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Holy shit your nsfw piece is just amazing i cannot articulate how much i love it like not only is it sexy af its incredibly sweet and like you can see how much they love eachother in that one piece and man im just going to backflip into the sun because im filled with love for thqt one drawing its also amazingly drawn youre so tqlented i cry over your art i beg for more nsfw viktuuri in the future

Ahhh thank you so much I’m gonna cry!! I’ll definitely do more nsfw in the future bc viktuuri is so wholesome djfjjdjsjs

Hi. I hate seeing anyone cry (especially Hobi because it’s heartbreaking), but I think it is important as fans that we remember these people we see as perfection are in fact just actual, regular humans like me and you (just with a lot more social cred and talent).
They aren’t always happy.
They aren’t always sexy.
They aren’t always thug.
And they don’t always wear their true emotions. In fact, most of them wear a facade.
We, as fans, need to remember that no person is perfect, no matter how close you can get, and that these idols are allowed to have human emotions like the rest of us. They are allowed to feel anger, pain, loss, depression and anxiety.
They are allowed to be vulnerable too.
Because if you don’t love them when they show you their true colors, you just love the facade, not the person behind it.


Dear idols,
Please show us your true emotions so that we may empathise with you and love you on a whole new level.
You don’t have to be strong and perfect all the time.

- Your Loving Fans.

(Not my gif, all credit and rights reserved to the rightful owner)
friday dressed up as glados for halloween & scared the bejeezus out of everyone
Things I LOVED about BatB 2017:

• The Prince’s make-up in the beginning, like hot DAMN
• The Prince’s Disney villain laugh, don’t ask me why, but that was so sexy
• Maurice singing
• Gaston and LeFou = dream duo
• Gaston actually being nice in the beginning
• Belle actually trying to escape
• Getting to know about Belle’s and the Prince’s childhood
• Days in the Sun, it made me cry
• Everything about the ballroom scene
• LeFou’s character developement
• The look on the Prince’s face after the transformation - you can SEE how much he loves Belle and that made me melt
• The whole ending scene
• The dance at the end
• Belle’s and the Prince’s outifts in the end
• Especially the Prince’s, like did you see how beautiful that blue outfit was???
• The GROWL!!!
• The whole cast
• The whole soundtrack

Let’s just say I loved nearly everything about it. Gonna watch it again tomorrow.

How my Mom recognises Seventeen
  • <p> <b>Jeonghan:</b> Becky with the good hair<p/><b>Woozi:</b> pink haired monstrosity<p/><b>DK:</b> The only one that looks like a guy/ the one that can actually sing<p/><b>Seungkwan:</b> the sassy one<p/><b>Joshua:</b> cat eyes<p/><b>Wonwoo:</b> Gared Way back in the day but Asian<p/><b>Mingyu:</b> the tall one that you barely see<p/><b>S.Coups:</b> the one that looks stressed<p/><b>Vernon:</b> Leonardo DiCaprio of Korea<p/><b>The8:</b> looks like stuffed animal<p/><b>Jun:</b> the one tries to hard to be sexy but it is working<p/><b>Dino:</b> looks like he is 12<p/><b>Hoshi:</b> isn't that the pink haired one<p/></p>

I see a lot of posts encouraging babies to be these super sexy seductresses.

You don’t have to.

Just be yourself (or whatever persona you’ve created). Personally, I can’t do super sexy and seductive. It feels weird and the men can tell. In my vanilla life I am loud and my voice is high pitched. I talk too much and I’m a little awkward. This is how I am with my POT (toned down a little, obviously. I go for a soft, quieter voice, but still ramble. I’m still awkward but I make a joke out of it and say things like, “sorry. I get a little awkward when I’m nervous around such a handsome man!). And you know what? They eat that shit up. They love that I’m this bumbling, bubbly, innocent young woman. That works for me.

Being sexy and seductive works for some women. Everyone is different and everyone has different preferences. My biggest tip is do not try to be someone you absolutely are not. It will be super obvious and you won’t have a good time.

You know what I find sexy…

When namjoon never forgets to acknowledge international fans & how he sutters while trying really hard to find the right english words to express how he feels even if it doesn’t always come out smoothly.

When jimin talks about how he doesn’t have abs anymore or that he’s eating a lot and is healthy & you can tell because his face is all cute and swollen and you can just see him finally loving himself. 

When jungkook makes an effort to take english classes, buy new music equipment and have a goal to produce his own music just so he can give more to his fans and become better musically

When taehyung is just taehyung and doesn’t change who he is on or off camera not matter how weird some people may think he is & his ability to stay strong even at the most toughest times.

When jin went out of his way to learn how to play the guitar and piano and just completely blew us away with his skills, showing that he is truly more that just a visual but a multi-talented idol.

When yoongi puts everything into a song and you can just hear his raw passion and agression combined with all the emotions of himself and you can just tell he was made for music. 

When hoseok can’t stop smiling every time he dances or performs on stage, literally owning any performance he does & just always showing passion into anything he does that you forget he the same person who could become EXTRA at any moment. 

mogai post: “i can’t believe how monosexuals see some cutie patootie hottie babe in the street and don’t want to smooch and cuddle them and bump their sexy parts or beep-boop their noses just because they are the “wrong” gender! how can you even deal with knowing that you will miss out on so many beautiful awesome valid peeps and folks! uwu. monosexuals are weird.”


“You are absolutely wonderful the way that you are. And the moment that we can stop listening to these messages that we’re receiving every day telling us how we should look, what’s beautiful, what’s sexy, what is cool. You know what I think is better than anyone else’s definition of what “cool” is? I think being happy is better than being cool. And the moment that you can just wash all of that stuff off of you — all those unwanted, uninvited opinions about yourself, and your life, and the way that you are — the moment you can look in the mirror and see only your own definition of your life, I think that’s the moment that you’re finally clean.”

SS Harley Quinn! I kinda thought about making her sultry and sexy, but growing up I loved how cute/bubbly Harley was, so I infused a bit of what I loved about the original Harley into this one. :)

I also have an Instagram now, and I plan on posting more WIPs there. there are a couple WIPs of this picture you can see there too.

The Joker x Pregnant Reader

Well, it happened and that’s all there is to it. Cross your fingers and hope for the best. At least he didn’t try to kill you…yet.    T__T

Read part 2 here:

“No better time to tell him then now,” you think to yourself, stretching your back and your arms like you’re about to run a marathon.  The Joker was able to retrieve the building plans for the Arkham Asylum and now he’s going over them in the living room, trying to see how he can use them next time you guys might end up in there. You take a deep breath and walk over to him, then you just kind of sit there, waiting to get his attention. He finally notices you and lifts his non-existing eyebrows, question-like expression on his face.

“I have something important to tell you, J.”

“You’re wearing the pink lingerie I got you yesterday?” he winks, glaring at you up and down.

“Well, in the matter of fact I am, but that’s…”
“Show me!” he impatiently demands, crossing his legs.

“Ummm, I would love to, but first I need to tell…”

“Just take the damn clothes off, Princess, I wanna see!” the Joker raises his voice, starting to tap his pen on the table, making obnoxious noises.

You roll your eyes and take your top off, revealing your pink bra and that earns you a very load roar and a whistle.

“Oohhh, daddy likes…Continue!”

You don’t have time for this, you’re on a mission.

“I’m pregnant,” you quickly say, placing your hands on your hips.

J drops his pen.

“No you’re not!” he squints his eyes, moving his jaw sideways.

“Well, the 7 different pregnancy tests that turned positive beg to differ.” You smack your lips, looking him in the eyes.

“No way!” he opens his mouth, amazed, still not getting the picture.

You point your finger towards your pelvis and accentuate each word:

“See this  “ Property of J” tattoo? Baby right under, yours and mine.”

He looks stunned.

“I thought we… can’t, we tried before…” Mister J gets up and walks towards you in slow motion, like he’s afraid you might blow up soon and take the penthouse down with you.

“Apparently you’re that good, Puddin,” you snicker excited, running in his arms.

He lifts you up the ground and hugs you so tight that you gasp when you kiss him.

Just when you’re about to get lost in the kiss, he breaks the magic, puts you down and purrs in your ear:

“Is it mine?”

You squirm and reach for his holster, taking out his gun really fast and point it to his temple, outraged at the question. Safety clicks.

“What did you just say?!”

He starts laughing maniacally, gripping your wrist and pushing it down.

“It’s not even loaded, so don’t bother.”

“You’re bluffing!” you sneer, fully knowing his gun is always loaded.

“God, I love it when your feisty, is it going to get worst with the pregnancy?” he says in a low voice, licking his lips. He violently pulls you in his arms again and you let go of the gun.

“So I’ve heard,” you sigh and let out a soft moan as he starts biting your neck.

“Oh, goody, I can’t wait!” He unhooks your bra, grazing your shoulder with his silver grill.

“What about you show me the bottom part of this pink stuff?”


“So Frosty, what should I do?,” J asks his trusted henchman, gesturing with his hands like he’s waiting for a very philosophical reply.

“Ummm…I don’t know, sir…” Frost answers, lifting his broad shoulders.

“But she’s pregnant. Should I kill her?”

“You realize I can hear you, right?” You scoff on the couch while changing channels on TV.

“No you’re not hearing this, baby doll. This is guy talk.”

“Whatever,” you nod your head, annoyed he’s teasing you so much.

“I’m the Joker,” he continues his conversation with Frost. “What am I supposed to do as a dad, hmmm? I really can’t take care of anything…that’s alive.”

“You’re taking care of Y/N sir.”

“HA!!!!” you let it out, fakely amused. “That’s a good one!”

“Pumpkin, I told you you’re not hearing this!”

“Whatever!” you protest.

“Did you hear her, Frosty?… I hate being in love, it really sucks,” J complains, sighing.

Frost is determined not to let a single muscle move on his face when he hears such abomination coming out of his boss’s mouth. He seriously doubts the Joker understands the concept of being in love, but he can’t say shit.

“That’s it, I’m done!” you say, irritated, leaving the couch and going towards the master bedroom.

“I think I pissed her off,” Mister J whispers to Frost, proud of himself.


Problems arise:

** J flips when he hears you want to sleep in the baby’s room for a while when he or she is born. He thinks your place is always by him, no matter what. After getting tired of explaining without any results, you both settle for the baby to actually sleep in the master bedroom, this way he still has you in bed with him.

** ”I hope the baby has your blue eyes,” you smile, thinking how nice that would be.

“No, green like yours, this way I don’t miss you when you’re going somewhere without me.”

“Awwww, are you trying to be cute, J ?  BLUE!” you frown.

“NO, green.”


After fighting for half an hour, you give up, exhausted.

“You better have blue eyes,” you whisper, caressing your abdomen.


How the hell did he hear that from the hallway?!

** ”If it’s a boy, we’ll name him J Jr. and if it’s a girl Emma,” Mister J decides.

“ I like J Jr. but if it’s a girl her name will be Ella.”


“Don’t start, J. Ella!”

After an hour of bickering, both commonly agree you’re going to leave this to faith so you flip a coin.

J wins.

You don’t talk to him for a week.

** ”My son or daughter is not going to be allowed to have any tattoos , ever!” you stump out of the shower, leaving J in there alone.

“Come on, Princess, why not? We have a bunch!”

“NO! “ you grab a towel and wrap it around you.

He gets out of there, water dripping all over the floor, stroking his green hair, fully aware he can make you change your mind.

You face the mirror and he comes behind you, wrapping one arm around your waist and using the other hand to draw a smiley face on the steamy glass right where your mouth’s reflection is.

He starts rocking you slowly and takes your towel off, pressing himself against you.

“Kitten, what about 5 tattoos, hmm? It’s not a bad number,” his hands slide down your thighs, proud of his negotiation skills.


His hands stop.


“Four, baby, take or leave it. Or…do you want me to leave you hanging?! You’ve been wanting this all week,” you seductively moan, biting your lip.

“…Dammit, fine!”

You finally got something going for yourself.

**”I’m not putting away the guns, I like them all over the place,” he pouts, unhappy.

“You gotta. Not right now, but we can’t have Ella…”


“Emma,” you mock, “running around the penthouse with loaded guns all over.”

She’s not even born yet and he feels his life is going downhill. So depressing. “Why did Y/N even get pregnant for?” The Joker thinks, irritated. “Probably did it on purpose to antagonize me”. He would never tell you, but he Googled “How to be a father” and read a bunch of scary stuff about the wonders of parenting. He would rather deal with Batsy for that matter.


**This is unbelievable, but your little girl has your eyes, not his blue eyes. J wins again and you have to deal with it.

“Daaaaddy…pic’ ‘e up!” she whines at his feet, reaching her tiny arms for him.

He grunts, pretending she’s so heavy when he lifts her. She chuckles, kissing his pale cheek and he just stares at her, not really knowing why he feels so delighted. He tilts his head close to her forehead so she can play with his bright green hair and she loves it.

“Little Princess, you can’t really call me daddy, we have to find something else. Only mommy can call me that when I…”

“ J !!!” you shout, “What the hell?!”

“I think we upset mommy,” he crinkles his nose and Emma smiles, not understanding of course. “Daddy wants to get some tonight and we can’t risk make mommy mad.”

“J, are you serious?!”

“What? I’m just having a conversation with my daughter and she doesn’t even know what I’m saying. “

“Well, if Daddy wants to get some,” you ironically say, “he should close it down.”

The Joker kisses Emma’s nose and she giggles, ticklish.

“You think mommy’s bluffing?” he whispers. “I bet I can get some no matter what, she can’t resist me.”

“You realize I can hear you, right?” you lift your eyebrows, annoyed.

Needless to say Daddy slept on the couch all night.

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Oops……….it’s not quite a dick slip but the next best think. A hot guy wearing silky sheer see through shorts where you can see his entire manhood hanging between his sexy legs if they are not wearing Underwear or a jockstrap and when the light is behind him or in front of him depending on which side of him you’re standing on front or back. In the picture above I was in front of this young man and the sun light was fortunately behind him as his cock and balls shadowed the sunlight showing the shape and size of his genitals. In this case you can clearly see that this sexy smooth muscular young man has shaved off pubic hair. A Shaved smooth pubic area and below that he has a nice size Circumcised Penis and heavy low hanging Testicles. It never ceases to amaze me how many guys go without underwear or a jockstrap in silky see-through sheer shorts each and every day. But I’m sure glad they do. It’s so Fucking Hot and Crazy Sexy to see in public. Thanks dude.

Alex Summers Sex Headcanons

time for some smut about a glorified glow stick!!

  • ok do i even have to mention this - alex loves hair tugging
    • he loves feeling you tug on it as he goes down on you
  • hip swivel kink
    • you saw him do it in front of everyone and you can’t help it - it’s super fucking sexy
      • “alex, do the swivel!!” “babe, i don’t understand why that’s sexy to you” “pleaseeeee?”
  • alex is totally a boob guy
    • doesn’t matter the size or the shape - alex loves them
    • he loves them in a non-sexual way too, he will literally just lay down and rest his head on your boobs
      • “alex, this is uncomfortable.” “but your boobs are so comfortable.” “but you are crushing them with your head, baby.”
  • alex loves when you leave scratches all over his back
    • mostly because of how flustered you get when other people see them on his back
    • not by him, by you - have you seen his jaw?? it would be a travesty if alex was not given jaw hickies
  • scott has walked in on you both so many times that if he does it, he isn’t even phased anymore
    • so has hank; sadly he still gets insanely flustered and embarrassed
  • alex loves when you ride him; mostly because he loves watching the way your boobs bounce as you move up and down on him
  • alex can….shoot the plasma out of his dick so it takes a lot of concentration for him to focus on cumming and not lasering you to death
    • his face clenches up super tight and his hands grip your sides, hard
    • you keep telling him to ask hank for some sort of laser proof condom, but he refuses
      • “I CAN LEARN (Y/N).” “just ask him for some laser proof condoms! Alex, im not going to have my cause of death being you lasering into me.” “that sounds sexy” “you are an asshole.”
  • i dont know if yall follow @kurtwxgners but an anon on her page brought up a great point - alex totally leaves hand prints all over your body
    • the plasma lasers he releases are hot meaning, in general, alex is hotter than the average human
    • when he eats you out, there are handprints practically burned into your thighs
      • it doesnt hurt but alex always freaks out afterwards and makes sure youre ok
Too Strong

REQUEST by IMPOSSIBLYLUCKYVXI: Can I have one where Ro meets YN a journalist at a press junket for Fastlane. He immediately wants her but she runs from him because she thinks she isn’t good enough for him since she’s a average girl. Months go by since their encounter & he still wants her & she wants him too but can’t get over their career differences. One night she has to go a live Raw show to right a story & she sees him again. He corners her this time & gets mad possessive & sexy. End it how you’d like. Thanks 😍😘.

Warnings: Smut, language
(A/N): I’m so sorry it took so long guys. To make it up to y’all, I made it longer than I planned it to be. I also loved writing this one, so I hope you guys enjoy it! Feedback is always welcome😌


‘’You ready?’’ my best friend and colleague asked me, ‘’In a few minutes, you’ll be interviewing Roman fucking Reigns.’’

‘’Calm down girl, as much as I adore the man, I have to stay professional,’’ I chuckled as I took a sip of my water, ‘’I’m nervous though; he’s competing against Braun Strowman and he’s a monster, I wonder what his strategy is for tonight.’’

‘’Yeah, I agree. I’m curious too now you mentioned it,’’ she turned around and smirked, ‘’Why don’t you ask him yourself?’’

‘’Wait what?’’ I looked at her confused as she walked off. I honestly had no idea what she was talking about, so I turned to the paper with questions that was given to me. Fastlane was tonight and I was chosen to interview few of the WWE superstars who were having their matches. The perks or being an journalist is that you get to see so many different places and people, situations that you’ll always remember.

‘’This is probably the first time someone hasn’t notice me sitting next to them,’’ a low heavy voice said, making me look up surprisingly. ‘’There she is,’’ he chuckled, ‘’you’re the one who’s interviewing me, am I right?’’

‘’Oh my god, I’m so sorry Mr. Reigns,’’ I said embarrassed, ‘’and that’s right, here she is.’’

‘’It’s Roman, sugar,’’ He smiled, making me melt right away, ‘’Mr. Reigns sounds so old.’’

‘’Alright then, Roman, you ready for your interview?’’ I asked, trying hard to hide my nerves. This man is gorgeous, how can anyone act normal around him?

‘’I’m more than ready,’’ he raised an eyebrow as he looked at my chest, ‘’y/n. Oh don’t worry, I ain’t a man like that, I’m a decent guy.’’ He chuckled, making me laugh.

‘’That’s good to know,’’ I smiled and stood up, ‘’Let’s get started then.’’

‘’We can’t talk some more?’’ He asked pouting his lips. ‘’I mean, we gotta do the interview, but I’d like to get to know the beautiful woman who will be asking the questions.’’

‘’I bet you say that to every woman who is about to interview you,’’ I chuckled. He stood up and walked over to where I was standing and took my hand in his.

‘’I only say it when I mean it, babygirl,’’ Roman smiled as his hand caressed my cheek. Looking him in the eye, I felt butterflies. ‘’And actually, it’s the first time I told someone.’’ He whispered, making me smile. ‘’So what do you say? Wanna talk some more now, or after my match?’’

‘’I think we have to get started if you wanna be on time for your match,’’ I hastily answered as I took the papers from the table and made my way to the interview corner. ‘Did you really had to respond like that, you idiot?’ I thought to myself. I could hear Roman chuckling from behind me.

‘’Alright then, but after my match, which I will win without a doubt, I insist you going to grab something to eat with me.’’

‘’So that’s a bet?’’ I frowned, slightly smiling. He nodded, already convinced he was going to win. Don’t get me wrong, I truly believe he will win, but Braun doesn’t know what mercy is. I’ve seen how the man literally throws people around and I can’t even imagine the agony that’s caused by that.

‘’If that’s what you wanna call it, then that’s a yes.’’ He smiled as he stood where he had to stand.

‘’I’m not sure, we’ll see.’’ I answered him as I saw the camera man coming our way. ‘’Right now, let’s do this interview.’’

‘’Whatever you say, love.’’


After the interview, I kind of started to avoid Roman. Even though I desired to be with him, I wasn’t going to give myself any form of false hope. He kept trying to talk to me, but I pretended to be really busy with the aftercare of the interview and my trip back. At some point, he went to prepare for his match, leaving me alone.

‘’He really likes you,’’ A familiar male voice said, making me turn around. Seth was standing there with his crutches and a big grin. ‘’You’re all he talks about at the moment.’’

‘’Nice to see you too, Seth.’’ I rolled my eyes and let out a small chuckle. ‘’I’m only here for the interview, which we finished, so there’s no need for me to be here anymore,’’ I lied.

‘’Y/n, be honest with me.’’ Seth said seriously as he sat down next to me. We’d known each other for quite some time; I had to interview him for a magazine a while ago and we kept in touch ever since.

‘’I am being honest,’’ I said as I looked at the screen where Fastlane was going on. ‘’Shouldn’t you be backstage?’’

‘’Not really no.’’ He chuckled as he signed to his knee.

‘’Oh yeah, you’re right, my bad.’’ I laughed.

‘’So why don’t you just tell me what’s the matter? I’ve seen how you’re cutting him off, why was that?’’

‘’I wasn’t cutting him off, alright.’’ I sighed, looking at Roman who came out with a whole new gear. New sneakers, the black and white logo, he looked incredible. ‘’Why is he interested in me while I’m average? There are so many beautiful woman around him.’’ I thought out loud. Next to me, I could feel Seth frown. ‘’What I’m trying to say is, we’re just not meant to be.’’

‘’You and average? Y/n, please. You know damn well that that’s a lie, quite a big one too.’’

‘’Thanks Seth,’’ I smiled as I stood up and grabbed my bag, ‘’But I gotta go. Tell Roman I owe him a victory drink.’’ I gave him a hug and looked at his knee, chuckling, ‘’Take care of that and come back asap.’’


A little more than a month has passed and I couldn’t get Roman out of my head for some reason. Seth called me a couple of times, saying that Roman wanted to meet up with me, but I said that I was busy. It was half of the truth, because I was truly busy at some moments, but at other times, when I had nothing to do, I still didn’t want to meet up with him. Not that I didn’t want to, I wanted it more than anything, but I just couldn’t. ‘He really likes you’, Seth’s words still roamed through my mind, making it seem like more of a dream that I really met Roman in the first place. How can he like a girl like me; average looking, average personality, everything was average about me.

As I was sitting downstairs, I got a phone call of my boss, saying that I had to attend RAW. My heart skipped a beat, knowing I would see Roman after all this time. I have no idea how he’s gonna react on me not contacting him back, but I was planning to just do what I came for and leave. I grabbed my stuff and left the house, on my way to the arena. When I arrived, Seth welcomed me with open arms, constantly telling me how happy he was to see me and that his knee was doing so much better.

‘’Someone wanted to see you,’’ Seth began as we got backstage, ‘’I probably don’t have to tell you who I’m talking about.’’

‘’I figured,’’ I sighed as I looked in my bag if I had everything with me;  paper, pen and my phone, ‘’but I’m here to do my job, same goes for you guys.’’

‘’Whatever you say y/n,’’ he chuckled, ‘’I’m heading to the dressing rooms, you coming along?’’

‘’I have to go to the restroom first, I’ll find you eventually.’’ I answered as I gave him a smile. Just as I was probably one meter away from where I was first standing, someone pulled me aside. ‘’Jesus, what the hell-‘’

‘’Y/n, calm down,’’ Roman chuckled.

‘’Oh my god, I’m sorry.’’ I covered my face with my hands, totally embarrassed. ‘’How are you doing?’’ I asked, hoping he would answer my question normally.

‘’Better now I have you for myself for a moment,’’ he murmured as he pushed me against the wall, his body pressing against mine, ‘’you thought you could just ignore me huh?’’

‘’I-I didn’t mean to…’’ I stammered, completely caught off guard.

‘’Of course you didn’t mean to,’’ his hand ran through my hair as the other found my ass, squeezing it tightly, ‘’after my match tonight, you’re coming with me to my hotel and I’ll show you what happens when you ignore me on purpose.’’ He whispered next to my ear, making me shiver.

‘’I c-can’t Roman, there’s so much I…’’ I couldn’t finish my sentence as he pressed his soft lips against mine. I kissed him back, not wanting him to stop.

‘’I assume that’s a yes?’’

‘’I guess so,’’ I whispered, making him smile.

‘’Room 209, I’ll be waiting for you baby,’’ Roman smirked as he walked away, leaving me standing there; turned on and speechless. I took a deep breath and continued my way to the restroom.


I stood in front of Roman’s room, not knowing if I should knock on the door or not. After what must’ve been two minutes, decided to just knock. Fuck it. He opened it, looking relieved as he saw me. ‘’You came,’’ he said. I could make up a sense of disbelieve in his voice, but I wasn’t questioning it further, ‘’come in.’’ he stepped aside, making room for me to walk inside his suite. It was huge and everything looked beautiful. ‘’I can’t tell you how happy I am that you showed up.’’

‘’I didn’t really have much of a choice,’’ I chuckled as I turned around, facing him.

‘’You always have a choice,’’ he replied, closing the door behind him. ‘’The moment I realized you didn’t want to meet up kinda hurt me.’’

‘’That was not my intention, I’m sorry.’’ I said, feeling a sense of guilt flushing over me. ‘’It was not that I didn’t want to, I wanted it so bad.’’

‘’Then what stopped you?’’ He asked as he stepped closer to me and grabbed my bag, throwing it in the chair next to the queen-size bed.


‘’What thoughts?’’ Roman asked as his hands caressed my cheek, moving down to my hips.

‘’Of not being good enough for you.’’ I whispered. His eyes widened, grip on my waist tightens.

‘’Not being good enough for me? Babygirl, look at you, you’re flawless.’’ He said, making me bite down on my bottom lip. As I did, his whole body language changed, so did his eyes and facial expression. Anger, need, want, lust was what I could feel. ‘’So you thought you were getting away with this?’’

‘’With w-what?’’ I asked as he started to place sloppy kisses on the side of my neck. My whole body tensed as he continued.

‘’Ignoring me,’’ he whispered. Roman lifted me up and his lips hungrily found mine. My arms wrapped around his broad shoulders. ‘’You’re not getting away with it so easily, babygirl.’’ He angrily, but seductively said as he roughly lied me down on the bed. He got rid of his black t-shirt and towered over me. ‘’Take it all off,’’ his dark eyes burning through me, making me obey him without saying a word. While I took my clothes off, he did the same, leaving him only in his boxers. My breathing became heavier as his hand found the thin material of my panties, rubbing slowly. I let out a quiet moan, making Roman smile against my neck. ‘’You’re soaked baby, all for me?’’

‘’All for you Roman,’’ I finally spoke

‘’God you’re such a goddess,’’ he mumbled as he looked at my naked body, his eyes never left mine. I’ve never been more turned on in my life.

‘’Roman please,’’ I breathed, wanting to touch me more.

‘’I want you to stay quiet, don’t say a word, or all of this will be over,’’ he whispered sternly, ‘’You understand?’’

‘’I understand.’’

‘’Good girl. Now lay still for me.’’ He started to nibble on my neck, index finger slowly circling my clit. Two fingers pushed inside of me exaggeratingly slow, making me arch my back. I gasped as he slowly picked up speed and placed sloppy kisses on my collarbone. ‘’Feels good baby?’’ He whispered. The only thing I could do was nod since he demanded me to stay quiet. He grinned against my thigh.

‘’Roman please,’’ I pleaded, breaking his rule. I just couldn’t stand staying muted any longer even though it hasn’t been that long since he asked me to.

‘’I thought I told you to stay quiet,’’ he frowned and as punishment, he slid his fingers deeper, keeping them there. I bit my lip hard, trying not to make a sound. Suddenly, I felt something wet circling my clit slowly. I looked down, finding Roman staring back at me, pure lust and hunger in his eyes. He moaned against me, vibrations almost pushing me over the edge. ‘’You’re not cumming until I say so,’’ he huffed as he pulled his fingers out of me, taking one last lick at my pussy and licked his lips as he kissed his way back up. ‘’I’ll show you what happens when you ignore me,’’ he growled as he kissed me. Desperately kissing him back, my arms wrapped around his neck. I felt the tip against my entrance but before I could savior the feeling, he roughly pushed inside of me. At this point, I didn’t care if I made a sound, it just felt too good. Roman seemed to forget about his own rule as he continued to thrust.

‘’Oh fuck Roman!’’ I cried out. He sped up, his large hands wrapped around my waist.

‘’Tell me how good I’m making you feel,’’ he breathed. The intense pleasure he was giving me, made me feel dizzy. I tried to answer him, but I couldn’t collect the words to make a proper sentence. ‘’I’m waiting,’’ he rubbed my clit fast but gentle.

‘’You’re m-making me feel s-so good oh my god,’’ I moaned into his mouth.

‘’Promise me you won’t ever ignore me again,’’ he said, looking me straight into my eyes.

‘’I p-promise,’’ I shakily said.

‘’What do you promise?’’

‘’I promise n-not to i-ignore you a-again,’’ I whimpered as he hit my g-spot.

‘’Good girl,’’ he smirked as he bit down my lower lip, making me shiver. In a split second, I was lying on my stomach, his dick buried inside of me again, hair in his tight grip. His thrust became rougher.

‘’Fucking hell Roman,’’ I let out a muffled moan as I grabbed the silky sheets.

‘’You’re fucking beautiful,’’ he grunted. ‘’Ah damn baby, that’s it.’’

‘’Roman please.’’

‘’Please what huh?’’ He knew exactly what I wanted as he stated to rub my clit again roughly. But he was passionate too; placing soft kisses on my burning shoulders, rubbing my waist. ‘’You want me to make you cum?’’

‘’Yes please,’’ I begged, ‘’Please Roman, can I cum?’’ The familiar heat began to pool in my lower abdomen. He chuckled and yanked me up by my hair, my back glued to his sweaty chest.

‘’You can cum now babygirl, let me feel you soak my dick,’’ his husky voice whispered in my ear, still rubbing my clit. My walls started to clench around him, making him groan out loud. ‘’Christ y/n you feel so good,’’ Roman moaned. As he licked my neck, I closed my eyes, moaning his name. My orgasm washed over me and if he hadn’t hold me, I would’ve collapsed. I felt him throb inside of me as he continued to thrust. ‘’Shittt,’’ he hissed as I felt him release inside of me.


‘’I’m sorry if I was too rough,’’ Roman apologized. We were lying under the covers, TV on but I don’t think either of us was actually watching.

‘’I’m sorry for ignoring you,’’ I said, looking up at him. He grinned as he wrapped his arm around me, kissing me on the head.

‘’You’re mine now y/n, there was a reason why the universe brought us together again, Our love is just too strong,’’ he quietly said, making me smile. I looked up, finding him half asleep.

‘’I’m not going anywhere Roman.’’ I kissed his lips and put my head back on his chest.

Men on SA be like...

“I don’t want a pro, I just want a normal sweet girl next door. Soooo What’s your name? How are you doing? I need to be discrete and intimate so 99.9% of our meetings will be indoors. What do you wanna do together? What’s your fave position? Do you like giving head? Have you fucked a girl before? What’s the nastiest thing you’ve ever done? R u horny now? Do you like getting your pussy ate? Send me a sexy pic ;).. oh man I can’t wait to see your tits and fuck the shit out of you, can you be my little slut?!”

You don’t need a sugar baby, you need an escort.. but you think you’re above paying directly for pussy. Yet the “SD/SB” titles makes it all okay in your head right? Which makes no sense because it’s one in the same, and all you wanna do is fuck sooooooooooooo……………

*screams & exhales*

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Imagine Victor and yuuri making out, you know getting all hot and heavy,
And Yuuri’s on top of Victor doing his sexy moves and Victor’s getting all sweaty and then Yuuri looks up and sees that Victors hair gets…. curly..???? When it’s damp???? And ohmygod how had he not noticed this before? And yuuri just pulls back and chuckles “it’s so cute!” He giggles and Victor is like haha yeah but can we keep kissing? And yuuri is like hysterical at this point because it’s just..??? So??? Cute????????? Victor with curly hair?!?!?!
And then Victor whines in that voice we ALL know “Yuu~uuri”
And yuuri is like ok yeah I’m sorry and then just freaking DEEPTHROATS VICTOR LIKE A CHAMP
and Victor is like “oh. MyG od” and just. Can’t.
And yuuri is like “you ok babe?”

And Victor is like….. “no but keep going” cuz like yuuri is just just 0 to 💯 like all the time and sex is no exception.

You know, what really bugs me about the way the “sexy nonhuman species” trope is done in sci-fi/fantasy (Aside from all the other things) is how un-adventurous artists get when trying to make them attractive.

Like, I will cite this again and again, ostriches IRL actually think of humans as just bigger; more-attractive ostriches, and look at how different anatomically we are.

Like, try to see how weirdly/uniquely you can push your species’s design while keeping it in that trope, you’d be surprised by how much further that is than you’d think…

Jealous Sf9

Inseong: jealous inseong is a petty bitch. Will be really obvious and salty too.

Him: So did you just get done cheating on me? How was it? Fun?

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Youngbin: the type to keep it inside and not tell you, but you can totally tell something is wrong with him. If you give him attention and a cuddling session filled with kisses, he will get over it. He just wants to be reassured he’s the only man you need in your life.

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Jaeyoon: Offended. Upset. “Uh Rude.” He will say to himself when he sees other idols/guys hanging near you. 

You: Are you Jealous?

Him: I don’t know, am I?

Zuho: Rough in a sexy wayyy . Doesn’t hesitate to drag you away when your talking to other guys or confront guys when they are staring at you. “You’re mine.” Be sure to show him often that you are his if youknowwhatimeannn.

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Dawon: plays it off like he’s just joking around, but the cutie is actually jealous and wants you to tell him you love him.


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Taeyang: More cuddly and in need of affection. If you were unaware and didn’t give him enough affection,he will give you affection instead. 

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Rowoon: Literally tries to be a better boyfriend. Acts more cute, cooks for you more and just become irresistible. Shes like it when I’m cute. Let’s do what she likes, she will never leave me.


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Hwiyoung: Tries to be manlier and tough despite his age, but you know inside he’s very sensitive. The minute you ask him if he’s jealous, he will prob break, but instead of asking him if he’s jealous, just tell him how much you love him and how cool he is. It will reassure him alot.

“How do I look today? Can you spot what changed?” (literally just new hair gel)

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Chani: the cutie isn’t used to being jealous like this, so he just tries to figure all of this out himself or asking the other members for advice. When he’s with you, he is still sweet as always. Even a bit more needy. Tries to be a better boyfriend to you so you don’t think of leaving him.

Inseong: flirt with her like you two are still in that push and pull phase before dating. 

(one day)

Him: Hey!

You: Sweetie, I got to go. I’m busy.

Him: Wait! 

You: Yes?

Him: “Seeya later cute stuff.uh..sweet thanggg”

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“You are absolutely wonderful the way that you are. And the moment that we can stop listening to these messages that we’re receiving every day telling us how we should look, what’s beautiful, what’s sexy, what is cool. You know what I think is better than anyone else’s definition of what “cool” is? I think being happy is better than being cool. And the moment that you can just wash all of that stuff off of you; all those unwanted, uninvited opinions about yourself, and your life, and the way that you are; the moment you can look in the mirror and see only your own definition of your life, I think that’s the moment that you’re finally clean.” — Taylor Swift

Can we really quickly talk about how right before Wes and Laurel hooked up again, right when Asher wanted to divide and conquer and Michaela started bitching about her GPA you can clearly see Laurel mouthing to Wes and smiling and giving him heart eyes, and if you look closely you see Wes raise his eyebrows all sexy LIKE CAN WE JUST NOTICE THAT THE WERE EYE FUCKING AND HOW THEY WERE ALREADY THINKING ABOUT THE OPPORTUNITY TO GO HOOK UP AGAIN UGH I LOVE WAUREL SO MUCH