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I Said I Love You

Fandom: Marvel
Ship: Peter Parker x Reader
Requested: No
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: Mentions of Food, Swearing, Kissing
A/N: This was taken from my old blog that I wrote Marvel on, and I thought I’d post it as a little ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ gift to you all since I haven’t had time to write an actual fic!!

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“So,” you said loudly from the kitchen. “What’s up with May and Tony?”

A loud clatter sounded from the living room and you snorted under your breath. Peter came stumbling into the kitchen with a wild expression on his face, a small glob of peanut butter smudged on his cheek.

“What do you mean? May and Mr. Stark?” You snorted again. You still couldn’t believe how much Peter idolized Tony.

“Yes, May and Tony. He was practically all over her at that charity event we went to the other night.”

“No, no, he wasn- was he? Wait, what?” His voice rose a pitch at the end of his sentence, making you glance up at him from the sandwich you were making.

“Peter, come on,” you shook your head dramatically, smirking up at him. Your best friend was always so oblivious. (You’d always loved him for that, though.) “How can you not see it?”

“He- no, no,” he shook his head vigorously. “That’s not-” he looked at you as if you were crazy. “He loves someone else.”

“Yeah, your aunt,” you chuckled at the expression Peter gave you and went back to making your sandwich.

“You’re insane.”

You shrugged one shoulder. “Debatable.” A piece of bread hit you in the face, and you closed your eyes at the soft impact. You looked up at Peter after a few seconds and saw a small smile on his face, one eyebrow quirked and peanut butter still smudged on his cheek. He couldn’t have looked anymore perfect.

“God, I love you,” you sighed, not quite realizing what you said until you took in Peter’s shocked expression. His eyes were wide and his mouth was open and shit. That’s not how it was supposed to happen.

“Wh-” he stuttered for a few more seconds before speaking a coherent thought. Your grip tightened on the knife in your hand. “Wh-what did you just say?”

And that was your Peter. The oblivious one who never really noticed how your gaze lingered on him, like your touches. The confident one who you only ever really saw when you were alone or when he was in his Spiderman suit, or when he was smirking just moments ago. Or even the unsure one who made so little appearances, and it made you shocked that he was standing right in front of you.

You took a deep breath, bracing yourself. “I said I love you.”

Your heart beat loudly in your ears during the long seconds that Peter ceased to reply in. He closed his mouth and his eyes shrunk from their big appearance slightly, but he still didn’t speak. After a full minute of silence, he opened his mouth and you again took in a quick breath.



You almost let the knife clatter to the floor so you could run out of the apartment in humiliation, but he spoke once more.

“Want to go on a date with me this Friday?”

The knife almost fell to the floor for a completely different reason.

“Yeah. Yeah, okay,” you smiled, breathing out in relief.

“Okay,” he smiled wide, too, and the both of you just stood in the kitchen, grinning at each other. “Make me another sandwich?”

You were still grinning when you replied, “Sure.”

He started to turn around and you grinned down at your abandoned sandwich, half cut and half made, when Peter turned back to you.

He leant towards you quickly, leaving a small kiss on your cheek. “Love you, too.” He sped back to the living room, not giving you time to look at him before you heard him plop down on the couch.

You laughed giddily, still looking down at the sandwich in front of you, and you thought you heard him laugh happily, too.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my followers who celebrate it!! Here’s a little fic I wrote a while back on my old blog, and I figured I’d post it on here too as a little update. I promise I’ll be back with new content soon :)


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|The Boy & The Wolf|

|Warning: Contains sexual content|

Wolves were Liam’s favorite animals since he was 5 years old. Maybe because he thought that they were huge dogs that he can play with. That fact simply amused his parents. Liam was hypnotized by their delightful fur, he soon found out that he couldn’t stop staring at photos of wolves. At the time, his dream was to have a wolf has a pet. Yeah, now that he was thinking about it, he felt pretty stupid. But hey, the teen couldn’t blame himself, he was a child at the time.

But that dream wasn’t impossible.

When he was 5 years old, Liam had a wolf as a best friend. He just found it in the wood, happily playing with his tail, trying to catch it with his teeth. Liam froze, his heart nearly stopping while he was watching the stunning canine. Then the wolf stopped playing and slowly turned around, sniffing the air. Little Liam took a step back, hoping to do go back home quietly. He whimpered when he stepped on a branch, the sound indicating where he was. The wolf raised his ears and started growling lightly in Liam’s direction.

Liam could feel the familiar burn of tears at the corner of his eyes. He closed his eyes, currently frozen in fear. His heartbeat was going crazy inside his chest and he was starting to shiver in terror.

His parents told him that wolves where dangerous, he actually never thought that he would encounter one while playing outside his house. But once again his curiosity got the most of him and followed his guts.

He jolted when he felt a muzzle under his fingers, softly caressing him. He slowly open his eyes and gasped at the wolf that was shuffling between his legs, asking to be pat.

It looked into Liam’s eyes, sitting on the ground and tilted his head slightly.

In a trance, Liam sat down on the ground and slowly raised his hand in the wolf’s direction, asking for permission to pet him. The canine sniffed his fingers then started walking slowly towards the boy. Liam looked into the wolf’s eyes. They were so magnificent, he forgot to breathe. His blue orbs couldn’t help but stare at them. The wolf’s eyes were a deep green and became yellow- almost gold- in the center. Its eyes looked like emeralds, he couldn’t stop staring. When his fingers came in contact with soft fur, Liam let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding. Little Liam giggled when the wolf purred under his hand. The canine rubbed his furry head under Liam’s arm, leaning besides him in a happy sigh. He giggled once more, realizing that the wolf wanted to be his friend. Even as a kid, he felt an attraction to the wolf. It was like a magnet. He was incredibly hypnotized by his beautiful grey and brown fur, his emerald eyes and the lively twinkle in his pupils that looked almost human. The next day, Liam woke up and saw a strange pattern on his arm. It was subtle, but he could see it. It was a moon. Since the strange tattoo appeared on his arm, he felt something inside him.

They grew inseparable over the years. They played with each other, walked together in the forest and cuddled when the cold weather came. They were best friends.

Then one day out of the blue, his parents announced him they have to move out. He would be away from his best friend.

That broke him inside.

When he went in the forest, the wolf wasn’t there waiting for him.

Liam’s heart nearly stopped when he felt that familiar tingle in his chest as he was leaving Beacon Hills High School. He let his gaze wander around him, his heart beating rapidly. He could feel his arm pulsing. It’s been so long since he felt that overwhelming sensation in his whole body.

It turned out that his guts told him to go in the forest behind his house. Perfectly creepy, Liam thought.

At each step he took, he felt his heart beating faster. His body was pulsating with need along with his tattoo on his arm.

Liam stopped walking. He felt something staring at his back. He slowly turned around. His gaze landed on a familiar figure.

His friend.

His huge friend. That wolf was fucking huge. He instantly recognized that grey and brown fur and these beautiful emerald eyes.

Liam walked towards the canine. He dropped to his knees and extended his arms. The wolf ran towards him, jumping happily on Liam. Liam putted his arms around the wolf, his eyes watering.

“I missed you.” Liam murmured after a while.

The wolf licked his cheeks in response.

He smiled when he saw the same tattoo on one of the wolf’s back leg.

“So we’re connected for real, huh?” Liam said in a smile. The canine shook his tail, looking at him. The wolf pulled back, walking slowly away from him. Liam raised his eyebrows in surprise. The wolf sat down, staring into Liam’s eyes.

“You want to show me something?” He asked to the wolf. His friend nodded, shaking his tail.

Then the impossible happened. He shifted. Liam watched in awe his wolf friend turn into a human. He wouldn’t lie, the boy in front of him was quite handsome. Liam hid his face with his hands when he realized the other boy was naked.

“What the fuck?” Liam said, his face reddening.

“That’s the first you say to me?” The boy replied, amused.

“Dude, you’re literally a wolf that shifted into a human. I think everyone would have that reaction.” Liam said, rolling his eyes.

“You have a point.” The boy said, shrugging in response.

Liam peaked through his fingers and closed his eyes when he saw that he was still naked.

“Put some clothes on!”

“Huh, I can’t. I left them in my truck.” The boy answered.

“You’re an idiot.” Liam said in annoyance.

“Huh, you’re the one that followed me in the woods.” The boy replied in a chuckle. Liam ignored the backflip his heart made at the sound.

Liam gulped.

“So you’re?” Liam asked.

“I’m what?”

“What are you exactly ?”

“I’m a chimera.” The boy answered.

“What the fuck is that?”

“I’m part werewolf and part werecoyote.”

“I don’t believe you. These things don’t exist.”

“Then how can you explain that I can turn into a wolf?” The boy asked with a smirk.

“Touché.” Liam said in a sigh.

“What’s your name?” The boy said, breaking the silence.

“Liam. What’s yours?” Liam asked in return.


“Theo.” Liam repeated, the name rolling on his tongue like honey.

Theo walked to him, stepping in his personal space. He softly cupped his cheek with his palm, sighing in contentment. He caressed Liam’s skin with his thumb when he saw that Liam didn’t pushed him away.

“I was waiting for you. For so long.” He whispered softly, his breath ghosting on Liam’s flushed face.

“Me too.” Liam replied, closing his eyes. Their tattoos were pulsating together, like a heartbeat.

“I feel so drawn to you.” Liam breathed.

“We’re drawn to each other since that day.” Theo replied with a smile.

Liam nodded, taking Theo’s free hand in his.

“At the time, I never understood what that tattoo meant.” Liam whispered, glancing at Theo’s lips.

“Now I know for sure.” Theo gasped at Liam, his eyes twinkling in the moonlight.

“Yeah?” Theo said against Liam’s lips.

Liam nodded.

Theo brought their lips together, sighing against Liam’s mouth. Liam responded immediately, his lips moving along Theo’s.

Liam leaned on his bed with Theo on top of him, burying his fingers in Theo’s hair and slightly pulling at it. The other boy moaned in response. Liam kissed him, exploring Theo’s mouth with his tongue. The younger boy let his hands wander on Theo’s body, shivering with want. They started grinding against each other, a few groans and moans getting out of their mouths.

Theo looked into Liam’s eyes, panting slightly against him.

The chimera tugged on the human’s shirt, asking him to take it off. Liam happily complied. Theo unbuckled the other boy’s belt, throwing it across the room. The older boy unbuttoned Liam’s jeans, taking them off. He tore Liam’s boxers off, licking his lips in anticipation. Liam moaned when he felt his pulsating cock being released from his boxers.

“I’ve been waiting so long to finally see you again.” Liam whispered in Theo’s ear. Theo kissed him for a brief moment, then leaned down to lick the sweat off his abs. He moaned, arching his back at the sensation. When Theo’s lips came in contact with Liam’s cock, he leaned his head back on his pillow, shouting in pleasure. He tightly gripped the sheets with his hands, moaning loudly when Theo took him in his mouth. And damn, Theo had a creative tongue. While Theo was sucking him off, Liam was shamelessly letting whimpers, moans, shouts and groans coming out of his mouth. He was seeing stars. The younger boy bucked his hips, thrusting inside Theo’s mouth in pleasure. The chimera bobbed his head up and down, sending shivers down Liam’s spine.

In a shout, Liam came and Theo swallowed everything he could. He licked the tip of Liam’s dick, cleaning his cum and then licked his lips looking straight up at Liam while doing so. Liam gulped in response, looking at him. His eyes were blown with lust. Theo climbed on Liam’s body, pulling his lips into a heated kiss. Their hands explored every surface of each other’s body, sweat glistening between them. Theo bit Liam’s bottom lip, earning a groan from the other boy. The chimera licked Liam’s lips, his body melting against him.

“I need you.” Liam panted in the older boy’s mouth. Theo pulled the sweaty locks away from Liam’s forehead, leaving little kisses across his face.

Liam gripped Theo’s wrist and stared intensely into his eyes.

“Theo, please.”

I want you.

Theo traveled down Liam’s body, rubbing a little against him. The older boy spread Liam’s legs, caressing one thigh with his hand. Liam was nearly whimpering in impatience.

Liam widened his eyes in surprise as he felt Theo’s tongue penetrating his hole. As his tongue darted in and out, Liam wasn’t even controlling what was coming out of his mouth, Theo turned him into a puddle only with his tongue. His brain was swimming in pleasure. When he felt the absence of the chimera’s tongue inside him, he almost cried. Theo raised his head between Liam’s legs.

“Lube?” He simply asked.

“Bottom drawer” He replied between pants.

Theo stood up and searched for the bottle of lube. When he found it, he opened the cap and smeared the lubricant on his cock. Liam watched him, a moan coming out of his mouth.

Theo crawled on top of him, bringing their lips together in a messy kiss. They were shamelessly biting, licking, sucking and nibbling at each other. Liam never this aroused in his life.

“Oh my god.” Liam mumbled when Theo broke the kiss. Liam panting against his mouth, his body shivering with need and his mind swimming in ecstasy.

“I need you to relax, okay?” Theo softly said, looking into Liam’s gorgeous blue eyes.

He slowly nodded in response. His left hand was holding Liam’s hip and he used his right hand to line up his cock to Liam’s entrance. Theo looked into Liam’s eyes who finally nodded, his lips slightly parted. Theo pushed inside, groaning at the warmth enveloping him. Liam let out a whimper. Theo was so thick. It hurt, but it was totally worth it. Theo stopped pushing inside him and cupped Liam’s cheek.

“Are you okay?” Theo asked softly, pecking Liam’s lips.

Liam nodded.

“I just need… time.” Liam replied, closing his eyes.

Theo kissed his forehead in response. The younger boy breathed in. The sensation of being filled with Theo’s cock was actually pretty arousing. He moaned at the thought. Opening his eyes, Liam stared into Theo’s stunning eyes.

“Move.” Liam said in a breath.

The boy nodded, pushing further inside him. Liam closed his eyes and thrown his head back in a moan. Theo pulled out and slowly pushed inside once again, making Liam moan louder. This slow pace was a torture. He was taking everything in, savoring him. Liam was shamelessly moaning against Theo, who was slowly and delicately thrusting inside him with a groan. Liam was scratching Theo’s back with his nails at every thrust.

“Faster. Harder.” Liam moaned, panting against Theo’s mouth.

Then with his hands on the younger boy’s hips, Theo pulled Liam up against his chest. Liam crashed their lips together, moaning in his mouth at the change of Theo’s angle. The chimera started fucking inside him, the boy meeting his thrusts halfway. When Theo found his sweet spot, Liam shouted in pleasure in Theo’s ear. Liam fucked himself on Theo’s dick, sitting on his lap. Theo watched as Liam pleasured himself on his dick, his cock pulsating at the gorgeous sight. Theo gripped the boy’s hair and yanked their mouths together, melting inside his mouth. They explored each other’s mouth, their tongues dancing together.

They found their perfect rhythm, their bodies slamming against each other’s.

“Bite me. Make me yours, Theo.” Liam whispered into his ear.

Theo widened his eyes at him. Does he understand what that meant?

“Since I’m a kid, I knew that I was connected to you. Our marks are infinite proof of that.” Liam said, kissing Theo’s neck.

“Do you know what that means?” Theo softly asked as he stopped thrusting inside him. Liam whined at the lost.

“I’ve got a pretty good idea of what it means.”

“So do it. Do it.” Liam purred in his ear.

“You know that you won’t be…?” Theo started, but his lover stopped him.

“I won’t be human anymore. Yeah, I figured.” Liam said, interrupting him.

“I want it, Theo. Do it.” Liam said, staring into Theo’s eyes.

Theo closed his eyes and reopened them, his eyes glowing a deep shade of red.

Liam gasped at him in awe. The boy cupped Theo’s cheek in a happy sigh.

“God, you’re so breathtaking.” The teen said, amazed by his lover’s red eyes.

Theo opened his mouth, letting his growing fangs be seen by Liam.

“Do it.” Liam repeated, burying his face in Theo’s neck.

The chimera licked Liam’s neck before biting him. The teen thought that it would hurt, but it didn’t. He only felt pure pleasure burning through his veins. He moaned in Theo’s neck in pleasure.

Theo slowly started fucking into him again, Liam eagerly responding to him. They both drove each other to the edge, Theo came inside Liam while shouting his name. They stayed in their embrace, holding each other tight and they shared another kiss.

“Oh my god. You just fucked my brains out.” Liam said, panting against Theo’s shoulder.

“You were not so bad yourself.” Theo replied with a smirk.

In response, Liam squeezed his ass around Theo’s cock, earning one of the most sexiest groans from Theo.

Liam chuckled, pecking the chimera’s lips.

“I will take that as a compliment, cause you’re stuck with me now.” Liam said, pointing at the bite on his shoulder.

Theo smirked, admiring his work.

“You’re mine now.” Theo said in a deep voice. Liam shivered at his tone.

“Yours, forever and always.”

|The End|

Can we please put this flavor of Tumblr Discourse to bed already?

If the fictional character is aged up comprehensively, and doesn’t look like a child, then they’re not identifiable as a child, and they don’t register as a child.

Aging up a fictional character isn’t an excuse to ‘sexualize a minor’ - it’s the exact opposite. If someone doesn’t want to think of the character as a minor or depict them in a way that is identifiable as child-like, then you can’t accuse them of something they haven’t done, and don’t want to do, and even go out of their way to avoid doing. That is just very basic logic.

Not to mention (and I still can’t believe I actually have to say this) it’s nowhere anywhere even near being an instance of ‘child porn’. That’s completely and utterly ridiculous. Even comparing the two is intolerable, and disrespectful to both. I cannot possibly emphasize enough how incomprehensibly wrong and disgusting it is to accuse artists of ‘drawing CP’ when they’re creating adult content of adult-looking characters. (It’s also libel, a criminal act, and a prosecutable offense.) Stop telling them they’re ‘enabling child abusers/pedophiles’, when due to the subject of their content (adult-looking characters), they’re not even part of their demographic.

Especially when you’re dealing with highly stylized depictions, such as cartoons/comics or anime/manga, you have to acknowledge that in the absence of indisputable identifiers of age, age itself becomes an arbitrary number that barely means anything. Hyper-fixating on a fictional character’s age is an inexplicable obsession that is more telling of the mentality of the person who entertains such notions, when compared to someone who doesn’t care.

‘Aging up’ a fictional character, if anything, is a protective method, rather than an exploitative one.

You absolutely have to stop being so utterly disrespectful and dismissive when it comes to the importance of nuanced distinction. You absolutely have to stop harassing artists over something as completely morally sound. Aging a character up is only ever an excuse for anything when you use it to bully and harass artists. Then you’re using it as an excuse to be despicable.


Im gating really tired of this drama on YouTube

This person is taking arts from my friends @marookooart and as some of you know im really really protective person so this drama last like 2 months and she was telling people like go kill your self and ill kill you stupid bitch

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can you believe this year was real? trips, moving, both of them becoming more confident, truth bombs, second tour and we still have pinof and gamingmas. imagine telling all of this to them back in 2009, that they would have each other and all of this! this is something i think about a lot

2015: was this year even real

2016: dan and phil are demon phannies

2017: i… what? acknowledging how long they’ve known each other? euphemisms? marriagE? fuc k

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i know we can't see much of you, but you're really cute!

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ah hmm…that was very nice of you to say


2x01 // 2x09: who’s calling the shots (feat. a very satisfying hair evolution)

Namjoon went SO DEEP, straight philosopher (AGAIN):

Themes of fate and destiny run through this album. Have you always believed you have a set path?

RM: Nietzsche… one of his famous phrases was amor fati, or ‘love your fate’. Let’s say, me who is born in Korea, and you, Taylor who is born Australia, we can’t change that, we cannot have the same life. Amor fati isn’t just saying leave everything to fate, but to first accept things we can’t change. Love our fate, and our environment, then (think) we could do something with fate and turn directions. We’re on some path that’s set since we’re born, but I still believe we can change some things. So I believe in my faith but I still don’t believe in my fate (laughs).


Lotor and the Generals, finally!

They would have full armor and everything and I’ll figure that out one day, but we’re appreciating the patterns and bodies here, so


Okay so I’m coming out of my anonymous hole that I normally hide in because I LOVED your art and got inspired to write for the first time in like, forever, and this is probably horrible because I wrote it in 20 minutes and barely edited it but HERE, HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY. (also, please don’t be mad, I borrowed some dialogue from the art!)


“Okay, so how does this work?”

“How am I supposed to know, I only just found out about it!”

Marinette huffs and moves her ear away from Chat’s torso. Much to his embarrassment, she has (unsuccessfully) been trying to elicit a purr from him since he dropped onto her balcony. According to him it was new, but she knew he was lying to her. He’d purred for Ladybug before, but she never did find out the exact reason it happened.

So that leaves them now, standing in her bedroom, with Chat standing like a mannequin while she essentially bear-hugged him.

“I just don’t understand it, it worked last time!” She mutters, frustrated.

“What was that, princess?” Chat asks.

“Nothing!” She says, trying to think of a way to change the topic. “So, do you do it unconsciously, or does contact trigger it? I’m thinking the former, since I’ve been hugging you for 15 minutes now.” Chat shrugs.

“I just don’t know, Marinette. Ladybug and I could never really figure it out. I always assumed it was because when I’m around her, I’m so-“ He cuts himself off, going red. Marinette avoids the thought trail that might lead her down.

“Well, desperate times, desperate measures”, she decides, reaching up her hand to his face.

What are you doi-“ Chat’s protest cuts off as her fingers gently weave through his hair. His eyes close in contentment, and sure enough, within moments she can hear a faint rumble fill the room. She runs her fingers through the soft curls, part of her crowing at her success, another part wondering just where he gets his conditioner.

After a few moments her fingers stall, and the purr cuts off with a distinct sense of disappointment. Her partner’s eyes open again, staring at her with wonder.

Please tell me you will do that again sometime.”

She laughs, “Anytime, kitty. Your hair is so soft, I think you’re more cat than we realized. Who knew that was the secret to success?” He stares at her for a moment, and then seems to decide on something.

“My mom…she used to play with my hair a lot, when I was younger. I didn’t realize how much I’d missed it.”


“I’m sorry”, she says. “I didn’t realize.” He smiles. “I don’t make a habit of sharing stuff about my identity, it’s not your fault. Just…don’t tell anyone, all right? This cat has a reputation to keep.”  She laughs again, grateful for the break in tension.

“It’ll be our little secret, then.”

With that, he bows and moves toward the window. “Then with that, princess, I bid you goodnight.” And with a swift movement, he’s gone. Marinette stands for a moment, grateful for the little extra she now knows about the boy she calls her partner. 

“Goodnight, Chat.”

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THANK YOU SO MUCH @cakeanon this was amazing!

I simultaneously love and hate Sebastian Stan with my entire being because he’s like this absolutely gorgeous and unattainable guy you dream about and can barely believe he’s real but then he drinks starbucks coffee and he stays up in the night fighting mosquitoes and rips tags off shirts and makes holes in them and wears them still and honestly he’s just so goddamn #relatable i just can’t even


PAIRING: steve harrington x reader, billy hargrove x reader

summary: nancy breaks up with steve and he is a bit of a mess when you find him. being the new girl in hawkins you try to befriend and keep nancy off his mind. it backfires and now you have him falling in love with you, as you fight off the urge to fall in love with him, too. [THIS IS AN AU!]

warnings: swearing, sexual situations, violence

a/n: quentin tarantino is my favorite director and i really love old movies. so here’s this. lot’s of music in here. also, nothing too major happens now. just two characters meet. this is possibly the maybe first time i have such an independant/strong reader

if you like my stuff and want to support me, don’t forget to treat me to a KO-FI!


[ACT 2.]


“Hey, sorry to bother you. I wouldn’t be if… if you didn’t look like you could use some company.”

Your statement is met with silence as the unfamiliar guy in front of you lifts his eyes up to stare at you in bewilderment. Late autumn wind blows past and ruins your neat hairdo. Your hand grips the strap of your purse; you note tears glisten in his deep brown eyes and decide to look away so he’d have enough time to collect himself. The guy sniffles, rubs his eyes before giving you a tight smile; He opens his mouth to possibly dismiss you, but you beat him to it, “There’s no shame in crying. If you’re sad, you’re sad, right? Nothing you can do about it.” He sighs, “May I sit?” You inquire. After a moment of consideration, he gives a curt nod. And so you do.

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Hello everyone, did you know he actually purrs, i can’t believe this

also did you know that if you spend about a year without touching your tablet pen it gets extremely difficult to draw digitally again? ((doing this took me two days. two. days. i forgot how much i hated losing my progress bc i forgot to save and sai decided to crash :’)))) )

Can we just take a minute to talk about how Mackenzie is a badass, ripped, buff, werewolf lesbian that could tear you in half but she’s also so adorable, gentle, dorky and the cutest nerd ever??? Like??? How do you do that?? What kind of witchcraft is this????