how can you say hes a coward


Pairing: Peter x Reader

Requested by @spiderzenslaya


Clint has created a chatroom.

Clint has added Peter, Y/N, Steve, Thor, Natasha, Vision, Sam, Wanda.

Clint: Anyone up to watching a horror movie?

Natasha: Your face is a horror movie.

Natasha: And yes, I’d love to see a horror movie.

Clint: Awww I didn’t know you love seeing my face ;)

Peter: I’m in, if Y/N’s in.

Y/N: I’m in if Peter’s.

Peter: oh no

Peter: my message delivered first!

Y/N: dammit!

Y/N: Decide!

Peter: No, you decide!

Y/N: Do you want to watch a horror movie or not?!

Peter: Only if you’re there!

Steve: Oh for crying out loud, I order both of you to watch the damn movie.

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radxxregs  asked:

"I really love holding you, darling" w/ Frank Castle please💕

Frank Castle + this prompt list

A/N: wow i love frank castle and also i can’t end drabbles to save my mcfucking life. would 10/10 recommend listening to winter by birdy while reading, and also @kurtwxgners @brownvalerie pls enjoy some soft frank castle, from me to you my loves

The winter chill is biting, cutting through the closed windows and the meagre comfort of the shitty heating in Frank’s apartment as you sit up, cuddled up with Max under the thickest blanket you could find, waiting for him to come home. You’re half asleep at this point, curled up against the end of the sofa, the book in your lap sitting open but long forgotten as your mind wanders through the hazy twilight that comes between sleeping and waking. It’s nearing four am, not that you’re really aware of the time. You’re just waiting on Frank. No matter how often he tells you not to, you wait up for him. You just need some kind of proof that he’s alive before you go to sleep at night. It’s the price of loving him, you figure. The tension, the panic, the worry for his safety. Small price to pay for him, though. 

Later, though you’re not sure how much later, the door creaks quietly open and then clicks shut again, the sound jarring you from your almost sleep. Frank slips quietly into the apartment, a faint frown of concern crossing his face as he sees you on the couch. He hates that you worry like this over him, hates the stress he causes you, but he’d be a liar if he said it didn’t make him happy to see you waiting for him. Especially after the night he’s just had. He doesn’t want to turn the light on because he doesn’t want you to worry when you see his blood soaked clothes and battered knuckles. It was rougher than usual, though rough is all relative at this point. Every night is rough, but tonight was a bad night. He doesn’t deserve you, but all he wants is to be near you right now, so he deposits his guns on the table as quietly as possible and toes off his boots, padding over to crouch beside where you’re stirring on the couch. 

“Sorry I’m so late, beautiful,” he murmurs, gently brushing some loose hair back from your face as you blink drowsily as you stir from your half conscious stupor, giving him a soft smile, barely visible in the dim apartment.

“S’okay baby. You’re back now,” you reply sleepily, reaching for the switch on the lamp beside the couch. Your previously peaceful expression rapidly morphs into one of alarm and concern as you take in Frank’s fresh black eye, split lip and bloodied clothes. “Oh my god, are you-are you hurt? Let me get a better look-”

“Don’t fret, sweetheart, I’m not badly hurt. Just a little bruising.” A blatant trivialisation of his aching ribs and split knuckles, but he’s weathered worse and he doesn’t want to think about his injuries right now. “Just-c’mere. Please.” He moves to sit beside you, pulling you carefully into his lap, enjoying how willingly you shift across the couch to wrap him in your arms. He tucks his head against the crook of your neck, his eyes slipping closed as he breathes you in, revelling in your warmth and softness as your fingers card gently through his short hair. Maybe he’s selfish for wanting this, for being with you despite the danger he knows it puts you in, but he doesn’t care. Not tonight. He just wants hold you, to ignore the dangers and the deadly, terrible tasks he has ahead of him. 

“You wanna shower, baby?” you ask quietly, still not moving from your position on his lap. “Wanna go to bed or just sit for a while?” He doesn’t respond, so you just tilt your head slightly to press a kiss to his temple, settling a little closer against him. He loves you for it. For knowing what he needs without him having to say anything. He’s loved you for a while now, but hasn’t had the nerve to say it. Actually saying the words out loud is admitting he has something he can’t bear to lose, but tonight, here with you in his arms, they’re hovering closer to the surface than ever, just out of reach. 

“Hey beautiful,” he murmurs against your skin, pausing as you let out a low hum in response. “I-I lo-” and just like every other time he’s tried to put his feelings into words before, they stick in his throat. He’s a coward when it comes to things like this, and he’s made his peace with it. Mostly. “I really love holding you, sweetheart,” he finishes, his voice trailing off a little as he presses a slow kiss to the hollow of your pulse, hoping he can tell you, without saying it, just how important to him you are. 

Because you are the most important thing there is in his life right now. More than his mission, more than the furious sense of purpose shoving him out into the streets each night, you’re what’s holding him together. Your hand moves from where it’s carding through his hair to cradle his jaw, delicately tilting his face up from where it’s hidden against your neck so you can lean down to kiss him softly. It’s gentle and slow and the tenderness in your touch makes his head spin, because he may be terrible at communicating, but all your feelings are right there on the surface and all it takes is a touch to know you understand him perfectly. 

dear - bonnie/damon -1/1

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“Your hair is so soft…” 

Bonnie rolled her eyes. “And you are so drunk.” 

“Tipsy,” he corrected.

Shaking her head, a fond smile upturning her lips, she watched as he continued to run his fingers through her hair. It was longer than it’d been the last time she saw him. After spending two years abroad, she’d returned to the States feeling stronger, happier, and more confident in herself. She also returned to find out Damon and Elena had broken up. Elena had moved to Boston for medical school while Damon remained behind, playing surly uncle to Caroline’s daughters. 

With a gentle sigh, she rubbed her fingers over his forehead and back through his hair. She wasn’t sure when he’d put his head in her lap, but it was strangely comfortable. In the time she’d been away, she and Damon talked often. Days would pass where all they would do was text back and forth, about anything and everything, and then suddenly, she’d call or he would and they’d spend hours on the phone. Talking about life as a human now, about where she’d been or where she should visit next. In a way, it felt like he was on that journey with her, so entwined with her life as he was. Which was why she was surprised to hear that he and Elena had broken up more than a month ago. 

“You wanna talk about it?” 

He sighed, long and loud. “About what?” 

She cocked her head. “Seriously?” 

“What’s there to say?” 

“I don’t know… The love of your life packed up and left. I thought you’d have a few things to say, or ask. Like, ‘how do I get her back, Bonnie?’” 

Continuing to stroke his fingers through the tails of her hair, he shook his head. “It was a long time coming.” 

“Since when?” Her brow furrowed. “You never mentioned anything.” 

“No? I didn’t slip how unhappy we were getting into one of our four-hour-long conversations?” 

“I think I would’ve remembered…” 

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tttickingcrocodile  asked:

Neil and Andrew get into an argument in front of the foxes, and boy, these two know just what to say to make it hurt the most. Both of them are terrifying in their own ways so the foxes aren't about to get in the middle, but at the same time this is the most emotion the foxes have seen them show since...ever.

Okay I can’t actually imagine these two in an argument so this is probably gonna go a little OC but can I pass up writing angst? Nope. Can I leave it at that and not end it with fluff? Probably not.


They shouldn’t be here. It was Andrew’s fault (of course at this moment, so furious he feels his face burning red and his throat hurts from yelling, he feels inclined to blame everything on Andrew and he /shouldn’t/ they /promised/ each other but it’s like Andrew’s burning angry eyes are ripping the foul words out of him) that they’re here in the first place. The Foxes are vague shapes at the edge of Neil’s vision, like background people in an oil painting, and he can’t bring himself to give a damn.

If he could just /leave/ if he could run away the argument would stop, he’d stop hurting and stop hurting Andrew in turn, but that’s what their argument is about isn’t it? Him running. So Neil feels cemented to the floor with the knowledge that if he runs, runs to lose himself and this anger and this pain, he might lose Andrew too.

Someone had only tried to get between them once, it had been Nicky. The Foxes are blocked from leaving by Neil’s body in front of the door and Nicky had tried to approach him, to let them out to calm him down who knew. But Neil had been seeing red, was still seeing red, and he’d lashed out and brought a hand down on the peak of Nicky’s cheekbone. Immediately he’d regretted it and he could have pulled himself out of this, this pit of boiling anger he’d inherited from his father, but Andrew had pulled Nicky away snarling protectively and pulled Neil right back down.

So the Foxes watch with mounting horror as Neil and Andrew fling words at each other like arrows, tearing each other apart with vicious accuracy.

Neil’s voice fails out after what feels like years of screaming at Andrew and Andrew picks up the slack, flinging words back at Neil as Neil had just been firing them at him.

“Runaways throw everything away,” Andrew snarls at him, and all this time they haven’t gotten within arms reach of each other. Some still-rational part of their brains know that laying hands on each other- they would never recover.

“You’re used to treating people and items like trash Neil, you’re too much of a coward to admit when something means anything-” Neil bares his teeth.

“Oh and-and you’re any better? ‘This is nothing’ you say, well for nothing you’re fighting pretty fucking hard to hold on to it. How does it feel to try to hold on to something you can’t have?” Wait no, Neil thinks and the world seems to tip around him, that wasn’t what he meant.

Before he can speak Andrew is snarling again.

“What I can’t have? You don’t have anything, you won’t hold on to anything because is doesn’t matter to you, you’re still making contingency plans a year later as if you’re worth coming after anymore.” Hold on, Andrew thinks, feeling he words slip past his lips like they’re covered in butter, I shouldn’t have said that.

“I don’t have anything? I won’t hold on to anything? If I’m not holding on and not worth coming after I guess you won’t need to put any effort into finding me then.” Neil can’t control himself, it feels like he’s possessed as he whirls and flings the door open so hard he hears the drywall crack and finally finally he runs because he was worried about losing Andrew but looking into Andrew’s eyes he couldn’t see anything but someone he’d already lost.

The Foxes can’t breathe as Andrew freezes up, don’t dare move as Andrew stares aghast at the door in the most emotion they’ve ever seen.

“Find him,” a tiny voice croaks and Andrew’s head whips to the side to find Nicky on the floor. He glares and starts forward but Nicky leaps to his feet, braces his hands on Andrew’s shoulders and /shoves/.

“Go fucking find him,” Nicky snaps, “because for someone who constantly calls Neil an idiot, you’re being pretty fucking stupid yourself. /No/,” he says when Andrew tries to snarl at him, “if you don’t go you will lose him.”

The Foxes wait for Andrew to pull a knife but instead, faster than they’ve ever seen the goalkeeper move, he runs.

He doesn’t run as fast as Neil and definitely doesn’t know where he’s going, so Andrew freezes again when he gets outside. He knows Neil thinks he is lost.

Andrew gets in his car and searches for the idiot, panic holding his heart in his thrust as he searches with increasing difficulty through twilight and the night. He is lost.

His search radius gets bigger and /nothing/ he can’t find Neil even as everything turns pale in the faint grey light of sunrise. He is lost, he thinks. He doesn’t mean Neil.

He parks the Maserati back in front of Fox Tower and rests his head on the steering wheel and breathes, in and out, trying to make the air feel less like broken glass. A knock on the passenger side window brings his head up so fast he gets dizzy, and a pair of blue eyes under curly cinnamon colored bangs looks at him carefully through the window. He unlocks the doors.

He is found.

the walking dead starters ( s7ep11.)


  • “ please. please don’t.”
  • “ please, god, no.”
  • “ i hate this. please!”
  • “ welcome home, haircut.”
  • “ there’s more at the library. a lot more.”
  • “ you… you have a library?”
  • “ s/he escaped?”
  • “ you know where s/he is?”
  • “ no. i’d tell you if i did.”
  • “ th-this’ll be satisfactory.”
  • “ you hungry?”
  • “ i’ll get you something. what do you want?”
  • “ what do i want?”
  • “ anything? really, anything i want?”
  • “ sure, whatever.”
  • “ dude, yes, you can have anything. what do you want?”
  • “ can i have lobster?”
  • “ no, you can’t have lobster.”
  • “ what the hell do you think this is?”
  • “ do you have canned pasta and tomato sauce?”
  • “ you want orange-y or red?”
  • “ i like pickles.”
  • “ number 42 is a coding system for persons here?”
  • “ okay, i’ll be back in ten.
  • “ enjoy your new place.”
  • “ good mornin’ sunshine.”
  • “ is it just as cozy as you remember?”
  • “ you spent a long time at the wrong side of the door.”
  • “ so let’s talk about now.”
  • “ you know anything about that, ___?”
  • “ i gotta tell you, that is one hell of a coincidence.”
  • “ was it you?”
  • “ did it work the other way around? you were supposed to break him/her. did s/he break you?”
  • “ i mean, let’s face it. you’ve got some pretty legitimate grievances.”
  • “ you change your stripes on me, ___?”
  • “ you startin’ to see things different?”
  • “ after all this… before and after… hell, after everything… who are you, ___?”
  • “so, do you think you know where ___ went?”
  • “ bring him/her back. sort it out.”
  • “ stitch him/her up. fix what you can fix.”
  • “ you don’t think s/he did it?”
  • “ you think s/he did?”
  • “ you were just beaten and thrown in a cell. unfairly, if you ask me.”
  • “ i like to think that i do.”
  • “ that’s exactly the kind of person who really isn’t…. expected to be around anymore.”
  • “ just trying to help.”
  • “ barber. might be able to kill that thing on your head.”
  • “ you’re one of us now, not them.”
  • “ they eat shit, we eat good.”
  • “ must be your lucky day, ___.”
  • “ are these homemade?”
  • “ that’s some good diy stuff there.”
  • “ no – no thank you.”
  • “ you want something, you take it, ___.”
  • “ there s/he is! wo/man of the hour!”
  • “ come on over here, big fella.”
  • “ don’t be rude asshole. say hello.”
  • “ … h-h-hello.”
  • “ you got a name, asshole?”
  • “ you see this right here? you might have to get real close.”
  • “ now, under normal circumstances, i’d be showing you that real close over and over again.”
  • “ but, see, all i really want to know is if you are a smarty-pants.”
  • “ you know things?”
  • “ answer the question.”
  • “ i- i am indeed a smarty-pants.”
  • “ even though my memory is not considered eidetic, i don’t skim and i don’t scrimp.”
  • “ if knowledge is dropped, i do indeed pick it up.”
  • “ oh, you really are just some asshole.”
  • “ n-no, i’m not.”
  • “ fire, with uh… you know… fire.”
  • “ uh, huh. all right, then, dr. smarty-pants. you ought to be able to crack this without breaking a sweat.”
  • “ how do we keep them on their feet?”
  • “ you already possess the means to resolve your issue.”
  • “ god damn! if that ain’t the coolest thing i’ve ever heard in my life!”
  • “ not only is that practical, it is just bad-ass!”
  • “ look at you, dr. smarty-pants.”
  • “ oh, their loss, our gain.”
  • “ i feel like i need to give you some kind of signing bonus here.”
  • “ uh, w- well, i wa- i was gifted these pickles.”
  • “ now, i don’t think i have to worry about this, but who knows how truly smart you are?”
  • “ that is a grave no-no.”
  • “ i wouldn’t know anything about that.”
  • “ what does dr. smarty-pants say to his/her new bestest friend in the whole wide world?”
  • “ thank you. fully, completely, sincerely, seriously: thank you.”
  • “ why don’t you go have some fun?”
  • “ what the hell am i even looking at?”
  • “ maybe you should take it easy, ___?”
  • “ maybe i shouldn’t.”
  • “ uh, we could play something else. warlords? it’s four players and quite the hoot.”
  • “ whatever you want. this is your night.”
  • “ do you want a massage?”
  • “ while i appreciate the gesture, and your commitment to your assigned objective, i am fully aware that you are not here this evening of your own volition.”
  • “ video games are all about me showing you a fun time.”
  • “ would you care for more microwave popcorn?”
  • “ hey, just because this was ___’s idea doesn’t mean that i don’t want to be here.”
  • “ i’d be down with just having an intelligent conversation.”
  • “ well… i suppose a conversation would be acceptable under the current circumstance.”
  • “ what would you like to talk about?”
  • “ i could talk about that shit all night.”
  • “ in all likelihood, even if i could, it would probably escape your comprehension.”
  • “ did s/he just insult us?”
  • “ it was not a dis, it was simply a statement of fact.”
  • “ my intelligence has been objectively measured.”
  • “ so, what, are you one of those guys who can make a bomb out of bleach and a toothpick or something?”
  • “ serious as sepsis.”
  • “ so stupid.”
  • “ i’m hoping to illustrate the opposite.”
  • “ did you just make helium out of toilet stuff?”
  • “ it’s cool. we’re good.”
  • “ hey, relax. you’re one of us.”
  • “ can you please just show me some good shit?”
  • “ i’m gonna light this candle.”
  • “ no, i mean, i’m gonna light this candle.”
  • “ i was given to understand that last night’s shinny was supposed to be a singular incident.”
  • “ i need your help.”
  • “ you aren’t afforded any… mental-health services?”
  • “ that would be wildly irresponsible.”
  • “ we’ll handle that part.”
  • “ look, i know that this is crazy, and that you barely know me.”
  • “ i can tell that you are a good person. there’s not many of those left.”
  • “ truth of the matter is i’m not good. i’m not lawful, neutral or chaotic, none of the above.”
  • “ are you saying you can’t do it?”
  • “ lack of ability is not the problem here.”
  • “ you are good, ___. you have to be.”
  • “ you kidding?”
  • “ hey, the line’s a line. what, they don’t have ’em where you come from?”
  • “ you don’t know how they work?”
  • “ which means you report directly to my ass.”
  • “ i didn’t know. we just – we get so many new faces, i didn’t…”
  • “ i don’t even know what you call this. i’m gonna call it a gremblygunk.”
  • “ where is s/he?”
  • “ i killed her/him.”
  • “ s/he ran away from me right into a mess of dead ones so, i, uh… made it quick.”
  • “ it still hurts.”
  • “ feels better with a bandage.”
  • “ i wasn’t talking about that.”
  • “ oh, we’ve all done things.”
  • “ before we got here. before we understood, we were cowards about it.”
  • “ we don’t- we don’t get to have big hearts. remember that.”
  • “ wh- what is this?”
  • “ you are gonna want to pay close attention to this.”
  • “ i – i didn’t do anything.”
  • “ i found this little souvenir tucked away in your desk.”
  • “ i don- i don’t know what that is.”
  • “ you… left the door open and let my puppy out.”
  • “ that is some weaselly shit right there.”
  • “ oh, s/he ran? you know why s/he ran?! because s/he knew i would blame her/him, which i did.”
  • “ it’s not true. __, s/he’s lying about it. i would never do it.”
  • “ why? why? why would s/he do that?”
  • “ why would s/he intentionally try to hurt you?”
  • “ so, what’s s/he gonna get out of this?”
  • “ it worked before, and it worked now.”
  • “ ain’t that right, ___?”
  • “ please, please, please! oh, jesus, don’t burn me. please! no…!”
  • “ no, no, please! no! no!”
  • “ now, you know i hate this shit.”
  • “ just tell me you did it and that you’re sorry and i won’t have to do this.”
  • “ yes– yes, i did it. all of it. i’m sorry. i’m so sorry.”
  • “ please… i’m sorry. please. i’m sorry.”
  • “ that’s all you had to say.”
  • “ i trust you, ___. never should’ve doubted ya.”
  • “ i’m sorry.”
  • “ ice cold! i love it.”
  • “ are you all right?”
  • “ better than that.”
  • “ you can call next but it might be a while.”
  • “ i did. but you can’t have ‘em.”
  • “ do not insult my intelligence.”
  • “ said pills aren’t for __, said pills are for __. that’s why you wanted two.”
  • “ didn’t s/he kill your friends?”
  • “ turnabout and all that.”
  • “ you’re replaceable to him/her. i, on the other hand, am not.”
  • “ you’re a coward.”
  • “ that is a correct assessment.”
  • “ may i come in?”
  • “ so, how you liking it here?”
  • “ are we doing right by dr. smarty-pants?”
  • “ it’s all right. i get it.”
  • “ i know how hard it can be to accept change to get on the right team.”
  • “ i need you to understand something. i do not make this invitation to anyone. and i sure as shit do not make it lightly.”
  • “ hey… hey! you don’t need to be scared anymore.”
  • “ you don’t need to be scared. you just need to answer me one question. and it’s a big one.”
  • “ hey, be careful with that.”
  • “ hey, you want to get burnt by molten metal? ‘cause that’s exactly how you get burnt by molten metal.”
  • “ you on board?”
  • “ i am. just like you.”
Why Sasuke Uchiha Will Never Drink Again [Crackish One-Shot]

Blanket Fic Disclaimer

AN: So, I don’t even know why I wrote this one. I think I was on a sugar high or something a couple of days ago and just threw it together with no intention of posting it…but when I realised I wasn’t going to get IOG done by tonight, I thought hey, maybe someone needs a laugh. I know I want one…I’m dreading going back to work tomorrow and have entered that part of the year where I’m desperately counting down the days until summer vacation… I hope my writing keeps me sane long enough to see it! Anyway, I’m going to file this under “miscellaneous plot bunnies” because it’s not part of any official ‘verse…

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Allies In Death

pairing: Ivar x OFC

fandom: vikings

@nekodemon73 @kumpmk @is-that-not-something @un-education @bookswillfindyouaway

“I want to love you but I’m scared. Scared of being hurt again, scared of falling with nothing to catch me at the bottom. An endless, dark pit that devours the souls and leaves nothing behind.”

She stood at the edge of the cliff, looking out to the sea. A storm was coming their way, one that would leave it’s mark not only on the town but the people who lived there.  

Ships gliding across the water, battle cries starting in the distance, drawing nearer with every wave of the ocean. They wouldn’t get away unscathered this time.  

A huge army like this would take down everything in it’s way. She hadn’t seen anything close to this before.  

The big wooden doors swing open with force as she makes her way into the throne room. Steps echoing off the walls as she nearly runs up to the middle of the large room.  

“We have to warn the townspeople. They’ll get slaughtered.” There was no answer, “Father!”

“It’s too late, they’re already dead.”  

“How can you say that?”  

“You have seen the size of the army with your own eyes, there is nothing we can do for them.”

“…you’re just going to sit here? Let them all die while you watch from your throne?”  

Anger rose with every word she spoke, every answer she got. Had he always been a coward? He was a decent king but right now she couldn’t see it. There wasn’t anything left that would indicate the presence of a great ruler. Out there were their people, defensless without weapons or cover. She took one deep breathe, turned around and left the great hall but not before raising her voice one last time, “Guards!”  

They followed, not reluctantly but immediately. She was just a princess, a woman nontheless but one who was prepared to give her life for them. It was their families out in the town and may the king be damned they wouldn’t just give them up.  

“Get back!” They had bought some time, most townspeople had managed to escape and against all odds they had stood there ground. At least for a little while. There were too many and a handful of guards were no match for an army this size no matter how good they were. But if someone was going to die today it was her and not the men she had led down here. Sword in hand and blood running down her arms, she ordered them to stand back but they wouldn’t budge. Foolheartedly and stubborn just as she was.  

They were surrounded with no hope of escape any where. There wasn’t anyone else left and no one was coming to save them. All that was left was to fight.  

One of them holds up his hand, stoping the advance of the men.  

“I thought your women couldn’t fight.” He says with a curious look. His chariot stops right in front of her.  

“I can.” The grip around her sword tightens as she spits the words out.  

“You’re no ordinary towns girl.”  

“What makes you think that?”  

“The way your guards try to get in front of you for one…” A satisfied smirk crosses his face, “…dear princess.”

oneiriad  asked:

Mick/Georgie - on the Waverider or on some 2017 team up?

Fic: Patriae Pater - Plus One (Ao3 link)
Fandom: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
Pairing: Mick Rory/George Washington; Mick Rory/Leonard Snart

Summary: In which Mick becomes a part of history. (my director’s cut of Turncoat)

A/N: This is not the fic that answers this request. But it may serve as the prelude to that fic, if I ever get more inspiration for it. Also, this is about 90% inspired by the fact that George Washington was considered an extremely tall man because he was 6'2" in an era where people were a lot shorter - and the fact that Mick Rory, as portrayed by Dominic Purcell, is also 6'2".


“I’m gonna strangle him,” Mick says again. He does not approve of the new Rip Hunter, who had been smirking at them as they were dragged away, leaving Sara in the dirt. You don’t do that shit to your crew.

Hell, he hadn’t even liked it when Len had taken care of someone who wanted ‘out’; he knew Len did it when he was on his own, but Mick wasn’t interested in being a party to –

He’s not going to think about Len now.

“Even if they try to kill us,” he adds.

“They’re not going to kill us,” Washington says, also again. “As I’ve told you, I will talk to their commanding officer when they reach their camp and arrange a prisoner exchange. It’s the honorable thing to do.”

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Satan and Me, Natan. T, All of the Feels™

Summary: She loves him, and he’s gone and got her dead.. Natan. 1600 words.

(the last update fucked me up and i need them to be okay)

He’s failed her.

She told him she loved him – loved him, how long has it been since someone loved him – and now she’s dead, all because of him. Dead and in Hell, and there’s nothing, no one, who can bring her back.

“I’m sorry, kid,” he says, over and over. She deserves better than this, better than him, god, she’s just a girl…

Then Death shows up, and strikes a bargain.

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Snape put his greasy disgusting hands on Harry, shook him and threw him to the floor, then threw glass jars at his head (OotP, post SWM). He also once hexed him so hard Harry saw "blinding white light" (HBP post Dumbeldore's death) so miss me with that "Snape is not abusive" apologia bullshit. I don't care what excuses you'll make for him, Harry was a child in every one of those scenes, Snape is a literal child abuser as much as the Dursleys are.

Have you forgotten the circumstances?! The first time Harry had looked into Snape’s most private memories without permission. No wonder he was pissed enough to push Harry over. The second time Snape had literally just killed his only friend. Harry was repeatedly attempting to use unforgivable curses on Snape but Snape was trying to remain calm and even stopped one of the Death Eaters from using crucio on Harry. But when Harry called Snape a coward, he just lost it. All of his rage came out and he hexed Harry to prevent him from following them. The emotions Snape must’ve been feeling are unimaginable to us.

How can you say Snape’s actions are as bad as the Dursley’s? People who starved, hit and locked Harry in a cupboard? Not to mention constantly telling him that his life wasn’t worth shit.

Shouldn’t 4

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean

Summary:  Dean has feeling for the reader and finally gives in to his desire for her, then leaves her behind with a note. Sam discovers and comforts her. What happens next?

Word Count:  1128

Warnings: Language

Part 1  Part 2 Part 3

Shouldn’t 4

“This is Dean’s other other cell. You must know what to do.” Beep.  

Sam lets out a huff of frustration as he paces the already worn tread in the cheap motel carpet. “Dean,” Sam hisses into the phone. “Pick up your phone. You need to come fix this shit.” Sam punches the end call button and throws the phone onto the bed with force.

“Sam?” Her voice is timid and tiny, she sounds like she’s talking to him from the far end of a long tunnel. Sam curses himself for waking her up. He had hoped Dean would be here to clean up his mess before she woke. Running his hands through his hair, he pastes a smile on his face and crosses the room, sitting on the edge of her bed.

She pushes herself to a sitting position and gives him a sad half-smile, tucking her loose hair behind her ear. Sam takes a deep, steadying breath. “Hey.” He doesn’t know how to have this conversation. It’s so very private and awkward and he’s pissed at Dean because he has to do this. Dean should be the one doing this. Scratch that, this should have never happened. Clearing his throat, Sam says, “Listen, I’m not trying to pry. But when I got back…and I saw the note…”.

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can't shake what you've done no matter how far you outrun it

pairing: thomas jefferson x reader

warnings: cheating

the title is a clipping. lyric from ‘baby don’t sleep’

I clutched the papers in my hand, looking down at them again. I heard the door open and I turned to see my husband enter the house before taking his coat off and hanging it up. He glanced at me, smiling. He did a double take once he saw my expression and he quickly made his way over to me, reaching out to grab my arm. I stepped away from him quickly and he looked at me, confused. He looked down and upon seeing the fact that I was holding pieces of paper, his gaze darted from the papers to me.

“Who sent you a letter?”


“Did he send you a sequel to the Reynolds Pamphlet? If so, I would love to read it.” He joked, trying to cover up the nervous tone in his voice.

“Funnily enough, yes. But it’s not titled anything because neither him nor Lafayette know how many women you’ve slept with in France and that wouldn’t make a good title, would it?” I asked him and he looked shocked.

“So ruining his own marriage wasn’t good enough for Alexander, he had to ruin mine as well.” He frowned and I rolled my eyes.

“No, that was you Thomas. You ruined our marriage, not him.” I corrected him and he tried to reach out for my arm again. “Don’t try to make this right because you can’t Thomas.”


“Stop. I trusted you. I trusted that you could control yourself while you were off hiding in France for several years. And you broke it.”

“Your trust?”

“That and our relationship. You killed our relationship when I was across the ocean when I thought that you loved me and that it was only me. I trusted you and now god knows how many other people you’ve slept with.”

“I can explain.”

“No you can’t, you coward! Why can’t you just admit that you did it?
"I did! Is that what you wanted to hear? That I knowingly cheated on you and went behind your back for years? Or that I felt awful after every time but I still didn’t say no the next time? What do you want to hear that can possibly fix what I did?” He asked and I approached him, leaning in close to his face.

“I hope that you burn.”

Long Day

Pairing: Jasmine Cephas Jones x Female!Reader

Warnings: Some offensive terms regarding LGBT+ orientations. (I fully support the LGBT+ community, I promise.) and a couple curses. I tried to censor all that. and maybe I might have some bad grammar every now and then, sorry.

A/N: A while back, I deleted all of my writing because I was having a bad day, and I really felt like I needed to start over. No one really seemed to notice so I guess that’s good that I didn’t make anyone upset? If you want me to bring one of them back, please let me know. Hope this thing isn’t crap, and know that I love to all so much. Thank you for supporting me and staying with me. You guys are incredible. I hope you enjoy what I try to provides my beautifuls. 💚

A hug.

That’s all I wanted. That’s all I needed.

Today was absolutely miserable.

This morning, I slept through my alarm clock, so I barely had time to do my morning routine, while trying to whip up something for breakfast. The eggs I had on the stove burst into flames while I was in the middle of drying my face, so I completely panicked. I removed the frying pan on the stove but my shaking hands dropped a good portion of the food onto the burner. I dumped the pan into the sink and turned on the water. The only thing I heard was a loud sizzle and I closed my eyes and hung my head back in annoyance.

My senses jolted like crazy when a sudden crack scared the crap out of me. The cord to the coffee machine melted under the heat of the pan and shocked under the water. I bolted and slammed into the counter as I jumped to shut off the water, as one last (and fairly loud) crack resonated from the damn machine. It was definitely broken and I could already tell today was going to be a terrible day.

Traffic was a mess. There was a crash ahead of a long line of cars, and I was not in the mood to wait. But at least it wasn’t me in the crash.

I arrived to work a good half hour late and my boss flipped out. Whatever. She rambled on and on about how I have to be at work as soon as possible and all that.

“-and this is the last time. I’m not giving you any more second chances!”

You never gave me any chances to begin with, but okay. “Yes ma'am,” I replied boredly, and ambled over to my cubicle.

My co-worker, who sat right next to me gave his traditional exaggerated gag at me. He’s never been too “supportive” of my relationship, to put things nicely. I let out a deep exhale, followed by an eyeroll.

“Hello to you too,” making sure to drag out my sarcasm. ‘Asshole’, I wanted to add on the end.

“Your presence is so displeasing to be around,”

“Thanks. I try.”

“Why are you always like this?!” he stood up, and yelled angrily.

“Always like what? A human being?” I replied as calmly as I could.

“You homosexuals think you can just do or say whatever the hell you want? Because it makes you ‘sassy’ and ‘appreciable’ instead of so damn irritating?!” he spat at me. His disgusting saliva hit my pant leg. As ready as I was to knock him out with a single blow, I couldn’t loose my job, despite how much I hated every bit of it. I slowly grabbed a tissue and began wiping it off.

“You’re really pathetic, you know? You’re too much of a coward to fight back! Is that why you call yourself ‘queer’?” he mocked quotation marks with his hands. “Because you couldn’t find a single man who was interested in you?? That you were such a desperate wh*re for a good time, you paid a sl*t to be with you?”

My chest rose and lowered heavily with irritation, and I felt the bridge of my nose begin to heat up. My eyebrows furrowed down in complete anger as I clenched my knuckles in some way to lower my temper. I dug my thumbnail into my palm to distract me from his lashing out.

“You and your imaginary 'identity’ and 'girlfriend’ are all going to rot in hell! And a good riddance too. The world could use one less dyk-”


I’m pretty sure I dislocated his jaw, and knocked out a few teeth. He fell to the floor, hand flying to his mouth. His eyes were tightened shut and he let out a small sob. All my frustration left through my fist and into his face. I instantly regretted my decision, but at the same time I didn’t. I was not going to have any more of his bullsh*t.

“Who’s pathetic now, asshole??” I felt so relieved after such a quick turn of events. But that relief turned into regret. I knew what came next as I heard the approaching of clicking heels.

“What did I just say??” my boss yelled in utter distress. She screamed my last name. I flinched, because of the sudden volume change. “This was your last chance! You’re fired! I want all of your stuff out of here by tomorrow morning!” she screeched. I let that built up flame in me turn into a blazing inferno.

“I’m glad to leave this dump anyways!” I scoffed, “Good luck without me! Have fun with that 20% drop in profits!” I pulled a box out from under my desk and started slamming my things into it, laughing maniacally, “And you,” I turned my attention to the moaning pile of pity on the floor. Bloody drool was oozing out of his mouth and staining the scratchy carpeting, “hope that divorce is going well! I heard she re-married the guy she cheated on you with!”

I grabbed my box of things and sped towards the exit. I didn’t dare look back.

I made my way to my car and shoved my box of items in the trunk. I drove home angrily, not wanting to think of past events. Once I pulled into my driveway, I didn’t get out of my car. I looked to my side and saw Jazz’s car. Right, today’s her day off. I froze, and completely broke down. I dropped my forehead onto the wheel and the horn let out a long honk.

“What the hell did I just do??” I cried to myself. I held my head in my hands in disappointment and let it all out. The one thing I regretted the most was that I’d still need to return to that sad place one last time to finish up all of my unanswered paperwork and end things finally. I hit my palm into my forehead while muttering “stupid, stupid, stupid” over and over.

It took me a good amount of time, and a lot of heavy sighs to heave myself out of the car and to the door. I placed my box down on the ground and fumbled through my purse for my keys. As soon as I’d pulled them out of my bag, they slipped out of my trembling hands and into the box of clamored items. I took a moment to smack my hand against my face, then after a sharp inhale, I dug my arm into the box and scrambled around for those goddamn keys. After managing to cut my arm against a sharp object, I retrieved my keys and opened the door.

I was greeted with the angelic voice of my girlfriend humming a tune I believe she improvised. She noticed me immediately and walked over. Her face read happiness but suddenly cut to worry once she saw my box.

“Oh, baby,” she took the box and placed it on the nearest table and engulfed me in a warm, loving embrace. I couldn’t help jerk out a small cry. She rubbed her arm up and down my back soothingly.

“It’s okay baby, it’s okay,” she reassured. Her voice was gentle and soft. I couldn’t help but feel my sadness lift. Everything about her just seemed to make my mood fade away. I held her tighter. Of all the things I lost today, my time, my breakfast, my temper, my job, I sure as hell was not going to lose my girlfriend.

She was the only thing right about today.

“Do you want to talk about it, baby? Do you need to let it out?” she brought her arm up over my shoulder.

I nodded. “Maybe,” I choked, “maybe in a minute. I just need this right now,” I mumbled.

“Take all the time you need baby,” she loosened her grip the slightest and led me to sit down on the couch. She closed the door and sat next to me, encasing her arms over my shoulders once more. I leaned onto her shoulders, letting a few tears slide down my cheeks.

“I’ve been having the worst luck, Jazz,” I sniffled.

“It’s okay, babe-”

“No it’s not,” I shut my eyes as the muscles in my mouth contorted into a painful frown, “Jazz, I lost my job,” I whispered.

You didn’t lose your job, they lost their best, and most hard working employee,” her hand rubbed circles into my side. My frustration and anxiety seemed to melt at her touch.

“I promised myself I wouldn’t let him,” I growled out, “freaking him bother me. I promised myself he wouldn’t affect me, and I totally just-”

“Babe, what did you do?”

I sniffed and closed my mouth. I cut the conversation in silence. The house was quiet other than the low vibrating sound of the air conditioner. Jasmine rested her cheek on the top on my head, while she adjusted her arms so one was over my shoulder and the other was around my waist. Then I decided to speak.

“..I might’ve punched him,” I squeaked.

Jazz let out a breathy chuckle.

“That’s my girl!” she laughed aloud.

That damn contagious laugh. I tried to stifle a giggle.

“No, Jazz, I lost my job because of that!”

“Who cares? That d*ck got what he deserved!”

“I’ll admit that, yeah.”

We had a good, small laugh session. Then the fun started to die down. Once again, I couldn’t help but worry.

“Jazz,” I hesitated, “I-I lost my job..”

“Aw, baby, don’t worry about it. You were the best employee they’d ever dream of having. You’ll get such a better job in a matter of minutes!” she pressed a kiss against my cheek.

“You really think so?” I doubted.

“I know so. Babe, you’re the smartest, strongest, most talented person I’ll ever know.”

“Besides yourself,” I added jokingly.

She smirked, “I mean, if you insist.”

I gave her a little playful push. “How is it you know exactly how to make things better?”

“If it’s alright now, then there really was nothing that needed to get better,” she pressed her forehead against mine.

“Wise words of a wise woman,” I lifted my head up to connect our lips. When we disconnected, I just stared and smiled at the goddess I could claim as my own.

This makes everything right. The only acceptance I need is from my Jazzy. The only love I need is from my Jazzy. The only thing that’s right is my Jazzy.

“How about I call Pippa and Née over and we all go see a movie or something?”

“In a minute,” I wrapped my arms around her as she pulled me close once more, “can we just stay like this for a while?”

“Of course, baby”

“God, how did I get so lucky?”

“I ask myself that all the time.”

A hug from her was all I needed.

A long hug after a long day.
Constructive criticism is always appreciated :)


Once there was a scientist specialist in quantum mechanics.
As he was busy working in his lab on a project, he got a news that shook him to the ground,

His wife was no more.

He ran and ran all he could at the age of forty to see his wife for the last time
A funeral followed next morning.

The man depressed by his loss began to drink and smoke until one day he decided to invent something that had never been invented before a “Time machine”
Years passed as wrinkles and blemishes covered his face and then finally he was able to achieve the inevitable.

He decided to go 20 years back, as at that time he was a struggling and unknown physicist who spent most of his time at his house with his wife.

There was only one condition that he can stay only for a day, that was a drawback of the machine he couldn’t fix.

It was a sucess and he travelled in time.

Everyday he held his wife tightly and cried as she lay asleep, he made her breakfast and kissed her as many times as he could throughout the day, his wife was surprised by his odd behavior.She noticed the eyes which were occupied in the books of physics now looked at her all the time with an extraordinary glimmer.

Until one day,

“You better be observing something else mister, for your experiments” she said jokingly
“I wish I could but don’t have much time”

Finding the response quite odd she asked,
“You are okay right don’t you dare hide something from me”
“Yeah I am haha, what’s for breakfast”

“Oh don’t play that card with me, you’ve been acting wierd for a while you have to tell me whats wrong.”
The man took a pause as he was gathering courage to say what followed.
“I don’t know alright what if I told you that I am gonna lose you tomorrow what if I told you I don’t know how to live without you, what if I told you I don’t know what would I do if I lost you, what would you say?”

“I would say stop being a coward and live in the damn moment, have memories that you can hold on to while you let me go, it’s gonna hurt but you’ll be okay, that’s how I want to see you when I am there above somewhere in those clouds, I want you to be the same idiot you are now so I’ll have something to laugh about when I am bored

They both looked into each other’s eyes
The scientist’s face had an extraordinary glow as if he got the answer he was looking for.

After a few minutes of silence and they looking into each other’s eyes his wife said

“It was just dream right, I am just asking it’s been just two years and I haven’t irritated you enough you see, I can’t go like that”
They bursted into laughter
The scientist hugged her tightly and said in a low tone “Man I don’t want anyone else, I want you”

The scientist returned again to the present but this time instead of being frustrated and annoyed of not correcting the flaw of the machine he just had a smile on his face a smile which portrayed sucess, satisfaction and happiness all at the same time and his eyes filled with tears but happy ones.

The time machine was then set to fire.


Keep Smiling.

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How can you reblog the Yo People post? Have you seen your blog? It's a shipper hate fest. Hypocrite

Thank you for sharing your opinion of me and what I post.  Do you really want to know why I reblogged the Yo People post or are you just a coward who enjoys sending anonymous hate?  I reblogged because the level of hate being sent to Mac has reached a level that I find unacceptable.  

There is a line from an Arthur Miller book that explains how I feel on this issue.  He is talking about trying to find out who someone really is, at their core.  “It’s not about finding out what someone says or does, but finding that thing they can’t walk away from and say The Hell With It and still live with their self”  That’s what this is for me.  I can’t walk away from this level of abuse and bullying. For awhile I tried to ignore it and report it.  I tried to leave it to Mac to deal with it as she wished.  But it’s gone too far and it’s a direct extension of the hate being spewed at her from shipper blogs.  That’s what the Yo People post pointed out.  You can tell your children not to lie or steal but then when they see you lying and stealing, not practicing what you preach, they are going to lie and steal too.  The hate on Mac’s IG did not just appear out of nowhere.  There is a group of shippers, not all shippers, who have said horrible things about her on their PUBLIC BLOGS.  They laid the groundwork that abuse is acceptable and it’s not.  Yes, they can say whatever they want on their own blogs, just as I can, but I hope that the shippers can see the direct correlation between the hate on shipper blogs to the hate on IG.  I’m hoping that they can see that they are part of the problem and not just screaming their hate into the void.  Just as I’m hoping that my words speaking out against abuse and hate can have an effect and make a difference I’m hoping that they can see that their hateful words have an effect.  Or maybe, at their core, that’s who they really are.  People so blinded by their own desires for a fantasy relationship to be true that they don’t care that they are hurting people.  Maybe at their core they are just selfish, mean and hateful.  I hope not.

{Reaction} EXO confessing their feelings

Disclaimer: I don’t own images/gifs used

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol

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Chanyeol had stayed up all night, composing a song that he had put all of his feelings and emotions into for you. When the time came for him to finally perform the song for you, he’d be incredibly flustered and shy, his heart beating fast as he concentrated hard on not messing up his words or the chords on his guitar.

Chanyeol: “This is for you {y/n} I hope you feel the same way.”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by kyungsol

After receiving the worst possible advice from his fellow members, Kyungsoo decided to take matters into his own hands and put his cooking skills into action. He invited you over and cooked your favorite meal.

During the dinner, you noticed how much shyer than he was than usual.

{y/n}: “Is there something on your mind, Kyungsoo?”

Kyungsoo: Actually, there is something I need to talk to you about…”

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by parkchny

Baekhyun, being one of the more outgoing and forward members of the group came out with his feelings pretty smoothly and quickly, making sure to pull on your heartstrings with that charming smiles as he did so.

Baekhyun: “So… we’ve been friends for a while right? Well, I’m thinking we should take our friendship to the next level. How about we start with a date next Saturday? I’ll pick you up at 6.”

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by exosback

He wouldn’t want to confess, the thought of being denied would be enough to turn his nose up at the idea. But one afternoon, the confession was almost pulled out of him on a rainy walk back to your apartment.

{y/n}: “You should have stayed at home, Sehun, you’re going to catch a cold.”

Sehun: “Do you think I want to be out here getting wet? I’m doing it because I love you, dammit.”

{y/n}: “You… what?”

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by getlayd

Yixing took the more traditional way to try and win over your heart by turning up at your doorstep with a bouquet of red roses and a charming smile as he asked for your hand.

Yixing: “I know it’s short notice, but I thought we could spend the day together. I also have something I want to talk about with you.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

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Minseok would drop the bomb on you on  random afternoon you’re spending out together (more than likely in a coffee shop.) He’d be sipping his coffee before looking up at you with nervous eyes and and adorable smile before admitting his feelings honestly and directly.

Minseok: “I’ve liked you since the day we first met, but only now do I feel confident telling you how I feel so… should we consider this our first date?”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

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Before going on tour would be when Chen decides to confess to you. He’d be so worried about you not feeling the same way that he would purposefully tell you before he’s about to leave in case you found it weird and needed time to think. His way of confession would make up for the time of the confession though.

He’d work on a video, filming all the members saying how much they’ll miss you while their away before presenting himself at the end, confessing fully to his inner thoughts in the hope that he can claim you as his as soon as he returns from tour.

Jongdae: “I know I was a coward, leaving it until now to confess. But it’s because you mean so much I can’t face the thought of losing you. I love you {y/n} and I hope you feel the same about me.”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

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Tao would more than likely, like Kyungsoo, ask the others for help and get rubbish in return. So, he’d decide on something sweet and original. He’d go into your place while you’re out and leave a trail of rose petals from the front door to the living room. In the living room at the end of the trail of petals would be a bouquet of roses and a little note that explains everything.

I’m so nervous to tell you how I feel in person, so here is the next best thing. I love you {y/n} I always have and I always will. I hope you will accept my feelings and let me take you out on a date next weekend.

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

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Suho is a sweetheart, and so will his confession. He’d decide on doing something more traditional too. He came to pick you up before driving you to a pretty beach just before sunset. When you’re finally walking through the lapping ways would he bring himself to bring up the topic.

Suho: “So {y/n}, Have you ever wondered what it would be like for us to date?”


Originally posted by parkchny

Luhan wouldn’t take the same route of confessing as the other members. He’d think pulling something romantic would be pointless. Buying pretty flowers or staying up all night to write a song wouldn’t make you like him anymore in his eyes, so he decided it would be more practical to take the more direct option.

You and him were sitting in his apartment, his arm wrapped over your shoulder as the two of you watched his new film.

Luhan: I like you, {y/n}, I think we should date like this more often.”

You: “This is a date?”

Luhan: “Do you want it to be? Because I do…”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

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Jongin would use his dancing to his advantage for this one. He’d decide on buying you both tickets to a professional dance performance to watch together and wait for the perfect moment to confess.

You: “The dancing is so amazing, almost like they’re really in love. It’s a shame it’s all just an illusion.”

Kai: “If you date me I can prove that not all dance partners love is just an illusion. I can show you some of my moves, maybe some of the more sexual ones, but perhaps not on the first date.” *winks* 

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by beastdw

Kris wouldn’t be shy about his feelings, he’d come out straight forward with how he feels and as he doesn’t think that sentiments will help the value of your feelings. Like Luhan, he doesn’t think these big gestures will make much of a difference, if you like him, then you do, if you don’t, then no big romantic gesture is going to change your mind. 

Kris: “I know this is sudden, but I’ve liked you for a long time now {y/n}… So, I was wondering how you feel about going to the cinema this Friday night?”

5 p.m. Settling in post-finals with the evening light and my journal, rereading sermon notes. And knowing that in my greatest failure, God reaches out to me.

·      He already knows I’m going to fail in my human efforts, but He’s already planned out my restoration. Peter proclaimed up and down how he’d follow Jesus to the end of the world, but when Jesus was arrested, in his darkest hour, that same Peter abandoned him.

·      It’s not about results. Follow God. There’s hope yet. He loves to use people who fail. And if God could raise Peter up from a coward who ran from Jesus to a man who preached to thousands and whose shadow healed the sick, He can use you.

·      Flax and reed are everywhere. Useless to the world, but there is no trash in the Lord’s eyes.

·      (Simon) Peter’s name literally means reed. But the Lord says in Isaiah 42:3 “A bruised reed he will not break,

and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out…”

·      God’s not done with you yet. 

·      And He’s not going to let your past failures haunt you anymore.


Tupac - Dear mama

When I was young me and my mama had beef
Seventeen years old kicked out on the streets
Though back at the time, I never thought I’d see her face
Ain’t a woman alive that could take my mama’s place
Suspended from school; and scared to go home, I was a fool
with the big boys, breakin all the rules
I shed tears with my baby sister
Over the years we was poorer than the other little kids
And even though we had different daddy’s, the same drama
When things went wrong we’d blame mama
I reminisce on the stress I caused, it was hell
Huggin on my mama from a jail cell
And who’d think in elementary?
Heeey! I see the penitentiary, one day
And runnin from the police, that’s right
Mama catch me, put a whoopin to my backside
And even as a crack fiend, mama
You always was a black queen, mama
I finally understand
for a woman it ain’t easy tryin to raise a man
You always was committed
A poor single mother on welfare, tell me how ya did it
There’s no way I can pay you back
But the plan is to show you that I understand
You are appreciated

Now ain’t nobody tell us it was fair
No love from my daddy cause the coward wasn’t there
He passed away and I didn’t cry, cause my anger
wouldn’t let me feel for a stranger
They say I’m wrong and I’m heartless, but all along
I was lookin for a father he was gone
I hung around with the Thugs, and even though they sold drugs
They showed a young brother love
I moved out and started really hangin
I needed money of my own so I started slangin
I ain’t guilty cause, even though I sell rocks
It feels good puttin money in your mailbox
I love payin rent when the rent’s due
I hope ya got the diamond necklace that I sent to you
Cause when I was low you was there for me
And never left me alone because you cared for me
And I could see you comin home after work late
You’re in the kitchen tryin to fix us a hot plate
Ya just workin with the scraps you was given
And mama made miracles every Thanksgivin
But now the road got rough, you’re alone
You’re tryin to raise two bad kids on your own
And there’s no way I can pay you back
But my plan is to show you that I understand
You are appreciated

Pour out some liquor and I reminisce, cause through the drama
I can always depend on my mama
And when it seems that I’m hopeless
You say the words that can get me back in focus
When I was sick as a little kid
To keep me happy there’s no limit to the things you did
And all my childhood memories
Are full of all the sweet things you did for me
And even though I act craaazy
I gotta thank the Lord that you made me
There are no words that can express how I feel
You never kept a secret, always stayed real
And I appreciate, how you raised me
And all the extra love that you gave me
I wish I could take the pain away
If you can make it through the night there’s a brighter day
Everything will be alright if ya hold on
It’s a struggle everyday, gotta roll on
And there’s no way I can pay you back
But my plan is to show you that I understand
You are appreciated

Sweat lady and dear mama

calimera62  asked:

We know Laurent loved Auguste so much he can't stand it when someone talk ill of him, and I'm pretty sure the other way was true too. Like, someone would talk ill of Laurent (something like: he's weak, are you sure he's not a bastard because I can't see him as our prince's brother, or that kid is always quiet, I think something's wrong with him, or ugh why can't he be more like his brother?) (1/2)

and Auguste would be like “do you want to say this to my face you coward?”, “draw you sword and I’ll teach you how to never disrespect my brother again!” (2/2)

I’m crying yes auguste was so protective & if anyone said one (1) bad thing about laurent they would catch his fists in a heartbeat


X-Men Imagine #6 part 3 (part 1) (part 2)

warnings: none
gender: female

“Is there any way you'd ever do an X-Men Imagine #6 Part 3? I loved the
first two”

“I like your x-men imagines :D Can you please do X-Men Imagine #6 Part 2
sequel? Sorry I am curious what happens afterward, like do they met again or something?”

Synopsis: Hank and Charles talk. Later you meet with Hank alone and he finally admits something to you.

After you left, there was nothing but silence between the two men. Hank steals occasional glances at Charles, not sure what to say to him…or if he even wants to. He was mad at him for making you leave. Because of him, he lost one of the last friends he still had. He also hated the fact that you may very well put yourself in danger, even if it was just to get back at Xavier.

Hank put away the extra glass and served Xavier his drink in his study like he always did. When he finishes, he is about to leave and not say anything…but he turns around.

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