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Request from an awesome anon: “I loved your most recent mark smut! can I request a Mark smut with dom!mark with dry humping but then he can’t take it anymore and yeah”

Hope you enjoy love, I made it a little fluffy too :)

Warnings: Adult Content

“Alright you guys, I’m going to bed. Goodnight” Youngjae said, getting up from the couch.

You and Mark smiled at him.

“Goodnight, Sunshine,” you said as he made his way to his room.

One by one the guys dropped like flies during your movie night. They had practice earlier that day and were so exhausted. Youngjae was the last of them.

Now it was just you and Mark, alone.

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i want to see/know more about your OCs!! if you have time, could i request #28 for Venn? i love his hair & grouchy expression 😍😍😍


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I read your Genji & McCree reacting to their crush getting with someone else and HNNNG IM CRYING ITS SO GOOD 😭 If it's not too much trouble, could I request an alternative scenario where they actually get with their crush of many years? Also, if you don't mind, could you do it with post fall Reaper too? He's my favourite ^^ Thank you so much for everything you do, your style is amazing, and one day I wanna be able to write like you!!! ❤❤❤ Keep on being amazing!!!

omg thank you so much!! I’m flattered! 

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  • He loves you dearly, but seeing you surrounded by plenty of other, much better suitors made him think it was a lost cause. 
  • Jesse was getting ready for another trip to the bar when you asked if you could come with.
  • He hesitantly agrees. He’d do anything just to spend more time with you.
  • You two chat for a bit over a nice drink. You complain about all the attention you get that you don’t want, and you let it slip that you’d rather McCree be the one giving you all that attention.
  • Jesse flat out drops his drink and doesn’t even wince at the sound of shattering glass. He asks you to repeat that, he has to know he didn’t just imagine that.
  • When you confirm that you do like him, he nearly bursts into tears as he jumps up from his seat and scoops you up into his arms.
  • He twirls you around and confesses that he has loves you for years and how much it hurt him to see you surrounded by so many other people who were just itching to snatch you away. 
  • Being the hopeless romantic he is, he gets down on one knee and asks that you be his s/o. 
  • You think it’s a bit overdramatic– it’s not like you guys are getting married. But how can you resist that sweet face? You happily accept and boy, Jesse is the happiest man in the world now. 
  • He scoops you up once again and gives you a tender smooch on the lips.


  • He’s tried really hard to bury his feelings for you. He felt he wasn’t worthy of your love. There was no way you could love him. But still… it hurt so much to see you around others. 
  • To cope, he has been avoiding you, and this hurt you. Did you do something wrong?
  • It took quite a bit of hunting to find him, but when you did, he looked pretty down. 
  • You ask him what’s wrong. He’s silent. You ask again. No answer. You keep pushing him, assuring him you won’t think poorly of him, you won’t tell anyone, he’ll feel so much better if he let’s it out, etc.
  • So he confesses his undying love for you. How he’s harbored his feelings for so long. How it pained him to see you around others and that you’ll never love a freak like him.
  • You gently tell him that he’s wrong. That you do love him. You had no clue that he had these feelings for so long, and you’re sorry that he has been suffering.
  • Genji is stunned. he asks you to repeat it again and again, just to be sure this is real.
  • Once reality set in, he cheered with glee, picked you up, spun you around, threw off his face plate, and gave you a loving kiss. 


  • He loved you even before the fall of Overwatch. There was no way he could be with you now. He was a monster
  • He’s not surprised to see other people are drawn to you. He knows how fantastic you are, and whoever you decide to go out with is super lucky.
  • Only— you’re still single. 
  • Reaper is very confused. he would have expected you to be snatched up by now. 
  • Thinking something may be wrong, he approaches you about it.
  • You say you’re still single because you’ve been waiting for him to ask you out. 
  • He scoffs. Why would he ask you out? He’s a total abomination who doesn’t need love.
  • You know how he feels about you, it was actually kind of obvious, and you assure him that despite everything that has happened over the years, he’s still him
  • Reaper is… elated. He pulls you in for a tight hug, staying silent all the while. His wish to finally be with you has been granted, and he is not going to take it for granted. 
  • Since then, he becomes very protective of you because he still fears you’ll leave for someone else. He also treats you like royalty, because you are his treasure. 


(requested by anon)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
5 213
warning : smut
summary : Reader and Kai live together but are not a couple. One hot summer night he wakes up and she is not in the house.
* not my gif
keep reading after the cut 😈🔥 [somehow this one turned out longer than i thought , the original draft was like nearly 7k words 🙈 - whoops]

It was almost July and this summer appeared to be the hottest one yet. Skies were clear all day long with only small white fluffy clouds glading around as the sun climbed higher and higher. Y/N and Kai stayed inside mostly because being in the sun felt as if someone was holding a hot iron on their skin , literally the sunrays burned like fire as if trying to burn them alive.

* * *

“Someone looks hot.“ said Kai walking into the living room , looking at Y/N from head to toe. Suddenly she closed her sketchpad and left it on the coffee table , looking a little startled. Her hair had stuck to her face and her cheeks were a bit rosey. He wondered what that gray smudge on her cheek was. He had been downstairs in the basement to grab a blood bag , not realising she’d be out of bed by the time he got back upstairs. The past few days Y/N walked around the house barely wearing a t-shirt and Kai found that more than distracting. He knew it wasn’t her intention to do that , she just couldn’t stand clothes in that heat. A couple of times he caught himself day dreaming about her - having her in his arms and finding another way to make her feel like she is on fire. Y/N would reach for something at the top shelf in the kitchen cabinet and the shirt would lift itself just enough for him to slip into his dream and imagine himself standing right behind her , his hands roaming her body all over , tearing that shirt off her.
“What?” wondered Y/N , her eyes widening a little at his words. Even more seeing him wearing only his boxers again. Suddenly the room felt hotter and it had nothing to do with the heat coming from outside. Her skin felt as if it was on fire and it was all because of Kai. Seeing him shirtless did that to her every time.
“From the heat I mean.” he said smiling nervously. “And in general.” he muttered to himself. “Do you want a popsicle ? Might help you cool down.”
“Yeah , t-thanks.” smiled Y/N. She looked at him , somehow doubting he had meant the heat as a reason. Or maybe it was wishful thinking.
“I still cannot believe you said ‘yes’ when I asked if I can move in with you.” said Kai , opening the freezer to get him and Y/N one of the popsicles he had made the day before. He turned around , giving her the frozen treat unable to take his eyes off her. The heat was driving her insane , but the way she was dressing was driving him completely mad. Kai felt his skin burn and it had nothing to do with the heat outside. It had to do with her.
“I didn’t.” said Y/N. About 7 months ago , right after the wedding Kai had shown up at her doorstep asking if he can stay over for the night. That one night had turned into another and another… “You showed up at my doorstep covered in blood saying ‘can I sleep here?’ to which I replied ‘yes’ and ever since I can’t seem to be able to get rid of you.”
Y/N laughed , punching him playfully in the shoulder. Her tongue licked her popsicle from bottom to the top before taking a small nibble of the top.
“You love having me around. Admit it.” he teased , laughing along with her.
“Fine.” she said with a smile , raising her hands. “I actually do love having you around. At first you were annoying me 24/7 , now you are annoying me like 12/7. What would I do without your constant talking and that smile in my life.” she reached towards him and pinched his cheek. “Plus without your cooking I’d starve and die.”
“I wouldn’t let you die , Y/N.” said Kai suddenly serious.
Y/N smiled , gazing into his eyes. She wondered what that had meant. Every now and then Kai would say something like that or she’d catch him starring at her and when she asks him about it , he’d just say ‘nothing’ and change the subject. A few times there had been these moments between them when he or she would reach for something , resulting in both of them standing barely an inch from each other , longingly gazing into each other’s eyes. Those moments took her breath away but also frustrated her a lot. Y/N had feelings for him. It was inevitable - how was she to resist his charm and those sexy blue eyes of his that somehow seemed able to get her to do whatever he wanted. Kai had gotten under her skin and no matter how much she tried to shake him , it just wasn’t possible. Y/N had been trying to find a way to tell him but words always got lost on their way to her mouth. Her had reached for her phone on the coffee table , knocking down her sketchpad along with it making a few pages of it she had torn away spill on the floor.
Kai’s eyes went wide. He blinked a few times to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. On the ground there were a couple of sketches with his face drawn on them - on some he was smiling , on others he appeared to be looking at something.
Y/N followed his gaze. “Oh sorry. I was just -”
“Why would you draw me ?” he wondered , halfway through his popsicle. Kai reached for one of the papers , seeing a drawing of himself in profile. It hadn’t been a picture of him she had drawn. It had to have been by memory , but why would she draw him ? He held the drawing to his face , imitating the image on the paper before starting to laugh. “Those are really good. I didn’t know you are that good. Hey maybe sometime I can pose for you to draw…or something”
“Thanks. I might take you up on that.” she smiled. “And I couldn’t help myself. How can I resist drawing your handsome face. You are not mad , are you?”
“Flattered - yes. Mad at you - never.“ he said a little amused. “Well except when you steal my pork rinds.”
“I have never-”
“They walked out of the kitchen cupboard all by themselves then.” he said amused. Y/N stared at him and started to laugh.
“Fine. It was one time.” she said , finishing her popsicle. “I was hungry. I’ll buy you more. Promise.”
Kai smiled at her ,tucking in a strand of hair behind her ear catching her gazing into his eyes. He had feelings for her , even though he couldn’t understand them completely. All Kai knew was that he’d anything for her. Y/N was constantly in his thoughts - day or night. Always lurking in the corners of his mind. At first it all had annoyed him a little - not being able to focus on anything else but her. Then it confused him , even more so after he had become a vampire and his emotions got heightened. Those feelings have been the reason he had shown up at her door step. Kai wanted to be with her only he never seemed able to find the right time or way to tell her. Sometimes Kai wondered if his feelings weren’t one sided. Specially in moments like this. She could’ve drawn whoever she wanted but instead had chosen him. But it wasn’t just that - intentional or not Y/N had been wearing his t-shirt the entire day yesterday and today too. It had to mean something right ?
“Y/N , there is something I have to -”
Y/N’s heart rate had increased the past few moments. Kai was starring at her again , his eyes drifting all over her. Her phone rang and for a few moments she hesitated getting up. Whoever it was , they’d have to wait.
“Wh-what is it?”
“Nah … it can wait.” he waved his hand.
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah … yeah.” said Kai getting up. “Do you want another one ? Popsicle I mean. I made quite a few of them. Had a feeling you might like them.”
“Yes please.” she beamed at him , taking her phone. Her eyes followed Kai until he left the room and walked into the kitchen. A sigh left her lips. He looked hot as hell from every angle , it made her knees weak and if she hadn’t been sitting , probably she would’ve dropped on the floor. The way he had been looking at her a moment ago had her head spin out of control. She had wanted to lean in towards him , push him onto the couch and touch every inch of his chest , and almost had. Probably would’ve too if the phone hadn’t interrupted them. Y/N waved her hand at her face trying to create any wind , however small , to help her cool down with no luck. “Damn…”

* * *

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Dating Kol Would Include:

- Him calling you love or darling any chance he gets
- Kol protecting you
- Stopping Klaus from daggering him time and time again
- Sex literally anywhere. At your place, his bedroom, kitchen counter, car, couch, by the fireplace, etc
- “Let me make you feel good, darling”
- No-one dare touches you unless they want to experience hell from Kol
- Love bites all over
- When he needs to feed, you sometimes allow him to feel on you which he protests, but you tell him that you trust he won’t go too far
- Cuddling in each other arms talking about life
- “Are you trying to seduce me Kol Mikaelson?”….“Always love, I mean how can you resist this handsome face?”
- Him smirking just to send you wild
- Lots of PDA
- Going to Rebekah or Freya for advice
- Causing mischief together in New Orleans
- Being sassy around each other 24/7
- “Your my always and forever Y/N’
- When arguments occur they can get quite heated, but after Kol will come back and apologize because he hates when you two are apart and fighting
- Kol teasing you even at the most appropriate times, like at the dinner table or during social events/parties
- Sharing secrets with one another

Topp Dogg: dating A-Tom would include

▪ if he’s tripping over something every time he walks up to you, you best believe this boy is in love 

 ▪ might act all mighty and full of confidence, but when you’re around he’s always a blushing and stuttering mess 

▪ even when you’ve been dating for a while, he remains quiet unsure of how to act during certain situations, afraid of what you might think of him 

 ▪ He’s quite young so you figure that’s why he always seems like a nervous wreck. You end up reassuring him often that he’s doing just fine 

 ▪ so so so gentleman-like and will do small things like always opening the door for you and pulling out your chair

 ▪ will try to convince you to prank other members with him

 ▪ ofc you can’t say no, how can you resist his face? 

▪ very romantic and sensual in private, holy… 

▪cherishes those small moments between you two- like when he tells you a stupid joke and you can’t stop laughing 

 ▪ he adores your smile and laugh btw, always has a funny joke at hand

 ▪ v v jealous when he sees someone else making you laugh lmao he feels like he’s not doing his job

 ▪ anyway, speaking of being in private with him- 

▪ will have his hands somewhere on your body 25/8 

 ▪ even if you’re all alone he’ll lean in and whisper to you 

 ▪ could be a funny joke, could be something inappropriate, 50/50

▪ make out sessions are a must everyday 

 ▪ you probably shouldn’t wear his clothes while he’s with you bc that’s a dangerous situation 

 ▪ always loves showing you off despite all the teasing his hyungs give him

 ▪ pls love this broccoli and never let him go 😥

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Sequel to this pic!

Vision finally gets his wish!  Just look how the watermelon robot looks so happy! How can you resist that pleased face?  …Actually mom told me he looks high as fuck.  Oh well…  Enjoy!

Also Bonus pic.   Did this while there was a blackout and I couldn’t use my compy.  I had no yellow roses though.

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Reader finds and brings home a cat or dog and Winterboneless' reaction to it?

“You have got to be joking.”

“But just look at her! She is so cute!”

“I can smell it from here.”

You give Bucky a pleading look. “Bucky? C’mon it’s just one more -”

Ivar scoffs, still refusing to budge from the front door to let you inside. The sounds of barking from behind him does nothing to help your case. “You cannot keep bringing home strays!” he exclaims.

“It’s just one more,” you whine again. The Shiba is tugging at her lead, tongue wagging at the Viking in front of her, completely unaware of his disapproval. 

“That’s what you said the last time.” He protests. Bucky rolls his eyes from over his shoulder. “And the time before that. And do not think I’m ignorant to Bucky’s allergies to the cats! I have seen you both try to hide it!”

Bucky sighs and slides a soothing palm over Ivar’s waist. “I don’t mind the cats…”

“Not a word!” He snaps. “If I step in one more pile of -”

“We can get a trainer this time!” You say excitedly, barely containing the bounce in your feet. 


“But Ivar -”


“C’mon, pal, just let her have the damn -”

Ivar’s glare is so stern that Bucky throws up his arms and walks away.

You’re pouting at Ivar. Making your bottom lip tremble. You get on your knees and the Shiba is instantly hopping excitedly over you, desperate for affection. You rub her up and down, squish her cute face between your hands and direct it towards Ivar.

Ivar scowls at once.

Pleeeaaase,” you beg, putting on a baby voice. “How can you resist dis face?”

His shoulders slump and he tries not to look at you.

You turn your pout to the dog. “Mean Ivar doesn’t wuv us. He’d rather be a lonely grump -”

“We have five animals!”

“Is that counting yourself, or…?”

Ivar snorts, dramatically sets a hand on his hip. He’s looking down at you and you bat your eyelashes at him, giving your best sultry smile. He’s starting to break, you can tell.

Bucky’s shout from inside interrupts the moment. “Just let her in the fuckin’ house!”

Soooo I commissioned @luciasatalina to draw my husbando Lavi from D.Gray-man and I’m just

I HAVE BEEN INTERNALLY SCREAMING FOR THE LAST 7 HOURS well not completely because I fell asleep half way it was like 1am when I received it and I fangirled till like 3am because that’s when I passed out wheEEE BUT THIS IS SO PERFECT AAAAAAA


I mean look at my darling’s face ^ how can you resist; especially in that beautiful art style ; v ;


(Forgive me for all the caps I’m just so overly elated over this ;;;; I hope I can commish you again in future…! ♡)

Jimin Scenario: Sneaky hand.

Request: Scenario where you and the shortie (jimin) are dating, one day ur hanging out with BTS and ur bf, jimin went to his room to get dress ( changed into comfy clothes cause why not?) and came back seeing one of his members slapping ur butt for fun ( cause why not lol jk) and he (jimin) starts to get jealous and says “ Y/N’s butts is my property, don’t touch again”… lol u can finish it with a cute ending!!

Genre: Fluff / Comedy

The day was so much fun and you were arriving to bangtan’s dorm door, your boyfriend Jimin had just taken you out on a date and he spoiled you all day long. Jimin was like that so tender and loving; he made all the effort for you to have a great time in your dates.

While entering the dorm, the first thing you saw was J-hope’s face, grinning with his arms stretched out. –Y/N! Finally our Jiminnie set you free-

You giggled at his words; Hoseok was always so enthusiastic about everything, Jimin shoved his hyung away for he was getting too close to you. –Hyung! Back off, Y/N don’t need the extra clinginess-

At this Taehyung came to the living room laughing. –Look who is talking about clinginess-

You couldn’t stop giggling and Jimin was looking from you to Taehyungg to J-hope and then back to Taehyung with a panicked expression. –You’re my friend! You’re supposed to support me! -

J-hope walked closer to Taehyung and they both were choking in laughter. You dismissed their funny antics to give your boyfriend some support. –That’s ok Jimin, let them be-

You walked close to the sofa and sat there, starting to get comfortable, like home. Jimin sighed and told you to wait for him so he could change his clothes and get into something more relaxed. He looked at his two friends in warning. –No funny business with Y/N!- his fingers was pointed at them while he walked down to his room and left you sitting at the living room in company of those two.

Hoseok immediately sat next to you. –Oh, so great he’s gone now! Tell me everything, where did he take you? -

Taehyung sat at the other side of the couch. –Did he buy you something? -

-Oh!- you said grabbing something from your purse. –We now have couple key chains-

They both looked at the little thing and awed, it was a little bear with a ribbon on top and your initials on the belly. –Jimin’s is the same but his is the male version-

Taehyung laughed a little but contained himself.  J-hope took the key chain in his hands and told you he wanted one too. –What else did you do? -

-We ate pizza and then we went for dessert-

-Oh you didn’t bring us anything, we are hungry!-

You looked at their pouting faces, how could you resist? –I can prepare something for you if you want, because why not? -

They nodded eagerly and went to the kitchen with you. J-hope opened all the shelves looking for something to eat. –We don’t have much here though; I’ll go see in the fridge-

Since you were closer than Hoseok to the fridge you moved quickly and opened the door, peeking inside to see what they had. J-hope stood to your side, examining the contents of the fridge as well; the fridge was so big that the door covered you and J-hope behind it entirely, so you couldn’t see what Taehyung was doing, you only heard his voice when he asked cockily. –What are you doing in there? -

You were picking up something from the bottom drawer so you didn’t pay much attention to him because J-hope was standing up by your side and thought that he was going to answer, but the next thing you saw was Taehyung pulling the fridge’s door, opening it even more and his big hand spanked your bum. 

You jumped out of your skin startled and J-hope jumped even higher, the things in your hands fell to floor and scattered around your feet, J-hope froze in his spot his eyes were so big with surprise and when you fixed your view on Taehyung he had the most shocked expression you’ve ever seen. His hand was still wide open and his ears were starting to get red. 

-Y/N, I thought it was hyung’s ass, I swear- he said scared and ashamed.
But then you heard another voice in the kitchen.

–Yah!, Kim Taehyung!, what do you think you’re doing?- his face was scandalized and he walked up closer to you. He grabbed your hand and pulled you close to him, a protective arm around your waist. –Y/N’s butt is mine! You idiots don’t get to touch it, it’s my property-

-Jimin-ah! This isn’t what it looks like, I swear- Taehyung spoke fast and nervously.

-I didn’t know you were like that Tae, I most be careful- 

-Hyung!- Taehyung whined at J-hope’s words. –I’m serious Jimin, it was an accident-

Jimin looked at you for approval and you assured him that indeed it was an accident. –Well, but still, stay away I don’t want you near my girlfriend- he told them doing a little sign with his hand as if he was shooing them away.

Jimin dragged you to the living room while Taehyung and J-hope stayed in the kitchen picking up the food that was on the floor.
He was grumbling under his breath and you just giggled as how cute he was being while doing so. Your hand reached for his, and you smiled at him. –How’s my shorty? -

Jimin looked outraged. –Me? Shorty? You’re shorter than me, what do you mean? -

He seemed to get grumpier after that. You kissed his cheek sweetly and surrounded his neck with your arms looking tenderly at his eyes. –Chill Jimin, everybody knows I’m yours anyway-

Jimin tried to keep on his grumpy role but he couldn’t resist your sweet stare and he smiled back a little bit cheekily. 

-Well, that’s true! -

Beauty and the Krupp, Chapter Seven: The Dinner Invitation.

In which Mr. Krupp attempts normal social interaction. With the angry woman he’s put in detention for life. Probably not a great starting point. 

Briefly featuring OC janitor, Mr. Spott. 

Chapter One: The Curse

Chapter Two: Edith.

Chapter Three: Martin.

Chapter Four: The School.

Chapter Five: Meet the Beast.

Chapter Six:  Meet the Students and Staff. 

“What a freakin’ fantastic night,” Mr. Krupp thought sarcastically as he made his way to the cafeteria. Getting rid of that old man had been a real pain in his behind. 

That piece of junk that passed as a car had been busted—the enchantress’s mischief, he suspected, because it just happened to break down right in front of the enchanted school in the middle of the enchanted forest—so he’d had to tie his former prisoner to a tree while he fixed it. Luckily he’d picked up some auto repair skills during his years in the military, so in no time he had it purring. 

The old man, on the other hand, didn’t purr. While Mr. Krupp worked, he yelled and threatened and made so much wretched noise that Mr. Krupp finally got fed up and shoved a rag in his mouth. “I’m doing you a big favor here, bub. How about a little appreciation?” 

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Jemma “heart eyes emoji” Simmons

Topp Dogg’s Reaction : Their S/O randomly cuddle them

Toppdogg when their s/o sees them laying on the couch and randomly comes and cuddles them

Here you are anon

P Goon : Would be surprised in a way but would smile lightly and wrap his arms around you

Originally posted by takuyoung

Gohn : A wide smile would appear on his pretty face, he would just cuddle the hell out of you

Originally posted by forevergohn1992

Seogoong : Would cuddle you right away

“Aaah so cute”

Originally posted by jenissi

Jenissi : Would smile and sight lightly

“How lovely you are, what should I do with you”

Originally posted by shoyeonji

Xero : Would smile and immediatly wrap his arms tightly around your body to have him de nearest of him

Originally posted by jenissi

A Tom : Couldn’t help but laugh

“Come on ! How can you be that cute Jagiya ?”

Originally posted by jihoops

Kidoh : “You can’t resist this face huh ?”

Originally posted by baejisoos

B Joo : Would turn his gaze to you and smirk a bit, finding you cute, he would cuddle you in a cute way and spend several kisses on your face

Originally posted by b-joocy

Nakta : He wouldn’t be surprised because he’s used to it now but couldn’t help and find you cute everytime

“Aaaah you’ll kill me one day” 

Originally posted by shoyeonji

Sangdo : Wouldn’t help but giggle because of your cuteness

“Wanna some tight hugs sweetheart ?”

Originally posted by jenissi

Hojoon : Would be a bit playful with you

“You really like me huh ?”

Originally posted by formerly-yusangno

Hansol : He’s used to it now, even if he’s a little shit with you sometimes, these surprise cuddles are his favourites

“I really like you you know~”

Originally posted by toppxxdogg

Yano : Would be surprised but then smile cutely

“Aaah come on you nearly killed me”

Originally posted by jenissi

Hope you liked it~