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A/N: Request from anon. Something like this was going through my head for a while now. I love how readers just read my mind sometimes. Enjoy, everyone!

Words: 1984
Warnings: mental breakdown, mentions of parent death

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Can we take a moment to appreciate that one of my fics has a 6% feedback?

That means 6% of the people that clicked on it, read it, then left a comment. Kudos percentage is 9%.

This is considered a successful fic. That’s how low the bar is set, anything more than 3% is generally considered successful.

Tens of thousands of words go into fics, taking hours, days, weeks, months, years to write, but authors cannot expect even 10% of the people who find their work, who read and enjoy it to leave kudos or comments or something stating the effort wasn’t wasted.

I read some of my favorite fics and it is depressing to see the lack of response by others. I want to throw the book at people, “Here, omg, read this, it RUINED ME”, but the actual response that author got was meager, and that literally hurts my soul to see, because I’ve also been on the other end of it.

You question everything, what you did wrong, what you could have done better, WHY didn’t people like it? Or like it enough to have any sort of emotional response? How can you improve? Is it worth the effort or should you just quit?

Guys. Love your fanwork creators. Seriously. Love them. It can be simple and short, but you are literally breathing life back into a person after they poured themselves out to your benefit. It can feel much like being the Giving Tree, and that’s both unfair and unkind.

TRAUMA - Symbolism

This will be my last post on Trauma (I’ve fangirled enough and I’ll go back to reblogging gifs after this lmao)

Naturally, these are my own opinions of the MV. My Korean is extremely weak, and so I will be focusing on the actual music video and symbolism, until some sort of official lyrics are posted.

It took me a couple watches to really feel the heaviness in this song and I think a lot of symbolism in this MV shows us the dark side of stardom.

The first thing I’ll mention is a tweet by @SVTAnanas on twitter. They talk about us shipping Meanie and how it can actually have a negative impact on their friendship. Wonwoo is quite introverted and a private kind of guy. I can see how this can affect him. 

The mirrors can indicate being obsessed with personal appearance as it is their “job” to look good. In “끝이 안보여”, there’s a lyric: ‘I see myself in the mirror with several days worth of makeup. My skin is ruined and I feel like I lost my goal. The dark circles underneath just get deeper’. To this day, that lyric has struck with me. I can’t imagine how difficult life must be for idols

In No FUN, Wonwoo raps: ‘Let me ask again, Was it Fun? You think everything’s fine if the visuals are okay?’ and he goes on about having to look good everytime. This is, again, stemming from this ridiculous expectation that idols HAVE to be good looking in order to be acknowledged.

Idols spend their life as an “item” that people think they can own. 

When I saw this, I thought of the words “outside looking in”, about how we’re always looking into their lives and them letting us, having no privacy for themselves. Also the walls are green (*gets war flashbacks of 17TV*)

Vernon was also in a room full of fans. Those fans can be taken quite literally I think. The fans are pointed towards him (aka: watching him closely?)

Mingyu has ropes tied around him most times, with strings hanging down. He’s in a room, which can symbolize a private space, but the ropes and strings of expectation still hang down on him.

And, something that genuinely had me tearing up:

Despite teamwork, despite support, there is always someone who has to shoulder all the responsibility. Yes, Seventeen has three leaders, but Coups, being the oldest, and the overall leader, is a huge task. It is a giant burden, which I assume, can sometimes be quiet lonely. 

The members can go to Seungcheol for help and advice and I genuinely hope he feels as though he can go to them when he’s in need of some advice himself. 

I’ll conclude this post with a slightly more cheerful observation:

HHU speaks about being/feeling alone in this song, when in reality they’re all together and have each other to go to. It is revealed near the end that it is in fact one big room and they’re all inside it together. SVT is a family which means no one gets left behind or forgotten and whatever they go through, they will weather it together.

[Note: Coups did mention that we pay attention to the lyrics for these Unit MVs, so I’ll get on that when I have a good translation available]

Urianna Thalassa Hook

Urianna Thalassa Hook - daughter of Uma and Harry Hook.

+ When Uma was pregnant, she distanced herself from Harry. They could be best friends, captain and first mate, but that was different. Raise a child in the Isle of the Lost wasn’t easy. A lot of babies died, and the ones who lived had to survive their abusive parents and the terrible conditions of the isle.

+ Uma tried to hide her pregnancy for a long time. From her mother, her crew and Harry. But someone knew that something was wrong.

+ Gil.

+ He wasn’t the smartest guy on the isle, but he knew that something was wrong with his captain. One day, when Harry was off with the rest of the crew and Gil was on a timeout again, he entered the chip shop and found Uma cleaning the tables. She looked at him and rolled her eyes.

“I already told you that you can’t come back yet.”

“Uma what’s wrong?”

“What are you talking about?”

“I noticed that you’re avoiding Harry… And I know that I said the wrong thing again and that you’re mad at me and I’m sorry for it, but I wanna help you. You can trust me.” - he said firmly and noticed that her body shook - “Uma?”

“I can’t take it anymore Gil…” - her voice was weak and he knew she was about to cry, so he pulled her into a hug and he felt her burry her head on his neck.

“It’s your mother again? Did she hurt you?” - he asked and felt Uma shook her head.

“Promise you won’t judge me.”

“Of course I won’t.” - she breathes and says:

“I’m pregnant.”

+ Gil looked at her before hug her stronger. Uma liked how sensitive Gil was, and she definetly loved when he hugged her, she needed comfort.

“It’s Harry’s child?” - she nodded - “You need to tell him, Uma, he deserves to know. He’s going crazy cause you’re avoiding him, you’re the one who keeps him sane.”

“He won’t want the baby, Gil. We live in the middle of trash and danger, who would want to raise a child under these conditions?”

“Uma, look at me.” - he took her hands and looked deep in her eyes - “I know I’m not that smart, but I know that Harry loves you, everybody knows. He would die for you if he had to and I’m pretty sure he will stay by your side. And you won’t be able to hide this forever, he knows something is wrong.”

“But, what if he gets angry? What if he leaves us?” - she pointed to herself, pressing her hands in her belly.

“I’ll stil be right here, with both of you. And trust me, seeing how you care about the kids who need protection, I can tell you’re gonna be an amazing mother.”

+ Uma’s eyes tear up and she smiles, which makes Gil smile too. He finally said something right.

“You’re not in timeout anymore.” - he laughs and so does she - “And Gil…” - he looks at her - “Thank you.” - he kisses her forehead and leaves.

+ Later, when all the crew are sleeping, she tells Harry that they need to talk. He only nodds, his eyes look tired and his hair is a mess.

“I have to be straight with you. You’re probably gonna hate me, but I can’t hide anymore.” - Uma hates how vulnerable she sounds, but she’s with Harry, so she can sound vulnerable. 

“What is it love?” - he looks at her, only to found her looking at the floor.

“I’m pregnant.”

+ That changes everything. Harry loved Uma deeply. But he wasn’t expecting be a father. Uma sounds nervous, vulnerable, tired. He doesn’t know what to say, and he sees that Uma is ready to leave, but he stops her.

“Sorry, I’m just… I wasn’t expecting this.” 

“That makes two of us.” - she snorts - “I’m not ready to… Well, I don’t know. What do we know about raising a child anyways?! Our parents only hurt us. This isle is a prision, our lifes are nightmares and we’re gonna do an innocent person suffer just like they did to us, we just ruined someone’s life.”

“No. We won’t. I’m not my father, and you’re not your mother. You saved a lot of kids who were starving, sick or homeless. We’re gonna do this, and this child, our child, will have the best we can get here. We’ve been throught a lot together, we’re gonna do this, and we’re gonna do our best.” - Harry loved how a big smile appeared on Uma’s face making him smile too. He cupped her face and pulled her into a kiss, different from all the others that they shared before - “I love you, Uma.”

“Love you too.” - she whispered instantly.

+ The time passed and the baby was born. It was a girl, a little, healthy, beautiful and innocent girl. Uma couldn’t explain how she felt when she held her daughter for the first time and looked at her. She felt tears in her eyes, she smiled and stroked her face, gently. She was perfect. Uma felt something warm her heart as the baby touched her hand.

+ Harry was speechless. A little girl. He looked at Uma, seeing how happy she looked. He never saw a smile so bright on Uma’s face, and on his own. She looked like Uma. The skin, the eyes, and later, he would discover, the smile

+ They decided to call her Urianna. Her middle name, Thalassa, refered to the sea. And it seemed perfect for her.

+ Gil was in love with their Urianna since Uma appeared at the ship with her on her arms. She was so cute and small, and he almost cried when they asked him to be her godfather. He immediately said yes.

+ Uma is a very protective mother. You better don’t mess with Urianna cause you’re gonna regret it. With Harry is not better. If you mess with his little girl, Gil and him will come after you with the rest of the crew.

+ Uma and Harry started to be more happy, gentle and patient. Urianna changed them at the moment she looked at them with that innocent eyes.

+ Her first word was “mama”. Uma still throws that on Harry’s face. She’s still herself after all. Uma was so, so proud of her baby girl.

+ But her first steps were at his direction. He was so proud of her (and himself). 

+ One thing that surprises everyone is that Urianna never stops smiling. Her laugh is something that they could pass the day hearing without getting tired.

+ They hug and kiss her all the time, telling how much they love her. That they will never let anything hurt her and that they’ll always be together, no matter what. 

+ Once, when Urianna had a fever, Harry was visiting Harriet when Gil came and told him about it. He forgot to catch his hook, and didn’t remember untill she got better, after two days

+ She’s the most important thing for him now. Screw the hook.

+ Harry, Uma and Urianna sleep together in Uma’s bed at the ship.

+ Gil loves to paint Urianna’s face just like he does with his own. And she loves too. They both laugh a lot, while Harry and Uma roll their eyes. After all, they have two kids.

+ Urianna loves Gil - or, Uncle Gil. He carries her on his shoulders, and plays with her when Uma is working and Harry is not there.

+ Harriet visited them and she fell in love with her niece. Looks like her brother finally did something right.

+ Captain Hook and Ursula know about Urianna, but who said that Uma and Harry are ever going to take her to meet them. They could never see someone hurt her.

+ She’s been homeschooled. They don’t want nothing to ruin how happy, innocent and full of joy she is. Even that they live in a dirty isle, she’s not gonna be corrupted by the evil in there.

+ Uma taught Harry how to count (the basic) and helped Gil to read better, so she’s a good teacher.

+ But no only that. They already started giving her self-defense lessons (not with swords, of course), but she’s going to learn all that they know.

+ She taught Urianna how to swim too. Urianna loves the ocean, and, just like Uma, she breathes under the water.

+ One day, Mal, Evie, Ben, Jay and Carlos appear. They heard things about Urianna, but didn’t know it was Uma and Harry’s daughter, so, they ask her if they can talk to them.

+ Urianna is very confused, because: “Who are they, mommy?”

+ Gil keeps playing with her while they talk, and Ben invites her, Harry, Gil and Urianna to Auradon. He couldn’t help being really suprised when both Uma and Harry say “yes” at the same time without hesitate. 

+ Urianna would finally live in a better place, a safe place. She would go to a school where she would learn normal things, she would have toys, a better food, a better bed, a better life. They were giving the chance she deserved and Uma wouldn’t take that from her, even that she still has her issues with them.

+ BUT, she hadn’t forgot about all the other kids and the rest of the crew. She will fight for their rights as equal she did for Urianna’s.

+ Urianna’s face bright up when she sees Auradon for the first time and Harry hugs his girls (and so does Gil).

+ Fairy Godmother is, at first, impressed with how sweet the little girl was, and instantly falls in love with Urianna.

+ Just like everyone who meets her. Even Chad.

+ The rotten four were surprised to see how caring Harry and Uma are with their daughter.

+ When she starts school, she knows how to read and count perfectly

+ It’s impossible don’t love Urianna. But as Harry told Uma once: how was possible that some people hurt someone so innocent and joyful? That’s cruelty.

+ Uma, Harry, Gil and Urianna are one of the most caring families that you can meet. 

+ Every single thing that Harry and Uma do, they do thinking about her. She’s their lives.

Imagine telling your brother that you’re not happy with his decision to make you stay

‘Stay’ Verse - Masterpost

“Y/N, can we talk?” Dean asked, walking into your room.

You hummed in non-committal agreement, taking off your headphones so you could listen to him.

It was four weeks since you were supposed to leave for college. You’d missed induction, orientation, the first few weeks of classes. You’d missed your chance.

“What’s up with you? he asked, leaning against your dresser.

“Nothing,” you lied, not yet willing to tell him how you were feeling.

“C’mon, kid,” he sighed. “You’ve been shut off for days. Weeks, maybe. Research used to perk you right up but now you’re doing it reluctantly and I don’t know how to fix it.”

You scoffed, rolling your eyes but not giving him any other form of answer.

“Talk to me,” he requested, and that… that was what made you snap.

“Talk to you?” you asked, laughing humorlessly. “You want us to talk, now? We couldn’t have talked before you decided to veto my fucking future, could we?”

He folded his arms, his lips pursing and jaw twitching as he let you rant.

“I had so much respect for you that I let you make this huge fucking decision about my life,” you continued, “But since then you’ve just acted like nothing’s changed. I gave up my chance at- at ‘normal’ for you. You’re my big brother and your job is to protect me, I get that. I really do, I know it’s the last thing Dad said to you. But I don’t see how dragging me from state to state, chasing monsters is safer than letting me go to college like a normal kid.”

He waited a few seconds after you’d finished before he finally spoke.

“You’re safest where I can keep an eye on you,” he told you, and you clenched your jaw. “I’m sorry if you think I’ve ruined your life, but I’m just trying to keep you alive.”

“Whatever,” you sighed, putting your headphones back on.

Dean stayed in your room for a moment, watching you even after you’d closed your eyes.

“I really am sorry, kiddo,” he murmured, running a hand over his face as he made his way out.

There were some things that you were better off not knowing.

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superfastjellyfish3  asked:

How would Yoongi and J-hope react if they invited their s/o on set and while they weren't paying attention one of their staff starts lecturing thwir s/o about how they are in the way of the boys career, or that the boys can date someone better than you

Yoongi had noticed how you suddenly became quiet. You were so excited when he invited you to one of their MV shoots, and the other members were thrilled to have you there as well.

However, later in day, he noticed a change in your demeanor. He sensed how you were trying to be blend into the background–almost like you were afraid of getting in the way of everyone. You sat down in the corner, fiddling with your phone when this morning you could hardly get your butt down on a seat; wanting to see everything that’s happening on set..

And just now when you locked eyes, Yoongi saw you smile… but it didn’t reach your eyes. That’s when he finally had enough. 

The moment the director declared a break, he marched towards you, grabbed your hand and pulled you out of the set–away from everyone’s view.

“Okay, what’s wrong?” He asks the moment you two were out of earshot.

“What are you talking about?”

“Something’s wrong.” He studies you closely and you shy away from his gaze. “Aha! There! See? You can’t even look me in the eyes!”

“Can too!” You snap as you look back at him. 

“What’s wrong, baby?” He asks a little more gently and you bite your lip, unsure whether to tell him or not. “There’s obviously something wrong, Y/N. And yes, it’s bothering me.”

“It’s nothing.” You huff. 

“Tell me.”

You sigh in defeat, knowing there was no use fighting with him. “I just…coming here made me think of a lot of things.”

Yoongi’s face scrunched in confusion. “What kind of things?”

“Things..” You started before taking a deep breath. “Things like how you’re this super mega star and I’m a nobody and you shouldn’t be wasting your time on me. Or how you could totally do much better and I’d just be ruining your career–”

“Whoa–hold up.” Yoong interrupts you with a raised hand, looking pissed. “Where the hell did all that come from?!


“No. Shut up for a sec.” He snaps and you flinch at the harshness of his tone. “First of all, that’s complete bullsh*t. I can date whoever I want and my love life has nothing to do with my career either. Those are two completely different things, Y/N.” He says and you look down in shame.

“Second, I don’t know who told you that you’re ruining my career because F.Y.I. I’ve never been happier since the day we started dating.”

You smile at that and when you look back at him, Yoongi had a soft look in his eyes which made your heart melt–and hurt at the same time.

“Third. it hurts me babe…it hurts that you would think you’re a nobody when you’re literally everything to me. How can you even say that?” His voice cracks a little and you felt a pinch in your heart at the hurt in his tone.

“I’m sorry, Yoongi-ah.” You finally tell him as you take his hands. “I’m sorry. I was being stupid.” 

“Darn right you were.” He scoffs. 

“I’m sorry. Forgive me?”

“I wasn’t mad at you.” He mumbles grumpily, looking away. 

“Okay, no sorry kiss then–”

“Aaah–no, I didn’ t say I didn’t need one.” He pulls you back in and puckers his lips. “Be sorry jagi. You hurt my feelings.”

Everyone thought Yoongi was this big, tough, imitating fellow who can rap out fire and send death glares like no other. But in truth, he was just this big marshmallow who has the biggest loving heart. And as you give his lips a peck, he smiles broadly and you wonder just how lucky you are to have someone love you this much.

“I love you.” You say as he wraps you in his arms.

“Yeah, I love you too…dork.”

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You watched with a heavy heart as the BTS members wrapped up their shoot. You were so happy for them for finishing yet another successful MV, but you couldn’t seem to forget the recent events the played out earlier today. 

Being the girlfriend of one of the most popular idols in Korea, you–as well as your relationship–was always under scrutiny. You had grown used to the criticisms, and accepted the fact that not everyone would be in favor or happy of your relationship. 

But today, the criticisms seemed to seep through your bones, holding your heart in a tight grip. Simply because someone had said you were a hindrance to Hobi’s career and that he can do so much better. What’s worse was that it came from the people who actually took care of him within the industry… those who knew what was going on. And as pathetic as it may be, you believed them because they probably knew what was best for Hoseok and his career.

After the shoot, your boyfriend had offered to take you home despite your protests. The walk was quiet–on your part since Hoseok was talking nonstop about the shoot and you just nodded at the right moments to keep him from noticing your quiet demeanor.

By the time you got to your apartment, you say goodbye to him but Hoseok held your hand, stopping you.

“Hey, hold on a sec. We’ve got time.” He jokes as he pulled you closer so you were standing in front of him, He reached out and tucked a strand behind your ear which made your chest hurt. Hoseok was always so gentle and sweet.

You don’t answer and Hoseok frowns, noticing how you were avoiding his gaze.

“What’s wrong, jagi?”


“I think I know you well enough that it’s not.” He says, still calm and gentle as ever. It was moments like this when you realize just how less lively he was off cam. When the cameras were on, he was J-Hope, always laughing, jumping around, and screaming. But whenever he was with you, he was still happy hope sure…but there was a gentleness in his eyes and a calmness in his personality that he only ever shows towards you.

“I just…wondered… why you would be with someone like me?” You blurt out and Hoseok’s eyes widen. 


“No hear me out. I…I love you Hobi. But I don’t want to be the one to stop you from reaching your potential… I–I can give you nothing. There are people out there who are better than me, who can support you more and probably love you more–” You are suddenly interrupted by something warm engulfing your lips and it took a split second for you to realize that Hoseok had leaned over and kissed you.

It was gentle and sweet, but passionate and determined. Just like him. 

“I don’t think I can ever meet anyone…as amazing as you.” He whispers against your lips once the two of you parted. “You’re so beautiful, so smart, so supportive…” At each word, he wipes the tears from your cheeks that have escaped your eyes. “You love me so much and I’m so grateful for it. In fact, I should be the one wondering why someone as amazing as you could love me. I mean… I’m just me, Y/N.”

“What are you talking about? You deserve the world, Hobi.” You say and it makes him chuckle.

“Then you should know I feel the exact same way about you.” he says and you were silenced at that. 

“I’m sorry.” You sniff. “It was really stupid…”

“Talk to me about it before you get sad okay? Hoseok says as he runs his hand through your hair to calm you down. “I don’t like seeing you cry.”


“Good night.” He says and you squeeze his hand one last time before turning towards your door.


You look over your shoulder to find him still watching you, a small smile on his lips. “Yeah?”

“We okay?” You nod. He smiles.

“I love you.” He says and his eyes reflected much sincerity it knocked the breath out of you.

“I love you too.” You reply and you knew you meant it with all your heart. 

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I got carried away. Not sorry. lol <3 Hope you guys enjoyed that one!

Reactions Masterlist

- Kaye Allen

Rule #1 - Taeyong x Reader - HighSchool!AU

Requested by: @aesthedick-cheol , sorry for the delay and i hope you and your friend enjoy the request! <3

Word Count: 1381

Trigger Warning: Possibly offensive language, Hints at bullying

Genre: HighSchool!AU, Angst, Semi-fluff

If you wanted a clean reputation at your high school, all you had to do was stay clear of Lee Taeyong.

It was a simple step, the one and only rule to follow.

You still managed to screw that up, but you were not complaining.

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The Ni/Se Dynamic, and the Misunderstanding of Inferior Se (from an athletic INFJ)

SUBMITTED by aanau

I recently went rock-climbing with my friends, and believe or not, I (an Inferior Se) was the only one not freaking out and who was totally comfortable taking these scary steps from one rock to another. Come to think of it, I’ve always been pretty athletic. I was no high school star, but I definitely was one of the better sports players, and was always “one of the guys” in gym class where I was competitive and enthusiastic to get a good sweat going. I’m pretty fearless with physical activities, and I never get seriously injured. I can pick up on many skills just by watching once or twice.

Yet I’m a Se-inferior. Aren’t INxJs detached and clumsy? How is it that I’m so clearly NOT a sensor if you knew me in person, yet I seem to have no problem with using my Se?

And the way I see it (or rather, feel it) is, inferior Se is like moving through a Van Gogh painting. At all times, my environment feels like Starry Night, with these hypnotic brush strokes swirling around. I’m more focused on the physical world in relation to the whole picture, just as the seemingly chaotic nature of Starry Night creates the perfect painting. I AM clumsy and detached… when I’m not consciously aware of my environment. It takes effort for me to use Se. It takes me to say to myself “okay, pay attention; be aware” to use it, and once I get myself into that mode of thinking, I get that iconic Se “in the zone” feeling.

It’s tunnel-vision. It’s when you can be (emphasis on can because skill and practice is involved) masterful at physical skills and being aware of your environment when your environment doesn’t include your peripherals. I’m able to be good at sports and climbing and all that kind of stuff because every action is planned and deliberate. That means I can easily keep up with higher Se-users… until they do something unexpected, or the environment throws something at me I didn’t calculate in my head. Running down the field with a ball in field hockey, I’m an expert at. Getting it to the circle I can do, because my laser focus has predicted every move up until then. It’s when I didn’t account for the goalie, or that one defensive player being faster than me, that I get clumsy. Otherwise, look out, because I’ll be knocking girls down left and right. And really, that’s a microcosm for how Se works for me all the time. I’m physically unstoppable until something unplanned happens, or I have to make a split-second decision that I hadn’t already made ten yards before.

In retrospect, I have an unhealthy mindset with Se. I feel like I have to prove myself to everyone that I’m strong or fast or competent. I block out pain because I weirdly see pain as proof that I can handle things, and I don’t want to be seen as weak. I got punched in the face at work by a patient and my reaction was to be like “Did anyone see that?! That was awesome!” because dang I’m like an action hero from the movies I just got punched in the face! Does it hurt? I don’t know I’m not thinking about the pain right–oh. Oh yeah it hurts. I’ll just keep tuning it out though.

And I do have a ditziness to me with sensory things. At work, as a CNA, I feel a lot dumber than I actually am. Even when I’m “in the zone” in completing tasks and being on my feet and challenging myself to get all the trash out within the hour, I’ll get told I missed something completely obvious. Like, forgetting to seal the really smelly trash even though I should’ve smelt it myself. Or not seeing someone’s dinner tray on the counter. Well I didn’t notice those things because I was focused on getting all the trash done on time! I get forgetful, and just plain feel like an idiot.

Grip reactions are hard for me to pinpoint, because I lose self-awareness. I don’t go overboard with drinking and sex, but I become self-destructive in other ways. I become either extremely lazy to the point my brain feels like mush because all I’m doing is watching mindless television, or I become overly active to the point of overworking my body. I procrastinate and don’t want to make big decisions, and I get this anxiety that I’m missing out on life and I’m not really feeling anything. That in itself might be what manifests in excessive drinking and partying for others, but for me it just makes me shut down and not be productive. It’ll make me lose sight of my future, and my ability to make all my actions meaningful.

Inferior Se is often stereotyped, and just because you’re active and good at sports must mean you’re a high Se user. But people forget that Se works with Ni, and with Ni at the forefront, it just instructs Se rather than the other way around.

Two movies come to mind: Moana and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Both star Ni-dom characters, and people doubt their types because they’re physically active. But both movies are so led by a Ni-dom mindset about Se. Walter Mitty is a love letter to inferior Se specifically: the Ni dom wants to engage in the world and in their Se, but can’t do so unless there’s meaning behind it. Hence the themes in the movie about life! people! experience! connections! you need these to make your life matter! The movie isn’t about Se, but about the Ni outlook on Se as the Ni-dom character embraces it. Moana is less so, being a fun-for-everyone kids’ film, but the theme is still there: Se is meaningless without Ni leading it. She doesn’t use Se for Se’s sake (taking in the world as it comes in, being fully immersed in the present), but for Ni’s sake (how does this create meaning and impact the future?).

To sum up my point: inferior Se isn’t just clumsy and accidentally ruining your life overnight, and it’s often misunderstood how the Ni/Se dynamic works. You don’t use one function by itself, and that’s what makes inferior Se on typing posts kind of shallow, because the functions are reduced to individual components, and behaviors are being looked at rather than the motivations. Of course, with fictional characters it’s harder to discern those motivations, but with characters like Moana and Walter Mitty, you can easily see how they’re led by Ni in their Se actions.

I just want to say four things to you: sorry, thank you, I miss you so much and i love you.

First, i want you to know that i’m not mad, and i will never be. And you don’t have to apologize if you hurt me. im sorry if sometimes i make you feel that i’m hurt, but it’s just my defense mechanism to get rid of pain. im sorry if i keep on insisting myself to you and my
love for you, i’m sorry for ruining everything, i’m sorry if i made things like this, i’m sorry if i disappointed you, i’m sorry for the troubles i’ve put you through, i’m sorry for making you feel bad, i’m sorry for being so stubborn. I still remember how we’ve met and that was one of the best things that happened in my life. And i can still remember the time when i told you that i like you, It’s really my first time that I ever told someone how I really feel. I don’t know how i did it but i never regretted my confession because that’s how we became close and glad that you didn’t ignore me.

It’s a crazy kind of friendship, the one I had with you. You made me so happy even with just a simple message from you, it makes my day. You just don’t know how I see you as a person, you just don’t know how you made me feel, you just don’t know how much you’re making me feel better with your presence. I want you to know that everything that I showed you was real, everything that I did for you came from the heart. You don’t know how much it made me happy to those late night convos, just talking about senseless things and giving me advice about my life, it was and is still one of my favorite things in this world. You will always be my favorite person.

Thank you for being patient with me during those times. We really have a different personality but thank you for sticking to me and for putting up with my mood swings and tantrums most of the time. Thank you for being there for me when everyone else ran away. Thank you for believing in me even if I sometimes doubt my own self. Thank you for making me feel things. Thank you for being patient enough to hear all my rants and dramas. Thank you for asking me about my day when I thought no one cared. Thank you for spending your time talking to me even if sometimes I’m so talkative. Thank you for the concern and for making me feel that i am important. Thank you for not giving up on me that time. Thank you for trusting me and for telling me little things about yourself and to your past, I was so happy when you opened up to me because I kinda felt like I was trusted for you to tell me such little things. Thank you for everything that you ever did for me. Thank you for making me smile. Thank you for giving me beautiful memories.

I can’t even explain how I fell for you up to now, but I know that it’s gotta be something about you being just you, i fell for you just to you. It was beautiful, falling in love with you, until my emotions got too strong and started to feel different things. I started to feel jealous to the point that I’ll just shut my door and be cold to you and that I started to feel fear about our friendship and about my disposition in your life. I tried to control my feelings for you, but I never succeeded. I’m sorry for that but I never regret loving you. I tried so hard to bury everything, but I always find myself thinking if you had a good day or if you had a good sleep. I’m really sorry for giving you mix emotions.

I miss you so much. I miss being so crazy with you and telling you random stuff. You’re one of the best person that I have met in my life. I’m so lucky and blessed to have you. You are my favorite person and always be. I want you to know that I love you. I love you and I love you. Please come back as soon as you can. I will always welcome you with open arms. As ive said before, I won’t leave, I will stay till you found your way to me. Maybe you were right when you told me, we needed time. Clear your mind and your heart and I will do the same then come back to me if you think I’m still worthy in your life. I will wait for you. And if you didn’t find your way back to me then i’ll accept it, just be happy and i wish you well. Good luck on your journey.

—  My one that got away
The "Right" Way

Authors Notes:
-Asdfghjkl- is the Squip talking to Jeremy
~Asdfghjkl~ is singing ((The tune would be that of the Be More Chill songs: the Squip’s solo and the background chorus))


Jeremy stands just outside Jake’s house, a look of pure determination on his face. He’s figured out a system that -almost- works every time. He thinks he just needs to iron out the last few bugs and pray that God is on his side.

…I thought that LAST time. And the time before that. And the time before that. Now he’s just standing there like a pitiful, lost child.

What he doesn’t realize is his LITERALLY fatal mistake. His very first step. Avoiding the confrontation with… him. I tried to get him to do it the right way the first few times, but he lost all faith in me when I blocked the loser in. Apparently he doesn’t know the term “self-preservation.” I’ll have to fix that.

The last time he fought with Michael, he didn’t rejoin the party. He sat by the door in silence, listening to Michael’s pathetic breakdown. That’s when he decided to try to stop that from happening. On the next loop, he went in, became intoxicated so I wouldn’t interfere (I was getting bored of trying to improve him anyway), and did things differently. Not like it helped; people still keep dying. Michael, Chloe, Brooke, Christine, Jake, Rich, Jenna, even himself a few times. Almost. He rewinds just before he dies. Let’s just hope nothing happens that stops his heart before he even gets the chance to think.

Anyway, I’m bored with just sitting on the sidelines. But moreso I’m bored of living this stupid night over and over again inside his head because he’s too weak to accept death. But if I try to do anything, he’ll just get drunk.

…Looks like it’s time for Plan B.


“What do you want? I thought you were leaving me alone.”

-There’s a right way to do this, to end this night.-

“Oh yeah? What’s that? Locking Michael in the bathroom again?! No way. I swear to God if you try ANYTHING–”

-I won’t. Trust me I want to be finished here just as much as you do. So I’m going to give you my advice. I AM your Squip, after all. It’s my job.-

“…So what’s your advice?”

If I say something extreme first, he will be more likely to listen to the second suggestion.

-Maybe someone NEEDS to die.-

“WHAT?! You’re CRAZY!!”

-No, think about it. It’s a house fire; there are bound to be casualties.-

“Well, yeah, I guess that makes sense… But plenty of people I don’t know die, so…that CAN’T be it!”

-Maybe someone you DO know is just fated to die.-

“‘Fated…to die…?’ But who…? N-no, no! I can’t think this way! I’m not gonna let ANY of my friends die!”

-Maybe you keep failing because you spread yourself too thin. Maybe you should just learn to be okay with failure and death. It seems to be following you anyway.-

“No…that can’t be it… Who could be “fated to die”…?

-I guess you’ll have to find that out for yourself. But that’s not all.-

“Oh, GREAT.”

-Don’t worry, it’s easier than playing God and deciding who should die. But it’s just as important, I assure you.-


-You need to stop avoiding the confrontation with Michael.-

“Wh…No! You heard just how upset he gets… I can’t put him through that again…”

-Do you want to watch him die forever?-

“… Of course not… I can’t take that…..”

-Then LISTEN to me. And obey. Or we’ll NEVER get through this.-

-Jeremy, I know what’s best for you. Even if you can’t see it sometimes. ~Everything about you is going to be wonderful.~-

“~But I don’t care so much about me…~”

-~Everything about you is going to be so alive!~-

“~But I can’t even save my friends’ lives…~”

-~Jeeeeeeeremyyyyyy, you can’t try to beeeee the hero you wanna beeeeeeeeee…~ So be more chill.-

“…Be more…chill.”

-That’s right. Now let’s get in there.-

Because of the little pep talk, we end up arriving later than usual. Brooke sees us walk in from across the room and eagerly rushes over to meet us like the dog she’s dressed as.

“Jeremy!” she waves and squirms through the crowd, “I was afraid you weren’t coming; did you get my messages??”

That’s new.

-Play it off.-

“Am I late? Didn’t even realize.” Good. He’s listening to me again. Wait… He’s listening to me again? This doesn’t make… Running neurotypical scan… Showing signs of despondence, hopelessness, and despair. Analyzing probable causes… Ah, of course. The last reset. When Michael went blind. That was the closest he’s ever gotten. And he went and kissed the boy, too. They made it over that pit against all odds, but… It wasn’t enough. They took too long, and the entrance became blocked entirely. No one could get out. He watched as all of his friends choked to death, one by one. He held Michael’s face as he desperately tried to keep him from giving up. He called his name until his very last breath–in that timeline, anyway.

That must be what’s broken him. He doesn’t know what to do. He’s falling back on me again. This…this is perfect. If he lets me guide him through the party, we may actually be able to make it.


Things are going well. Jeremy is doing everything I tell him to. Out of nowhere, he just decides to break off from the group and head to the bathroom.

“This doesn’t feel right. Just…acting like nothing bad is about to happen…”

-It will pass. Eventually, it will pass.-

“How do you–Gwah!”

Jeremy is pulled into the bathroom by Michael. He tries to convince Jeremy that I’m going to ruin his life. Which is ridiculous. My job is to improve his life, not ruin it. By any means necessary.

-You can’t listen to him, Jeremy. I’m the only one who can get us out of this. You’ve tried everything. Give up and let me save us.-

Jeremy stares at the floor, his face as clouded as his vision.

“Get out of my way. You loser…”

After a moment of realization, registering that his “best friend” is mine now, Michael steps to the side. I always feel satisfied when we sever the last link to Jeremy 1.0. I have to take control just to stop Jeremy’s tears from falling and walk us out. I don’t let him stay anywhere near that bathroom.

The rest of the party, he just hangs on the sidelines. Too mentally strained to even try to enjoy himself. It’s not ideal, but I can’t push him too much, or he’ll stop listening to me again. I’ve finally regained his trust; I can’t lose it again. Jeremy watches that Rich kid from across the room. He’s fidgeting on the couch, scratching his head often and muttering to himself. Several people have jokingly asked what was wrong with him, but he dismissed them rather violently. Now he’s pacing around the living room, visibly shaking.

“I still haven’t figured out why he acts like that… I should go ask.”

-If you want to.-

He makes his way to Rich, coming up behind him, and taps his shoulder. Rich nearly jumps out of his skin at the touch. He rounds on Jeremy, grabbing him by the shoulders. Upon closer inspection, his face is pale and panicked, eyes bloodshot and baggy, hair unkempt and shaggy. You’d think he was drinking or smoking, but he hardly smells of alcohol or pot. So what could…?

“I NEED MOUNTAIN DEW REEEEED!!!!!” Rich yells, shaking.

Shit. He’s figured it out. How could his Squip be so idiotic? Sigh… Fine. Looks like he needs to be the one to go. Jeremy tries to soothe him, but there’s no point. He’s lost it.

-Give it up, Jeremy. He’ll be fine.-

Jeremy stops, watching him run around now, out of control. Not long after he flees to the kitchen, screams erupt from within and teens frantically flood from the fire.

-It’s time to go.-

“But Rich is still in there! And I can’t leave Michael behind..!”

-Michael will be fine. He already left.-

“He…he did?”

-Optic nerve blocking.-

“…Right…. But still, what about Rich?!”

-Leave him.-


-Hurry up and get out of here or I’ll do it for you.-

As Jeremy stares awestruck, eyes fixed on the growing flames, Jenna and Christine pass him; Christine stops for a moment to grab him by the arm, “What are you waiting for, Jeremy?! Come on!!” She drags him out, abandoning the other Squipped teen.

By the time Jeremy regains his senses, he scans the crowd. Christine and Jenna are safe, obviously, Chloe has buried herself under his arm, Brooke is sitting by the road, crying, and Jake has his hands to the sides of his head, trying to figure out how the hell he would explain this to his parents. The only one missing is–

“Michael… Where’s Michael?!”

-Jeremy, he’s–

“No!! I won’t risk it!”

He’s going to jump again!

-We finally made it out of there! You’re going to throw that away?! You don’t know that he’s still in there!-

“But I don’t know that he’s not!”

I need to say something and quick. Time jumping is the only thing I can’t stop him from doing!

-Jeremy STOP!! Or you’ll NEVER break free of this.-

He stops. Thank God.

“…You’re sure he’s alive?”

If it’ll get him to not reset, -Yes.-

“…I can’t risk it.”


KRRRRT*,,×,WNwWKO $÷×NENWO [JWN [¥~,WKWL)EMW##@!![,×NAKAO (!(!(JU (KANW÷÷××??+,(€£¥`◇\~¡¿¿¿¿,!+`!,NAAAa (+(+(+÷÷#-,;^





Here we go again.



For a minute I thought this was the “final” timeline, the one where they actually all make it–and I thought what a fantastic idea it would be if the final timeline is what actually happened in the show! So all of the previous timeloops lead up to everything in the actual musical, that’s genius!!

But aaa wreck my hEART AGA IN JESUS, I’m so glad Jer’s so concerned for Michael even though there’s a chance he made it out~~~ And reading everything from the Squip’s POV was so interesting! Especially for this AU, seeing things from his perspective is so neat! I loved it <33333

AND HOLY SHIT I LOVE HOW YOU PUT IN SOME OF THE SONG LYRICS? When I read those I started to sing along and gosh. I am dECEA SE D


I am shook by how amazing this is, I think I need a minute to sit down and breathe omfg

TY for this amazing fic, I have been blessed by the gODS, my plants are thriving, my skin is clear, I have ASCENDED TO THE ASTRAL PLANE))

Making Out With 24K

Fair warning: I went crazy with this. Don’t read this at night or in public. Have a water bottle next to you at all times. This gets kind of smutty. Also I’m not familiar with the new members, so I left them out. One more group left.

Originally posted by daei1

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anonymous asked:

Can i request a fluffy Jay Park scenario, where he's meeting your parents for the first time,and he is super nervous? also can you not make the dad the stereotypical dad, i hate stuff like that with dad's having to "scare" their boyfriends. Thank you!

“Baby why are you so nervous?” You chuckled liftin gup Jay’s collar so that you could put the tie around his neck and make sure that he looked his very best.

“I’ve never met your parents before but from the stories of your younger youth, I really don’t want to fuck this up.” Jay groaned cupping your cheeks as he pressed a kiss against your lips once you were done. He let his hands press against your dress to make sure that it was straight, smiling to himself at how beautiful you looked.

“Baby, you’re my boyfriend and I know one day you will be my husband. And everything that comes with that title. I don’t bring guys home, so they will know I’m serious about you but if you freak out it won’t work.” You whined grabbing at his hands frowning and looking up at him.

“Yes, but you’re my princess. And I know when I have a daughter I am going to be the same way. No man will ever be good enough for her. I’m not good enough for you.” He matched your pout letting his black hair fall in your face. You smiled widely before using your hands to comb it back behind his ears tilting your head.

“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. And if we don’t get going soon you will be hated for being late. Not for not being good enough for me.” Kissing his lips once more you moved to grab at your purse and lace your heels up on your feet smiling happily, you made sure to grab everything that you needed walking outside towards the car. Jay was going to drive you both because he wanted to go all out over something small. It was just going to be a dinner meeting of you and your parents and Jay. It wouldn’t even take that long so you didn’t understand his nerves, but on the flip side you had never met his parents, and you were dreading the day you ever would have to. So, in some aspect you could understand why he was the way he was.

While he was driving, he was so fidgeting tapping against the wheel and trying to calm himself down because his heart was a mess. Laughing softly, you grabbed at his hand lacing your fingers together softly singing songs that he would focus on you for a second. You let your fingers graze against his over the soft skin and you made sure to keep him calm humming louder until your hums turned into singing. The car ride wasn’t long and once you arrived he opened your door for you, moving to let you out of the car walking you towards your parents’ house. You knew that only your dad would be there right now with your mother coming later, resulting in you having time to rest in your old room as a child.

“Deep breaths. Remember no matter what. I love you.” You reminded him as the doorbell was rung. He nodded his head but his eyes shown how scared he was. Kissing his nose, you brought a light smile to his lips that he took a deep breath and the door was opened in front of you. There stood you there, with his strong tall stature looking at you his glasses on his face as he watched you both. You gripped onto Jay’s hand tighter to let him know that you were there and once you let it go you moved forward to throw your arms around his neck smiling widely.

“Daddy.. This is my boyfriend. Park Jaebum. And Jay. This is my daddy.” You smiled softly stepping back from your father’s strong hands as he hugged you. He looked the boy up and down puffing out his chest causing you to face palm and hide behind your hands because you knew it was an act. You watched as he gripped onto Jay’s hand and shook with a stern grip through your fingertips. Jay bowed his head before he cleared his throat meeting the grip, his tattoos showing on his hand and his rolled-up shirt.

“It’s nice to meet you Mr. Kim Y/N has spoken very highly of you.” He pulled away looking your father in the eyes and you were surprised he was doing so well, not shaking or tearing down. You felt a bit relieved that he could stand there and not fall over.

“Let’s talk away from her. Sweetheart why don’t you go into your room and wait for us?” Your father asked but you knew it was a demand.

“I don’t want to-“You started to protest and he gave you another look down from his glasses and sighing you let your hands fly up in the air as you stomped off into your room waiting for him to finish up. You could hear faint mumbling from the background and your dad was talking quickly and it made you feel your stomach drop because you wanted to know that Jay was ok.

Walking towards your room, you got on your phone texting your mom, letting your back rest against your hello kitty sheets that you’ve had since your high school years.

{Text: Madam Kim}

He’s back at it again with the macho man stuff -.-

{Text from: Madam Kim}

Ah, you know how your father gets. Everything can and will be destroyed by him >.> don’t worry too much just rest.

{Text: Madam Kim}

How can I just rest at a time like this!! What if he hurts him?! Mommy come home soon.. My boyfriend’s life depends on it :c

{Text from: Madam Kim}

Your dad is a big teddy bear. And he knows better than to ruin your happiness. He has to live with the Queen of Sass and silent treatments. I’ll be home soon. I love you.

Laughing softly, you chunked your phone down shutting your eyes and letting yourself rest you let yourself fall into a sleep it was no point in stressing about how things were going or what you were going to do since he had your boyfriend preoccupied. You outed your lips out as you knocked out breathing slowly and even in your dreams you felt yourself worrying about Jay. If he was ok, if he was going to come and get you if your dad was going to be easy and let up on him. Despite everything that you felt bothering you, you were knocked out hard and dreaming because a sometimes later your body was being pushed gently and a deep voice was waking you up. You jumped up looking at Jay your hands moving to check his face and his body out frowning. “Are you hurt?” You asked him with a raspy voice tilting your head. Jay chuckled kissing your forehead laying down beside you pulling you on your back.

“I am fine. You had me scared for no reason. Your daddy is a soft teddy bear.” He teased as he tapped your nose kissing over your face.

“Oh really now? A teddy bear? So, you won’t be scared of him anymore?” You asked teasing him and wiggling your eyebrows.

“No never again.” He chuckled sticking his nose in the air, just then the door was pushed open rather roughly after a few loud bangs and your fathers gravelly voice was heard as he peered down at the both of you on the bed.

“Keep this door open all the times. And I would hope you remember, I may be a teddy bear but when it comes to my door the only stuffing that I will be pulling is out of you.” Your father made the two fingers motion for watching you and Jay walking off with his head in the air. Snickering softly, you looked over at your boyfriend whose face drained color and caused you to feel bad for him.

“Still not afraid?” You asked softly nibbling on his neck smirking when he pushed you back groaning and frowning.

“Yah, do you want me to die? Not here.. He is quite scary.” He frowned before he laughed pulling you closer to his body shutting his eyes as he waited for your mother to get home so that you could all eat.

(BMC/Hamilton) Learn, Song Parody

Parody: Learn
Actual Song: Burn
By: Hamilton

I saved every memory we shared
Selfies, doodles and art both of yours and mine
Yours were better than mine
Always better than mine

Do you know what my first thought was
When I saw you turn your back and leave?
I thought:
‘I should have expected this…
He always had more potential than me’

You and your jokes had me in nonstop laugh
Your humor I could never surpass
You cheered me up on all of my worst days
You were my hero

I’m looking through all the things we shared
Your artwork, my pictures, our selfies…they all look fine
How can they be fine
When I now know you were lying

It’s time that I learn

You left me when you had the perfect chance
No goodbye, no last hug just a look and a turning away
In improving your life
You have ruined mine

Do you know what Brooke mentioned
As I sat alone at a table one day?
She said:
'You’re welcome to sit with me…
Also, is your friend Jeremy straight?’

You now have girls who like you as a boyfriend
Congrats, you got what you always wanted
No need to hang out with me anymore
When you have these chicks


I’m erasing myself from the narrative
Let yourself move forward without having Michael to hold you back
You have chosen your path

It’s time that I learned
Time that I learned

I have no place in your new life
And you now have no place in mine
You’ve outgrown me, I guess that it’s fine

I’m learning to back away
Learning to let you go
Learning to hate you

You forfeit the right as my friend
You forfeit the right to my heart
I’ll get over you, make a new start
With just one fleeting memory of when you were mine…

I’m sure that I’ll learn…


You know what’s the hardest thing to find?
It is to find a guy like Soji who treats MC like a precious jewel

Can you see how much he loves the MC?
In all of his life he never regretted nor feel sorry for anything he had done except for only one thing and that is ruining MC’s first night!
He even resisted his urge to do MC there and then just because he didnt wanna ruined MC’s view of doing ‘it’ the first time 😭

Where is my Soji?

From: Okita Soji’s Love’s Maelstrom POV

PENELOPE (2006) Sentence Starters

Change pronouns, adapt dialect accordingly.

“That was the last of the ho-hos!”
“Rich people suck!”
“They were invited back to the house, where they were legally gagged into secrecy.”
“lf being ugly were a crime, I’d have to arrest half the people in this city.”
“He said ‘shit’ to me twice. And then he just stood there staring at me.”
“Do you have any idea what a story like this will do to me?”
“Hang in there.”
“I’m sorry you got stuck with me.”
“Hold on honey, you can do it.”
“I’d given up all hope of ever finding a woman who truly understands me.”
“I had given up all hope that is … until I met you.”
“She’s gotta pee. You got a bathroom? I’m going to get some punch.”
“No one ever seems able to see past that.”
“Curse or no curse, if I am more than my name and my face, well then, surely you are more than yours?”
“Let me in.”
“And, like, what guy looks at me and thinks picket fence?”
“My mother did what any loving mother would do: she faked my death. And had me cremated.”
“Why can’t I have bacon?”
“So, what? Are you hiding from the law, or is that a bad nose job?”
“How can he not see me, you know? I’m on a Vespa with wings.”
“Once the curse is broken I’ll be just like anybody else.”
“Either you ______ or so help me god I am going to rip your guts out.”
“I have to pee and I can’t leave you alone with the phones.”
“lt’s not the power of the curse, it’s the power you give the curse.”
“I like myself the way I am.”
“You have ruined my life!”
“But this isn’t me. The real me is inside here somewhere just waiting to get out. (And you can make that happen.)”
“____, let me in.”
“Unfortunately, my believing you isn’t going to do either one of us any good.”
“Five thousand bucks worth your while?”
“I used to spend every weekend there just hanging on a bench writing stupid love songs. People watching.”
“That’s what mothers do with daughters! They talk about how to look prettier.”
“Once the queen’s dead the king’s useless.”
“God! He licked me.”
“Alright, keep in mind; never bet a better.”
“I fear I did you a terrible disservice that day.”
“What if the curse isn’t broken. What if —  what if the curse can never be broken?”
“I felt the rush of a thousand heart breaks.”
“We have both always known there was no guarantee.”
“Are you freaking out or what?”
“Sorry. Ridiculous.”
“You shit! You lied to me!”
“I’m sorry I dragged you down with me.”
“Are you in or out?”
“Listen, I’m sorry I ran from my feelings.”
“What the hell have you been chasing all these years?”
“Listen you little worm, I know your kind: spoiled rotten mama’s boy —”
“Oh, now I’m the bad guy!”
“I don’t have the power to break the curse.”
“I knew you would run. I wanted you to, but perhaps if I had taken the time to really listen to you, maybe we could have helped each other find our way.”
“You see, like you, I felt imprisoned most of my life.”
“No, you have beautiful ears. Beautiful. They’re beautiful.”


We’ll Get To The Bottom Of This

For the past month, you have been receiving weird text messages from someone who is trying to mess with your head. They constantly harass you day and night, either bullying you or threatening to expose all your deepest secrets. You even changed your number but that didn’t stop the messages. It is starting to take over your life completely. You don’t want to leave the house because you are so afraid that something bad is going to happen. This is no way to live. 

So you decided to finally do something about it, going to the only person you feel like you can trust- Tim Drake. You know that he is good at tracking people so he should be able to help you find out who is sending you these horrible messages. The two of you find an empty classroom to discuss the situation privately. Tim takes a moment to read through the messages. You watch his facial expressions change continuously as he does so, rather disgusted by some of the things that were said. 

“I’m surprised you haven’t taken this to the police.” He looks up from the phone with a concerned look. 

“Please don’t give me that look. I really don’t want to get the police involved, Tim. I just want to find out who it is so that I can put a stop to all this. It’s ruining my life.” You refrain yourself from crying. Tim admires how you are putting on a brave face. 

“Okay, I understand. No police.” Tim gets up from his seat and puts a hand on your shoulder for support. “I’ll keep a hold of this so that I can get to work on tracing the messages. No one stays hidden from me, I’ll have it all sorted out by tomorrow.” He promises and already it feels like a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders. 

“Thank you so much, Tim.” You pull him in for a hug, perhaps hugging him a bit too long. “I knew I could count on you.”

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anonymous asked:

Hey, can you recommend any fanfics with a focus on the relationship of Draco and Lucius or just Draco's childhood in general? I love your blog btw, it's always a pleasure to see your posts on my dashboard xx

Aww, that’s so sweet! I’m so glad to hear that!

This is another tough rec request because as I’ve compiled this short list I realize that I pay much more attention to the relationship between Narcissa and Draco in stories than I do between Lucius and Draco. I did my best to find some for you, though! While most of these don’t have a central focal point around the things you asked for, they each do have the relationship between Lucius and Draco as a plot point. You also might try out some Veela!Draco fics, many of them tend to include the Malfoys.

Turn by saras_girl [NC-17, 300k+]
Summary: One good turn always deserves another. Apparently.

Tea and No Sympathy by who_la_hoop [NC-17, 70k]
Summary: It’s Potter’s fault, of course, that Draco finds himself trapped in the same twenty-four-hour period, repeating itself over and over again. It’s been nearly a year since the unpleasant business at Hogwarts, and Draco’s getting on with his life quite nicely, thank you, until Harry sodding Potter steps in and ruins it all, just like always. At first, though, the time loop seems liberating. For the first time in his life, he can do anything, say anything, be anything, without consequence. But the more Draco repeats the day, the more he realises the uncomfortable truth: he’s falling head over heels for the speccy git. And suddenly, the time loop feels like a trap. For how can he ever get Harry to love him back when time is, quite literally, against him?

Left My Heart by emmagrant01 [NC-17, 200k+ Warnings in the summary notes on part 2]
Summary: Auror Draco Malfoy has disappeared, and Harry Potter has been sent to San Francisco to find him.

The Arc of the Pendulum by brummell [NC-17, 30k]
Summary: After his father casts a mysterious curse on Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy is forced to make things right.

The Heart of Me by luxie [R, 69k]
Summary: Harry is the first to admit he’s a bit of a mess. He hides behind his job as an Auror in the special May 2 unit, because the only things that can keep the dark memories at bay are the rush of the chase and the chance of saving lives. But when Draco Malfoy gets himself locked inside a Horcrux, there is only one thing Harry can do to save him. He has to open up.

A Thousand Beautiful Things by geoviki [NC-17, 35k]
Summary: Draco Malfoy struggles with changed fortunes, shifted alliances, an ugly war, and an unusual spell, with the help of a concerned professor, an insightful house-elf, and an unexpected Gryffindor friend.

Timeshare by astolat [NC-17, 14k]
Summary: “It’s not for long,” Hermione said. “By the time we get back to Hogwarts, the Unfettering Brew will be ready.” “Listen to you!” Ron said. “He’s got to get through a month with the Dursleys and a month at Malfoy Manor. With Draco Malfoy.” “Yeah, thanks,” Harry said, because he hadn’t just spent the last week contemplating just how much more horrible his summer holidays were about to be than they’d ever been before.

In Which Harry is Magnetic North and Draco is an Idiot by bryoneybrynn [PG-13, 13k]
Summary: For as long as he can remember, Draco’s been bringing fake dates to his family’s annual Yuletide celebration in order to evade his mother’s matchmaking. This year, Potter’s posing as his pretend boyfriend. But as the party gets underway, it gets unclear who’s playing who, who’s pretending what, who’s not pretending at all, and what the game really is. Confused? Yeah, so is Draco.

A Man Named Potter by loveglowsinthedark [NC-17, 15k (part 2 is the family stuff)]
Summary: Potter begins to take me apart, each savage, pounding thrust peeling away layer after layer of everything that I am, reaming me open in a way that makes me wonder how I’ll ever be able to let anybody else but him fuck me after this.

havenothingtodowithme  asked:

Hey! First of all, I love your blog 💖 and are you still doing blitzstone hc? Could I ask for some wedding cerimony headcanons? Or just cute hc in general! Thanks so much 💖

Sorry this took so long, I had a lot to say! I loved writing these!! To anyone else who may have sent me requests, they’re coming

- it’s a few years after preventing Ragnarok for the last time
-hearth & blitz are around 24 maybe?
-they’ve been dating ever since a little before the last possible-Ragnarok when they ended up having a pre-battle, heat-of-the-moment, I-don’t-want-to-lose-you-without-telling-you-how-I-feel Kiss
-but anyway, Blitzen’s best is thriving & Hearth’s magic is way better than it used to be & everything is good and pure
- Blitz proposes like this: on the anniversary of the day Blitz found Hearth in Nidavellir, they go out for dinner in a fancy restaurant, and then (after sundown) take a walk in a park they used to stay in while they were homeless.
-They end up at a quiet fountain w/ no one else around. The street lamps shine off the water & in Hearth’s eyes. It’s dark enough to be romantic & secluded but bright enough to sign easily.
-Taking a deep breath, Blitz gives a little speech (signing & speaking) about how much Hearth means to him & how he’s his everything. This information is nothing new, but Hearth is still completely in awe.
- By now he has the suspicion Blitz is planning something big, but he’s still completely overwhelmed when the tiny dwarf actually gets down on one knee. He doesn’t pull the ring out right away, bc he has to ask Hearth, will you marry me?
- And of course the answer is obvious, they’ve been living together for years now, they’re absolutely a package deal & there’s no way Hearth’s gonna say no. So he just nods and signs Yes really excitedly & pulls Blitzen up to kiss him & then Blitz pulls the ring box out of his jacket pocket and opens it.
- It’s silver & simple & elegant & it has perthro engraved on the band. Both their hands are shaking when Blitz slides it onto Hearth’s ring finger. They kiss again, laughing bc everything is falling perfectly into place. This is their dream come true.
- they get Blitz a ring too. It’s gold & has a wider band than Hearth’s with the same engraving of their family’s symbol
- they invite Magnus, Samirah, & Alex (who has become a part of their family too) over to tell them & the kids are beyond excited for their dads
- so for the actual ceremony, it’s pretty small- just the family, the Floor 19 Crew, Inge, and Freya (Blitz didn’t want to invite her, but Hearth convinced him. She’s your mother, Blitz. And she’s the goddess of love- it’s not like she doesn’t know we’re getting married! If we don’t invite her, we’ll never hear the end of it.)
- Halfborn performs the ceremony, bc he has definitely been ordained at some point in his 1200 year stay at Valhalla
- Magnus is their best man, Samirah is the maid of honor
-Alex is the ring bearer
- Blitz designed everyone’s outfits, obviously. He’s still salty about not designing the outfits for the fake wedding with Thrym tbh. He can’t say it, but he def wants to show up Sif
- and he does! Hearth wears a white suit + his scarf bc it’s 100% necessary. Blitz insisted he not wear black for once. Blitz’ pants & suit jacket are black but his vest is red to match the scarf. He’s wearing a bow tie too
- Magnus’ tux is gray w/ a white vest. His hair is grown back by now so it’s braided on one side to keep it out of his face during the ceremony
- Samirah’s dress is green again with silver lace & her hijab has silver threads in it for accent
- Amir’s tux is deep purple & he’s perfect and beautiful
- Alex is female & her dress is a very pale pink & her makeup is green. The dress stops around knee-length & is very twirlable. Magnus is dying
- jack is here & he insisted upon having a bow tie tied around his hilt
- Blitzen threatened to throw a fit if Halfborn showed up half-dressed like always, so the beserker relented. His suit is dark brown & his beard is braided neatly
- Mallory’s dress is a lighter green than Sam’s and is sleeveless. Her crazy hair is tamed a bit & falls around her shoulders. Halfborn has to concentrate very hard on the task at hand
- TJ refused to wear anything besides his union jacket but he let Blitz fix it up a bit.
- Freya is literally gorgeous, as always. She’s wearing about forty pounds of jewelry & Blitz wonders which piece was responsible for his life until Hearth takes his hand and smiles at him
- Inge is a free hulder now & is pretty close w/ hearth & blitz. Her dress is light blue & her hair is in very elaborate braids. Blitz asked whether she wanted a hole for her tail in the dress & she decided yes. She wears her tail proudly nowadays & is very active among the movement to free the huldrefolk
- also I don’t think anyone invited him but oh look, there’s Odin! The weirdo shows up about two minutes before the ceremony starts and is like “how could I miss the wedding day of my greatest pupil??” And hearth is so green
- tbh I bet Thor & Sif show up too & by this point it’s like…. Any other gods planning on showing up last minute or can we get married already? This is the exact moment when their former boss the severed head appears right in the middle of the aisle & Amir nearly faints
- when Thor shows up Hearth is definitely like who the fuck invited him, that giant dumbass is going to ruin our wedding!! Thor’s just kind of like “Wow my good friend the elf is so happy to see me!!”
- there’s also a suspicious bird at the window… Utgard-Loki…. Is that you, you sneaky fuck
- Marvin & Otis are sitting in the very back of the room with the very strict instructions not to eat any furniture. Otis starts crying in the middle of the vows & chews off an armrest anyway
- after all mystery guests arrive, they can finally start.
- Blitz’ vows start out with him talking about finding hearth in Nidavellir & how important and life-changing their friendship was immediately. He tells hearth who absolutely incredible he is & how honored blitz is to be marrying him.
- hearth’s vows describe how he’d always thought he’d be an empty cup for his whole life, but he never knew that from the moment blitz found him he was being filled more & more everyday bc of their friendship, and how blitz was the first person hearth ever trusted and he can’t believe he’s lucky enough to have him for their whole lives
- they exchange rings & they’re both near tears
- Halfborn says “by the power vested in me by the world of Valhalla, I now pronounce you dwarf & elf. You may kiss the groom” and blitz grabs hearth’s scarf and yanks him down for the kiss & everything’s beautiful
- Magnus definitely cries. The kid’s dads are getting married, give him some slack
- Alex teases him, but her eyes were a little misty for a while there too
- they don’t really have a reception, but the very extended family (so basically the empty cups + floor 19, Amir, & Inge) go back to blitz & hearth’s apartment to celebrate
- blitz bridal-carries hearth over the threshold & it is the cutest thing ever
- one of the boys probably had a bouquet to throw. Sam catches it & she and Amir don’t stop blushing all night
- big tearful family hugs. Blitz, hearth, Sam, Magnus, & Alex having a giant family group hug while the kids are so happy for their parents
- Alex teases Samir & Gunderkeen about when they’re gonna tie the knot. Mallory & Samirah retaliate by bringing up Magnus & making Alex blush a lot
- Inge dancing with hearth & telling him how happy she is for him. She just loves him so much wow. I like to think by this point although she obviously still loves him, she’s gotten over him mostly & maybe has a cute elf gf that’s also active in the free-the-huldre scene.
- Inge dancing w/ blitz afterwards & giving him a stern “don’t you dare hurt that boy” speech but obviously he’s not gonna & they’ve all been friends now for years so by the end they’re just laughing
- blitz & hearth having the first dance as a married couple & just swaying and holding onto each other and at the end they kiss & it’s really slow and sweet and beautiful and I’m dead

This was. Really freaking long, hope you enjoy, xoxo your Local Blitzstone Dealer™

Undisclosed Desires (part 5)

Words: 2.1k

Summary: TFW discuss learning about your past as you catch up with Lucifer.

A/N: More canon divergence. Let me know if you’d like to be added to my mater tag list.


“Cas, you’ve been pretty quiet back there. You ok?” Dean asked from the drivers seat of the Impala.

Castiel remained silent and stared out the window. Part of him understood why you didn’t tell him and he wished he didn’t care; but how could he not care. Not only were you nephilim, but you were the spawn of the devil himself.

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