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Witch Tip #7 - Cloves Hack

When I was in the 3rd grade, my class read “Little House in the Big Woods” by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Once we finished, we had a Laura Ingalls Wilder day where we dressed up as her and acted her daily life. I remember making corn husk dolls and eating vension soup (yuck 🤢). One hack I learned from that day was how to make a clove apple (aka an apple pomander). 

First you grab an apple and some cloves. Make sure your cloves have the ends jutting out from them. Then you start poking the cloves into the apple. You can make them form a heart or make rows or whatever else you might want to do. Once you’re done, you can stick up on a shelf and let it’s enticing scent fill the air. 

Generally, I keep the apple until it begins to rot and deflate (3-4 months after making it).

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True Test Pt. 10

Catch Up: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

Group(s) & Member(s): BTS’s Jimin ft. Suga and EXO’s Xiumin

Genre: Angstish/fluff

Warnings: none

Jimin finds Yoongi sitting on the couch in the dorms with his eyes glued to his phone, mindlessly scrolling. Yoongi doesn’t even acknowledge him until Jimin lets out a dramatic sigh as he flops down next to him. 

“What is it, Jimin?” Yoongi asks, his voice a mere mumble. 

“Just….I still don’t know how I feel about Minseok” Jimin says quickly. 

Yoongi darts his eyes over to his friend to see him sitting with worry and concern on his face. 

“Jimin it’s been weeks now since he moved in. They’re just neighbors” Yoongi says simply, turning his attention back to his phone. 

“Or they’re together this very minute doing who knows what!?” Jungkook says, walking in as he overheard the conversation. 

“Don’t encourage his paranoia” Yoongi mumbles. 

“So what, Hyung you’re over her already?! Not even the slightest bit concerned?” Jungkook asks, and Jimin turns to him. 

Yoongi rolls his eyes

“My feelings are none of your business. No, I’m not concerned. I’m going to the studio” Yoongi says, ending the conversation abruptly. 

Jimin and Jungkook sit in silence for a moment, until Jimin speaks up. 

“You really don’t think they’re together…do you?” Jimin asks. 

“I was only joking, Jimin. Surely they’re nothing more than neighbors”

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anonymous asked:

Favourite Ro-butt-nik moment post reboot?

Oh, easily him revealing how thoroughly he played Clove. 

It’s a chillingly effective scene that does well to establish that for all his goofy traits and mannerisms, he’s still a ruthless and manipulative megalomaniac who only values the lives of others so long as they are useful for him. It really makes you hate the guy for the position he’s put Clove into and the way he toys with Cassia’s life the way he does, reveling in the power he has over Clove through her. 

Secret Santa

Character: George Weasley

AU - Our school is doing a secret santa thing and I got you

A/N: Hey! Long time no write! Haha so I got super inspired to write this because of the Harry Potter marathon that’s been on and the Weasley twins are just the most wonderful character. This is a beast at 4,582 words (whoops my hand slipped). I hope you enjoy!

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Christmas around the castle was your favorite time of year. The decorations in the halls and classrooms was one thing, but how the Gryffindors decorated was something else. It was cluttered with garland and lights and stockings. They even figured out a way to get three Christmas trees into the common room. It always smelled like snow or ginger, and the Weasley twins rigged the fire in the fireplace to flicker green and red.  

          You were sitting in the common room, finishing up the last project for your transfiguration class, when a hat appeared in front of you. “Pick a name out of the hat!” A voice said gleefully.

          You looked up and smiled at Ginny, following directions. “What’s this for?”

          “We’re going to do a Gryffindor Secret Santa! Whoever you picked out of the hat is who you get a gift for! We’ll be giving the gifts the day before everyone leaves for holiday. You can give small gifts throughout the week next week if you want, but it’s not required. We’re going to find gifts this weekend on our trip out,” she explained.

          A smile grew on your face as you thought of how fun this would be. As Ginny walked away, you twirled the folded piece of paper in your hand. Who would you get? Hermione? Ginny? One of the Weasley twins? You could only hope.

Your fluttering crush for George Weasley had grown over the past year. He was in a couple of your classes this term, and you had finally gotten onto the quidditch team, so that meant spending time with him outside of class. You saw he was struggling in class so you offered to tutor him. In return, he offered to train with you for quidditch. Let’s just say you saw a lot more of him than you ever expected to.

You bit your lip as you unfolded the small paper. A sigh escaped your lips and your heart started pounding when your eyes scanned over the name in front of you. You slammed the book in front of you closed and jumped up from your chair. You couldn’t focus on your project now, not when you needed ideas.

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Weiss Schnee’s Guide On How To Deal With A Vampire Roommate Chapter 3

Pairing: White Rose (and maybe Monochrome? anyone up for Newspaper?)

Summary: You don’t get to be an engineering genius at the age of fifteen, Belladonna.

Chapter 1: If you have suspicions, tell a friend.

Chapter 2: Confirm that she is, indeed, a vampire.

Chapter 3: Enlist friend’s help in final confirmation of roommate’s vampiric nature.

Blake was interrupted in the middle of breakfast by a loud knocking on her door. Opening it revealed one Weiss Schnee, still in her pyjamas and bed hair, a towel over her shoulders, her clothes and sandals in her hands. For reasons Blake was aware of, she had a huge grin plastered on her face.

“May I come in?”

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Creamy Tomato & Avocado Pasta

Ingredients: (all numbers are approximations)

  • 2 avocado
  • 2 tomato 
  • ½ onion
  • garlic (already minced or otherwise, I used a jar of already minced garlic for my recipe so I don’t know how many garlic cloves this recipe needs)
  • 1 package angel hair pasta
  • 11  turkey meatballs
  • olive oil
  • pepper and salt
  • whipping cream
  • lemon juice


heat medium to large sized pan add in olive oil to slick the surface.

while heating chop ½ onion, do not mince it.

add onion to pan and stir, adding in olive oil as you see fit.

add a spoonful minced garlic, stir together with onions until all onions are caramelized. 

turn off heat, and take onions off heat source. (this will allow the onions to soak up some of the olive oil and garlic.)

heat a large pot of salted water to boiling, add in package of angel hair pasta by handfuls until package empty. (angel hair cooks fast so keep a close eye on it, and stir it often. if the pasta is done before the sauce don’t worry! plop it back into the pot and cover it so it stays warm.)

put onions back on heat, have the heat at low. add in more garlic or oil if you see fit.

cut tomato into small chunks. (this can be prepped ahead of time or if you’re cooking alongside someone have them do it.)

while stirring the onions add in handful of tomatoes, then stir thoroughly. splashing in whipping cream, pepper, and oil as you see fit.

place 5 turkey meatballs in sauce, cover pan turning heat either off or to very low.

gut your avocadoes, putting seeds to the side to take care of later, and mash all the insides together squirting lemon juice to keep from browning. grind pepper into the mush too if you like.

place 6 turkey meatballs in bowl and microwave for 3 minutes.

pour a tablespoon or so of olive oil into pasta and stir so that the pasta is loose. dump in avocado and mix together. the avocado will want to stick together, you can mix in olive oil while you’re mushing if you like. add the sauce you made, and the meatballs from the microwave.

( i burned myself while making this so be very careful! anyways this recipe was originally going to be the avocado pasta posted on this blog awhile back, but i started experimenting. you can manipulate this recipe however you like to make it fit your dietary needs.)

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We’re experienced gardeners, but we had never grown garlic before. We planted it last fall and let it over-winter. As it has grown, the plants have looked like big, green onions – the nature of the individual cloves haven’t been apparent from the outside of the bulb.

A few days ago I cut a cross-section of the largest bulb, and it’s clear that the cloves are forming. It will be fun to see how it matures over the next few weeks!

We have so much of this tender, crisp garlic, I’m trying to include it in everything I cook.


Mama Cat’s “Season in a Bag”

The end of summer is coming and Mama Cat’s favortie season is on it’s way. She loves the smells of warm coffee and cool autumn air. She loves the cozy feeling of being wrapped up in a fleecy blanket. She doesn’t even mind when her pockets are full of tasty coughdrops for the flu and cold season. This bag is a money, luck, and happiness charm all wrapped up in the perfect  little packcage. 


a medium bag made of cloth (Mama Cat used a decorative burlap bag)

a smaller bag to go insidethe medium bag

cotton balls (for that warm, fuzzy feeling)

dried orange peels (for bringing in laughter)

pumpkin seeds (simply festive)

allspice and cloves (brings in money and luck)

coffee beans (smells delightful, brings in money, and is a fall staple)

a single coughdrop (the kind that tastes amazing. This helps bring in some sweetness)

pieces of cinnamon bark (brings luck and adds some warmth)

How to:

  • Combine cloves, allspice, cinnamon bark, and a few pieces of orange peel in the small bag and either sew it shut or seal it in someway.
  • Add a good handful of coffee beans to the bottom of the medium bag. Add a layer of cotton balls and then a layer of orange peels. Layer these until you get to abou the middle of the bag. 
  • Then, add your small bag and layer again with cotton balls and orange peels. 
  • Try to make the final layer out of cotton balls. Place the coughdrop on top and sprinkle with pumpkin seeds.

Keep this bag around during the fall season and have a happy harvest.