how can you ruin my life just like that

Hamilton characters as things my friends have said
  • Alexander: -about a broken oven- i will be your oven...and roAST YOU
  • Burr: maybe I should tell him my backstory and he'll go away right away
  • Mulligan: i was a pervy child i think...i don't remember
  • Lafayette: -screeches in a foreign language-
  • Laurens: -after learning a corgi's butt floats- rain drop drop top his booty go bop bop
  • Washington: yes, while i may have gotten all i needed to get done, i am dead inside
  • Peggy: i have the courage of a chicken nugget
  • Angelica: i like my boys how i like my liz; stoic and ready to start a revolution
  • Eliza: i just want to make lots of money so we can gift each other things
  • Jefferson: so yeah, unless you're married or own an aerosmith tee strAIGHT FROM THE SEVENTIES...get out
  • Madison: i accidentally listened to its quiet uptown and ruined my life
  • King George: I do not like the 4th
This just happenned
  • Me: So I like this show about the devil. Lucifer has really grown on me as a person.
  • Religious friend: Ugh, but he's evil. How can you like someone who's like the SOURCE of evil.
  • All the other friends in the room: wtf
  • Religious friend: wtf
  • Me: wtf

and this week on pitch has ruined tasha’s life:

can we talk about how blip has a picture of evelyn up in his locker for a sec

like what kind of high school romantic love is this. what kind of fresh hell have i stumbled upon……. and not only that how much do you think the guys ribbed him. like. did one of the guys make a whipped joke. did blip just not even care because fuck yeah he is, he’s in love with evelyn more than ever has been and he doesn’t even care who knows it 



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A note on Maggie in 2x13...

“I was busy nursing old wounds”

I don’t think the writers know JUST HOW FUCKING DEEP wounds from being outed are. I was outed to my parents because they snooped on my phone (literally read through my texts with the first girl I tried to date), then they angrily called me into their room to tell me that it was a phase and I was ruining my life. They just sat there, watching me cry, while lecturing and yelling at me for at least an hour. 

Look, my parents have come a longgggg way. They’re pretty awesome and supportive now and it’s been 5 years, but that memory still really hurts…

Maggie’s situation was even worse and omfg I can’t even IMAGINE how she pushed herself to put together that night for Alex. Like, the fanfic-ness was cute af, but not in this context

What were the writers thinking? You can’t try and use a queer trauma storyline if you don’t treat it with the utmost delicacy and respect. Rewatching Maggie in those scenes makes me burn; I feel so bad for her.

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Omg!!!! How??? Where??? When?? Can I find out my soul age from my natal chart? thank you <3333 you just made my day 😃😃

Man I’m probably gonna ruin your day when I say you can’t. You really can’t find your soul age and be 100% accurate and sure of it. You can’t just look at your chart and go, “Oh wow! I have a lot of Saturn aspects! LOTS of karma, probably means I’m an old soul!!”

Like no… What if you fucked up big time in a past life because you were a young soul? Like you can probably get a good idea of what you need to learn, but the time when you exactly caused the karma you needed to learn is unknown.

People say that the 12th House represents your most recent past life, but honestly, I think it can represent the themes of your multiple past lives if you have any. Karmic themes aren’t always linear where you learn from your past lifetimes in a sequential order. Say, if you had five lifetimes, you could choose your new lifetime to renew karma from the 3rd lifetime instead of the 4th lifetime since your most recent lifetime was too traumatic or whatever.

One day, you will look back at this very moment and think about how deeply you fucked up. And, man, will you hate yourself for it.
—  D.P

Can I just say how much I love this gif??? Shes so cute and this made me laugh my ass off I WANT THIS. RWBY BACK, I WANT LAUGHTER AND CUTENESS, NOT ETERNAL SUFFERING, ENDLESS TEARS AND PAIN THAT NOBODY SIGNED UP FOR, ROOSTER TEETH, YOU RUINED MY LIFE but I can’t really complain cuz I liked it and I willingly and obviously did sign up for this, God have mercy upon my poor soul 

i was having a really awesome dream where like a 15 minute lore-heavy hiveswap trailer released but you could only watch it on mobile for some reason and i got like 2 minutes in before i was like “i should figure out how to record this for my sideblog” but i don’t know how to screen record on a phone so i got really sidetracked googling that for like 15 minutes and then i woke up and im so angry cause that’s EXACTLY what would happen in real life like can i just have a really cool dream in peace without my adhd ruining it thanks

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So I just recently got into SVT but Jeonghan is already ruining my life! How is he so cute and hot in the same time???

well Welcome to the fandom! <3 It seem like you’ve just slipped into the diamond life. We have all been there dont worry. We know you feel ahahhaah. I know! Jeonghan is literally 2 in 1 package. The literal definition of “get a man that can do both” lol. Thanks for ruining our lives jeonghan. REally do appreciated.

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Reasons you need to stop bad mouthing Greg Serrano

This was originally going to be a rant about the delusional people that somehow believe that Greg is an “angry alcoholic” just because a completely emotionally biased and unstable character on the show said so. But I thought: Why be angry when you can be happy? So here I am, just gonna gush about my favorite bartending Disney prince.

  1. He’s selfless - He put his entire life and his happiness on hold for his father. He does it over and over again even if his current circumstance makes him miserable. Sure, you can whine about how grumpy he is, but he’s only angry because he feels trapped and the only alternative is him abandoning his sick father just like their mother did. 
  2. He keeps it real - No one calls out bullshit like Greg does. He does it to Josh and how Valencia is going to ruin his life. He constantly tells Rebecca when she’s behaved badly. All this “he’s so mean to Rebecca” crap is the TRUTH. Rebecca needs to hear someone speak to her like an adult and stop handling her with kid gloves because a lot of the things she does are NOT ok and someone needs to stop coddling her and telling her its ok to sabotage someone else’s relationship. 
  3. He’s kind - To Rebecca. No really. The nicest thing anyone could do for Rebecca is bring her down to earth and be honest with her. Not only that but after Rebecca breaks his heart a million times and regardless of what your resident Tumblr feminist might tell you, he has every right to at the very least cut her out of his life, he continues to be nice to her and try to encourage healthier behavior from her. 
  4. He’s a fucking human being - He’s prone to being sullen and cynical and he rushes to judge people (like his mother) and he lies to himself and he’s got commitment issues (not entirely unjustified) and he underachieves so he doesn’t set himself up for disappointment but I notice a lot of the issues people have with Greg are about how he treats himself rather than others. He’s a loyal friend, he’s kind and compassionate and honest and forgives and forgives and forgives. He’s a completely multidimensional character and THAT’s what makes him lovable and a good match for Rebecca. Because he’s not just some caricature of a teenage fixation Rebecca has. He’s a layered person with a history and fears and goals and thoughts of his own. You’re never going to find a person who’s all good and wonderful and rainbows. At the end of the day the show wants to remind us all that people are messy and complicated and not clear cut, black and white, good and bad people- it’s all a lot more nuanced than that.
  5. (HE’S NOT A FUCKING ALCOHOLIC - HONESTLY WHERE DID THAT EVEN COME FROM? BECAUSE HE WORKS IN A BAR??? So in all of history, every single bar tender ever is an alcoholic? The only times we’ve ever seen Greg drunk were at Rebecca’s party (where even Paula was drunk) and presumably when he was studying. Which is up for debate because having one drink =/= drunk.)
  6. Also because Greg looks like this:

And I don’t know what kind of person you have to be to hate on that. 



Ignoring everything bad about this scene like using Beast, etc. can we take a minute and appreciate how incredibly sexy and attractive this bastard looks in bed? Like you´re just bunch of lines but I wouldn’t hesitate a second to sell my damn soul to you or have you in bed, seriously.

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I just finished rewatching civil war on Netflix and I want to know who thought it was OK to ruin my life like that: 😐 no one told them to do such sexy ass fight coreography or none of that shit. I don't know how to act anymore honestly. Especially the whole helicopter thing and those sexy arms... Straight TOMFOOLERY I tell you.

A little bicep porn for you as a lovely reminder

This is the world of Marvel they fuck your life up and expect you to go on living life like they didn’t just ruin everything in your life. The fight scenes are literally my undoing, who allows people to be this attractive!?! All I can think during that arm scene is “Damn Papi!” I have the worst turn on for arm muscle, and Steve Rogers is my God Damn weakness. 
Thank you for this, I love knowing someone else is just as ruined by this Series as I am!!



to my most recent fandom <3

Made a Valentine Card for my best friend who I coerced into the KS fandom (I ruined her life), and I just wanted to share it with you guys as well. As you can tell, our relationship is totally healthy….totally…..normal…. 

 I haven’t drawn in a long time so this felt good…..I need to start drawing again….

I get that a lot of people go to the bar or clubs with the intention of meeting someone or hooking up, which is fine. But when I see slimy stuff like “tips on how to pick up a girl at the coffee shop/grocery store/etc” my skin starts to crawl. Can you losers keep your dick in your pants for the love of God. Girls do not want anything but coffee at a coffee shop or to shop for food in a store. Do not ruin our days by trying to flirt when we’re working on something or having time to ourselves. This is just so gross to me. There are thousands of other things to do in life, your priorities are pretty pathetic if you go into a COFFEE SHOP with the intention of flirting with girls.

Maybe one day I’ll really sit down and talk about this, but while the dash was particularly sinful today, it was also really nice to see everyone backing that up with a lot of PSAs regarding underage smut. I just figured I’d put in my two cents in regards to it, just coming at this from another angle.

So,dear minors:

Most of the PSAs regarding smut will tell you how you can ruin someone’s life. And my God, you can, in ways you can’t even begin to imagine. People can, and have, gotten in trouble about this stuff. But the person we might be underrepresenting in these PSAs is YOU. You want to know why?

Not everyone online is your friend. 

Please remember that when you’re online and interacting with someone, you don’t know the full story. Yes, I’m willing to grant that most people you will write with are just like you. Invested in the characters, only interested in the fun of the hobby. But as someone who was a minor, and was caught up in a whole heap of trouble, please listen when I say be careful, because - just like anywhere else - there people who are dangerous. There are people who will manipulate your desire for writing something new and exciting into something far worse. If you think the law sucks, remember that the laws are there to protect you. It can only take care of you if you abide by it - and trust me, it will be there when no one else is. So, don’t be writing smut, okay? Follow the law, and remember to keep your wits about you.

         -your friendly neighbourhood satan

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Cheese and crackers. I'd just like to say that you have ruined my life because now I can't stop shipping Kamala and Sam. P.S Do you know how hard it is to find fanfiction for these two? IMPOSSIBLE.


also why do you think I advocate to write for them so often

we are a starved fandom

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My boyfriend called me Ashley twice today but my names Tai. I don't know why but this made me really anxious, because that's his exes name. We've been dating for 2 years and I thought he was over her but I guess not? I'm just so conflicted on what to do rn tbh. He didn't realize he said it or I don't think he did. So that ruined my Valentine's Day, and he got really douchey when I didn't want to have sex. Idk what to do like should I tell him he said her name? Ugh I hate my life rn

Shiiiit. Are you sure he meant THAT Ashley? Maybe he works with one? Or has a friend with the same name? Jeez, man. Of all the names to mix up 😂

I mean, if you can’t just let it go, you should probably approach him and ask why it happened and tell him how much it upset you.