how can you not want to pinch them

Destiel + established relationship + blind!dean

For @prayforjensen. Happy birthday, Lee! I love you!!

Dean’s vision begins fading somewhere around the sixth date. He tells Cas that he should get out now but Cas doesn’t budge. 

He started losing his heart somewhere around the third.

Dean gets glasses. He hates them at first, always laughs and says he looks like a nerd. Cas adores them, loves to take them from Dean to clean the lenses before settling them back on his nose. He likes the way they go crooked on Dean’s face when he falls asleep on the couch, loves the sound they make when Dean sets them on the bedside table right before he turns out the light and kisses Cas goodnight.

The prescriptions steadily get stronger, buying them a little more time. In that time, they whisper their first “I love you”s, Cas moves in, and they travel. Cas takes Dean anywhere and everywhere, from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific. They stop at the Grand Canyon, drive down to Mexico for a day. 

When it seems that Dean’s vision will last the fall, they decide to go to Texas for Austin City Limits. They take a few days before Thanksgiving to drive up the east coast and visit some orchards, see a few lighthouses. They spend a night in Martha’s Vineyard and Dean complains about feeling like some uppity Hartford housewife but he holds Cas close that night as they sit on the beach and watch the stars. 

It’s when they’re in Kansas for the holidays that Dean wakes up, puts on his glasses, and sees so difference. He shakes Cas away, starting to panic.

“Everything is still blurry, C-Cas. Why-why- it shouldn’t” His breathing becomes ragged and there are tears streaking down his face and Cas cups his chin, heart breaking in his chest as he tries to calm Dean down. 

“It’s okay, baby. It’s going to be okay. Just breathe.”

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Implicit ‘I love you’ Crush version
  • “I …appreciate your existence.”
  • “Here, I baked/cooked your favorite [insert food name]! Eat up~”
  • “I found these [insert item name or not] and they reminded me of you so here you go.”
  • “I bought these flowers…for you.”
  • “Oh, your hair is not–h-here, let me fix it for you.”
  • “O-oh! Ah! T-there was something on your head so I picked it up. N-not because I was sniffing your hair or anything haha~!”
  • “Put your hand out…I saw you looking at this at the market the other day so…”
  • “Can I…put this on your hair? I noticed how you wanted this.”
  • “It’s tea. I thought you needed something to drink..”
  • “You seem tired. I got it! I’ll give you a massage! Come here”
  • “S-sorry! Your cheeks were inviting to simply pinch them! I’m sorry!”
  • “Of course I will sacrifice my life for you! You are important!”
  • “Don’t be sad..Please….It pains me to see you like this.”
  • “H-huh? C-coincidence haha yeah! It’s not like I know this is what you like or anything pfft….”
  • “You’re cold. Let me hold your hands to warm them.”
  • “You are not alone, you have me.” [optional to add,] “I-I mean, because we’re friends!! Friends stick together r-right?” 
  • “I hope you are happy because it’ll make me happy.”
  • “Heh, I love it when you smile..B-because being grumpy will give you wrinkles haha…ha”
Stardust - A spell to help you find your truest Romantic Love

Originally posted by thegirlwiththeleadarrow

*Inspired how Tristran finds his true love by chasing a star*
(Ingredients can be added to this spell to make the spell look for a more specific kind of person. if you want to do this, contact me and ill help you)

- Silver, Blue and Red Candles
- glitter (just a little)
- a white square of fabric
- Moonstone
- Garnet
- Cinnamon (just a pinch)
- Rose petals (if you have them. Fake ones will work as proxy!)

- lay out your square of fabric in front of you like a diamond. 
- light your candles
- add your rose petals for protection, love, acceptance and Balance
- add your Garnet for friendship, happiness, and beauty
- add moonstone for the ability to forgive
- add cinnamon for success and abundance in relationships
- add the glitter to represent the stardust
- Say/think: “A star has fell, so ill try this spell, as its no longer time to dwell. I saw the star from up above and so it sparked my love. so help me acquire all that I desire, and in return ill give you Magick. Bring to me, my love to be, this is my only plea.”
- blowout your candles, and then tie your white fabric together into a bundle, by tying across and across the other way
- leave the bundle alone as long as you want the spell in effect. if you find the love you’re looking for or its just time to deactivate it, unbundle it. 

- Aesa <3 
This is my original spell. Do not repost on any platform without my explicit permission. Reblogging is okay, Reposting is not. 
Do Not Advertise on my spell posts.

Ears Turning Red / Montgomery de la Cruz

Words: 1287

You don’t let the tears that were threatening to fall escape as you stare down your boyfriend. His expression makes you laugh. “You’re not going to even bother denying it?”

Montgomery took a step back and sat on the edge of his bed, his eyes narrowing at you, “It seems you’ve already made up your mind about what you think and what you’re going to do,” he grumbles.

You cross your arm, digging your fingers into your skin, “I just want to know the truth.”

“We’re in a good place and we’re happy, why does it matter?” he sighs.

“Why does it matter?” you scoff, mumbling under your breath. “It matters because if he was telling me the truth-than our entire relationship was built upon a lie!”

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Guess He’s really into Her, Mate

Hi lovely people! Hope you’re happy. x

Plot: Harry really likes Y/N and is surprised when his friend is less supportive.

Warnings: None. 

Pic isn’t mine but I love how it practically screams ‘cozy’.

“Hold on. Are we talking about the same person here?”

Harry’s teeth sunk into his bottom lip as he tried to bite back the embarrassment rushing through his body and painting his cheeks pink. Admitting this type of secret was to him as awkward as it had when he’d been 18 years younger. And now his uncomfortable feeling increased by the tone the question had been asked in as it was enough to let Harry immediately know that Jeffery wasn’t at all happy with the confession he’d just heard. Jeff arched his brows at his friend, making Harry shift in his seat once more before he focused on his manager with worried eyes. 

“S’no one like her out there,” Harry muttered, heartbeat increasing when Jeff’s forehead formed a deep frown, “So yeah… we’re both talking about her.” 

“But this is Y/N,” Jeff said almost defensively, “She’s… she’s… I mean… how? And why?”

Harry slid off his chair and walked around the counter in Jeff’s kitchen, for one so he could reach the coffee machine and pour himself the drink he very much needed after the long night he’d had, and for two so he could bring some distance between himself and his friend. His knees felt uncomfortably jelly-like and he hoped Jeff couldn’t notice how wobbly he was walking.
This he had not expected when admitting that he felt more than just friendship for the girl Jeff had made a habit of bringing around. Sure, he was aware of how protective Jeff and pretty much everyone else who knew the girl was of her, but surely him liking Y/N was a good thing wasn’t it? Y/N always appeared to care about him, too, so why would Jeff oppose the idea of them together so much? Harry could make Y/N happy, he was sure of it. She was kind and she was soft, her mind was bright and to him there was nobody more beautiful than her. And what she needed was a person who could be as kind and as soft with her as her soul was, someone who cared for her gentle being and would always appreciate her. 
Harry could do that. He wanted to do that and to learn that his friend doubted him hurt. A pout tugged at his lips. Sensing where his mind went Jeff cleared his throat.

“M’sorry, mate. Sounded like a prick, didn’t I? I want to be supportive of this, really I do. She’s a good girl and you’re a great lad s’just…”

“What?” Harry asked, unable to keep the tension out of his voice.

Jeff sighed as he desperately searched for the right words. “I’ve known her for quite a while now and I truly love that girl. I really do, Harry. She might as well be my sister by this point.”

“Good to know,” Harry muttered, not liking how his heart had dropped the moment Jeff spoke of loving Y/N even though he was of course very aware of Jeff’s girlfriend and knew that Y/N shared nothing beyond a brotherly bond with his friend.

“Anyway,” Jeffery continued, “I know that she’s been through a lot of crap with boys. Things that took their toll on her and though she doesn’t really talk about it anymore I know she’s influenced by it still. You’re great. Of course you are, s’just… I want you to know that you got to be careful with her. Make sense?”

“Well, kinda,” Harry moved to sit back down next to his friend, “But don’t you know that I would never do anything to upset her? Not as her friend and certainly not as her boyfriend should she ever allow me to be that for her. She’s… she’s so tender with me, you know? And she gets me and she cares for me and… I never had that before. With anyone, Jeff. I never felt like someone would be there and take care of me the way I do when I’m with her.”

Harry frowned at his fingers momentarily before meeting Jeff’s eyes. 

“Do you not think that I could be good for her?” 

“You could,” Jeff soothed Harry quietly, “You already are, no doubt. You’re not one of those shitty boys she’s been disappointed by. But I also know that you like the adventure sometimes, the excitement of something passionate and short lived with a woman who’s fascinating to you for the moment. And there’s nothing wrong with that, at all. However if you want Y/N it has to be with purely honest intentions and because you want her for more than just a week.”

“I do!” Harry argued, voice loud and desperate, “She’s not someone I want for the moment. I want her for every moment.”

“Awe,” Jeff cooed and Harry flipped him off. 

“Besides,“ Harry smirked, brows arched, “What would happen if I were to not take things seriously with her?”

He was joking of course and Jeffery took a long swig of his coffee before shrugging with a smug smile, “I’d kick your arse.”

“Oh yeah, right.”


Harry’s heart could have burst in his chest. Ever since stepping into Jeff’s house that night he’d been happy to find that Y/N refused to leave his side and instead stood by him and occasionally even brushed his arm with her soft hand in a sweet gesture. He felt like he could rejoice and his heart filled with hope. Y/N was so close, his skin was covered in a shiver.
When he tilted his head he could rest his chin on the crown of her beautiful hair, when he shifted his body he could press into her side and feel the curve of her chest against his ribcage and when he breathed in deeply all he smelled was Y/N’s sweet scent. She was so close to him and so adorably clingy he had to physically hold himself back from wrapping her into his embrace and never let her go again, oblivious to Y/N feeling just the same about him. Her fingers itched to fist his jumper in her hand, the tip of her tongue burned to say all the words that could describe how incredibly lovely he was to her. But she wouldn’t let herself. Not when it could mean losing him.

“Harry?” her voice spoke next to his shoulder. 

When Harry looked down his heart melted at the sight of his favorite person peering up at him with bright eyes and his stomach dropped when she leaned in and nudged him with her nose to get more of his attention. As if she wasn’t possessing all of it from the moment she’d murmured his name.

Harry chuckled and hummed against her temple as his lips pressed to her skin softly. “Yes, sweetheart?” 

She let out a small whine before her forehead pressed into his arm. “I want to go home. Take me there, please?”

Harry frowned at her quiet words, not liking her request. She wanted to leave? Already? On the other hand, she wanted to leave with him

He kissed her again, this time her head. “Of course, my love. Are you alright, though?”

“I’m okay,” she nodded quickly, not wanting to worry him, “S’just that I can feel how I’m coming down with a headache and Sarah drove me here but she’s having so much fun and I don’t want to trouble her.”

“Oh, so I look like I’m not having fun?” Harry joked, nudging her shoulder with his.

Y/N rolled her eyes before pinching his hips. “You know what I meant.”

“I do,” he laughed gently, “And the tube’s a pain at this hour so I wouldn’t want you taking it anyway.” 

“There’s nobody I can ask other than you,” she murmured into the fabric of his shirt, “Nobody I would want to ask anyway.”

Now his heart really was going to burst. Without thinking about it Harry let his arms drop around her shoulders so he could pull her against his chest, loving how easily the two of them fit together. If they ever needed to prove to someone that they belonged together, them fitting like two puzzle pieces was evidence enough. His fingers brushed her warm skin, her lips graced his neck.

“Let’s grab your coat, love.”

He began to move away from her but a pull to his arm made him still.

“Didn’t bring one,” Y/N peered up at him with guilty eyes and teeth biting back a smile as she knew exactly what reaction Harry was about to have.

His forehead was pulled into a frown she wished she were allowed to kiss away and his arms crossed, the words to scold her ready to fall from his lips.

“I wasn’t cold!” she argued with a laugh, “We got here so early it wasn’t even dark yet. Oh, stop looking at me like that.”

“S’damn windy outside, Y/N,” Harry sighed, remembering how last time they’d spent 5 minutes outside with the sun not out, she’d fallen ill for three days, “You’re bloody asking for it you know that right? You want to get sick again, don’t you?”

His fingers pinched her waist and she shrieked, quickly apologizing to the people around them who were disturbed by the loud sound.

“Oh, cut it out,” Y/N fought to raise her hands so she could press her palms against Harry’s lips but failed when his fingers wrapped around both of her wrists. Harry laughed and dodged her when she tried to kick his shins.

“M’not taking care of you again I can promise you that much,” Harry threatened.

“Of course you would.” Y/N’s smile made his heart flutter.

Harry nodded, finally letting himself grin at her. “Yeah, I would. Still, you’re gonna have to wear my jacket. C’mon.”

Harry’s fingers laced with Y/N’s and her cheeks blushed as he slowly began to pull her away from the couch where they’d been standing and over to where Jeff stood, chatting to his mates. Y/N felt happy. Harry was just such an easy guy and once more he proved to her that she could rely on him looking after her when she needed someone.
In all honesty Y/N didn’t want to leave. Ever since he’d entered the house Harry had at least one hand touching her somehow, be it by resting his palm at the bottom of her back or by squeezing her shoulder. But the back of her head ached and she knew the music Glenne had chosen to play would only make it worse.

“Hey, Jeffrey!” Harry called out, “We’re heading out.”

The manager looked up, frowning at first but quickly biting back a grin upon noticing that his two friends were holding hands. He moved to walk towards them.

“So soon? You’re really an old person stuck in a young man’s body, mate.”

“Leave him alone. S’my fault,” Y/N apologized, “I’m the ninny who’s getting a headache. I’m sorry, Jeff.”

“Oh, no, sweetheart,” Jeff cooed and again Harry felt an unnecessary sense of jealousy kick in. Without thinking about it he pulled her closer, standing so he was touching her back with his chest and away from Jeff’s hands.

“Chill out, Harry, would you?” Jeff laughed, noticing the lack of space between the two of them, before turning back to Y/N, “Take care of yourself, alright? Don’t want you to get sick. Though I suppose you have someone to look after you.”

“I suppose I do,” she smiled with a blush. 

After saying their goodbyes Y/N laced her fingers with Harry’s once more and guided him out of the living room, blushing when she felt his jacket wrap around her back.

“What’s up with those two?” Tom, Harry’s friend who’d gotten acquainted with Jeff stepped closer to him, looking after Y/N and the guy looming over her as they left the house. 

Jeff shrugged. “We’ll have to wait and see.”

“I bet you they’ll tell each other tonight,” Glenne chirped, her head coming down to rest on Jeff’s shoulder. She sighed. “S’like watching our babies grow up, isn’t it?”

Tom laughed. “I knew it! She was so obvious about it, wasn’t she?”

“Yeah,” Jeff sighed, “He was, too. Guess he’s really into her, mate.”

And Harry really was very much smitten with Y/N and when he stood with her pressed to his chest as she was pushed into the door of her apartment building, their lips molded together while their hands explored the skin they managed to uncover by pushing away the fabric of their jumpers, Harry realized that he was lost. Lost in her scent, hair and soft voice. 
Y/N whimpered when Harry gifted her with another heavy kiss and he smiled before nudging her nose with his. 

“I never would have thought tonight could have ended like this,” he breathed against her cheek. 

Y/N nodded, lips kissing his jaw, his chin and then his lips again. “I’m so happy, Harry.”

“Me too, Y/N,” he swore, wrapping her into his arms as she cuddled into his chest, “Finally. God, fucking finally.”

One request done! Hope you liked this! It’s finally autumn ahhhh!! I’m so happy haha. x 


pidge and boobs: an unfortunate experience

  • pidge is just like. really done with having boobs
  • pidge, looking down at her chest: why are you even here
  • boobs are just like…sacks of fat that get in the way of fighting and seeing her computer screen when she lays down 
  • and when her boobs just hurt she’s like “why. why me. i’m just trying to live my life” 
  • she doesn’t even have boobs that are that big and she wears sport bras most of the time but sometimes during practice they bounce and she just wants them to s t o p 
  • to hunk: i don’t want my boobs anymore you can have them 
    hunk: pretty sure that’s not how this works
  • pidge never goes bra shopping like properly like she probably isn’t wearing the right size but the bra fits well enough and doesn’t pinch and she’s not spending any more time on these expensive fabric cups that society demands she wears
  • society sucks ass
  • so do boobs
  • one day lance is like “i’m like 90% sure shiro has bigger boobs than you” and pidge is like “good. he can share my suffering” 
    • shiro: i’m always suffering
  • those days where you just have to grab your boobs as you’re running up the stairs or something? yeah. pidge hates those days and swears aggressively as she wraps her arms around herself
  • she loves wearing huge oversized sweatshirts but she especially loves it because she can go braless and no one will know 
    • also for your consideration: the extra lazy days where she literally just wears a sports bra and a sweatshirt and no shirt
  • lance: do you ever just. hold your own boob
  • pidge: do you ever just punch yourself in the face
  • one day she’s bored and particularly annoyed at her boobs and she’s just like. an a cup for awful a, b cup for bothersome, c cup for cursed, d cup for dreadful—
  • she mostly lives in sports bras but there are a lot of days where she’s like “…what if i didn’t”
    • the answer is nothing would happen. she’s in space. no one cares. she can just go braless. it’s a freeing day when she realizes that
  • they’re just laying around one day and she sits up suddenly and is like “does space even have bras”
    • it does. or at least, alteans do 
    • both her and lance are disappointed when space bras aren’t anything special and are basically the same as earth bras
    • lance takes every opportunity afterward to say “cool starry bra” when it’s relevant 
      • because stars. and space. starry bra. it’s funny
  • she is so jealous of aliens that don’t have breasts like how is this fair
  • pidge loves her armor because her boobs are out of the way for once and it’s so nice
  • she’s just like “what is even the POINT of you!!” most of the time and like. she knows but still. what’s the point
  • pidge is just very frustrated with her boobs
Flower Girl Part 2

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Mute Nature oriented Reader

Warnings: I guess fluff? It’s sweet and fun

A/n: This feels like a bad chapter lol. Also, it won’t let me tag @the-glasses-are-my-disguise for some reason sorry!!

    You peeked around a corner to see Tony yelling at Thor, whose golden hair was pulled back into a low ponytail.

    “Why the hell did you bring him here?!”

    You tilted your head curiously, looking to Natasha, who was the only one had noticed you had appeared. Tony was too busy muttering to himself while pinching the bridge of his nose and Thor looked sheepishly at the floor. He had just wanted to help.

    “My apologies, but perhaps we can teach him humanity! Perhaps he can learn to care about Earth and…well, others!”

    “You do remember how many people he’s killed, right?”

    He played with the handle strap of his hammer. “Well…he’s…adopted.”

    Natasha scoffed softly, motioning you over. You gently tucked yourself under her arm and looked at them all curiously, tilting your head again. Steve sent you a small smile, but you could see the weariness in his eyes.

    “Thor brought his brother Loki here.”

    You made horns with your fingers, then slid them back your head, copying the horns on Loki’s helmet. Steve nodded, chuckling. You had different gestures for every hero and quite a few villains, as well, which everyone found adorable. Well, everyone you lived with, anyway. Tony finally looked up, glanced at you, then back to Thor.

    “He stays in that cell. And he needs to be watched every single hour.”

    “Careful, Tony, your Steve is showing,” Natasha teased, squeezing your shoulders gently.

    “Excuse me?” Both men said at the same time, then glared at each other. You giggled silently and pointed to yourself, offering to help.

    “You, Lady Y/n? Are you sure? He is not the most…friendly being to meet. Especially when he is pissed. As he is now.”

    You shrugged, pulling away from Nat to take Thor’s hand in yours. You tugged on his hand and pouted slightly, begging both Thor and Steve with your eyes. All of them looked to each other, hoping one of them would be able to tell you you couldn’t. No one could tell you no with that face.

    “Alright, fine. Thor, could you…introduce them?” Steve sighed, making you grin widely and hug him tightly.

    “Of course. Follow me, Flower of the Sun.”

    You took his hand again as he lead you to where they had put Loki, which happened to be a glass cell. Or maybe it was plexiglass, you couldn’t tell. Either way, the man inside the cell was much more interesting than debating what the cell was made of.

    His raven hair was long, nearly matching Thor’s length, and his suit was only green and gold, which suited his looks quite well. He was stupidly handsome to you, though his eyes were cold as he watched you and his brother walk in. You stared right back at him, hoping he’d either stop staring or say something to you. He didn’t do either, just continued glaring.

    “Brother, this is Lady Y/n. This is Loki, my brother.”

    “Adopted,” Loki cut in quickly, crossing his arms angrily.

    You pulled a face. Did he always act this spoiled and haughty around people? You had decided that maybe his looks were one thing, but his attitude didn’t make him as attractive as you had first thought. Thor pulled away from you to go up and talk to Loki in as much of a hushed voice as he could manage. You sat on the floor cross legged, swirling your fingers on floor in front of you. Slowly, green lines started showing up and grew into small vines on the floor. They weren’t noticeable, but it was something you were told to practice whenever you could.

    “Very good, then. Lady Y/n, I wish you the best of luck. Loki…behave.” He pointedly looked at his brother before leaving you with a small smile.

    Loki scoffed as his brother left, fixing his blue eyes on you as you just sat there, playing with the small vines on the floor. He watched you for awhile in silence before sighing heavily, wanting to catch your attention, which worked. You always responded to other people’s body actions and expressions before words, it came more natural to you, so you were more attuned to the quietest movements.

    You looked up to him, waiting to see if he wanted to say something or if he was being dramatic. The longer you waited, the more angry he seemed to become until he growled and exploded.

    “Are you going to say anything or sit there stupidly?”

    You flushed embarrassedly and looked down at your feet. He wouldn’t know you were mute, he couldn’t know unless Thor had told him. You could hear him pacing the cell angrily and you remembered how it felt to be caged up. To be treated like an animal.

    “I would be given the most dull creature in this blasted place. My idiot brother wouldn’t know class if it took his hammer and hit him in the face with it.”

    You sighed silently, looking back up at him with distaste. If he was going to be an ass, you could be one, too.

    He glared at you after mumbling to himself. “What do you want, you mewling quim?”

    You tilted your head, sizing him up slightly before you smiled and shrugged, the vines wrapping themselves up your legs loosely. His eyes flicked down to the greenery curling around you, his brows raising in surprise briefly before the bored mask fell back across his features. You continued to smile sweetly at him, hoping that maybe it’d cause him to crack.

    “Who are you?” He asked, finally giving into the questions in his mind.

    You pull up a few vines to use to spell out your name, though you seem him a little bit upset you hadn’t said anything.

    “Can’t you talk, child?”

    You pouted slightly at being called a child. You were twenty-two, for God’s sake, you hadn’t ever been a child ever in your life. How dare he talk down to you? He was the one being held in a cell, he had no right.

     You stuck with your plan of politeness and shook your head, tilting your head up. His eyes widened slightly at the sight of your scar, but he hid it quickly as you made an x over your lips.

    “You can’t speak.”

    You nodded, scooting closer to the cage. He stepped back away from you as you neared him. You remembered when the Avengers found you and you started marveling at how similar you were to this man. This man that your entire family seemed to hate. If you had done something horrible to people while you were trapped by HYDRA, would they have hated you, too?

    “A mute child. Why are you even a part of these so called ‘heroes’ if you cannot even communicate on such a basic level.”

    ‘I know how to sign,’ your hands moved quickly in front of you, though he had no idea what you were doing.

    “You are useless, aren’t you?”

    You sighed, flicking your wrist to send your vines through the floor to wrap around his ankles. He looked down briefly before glaring at you, only for you to pull his feet out from under him and hold him upside down. You smiled sweetly as he protested, cussing you out in ancient Norse. Tony had chosen that time to walk in to tell you you could get something to eat, but he stopped to laugh at the God of Mischief.

    “Meet your match, Reindeer Games?”

    He glared between you both. “I hate all of your with every fiber of my being.”

    “Alright, Sunflower, you can go get some lunch, alright?”

     You nodded, pressing your fingers to your chin and then extend it towards Tony, almost like blowing a kiss. It was the sign for “Thank you”. You dropped Loki back to the floor before running out of the room, giggling to yourself. Natasha was in the kitchen when you walked in and raided the fridge for leftovers. Deciding on cold pizza that you all had had the night before, you grabbed a bottle of soda and sat yourself up on the counter.

    “Hey, babe, how’s sitting with the resident criminal?”

    You shrugged, shoving the smallest piece in your mouth. You waved your hand in front of your mouth like you were yawning before grinning.

    Nat chuckled softly, ruffling your hair. “You’re a dork.”

    You gave her a look that said ‘I know’ before grabbing your food and going to the library. You might as well grab some books to read while you were sitting with Loki. It should make it more bearable, anyway.

     You grabbed about three of your favorites before heading back to the cell room with your pizza and soda. Tony was checking the security of the cell as you walked in and Loki was sulking in the corner, glaring at him. You waved and sat back where you were before, taking another bite of pizza.

    “I suppose I do not get to eat,” Loki grumbled.

    “You’re an immortal god, do you even need food?” Tony asked as he waved to you as he left.

    You scooted against the glass again, opening the small window to slide a book into the cell and two pieces of pizza. He glared at you, but you saw curiosity in his eyes as well. You smiled brightly at him before resting your back on the glass and opening your own book and flicking through a few pages. You heard him moving behind you, the rustle of pages, and a soft hum as you could only guess he started eating the pizza. You smiled to yourself as you read, feeling like if you treated him like you were treated, maybe he’d be nicer to you, too.

    Armed with your laptop and four books, you walked noiselessly into Loki’s cell room. It’d been about a week since you had started treating him like you were treated there, and you had honestly seen great improvements with him. He had stopped calling you useless and child, which you were glad about, though he hadn’t acted well when the others were around. He enjoyed whenever you brought him new books, you had noticed, so you made sure to always have a few on hand when you went to see him.

    “And what do you have for us today, Petal?” Loki asked with a small smile as you walked in.

    That was another thing. He had taken to calling you Petal now whenever you were alone. The way he said it made you wonder how he meant it. His voice often dropped to an almost growl around you, you found it odd how it would suddenly change. You shook it off as his boredom made him want to tease you. After all, you were the only one who wanted to be around him on purpose. You just rolled your eyes at him and slid the first Percy Jackson book through to him before pulling a chocolate bar out of your back pocket.

    “What is this? Midguardian rumors of other gods?”

    You nodded, holding up your book. It was the first of the Magnus Chase series. Loki sighed heavily, shaking his head.

    “You mortals are a strange lot.”

    You smiled and shrugged, passing him a chunk of chocolate. He gingerly picked it up and looked it over before eating it, then looked at you as you sat against the glass to start reading. You had only flipped two pages before he tapped the glass.

     “Could…you hand me another piece?”

    This was the first time he had asked you for anything and politely to boot. You smiled and nodded, breaking off a bigger piece of chocolate for him. He nodded as he took it and you couldn’t help but giggle to yourself. If the Avengers could see him now.

    “Why are you nice to me?”

    The question took you by surprise. You weren’t sure how to explain it to him without telling him your entire past.

   So, you shrugged and turned to look at him, tapping on the glass, then pointed out where you were.

    “You’re doing this…so I can get out of this prison.”

    You nodded and passed him the rest of the chocolate bar. It was simple what you wanted; you wanted a friend. You had the Avengers, but they were less friends and more family. Nat was like your sister, Tony and Steve were your dads, Clint, Thor, and Rhodey were your brothers, and Bruce was the uncle that tried to keep everyone in line. And failed. Loki, however, fit no other category other than a friend. No one liked to read like you did or, if they did, it wasn’t the types of books you were into. He was different. He read every book of yours you brought him and then he’d tell you what he thought of it. It was entertained you when he ranted about how odd Midguardians were with their stories.

    “Petal, why do you waste your time with me? You must know I am not good for you.”

    You shrugged, turning your page. You really didn’t care if he was good FOR your or not. You wanted to be good for him. To show him that he didn’t need to be evil to be important.

    You smiled at him gently before pressing your hand to the glass. You wanted to help him. Wanted to make him feel like he was needed and wanted around by someone.

    You wanted him to feel at home.

   And as he pressed his hand back on the glass across from yours, you knew that was exactly what you were going to do.

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City Love (Part 1)

summary: You attend one of Natasha’s office parties against your will and end up meeting a charming stranger who turns out to be the person who runs the company. (AU; CEO!Bucky)

characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader (F), Natasha Romanoff
word count: 928 
warnings: none
A/N: I just really wanted to write some shameless, pointless fluff… and I really missed writing for Bucky. Enjoy! Let me know what you think if you want to.


Originally posted by andantegrazioso

“Natasha, you said we’d only be here for an hour.”

You whine as you pulled the hem of your body con dress downwards to make it seem longer than it was. Your roommate convinced you to wear this dress that one was size down your usual so that it would “hug your curves in all the right places”, and though you didn’t think of it much before you left your apartment, about two hours later into Natasha’s office party, you were beginning to regret your decision.

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Manic Depressive

Pairing(s): Bill Denbrough x Stan Uris

Warnings: swearing (maybe?), depression, bill denbrough aka aN ACTUAL SWEETHEART

a/n: i think this was requested like a month ago - sorry for the delay :(


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ohhhhhhkayyyyy so here’s the second part of @requiemofkings‘ original espionage-ish au idea that i just… took a stab at. i have no idea where this is going and there’s currently no end in sight, so isn’t that great? 

anyway here’s part 1

and here’s some suspense to keep you waiting on the whole “Neil” situation

79 hours (and a time zone) earlier

Andrew’s hands fit perfectly on the hook of Neil’s hips, his fingers tipped into the indent of skin where the bone gives way to squishy flesh pretending to be as hard as the planes of Neil’s scarred stomach. In the dark room, Andrew has no qualms about dipping his head down to kiss the side of Neil’s neck, lips pressing just under the silver chain holding up his engagement ring. Neil hums and leans back into Andrew, his weight solid and warm – more than welcome.

“Sorry!” Nicky pants, bursting in as if he had used the slamming of his body into the door to slow down his momentum. Allison follows him, but there’s no apology from her, just a cool look cast around the room before she moves to stand beside Renee. Nicky continues apologizing as he walks over to Aaron. “Sorry, we got caught up in some minor details.”

Andrew makes sure that his cousin is unharmed despite how harried he looks, and when he’s sure that the fool isn’t bleeding or bruised anywhere visible, he returns his attention front, eyes cast to where Wymack is standing at the head of the room. Kevin is the man’s shadow, glaring around the room in a dare for another setback.

“Since we’re all here now, if we’re done with the dramatics, I would like to let you all know what our next mission is.” Wymack narrows his gaze at Nicky and Allison, and after another moment, he clicks on the presentation. All of these slide shows make Andrew feel like he’s back in junior high, but Neil seems to like the simplicity of continuing to do things the old fashioned way. They’ll all have dossiers to read later, detailing their own individual parts of the mission, yet for some reason, Wymack still insists on the waste of time that is such a broad overview.

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heartbeat | part two (m)

part one // part two // part three // part four

Originally posted by yoo-ngie

[Yoongi x Reader | Jungkook x Reader]

Genre: angst, smut

Words: 6018

—> And as Jungkook begins to fill a void in your life, you think of Yoongi less and less. Sometimes, he feels like a person you just made up; and then you see his promotional posters and suddenly remember how real he was. But the pain is lesser now; your heart no longer calls for him in a sea of unrequited love. 

A/N: this was loooonngg overdue; the feedback from part one made me so happy! So I hope you guys like part two xoxo

You think about Jeon Jungkook for days after the kiss.

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Preference "How they react to you being oblivious to sex noises coming from the other room"

(Yay for our fave thinking we’re innocent :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :) Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owners.)

Negan-When you’d innocently complain about the obvious sex noises coming from the other room, he’d burst out into laughter uncontrollably and just wonder if you’re being serious. He wouldn’t believe how oblivious you could be and scoot closer to ask questions that would slowly make you realize what was happening in the next room, only to smirk once you’d catch on and suggest some plans.

Daryl-When you’d innocently complain about the obvious sex noises coming from the other room, he’d at first not understand the situation as well, only to laugh as he’d catch on. He’d laugh so genuinely, you wouldn’t understand as to what you had said was funny but just smile to hear him that way. As he’d turn to catch you smiling, he’d ruffle your hair and just pull you in a tight hug, teasing you for being so clueless.

Rick-When you’d innocently complain about the obvious sex noises coming from the other room, he’d chuckle and just find the situation to be a rather funny one. He’d turn away to avoid laughing even more and just try to get you to go back to sleep, only for to get curious and repeat yourself, making him burst into laughter. Even more when he feels you shaking him to get him to speak.

Merle-When you’d innocently complain about the obvious sex noises coming from the other room, he’d think you were being sarcastic and turn to look at you in the eyes. He’d ask you to stop fooling around like that and start to jokingly accuse you of acting that way just to get his attention, only to gladly give it to you as he’d approach closer to press his lips to yours and start to touch you.

Glenn-When you’d innocently complain about the obvious sex noises coming from the other room, he’d be confused and would just nervously laugh. He’d wonder if you were being serious and start to ask you about it, only to let it slip up that sometimes you tend to make noises like that, making you self conscious and realize the situation.

Carl-When you’d innocently complain about the obvious sex noises coming from the other room, he’d realize how actually more mature he is then you and just smirk to himself. He’d then try to make you figure it out by giving you hints, only to end up getting to shy and just giving up. He’d turn away to try and get some sleep, only to end up blurting it out to you as you’d keep egging him on.

The Governor-When you’d innocently complain about the obvious sex noises coming from the other room, he’d give you a stern look and shake his head in disbelief. He’d bring you closer to him and whisper in your ear about how you need to stop acting so innocent with him around, as he’d gladly make you dirty. As you would still not catch on to any of it, he’d end up touching you, making you moan.

Abraham-When you’d innocently complain about the obvious sex noises coming from the other room, he’d clap his hands and shake his head, while laughing at you. He’d find it unbelievable that you would be this oblivious and would just be lost in his thoughts on how hilarious you were being, ignoring you as you’re shaking him to make him stop mocking you.

Eugene-When you’d innocently complain about the obvious sex noises coming from the other room, he’d explain to you matter a factly as to what was going on and who and who were getting it on. He’d prop himself up to look you in the eyes and just explain to you with a serious tone as to what was happening, embarrassing you rather quickly.

Ron-When you’d innocently complain about the obvious sex noises coming from the other room, he’d feel the same as you except he’d be rather pissed about it. He’d want you to get your proper sleep and think it was unfair for you to have to hear all of it. He’d reach to hold your hand and simply tell you to give him a moment, only to walk over and tell them to tone it down.

Jesus-When you’d innocently complain about the obvious sex noises coming from the other room, he’d think you were joking and get it on it with you with his comments, all while being sarcastic about it. He’d agree with you in a rather mocking tone, thinking you were saying all those comments just to have someone to talk to at night, not for once taking you seriously.

Dwight-When you’d innocently complain about the obvious sex noises coming from the other room, he’d think you were joking and smirk to himself, thinking he understands what you mean. He’d turn to your side of the bed and stare at you in the eyes, looking at you as if trying to make you understand the situation next door, only to end up chuckling and press his lips to yours, thinking this is what you wanted.

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EXO Reaction when they meet your family and your granny warns them to not hurt you

Kekeke sounds like something my late grandma would do xd Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“Okay Grandma I promise I’ll be a good buy now can you please stop this… my cheeks are getting numb.. I got the threat. No no no don’t pinch them!” *How good it is to see they are getting long XD*


“Now I see where my girl got all her strength…. I hope I don’t do anything that could offend her grandma… she’s… scary…” 


*I mean…. he just need to show his face to win your grandma over* “Gradma… will you accept me? I really want to be part of this family~ I’ll let you pet Vivi”


*How to win the grandma over according Tao. Eat everything they serve you and ask for seconds* “This is really delicious grandma! I hope I can come and eat this again in the future! I’ll be a good boy so that happens!”


*Very serious man* “I really love your granddaughter mam, I promise I’ll do everything in my power to make her happy. Rest assured!” 


“Woah… that was… scary…. nothing I could handle but woah… your grandma is definitely like SuperGrandma or something… glad she liked me at the end” *I mean he’s Bf goals, anyone can see it*


*Tries to act as calm as he can and have a nice evening* “I really really love her and my feelings are very honest. Please trust me! I won’t let you down”


“I survived baobei! I’ve never been more nervous in my life! Your grandma loves you a lot by the way…. we all need a granny like that. Next time remind me to bring her flowers”


*The man who’s not scared of anything* “You really have nothing to worry about. I know I have to take care of her and her heart and I will. She’s my life!”


*So sincere that is not possible to not love him* “I know I don’t deserve her but… I just want her to be happy and if she’s with me.. I’ll give me everything to keep it that way… I really love her and I don’t want to let her down… and I won’t… I promise”


*How would your grandma not accept him if the first thing he did was hug her like this* “Grandma!! I’ve heard so much about you I’m so happy to have finally met you! Please take care of me!”


*He might be dying inside but won’t let that stop him from showing how serious he is with you* “The moment I met her.. I knew I wanted to be with her… I knew that my heart… has finally found it’s owner. I love her very much, nothing will happen to her as long as I am around. I promise!”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Timing AU Artist Steve Rogers x plus size reader

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain


Summary: Twice you met him hopefully the third time’s the charm and you actually get a name.  

Pairing: Artist!Steve Rogers x Bookshop owner! Plus size! Reader, Bucky Barnes x Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff x Clint Barton                                                                          

Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Wanda Maximoff, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanoff

Setting: Soulmate AU, no Avengers, no powers just humans

Rating: PG-13 for now

Warnings: a little angst, sadness, but fluff to, self-doubt, body conscience,  

Word count: 4,596

Notes: Written for @bladebarnes #bladehits2kchallenge my prompt is you get your soul mates name on your left arm when you turn sixteen. I also want to apologize for not getting this out sooner I had every intention of doing so and then a hurricane hit and tossed all good intentions out the window. I do hope you all enjoy this little fic and any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Key: Y/F/N = Your Full Name, Y/N = Your name

Forever: @winters-buck @angryschnauzer @marvel-lucy @feelmyroarrrr @aquabrie @fandommaniacx@supernaturallymarvellous @thetalesofmooseandsquirrel

Marvel: @sebbytrash @ek823  @melconnor2007 @creideamhgradochas

Timing tag: @buckyismysexuality  @promarvelfangirl @smoothdogsgirl @kirakombat 

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Thumb brushing over his name for what felt like the hundredth time today, a habit you took up since those letters appeared on your skin. One that hasn’t left you in the twenty some years though as time ticks on and his presents in your life remains absent; you begin to lose hope and your fingers brush the name less frequent.

“So I was thinking we could double date tomorrow night,” Natasha’s voice broke you from the stupor you’d sunk into with the midafternoon lull.

Eyeing her closely, “You do know that would mean I had a boyfriend to right Nat?”

“Of course babe and…” soft smirk stretching her ruby lips as her equally fiery locks bounced in excitement. “I’ve got you one Y/N you’ll love him truly.”

“No,” pushing away from the counter and grabbing up a small stack of un-shelved books making your way towards the back. “I’m not letting you set me up on some cockamamie blind date with a guy Clint works with thank you very much,” walking backwards giving the red head a glare.

“Y/N…” she started to call out right before you collided with a solid wall of muscle. Books flying from your arms and you to would’ve landed on your face had it not been for a pair of strong arms wrapping around your thick waist.

Heart hammering, eyes widened taking in the expression on Nat’s beautiful face then remembering the stranger you bumped into that rescued you. Turning, a prayer on your lips that you hadn’t made a fool of yourself in front of some handsome stranger, worse than that your soulmate.

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“Real kiss”

Genre : Smut

Pairing : Jimin x Reader

Summary : You’ve met jimin at a party and became really close to him. You knew he’ll never try anything with you unless you made the first step. This night, you wanted more.

Soundtrack : Good Boy - GD X TAEYANG []

Warning : English is not my mother tongue so please forgive all my lacks of conjugation / spelling mistakes. Thank you ♡ 

When you finally see Jimin walking towards you with his little smile on his face, you can’t help but smile back at him. When you first met him few weeks ago at a party with your best friend, you didn’t wanted to talk to him. You thought he was nothing more than a fuckboy, with his stupid flawless hair, his stupid irresistible eyes, his stupid plump lips and his stupid hot body. Special mention to his ridiculously amazing booty. Even if you tried hard in the beginning, you couldn’t keep your eyes off him, noticing he was looking at you too. You watched him dance with his friends and when you realized you were totally attracted to him, you felt so mad at yourself you emptied your glass in one stroke, grinning at the bitter taste of Tequila. Few minutes later, Jimin came to sit next to you on the couch, his dumbass smile on his lips. He stared at you without saying anything, making you nervous as his perfume invaded your senses. You still don’t know how you managed to keep a blank face and a neutral tone as you asked him if he had something to say to you. Jimin laughed in a breath and leaned a little closer to you, his eyes still glued on yours :

- You’re the tough one ?

- What ?

- You know, the one who’s not easy to get, who’s not like the other girls… Right ?

- Is this the kind of bullshit you say to every girl ?

- Yah, you really are the tough one…

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anonymous asked:

Mike and Richie being twins who won't stop fighting about the most petty things ever but their boyfriends (Will and Bill respectively) basically become bffs and are amused by the whole thing

  • the double date is not richie’s idea
  • it’s not bill’s either, and richie knows his brother would never go along with an idea like this of his own volition
  • it’s will’s
  • will walks into the wheeler household one day, ditching his shoes by the front mat, and comes across bill and richie sharing the living room couch
  • richie has been trying to convince bill to make him dinner for like, half an hour
  • “it’s your k-kitchen, ruh-richie,” he says as will walks in
  • richie sighs and sinks further into the couch, smiling at will geniunely
  • because like, richie fucking loves will byers
  • when they first met years and years ago, richie immediately was reminded of eddie kaspbrak
  • because will had the same aura, like he was small and unassuming but could rip into you without hesitation
  • as time has gone on, richie has realized the differences, the nuances of each boy that set them apart
  • because while eddie is a bitch, will is dry
  • his humor is all soft words that cut deep and teasing eyes
  • he’s a little smarter, a little quieter, a little more lovely
  • if bill denbrough hadn’t already captured richie’s heart, he could see himself falling a little bit in love with will byers
  • he also has no fucking idea what will sees in his brother
  • “will, tell bill to make me a sandwich,” richie says, crossing his arms over his chest
  • “will, tell r-r-richie  i’m not his b-butler,” bill says and will smiles at them both
  • richie can’t help but reach out and pinch bill’s cheek and his hand is swatted away as will laughs
  • “mike and i were just gonna go get burgers,” will offers, “you guys could tag along if you wanted!”
  • his eyes are shining like he really wants them to say yes
  • before richie can turn down the invite, bill is speaking
  • “that s-sounds great!”
  • and that’s how richie finds himself shoved into a booth next to bill at the local diner, his boyfriend’s arm around his shoulder and his brother glaring daggers at him across the table
  • will looks almost smug and richie contemplates it as they order 
  • the bright side is the diner has really really good food and a chocolate milkshake that richie gets with the intentions of sharing with bill but mainly ends up hogging to himself
  • “so, byers” richie starts over the rim of his milkshake, and he can see his brother seething already “how’s your mom?”
  • mikes foot connects with richie’s shin under the table and richie yelps
  • “shut up, rick,” mike says and that’s when it begins
  • “it was a question, asshole!”
  • “i dont want to hear you hit on my brother’s mom for the fiftieth time!”
  • “i wasn’t gonna!” 
  • “yeah right”
  • “joyce is a wonderful woman! i just wanna know how she is!”
  • this continues on for like, Too Long
  • until bill is facepalming and will is wondering if this was a good idea after all
  • cause the thing is, will and bill get along really well
  • they both like art and are creative and even though he loves jonathan with all his heart, will thinks bill denbrough would make a really good big brother
  • and he wants to spend more time with him!!!
  • and will KNOWS he and richie could be good friends!!!
  • because richie always gets this soft look in his eyes when he sees will, like he wants to protect him and like!!! that’s will’s shit!!!!
  • so the plan was to figure out a way all four of them could hang out
  • but the wheeler twins are just so used to hating each other, it’s hard for them to consider what it would be like to be friends
  • “she’s good,” will interrupts, when richie and mike’s voices have reached the point of carrying throughout the rest of the diner “my mom, she’s good”
  • he laughs a little
  • “she actually kind of wants to meet you, rich”
  • mike and richie both stop fighting to look at him
  • “what?” mike says, jealously dripping from his mouth
  • “i mean, i’ve told her you have a twin,” will explains “she just wants to know what a second mike wheeler could be like”
  • “annoying”
  • “cooler”
  • richie and mike say at the same time, but their fight has been quelled
  • there’s something about will byers that is incredibly calming
  • also, richie is now smug as Fuck that joyce wants to meet him
  • they eat the rest of their dinner in relative peace, other than the time mike steals a bunch of fries off richie’s plate without him noticing and richie catches him eventually mid-bite
  • and when they leave the diner, mike and richie splitting the bill right down the middle, richie feels like maybe this could work out
  • maybe he could look past a childhood of loathing and envy of mike’s many friends and DND nights
  • and maybe they could all hang out again
  • he’s richie tho, so he’s gotta ruin it
  • he screams shotgun as soon as they get out of the diner and trips mike as he runs to will’s car
  • “RICHIE YOU DICK” mike yells, his knees scraped and his hands kind of bloody
  • he pulls richie out of the passenger seat and starts laying into him right there on the sidewalk
  • bill and will make eye contact across the parking lot and sigh

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Wings of Change

Not for the first time Fareeha shouldered the door to Angela’s lab open, a steaming mug of something aromatic and spiced in each hand.

As always Angela is at her workstation, completely focused, barely reacting when Fareeha sets one mug down next to her.

“Angela? You’ve been in here for days, are you okay?”

Her voice came a bit rough and hurried, as if unused for some time and needing to get the words out quickly so as not to waste time “It’s not enough, Fareeha. It’s not good enough yet.”

Fareeha watches her working on the suit and raises an eyebrow. “Not good enough? Angela, you literally bring people back from the dead, what could possibly be more-”

“Not letting them die in the first place!” It was a snap, one Angela immediately regretted. Pinching the bridge of her nose she deflated, sinking into her chair. “Im sorry it’s just, it’s not about beating death, it’s about keeping those in my care alive…”

Fareeha is solemn for a moment, then rests a heavy hand on Mercy’s shoulder, leaning over her work with an engineer’s critical eye. “I understand. How can I help?”

There’s a moment of warmth at the offer followed by contemplation, a smile tugging at the doctor’s mouth.“I want you… to teach me to fly.”