how can you resist him!

I was in the mood to doodle mouse-

And then it spiraled into this.. thing- WELL WHAT CAN YOU DO WHEN YOUR HAND SLIPPED

I think I remember somewhere in the fic that he mentioned he like Neapolitan ice cream or something? And how Rick also comment about Mouse not being “no chocolate or bust”- idek my memory fails me-

The stages of biasing.

1. Denial: you’re probably thinking “Hey, he’s pretty cool but I dunno if he’s bias material”

2. Bargaining: this is when you’ve realized you’ve fallen for your type again. “Dammit I did not need another adorable leader. WHY IS IT ALWAYS THE LEADER.”

3. Acceptance honeymoon: that perfect stage where you’re 100% happy and every day is a new discovery. “He likes puppies!?! I LOVE PUPPIES WE ARE SOULMATES.”

4. The first bias crisis: generally this is with the release of a new music video or photoshoot. Suddenly you’re looking at another member going “Was he always hot? I mean. I don’t like him like that I have a bias but was he always this hot!?!”

5. Aggressive denial: when you go back through old music videos and suddenly that other member is all you can see. “HOLY SHIT ARE YOU HERE!? AGAIN!? WE’RE GUNNA BE LIKE THIS!?! NO!”

6. Acceptance crisis: When you start getting tagged in posts about that other member you realize you’ve shown a little bit too much of what’s going on in your heart. “I mean. It’s fine. It’s not like he’s my bias he’s just hot. Whatever.”

7. Zen state: it’s totally okay to have a bias wrecker, right? I mean how can you not? You realize you have two types maybe. “Who can resist him I mean have you heard him sing? Perfection. He’s my bias’s bias.”

8. Secondary crisis: when you’ve finally accepted you have a big heart and room for two but then a CF comes out and you get those cold sweats like for another member. “Shit. Shit he’s really hot. Okay wait. Shit.”

9. Aggressive bargaining: you can do this right? You’ll just accept a double bias with a new bias wrecker. “They’re a two for one anyway. It doesn’t count when they’re married.”

10. Mass chaos: when you kind of feel like a juggler at the circus with the way you’re tossing around bias feels. Every new update is panic inducing. “THEY’RE ALL SO HOT WHY!?! HOW!?!! I CANNOT DEAL WITH THIS!?”

11. Final acceptance. When you can’t see a world where you don’t love all of those kids with all of your heart and soul.


Types of Cuddles With Shawn (Shawn Mendes x Reader)

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·         Sleepy half-awake morning cuddle

-    This is pretty self-explanatory. Sometimes it’d be you the one that’s clingy, sometimes him, sometimes both of you.

-    On some mornings, you’d obviously wake up earlier than Shawn either for work or school or some other reason. You’d pull the curtains right open and open the light. Just imagine sleepy Shawn groaning in his sleep as he shuts his eyes tighter. When you’d try to leave the bed, he’d wrap his arm around you and pull you into his bigger frame.

“Shawn, seriously? I gotta go.”

“Mrhmdfm five more minutes Y/N.” He’d grumble.

“No seriously.”

The more you pull away, the more he squeezes you to him. And honestly, how can you resist him looking so cute with his messy curls?

-    “Alrighty bye Y/N, I got an early shoot.”

The sudden loss of warmth in the sheets catches you by surprise. You groan, and latch onto Shawn as if you were a koala on a branch. You aren’t fully conscious but can hear him chuckling as he moves some of your hair out of your mouth and face.

“You’re so freaking cute Y/N, you know that?”

“Will that be enough to get you back in bed?” You mumble.

-    Shawn’s eyelids flutter open as he glances towards the clock. Then he glances to his other side, where you are fast asleep. There you are, looking so peaceful. He places soft kisses on your forehead, your nose, your cheeks. Slowly, you wake up.

“Hey baby.” He smiles while looking into your eyes adjusting to the light.

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·         Tickle wars

-    These would happen very often to be frank.

-    “Shawwwwwn, cuddle with me.”

“How can I say no to that?”

Shawn sits down and you in between his legs so he can hug your waist from behind. He’s placing soft kisses on your neck when he realises his hands are on your bare waist, and he smirks into your hair. Stretching out his fingers, he begins to tickle you and you immediately squeal and squirm out of his reach.

“Oh you asked for it Mendes.”

Basically these end with the both of you falling off the couch and collapsing onto the ground with a bang from all the squirming, accompanied with derisive laughter.

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·         Night cuddles

-    “’Night Shawn.” You smile as you lay your head on his chest and look up at him.

“Night darling.”

And this, is the most comfortable you will ever feel. His chest is like a pillow, and your legs are entangled with his. Together bodies entwined like this, it’s with no difficulty that you both drift off to sleep.

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·         Sitting cuddles

-    You know, when you’re watching a movie, or sitting down and talking. Your hands would go into Shawn’s and then slowly he’d put his arm around you, you’d lean into him, and sometimes he’d lay his head on top of yours.

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·         Standing up cuddles

-    These sound weird, but hear me out.

-    So it’s either really really cold, or you guys are either tired, or tipsy, I don’t know. But you guys are like hugging but having a conversation at the same time. And your chest is pressed against his, and you’re looking up at him and him down at you.

-    If you guys are like tipsy or just weirdly tired, I can see you both laughing and you just advancing and him taking small steps back as you both throw your heads back in laughter.

-    Another one would be you back to Shawn’s chest. And I see this like you guys are standing and watching the view and landscape. He’d just have his arms dangling from your shoulders and your head would be laying on the side on top of them. He’d love to kiss the top of your head then, or squeeze you tighter and rest his chin on your head.

Originally posted by sensuous

·         The sad, comforting cuddle

-“Oh honey, what’s wrong?” Shawn would ask, seeing you down in the dumps lying on the couch.


He’d gladly hop onto the couch behind you and squeeze you tight in his arms. He’d place kisses on your neck and back, as his hand softly strokes your hip. And in that moment, you feel just a bit happier than you were before Shawn came.

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·         The period cramp cuddle

“Aw babe, lemme try to help.”

He’d let you stay curled up in foetus position, he would never make you move if you’re uncomfortable. The warmth from his body and from his hand rubbing your abdomen would be extremely soothing.

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·         Big spoon/Little spoon

-    It’s like the most common cuddling position, c’mon you thought I would forget?

-    Most of the times it would be you the little spoon. You just love the feeling of Shawn warming up your whole backside, the protectiveness he offers when he wraps his arm around you.

-    But you’re not the small spoon all the time. He’d be it if he was sick, or down, or stressed. He’d like having your leg wrapped around his and the kisses you place on his back, shoulder and bicep.

NCT 127 reaction when they reject your confession but later regret it

Anon: may you do a reaction where nct 127 rejects your confession.. but later regrets it?? thank you~


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The regret would kill him, he would blame himself over and over and hope that you would ask again. His members would have to tell you how he felt. Even though you forgive him, he would still feel bad for hurting you. 


Originally posted by jihansol

He would be too nervous to approach you after he realizes how he really feels. He would apologize to you and ask to be friends. After a while he would confess to you, explaining what happened and hoping you still felt the same. 


Originally posted by fairyprincewinwin

He would feel horrible, apologizing straight away and telling you that he likes you back. He would promise to treat you the way you deserved and that he would never make you upset again. 


Originally posted by nakamot0

He would be heartbroken that he hurt you and missed his chance to tell you how he feels. He would apologize, understanding that you were angry with him and leave you alone so he could not hurt you again. You would need to confess to him again to change his mind. 


Originally posted by yutanananakamoto

He would take a different approach to the others I think. He’s more confident and honest. He would tell you exactly how he felt and kiss you, saying your typical cheesy line like, “I changed my mind, I’ll pick you up tomorrow at five.” Giving you a wink and walking off. 


Originally posted by meekokohaku

He would try talking to you again, but when he realizes how much his rejection hurt you the guilt would eat him alive. He would comfort you, “I’m sorry, I didn’t understand.” He would be there for you and confess to you himself, asking you to forgive him. 


Originally posted by shutupxiumin

He is too sweet, he probably would have said thanks and that you could be friends. After a while, he would realize he had feelings for you. One day while you guys were talking he would lean over and kiss your cheek and ask you out on a date. 


Originally posted by nctinfo

He would run up to you one day, “Hey, about that date you asked me on a while ago…” If you said no he would annoy you 24/7 until it was a yes. Sticking notes on your locker, sending you text messages at 3am asking how you could resist him… you can imagine lol.


Originally posted by taesyong

He would moan about it constantly to the members and they would ignore him when he did. After a few days he would approach you and confess, saying he was sorry for rejecting you. He would be low key jealous if any other guy tried to even look at you. 

Chanyeol scenario - The waiting game

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 Genre: smut, smut and TOO MUCH TEASING!

warnings: bad language, rough-ish sex, light spanking, dirty talk

Summary: After being told by Chen that he is too “clingy” Chanyeol decides to see how well you can resist him. 😉

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detective-rowan  asked:

Haunted house with the twins and MC and it's pretty tame but MC still gives a little scream/giggle to play along? Saeran however goes to protect her as a knee jerk reaction to not wanting her be afraid?

Countdown to the Cake: 10

Worth it

Saeranx MC


Ugh. That is so stupid! What is Saeyoung even thinking? How did he manage to make Saeran leave the peace of his room to go to this haunted house wannabe? The mold in the wall is obviously a paper wall, for fuck’s sake!

“Thank you for coming, Saeran. I’m glad you’re here.” Ah yes, that’s why he’s here. You and your annoyingly adorable smile convinced him to join you and Saeyoung on this tour. His brother is an idiot, he’ll probably get scared and hug you, and you’ll be the nice little thing you are and tell him everything is fine, pat his back and smile in reassurance, ugh… you’re so predictable.

“I…” he feels like saying he’s glad to be here, but nah, too cheesy. “Watch your steps, there must be one of those moving tiles here somewhere.”

“Yep, just found it.” Ugh, Saeyoung… he almost forgot his brother was just a few steps ahead of you two.

He keeps walking by your side, hands on his pockets and quick glances at you. Does he really think he’s being subtle? Aw… time to show him what being subtle is all about. That tile looks loose, if you step on it… the creak echoes down the hallway, you gasp a little and stop walking.

“I told you to watch your steps.” Saeran says with hints of annoyance.

“I’m trying! It’s just… so dark here…” you look around, squinting your eyes. Ugh… it’s not that dark if he can see you doing such a cute frown.

“Here, grab my hand.” But he can’t waste time, the sooner this ends, the bet…oh, your hand is so soft, how does it smell like? Wait… what?

“Guys, in the kitchen!” Saeyoung’s voice reaches you ears.

“Come on, Saeran!” you tight the grip and run a little, making him run too to keep it up. Does it smell like your hair, perhaps? You hair usually smells nice…

“Check. It. Out!” Saeyoung points to the table where this pink mesh of meat shines. “ A brain!”

“No. It’s a meatloaf.”  Saeran states bluntly. “And the entrails are spaghetti.”

“Oh… right… FOOD WAR!” Saeyoung picks a little of the meat and threats to throw in you direction, you giggle. He’s…he’s not serious, right?”

“Don’t you dare throwing things at her.” He says bluntly, and Saeyoung immediately puts down the meat. “Do you want to go upstairs or whatever?”

“Yeah, I would love to.”

“I was talking to her, actually.” You giggle, Saeyoung smirks at you, he knows what you’re up to, doesn’t he?

“Fine. You two can go. I’ll stay here and see what mysteries the fireplace holds. Probably some old photos of a kid who died here a long time ago? How come the photo didn’t turn to ashes? Buuuuuuu…” his voice echoes as he steps out of the kitchen. Idiot.

You two climb the stairs, still holding hands. Why is it so warm? Or is his hand too cold? Ugh… it must feel like holding a corpse’s hand…  see? That would be really scary. But he doesn’t want you to feel scared.

“What is your thing with my brother?” wait, what? How thinking of a corpse led him to this?


“Are you guys… dating?”

“No.” you scoff, the way you deny it is kinda amusing. “We’re friends… no, not friends with benefits, if you’re wondering.” Damn it!  How did you know ? “Why do you ask?”

“I thought you liked him.”

“And I do, but as friends. I… like someone else in that… way.”

“Ah, the actor or the rich guy?” why does he care?

“None.” You giggle. Your laugh makes him want to laugh, but your laugh isn’t funny, so what the hell? “Uhh… a stair to the basement… what secrets does it hold? Buuuu…” why it isn’t that annoying when you do it? “Can you hold it while I climb up?”

“Okay.” Oh, your skirt… it’s bouncing… it bounces when you switch your legs to reach a new stair, he’s seeing…  black panties? Nice…

Wait! No! That’s not nice! Don’t girls use shorts behind their skirts? Wait, how does he even know that? Ugh… why being close to you makes him act like his brother?

“Hurry!” that’s all he can say, looking away. Or at least trying, but there’s that little bare skin of your thighs between your pantyhose and your skirt… is it as smooth as it looks? Pervert.

“Meh. What a disappointment… there’s nothing here.” You get down while he’s still holding the stairs. Why… why is he not moving as your turn your body to face him? “What?”

“W-wear some shorts.” He looks away, what is that? Is he… is he blushing? Aww… how can you resist to the urge of hugging him?

I’ll tell you how, listen to Saeyoung’s scream coming from downstairs.

“Ugh, what is this idiot doing now?” he growls in annoyance. Didn’t he like being interrupted? But interrupted in what exactly? “Let’s go.”

He grabs your hand again and leads you downstairs, stomping. He really didn’t like being interrupted, huh? Good to know…

“What the hell are you up to, your fool?” no answer in the living room. And no Saeyoung either.

“Saeyoung? Come out! That’s not funny!” nothing. Fucking idiot, if you ever talked to him like that, he would come immediately, your assertive tone is actually kinda scary.

The power goes out, now it’s dark for real. You let out a low gasp and move towards Saeran your arm touching his.


“Don’t worry. It’s part of the show.”  Hopefully…

Then you hear steps, but not regular ones, it’s like a whole bunch of feet tripping over themselves, almost like centipede ones. Okay, Saeran must admit, this is kinda cool, finally some action here and… oh shit!



A scream. A flashlight. A face. A punch. A hug.

“What the hell, Saeran? Why you did that for?” Saeyoung says, his voice is whiny and sound like it’s coming from the floor, like he’s lay down.

“Turn the lights on, asshole, or I’ll punch you again!”

“Fine, fine…”

The lights are back. Saeran sees his brother squirming on the floor and you… arms wrapped around his neck, shaking, your face buried in his chest… he doesn’t even think, his arms must be around your waist.

“I-it’s fine… you’ll be fine… T-there, there…” There there? What the hell, Saeran?

The night ends up in the ice cream shop. Your treat, since this was all your idea. Ugh… why do you have to be so nice? Neither of them deserve it!

“I still don’t know how this makes me feel better…” Saeyoung mutters.

“Ice cream shops have ice, ice for your black eye.” You say carefully.

“So do hospitals.”

“Don’t overreact, it’s not that bad, you can put make up or whatever.” His brother’s eyes gleam.

“Make up? Oh… you do know how to make me feel better, bro!” fucking weirdo…

“Whatever. I’m going to the bathroom. You… you can have a taste of my ice cream if you want to.” He gives another one of his quick glances, a light pink across his cheeks who insisted on staying ever since that hug. He opens his mouth to say something else, but gives up and goes to the bathroom.

“This was not part of our plan, MC!” Saeyoung pouts “It was hard getting those steps record in good quality, you know?”

“I know, I’m so sorry, I had no idea he was going to punch you.”

“And you had no idea he was going to hug you back either?” your time to blush.

“Uhm, now I know I should never follow your ideas to getting closer to him! I knew it had to be my way, but no, I had to give it a shot to your plan, and look how it ended! An expensive bill in ice cream and a black eye!”



“Worth it.”

Saeran stares at his reflection in the mirror. What was that? That need of hugging you back? That urge of holding you and never let you go?  For one moment, he felt like your fears, your doubts, your vulnerability, all of that was his. Ugh… but he punched his brother! He shouldn’t have done that! Why did he act so impulsive? Why the only thing in his mind in that moment was protecting you, no matter what?

Ugh, but he hurt his brother! This was bad! No, you know what’s really bad? Now he’ll have to… ughhhh, apologize. But then, he smells the collar of his shirt, it smells like you…

“Worth it.”

You can see the other days here!

Let Me Love You pt. 4

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Let Me Love You

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9

Description: Things turn rotten between you and Dr. Byun and it has you questioning yourself.

Genre: Smut // Fluff // Slight Angst

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x Reader

Mobile Masterlist | Request

​​A look of realization crosses Baekhyun’s face. He fully pulls away from you and walks around to his desk. You awkwardly get of his desk and watch as he finds a file under all his paper work.

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Dating Kol Would Include:

- Him calling you love or darling any chance he gets
- Kol protecting you
- Stopping Klaus from daggering him time and time again
- Sex literally anywhere. At your place, his bedroom, kitchen counter, car, couch, by the fireplace, etc
- “Let me make you feel good, darling”
- No-one dare touches you unless they want to experience hell from Kol
- Love bites all over
- When he needs to feed, you sometimes allow him to feel on you which he protests, but you tell him that you trust he won’t go too far
- Cuddling in each other arms talking about life
- “Are you trying to seduce me Kol Mikaelson?”….“Always love, I mean how can you resist this handsome face?”
- Him smirking just to send you wild
- Lots of PDA
- Going to Rebekah or Freya for advice
- Causing mischief together in New Orleans
- Being sassy around each other 24/7
- “Your my always and forever Y/N’
- When arguments occur they can get quite heated, but after Kol will come back and apologize because he hates when you two are apart and fighting
- Kol teasing you even at the most appropriate times, like at the dinner table or during social events/parties
- Sharing secrets with one another

Topp Dogg: dating A-Tom would include

▪ if he’s tripping over something every time he walks up to you, you best believe this boy is in love 

 ▪ might act all mighty and full of confidence, but when you’re around he’s always a blushing and stuttering mess 

▪ even when you’ve been dating for a while, he remains quiet unsure of how to act during certain situations, afraid of what you might think of him 

 ▪ He’s quite young so you figure that’s why he always seems like a nervous wreck. You end up reassuring him often that he’s doing just fine 

 ▪ so so so gentleman-like and will do small things like always opening the door for you and pulling out your chair

 ▪ will try to convince you to prank other members with him

 ▪ ofc you can’t say no, how can you resist his face? 

▪ very romantic and sensual in private, holy… 

▪cherishes those small moments between you two- like when he tells you a stupid joke and you can’t stop laughing 

 ▪ he adores your smile and laugh btw, always has a funny joke at hand

 ▪ v v jealous when he sees someone else making you laugh lmao he feels like he’s not doing his job

 ▪ anyway, speaking of being in private with him- 

▪ will have his hands somewhere on your body 25/8 

 ▪ even if you’re all alone he’ll lean in and whisper to you 

 ▪ could be a funny joke, could be something inappropriate, 50/50

▪ make out sessions are a must everyday 

 ▪ you probably shouldn’t wear his clothes while he’s with you bc that’s a dangerous situation 

 ▪ always loves showing you off despite all the teasing his hyungs give him

 ▪ pls love this broccoli and never let him go 😥

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NCT 127 Reaction To Their S/O Talking To A BTS Member

Requested by: the lovely @jenothankyou , hope you like it and thank you for requesting! Feel free to request again!

Submission: “Oh i see you need requests!! Can I request a NCT 127 fluff where they react to you talking to a BTS member?? Thank you !!”

Originally posted by 1aeil

Taeil || Honestly I feel like Taeil wouldn’t be bothered much by you talking to the BTS member as long as the member didn’t flirt with you! Though I do think if you spent too much time talking to the member and weren’t paying attention to him he would get slightly annoyed. I see him casually walking over to you two and giving you a big smile (which you can’t resist btw) and he would start being clingy so you would pay attention to him. After a while you would give in because honestly how can you resist him? After your attention was on him he would set you beside him and cuddle you so your attention would stay on him.

Originally posted by taeilmun

Johnny || I don’t even know but I kinda get this jealous vibe from Johnny?? So I feel like he wouldn’t want you anywhere near the BTS member no matter if he was flirting or just being friendly. Tbfh I feel like Johnny would wrap his arms around your should and plant kisses all over your face and shoulders so the member would get the point that your his. I also feel like he’d whisper in your ear to distract you from the member until you gave in because honestly jealous johnny = cute af johnny. Once he succeeded in pulling you away from the member he would keep you in his arms and place kisses all over you face in a cute way while having a grin on his face.

Originally posted by baeyongtrash

Taeyong || I feel like Taeyong would be low-key jealous, like he’d watch you interact with the member from a corner with a look of annoyance on his face. He wouldn’t say a thing because he was afraid you’d find him clingy and annoying (even though you thought jealous taeyong was adorable). You felt him burning a hole through the back of your head with his stare and you looked back to see him cutely sulking in the corner so you said goodbye to the member and went over to your cute af boyfriend. You immediately pulled him into a hug and planted kisses all over his face in a silent reassurance that you loved only him and his cheeks turned red but he enjoyed it anyway.

Originally posted by oh-prankster

Yuta || Not even kidding but I feel like this boy would walk right up to you and the BTS member and straight up interrupt your conversation with the member by grabbing your waist and kissing you passionately. Eventually the BTS member would get so uncomfortable he would leave and Yuta would pull away with a cocky grin on his face and you would be so annoyed but low-key flustered from the kiss. He would notice your annoyed facial expression and he would spend the rest of the night cuddling you and kissing you and doing whatever you wanted until you were done being annoyed with him. Tbfh you stopped being annoyed with him after a few minutes but seeing him try his hardest to be cutesy was your revenge.

Originally posted by girlmeetsyoongismixtape

Doyoung || I feel like he would be the same as Taeyong, sulking in the corner and watching you converse with the BTS member. Though once you noticed his jealousy it would take a lot more than kisses and hugs to make him happy again. He’d probably make you do aegyo or cook his favorite meal and do whatever he wanted until you got fed up with it and straight up told him that he shouldn’t be annoyed or jealous in the first place because you loved him and only him. After your little outburst he would give that cute smile of his and bring you into his arms and you two would cuddle for the rest of the night.

Originally posted by nakamotens

Jaehyun || This boy wouldn’t leave your side tbfh, he would cling onto you the whole time you conversed with the BTS member. He wasn’t exactly jealous of the member he just wanted attention and your cuddles and if he couldn’t get the attention he’d settle for the cuddles. After a while the cuddles weren’t enough and he started distracting you by placing kisses on your jaw and forehead until you got the message and said goodbye to the member. After that your full attention would be on the giant sized child attached to your waist as you ran your fingers through his hair and talked to him about his day and then about your day as well.

Originally posted by thatswhyjaehyunisthereman

Winwin || This little sunshine would be anything but jealous tbfh. He would be by your side also talking to the BTS member and eventually it was you who was jealous. Winwin would not stop talking to the member and eventually you were getting jealous of him not paying attention to you. Sooo you would wrap your arms around his torso and place soft kisses on his blushing cheeks and he’d get the hint and quickly say his goodbyes to the member. After that you’d both spend your time with each other talking and sharing short but sweet kisses and cuddling with each other while listening to music or he would sing a NCT song to you softly as you cuddled.

Originally posted by chokemewinwin

Mark || I feel like this would be his first relationship so he wouldn’t really know what to feel? Should he be jealous or should he just trust you? In the end Mark decided that he wasn’t really jealous because you were dating him not the BTS member but eventually he would butt in the conversation because he wanted to talk to you too. You both talked with the member and eventually you’d both say your goodbyes and you would ask him if he was jealous and when he explained that he trusted you completely and you smiled brightly and leaned up and pressed a shy kiss to his now bright pink cheeks and you guys spent the rest of your time talking.

Originally posted by monoka

Haechan || Again this would be his first relationship so he was honestly confused on what to feel but tbfh he would be jelly. He would butt in on the conversation and say goodbye to the member for you before dragging you away and when you accused him of being jealous he immediately denied. Of course you knew that was far from the truth so you giggled and pressed a kiss to his cheek (which left him low-key flustered) and called him a cutie pie. Of course he would get soo cocky and be like “of course I am, I’m the true visual Y/N” and you just rolled your eyes (though you couldn’t disagree because he’s the true visual in your eyes).

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tarjeivalterssen  asked:

currently listening to ABBA and now I have a headcanon that Even would totally listen to this, while Isak just cringes, but eventually after much coaxing and eyerolling would join in


can You imagine THIS FACE

While Even shouts “MAMMA MIA here I go again my my, how can I resist you?”

while teasing Isak and tickling him and making the golden boy giggle and turn into a blushing mess ahhhh so cute 

Request: Tig and his girl

Request: You are Tig’s girlfriend and have some self-confidence problems, so you can’t relax during sex, because you don’t like that someone sees your naked body, so he tells you all the things he loves about you.

[Hi guys. How are you today? 

This is my first request and I’m happy about it. I hope you all like it.

Enjoy! THANKS for reading it. You are amazing!]

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: smut

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Gemma needed help with the TM paperwork, so you were there, with your desk full of papers and your calculator was lost in that mess. Your back was aching; you had been there for so long. You got up and stretched a little, lifting your arms above you. Your shirt rose slightly, showing a little of your skin. Cold hands slid over it, making you jump.

“Easy lioness”, your boyfriend, Tig, said behind you. He hugged and you relaxed against his chest. “I couldn’t resist when I saw you. I’m getting hard right now”.

You gasped. You had been dating Tig for a while now and he always said things like that to you, making you blush. You weren’t that confident about yourself and your body. It wasn’t his intention, but he made you remind that every time he touched you.

“How about…”, he spun you around to face him. “A little pause in work?”

“Alex”, you said. “I have to do this. I promised Gemma”.

“Pretty please?”, he begged, pouted and slipped his arms under your shirt, trying to convince you. Those little pauses were common for you two. Actually, it was the only way you ever had sex during your recent relationship; sneaking around the clubhouse and doing it half naked, which was easier for you, he wasn’t seeing your entire body.

“I can’t baby”, you kissed and gently pushed him away from you.

“You are killing me here”, he said, slowly walking backwards, blowing you kisses. You ignored him and went back to work.


The boys were out when you finally left the TM. It was getting dark and you desperately needed a shower. You drove home and immediately made your way to the bathroom. The water was great and you enjoyed your time, relaxing.

You didn’t hear Tig enter the house and almost had a heart attack when you saw him seated in your bed. You were wrapped in a towel and suddenly was really conscious about being naked around him.

“You really should let your keys somewhere else baby”, he smiled. You had a spare key under a vase in the entrance. He got it from there, Tig still didn’t have your house keys, but already had asked for them.

“Uh…Thanks”, you mumbled. “I will… Put them somewhere else”.

“You are blushing”, he tilted his head to the right. “It is adorable”.

“Sure it is”, you said and walked around the bedroom, gathering some clothes. Tig stretched in the bed, watching every single move. You walked to the bathroom again to change, but he stopped you.

“Where are you going?”, he held your hand.

“Bathroom”, you said. “I need to put some clothes on”.

“Why?”, he asked. “You can change here. Actually, I was waiting for a show”.

He grinned and you couldn’t help a smile. You had nowhere to escape this time, one day you would have to be completely naked in front of him, so it was better come clean right now. You rested your forehead on his chest and sighed.

“What is wrong baby?”, Tig asked softly, running his hands through your hair.

“I’m not as confident as you are Alex. It is difficult for me stand in front of you like this”, you whined.

“What are you talking about?”, he held you in an arm length, looking at you, serious, “You mean being naked?”

“Yes”, you admitted, “I’m not as perfect as the crow eaters, not skinny as them or… Oh you get it!”

“No, I don’t”, he said and ripped the towel from you, exposing your body to light.

“Alex!”, you screamed and tried to grabbed something to cover yourself. He tightened his grip on your arm.

“Don’t!”, Tig hissed, “I want to look at you”.

Tig took his time looking at you, up and down, and every inch. You were sure you were entirely pink by the time his eyes met yours again.

“Are you done?”, you hissed at him, trembling in his hands.

“Not even close, baby”, he smiled devilishly. He pushed you to bed, rough like never before and made you lay down. “Don’t you dare cover up”.

Tig started to take his own clothes off. He put his kutte on the back of a chair and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. Boots, jeans and boxers followed them. Tig was in the bed with you, his body hovering over yours. He ran a hand over your legs and spread them.

“I love your legs”, he said. “I love when they are around me and how they tremble when I make you cum”.

You swallowed hard as you heard him and felt his fingers running up your tight. He touched you for a brief moment before continue the exploration of your skin. He was touching your breasts.

“I love them”, he smiled. “The fill my hands perfectly, and I love watch them bounce when I’m thrusting inside you”

“Jesus”, you whispered. “Alex stop”.

“No”, he grinned. “I love your arms and hands too. How they hold me, how you touch me… I love when you leave nails marks on my back”.

“You made your point”, you said, biting your lips.

“Not at all”, he laughed and grabbed his cock. You thought he would entered you but he didn’t. He was teasing you, touching your clit and making hard for you to resist him. “Can you fell baby? How hard I am? You make this to me. Your beauty, your body, your smile… Everything about you”.

“Alex…”, you begged, but you didn’t know what for, stop or keep going.

“I love that too”, he kissed you nose. “When you beg”

He made one single and strong move, entering you as deep as he could. You arched your back, your mouth hung open and you let out a loud moan. The man was smiling as he was the king of the world; you loved these little things about Tig and how he worshiped you in and out of the bed.

“So tight baby”, he groaned. Tig set a pace, hard and deep.

“Alex!”, you couldn’t help yourself when he was inside you thrusting like that and it seemed to be his goal, making the entire clubhouse or neighborhood hear you.

“Oh baby”, he mumbled. He was close and so was you, moaning loud and digging your nails on his back.

Your legs tightened around his hips while you found your release, Tig kissed you hard, burying himself inside you and following your climax.

“Wow!”, he said and laid next to you. “You are amazing baby girl”

“Oh Alex”, you laughed. “How did I ended up with you?”

“What do you mean?”, he laid on his side, resting his head on his hand to look at you. You did the same, running a finger through his chest.

“The things that you just said, how you respect, worship and love me…”, you caressed his face, “It’s all a girl could ask for Alex”

“Don’t you get it?”, he smiled. “You are amazing! You are smart, always helps Gemma, you are kind and patient with the kids and the boys… You are always here for me, even when I’m the worst…”

“Alex, don’t”, you put a finger on this lips. “You are a great man, I already told you that. Believe me”.

“So believe me when I say baby… I love you and you are perfect”, he said.

“Okay”, you smiled.

“Okay?”, he smiled too and you nodded. “Great! ‘Cause… Now that you finally let me see this beauty…”, he ran his hand over your body again. “I have some ideas”.

“What are you planning?”, you said, barely hiding your smile.

“Me? Oh nothing baby…”, he grinned and pulled you closer. “Let’s be creative”.

supah-novah-betch  asked:

Shiratiorizawa hugs? If you haven't done/gotten them yet 😂😂

We actually got another request right in a row for Shiratorizawa, and not that I can blame you. I am thirsty for the swans as well!!! Also, admin Emma is sick today, so have some self-indulgent fluff. 
~Admin Emma

Ushijima: Not big on touching until he’s gotten to know you. He’s totally cool recieving hugs or casual touches, but will never initiate until he’s close to you. Once a bond has been established, though, he’s the most affectionate person? It’s weird, but it’s like a switch has been flipped, and he’s constantly touching you somehow. He likes long, tight hugs with skin-on-skin contact (hand at the small of your back, cheek to cheek, etc.) and he makes a precious pouty face when you have to pull away. You can always tell when he’s sleepy or tired because he drops his forehead on your shoulder.

Reon: So gentle, so sweet. He’s warm and soft and is a big fan of drawing patterns on your skin with his finger. He loves to hug you, so he always greets you with open arms and a big smile. He is firm and steady, and he’ll sometimes rock really gently, humming tunelessly. It’s seriously soothing, and his hugs always make you feel safe and loved.

Semi: He’s a big fan of those perfect, romantic hugs with his hand at the back of your head and his arm at the small of your back. He nuzzles his cheek against your temple, and even makes cute noises when he’s got you close (although he will deny it to his fucking grave). He always has a big smile on his face when he’s hugging you, hence why he usually won’t do it in public because he is… a bit embarrassed. Pat the back of his neck when you’re hugging him, and he will completely relax in your arms.

Tendou: You’d think it was like holding a bag of chicken carcasses, but you would be wrong. Tendou is a big hugger, even if he is a bit of a floppy cat. He will take any and all opportunities to hug you, from gentle arms around your shoulders to literally putting all his weight on you with his chin resting on your head. If you initiate the hug though, watch out, because he will squeeze. He’s… not gentle about it. He’s too excited.

Yamagata: He’s a lifter. He will literally wrap his arms around you and lift you. He’s not even trying to be extra exuberant or anything, he just likes lifting you when he hugs. He’s also the biggest fan of general cuddles–high key, if you’re both laying down, give him five minutes before he’s using you as a pillow. He likes touching your skin and hair, but high-key if you start petting his hair (or the shaved part of his head) this boy melts. He makes those sweet little cooing noises when he’s really happy.

Kawanishi: Don’t tell anyone, but he’s a secret romantic. He’s always had trouble finding people to keep close, but when he does, he’s very physical and loving. He is a big fan of sweet, gentle hugs. He likes to hold you close, tucking himself under your chin, and listening to your heartbeat. It’s soothing to him. His non-romantic hugs are great as well, if no less intense. He’s seriously a great hugger, and can sort of sense what you need based on the mood. Hug him. He lives for it.

Shirabu: Doesn’t like hugs, really. He’s not big on physical touch, so sadly his hugs sort of suck a bit. A bit too light, too stiff, and too fast to be good hugs. The exception to this rule is if he is in need of some physical comfort, and then he’ll wrap around you like an over affectionate koala. It still never lasts very long. If you’re super upset, he’ll hug very softly with like… pat on the head. GDI Kenjiro…

Goshiki: Bear hugs. Perfect hugs… if a bit tight. He is super extra about everything, and his physical affection is no exception. Be careful, because you might end up going down in a tangle of limbs or getting an elbow to the face, but he’s just so happy to be with you how can you resist? If you give him a minute to calm down, he actually gives pretty top-tier hugs. He also likes to nuzzle the top of your head with his cheek. Regardless, unless the situation calls for seriousness–like comfort, or grieving–he’s always got a big, cheesy grin on his face.