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Things I LOVED about BatB 2017:

• The Prince’s make-up in the beginning, like hot DAMN
• The Prince’s Disney villain laugh, don’t ask me why, but that was so sexy
• Maurice singing
• Gaston and LeFou = dream duo
• Gaston actually being nice in the beginning
• Belle actually trying to escape
• Getting to know about Belle’s and the Prince’s childhood
• Days in the Sun, it made me cry
• Everything about the ballroom scene
• LeFou’s character developement
• The look on the Prince’s face after the transformation - you can SEE how much he loves Belle and that made me melt
• The whole ending scene
• The dance at the end
• Belle’s and the Prince’s outifts in the end
• Especially the Prince’s, like did you see how beautiful that blue outfit was???
• The GROWL!!!
• The whole cast
• The whole soundtrack

Let’s just say I loved nearly everything about it. Gonna watch it again tomorrow.

I still can’t believe I was Straight™ for like fourteen years, I look back on it and just ??? How??? Child, did you never see a girl? And nonbinary folks are like legit ethereal deities, how did you survive not knowing you were pansexual how

Anon: Did you see the predatory glance Kook gave Jimin while they were watching rainism at the GDA? The part where he wiped his fingers across his chin. And then I think Jimin said something to him afterword with his hand covering his mouth? Wow I’ve been ruined by Kook/min.   

You and me both, Anon. I am lowkey convinced that Rainism is some sort of elaborate mating dance that JK puts on to attract Jimin’s interests. Observe:

1. JK grabs his mate’s attention by going FULL HAM.

2: The Killing Blow = Patented K-pop “thumb-to-lips” move + The Look. His mate is thoroughly impressed. So is that dude in the back.

3: He totally got laid that night.

But really, I love how Jimin melts at JK’s antics. You can see the adoration in Jimin’s eyes, the way he can’t stop his whole face from lighting up. He has to literally hide his mouth behind his hand because his smile is so big. And the worst part is that Jungkook knows that it works. That smug little(?).. Ugh, my chest aches at how cute these two are.

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the hosts + cuddling and how they kiss headcanons? tyvm!! 💟💟

Hello! can you please do a thing of how the Hosts kiss? That would melt my heart! Your writing is amazing!!

Can you please do an imaginecof the hosts and what their kisses are like? Thanks

Thank you so much! The cuddling gif version can be found here, and the text version here. The gif version of the Hosts’ kisses can be found here. I hope you like it!

Tamaki: Every kiss was a smile. Before his lips even met yours they would curve up in anticipation of what was about to be. Tamaki’s lips are soft, and every time they touch yours you can’t help but be surprised. The memories are never as good as the actual thing. His touch was tender and gentle, brushing his lips against yours like they were rose petals that he was afraid to break. He left the intensity of the kiss up to you, letting your passion set the boundaries for his love. His hands cradle your face, tilting your chin to meet his advances. His touch was just as gentle as his kiss.

Kyoya: One look at his eyes was enough to send shivers down your spine. His gaze traced your lips, and you almost swore that you saw the memory of past kisses within his eyes’ depths. His lips meet yours slowly, a soft peck before pausing to judge your reaction. The first few times he kissed you he asked your permission, but now he took your more silent cues. His lips are tense against yours, but gentle. His kiss is like a waltz, his lips guiding yours to the different steps to the beat of your heart. Kyoya is incredibly tuned in to how your body reacts to different aspects of him, and he would never do anything that made you uncomfortable. His hands never stay in one place too long. Tracing your jawline, holding your hand, or caressing the nape of your neck; they are all motions he has made within seconds of each other. No matter how many times you have kissed before, he is still worried that his touch might make you uncomfortable.

Hikaru: Hikaru isn’t the best with words, something that he willing admits to you on every occasion where he tries to explain his heart. Luckily, his kiss is much better at communicating his feelings. When his lips meet yours everything feels rushed, as if he can never get enough. The force he uses when he kisses you with his slightly capped lips isn’t enough to bruise, but you’d be lying if you said it didn’t feel like it sometimes. His need for you is like a wild fire that drives him forward, the frustration he feels about not being able to communicate his feelings verbally takes form in his kiss. His hand wraps around the back of your head, his fingers winding into your hair. When he pulls back you are left panting, his kiss is like running the best marathon of your life. It is tiring but you can’t wait until you can do it again.

Kaoru: Your kisses to him are like water to a thirsty man. One of his hands rests under your jaw, pulling you towards him eagerly. Most of his kisses are controlled, a sweet peck on your lips. Sometimes though, you can feel his smirk against your lips as he nibbles on your bottom lip. The force behind his kiss when he’s like that is unlike anything you’ve ever felt. He brings you so close you can feel his heart beat as if were within your own chest. It’s time like this you wonder if he knows what he does to you, and you always find your answer in his smile when he pulls away. He knows.

Mori: His eyes stare deep into your own until you can feel his breath on your lips. Gently he paces his lips against your, placing one hand on the side of your face. His kiss is slow, languid. Takashi is so careful not to push you in anyway, be it physically in order to avoid actually harming you, or mentally. Your comfort and enjoyment is so much more important to him than his own all consuming love for you. With the hand not cradling your face, he’ll wrap it around your waist, a touch so light that it feels more like a memory. Takashi shies away from many forms of public displays of affection, so when he kisses you it will always be in private. Something that makes a sweet, innocent kiss like this so much more intimate.

Hani: His kiss is messy, unkempt and desperate. There is no warning as he pulls you toward him, pressing his lips hurriedly to yours. You could almost swear that he energy that flows through his body becomes a tangible thing as it floods your bloodstream. You can feel the electricity run from your fingertips to your heart where the shock is almost too much for you to hide. His arms wrap tightly around you, holding your body flush against his. 

Haruhi: Her kiss is calm, relaxed. The speed of the kiss is in complete juxtaposition with the speed at which both of your hearts beat. Her hands hold yours tightly by your side. Slowly she releases her grip on one to trail it up to your face, running her thumb over your cheekbone. She pulls away just as languidly as she kept the pace of your kiss. A smile pulled up the corners of her lips, her happiness shone obviously in her eyes. Her hand still lingers on your face, just like the tingling memory of the kiss you just shared.


I am sorry, but I have fallen for less smooth lines in my lifetime. How is it possible for Bunny to still be on his feet?

this video that Zoe Saldana posted with her hubby playing with the twins and the little (chubby) newest addition to the family watching them is the cutest thing ever and put a smile on my face after an extremely bad week. =)

a bunny hopping in to show off his murse… (〃ノωノ) 


Let’s keep streaming the MV and give the boys as many wins as possible! Here are some tips:

🐥  You can run a playlist of Never Ever so that the MV automatically reloads when it reaches the end. This way, you can have it playing in the background and you don’t have to refresh the page every time the song ends

🐥   No matter how much you love a song, your brain can start to melt a bit if you listen to it too much! You can always mute the video but still have it running in the background

🐥   If your computer is old and tired like mine, it might start to slow down/overheat if there is a video constantly runnning in the background. Lowering the quality of the video to 144p can help with this

The boys and their team at JYP deserve so much. Let’s help them all that we can!

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Hi. Just wanted to let you know, your tag rant about Ten being a good boyfriend is awesome and I agree with every word.

Thanks! I mean… look at him.

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From the start–absolutely smitten with Rose Tyler. 

And then…

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He takes care of her. (I wish there was a gif of the next moment, when you can see his face and how all the concern melts away when she says she’s okay.)

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He has fun with her.

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The thought of losing her makes him tear up.

(Skipping GITF because I refuse to base character meta on the most out of character episode ever.)

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He can’t say no to her when she smiles at him like this.

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-no caption necessary-

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His fury when her face is taken, and his relieved joy when it’s restored

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They laughed together earlier at the idea of leaving, and now they’re comforting each other at the idea of being stuck. They’re partners.

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See? Partners. He’s doing his part, and he trusts her 100% to do hers.

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When she’s upset, he steps out of the way and lets her take care of things. (Well, after tracking down Elton just because Rose asked/Jackie was upset… then he lets her do the talking.)

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Let’s just say he’s a sapiosexual, and she’s being very clever. What do you think is happening in this scene?

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He asked her to stay with him forever–before, he’d just told her she could, but now he wants a commitment. 

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Losing her devastated him, just as much as losing him devastated her.

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And not finishing his sentence probably hurt him more than it hurt her.

I’m not saying he’s perfect, because he’s not. And I’m not saying that simply being attracted to her (like in the Fear Her gif) means he’d be a good romantic partner. 

But I look at the preponderance of evidence here–he adores her, he’s protective of her, he knows she brings out the best part of himself, he treats her like a partner, he trusts her to take care of herself, he believes in her, and he was willing to make a commitment to her–and I’m not sure where the idea that Ten would be a lousy, or even constantly fumbling, boyfriend comes from. 

Well. I think part of it comes from GITF, but as I said, I refuse to base meta on that episode. I know other shippers approach it from the angle of wanting to find a way to make it fit into what else we see of his character, but here’s my reasoning for not doing that. Let’s say I have 40 pictures of my cat where her eyes are blue, but one picture where they look green. It makes more sense to me to discard that as a bad picture–the lightning was off or something–than to find a way to explain the discrepancy. Now, if it were more evenly split, then maybe I would wonder if there were certain situations that made her eyes look green. 

And if the Doctor regularly treated his companions–regularly treated Rose–the way he does in GITF, I’d want an explanation. Even if it were say, 5-8 episodes out of Ten’s run. Heck, if there were one non-Moffat written episode where he demonstrated the same lack of care for his companions, or lack of interest in Rose, I’d be more interested in reconciling that. But this comes from a source that most Doctor/Rose shippers believe to be a poor authority on character and relationships… so I’m not going to expend the energy, or skew my view of the ship to fit what happens in that episode.  

I’m an author, so I understand that fiction needs tension and conflict to work. But I’m not a fan of stories where the conflict boils down to, “the Doctor is a jerk.” Insecure, uncertain, afraid to lose Rose–yes. But overall, he’s a good man who is head over heels in love with Rose Tyler. He’s not going to treat her like crap… and beyond that, she wouldn’t let him. 


Hershey’s Hugs and Candy Canes. Fresh peppermint swirled with white and milk chocolate.

Salt And Peppermint Bark is a solid scrub and a shower gel. It has exfoliation as well as cleansing ingredients, a great all-in-one. Depending on how sensitive your skin is (especially to sea salt), this bar can be either very abrasive or quite gentle. If S&PB is too harsh for you, all you need is a lighter touch and more water. If, like I, you find the exfoliation to be barely-there, rub onto drier skin and apply more pressure. The bar as a whole melts fairly quickly in my opinion, only getting about 10-ish uses. However, depending on how you store and use it, S&PB can melt slower or quicker.

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Dear beautifulthieveries.. :)

Dear beautifulthieveries,
Mere words can’t suffice to how much you melt our very beings. You are beautiful as your words are. You are a thief that steals hearts of others. Words are your weapons of love. They inspire and break us at the same time.

So I saw this today and it gave me an idea

Shhhhhhhh, he’s okay now…….