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Fact: Bisexuality isn’t just something for teenagers or college students. You can discover your bisexuality no matter how old you are. You can come out, if you choose, later in life. You can be a married, settled-down adult whether you discovered your bisexuality at a young age or are discovering your bisexuality for the first time. You don’t stop being bisexual just because you get married and it’s not too late to discover yourself just because you’re older.

just so you guys know, on days but I can’t go to the gym for whatever reason I use this app called seven. it’s a fitness app that will give you a seven minute workout to do. You can purchase new workouts focusing on different parts of your body and different goals or you can use the free total body workout that it comes with. you can choose how many circuits you want to do so it can actually be however long you want your work out to be and you can pick a pre-recorded announcer if you need motivation while you work out.
its kind of hiit, you do 20/30 seconds of an exercise and then you have a 10 second rest and it repeats with different exercises until time is up
I just think it’s helpful for when I want to do a quick workout


“Olivia, what, exactly, do you think you’re doing? You’re running on no sleep. You need to calm down. You’re not thinking straight, and you’re not making any sense.”

twenty-five days of peter and olivia
↳ day eighteen - most tender moment


@kamdee2003 :  Can I get a fake text with BTS member Jungkook plz? The scenario is where he cheated on you and he’s trying to beg you to come back. You can choose how it ends

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