes, and was the cantor of the church across the street. “I loved church,” says Del Rey. “I loved the mysticism, the idea of something bigger, the idea of a divine plan. For me, the concept of religion transitioned into a really healthy idea of God–I don’t have the traditional views of a conservative Catholic, but my imagination was opened within the big blue-and-gold cathedral walls. I liked the idea of being looked after.”

I would say, ‘I don’t know what’s going to happen.’ She’d say, ‘God didn’t save you from drowning just to beat you up on the shore. All you really need is patience when you have persistence.”

“I feel a strong relationship with God and I feel my ties are with him. That’s how I honestly feel. Everything I do, I do it for somebody I’ve never met before, something in the great beyond. That’s my primary relationship, really, is with something divine. I feel a connection as real with that as I’ve ever had with anybody on this earth.”

“There’s one song called “God Knows I Tried” which has a little gospel feel to it.”

Let’s talk about the Alternate Universe in s12 for a moment. Specifically, in its relation to Sam.

Remember how Dean and pretty much anyone else blamed Sam for the apocalypse? Remember how, even now, it’s still something that he drags around, being the one who freed Lucifer and caused the apocalypse? Can you imagine the burden this is for him, the pressure it puts on him to not make the same mistake again? Remember how a second apocalypse was the only thing that stopped him from saying yes in s11?

Now, let’s think about this for a moment. Without Sam in this other universe… how could it be possible that the apocalypse still happened, when it was his fault? I mean, we know Mary existed and John did at one point too, so up until then it was probably a very similar universe, don’t you agree? So, how come the apocalypse happened without Sam, when he’s apparently responsible for it?

Easy answer: Because he is not! And he never was!

Obviously, which is proven by canon now, Sam was never the one responsible for the apocalypse to happen. In a different universe, it happened without him - with much worse outcomes! This means that every single time Sam has been accused of causing the apocalypse - openly or not - it simply wasn’t true. Because even without Sam ever existing, it would have happened anyway!

It just happened that, due to different circumstances, Sam was the one to break the last seal. With different circumstances, someone else would have done it. In the end, Sam was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time and that’s canon!

In reality, Sam was the one who prevented the worst. He was the one who ended all of this by jumping into the pit - with Michael and Lucifer!

So, the next time anyone dares to hold the apocalypse against Sam to prove how horrible and bad he is, remind them of that. Because, no matter what, in the end, Sam saved the world and did not destroy it. It was destroyed without him!

anonymous asked:

Do you have any idea what "lie" Ciel is asking Sebastian about? Given 2CT is probably about to be confirmed, could it be about real!Ciel being dead or something? Aaah everything is happening so quickly now I'm;; Σ(゚Д゚ )

I immediately had an idea what they might be talking about in that scene but wasn’t sure if it made sense, but judging from the reviews I’ve seen on twitter as well as on the Kuroshitsuji fan thread, it seems many people in the Japanese fandom had the same idea, so I’m kinda relieved.^^;

Anyway, I think Ciel is referring to this scene where Ciel and Sebastian made the contract three years ago:

Ciel found the message on the wall and immediately understood what it was about. Assuming the 2CT is true, he probably thought of his twin brother (maybe the word “candy” was a secret code for the twins) but then dispelled that thought because he thought it was “impossible” for real!Ciel to be alive.

But later he found the pieces of the family photo that fell from Soma’s hand (which most probably showed the twin) and now he can’t exclude that “impossible” possibility, namely the retrun of his twin brother, anymore.

So he asks Sebastian “You didn’t ever lie to me, did you?” in the sense of “You DID eat real!Ciel’s soul that day, didn’t you?” and Sebastian replies “No, I don’t tell any lies.” meaning “Yes, I DID eat your twin’s soul.”. With that confirmation, there’s only one possiblity left, namely that his twin has come back as a **bizarre doll (anything else is impossible because the twin’s soul most probably doesn’t exist anymore). Hence, Ciel’s huge shock at the end of the chapter:

That’s how I and many others in the JP fandom interpreted the last scene. It might be completely wrong, but whatever, we’ll get to know the correct answer someday, anyway (hopefully, next month!) (=゚ω゚)ノ

((**Note: Many people tend to forget this, but in order to create a bizarre doll you need 1) a somewhat clean body including the cinematic records + 2) fake records + 3) future episodes, i.e. it does not require a soul. A BD does not have a soul, that’s why they are after living humans in the first place.))

Jack x Reader

Can I request a Jack imagine where the reader (a daughter of a family friend that was killed on a hunt) is dating Jack and Dean doesn’t approve even though and even though he’s not their father he acts like it? (Omg that is wayyy to thought out I’m sorry 😂)

A/N: I am sorry if this wasn’t Long enough or fatherly enough… I just thought that if I had gone for an actual ‘relationship-building’ Story, I’d be writing until forever! Feedback is appreciated! I could add a part two to build more relationships, if that is desired! Spoilers of Season 13

Becoming a hunter wasn’t Y/N’s decision. When she was a child, her father was often gone because of his job. Y/N’s mother wasn’t around, either. From what Y/N knew, she had an accident shortly after giving birth to her daughter. When Y/N turned 16, she stole a car to go after her father who left her once again, only to realise that his work was incredibly different to what he told her. He was chasing a tribe of vampires that day. When he saw his daughter hiding behind the door while he killed them off, he knew that from this day on, she’d be a hunter, too. He trained her, sometimes took her with him. Until he died, that is.

Y/N remembered that fateful day vividly. November 8th. It had rained the entire day, but in the evening, the rain turned into a storm. It was cold and the sun never seemed to rise that day. Y/N knew that her father was on a hunt again, without her.
“Don’t worry, Y/N. It’s just demons - set a trap and stab them. Remember, when I’m not back until Saturday, you’ll find a number in the save in my room. Until my return, they will take care of you.”
It often happened that her father was gone for long periods of time, but he’d always return within the timeframe he told her. Not this day. November 8th was the Saturday he promised her to be back. Y/N waited in their home, watched the rain fall, hoping every second that the door was opened. But that never happened. Y/N waited until midnight: That’s when she realised, he’d never return. The number her father had left her was the number of a dead man: Bobby Singers. But his almost-sons were kind enough to offer her a save place while they went to search for her father.

That was several years ago. To this day, Y/N kept close contact with Dean and Sam Winchester. Over time, they basically became her brothers and father-figures. Lately, things changed, though. Y/N always knew that the angel that often joined them in their fights, Castiel, was more to them than an ally, more like the best friend and confidant: Especially for Dean who remained too stubborn to open up to Sam or Y/N as in his mind, he had to be their strongest man. Y/N liked Castiel, though she always thought it was quite odd for an angel to be that… human. But when Lucifer entered earth once again and started to kill again, the Winchesters did all they could to stop her from getting involved - not because of lacking skill or ability, but because the risk of death was just… to great. That’s why Y/N only learnt after they had burnt Cas that Lucifer got him.

Another rainy night: Nothing unusual. Y/N walked down the street after buying some groceries at the local store. That’s when she spotted a figure sitting on the ground, somewhat oblivious to the rain. Y/N looked at the guy who didn’t look like someone who’d call the street his home.

“Lost your keys?” Y/N asked confused.

“Keys?”, he looked at her in confusion, “Keys for what?”

“To open a door? To get inside where”, she made a movement to point out the rain, “there’s no rain.”

“No, though I believe I don’t have a key. I doubt they’d entrust me with one”, he replied calmly.

Y/N raised an eyebrow: “Strict parents?”

“Not exactly”, he shook his head, “I assume that is the problem’s root, actually. My parentage.”

“You don’t make a lot of sense, you know”, Y/N replied, “But if you want, there’s a café close by. At least it’s dry there.”

He looked at her with a confused look in his eyes: “Why are you kind to me?”

“… Because until I find reasons to despise you, it’s easier to like you”, Y/N replied with a smile.

“… Alright, sure.”

Sitting at a table in the café, Y/N decided to go back to the previous topic: “So you live in that house you sat in front of?”

“Close by. At least that’s where I spent the last days.”

Y/N frowned: “These people you live with, what are their names?” Slowly, it dawned on her that this couldn’t be a normal person who’s just mildly confused.

“Sam - Sam and Dean-”

“Winchester”, Y/N added, “That explains a lot.”

“You know them?” he asked.

“Pretty much”, Y/N nodded, “We work in the same field.”

“I see… does Dean like you?”, he asked calmly.

“Like? Guess he does, I mean, he accepts me”, Y/N replied with a shrug.

“And what about your father? Who is he?”, he asked.

Y/N pressed her lips together: “Dead for one thing. He was a hunter. What about yours?”

“I don’t know, actually. My mother told me my father was Castiel, but-”

“Cas? Child?”, Y/N exclaimed.

“But Sam then told me that my father wasn’t Castiel, but Lucifer.”

Y/N’s eyes widened: “Are you joking?”

“Do you know my father?”

“He’s not really the person you want to get to know”, Y/N replied, “He’s often referred to as Satan. Cast out by God, thrown into hell.”

“God… my grandfather.”


“… Is my parentage the thing it took for you to despise me?”, he asked calmly and quietly.

Y/N sighted: “Look. My father was killed by demons, not Lucifer. And I guess you’re not your father. Genetically, you are related to him, but you’re not the same. He was once an angel, a good man. It was power that corrupted him, not his genes. And his thoughts, ideology, however you wanna call it, isn’t in your genes. What’s your name, by the way?”

“Jack.” He remained quiet for a while: “Dean does not share your opinion. He hates me.”

“Dean’s a douche sometimes. A kind, stubborn, selfless idiot.” Y/N sighted and added: “And he probably doesn’t hate you.”

As if called, the door of the café flew open.

“What the hell- Y/N, what are you thinking??”


“Out, both of you!”, Dean commanded, Y/N quickly put money on the table and nodded at Jack to get up and out.

“Y/N, I told you to stay the hell out of it! What part of that sentence wasn’t freaking clear?”, Dean asked harshly when the three of them stood outside. Then he turned to Jack: “And you: Sam and I have been looking for you for, what, hours?? There’s like a zoo full of species out there that would kill and have killed to get hands on you and you just wander through the city without anyone but yourself, not even a knife: Nothing??”

“Dean, he’s like, what, a week old? Hell, I know the monsters out there just like you do, but to compare yourself of me to him, that’s just unfair! And I got ‘stay the hell out of it’ but you didn’t exactly describe Lucifer’s child looked like or that one existed in the first place!”, Y/N replied annoyed.

“Oh, I’m really sorry, but are we even talking about the same kid here?? He ain’t like you or I, Y/N!” Dean retorted.

“You are aware that I hear those things, Dean”, Jack pointed out calmly.

“Dean, you know that he is probably your best shot when it comes to defeating Lucifer: Everyone else who tried, you know, kinda died! I know it sucks, but he didn’t take a blade and stab Cas! How often did I side with demons to defeat a bigger evil? All the damn time! Just because one killed my father makes them all responsible for that one incident!” Y/N exclaimed harshly.

“Wait, wait, wait, wait: Are you siding with him? Well, that’s just awesome, Y/N! He’s dangerous, has no control over his powers: He could get you killed by freaking touching you! Pretty face aside, he’s a nuclear bomb with a timer!” Dean pointed at Jack to underline his point.

“I don’t know, Dean”, Jack said calmly, “Y/N has been nice to me ever since I met her. I defended you and your brother. And I will defend her, too.”

Dean rolled his eyes and sighted in frustration: “You kids are freaking weird.” He shook his head: “Well, then, odd couple, return home now, curfew.”

“You’re not my dad, you know”, Y/N said with a smile, “I don’t even live with you.”

“Well, you do now, when living with the Little Boy is what you want”, Dean replied sarcastically.

“Little Boy?”, Jack asked.

“It was the code name of a bomb”, Y/N explained, “It ended up levelling a city.”

“I don’t want to be a monster, you know”, Jack said to Dean.

“Well”, Dean replied flatly, “We are what we are.”

“The line between humans and monsters is more blurred than you might think, Jack”, Y/N replied silently, “I had to kill humans to. Most of us have a choice to become what we want. You do.”

★*゚‘゚・American Psycho (2000)

trigger warnings may apply: death, murder, drugs, sex, alcohol

❝ God, I hate this place. ❞
❝ They don’t have a good bathroom to do coke in. ❞
❝ I don’t need to hear this story again. ❞
❝ I’m not sure, guy, but I don’t think dyslexia is a virus. ❞ 
❝ I want to get high off this; ______, not sprinkle it on my fucking All-Bran. ❞
❝ Could you keep it down, I’m trying to do drugs! ❞
❝ My conscience, my pity, my hopes disappeared a long time ago, if they ever did exist. ❞
❝ You look nice today. ❞
❝ I don’t want to talk about it.  ❞
❝ I want to fit in. ❞
❝ I have to talk to you. ❞
❝ If you don’t shut your fucking mouth I will kill you, are you understanding me? ❞ 
❝ This is crazy. You’re a fool. I can’t cope with this. ❞ 
❝ Listen, what are you doing tonight? ❞
❝ You should come have dinner with me. ❞
❝ Pumpkin you’re dating an asshole. ❞
❝ Is that Donald Trump’s car? ❞
❝ How’d a nitwit like you get so tasteful? ❞
❝ You want some money? Some…food? ❞
❝ Do you know how bad you smell? The stench, my God. ❞
❝ You like Huey Lewis and the News? ❞
❝ Why are there copies of the Style section all over the place? Do you have a dog? A chow or something? ❞
❝ Jesus lives, ______. ❞ 
❝ Singapore? London. I’ll send the asshole to London. ❞
❝ I’ll call you when I get back. Hasta la vista, baby. ❞
❝ You’re not with the FBI or anything, are you? ❞
❝ Was he involved at all , do you think, in occultism or Satan worship? ❞
❝ People just…disappear. ❞
❝ I haven’t seen you around here. ❞
❝ Actually, that’s none of your business. ❞
❝ I don’t want you to get drunk, but that’s a very fine Chardonnay you’re not drinking. ❞
❝ If they have a good personality and they are not great looking-who fucking cares? ❞
❝ Is this tap water? I don’t drink tap water Bring me an Evian or something, okay? ❞
❝ I never knew you smoked. ❞
❝ I’m into, well, murders and executions mostly. ❞
❝ No, you dumb son of a bitch. I’m serious. I’m disappearing. ❞  
❝ Goodbye! Fuckheads! ❞
❝ You think I’m dumb, don’t you? ❞
❝ I’m on a diet. But thank you. ❞
❝ Do you have a boyfriend? ❞
❝ If you stay, I think something bad will happen. I think I might hurt you. You don’t want to get hurt, do you? ❞
❝ I’m not so sure about this. I had to go to Emergency after last time… ❞
❝ This is nicer than your other apartment. ❞
❝ Did you know that guy who disappeared? ❞  
❝ Are you telling me you’ve never gotten it on with a girl? ❞
❝ You actually listen to Whitney Houston? You actually have a Whitney Houston CD? More than one?❞
❝ I’m fucking serious. It’s fucking over. Us. This is no joke. I don’t think we should see each other anymore. ❞
❝ I think you should know-I’ve killed a lot of people. ❞
❝ I don’t want to leave anything out here…I guess I’ve killed 20 people, maybe 40. ❞
❝ Tonight I just, well, I had to kill a lot of people and I’m not sure I ’m going to get away with it this time. ❞
❝ I mean, to think that one of his friends killed him, for no reason whatsoever would be too ridiculous. ❞
❝ Stop sounding so Fucking sad! Jesus! ❞  
❝ Wait. Stop. You don’t seem to understand. You’re not really comprehending any of this. I killed him. I did it. ❞
❝ I just don’t see how someone, anyone, can appear that way and yet be involved in such total shit. How can you be so fucking, I don’t know, cool about it? ❞
❝ Whose moronic idea was it to drink dry beers? I need a Scotch. ❞
❝ My pain is constant and sharp and I do not hope for a better world for anyone. In fact I want my pain to be inflicted on others. I want no escape. ❞               

His (C.H.)

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A/N: This imagine (and the next couple of parts following this) are based on text post that some bloggers that I follow reblog. This will most likely have three parts to it (including this one). Sorry that I haven’t written in a long time. I didn’t have much inspiration. I hope you enjoy this though :)

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“I’d be his if he asked.”


I turned away from my locker to see one of my very few friends making her way towards me. I smiled as she got closer. “Hey, Pheebs. What’s up?”

“You’re not doing anything tonight, are you?” She asked.

I turned back to my locker. “Just studying, per usual. Why?”

“You’re not going to the game?”

I shook my head as I shut my locker. “No.”

“You’re really going to miss the game to study on a Friday night instead?” She asked me incredulously.

I clutched my books to my chest. “You know I don’t do well in crowds.”

She raised an eyebrow at me. “Not even for a Calum Hood?”

I flushed. “He doesn’t even know that I exist.”

She rolled her eyes. “You two have gone to the same school since the fifth grade and practically had almost the same classes since freshman year. How could he not know that you exist?”

I shrugged. “I’m a nobody.”


“What? It’s true. I’m shy, I barely have any friends, I keep quiet in class, and the only club I’m active in is the music club.”

“But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know you.”

I sighed. “If I just say yes to going tonight, will you drop the whole ‘Calum knows I exist thing?’”

She smiled triumphantly. “Good. I’ll pick you up at six.”

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Three’s a Crowd.

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Member: Taehyung x Reader x OC

Type: Poly au, Smut, Angst, Fluff.

Part 1. (1/?)

You’d call it crazy if I told you how it all happened. But I’m going to tell you anyway. There was this girl and there was this guy, both fairly attractive and both fairy in love. Their names were Mika and Taehyung. Mika and Taehyung had known each other since they were little and basically grown up together. They were close as close could be and nothing could break them apart, except for that fact that Mika was also in love with someone else too. In love with a girl. Mika had met this girl when she was looking for a place to stay for a while after moving to Seoul. Mika took an interest into this girl and they both became quick friends after Mika offered her the extra room in her apartment. Later on in their blossoming friendship, Mika had found out that the girl too had taken an interest to her and they both became close than usual friends would. Taehyung had noticed this sudden change in his relationship when their date nights would turn into 3 friends hanging out and his girlfriend would constantly talk about this girl even in their intimate times. This girl was oblivious to the fact that she was barging into their relationship unintentionally until Taehyung had brought it up when they were left alone while Mika had gone to the restroom. This girl was gobsmacked at how stupid and clueless she has been and tried to explain to the boy that she had no intention to ruin their relationship, standing up from the coffee table to gather her things to leave until Mika rushed back, pushing the girl back down into the seat before sitting down herself, grabbing both of their hands before sending them a small smile. That was when Mika had made a drastic proposal, leaving both of her lovers shocked at her words. A polyamorous relationship wasn’t something that was on their minds. Taehyung would’ve declined the proposal but he had grown some sort of soft spot for this girl and had always fantasized about a 3 way. But this girl, this girl was uncertain about the whole thing. She loved Mika and had also grown some sort of soft spot for Taehyung but she knew how much they loved each other and had so much chemistry and history. This girl wanted to say no. This girl wanted to leave. This girl knew it wouldn’t work out in the end. This girl knew in her heart that something would go horribly wrong. This girl knew that two’s a company and three’s a crowd. This girl knew she was making the wrong choice but she accepted it. This girl…was me. 

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The River

Pairing: Scott x Reader

Summary: Scott goes looking for you between his classes and he finds you by recognizing the melody of your favorite song, also he finds out about your special place.

A/N: Thank you to my dylan @were-cheetah-stiles for making this a piece of art as usual. and to @joeynihil for literally feeding this whole imagine and what better time to write one of her idea requests during her birthday week? <3 gif by @henycavil

Listen to this gem


The quietness surrounded Scott when he allowed the classroom door to shut behind him; it felt strange to him looking down an empty corridor, he was so used to it being crowded by students laughing and joking about with their friends. He looked over his shoulder once more, eyes going straight towards your seat that was oddly vacant. Scott remembered seeing you just before this class, how could he not? You were the only person that clouded his mind day in and day out.

Scott sniffed the air hesitantly, looking around him to ensure no one was observing him, trying to catch your scent but it was nowhere to be found. He walked down the hall, taking a right towards your locker where a faint scent lingered. He followed it until it disappeared, being replaced by other student’s smell. That’s when he heard it.

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18 years ago I remember my my mom being told over the phone that my brother would be spending 15 years in prison for gang related crimes and violence. He was barely a teenager. I was only 5 so I don’t remember much. But I remember my mom falling to the floor not being able to catch her breath. I remember seeing how much it broke her. I remember how much it eventually broke all of us. 18 years later and I’ve never seen her cry in the way she did, that night.

8 years ago I remember starting a new school, for the fourth time. Freshman year all the way until junior year I spent my lunches in the bathroom alone as I called my mom to keep me company, because I had no one else. I remember being an outcast, shy and nervous. I remember coming home crying after school every day praying for at least one friend. Hating myself for how “weird” I was. I call these years the lost years. I hated myself enough to ignore whatever I was. Even though, I was just me. I hated me.

4 years ago I remember it seemed like my entire life was crashing all at once. I came to realization with my sexuality, I fell in love with a girl who taught me so much about loving someone and how to be loved. Everything was perfect. Until we lost each other, leading to my first true heartbreak I ever had. Her religion kept us apart, and even out of each other’s life. The breakup was very sudden and heart aching. Just two weeks later my nephew had a seizure on his 15th birthday. No one knew the cause of it, it took doctors months to figure it out. He lost his ability to use his entire left side of his body, with severe bleeding in the brain. At 15, his life changed forever. A week later, my dad lands in the hospital for kidney failure. He couldn’t seem to shake the disease of alcoholism he’s been fighting since before I was even born. The doctor predicted a very short time frame to live. I remember how badly I cried over all three of these incidents, for almost a year straight. I remember praying to god to bring me someone to help cope, after losing my love, who was also my best friend. I remember being at work finding a quiet space to pray to god, as I cried, every day. I prayed so much for his help and strength. I thought I’d never get over it.

1 year ago I remember being in the most abusive relationship of my life. She would hit me in my sleep, forced sex on me as I refused, even in my sleep and refused to notice it as rape. She would threaten to kill me, call me fat. Cut me off from my friends and family. She would choke me until I cried, because that’s all she wanted to see. She wrecked my new vehicle I worked so hard for and put me thousands and thousands of dollars in debt. she played being the victim so well, that I had no one to be there for me. This was the very first time I ever not only thought, but also attempted suicide, and commonly self harmed myself.

I thought I’d never get over any of it.

It’s now 2017. It will be two years in June since my brothers been home, he’s married to his first love, with a one year old. He’s happy and he’s healthy and in love, my mom is married to a man who treats her in a way I’ve always hoped to see. My senior year of high school? It was beautiful. I not only met some amazing people, but I’ve grown to be more confident and love myself whether someone does or not. My nephew is now able to walk again and is currently gaining back his motor skills to speak again. My dad, he’s still alive and seems to be healthier than ever. Remember when I said I prayed for someone to be there for me? I soon after met my best friend Kathryn. Who has played a major role in my life and someone who I look up to everyday. She’s forever. And I finally built the courage to leave my abusive ex. It was terrifying, it was difficult but I did it. I learned to love myself again, it was a long and painful process but I did it. And I will continue to.

If I could tell my past self what I know now, it would be that things don’t last forever. And even the pain, sometimes it does stay but it’s something you learn to live with and soon enough appreciate, for reasons. Trauma happens, and sometimes more than once. But there’s so much comfort in knowing that a better day does exist. That no matter how bad things can be, there are better days. Hang in there, and take the moment to realize how far you’ve come. And appreciate the bad days for making the good ones so much more beautiful.

As bad as all of these are, as much as they all hurt and left marks upon me visible and not, it’s made me who I am today. I have a strong sense of self. I am proud of who I am and I love myself and understand who I am more than anyone else will and I don’t mind that. I enjoy my solitude and no longer cry or am scared when it occurs. And I’m aware of any unhealthy, toxic and abusive relations before they get close enough to me. What has happened made me strong, and has only made my heart ten million times bigger. And I want to spend the rest of my life helping and healing anyone I possibly can. Because I know I’m capable of doing so, and it is where I find the most happiness and comfort.. in another persons smile and forgiveness.

Keep on keeping on, all of you.

You Deserve Better-Ethan Nestor

Pairing: Ethan Nestor x Reader
Description: Reader’s boyfriend is abusive and Ethan’s thinking he’s ready to get shit stomped
Requested: 38, 81, and 84 for Ethan? I love your writing btw
Send me numbers and I’ll write imagines with THIS dialogue list!
Warnings: Domestic abuse, domestic abuse mentions, angst

As alsways, the fic for Ethan will be under the cut, and the warnings are above. If you feel this piece will be harmful to your health or triggering in any way, please skip it, and if you’re Ethan, skIP THIS THANKS K BYE LOVE U

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