how come i can't help adore you

19 years later...
  • Ron: So that's little Scorpius.
  • Harry: Yes. He's quite adorable, actually.
  • Ron: How would you know?
  • Harry: He comes to our house a lot... to play with Albus.
  • Ron: He does?
  • Harry: Yeah. Draco usually accompanies him... to play with me.
  • Ron: Draco? Since when do you call him Draco? And what do you mean, 'play'?
  • Harry: Usually Quidditch.
  • Ron: Oh thank god! For a minute there I thought-
  • Harry: We usually do it in the shower afterwards.
  • Ron: WHAT?
  • Harry: *snickering* Ginny always chastises us for being too loud.
  • Ron: *turning to Ginny* How can you be okay with this?
  • Ginny: *shrugs* Who am I to stand in the way of true love?
  • Draco: *walking up to them* Potter!
  • Harry: Malfoy! *starts making out with him passionately*
  • Ron: *just stares*
  • James: Bloody buggar! Dad is making out with Mr. Malfoy... again! Guys, it's been like ten minutes since you last snogged! Get a grip!
  • Albus: Come on, Dad! Not on the platform.
  • Lily: Mum, I think it's time you found a boyfriend, too. Dad seems really happy.
  • Ginny: He really does, doesn't he, honey?
  • Ron: *still staring*
  • Draco: *grabs Harry's arse*
  • Ron: *getting close to a heart attack*
  • Me: *smiling contentedly* All was well.

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So I completely love Chris Pike but I can't help but wonder (if I were in the fictional world of course) if he would love or despise me because of my age and size. So how do you think Chris would feel dating a younger and larger woman? Would it be brains before beauty or would appearances matter to him?

Oh, sweet Nonie.

Darling, dearest, sweetest Nonie.

I want you to read me very carefully on this one, okay?

He would fucking adore you.

He wants someone with perspicacity and wisdom and a sense of humor, and even though those are things that usually come in his own age cohort, he’s a smart guy in his own right, and he gets that sometimes people are smarter than their years. (Look at Chekov. You think Starfleet was chomping at the bit to make a seventeen-year-old a bridge officer on the flagship, like, seventh in line to the chair? Doubtful. Chris wanted him there, because Chris looked at him and said, aha! I need this kid.)

As for your appearance…honey.

It’s not just a matter of “brains before beauty,” okay? It’s not just that “appearances don’t matter to him if you’re sharp and funny and kind,” like he can put up with a mediocre appearance as long as it’s made up for by a smart mind.

It’s that you are beautiful exactly as you are, and he would see that.

He loves curves. He loves hips and an ass and thighs and a tummy. For that matter, he loves a double chin, and teeth that aren’t perfectly straight, and breasts that aren’t quite even, and the nose you’re self-conscious about, and that scar on your forehead from when you had chicken pox.

You are beautiful. Chris would see that, Nonie.

Not just Nonie, but everybody, listen to me: your fave would love you just the way you are.

Your fave would love your body and your mind and your spirit, no matter what caveats you put on those things yourself.

I promise you this.

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hello! idk if you have already posted one, but i can't find any pumpkin pants that are not made for babies, can you maybe find some that will fit someone plus sized or a tutorial on how to make some? <33 ty

Miss Alphabet will be re-opening custom orders in the near future, including ones for pumpkin pants! Keep an eye on her social media~

You can also try following this tutorial!

Another option is custom sizing, which you can find on FanPlusFriend! Here are some adorable examples:

Buy here

These come in white which could be dyed using fabric dye! - Buy Here

I hope that helps💕

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Pretty please a Kookie reaction! You're on your periods, and you're his first noona girlfriend, he's a little lost when you say 'my boobs hurt, could you massage them for me?' I can't help but imagine a shy little Kookie, blushing the shade of a cherry and just eeeeeeeeeekkk! I'm dying thinking about all the fluff. Ahaha. Thank you in advance! xxx

Awwww that sounds so adorable. This fandom loves the shy kookie so much <3 I wish he stays that way forever >.< Here’s your reaction

Originally posted by jimin-nim

Jungkook reaction :

I bet Jungkook barely knows what happens when a girl has her period tbh, which would make him so confused af when you complain about your boobs that are hurting.He’d blink a few times before thinking in his little brain how come boobs can hurt. “Babe ,you’re hurt? I mean…how am I supposed to help you feel better?”, he’d tilt his head to the side with that apparent confusion on his cute face.You’d ask him to massage your boobs and that’s when he’s probably fall off the edge of his chair and flush as if a bomb has been dropped on on him.” D-Do w-w-what?! Can you repeat… I think I misheard something”, he’d gulp down his saliva. You’d repeat the same words and Jungkook would bury his face in his hands in utter embarassement. “Y-You want ME, to massage YOUR BOOBS?! Babe Do I look like a guy that can do this…?I’m already nerve wrecked by your mere presence*blushes*…now you ask me to touch your boobs… *cries* ”, He’d fake a sob. 

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How about MC being this shy, innocent "princess" that everyone just adores and can't help but be very overprotective of her, but when smut comes she just gets so horny and such a masochist, like a total 180-turn? I hope I'm doing it right. If not then feel free to delete it. I love your blog and I hope you're alright after plugging the laptoop in. Be careful!

yes yes im okay !!! had to put a bandaid on my finger lmao but thank you for asking i lov u

-shook af
-hes so turned on
-will literally nut when things get heated bc he knows that you’re not your usual self during this
-face is r e d
-will be so dominant in bed if you really want it
-d a d d y

-probably knew you weren’t innocent
-he just,,, knows
-its always the cute and “innocent” ones
-loves that side of you
-bc he can wreck you as much as he wants and he knows you’ll love it

-he either nuts or re beast comes out
-that’s it
-but when the beast comes out you’re in for something big hoooo boyyy

-she’s super flustered omgg
-rip jaehee

-he loves it
-doesn’t hold back
-i repeat, does NOT HOLD BACK
-will fuck you inTO the mattress so be careful with your words

-small nervous baby omg
-then starts fucking you slow and hard
-and then rough
-until he’s slamming into you

-pleasant surprise for him
-loves fucking you hard anyways
-now he’s gonna have a ball
-does not hold back just like seven

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you has minkey feels? how can i help/be drug down into them with you?

I don’t know if anyone can help..

These two assholes have captured my heart

They’re completely adorable together

They have a perfect height difference

They annoy each other some times

But they still love eachother~

Their skinship is subtle, yet beautiful

They console each other when they cry 

And have the results come back on that paternity test for yoogeun? (he looks like both of them, how?!)

The have snuggles at the end of the day~

Please stop. Don’t look at him like that Kibum 

You too Minho

Just kiss already

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ever since i followed your blog and read your fic, i have come to love kenma more. and now i just cant help but love him. save me





Originally posted by kuroutetsurou

I could go on forever about how much I love Kenma, to be honest. But I’ll just leave you with this adorableness and be on my way …

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Capricorn, Aries & Scorpio Friends Drunk
  • Aries: I love you sooo much
  • Capricorn: I love you tooo!
  • Aries: I'm going to call him, be right back.
  • Capricorn: NOOOOOOOOOO, come back. I have to save you from yourself!
  • Aries: Lexie, I'm fineee I won't tell him. *Slurs, almost falls* I'm totally in control!
  • Capricorn: No nonoo, Jared stop her!
  • Scorpio: Oh my god guys, how are you drunk already?
  • Capricorn: Jared..shhhhh heeelllllpppp.
  • Scorpio: *Laughing hysterically*
  • *Aries has weapons hanging on her wall*
  • Capricorn: Jareedd, if you don't help, I'm getting the ax.
  • Aries: Grab her! No weapons, Lexie!
  • *Scorpio and Aries tackle me*
  • Capricorn: I can use an ax!!
  • Scorpio & Aries: NO YOU CAN'T!
  • Capricorn: Why doesn't anyone trust me with weapons?!
  • Scorpio: *Laughing*
  • Aries: Lexie, sweetie, you're adorable but you're dangerous
  • This actually happened, haha