how can you say no to those puppy eyes

I Think I Wanna Marry You...

Pairing: Dean X Reader.

Warnings: none.

S/P/N- Sister’s Preferred Name.

Summary: The reader, distraught over not having a date to her sister’s wedding, considers asking one of the Winchesters to pretend to accompany her; will Dean manage to save the day and play pretend for two weeks, or will his feelings get the best of him?

A/N: I’m a sucker for these “fake relationship” stories ;))


Y/N pulls the phone from her ear, her frustration drawn out in the creases in her brow.

“Well?” Dean asks, sat opposite her at the library table. Before him lies an open lore book, on a page about Nordic gods and how to kill them, and his cup of coffee sits dangerously close to the irreplaceable relic. With Sam out doing some shopping, it’s just the two of them at home, trying to dig up some info that might be useful for future use.

Pinching her brow, the young girl shakes her head, waving a dismissive hand.  “Nothing. It’s fine.”

“Ya’ sure?”

“Yes.” She says, trying to sound convincing, but its of no use, because the elder Winchester has known her long enough to see past her facades.

Living together for nearly five years now, calling her his best-friend even feels like an understatement. They got to know each other a while back through a hunt involving a Tulpa in California; Y/N’s kill, but the boy’s happened to jump in on it and help out. Surprise surprise: a friendship sparked,  and ever since then, the relationship has flourished greatly.

To Dean, Y/N is family, just like Cas or Charlie or any of the other members of their little rehabilitation program they’ve picked up over the years. And with that, he knows—well enough—that despite her efforts to dismiss it, something is nudging at her mind.

“Obviously not. You seem like you’re about to explode. What is it?” He shuts the book and leans forward. Y/N still looks exasperated; still tries to act like she isn’t, and fails terribly. When she finally lifts her gaze, her expression is that of defeat.

“It’s my sister.” She says mournfully. “She’s calling me about her wedding coming up this month, and wants to know if I’ve been signed up to the family news letter that allows me to see all the updates on things like which floral arrangement we’re going to have. Surprise surprise—I’m not.”

“Damn.” Dean says plainly, still not seeing the reason behind her chagrin. Y/N rolls her eyes at him, trying to look annoyed, but the smile that she suppresses says otherwise.

A sardonic laugh escapes her. “Yeah, damn indeed.”  She rises from her seat, downing her coffee. Dean glances at his, then stretches it across to her. She finishes it in a single glug.

“So….what now?” He leans back in the chair. “You don’t know the floral arrangements? Doesn’t sound so bad.”

“I don’t know anything about this wedding, Dean. I don’t know where it’s gonna be, I don’t know who’s gonna be there, and—until I few seconds ago—I didn’t know I’m going to have to be in Boston next week. S/P/N mentioned it in the newsletter but….” Her voice drifts off and she folds her lips into a straight-line, shrugging.

“What’s in Boston?”

“The wedding, apparently. Who even gets married in Boston? Yuck.” Y/N scowls.

“Your sister, apparently.” He almost rolls his eyes. “Right, so…go to Boston. Show up for the rehearsal, see your family, have fun, and then get back here once everything’s done.”

Dean explains it like it’s so easy.  To him, it is.  Wedding prepping can’t take more than three weeks, can it….? He wouldn’t know. He’s never had the chance to even be part of a wedding, but he assumes that that’s an appropriate estimate.

But, from the way Y/N bites her lip and averts her gaze to the floor, a look teetering between guilt and embarrassment on her face, maybe he’s wrong.

“Yeaahhh….” She draws out, skeptically. “Uhm…about that. It’s not as easy as it sounds…”

“Uhm…?” He quirks an inquisitive brow.

“I…sorta…told them that I have a date to the wedding and,…” Y/N gestures in the air, but doesn’t finish her sentence.

Dean watches her with a knitted brow, waiting for an explanation that doesn’t come, until realizations strikes. His eyes widen and his mouth forms a little “o”.


“Yeah…” Her cheeks are dusted with a feint blush and she looks away.

Dean doesn’t want to say it, but he can’t help but think how cute it is—really cute. The only thing that can compete, he thinks, is the way her eyes disappear into her cheeks when she smiles.

As embarrassing as it is, he has almost an entire list like that about Y/N; things he thinks are adorable about her, things like her laugh, to  he way she’s so awkward around big crowds,  or how she has an undeniable obsession with space. Little things. Cute things. It goes on and on, infinite and growing each day, the more and more he gets to know her…but he’ll never admit that.

Because he can’t.

Because Y/N is family, and she’s just a friend.

“Well…is it like a must to bring one along? You could always just tell your family that you guys…broke up? Maybe he cheated. Maybe the love fizzled out.” Dean offers, shrugging.

Y/N looks at him with an un-amused expression. “Great thing to mention right before a wedding.”

“God, I don’t know.” Getting up from his seat, he rolls his eyes. He shuts the book and a gust if dust billows from it, then fixes it under his arm.“You’ll figure it out. It’s you.”



Y/N doesn’t meet his gaze. Instead, she looks to the floor, arms crossed over her chest.“Well,…there is something I thought about doing, but—God, I don’t know. What if, like—” She finally looks up.

Dean waits for the bombshell he knows she’s about to drop with a cautious, furrowed brow,

“—I asked Sam?”  She finishes, her expression hopeful; her eyebrows are pulled together and she’s squinting slightly. The elder Winchester feels the wind get knocked out of him at hearing this.

His eyes widen. “Sam?”

“Not to actually be my date!—just to fool my family for the two weeks. Do you think he’ll go along with it?”

“I don’t get it—why don’t you just—“

“I can’t tell them I don’t have a date, because I already told them that I do. Going back on my word now will just make me look ridiculous, Dean. Just…”Y/N sighs and shuts her eyes. Dean can read the desperation in her features. He bites his lip, contemplating Y/N’s offer.

Sam, going on a date with Y/N. The idea is so ludicrous, so unbelievable that it sounds completely silly, like imagining pigs fly or anything of the nature. He can’t bring himself to even picture the two of them together, but…


He then feels something stir in his gut at the thought, a warmth, a….jealousy? No. Hopefully not. It’s been ages since these feelings have managed to surface. Now is not the time for a return. The elder Winchester quickly suffocates the feeling and averts his attention back onto his friend.

 Before him she stands, imploring y/e/c eyes, a sweet smile stretched across her face and hands clasped together. She looks like a little girl, so young, so desperate. The elder Winchester doesn’t want to say no. Even if he did—with puppy eyes like those—how can you?

“So you have to have a date to this wedding?”

“I do.”

Dean thinks for a moment, raking his eyes over Y/N’s face that speaks mountains of uncertainty.

“You think he’ll say no, huh?”

“I’ll do it.”

“What?” Confusion floods the young girls face as she unclasps her hands. They fall to her side. Dean gulps trying to level his voice to a more confident tone.

“I’ll be your date to your sister’s wedding.” He repeats, hoping he sounds more sure than he feels. His hands go cold, throat tightening.

Y/N’s face speaks volumes of surprise. “You’d…do that?”

Another nod.

“You’ll really do this?” She asks eyes wide. “A whole two weeks in Boston? With my family?”

Dean shrugs. For some wild reason, his heart is pounding in his chest and his palms are sweating, and he tries to stave off all the anxiety that begins to bubble within his gut. “Yeah. Why not?”

“Dean,” Y/N’s voice is stern all of a sudden. You can tell that she’s just as taken aback by the proposal as he is, but is trying not to show it. “If you say yes to this, I don’t want you to half-ass it? This is a real big deal for me, you know?”

“Look, do you want a date to this wedding or not?”

Y/N  then bites her lip, contemplating. The elder Winchester’s eyes never leave her as he watches, waiting for response, until she finally agrees.

“Okay.” She says. A small smile then twitches on her lips, and Dean can see she’s trying to suppress.

“ Okay. Awesome. I’m gonna call S/P/N and see if there’s anything more I need to know yeah?” She asks. He nods.

“Sure.” Dean says. “It’s fine with me.”


“Mhm.” He knows he is, because the smile that breaks through Y/N’s authoritative face then is something definitely worth the decision. Her cheeks indented with dimples, she smiles, shaking her head, and then walks out to make the call. On the way out, she makes sure she butts her shoulder into his, just for fun. Dean lets out a nervous chuckle.

She’s gone. The empty library is silent, and that’s when his heart starts to thud.

Over and over, like a vicious doldrums. The silence only accentuates the sound of his rapid heartbeat, as the elder Winchester allows in a deep breath. His eyes flutter shut, and the anxiety begins to melt away gradually.

This is gonna be a hell of a wedding.


Part 2

I’ve been in my feelings for Dean for the past few weeks so bear with me pls. Also, I’m very excited for this story; more chapters to come, hopefully soon.

As always, likes, re blogs and general feedback is greatly appreciated!


So I decided to do a little collaboration with the beautiful @sketchyy-pencil with using her art as inspiration to write HCS for the cute doggies c: I have her permission to use her art. The drawings are hers and you can find the post HERE with their names HERE

Zen’s Dog: Jun the Siberian Husky

  •  He was hungry for love… hungry for being wanted… hungry for someone to run up to him and welcome him home…. but also… someone to be there for him as a friend…..who looks up to him…. THAT IS WHY HE GOT A DOG.  Dogs are loyal, love you unconditionally, will welcome you home, will look up to you, THEY ARE A MANS/WOMENS BEST FRIEND COME ON. He went to a breeder, and found this dog who was being ignored by everyone else. All of its brother and sisters were playing without him and when hew white dog tried to play with them, they growled at him and he walked away. THE FEELS WERE HIT OKAY. ZEN WAS GETTING THOSE FLASHBACKS AND HE RAN TO THE DOG AND HUGGED HIM SAYING THAT HE WILL BE HIS NEW FATHER. He took the puppy home and educated himself on how to take care of a husky. 
  • Look, Zen becomes the way Jumin is with Elizabeth the 3rd. Zen practices his lines with the dog. He got a little care seat on his motorcycle so the dog can go with him to his special place. You do not fuck with his dog. The dog is like an exact replica of Zen. White fur with Red eyes making all the other dogs want to be him or want to be with him. The dog is really there for Zen in a emotional level. They both know how it is to be ignored and not loved. Okay TBH, Jun rarely gets dog food, he gets meat, chicken, ham, all that good stuff. Zen makes sure he runs the the fat off so he doesn’t get sick D: He makes sure the dog takes frequent ice baths c: He loves to go to the park and play catch with his doggie. They cant be there for long because of fans wanting to take pictures. BEST BELIEVE THIS DOG IS THERE POSING FOR THE PHOTO

Yoosung’s Dog: Rin the Corgi

  • Yoosung was tired of feeling lonely all the time and he decided to do something about it. He decided to join a new club at campus and he decided to join the CORGI APPRECIATION SQAUD club. He always wanted to be apart of a squad so he was an active member c: He started to find appreciation to the breed and decided to get one of his own c: The club gave him directions to this adoption center and thats where he met his best friend RIN THE CORGI :,D Rin was Yoosungs hype dog! Yoosung bought LOL shirts for her and everything. He loVES PLAYING WITH HER TINY LITTLE LEGS!!! HE LIKS TO FLICK IT AND SING TO HER WHILE HE RUBS HER BELLY. SHE BRINGS HIM HAPPINESS. LIKE HE BUYS PAJAMAS FOR HER AND EVERYTHING. REASON TO LIVE. REASON TO DO GOOD IN SCHOOL. SHE IS JUST A GOOD GIRL. LOVES TO HUG. SHE TRIPS SOMETIMES BUT ITS OKAY. YOOSUNG PICKS HER UP AND TAPS HER BUT A BIT. 

Saeran’s Dog: Ciel the Doberman

  • Saeran actually met Ciel in the worst way possible. Ciel was Saerans personal guardian angel.
  • When Rika manipulated Saeran to join Mint Eye, he wasn't “conditioned” yet. He didnt know what Rika meant by that but 2 months later he was locked in the basement with little food and water. Men wearing white robes and black masks came in the basement and hosed down Saeran leaving him soaked and wet. They have him eat special food 3 times a day and thats all he gets. He doesn’t have clothes or a blanket. He just has a mattress and a pillow. He couldn’t believe Saeyoung would trade his freedom for his brother. Rika finally was convincing him that Saeyoung left him to die and that he must be cleansed by the lord. “The enemy is the RFA. The stole my happiness away from me. My main target is my own flesh and blood Saeyoung Choi. Mission? To Kill Him.” That was all he was thinking about when he was holding himself in the night trying to spread warmth throughout his body. Later in the night, he heard rapid footsteps around the basement. He thought it was a rat but he rubbed his eyes to try and see better. His vision cleared a bit and he saw a white puppy hiding behind one of the boxes holding bread in its mouth. The puppy looked at Saeran and ran into one of the empty boxes. Saeran went closer to the pups territory and kneeled down extending its hand so the puppy can know Saeran means no harm. The puppy trusted him and from that day on, the dog shared its stolen meal with Saeran and cuddled with him in the night so they both can stay warm. 
  • However one afternoon, the puppy was hiding in its box waiting for nightfall to sneak out and grab food. The puppies nap was rudely interrupted when Rika and her followers barged into the basement to beat up Saeran because they accused him of stealing food. The three masked men were punching and kicking him leaving Saeran defenseless. The puppy didn’t think twice leaving his hidden box and went to attack the men. The puppy was biting their legs as if they were pieces of meat protecting his friend. Rika saw what was happening and was about to attack the puppy till Saeran interfered and protected his friend. Saeran finally decided to fully join her and her cult if they let him and his friend live like decent beings. Rika agreed knowing the medicine was now taking affect. She gave them a room and Chef to feed them and everything. From that day on, they were eachs other ride or die.

Jihyun/V’s Dog: Angel the Australian Shepard 

  • Angel traveled around the world with V. She is a very loyal and friendly dog. The only problem V had with Angel is that for an odd reason, she hated Rika. Whenever Rika walked into the room, Angel growled and walked away. When Rika tried to cuddle with V, Angel jumped on the couch and sat on his lap demanding attention. Rika hated Angel and Angel hated her. She tried to convince V to get rid of Angel because her excuse was it was “damaging the relationship”. He told her no that he rather lose her than Angel. Angel barked and slept with V while Rika was planning on a thing called Mint Eye. Rika told V about her idea and Angel went and laid on top of V and growled at her. A sun can always disappear but an Angel will always be there.

MC’s Dog: Shin the Dalmatian

  • This dog is legit the worse dog guard ever. Zen convinced MC to get a dog to make sure she is safe and protected. She told Zen she already had a dog and that her name was Shin and that she was your pride and joy. The whole RFA felt better knowing you had a dog there ready to protect its master from any harms way. 
    • V saw the messages and began to freak out thinking the dog could possibly smell the bomb so he just never logged back in LMAO IM SORRY  HE HAS IMPORTANT SHIT TO DO 
  • However, MC didnt tell them that Shin is the most friendliest dog ever. She plays with everyone and loves to play little jokes. MC usually smiled because Shin had the same personality as the person who gave MC the adorable Dalmatian, MC’s grandfather c: Whenever she had to make phone calls or answer emails for the party, Shin was mostly annoyed because she wasn’t getting any attention
    • When MC heard her window shattered she was frighten seeing a white haired man in her home. She knew that was Unknown but before she could say anything, Shin jumped ontop of the man knocking him to the floor. Shin was wagging her tail with a ball in her mouth. Unknown did not expect that reaction. 
      • EXTRA BONUS 
        • Unknown started to play fetch with Shin and joined them for dinner eating spaghetti with them. 

Seven’s Dog: Chip the Shibu Inou 

  • He was inspired to get this dog because he saw a meme on social media about Doge and he wanted one so bad. Screw Elly, if she didnt want or need his love, he was going to give it to someone who needs it. He decided to go to a shelter hoping he can find famous meme breed and after 8 different shelters, he couldn’t find the meme breed D: He was beginning to lose hope but he decided to try one more shelter. When he entered the shelter, he saw a 7 month year old Shibu Inu and he screeched like a little girl. He ran towards their cage and was beginning to baby talk to it. He paid for the papers and everything. He didnt prepare to have a animal in its home, so he fed it honey buddah chips. When the dog stuck his face inside the bag it got stuck and Seven began laughing. He removed the bag from the puppies face and noticed there was a chip on it heads. He decided to call his perfect companion Chip :) Short for Honey Buddha Chips :) The thing he loves the most is named after his love :,D 
  • Seven decided to wear a Shibu Inu costume and slept on the floor with Chip so Chip wouldn’t feel lonely :,) After a couple of days later, he brought chip to sleep with him in his bed because the floor was getting uncomfortable. When Chip started to sleep with Seven, Sevens nightmare started to fade away. The guilt he carried inside his head and heart was being cured by chip, but it didnt mean his episodes stopped. One night Seven was having episodes when he was coding because he thought he saw a code saying “Saeran” in binary and he totally lost it. He fell to the ground crying grabbing his own hair. Chip grabbed a potato and ran to Seven giving the potato to him. He then went on his lap and cuddle him giving of “I’m here, everything will be okay vibes” :)

Jumin’s Dog: King Charles the German Shepard 

  • Jumin only thought about getting a dog because he was getting tired of Saeyoung trying to sneak into his pent house and grab Elizabeth 3rd. 
  • He knew Saeyoung could get past the guards and fuck up the security system easily, so he decided to tell Assistant Kang to look for breeder that has the highest qualifications to breed guard dogs. He finally got the information from Assistant Kang and personally went with Elizabeth 3rd to find the perfect dog to protect Elizabeth. Of course Elizabeth must come along to help him find the perfect dog that is suitable for her taste. He had Elizabeth the 3rd in his arms with security guards around him because he was paranoid a dog might react aggressively seeing a precious feline. 
  • He entered the training camp and noticed how obedient the dogs where, but they already belong to the trainers. The breeder took him to the 1-2 year old dogs who matured enough to be obedient. He walked in the special area and there was this black German Shepard that has been eyeing Jumin and Elizabeth from far away. Jumin didnt notice because he was noticing how Elizabeth the 3rd was feeling a bit nervous. Jumin didnt notice that there was an untrained angry dog on the lose and it was heading towards Elizabeth the 3rd. Elizabeth knew she was in danger and jumped out of her fathers arm and ran for it, she put Forest Gump to shame, she was having her own kitty Vietnam flashbacks. Jumin notice the angry dog about to attack Elizabeth till a black German Shepard who’ve been observing the whole situation decided to attack the other dog and defend Elizabeth. The two dogs were fighting till the owner of the untrained dog got a hold of the rude dog and took him back to his cage for training. Jumin ran quickly to the fierce black German Shepard and notice it had a bite mark around its neck. He noticed Elizabeth 3rd climb onto the back of the dog and licked the battle wound and Jumin fell in love with the dog. He bought the dog right away and he was preparing paperwork to sue the trainer for almost hurting his precious feline. He welcomed King Charles with open arms because it saved his heart, his everything, Elizabeth 3rd. 
    • Jumin left a camera in the penthouse and camped out in his car to see if King Charles can do his job 
      • 1 hour later Seven sneaked in and right when he made it pass the kitchen, King Charles attacked Seven by barking and chasing him off the penthouse. 
        • Jumin trained him to not the hurt the RFA but to scare them LMAO 
          • when he noticed everything on the camera, he bought King Charles a diamond collar. 

Jaehee’s Dog: Mocha the Beagle

  • This precious little Beagle is Jaehees best friend. She is always waiting for Jaehee to come home from a long day of being Jumins slave. She picked up Mocha while she kicked off her shoes and threw her fake as glasses on the couch. She gave Mocha a quick kiss on her adorable forehead and gently flicked her long soft ears. UGH MOCHAS EARS. 
  • Jaehee then went to kitchen and placed Mocha on the chair and began talking to Mocha about her day while making coffee. People may not believe her when she tells them, but Mocha actually responds back by giving different variations of a bark. If she disagrees with something, mostly what Jumin makes her do, Mocha gives a mad bark with a little growl. If she agrees, she barks happily with a little pant. 
  • Jaehee just smiles at her canine thanking the moment she first met Mocha. 
  • *flashback*
  • It was a heavy rainstorm that on particular night and Mr. Han offered to take Jaehee to her apartment because she took a cab to work. She politely agreed and hold and umbrella over Mr. Hans head so he wouldn’t get wet. 
    • Her whole left shoulder was soaking wet but she had to do it for her boss. They were halfway there to the limo but she heard a faint cry. She stopped and Mr. Han got a bit week and looked annoyed. He was tugging her to continue walking but she didnt. She kept looking for the noise and saw a box with a little head poking outside of it. She dragged Mr. Han to the car and pushed him inside and ran back to help the helpless creature. She almost lost her job but she knows Jumin cant find no one better than her. :)

🐘  n0 n00dz 4 u (feat. a complimentary dik-dik pic)
Request: ✔  (eatyourveggiesz) || Masterlist

It doesn’t help that you’re seat-mates. 

As Mr. Choi warbles on about something irrelevant, Hansol keeps his eyes trained on you, and you struggle not to give in and look his way. You’re still embarrassed and annoyed at your best friend’s actions, especially with the way he tried to make it up to you later that night. The texts ranged from the pathetically cute, “I promise I’ll buy you lunch tomorrow,” to the immediately succeeding, “If you really want, I can send you nudes,” at which point you had made a show of blocking him. And now he was staring at you with those big puppy-dog eyes, looking as if he was the innocent one in this situation. And though you hated to admit it, you knew just how this would turn out: you would give in, turn to him, and eventually end up buying him food because he just looked so damn lost all the freaking time. Besides, who could say no to those eyes?

Really, it was just another day. 

anonymous asked:

Hey Gray! I love your blog :D I was wondering if you could do this request: RFA+Minor trio reacting to MC's and their own child being bullied in front of them (like maybe the bullies didn't see them RIGHT THERE) for being chubby but the daughter/son is like really chill and hits them with a 'I'm used to it it's ok' thank you :DD I'll request more now!! Good luck with your blog and excuse my english lolol

Hey now, you’re an all star I’m so sorry nobody is allowed to apologize for their English on this blog. You’re really good with it, so don’t worry at all! English is a bitch to learn, and if anyone judges you I will f i g h t. Also, no matter how many other blogs I’ve seen in the past, I still don’t know who makes up the minor trio. I’ve seen it mentioned a lot, and I always assumed it’s Jaehee, V, and Saeran. If it’s someone else, I’ll gladly write for them, too! (Dialogue of fat-shaming in Jaehee’s. Just a heads up!)


  • He had to pick up your kid from school one day because he got off from work early
  • Yoosung drove there just a little too early when he saw your child getting harassed by three other kids
  • oh no
  • nonononono
  • Instead of just driving up, he parked that damn car and walked up
  • Just far enough so they thought he was a highschooler  even if hes older hes still small you can fight me on this
  • Once he was in earshot, his only thought was how dare they
  • The things they were saying were downright disgusting to him
  • Yoosung walked right up and tapped one of them on the shoulder
  • “Hey there buddy boy, I’m going to ask, no, tell you to kindly leave and never speak to my child again”
  • Your kid just kinda bip bopped along with him after he turned to leave after the kids had given half-hearted apologies
  • “Hey, Dad?” “What? Do you want ice cream? We can go. If you want to talk, we can do that, too” “I just wanted to say that you didn’t need to do that. What they said is pretty normal for me”
  • oh hell no
  • Yoosung just nodded slightly “But it doesn’t have to be” “It’s just like that, but can we still get ice cream?” “Yep! Just don’t tell, MC!” “Will you promise not to tell them about my school either? I don’t want them worried, since you seem to be”
  • So they went out to a small shop that wasn’t too far away from your home and talked about animals
  • Then once they got home, you could see him looking concerned at your child when the put their bag from school up
  • He went to his office and typed out an email
  • Turns out, he got the three kids suspended
  • PTA Dad Yoosung won’t stand for that shit
  • Didn’t tell MC because he promised


  • You can’t tell me he’s not a PTA dad either
  • Sure, practice sometimes doesn’t allow him to go to every meeting
  • But you know he’s ready to fight Nancy at the bake sale because what were those brownies, Jesus, Nancy
  • aNYWAYS, you both had to go to one of those lame ass schools fairs
  • you couldn’t say no to your kid because those puppy eyes reminded you of Zen’s
  • You were waiting in line for food while Zen was buying tickets for things and you let your child go off with their friends
  • Then the yelling started dAMMIT, ZEN
  • “How dare you talk to my child like that?” “Well, um, sir-” “No, I’m not hearing it from you, young man” “I want to say-” “Not you either, young lady!”
  • Zen walked back with your kid in tow and he was fuming
  • “MC! Can we leave? There’s much better food at the restaurant we passed” “Only if you tell me what happened, because it looks like our daughter is perfectly fine” “No, she is nOT. They were making fun of her weight! How dare they insult our princess” “Zen, You sound like a script right now, calm down”
  • Your child just mumbled, “Well, that’s what happened during school anyways”
  • Turning around so quickly that you got bitch-slapped by his hair, he looked at your kid
  • He was n o t having this shit
  • “Who cares if you’ve got squish? There’s just more to love! Those kids are douchebags” “Zen-” “As long as you’re comfortable with you, there’s no issue. If you feel bad because of that snotbag, I will find out who his mom is and raise hell” “Zen-” “That one girl looked like her mom runs a drug cartel. I should know, too, because her mom is probably Bethany” “Hyun!”
  • He turned back towards you flashing a slightly awkward smile
  • “MC, that boy was a beast
  • “Not this again” Well, damn, if your kid is sick of it, he probably should be, too
  • You ended up leaving after your kid was done with his shit wanted to leave
  • He may or may not have raised a little hell on the board
  • Gave a two minute monologue on bullying at the monthly meeting

Jaehee: (Good end and after end spoilers)

  • Your son liked to hang around the café after school was done with a few friends
  • He came in one day with several people, a few being ones you recognized
  • You were taking orders and Jaehee was wiping down tables along with picking up dishes
  • cue dramatic plate falling when she overheard their conversation
  • “Maybe your clothes wouldn’t be so big if your  parents didn’t bake so much for you” “He’s right. All those pastries can’t be that great. Especially with how little you do in PE” “Maybe stop eating all of your lun-”
  • “Excuse me, but who are you, ma’am?” “Just a friend of this kid” “Get out of this café” “Who are you? Where’s the manager?”
  • “Mom, it’s fi-” “I’m Mrs. Kang, the owner of this establishment, and the disgusting comments you are making are towards my son. Leave
  • The girl turned bright red and moved to gather her things
  • Jaehee’s badass arm stopped her from properly getting up
  • “I thought it was heavily implied that you were to apologize”
  • She was downright glaring at this kid
  • You paused when nobody else was at the counter and turned your attention to what was going down
  • This look wasn’t even reserved for customers who threw orders at her
  • Once the girl left after having to repeat her apology several times, all the others followed, trying not to maintain eye contact with Jaehee
  • She slid in the booth across from your son and had a lengthy discussion about what was wrong for people to say
  • Jaehee had had enough in her life getting treated awfully, so your kid wasn’t allowed to have any of that
  • That night, you had to talk her out of fighting that kid
  • “Jaehee, that’s assault” “MC, it’s justice


  • He was dicking around with the security system at your kid’s school
  • It’s not stalking if its not obsessive
  • The system’s visual aspect may not be strong, but the audio was pretty okay
  • Seven just wanted to hear what your child was doing after the bell had rung (I had to look up if it was rung or rang just now)
  • As soon as he heard what a person was saying that was most definitely not your child, he was ready to f i g h t
  • Your kid came back from school that day and went to greet him
  • He may or may not have turned around in an office chair dramactically
  • “So who’s Jun Ho? He sounds like a real biiiii-I mean, jerkwad” “How do you know who he is? He’s in one of my classes.” “Some teacher emailed me saying he was being rude to you. Making remarks on your appearance or something” “Oh, yeah, he does that a lot. It stopped bugging me awhile ago”
  • Red Alert: How About No?
  • “He shouldn’t be saying things like that in the first place. Why do you even talk to him?” “Jun Ho gives me food” “As much as I love food, you should never be degraded to get it” “But it’s soda, and I can’t take that to school” “You won’t get in trouble if no one finds out. That’s besides the point. Can you please drop that douuu-um, that trashcan? You don’t deserve to be told anything that’s negative about yourself that isn’t constructive”
  • Your kid just tried to assure him that It’s Fine, Dad but it most definitely Was Not
  • So then he went into every social media account he could find of Jun Ho’s and left some lovely messages and photos for the kid to find later


  • you know this motherfucker sent your kid to a private school
  • He didn’t realize that not every person would be magically nice to eachother
  • Just let him believe
  • Jumin was content with that for awhile until The Incident
  • Your son was walking back into your home as he was video chatting people at a party
  • For some reason, their conversation dropped off to what sports people were playing and some dumbass in the background made a rude remark to your kid
  • Jumin walked over and took the phone from your son’s hand and got the attention of the teenagers
  • holy shit, that was the dude that their parents made those important business deals with
  • that suit is probably worth more than all my organs
  • damn, he looks like he’s about ready to fail all of us in a class
  • Please refrain from ever contacting this phone ever again. Your words are unappreciated by myself”
  • Your son was desperately trying to mute him repeating that it was all okay
  • Jumin was still drilling these kids
  • “Furthermore, it is not any of your business to inquire about an individual’s health whatsoever. I will have you make good note that everything in this household is meticulously organized, so no, you’re not ‘concerned for his health’ or any other excuse that is as incompetent as yourselves. Have a good evening”
  • Sassy Jumin snapping that hang up button
  • Then he held out the phone to your son that took it nervously
  • “You’re never to speak to them again” “Dad, I-” “No, it is absolutely not fine. You will not be told that just because you’re not of the bare minimum weight, that you are any less of a human being. You are to be respected. If you are to speak to any of your classmates, please inform them that all business deals with their families will end soon.”
  • He most definitely called all of their parents that evening to tell them of these changes
  • Blocked every number he could
  • Also made sure that any future advertisements that were made by any department were to be inclusive of plus-size models


  • There was a new museum and he was invited to attend it’s opening with his family
  • No way this Cotton Candy Man could say no when your daughter got excited at the mention of an artist she loved that was to have an exhibit showcased
  • Everyone had gotten dressed up for the occasion, including V in a snazzy I’m so sorry that I use that word suit, yourself in comfortable formal wear, and your daughter wearing a tighter blouse with a skirt
  • What she wore didn’t bug you or Jihyun, whatever made her the most loving to herself was fine by you
  • The three of you had walked in and were walking around to greet other guests and enjoy hors d'oeuvres
  • Your daughter walked off to admire the paintings until who you recognized as one of her fellow students walked up to her
  • There was no use in eavesdropping so you continued to walk as V walked into the room of the pieces
  • He honestly didn’t notice them until he could hear your child’s voice
  • Then he noticed what the other party was saying
  • Calm Dad walked over to them and apologized for his interruption in the conversation to tell off the student for what they were saying about your daughter’s outfit
  • “Hey, Dad, Mi Na wasn’t bothering me” “Then she was bothering me. Mi Na, please refrain from speaking negatively about my daughter’s appearance in the future. I assure you that whatever clothing she wishes to wear will not effect you”
  • You looked over to see the “Bitch, you ain’t shit” smile on his face and got interested to see what was going on
  • He explained to you the situation then spoke to your daughter again with a short lecture on Why She Was Perfect and Why People Suck
  • Got the girl kicked out from the museum afterwards
  • To make it up, even though “It was fINE, DAD,” V was able to get artwork from the artist your daughter was so excited to see


  • this one’s going to do with an ice cream parlor I’m sorry
  • He agreed to go on a family outing as long as the crowds weren’t too big
  • Hey, if you made it this far, don’t mess it up
  • To his favorite ice cream parlor first!
  • None of you cared if it was eleven am
  • It was always time for ice cream
  • While you three were waiting in line, your child noticed that the person scooping was the dickbag of an upperclassman that had been harassing them for a couple of weeks
  • Saeran noticed how they acted and offered to get a table with them so that it would fit into conversation easily
  • They nodded and went with them so that he could ask what happened
  • Your kid told him that the boy at the counter was giving him shit for his weight and that “It’s perfectly fine”
  • Then Saeran was p i s s e d
  • He assured them that they were perfectly fine as long as they liked themselves
  • Saeran then offered for them to go back in the line where you were ordering your food
  • Your child was slightly anxious as to what he’d do to the worker
  • He glared at that upperclassman so strongly that you thought he had killed Saeran’s joy in life
  • Considering how much Saeran loved his new family, he pretty much did, so the kid deserved to be scared for half a minute
  • He then smiled at you when you handed a cone to him and you sat down with the three of you eating happily
  • Saeran noticed the glances he was getting but didn’t mind them
  • He glared at the kid again for good measure when he held open the door

I’m sorry that this took me so long! Also, no offense if your name is Nancy or Bethany. They’re just my go to PTA Mom names. I’m going to try to get at least two requests up each day. I hope that this was to your satisfaction, but I’ll happily fix anything if you see fit. Much love to you all!


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  • a/n: idk why i put that small angst part in there IDK IT JUST FELT LIKE A GOOD SPOT. also this came out more in a short story line fashion than the others but I still enjoyed it so i hope you do too
  • Soulmate au in which you are born with an unfinished tattoo, as you near each other, you will feel slight pain as the tattoo begins to finish itself, it will be fully finished when the soulmates meet
  • Mingyu is definitely excited to meet his soulmate, not as excited as maybe seungcheol was, but he definitely got those nervous yet excited feelings in his stomach whenever his tattoo slowly inched to its finished
  • often gets more excited about the tattoo than meeting his soulmate
  • “are you not excited about your soulmate”
  • “oh yeah”
  • tries to trace the tattoo and guess what the end product might be
  • there were a lot of tattoo interpreters specifically for those like Mingyu (they were kind of like fortune tellers)
  • basically Mingyu begs Wonwoo to go with him because “you found your soulmate, help me find mine.”
  • The first one they went to had this really really long line of people waiting so they decide to go to the second one
  • which only has a longer line so they try the third one
  • and the line is still long
  • with much pleads to Wonwoo, they are both stuck sitting on the sidewalk with others
  • finally after 4 hours and a grumpy Wonwoo swearing under his breath about how ‘this better be worth it’ and how ‘this better not be a fake’
  • Mingyu pulls up his sleeve to reveal the tattoo and the interpreter kind of has this playful laugh and smile
  • Mingyu is utterly confused because “what’s so funny about my tattoo.”
  • The interpreter shakes her head, “Sorry.” She coughs to get it out of her system before she tells Mingyu, “You possess the Sun tattoo, a very intricate one actually. Your soulmate will possess a Moon tattoo, it’s design and intricacy will reflect yours.”
  • Mingyu is actually jumping now with happy puppy eyes, “DID YOU HEAR THAT WONWOO. MY SOULMATE HAS A MOON TATTOO”
  • Wonwoo is rolling his eyes, “Is there a way we can find them.” Cue puppy eyed Mingyu smiling and nodding wildly.
  • the interpreter laughs lightly before saying how Mingyu shouldn’t rush things but as they are about to leave she hands Mingyu a card, “it is your decision, but this person can help you, tell them I sent you, you’ll jump straight to the beginning of the line.”
  • when they leave the sketchy tent (because every fortune teller has one like that) Mingyu is just staring at the card.
  • Mingyu then gives Wonwoo those really sad pleading puppy eyes and Wonwoo is just
  • “fine.”
  • Again they walk towards another sketchy tent and Mingyu has this giddy look on his face and a skip in his walk. Mingyu notices the lady starting to pack up and now he’s running
  • and now Mingyu is once again pulling up his sleeve for the lady and she kind of marvels at Mingyu’s tattoo before stating that they cannot leave as she rushes out
  • Wonwoo: “that was really sketchy, maybe we should leave
  • Mingyu with a giant smile on his face “she probably has something to do”
  • a few minutes pass before Mingyu feels a strong stinging on his forearm. Wonwoo and Mingyu stare in wonder as the tattoo starts to rapidly finish in front of their eyes
  • and when they look up, they see you, standing alongside the interpreter
  • Mingyu then kind of falls still, bc ‘shit she’s pretty’
  • Mingyu has this far off look on his face because he just can’t stop staring, it isn’t until Wonwoo shoves him with his elbow that he kind of comes back to life
  • the lady smiles, “this is my daughter.”
  • Mingyu really can’t smiling afterwards because “wow Wonwoo, she’s beautiful.”
  • You and Mingyu kind of start off slow before it develops into a really playful and intimate relationship
  • LOVES showing you off to the other
  • LOVES showing off the tattoos
  • “yes Mingyu we’ve seen it before”
  • Will wholeheartedly suggest getting new tattoos
  • he really loves cooking, so you become his taste tester on a lot of his new food creations
  • “are you sure chicken should be stuffed with 3 bottles of mustard”
  • “just trust me y/n”
  • you smile a lot because he’s a little airheaded sometimes, and you’re not smiling because it’s funny, you have this kind of sweet smile while you pat his head as if he’s a little puppy
  • the first time he made you cry, he didn’t know what he did
  • Mingyu was really confused when he stepped into the apartment and you were sitting at the kitchen table, two plates set out
  • “what is this?” his question was innocent in his mind, he really didn’t know what was going on
  • Your voice was kind of dull as you picked up your plate, “just an idiot waiting for her boyfriend who agreed to have dinner with her 3 hours ago.”
  • and you kept thinking it was trivial to cry over this, but when you turned to face Mingyu, a few tears slipped out
  • Mingyu feels really ashamed and guilty that he made you cry, that he made his soulmate cry
  • He approaches you slowly, and the weight on his shoulder becomes heavier with each step, he brings his hands up to wipe your tear stained face and he’s spilling apologies over and over again and now he’s stating about how to make up for it, he’ll tell the boys of his stupid mistake
  • and you just laugh
  • He stares as your eyes crinkle, your lips turned upwards, the sweetest of melodies spilling from your mouth, and Mingyu just holds you close, still saying how sorry he is.
  • Mingyu eats the cold dried food on the table that night, no matter how much you tell him that its gone bad, he sits and stuffs his mouth with a toothy grin
  • And when he gets sick the next day with food poisoning, you hold back an ‘I told you so’
  • Mingyu is a very puppy like soulmate. He does everything you say and will do anything for you even if it means picking up pads and tampons at the store. He loves you with his whole heart and will do anything to make you stop crying as well as won’t let anyone forget about how sad he got when he made you cry the first time. He never wants to make you sad.

Gif source:  Missouri  |  Sam  |  Dean

Imagine being a little younger than Sam and having always thought you were a Winchester because neither John or Dean ever said anything different and Sam was too young to remember, but when John goes missing and you all wind up at Missouri’s place, you find out that you actually were the daughter of one of Missouri’s psychic friends who died helping John not long after Mary died and that you get angry at Dean for never having told you that you weren’t really a Winchester and Sam goes after you when you storm off because he’s the middleman since he didn’t know you weren’t his sister either.

——— Request for anon ———

There had always been secrets kept in your family— the Winchester family— but you’d never suspected it would be something like this. You stormed out of Missouri’s house to get a breath of the fresh Kansas air, breathing heavily as you tried to cool off from the way you’d ripped into Dean in there after finding out he’d kept this from you all your life.

I was just doing what Dad wanted! It wasn’t important anyway! You’re still my sister!

“Wasn’t important?” you scoff, still replaying Dean’s words in your head. Your parentage wasn’t important? Your whole life felt like a lie. All those years. You’d stuck with him and Dad— John— when Sammy had gone off to college. And now you might get some freaky psychic powers somewhere down the road? It was scary enough that Sam was having prophetic nightmares about what you had thought was your childhood home, only to learn fifteen minutes ago that it was exclusively Sam and Dean’s. Missouri had let the news slip when she had taken in your very-different-than-Mary’s features and said how much you looked like your mother, who had apparently been one of her close psychic friends.

It’s Sam that comes after you, looking just as shocked as you were to learn this information, “Hey. You know this doesn’t change anything between the three of us, right?”

“How can it not, Sam? We aren’t family anymore!” you gasp out, getting turned towards him by his grip on your arms that was gentle but firm enough to force your body to face his.

“Don’t say that! We’ll always be family. You’re my sister, blood or not! Dean feels the same way, okay?” Sam searches your eyes until he finally gets a nod from you, pulling you under his arm in one of those hugs he’d always give you whenever you looked like a wounded puppy. “Dad and Dean never told you, probably because they didn’t think it mattered. You’re just as much a Winchester as I am, even if we both didn’t know that you weren’t biologically until today.” When he pulls back, you find yourself not as stressed out as you were a second ago; more curious than anything else, “So what do you say we go back inside and finish this job, then we’ll help you figure out about your parents, if that’s what you want.”

“Thanks, Sam,” you sigh, still clutching around his waist as your brother gives you one last squeeze before letting you go and leading the way inside.

“What family’s for.”

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Can you do Hinata trying to make up to Corrin for being reckless in battle and getting himself injured? Only if you want to of course.

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

Everyone noticed how down Hinata was. His head was on the table, his topknot dipping into his dinner. Oboro watched her friend groan and moan and looking totally depressed.

“I’m guessing something awful happened. I’ve never seen you this depressed before in my life.” She quirked an eyebrow, resting her cheek in her hand. “Did Lord Takumi retire you from service?”

“Nooo…” Hinata’s voice was muffled before he raised his head, revealing the gash along his neck and shoulder. He didn’t seem bothered by the pain, rather the fact that his thoughts were totally focused on whatever was bugging him.

“You going to tell me what the problem is?” She questioned. Hinata sighed heavily, turning his gaze to the table a few rows away. The mess hall was chock full of people, but even with all the soldiers she could pick out your rigid shoulders, completely ignoring the sorrowful gaze of your husband.

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“love yourself” - Cameron Dallas imagine

He opens the door and greets you with a “Hey, love” followed by a tight hug and a quick peck. 

You walk past Cameron, into the living room and see lit candles and rose peddles everywhere.
The room fills with the vanilla scent of the candles.

“Babe” you screech. “You didn’t have to do..”
“I know that I don’t have to do things like that but I want to. You only deserve the best.”

Cameron pulls you closer and kisses you gently.

As the two of you separate he grabs you by the hand and leads the way to the sofa.

You look around the room, jaw dropped, in disbelieve, noticing a stack of dvd’s.
“What?…” You point to it without even finishing your sentence.
“Yes, those are all your favorite movies. And I mean ALL of them.” Cam laughs a little. 
“Make yourself a home.” he signals you to sit down. 

Both of you sit down and Cameron wraps you up in a blanket that he had laying on the sofa.

The first movie starts playing but get’s interrupted by Cameron’s phone ringing. 
“I.. Sorry.” He apologizes whilst rolling his eyes but he picks up anyways. 

“Bad timing. I’m  gonna call you back.” he pauses for a second, listening to the person on the phone. “No. I’m in a meeting.” Cameron replies so self evidently and hangs up.

You pause the movie and look at him all serious. “A meeting?” you ask innocent.
“That was Jack. You know that I don’t want any of the boys to know about us. We talked about this. Remember?” You were mad but you actually did remember.
Cameron was worried how the fans would treat you so the two of you told no on, except for your family. Oh and let’s be honest, you also told your best friend Lauren.

No one wants to hear the person they love make a secret out of you but you knew he was concerned so you just dealt with it.

 “Oh yea, I forgot.” a forced smile appeared on your face but Cameron picked right up on it.

“Don’t be sad, please. See, I would tell them about you but I don’t want to risk it. What if they can’t keep their mouth shut and all the fans find out? I cannot stand the thought of you being attacked by anyone.”

“I understand.” you say a little more cheerful. “I really do.” you whisper. How can you be mad at those honey brown puppy eyes?
He just wants to protect you.

The doorbell rang and Cameron jumps  up. 
“I ordered your favorite food.” he looks back to smile at you all excited and you can’t help but smile back at him. 

You hear Cam and the delivery boy chat.a little when Cameron’s phone starts to ring again. 

“Pretty popular today, huh?” You joke but he didn’t hear you. 
“Babe. Your phone?” You say a little louder as he walks into the kitchen to grab plates.

You look at the screen and see that Lauren, your best friend is calling.
Obviously you told Lauren about Cameron and you, I mean come on, she is like a sister.

Thinking nothing off it you pick up the phone and hear her moan “Hey, baby. What are you doing tonight?” 
You struggle to find any words to say so you just lay the phone into your lap.

Cameron walks into the living room. “Who is it?” he asks as he holds your plate with a smile.
“Lauren.. It’s Lauren.”
“Oh just let it ring. She can wait.” he looks uneasy but his voice is calm.

He was quiet and he definitely knew that he was fucking busted. 
“Baby? What are you doing tonight?! Are you kidding me?” 
“Well, why do you answer my calls anyway, YN?” he snapped. How dare he?

“Is that why you kept me a secret to all your friends?” you asked, fighting back your tears.
“YN. Don’t do this. Don’t make up something in your head. It’s not what it looks like.”
“Not what it looks like?” you giggle a little. It was an evil kind of giggle. “Not what it looks like? Cam, you know what? Don’t worry about it, baby. It’s fine.” You say in a mocking tone.

You made your way to the door when you heard the sofa creek. You turn around and look at him all serious. “ Don’t you fucking dare to follow me!”

You close the door behind you and your eyes start filling up with tears. 
On the way to the elevator your vision get’s blurry and the tears start to run down your cheeks.

The elevator door opens and you see your reflection - you looked pathetic. 
Crying over a guy that has no idea how to appreciate an amazing girl.
The longer you look at yourself the sicker you get of your sight.

A boy should not have that much control over me.
I should be the only having any influence on my confidence and damn happiness and I should not let anyone have an affect on it. 

You wipe away all of your tears as you keep on repeating these words in your head. 

You do not need anyone to love you. Love yourself and you’ll see that it’ll make you happier than you ever imagined to be.

Chocobro’s reaction to having a natural s/o and dealing with her on wash day. 


  • Noctis is completely overwhelmed by the amount of products that you have. That they not only take up the majority of the sink but also the two bathroom drawers  seriously how much stuff does she need?
  • Has knocked some if not most of your bottles down at some point.
  • Frantically trys to put them back where they were before you notice. 
  • Accidentally broke one of you favorite hair oils. He immediately called Ignis asking for help.  Iggy has no idea how or where to replace it. Went to the nearest drug store and searched for almost an hour to find something similar with no avail. Noctis doesn’t know the difference between drug stores and beauty supply stores, poor child.
  • On wash day, he literally sleeps the whole day away as you work on your hair. 
  • Wakes up to the smell of your hair after you come fresh out of the shower from all of the creams and conditioners that were used. 
  • He will want to be closer to you because of the intoxicating aroma that is radiating from you.
  • However this causes him to get sleepy because you use products that have lavender and peppermint scents that tend to make him drowsy.


  • LOVES and I mean loves all of your hair products. 
  • Every time you go to stock up he is there with you to smell everything. 
  • You have caught him once taste testing a coconut/shea/banana butter hair mask. 
  • Ask if he can use some of your products one day, to which you say no (this shits expensive) but eventually give into him because of those adorable puppy eyes he gives you.
  • He loves your hair care products because they smell great and likes to use them when he can, to quote “because they make my hair as soft as a baby chocobo”.
  • On wash day, he will wait outside the bathroom door like a lost puppy waiting to see how your hair looks after you wash it. 
  • Wants to help you comb through your hair or help you to apply any and all hair creams.
  • Kinky/curly hair he adores and loves to see the bounce in your curls if you allow him to touch them. 


  • Honestly doesn’t really care too much about the amount of hair care products you have. As long as they arn’t left everywhere in the bathroom.
  • Has mini heart attacks in the shower when you forget to get your loose curls from the shower floor. He thought they were some new form of spiders.

  • But he loves how your hair looks after its done. He will stare. 

  • Drives him wild that after you get your hair done that you won’t let him touch it.

  • Will sneak into the shower with you and wash you hair.

  • Sex will be intiated shortly after, which you always agree with because you have to let your hair mask sit for 15-20 minutes anyways… 


  • When you two first move in together, you let him know how many hair care products you use and to be prepared for wash day.  He shrugs it off because he figures its nothing he can’t handle, and honestly he doesn’t use a lot of products. How his hair gets like that, only the gods truly know.
  • However upon entering the bathroom he gasp at the sight before him 10+ prodcuts

  • Will tidy up and organize your prodcuts based on the order in how you use them. 

  • Will open a few to smell them. His favorites being the shea moisture argan and raw shea butter mask. 

  • Has used your hair oil sprays on his hair but will never admit it to you. Even if you ask. “I do not recall using that, spray love.” 



  • Really likes watching you do your hair. How concentrated you are on making sure every strand is moisturized and d-tangled. 
  • Will braid your hair if you ask and hes actually pretty good at it. Just don’t ask him to do cornrows, ya boy can’t cornrow to save his life. 
  • Actually has some similar products already in his collection of hair care because Nyx actually cares what his hair looks like even if he doesn’t look like that type of guy. 
  • Will come and rub your shoulders when they get tired from braiding your hair. 
  • This however causes him to start to kiss down your neck which usually causes you to have to restart the braid. 
  • You will wake up to him with his face super close to the back of your neck as he fell asleep to the smell of your freshly washed hair. 
  • If you run out of a product he has got you covered. Just let him know the name and he will be at that beauty supply getting it, along with a some hair ties and bobby pins because he knows you run out of them often. 
Going into labor with Namjoon as your husband.(first part is a text scenario)

A/N: I don’t know how I got this idea in the first place.Nonetheless I hope you guys like it and the first part is a text scenario, just like the one I did with Taehyung. These are actually kind of short, sorry for any mistakes made.🙂

Word count: 1,715

Warnings: Swearing

Part1 ( text scenario ) / Part2

  Your contractions were still in 30 min intervals, so it wasn’t as bad as it was going to be. You placed your phone on the floor next to you and leaned on the wall. You went into labor while you were grabbing a cup of water from the kitchen. 

  You were able to tell Namjoon to come home A.S.A.P. which is great, but it still took him a couple of minutes. After awhile you heard the door open up loudly.

“YAH!” you yelled out “I hope the door is still attached to the wall for your own good Kim Namjoon!” you turned your head to the side to look at your husband, who was about to start crying. 

“Jagya!”he ran over to you and picked you up from the floor “What do I do?”he was walking around the house with you in his arms, but you weren’t happy about it.All that extra movement was a bit too much for you.

“Stop that!” Jin hit Namjoon with something 

“Jin hyung is right.Let’s go to the hospital.” suggested Jungkook as Taehyung ran to open the door of your apartment 

“That is not what I meant to say.”Jin pouted “I can help Y/N without going to the hospital.”

“Midwife Jin, thanks but no thanks.”you were rubbing your belly and breathing heavily 

“Let’s go!”Hoseok pushed Namjoon and he ran in the elevator

  It got a bit cramped in there with the 7 of them and you, not to mention the sweet old lady which lived next to you. The boys were trying their best not to crush her or you.

“Morning sweetie.”she smiled “Where are you going?”

“Morning.”said Namjoon “She can’t talk right now, we are kind of in a hurry.”

“Oh, where to?” she was such a nice old lady, it would have been very impolite to not answer

“I am in labor.”you were able to say through your teeth

“Oh my.”she placed her hand in front of her mouth “That is wonderful news dear. Judging by the size of your belly, it must be a boy.”

“It’s a girl.”said Namjoon

“That is what I said, a girl.”she laughed out and walked off on the 3-rd floor ”Do your best, I can’t wait to see her.”the old lady waved you goodbye

“Ok, is it just me or did she say that it was going to be a boy?”asked Jungkook

“No, I heard it too.” Jimin nodded his head

“Anyways.”Yoongi looked at the numbers next to the buttons in the elevator “We are here.” the door opened immediately and Namjoon ran for the car. Jimin opened the door for you, Yoongi sat next to you and Namjoon on your other side. Jin was getting ready to drive.Once everyone was in, you started noticing that the contractions were at shorter intervals.

“Can we hurry up!?”you asked

“Ok.”Jin looked back at all of you “First are your seat belts on.”

“KIM SEOKJIN I WILL MURDER YOU!” you grabbed his shirt and pulled him back.In a split second he started the car and drove like crazy.

  The good thing was that the hospital was close to your house. Jin stopped in front of the building. Hoseok got out first and opened your door.Namjoon lifted you up again and Yoongi hurried to open the next door.Everyone was synchronizing their movements for your sake 

 The first doctor that saw you rushed you to the maternity ward. The nurses let only Namjoon in while you were giving birth.When the moment came you were crushing his hand and screaming. 

“It’s ok, jagya. Everything is going to be alright.”he was trying to make you feel better.Both of your hands grabbed his shirt and pulled him down to your eye level.

“Don’t you dare tell me what is going to be alright!”the words were coming from in between your teeth and you weren’t happy at all “Why don’t you try having a HUMAN BEING rip out of your body!”

“Mrs Kim, I would like you to push.We can see the head.”the doctor asked of you

  Once you heard his words, you knew that it was almost over, you had to keep it going just a little bit more.

“You can do it jagya!”

“Nurse!”said the doctor

“I could have done that at home, with some warm water and towels.” your head moved up and you saw him standing next to you ,with his hand on his waist

“JIN!”you gasped

  He looked at the doctor and then at you “I didn’t know we were going to get personal.”he was talking about going over there and seeing what the doctor was.

“How the fuck did you get in here!?”asked Namjoon amazed and still holding your hand

“Forget about that.”you said after another painful push “Get OUT!”the words became one with a painful scream 

“But I got her this adorable dress and cute shoes that match.” he pulled out clothes from absolutely nowhere 

“JIN!”you yelled out again

“Did I mention that they are pink?” 


  He sighed and left.The day was getting more and more crazy. This was supposed to be a normal child birth.You were hoping someone called your parents ,because you were in such a hurry that you forgot your phone on the apartment floor.


  The moment you heard that sweet angelic cry ,your tears started flowing down your cheeks like a river.You were happy and once you were holding her in your arms, all that pain felt like nothing compared to what you received.

“My baby.” you were kissing her and didn’t want to let go when the nurse had to wash her up

“You did amazing jagya.” Namjoon was holding onto you and thanking you for all your hard work “Thank you for making me the most happiest man alive.”his kisses were showering over you

“Here she is.”the nurse handed Namjoon your baby girl 

“She is beautiful.”he said, gently caressing her cheek

“Wait…”your hand reached out and pulled the blanket down a bit, exposing her clothes “Jin!”

“What?” the boys walked in together 

“When did you do this!?”you asked pointing at the clothes your daughter was wearing, the same that Jin had.

“Why should I tell you all of my secrets?”

“He smiled at the nurse, she got hypnotized ,so he used the moment to dress her up.”said Yoongi yawing, he obviously slept through this glorious moment 

“Y/N.”you looked down at the side of your bed, seeing Jungkook, Taehyung and Jimin looking up at you with puppy dog eyes.

“Can we?”

“Awww, I can’t say no to those cute faces.Here you go, but be careful.” you gave them your baby girl and their eyes sparkled once she smiled at them.

  The nurse that was taking care of you was supper cool and she didn’t care how many people there where, she could get rid of them in a second if she wanted to.

“Ok,ok let the mother and the child rest.Wait outside.”she took the baby out of Jimin’s hands and gave her to you, smiling

“But I am the husband.”said Namjoon

“Excuse me?” the nurse turned around to face him in a sassy way “Um,did you give birth sir?”


“Were you having back pain and were vomiting for 9 months straight?”


“Well then get out.This is the maternity ward.Last time I checked you aren’t a woman.”she grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him out, the face Namjoon was making was hilarious and adorable at the same time. 

“Sorry about that, they can be a bit noisy.”you told the nurse

“Oh not at all dear.First time dad I presume.”she helped you sit down and feed your baby properly 


“To be honest it was very funny the moment you came in here.Your husband was carrying you, one of your friends opened the door to the hospital, the other one was bringing in your bag, the charmer parked the car.You made my day, in fact you made my whole week.”she was a supper fun person to be around

“That is how we are.”you said

“Don’t they have a concert?” her question was so sudden and your face had shock written all over it “What?You thought I didn’t know them? BTS are famous after all.”she patted your back “Nonetheless this is a hospital, I must ask your husband to be a bit more quiet.”

“About that.”you looked behind her and she turned around, seeing the boys looking through the glass.Namjoon was jumping and broke something, judging by the look on his face.

“May I?”

“Be my guest.”you said

  The nurse was about to walk over to them, when they walked in. She wasn’t very happy about it and in a way she was right.

“Sir there are a lot of babies and mothers sleeping here.If you aren’t quiet they will wake up.” she placed her hands on her waist in an ‘angry mom’ position. 

“Don’t worry, we have Jin hyung here.”Namjoon pointed at him

“That is right, I will sing to them.”and he started 

“That is great sir, could you sing outside please.” 

  The boys were talking a bit loudly and you saw how your baby girl frowned her little eyebrows and was about to cry. Jimin casually looked over to you and his body froze. He pushed Jungkook and pointed over to you. Kookie grabbed Jin.

“Hyung, you should stop.”

“I am not done yet Jungkook.” he pulled his arm away

“Hyung.”said Jimin

  Yoongi sighed and grabbed Jin’s head moving it towards you.The moment your eyes met, was the moment he felt fear on such a high level.It was like someone started plying ‘Run’ in the background, they were gone immediately.

  The nurse walked over to make sure everything was ok.

“You have to tell me how you did that.”

“I have my way.”you laughed out

  Soon you felt your body getting weak and the sleep finally caught up to you. The nurse took your baby and placed her next to you. 

“Rest, you earned it.” 

  It was was such a sweet sleep, something you had never experienced before. Yet it didn’t last long, after 2 hours you heard them yelling and making a ruckus again.

“Your wife needs to sleep!” and the nurse came to scold them again.It was going to be a long visit for them, but in a way a fun one.

No morning kisses ||Taehyung||

Originally posted by jjibooty

The morning sun finally rises to shine brightly into your room and onto your tired eyes. Not ready to wake up you turn away trying to avoid it to rest longer but your eyes were Immediately met with taehyung’s big brown eyes. “Morning,” he smiles. You smiled tiredly at him, nudging your nose gently against his while mumbling a tired morning to him. 

He smiles sweetly to himself and twirls a strand of your soft hair around his fingers. Taehyung was not someone you could call a morning a person but just to be able to see your cute sleepy face in the morning was worth waking up earlier than you. He likes to admire your beautiful features such as your pretty eyelashes, cute nose, gorgeous skin, and your cute full lips. 

“Y/n,” he coos. You hum tiredly “wake up sleepy head,” he’d continue to play with your hair. “Five more minutes tae,” you’d mumble and roll onto your back. You wouldn’t see the small pout that took over his cute smile as he tugged at the sleeve of your shirt. “But I wanna spend time with you,” “you are already,” he rolls his eyes. “I meant while you’re awake.” “Later,” you could feel him shift around and the left side of the bed lift assuming that he had gotten up to leave the room but you soon felt a heavy weight above your waist.

“taehyung, what are you doing?” you looked up at your boyfriend, who was now straddling you, with curious eyes and tried to wiggle him off of you. “waking you up,” he states simply and leans down as if to kiss you bu you were quick to cover your face with the blanket you were able to pull from under him.

“Why are you doing that?” He’d be pouting again and pulling at that blanket trying to get you to reveal yourself to him. “Hey, c’mon not fair,” he playfully whines. “Let me kiss you.” “No, you have morning breath,” you say through the blanket. You didn’t actually care that much but you wanted to mess with him. Taehyung stops, making you peek through a bit, and brings his hand to his mouth to breath into it and takes a quick sniff. “It’s not bad,” he says and it has you cackling. “Why did you do that?” you asked between laughs “so you know that it’s ok to kiss you.” He dives back in to steal a kiss but once again you blocked him with the soft shield you clutched in your fists. His face hits the blanket and lets himself go limp and fall completely onto your body. 

You laughed “tae stop already,” you pushed at his shoulder. He kept still but let himself become heavier on you.

“Ok, get off you’re heavy,” you tried to move him off with your body but to no avail since you weren’t strong enough. “C’mon get off, I can breathe,” you say dramatically. “Can’t move, I’m dead,” “then how are you speaking!” You grunt out with a final attempt to release yourself from under him. 

You groan giving up and laying there defeated, or so you thought. You smirked and brought your hand onto his bare back and let it run up and down feeling him tense up under your touch. 

“Taehyung~” you called sweetly. “Baby get up,” he shakes his head. “I thought you wanted a kiss,” you coo. He lifts his head up slowly looking at w you with those puppy like eyes of him. You bring your hand under his chin and slowly bring him in and when your lips were at their closest you flip him over and straddled him now. “sorry tae, not today,” you laughed and hopped off of him and ran straight out the room. 



You dashed down the small hall with tae already close behind trying to reach for you “y/n that wasn’t cool.”

You two were now and the living room running around mindlessly and filled the room with your yelping and laughing. At one point you tripped over your own foot and landed onto the sofa. “AHA, got you!” he pounces onto the sofa as well and hovers over you out of breath but still showing off his large and cute boxy grin.    

“What’s my reward?’ you raise a brow “you want a reward?” “Mhm,” he nods cutely. You giggle along with him for a moment “come here,” you cup his face and bring him in for a long and sweet kiss.

“Better now?”


I didn’t know how to end this but I hope you liked it!

Much love~💖

Audaces Fortuna Iuvat

Fortune favors the bold.

Harrison Wells x Reader

Words: 3376

A/N: I should put a gif of Harrison Wells since, you know, but seriously, this fits so whatever.

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“Oh my god.” Cisco said, jaw open, still in shock.

“I know!” You replied, eyes wide as you took in the scene before you.

“Oh my god.” Barry echoed, his hands in his hair, trying to process what he was seeing.

“Holy shi-”

“Don’t finish that sentence, Jesse,” a voice rang out over your intercom, momentarily reminding you that Caitlin and Harry were still listening in.

“But… look!” Jesse whispered, gesturing vaguely to everything in front of you.

“It’s… insane.” You finally decided, unable to choose just one word to describe what you were seeing.

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anonymous asked:

How does Blinky, Angor Rot, and Draal react to their s/o accidentally saying "fite me" instead of "date me"?


Blinky splutters a bit, and asks you to repeat yourself. When you clarify, he just mumbles something about Draal rubbing off on you.

Angor Rot takes you seriously, and starts setting up a time and a place. Please don’t tell him to fight you.

Draal takes you seriously as well- mostly because, due to your relationship, both mean the same thing. He’s game for it, and you can’t say no to those puppy eyes.

You know what really bothers me?

So, if you go to the cultural center on the nexus and talk to romanced Jaal for like the 3rd or 4th time, Ryder asks him if hes read Hamlet. I think. It might be a different interaction.

Anyways, Jaal says something like, “It must be comforting to know these stories live on” idfk.

Ryder answers with, “Yeah. It’s nice to know I can share them with my children some day.”

That’s it. Jaal doesn’t get all excited or anything and get those giant puppy eyes and ask, “A family? You would like a family? With me?” There’s nothing. This giant, beautiful kitten whose entire culture centers around family, doesn’t get excited when his squishy human wife mentions wanting children. Or even concerned because they’re not the same species and how would that work? Does she mean his children with her or does she intend to start a family of just her own? Will she leave him for a human? Will she just get artificially inseminated? Will they genetically engineer their own children together? Does she want him to find an angaran mate and they’ll have angaran babies and Ryder will just be an other mother?

God it frustrates me how infrequently dialogues are romantic-themed after you romance them. If you ask Jaal about having a mate, he still says he doesn’t, even after Aya and even after Meridian. There’s no new dialogue options at all. The most it changes is he says, “stay strong, darling one” which, don’t get me wrong, makes me blush like a fucking teenager, but DAMMIT I WANT MORE. AND LET JAAL MOVE INTO MY ROOM ON THE TEMPEST FOR FUCK’S SAKE.

Sorry. I have a lot of feelings.

Can I have S/O teaching the girls how to dance? What kind of dancing would the teach them? (PS: Love you guys!)

Well…as soon as we got this the other mods screamed at me to take it, and if that doesn’t sum up my love for dance, I don’t know what does.

Maki Harukawa

  • You don’t know what to teach her at all.
  • She’s athletic, and her body is gorgeous, but you don’t know if she has the patience or willingness to listen to you instruct her how to move.
  • For the joke of it all, you decide to ask her to listen to you teach her flamenco, knowing that she would likely disagree .
  • Though, when you prompt her with the idea, she stares at you and to your utter disbelief, tells you that she is willing to do so .
  • You flush at the idea of her moving in such a hip, fluid way and agree, setting up a time to meet with her.
  • She picks up the arm and wrist movements quickly, and doesn’t seem to put much effort into it at first.
  • Once you get to the hip movements, she blushes and immediately excuses herself for a moment.
  • She eventually gets the hang of it, though she doesn’t seem that into it from what you’ve seen.
  • But when you turn your back on her, and discreetly watch her, you see that she’ll perform it full out, getting extremely into the movements when you are not watching.
  • You feel yourself heat up at this, and laugh before turning around, getting a kick out of her shocked expression and her denial that she was not just dancing.
  • You spend the rest of the day catching her in these little moments, before her finally opening up and doing the routine to the best of her ability.

Kirumi Toujou

  • Surely you would believe that such an elegant and mature woman would be suited with a style that would fit those tastes.
  • So, you decide on ballet as a good way to start, envisioning how beautiful she would be dancing in such a timeless, elevated form of movement.
  • Besides, you can just imagine those long legs extending into a développé and you guiding her foot into a dégagé.
  • Alright, so maybe you are just a tad bit envious of her figure, and just a little attracted to the beauty she possesses.
  • And so, you invite her to a studio, and set her up with a gloved hand resting daintily against the barre.
  • You go off in a small rant about the art, in which she listens to politely with a couple nods of her head, and a smile.
  • Though on the inside, she is likely freaking out, if only a tad.
  • Frappé, fouetté, coupé, cambré, cabriole, battement, adagio, assemblé, attitude?? Pas de chat?? Passé? Penché? What does all this terminology you’re saying mean?
  • You reassure her gently that you’ll go slow, and teach her how to do everything correctly.
  • Then, you need to warn her that it takes /forever/ to be able to master the /simplest/ of movements, which she assures you is alright if it makes you happy.
  • She flushes pink every time you have to grab her hips to center them, or run your hand along her spine to help her straighten her posture and tuck everything correctly.
  • She’s a smart and quick learner, and she seems to enjoy the entire experience, despite it being mostly barre and slow waltzes and such.
  • She asks you to teach her again sometime, which you are happy to agree to!

Angie Yonaga

  • You have a bit of difficulty deciding on what to teach her.
  • She could never stay still enough for tap or ballet with her boundless energy and happy, overbearing attitude.
  • It takes you a bit, but you decide that such a creative soul needs a canvas that can be twisted into any style she pleases, so you decide on a contemporary/modern mix.
  • Until it hits you
  • Contact improv
  • She’s fascinated by humanity has been gifted with such a fine body that can be used as a vessel for blessing and pure hope.
  • So why not let her appreciate it through movement with another person, and let her express God’s love and emotions with another person?
  • Plus, it’s an opportunity for you to directly dance with your cute girlfriend
  • You ask her to come dance with you and she is simply overjoyed, and won’t leave your side until you’ve gone outside to move in the warm, bright sun.
  • You warm her up, helping her stretch her limbs to the sky, before taking her hands in yours, beginning to explain exactly what you brought her out here for.
  • Her expression only lights up in delight before she wraps you in a bear hug, asking if that it sufficient enough for contact improv.
  • You chuckle and say yes as you pat her head, before swooping the lighter girl into a bridal carry and placing her softly on the ground.
  • The two of you continue to interact with one another and simply just dance with the other, using the other’s limbs to inspire movement in your own.
  • She has a fantastic time, and tells you that you should help her express her God’s will through pure, blissful movement again sometime.

Kaede Akamatsu

  • You decide that ballroom would be the best for her
  • As a bonus, you could try to teach a routine that goes along to one of her own songs!
  • When you tell her this, she blushes, and asks if she has to dress up in fancy garb, in which you laugh and insist that she doesn’t.
  • You ask her to meet up with you one evening, and takes her hands, beginning to walk her through the steps.
  • You think she has the basics of it, yet you find it amusing as her blush deepens whenever you take her by the waist.
  • When you turn on her music and start choreographing to it, her face is an unexplainable mixture of shock, excitement and joy, and she seems to have newfound energy in her movements.
  • You switch roles occasionally, and at one point, she tries to lead you in the waltz.
  • Her movements are clumsy, and when she dips you, she drops you on the floor.
  • She apologizes endlessly after that, nearly crying, and you laugh and constantly tell her that it’s alright.
  • You two have a good time, and the evening ends with her kissing you and giving you a crushing hug.

                  Miu Iruma

                  • When you propose the idea, she snorts, saying that she could build a machine to teach herself choreography.
                  • But as soon as she sees the look on your face after that, she begins to yet up and apologizes, and agrees to letting you teach her whatever you want
                  • You begin to walk her through a warm-up, deciding to go through with some classic jazz, before she stops with with a delighted look on her face.
                  • She asks you to teach her how to pole dance.
                  • You’re caught off guard by her request, a blush already covering your face at the mere thought of it.
                  • But she seems too happy, and she already promises that she has something set up for it.
                  • You reluctantly agree, and she meets up with you, pole in place, and urges you to begin.
                  • You walk her through a few legitimate movements, mustering enough abdominal strength to show her one flashy move.
                  • She copies them, which makes you melt in a puddle of embarrassment, before she cracks you a cheeky grin and begins to take over herself.
                  • She cackles as she places a hand on the pole and spins around, taking amusement in your embarrassment.
                  • It is an eventful night, to say the least.

                  Himiko Yumeno

                  • You find that tap dance may fit someone like her, for it can be quite extravagant, yet simple, at the same time.
                  • You dig out an old, smaller pair of tap shoes and dust them off before inviting her to come with you.
                  • You help her tie them before walking her through a couple steps, taking the basic, slow approach.
                  • Brush steps, shuffles, buffalos, paradiddle.
                  • They may sound simple, but she’s quite proud of herself for being able to catch on, even if her movements lack a bit of energy.
                  • She likes making noise, and begins to wear the tap shoes you gifted her around the house.
                  • She also tells you that she’s happy that you taught her, and that she’ll have to try these techniques in her next show

                                Tsumugi Shirogane

                                • She’s super willing to do whatever you teach her!
                                • She does have a request though.
                                • She consults you with a tablet and shows you a bunch of videos of anime characters dancing, and completely begs you to teach her the movements that her idols perform.
                                • You’re not sure on how to exactly do so, but who can say no to those puppy dog eyes?
                                • You ask her to consult you later, and you try your best to learn the movements for her.
                                • You meet up after a little while and she seems super stoked! You’re going to help her become like her idols!
                                • She’s quite energetic, for she’s dedicated to learning, and surprisingly picks it up rather quickly.
                                • She seems extremely happy when moving and dancing, and is always ready to show you that she can do it by herself with pride in her voice.
                                • She also tries dancing with cosplay! It’s quite cute.
                                • Just like the animes

                                Tenko Chabashira

                                • She’s active, lively, and a good learner. The perfect candidate for teaching!
                                • When you propose the idea of teaching her something, she flushes red, and bows to you, saying that she is honored that you would trust her with your teachings.
                                • She grew up learning defensive movement from a master, and has shaped her whole entire life around being taught by those she held in high lights.
                                • So the fact that you want to teach her something you love inspires joy in her, and excites her greatly.
                                • You decide that capoeira would be right for her, for she would be familiar with some of the movements all ready.
                                • After all, it is a mix between dance, martial arts and acrobatics, and is lively and fun!
                                • Besides, she already has the strength required for it!
                                • She invites you to her dojo, for it is safer, and waits, practically trembling with excitement.
                                • You show her the first few steps of the routine, which she copies near-effortlessly, her mind already trained to picking up and repeating movement
                                • You teach her a few movements, in which she takes in and adds little things to make them their own, and’ll proudly show you them each time you pause, eager for your approval.
                                • The night ends with her thanking you endlessly for sharing something you love with her!
                                It was the worst day, it was the best day

                                Paring: OFC x Tom Hiddleston
                                Words count: 1 888

                                Rating: Teen 

                                Summury: Amy lost her dog and a prince in jogging shorts comes for rescue.

                                Notes/Warnings: I’m happy ending girl but still it might upet you. Pets being lost is not a joke. Told from first person view. Language. Feedback is very welcomed. 

                                Just tagging here some people I think might like it: 

                                @greeneyedgirls4 @nuggsmum @xxxprettydeadgirlxxx @scarlettsage77 @sserpente @ladyoftheteaandblood @fanficshiddles @lokilover9 @avenger-nerd-mom @explicitfandoms

                                I don’t post a lot but if you want to be on or off these spontaneous tags just let me know ;)

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                                Dating Jackson Would Include

                                “hey! for you “dating would include post” could you please do Rap monster and Tae or Jackson please thank you so much”

                                “I’m late , sorry , but do you still take ‘dating would include’ ? If yes , could you eventually do it with TOP and Jackson? ( they are my fav ) Your previous ones were so good *_* thanks ! <3″

                                Wangpuppy is a popular boy! <3 I combined them, but I will get to your other one Anon no.2 since y’all know how much I fucking love T.O.P bb, ANYWAY.

                                Originally posted by markjin

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                                Requested Anonymously

                                This is my first time writing an imagine in this particular style, but I’ve really enjoyed it, so I would appreciate any feedback you can give me, if you have the time.

                                This is delight, this is fear, this is being trapped alone with someone you both adore and cannot stand. You don’t know a word for this. There probably isn’t one.

                                This planet is very likely the most beautiful place in existence.

                                It revolves around a small but warm yellow sun, nestled in the swirling arms of a colorful nebula that has a spectrum so vibrant that it can even be seen during the day. The atmosphere is thinner than that of most M-Class planets, but not so that the air is uncomfortably thin, and it allows for a clarity in the sky that you have never seen on any planet. The stars are thick and glimmering on the night sky, and the constellations are foreign to you, but you think you can pick out a few that you recognize from the star charts. Everything seems so close. Too close, even; right on the edge of overwhelming. Much, you think, like Julian.

                                It is you and him and no one else, as of today. This planet, uninhabited, unclaimed, and unscarred, had been the subject of an exploratory survey. There were ten other people who made and excellent buffer between you and Julian, but they managed to get off the planet before the transporters malfunctioned. You and Julian did not.

                                The good doctor doesn’t seem bothered by this development at all. You try to act like it’s not your worst fears come true.

                                After all, there are worse places to be stranded and worse people to be stranded with. (Like, say, Dukat.)

                                The sun of this planet is not nearly as bright or as harsh as Earth’s sun, but it is only your sixth day here and Julian is already sun-kissed and honey-hued. It suits him beautifully, you think, but you don’t take much time to observe. You, for the most part, stay inside the shuttle, where Julian isn’t.

                                He frowns at you and says that he didn’t think you were the sort to coop yourself up inside like this.

                                Maybe you are, maybe you aren’t, but it’s not like you want to be. Not on a planet like this, where you can practically touch the stars and where even the bugs don’t bite. Risa, eat your heart out, but this is paradise. No, you don’t want to coop yourself inside. But you’re not sure if you can stand this.

                                “Come on,” he says, grabbing your hand and tugging like a child, “come on.”

                                You can’t say no to him, not when he’s making those puppy-eyes at you, and especially not when you finally say yes and he smiles so brilliantly. How could you possibly say no when saying yes causes such a delightful reaction? So you go with him, and he pulls you out into the hazy light of a lilac sunset.

                                “I’ve never told anyone,” he says, softly, softly, as if not to startle you. You’re shoulder-to-shoulder with him, lying in the grass and watching the last strains of lilac drain from the sky and seeps down past the horizon line. “But I never really wanted to be a doctor. It was all my parents’ idea.”

                                You’re not as surprised as you should be, perhaps. You don’t really know Julian, not in the traditional sense of knowing someone. You’ve hardly spoken to him and, in fact, actively avoided having to directly interact with him. But in a non-traditional sense, you know him very well. Perhaps better than anyone else. You have seen what no one else sees and so you know what no one else knows. You have looked from all the different angles and observed Julian in those moments when he though no one could see him, and you’ve found a very different person from the one he pretends to be. He is not naïve, but wise, not clumsy, but graceful, not awkward, but calculated. His youth is a mask for an old soul and his arrogance a cover for a knowing that is in him, and understanding that you can’t quite comprehend even though you see it resting heavily on his shoulders. He is so much. You’re not sure how he is or why he hides it, but you can see it and you feel wonderfully privileged. So, no, you are not so surprised when he reveals that even his career is part of that outer shell.

                                It takes intelligence to be a doctor, and compassion and determination. Julian has all these things in droves, but he has so much more. No one would ever ask something so beautifully complex to be simplified, and yet, someone has done so to Julian. To be a doctor is wonderful, but as a doctor, Julian is terribly, woefully simplified, like a Van Gogh painting sapped of color.

                                “I get it,” you say, and he has no idea.

                                “Really?” he says, sounding surprised. “Overbearing parents?”

                                “No, I just…” You struggle to express something that you can’t possibly tell him in full truth. “I just understand. You could have been anything, and…”

                                You can’t finish with spoken words, but Julian nods and you know he understands you. And, judging by the small, soft smile that curves his lips, he’s very pleased.

                                The last spark of sunset winks out over the horizon.

                                The nights are much longer than the days on this planet. Perhaps because it is winter, or maybe some other phenomenon you aren’t familiar with. But, when you wake, you feel the bone-deep satisfaction of having slept for as long as your body needs and then some, and the stars are still bright above you. Julian is nestled at your side, his head resting against your shoulder and one arm tossed carelessly over your middle. You’re not sure how you ended up like this or how you both fell asleep out here, but you blame it on the comfort provided by the thick, soft grass.

                                “Better than the Cardassian beds,” you say to no one, but it draws a drowsy chuckle out of Julian.

                                “Isn’t everything?” he mumbles, voice thick with sleep.

                                He yawns and wipes at his eyes, too cute for words. When he rises in a stretch, you think he’s going to get up, but he only settles back down at your side, even closer than before.

                                “Is this alright?” he asks when he rests his head on your shoulder again.

                                You’re not really sure if it’s alright, but you say, “Yes.”

                                For some immeasurable stretch of time, there is only comfortable silence. You feel the softest huff of Julian’s breath against your skin; the way his arm tightens around your middle to anchor you to him. You’re not sure if it’s your proximity to Julian or the weak gravity that makes you feel so light.

                                “You know,” he finally ventures to say, “I thought you didn’t like me.”

                                You make a sound that’s somewhere between a laugh and a scoff. “I like you, Julian.”

                                “But you avoid me, I can tell,” he says. His tone is right on the edge of accusatory, but it isn’t angry enough for that. More hurt than angry. “I’ve never understood why.”

                                Busted, you think.

                                “I mean,” he continues, “did I say something wrong? It’s alright that you don’t like me. I understand. Most people don’t like me, not really. I know I can be difficult. But you refused treatment once just because I was on duty, and I–”

                                Oops. You hadn’t realized he knew about that.

                                You reach over and press your fingers against his mouth, effectively silencing him.

                                “I like you a lot, Julian,” you say before letting your hand drift away from his mouth. (His lips are so soft.)

                                “Oh,” he says. “Oh. Alright.”

                                When you first met Julian Bashir, you thought that he was just what everybody else thought he was: an arrogant, excitable young man whose nearly-genius IQ was the only thing saving him from being in way over his head. And maybe you would have kept on thinking that, except, you caught a glimpse of him when he thought no one else was looking. You’re still not sure what you saw in that moment, but it was not what he pretended to be. Not even close. So you observed from what you thought was a safe distance, watching and waiting, catching more of those vulnerable moments and discovering Julian Bashir to be a very different person. And then you realized that the distance you kept hadn’t been safe enough.

                                You developed the crush to end all crushes on Dr. Bashir, and you hated it.

                                Julian isn’t a good person to be infatuated with. There are worse people (like, say, Dukat), and if things were less serious, you might not mind, but the problem is that Julian is a shameless flirt who seems to be allergic to commitment. Or, he pretends to be. You haven’t figured that one out yet but you can’t really contest the evidence. The evidence, being a long line of beautiful women who Julian had found irresistible. And he couldn’t hold on to a single one of them. You’re not sure if that’s good or bad but it sure doesn’t make him look like Serious Significant Other material.

                                Now, you’re alone on a planet with this man. There are no other women, only you and him and the glorious sky, and it hurts, because you know that nothing has really changed except that your crush is no longer just a crush.

                                Julian abandons his Starfleet uniform for loose-fitting civvies abandoned by one of the scientists who had been on the shuttle with you before. The neutral tones and swirling patterns suit him well. Far too well. When he catches you admiring him, you save yourself by saying,

                                “Well, it just looks so much better than what you usually wear.”

                                And that’s a true statement if there ever was one. Julian’s worst flaw is his fashion sense. You have never seen someone dress as embarrassingly as he does and, honestly, you’re not sure why Garak hasn’t assassinated all of his outfits.

                                Julian’s not offended, though. He takes it as a compliment, striking an exaggerated pose to model the clothes for you. You can’t help laughing, and you use it as an excuse to cover your blush.

                                “Let’s go,” Julian finally says.

                                “Where?” you ask.

                                “Forward,” he declares, and after two days of keeping so close to the shuttle, you agree.

                                It doesn’t really matter, anyway. You can’t possibly go so far that the rescue won’t be able to find you. Five days of scientific survey didn’t find a single poisonous plant or sharp-toothed animal. This planet might as well be baby-proof for how safe it is. What’s the harm in exploring?

                                “Yeah, alright,” you say. “Let’s go.”

                                You go. When Julian realizes that you’ve both forgotten your shoes, neither of you care.

                                You sink your teeth into a fruit that tastes like some strange cross between watermelon and cantaloupe but has a thin, delicate shell that crunches delightfully under your teeth. It’s the best thing you’ve tasted in a long time, far superior than anything you can get out of a replicator. Everything on this planet is better. Feels better, tastes better, smells better. A ship will be here in a day, maybe two, to pick up you and Julian, but you don’t want to go. Not ever.

                                When Julian looks for a place to wash the stickiness of fruit off his hands, he finds a stream full of brightly colored fish that come right up to nibble on his fingers. He drags you in to try it and the fish nibble you clean, tickling as they go. You giggle at the sensation, and you get that feeling again. You don’t want to leave.

                                “If they never rescue us,” Julian says, “I won’t mind very much.”

                                “Neither will I,” you agree, sinking yourself into the water and trying to hold in your giggles when a few fish dart into your shirt to tickle your ribs.

                                “Although,” he adds with a sly smile, “if they never rescue us…“

                                If you make a joke about being Adam and Eve, I’ll murder you, you think, but you don’t say it. You just sweep your hand back and splash water at Julian. Hard.

                                "Ack!” He jerks away and then immediately splashes you back, a delighted smile dimpling his cheeks.

                                There is no surrender. You splash each other until your hair is soaked and all the fish have swum for cover. And so begins the first war this planet has ever seen.

                                “I never realized you were so much fun,” Julian says, and you snort with laughter.

                                You’re both lying out on the grass, still damp from the splashing war. Julian’s hair is drying into handsome curls, and you wish he would let it curl like that more often. You’re tired and happy and curling your bare toes into thick moss, wondering why you ever thought spending time with Julian was a bad idea. It’s torture of a kind, yes, but it’s such gentle, pleasant torture. You’re still coming down from the giddy high being so free with him brought you to, and all your reasons for denying yourself this suddenly seem flimsy.

                                “No, really!” Julian exclaims.

                                “It’s not me,” you say, “it’s the planet. This place is amazing.”

                                “Well, yes, it is,” he agrees, “but I wouldn’t be having nearly such a good time without you.”

                                “If you say so.”

                                “I do.“ Julian rolls onto his side to face you even though you remain on your back. "I wish we had become friends ages ago, I really do.”

                                You stare at the fluttering orange leaves overhead. Most of the flora here is more green than not, much like Earth, but there are still so many more colors and they are all so deep and full, just like the sky itself and all its stars. Pale-barked trees with orange leaves that smell like citrus and jasmine are the least of the wonders to be found here. "Well, we’re friends now.”

                                Julian lights up with a smile. “Really? It’s not just because we’re the only ones here?”


                                A gentle breeze ruffles Julian’s curls. You’re jealous of the wind.

                                Two days pass. It occurs to you to worry about the rescue party, but you don’t bother. You don’t even worry about your shoes. You’re barefoot on an alien planet and you don’t care.

                                This planet is about the size and density of Mars. Meaning that the gravity is on the weaker side, and you can take gliding leaps and still land softly, if you pay attention to what you’re doing. You and Julian make a game out of it, seeing how far you can skip without stumbling or how high you can jump and still make a decent landing.

                                When you’re tired and panting on the thin air, though, you just walk. The grass is so soft under your feet and the heat of the day is gentled by a cool breeze. Julian trails along behind you, not as tired as you are but content to amble along as slowly as you please.

                                “When we get back to Deep Space Nine,” he calls up to you, "I was thinking we could get dinner. Well, multiple dinners. Or lunches, if that’s more convenient, but dinner sometime.”

                                “That’d be nice,” you say, looking over your shoulder at him. “Like you and Garak?”

                                It would be nice. Dinner or lunch or whatever, every now and then. Now that you know you can handle being around Julian, it seems like a great idea.

                                Julian makes a face. “Well, I… that’s not exactly what I meant, no.”

                                You stop and turn to fully face him. He stands there with an odd expression on his face, that mild slump of discomfort in his posture, and you realize what you’ve missed.

                                “Oh…” Your gut clenches uncomfortably and you make some vague, meaningless gesture in an effort to expel nervous energy through your hands. “Julian, if you’re asking me if… I don’t, um… I don’t do casual.”

                                He frowns. It’s not angry, though, you can tell. It’s confused. He’s puzzled at your response. If he expected a rejection, this wasn’t it. “You don’t do casual?”

                                “Not the way you do,” you clarify. You hope that he gets it; that he’s aware of how his many ‘relationships’ must look from the outside. You don’t want to have to explain in real, spoken words that you couldn’t stand to be another name on a long, long list of girls.

                                “I wasn’t suggesting…” He trails off, frown creasing his face with lines too deep for his age.

                                You wait for him to say something else, but he doesn’t, so neither do you.

                                Night comes quickly and you don’t know how far you’ve walked without a word said between you, but it is more than far enough.

                                There’s a lake, or, you think it’s a lake. It’s freshwater, anyway. It stretches on and on, all the way to the horizon. It’s shallow for a long ways, barely halfway up your calves, but then it suddenly gets much deeper. The water is clear, so clear that you can see to the very bottom, and it’s almost just as frightening as not being able to see anything at all. But you don’t have to look – the lake reflects the sky so perfectly that you find yourself dizzy with stars; unable to tell up from down.

                                Any tension between you and Julian melts away in the face of such unspeakable beauty. It sparks a giddiness in your lungs; an indominable euphoria. You run across the shallow stretch of lake and until it is too deep, and then you dive. The sky is both above and below and you feel like you’re flying, mingling with the stars. And Julian, oh, Julian, he is beautiful. He has thrown away all pretenses and lets himself be truly graceful, as you know he is, and he looks inhuman. There is starlight kissing his skin; sweeping through his hair.

                                You dance together in the deep until you can’t hold your breath any longer. Together, you rise for air. His hands com to your waist to support you and you grab his shoulders for balance, buoying yourself upwards, and he dips his head down to meet you.

                                Lips. His lips are so soft and you always thought they would be, but this is more. He clings to you and you cling to him because the world is spinning and if you let go, you don’t know what will happen. You might go flying off into space. You might get lost in the stars, or in him. So you don’t let go.

                                You break for air only to surge back together again. This is less soft and more like the crashing of waves. You rush into each other, cresting and falling and crashing and then starting all over again with barely a pause for breath. You think Julian says something, hisses out a scrape of sounds against your lips, and it sounds something like “Yes, please, please.” You raise one hand to thread your fingers through his hair; to tug gently and coax out a soft moan. He’s holding you up in the water, hands at your back to keep you close enough to kiss, and you can feel his fingers curl against the line of your spine.

                                When you part, he does not let you down or allow for any distance to be put between you. You breathe each other’s air. His eyes are still closed, his brows furrowed, and you take in the glorious sight of him. The blush on his cheeks, the water droplets making his dark skin shine, the slight quiver of his lips as he takes in each ragged breath. When he drops his head forward, you find yourself cheek-to-cheek, and your only disappointment is that you can’t see his eyes when he opens them.

                                “I wasn’t suggesting casual,” he murmurs against your ear.

                                A breathy laugh catches in your throat and emerges as nothing but a happy sigh.

                                “I think I just figured that out,” you say.

                                And that’s how it starts. In a field of stars.

                                Johnny Imagine: Broken.

                                Anonymous said: Johnny imagine where he comes back from a rumble, beat up, you fix him up and cuddle pleaseee

                                A/N: Loved writing this one!


                                      I sat down on my couch with my favorite book in hand. I hadn’t gotten a lot of time off from work lately so this was all I wanted to do. That was until I heard a knock on my door and a slight whimper. I opened my door to see my boyfriend, Johnny, standing there with cuts and bruises all over his face and body.

                                “Johnny?” I questioned.

                                “Hey, Y/N,” He said with a slight smile. I let him in and sat him down on the couch as I went to get the first aid kit. 

                                 I came back in the room and sat down next to him on the couch, this time with the materials I needed to fix him all up.

                                “Did you win at least?” I asked him as I started cleaning up his face.

                                He winced at the pain while I muttered a soft ‘sorry’ then kept cleaning up his wounds. 

                                “Yeah, we won,” He said, his voice raspy.

                                “Well that’s at least good,” I told him, now putting bandages on the open wounds. 

                                A couple minutes later, I was done bandaging him up and started to grab my book again but he put his hand on mine and laced our fingers together. 

                                “Can we just cuddle?” He asked.

                                “How could I say no to those puppy dog eyes?” I told him.

                                He laughed and I laid my head on his chest. 

                                “I love you, y/n,” He told me.

                                “I love you too, Johnny,” I pressed a soft kiss to his cheek and placed my head back onto his chest.


                                “For what?”

                                “Everything,” And with that I was satisfied. I may not have the best life but I sure do have the best boyfriend a girl could ask for.

                                #34 He insults you and the others defend you *requested*

                                AN: Those who have been following me for quite a long time may recognise this imagine… I wrote it a year ago as it was requested but never really did anything that great with it so deleted it. I thought since it was requested I might as well give it another try but based on the original a year ago. 

                                I personally would hope they are nothing like this in real life!  Plus if a guy ever does something like this in real life don’t forgive them as fast as “Y/N” does please.

                                Ashton: It was the opening of a new club in London. You had bought a new dress, it was in the sale and it looked fantastic! Spending hours on your make-up and hair you were finally ready. Walking downstairs you met all the boys.
                                “Wow y/n you look amazing!” Michael exclaimed
                                “She looks like a slut that what she looks like” Ashton muttered under his breath. Immediately you felt the sting of tears in your eyes, running back upstairs you quickly kicked off your dress and jumped into bed to hide yourself under the covers. You could hear muffled shouts coming from down stairs. Slowly you drifted to sleep. Woken up you felt the bed dip on Ashton’s side and a whisper in your ear,
                                “I’m sorry love, I didn’t mean it, I love you so much, I know you aren’t a slut, I just didn’t want you to dress like that as I knew guys would be drooling all over you”
                                “Even if I did have guys drooling all over me, I only have eyes for you Ash, and if someone tried something I’m a big girl, I can tell them to get off and if that didn’t work I’ve got you and your 3 best friends to help get a guy off me. You could have just said that was how you felt; you didn’t have to insult Me.”
                                “I’ll make it up to you I promise”
                                “You will just have to wait and see.”

                                Calum: It was 1 in the morning and Calum was still not home. He was out with the boys celebrating the release of their new single. Soon you heard them coming through the door getting up to greet them you saw that alum was being carried in by the other boys.
                                “Looks like someone has had a bit too much to drink” you chuckled to others.
                                “Oh shut up Y/n.  Always trying to control me, I do what I want! Talk about controlling girlfriends!” With that the boys dropped him to the floor
                                “Apologize now!” Luke shouted.
                                “No!” They looked at you to see your response, you shrugged
                                “leave him on the couch; he’ll regret drinking this much in the morning”
                                “See! Now she’s controlling where I go in my own house!” shaking your head you leave to go to bed yourself. The next morning you were right, he regretted drinking so much but he regretted what he said even more.
                                “Y/n, I’m sorry. I don’t believe you are controlling, I don’t know why I said it.”
                                “It’s fine Calum, but if you say something like that again I may not be here the next morning”
                                “I know”

                                Michael: Your finals were coming up and you needed to revise as much as you could before the exam. You did not feel like you had enough confidence in yourself to get the grade you wanted. However you told yourself constantly, ‘you leave the exam with more marks then you did when you went in with, even if it’s only one more’ needing a break you walked into the kitchen to get a snack and a drink to be met by 5 boys sat at the dinner table.
                                “Oh hey Y/N”  Michael said as you walked in,
                                “Hey” you replied opening the fridge.
                                “Why don’t you join us?” Calum asked
                                “Why would she do that? She needs to be boring and do nothing but read in her room” Michael, commented, you open your mouth to speak but Luke nods at you and talks instead.
                                “Michael it may have escaped your notice but Y/n has exams coming up soon, would you rather she failed them? Or would you rather she passed?”
                                “I would rather she pass” he mumbled shuffling his feet under the table, “Then let her study as much as she feels she needs. I’m sure she will spend as much time as possible with you once exam season is over, won’t you Y/n?” you nodded. Michael came over to you to give you a hug and whispered,
                                “I’ll just have to wait to get you back”

                                Luke: After a long day of work you were finally home. Kicking off your shoes you collapse on the couch swearing to never move again. Luke and Calum walked in
                                “Y/n, we are I are going to kick a ball around for a while do you want to come?” Calum asked
                                “I’m sorry but no I’ve had…”
                                “Of course you wouldn’t, I forgot you were a lazy bitch” Luke interrupted you
                                “Luke!” Calum exclaimed, “She is clearly tired, you can tell she has had a tough day and you never call your girlfriend a bitch! And if you do call your girlfriend that, you don’t deserve a girlfriend! Apologise to y/n!”
                                “I’m sorry y/n, I understand you have had a busy day I just thought you would want to come. How about you come with and you can cheer me on from the side lines?” he asked with puppy eyes. Not being able to resist you decide to come, however the catch of you coming was Luke had to rub your feet when you got back home afterwards to make up for his harsh words.

                                AN:  again I would like to say I hope the guys would never say something like this in real life. And I hope if you get treat like that not to forgive those who treat you badly at the drop of a hat.