how can you not melt

have you ever taken the time to really look into this face, though

Things I LOVED about BatB 2017:

• The Prince’s make-up in the beginning, like hot DAMN
• The Prince’s Disney villain laugh, don’t ask me why, but that was so sexy
• Maurice singing
• Gaston and LeFou = dream duo
• Gaston actually being nice in the beginning
• Belle actually trying to escape
• Getting to know about Belle’s and the Prince’s childhood
• Days in the Sun, it made me cry
• Everything about the ballroom scene
• LeFou’s character developement
• The look on the Prince’s face after the transformation - you can SEE how much he loves Belle and that made me melt
• The whole ending scene
• The dance at the end
• Belle’s and the Prince’s outifts in the end
• Especially the Prince’s, like did you see how beautiful that blue outfit was???
• The GROWL!!!
• The whole cast
• The whole soundtrack

Let’s just say I loved nearly everything about it. Gonna watch it again tomorrow.

I still can’t believe I was Straight™ for like fourteen years, I look back on it and just ??? How??? Child, did you never see a girl? And nonbinary folks are like legit ethereal deities, how did you survive not knowing you were pansexual how


Request: “can i request a draco fic where you move to hogwarts from another wizarding school in like year 10 (10th grade idk how you might say it) and you come from a really well known Gryffindoor family, you know the Weasleys, but get sorted into Slytherin and everyones really shocked and you become friends with Harry and Hermione (you already knew Ron) but you have a secret fling with Draco and it somehow gets revealed and backlash from Pansy and Harry, Ron and Hermione of course. Thanks so much xxx”

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 2216

Warnings: implied SMUT boiiiiiiiiiii also i feel like this fic is v incoherent and messy but i hope u guys enjoy it anyway hehe

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You were green in a sea of red. Since your first day at Hogwarts, you had felt misplaced. There had been many hushed meetings with the sorting hat, with Dumbledore too. You asked and asked until you had more questions than you had started off with. Your Father’s side of the family, all Gryffindors, and your Mother’s side all American Thunderbirds. Neither pointed towards the outcome that occurred the day you arrived at Hogwarts, the same week you had returned to the UK to live with your father.


And yet, you felt shunned by them. Your last name carried deep significance to all Gryffindors, the name engraved in many trophies and plaques. The day you joined the cunning house of Slytherin was the only time you sat at your table, for even though you now wore the green robes, the only people who you felt at home with were the brave ones; the lions. You were a snake amongst strong beasts, and it really showed. That was, until you met a young blonde boy who helped you understand where you belonged.

You had met him on your first day, his eyes quick and calculating as you walked down the hallway, surrounded by your new supportive Gryffindor friends.

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Dating Jooheon Would Include

“Okay so i saw that the request were open and ,, could you please do on of those ” Dating would include ” with Jooheon? ((imsorryimveryawkwardatthese))”

OKAY !! his blonde hair and contacts are not something i needed -  i feel threatened w o w .

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2 A.M

Daveed Diggs x Reader 

Note: I loved this request and the minute I read it, I knew I couldn’t wait to write it. So here it is, I made it a college au because that photo of Daveed in college being all adorable is still stuck in my brain and this just feels like it fits well with a couple of college students you know? Anyway, I hope you like it and please tell me what you think!

Request: Request: It’s 2 am, and Daveed and the Reader are just listening to music on the couch (Like Prince, FKA Twigs, or whatever in that mood style) and they get in the mood and cuddle and make-out and talk about deep stuff, and gives her a promise ring?

Warnings: this is just fluff with a touch of making out

Word Count: 1,400

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Daveed’s deep sigh is drowned out as you drop the needle onto your old scratched up copy of Purple Rain. The record had originally belonged to your mom, having bought it the day it came out, and after finding it buried in the back of a cupboard the last time you went home you brought it back to school with you.

The first song on the album begins and the sound feels so familiar, so much like home.

“I don’t know why you still listen to records, they scratch so easily you hardly get to hear the music,” he says.

He’s leaning back against your pillows, his arms behind his head, looking much too comfortable for your liking.

“And then halfway through you have to turn it over for the second half of the songs” he continues when you don’t respond.

“Says the guy who bought me records for my last birthday,” you point out.

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Sigils and How to Use Them:  -  (A Master Post)

This post isn’t about creating sigils but, rather what they are and how to use them to their fullest potential. A Sigil is a symbol, but not just any ordinary symbol. They are sigils that are created with intention, will, and magic. They are vessels that carry your intentions- a means of making them manifest. There are three very distinct views on this matter: Instant, Passive, and Active.I personally believe all are correct. However, one method may be more suitable for certain Sigils than the others.

Please note:

 It is very important that, while you are drawing the Sigil, you are present and mindfully putting the right intention into it. 

If you are totally new, here are some examples of some Sigils that I have made:

Sigil Activation:

Sigils are activated upon creation but can be further powered using any of the following three methods. If you have a book made specifically for Sigils, (especially if you create or keep Sigils for cursing) be sure to create or draw Sigils on the front and back covers that will cancel the effects of all other sigils within the book. 

Instant Sigils:

This method is a One-Shot-Johnny. It is the strongest in terms of manifestation. However, the effects are very short-lived. This method involves destroying the Sigil. Once the Sigil is destroyed its power is at 150% but decreases back to 0% at an exponential rate. Depending on the caster, it could last up to two days. 
I use this method to amplify my spells and intentions. 

Here’s how it works:

Take a Sigil, let’s say one for empowering intentions, and draw it onto a piece of paper. 
Charge the Sigil. You can do this is sooooooo many ways. ‘pray’ to it, masturbate to it, set crystals on it, leave it in the moonlight, etc.
Then, once you have set your spell and have started the ritual, burn the Sigil. You are not limited in how you can destroy the Sigil! You can burn, tear, shred, melt, smudge, or soak them (If drawn in water-based ink). The effects will be manifest immediately. 

Passive Sigils:

In this form of Sigilwork, Sigils will only manifest while they aren’t remembered. The moment that they are remembered, they lose their effect, or it becomes very weak.  

Here’s how it works:

Take a Sigil, let’s say one for positivity, and draw it on a piece of paper.
Then charge the Sigil. 
Then, place the Sigil in a place which no one will find or see it, not even yourself.
The Sigil will really start working its magic once you have entirely forgotten about it. 

Active Sigils:

Active sigils are powered by remembering them and feeding them intention.
Here’s how it works:

Take a Sigil, let’s say one for protection from negative energy, and draw it on your skin, a piece of paper, or a miscellaneous object you keep on you. Then you would rub or ‘pray’ to the Sigil whenever you needed it, pouring the intention of protection into it as you did so. This strengthens the Sigil and causes a more direct manifestation at the same time. You can charge these Sigils the same as Passive Sigils.

Sigils in Spellcraft:

As I had mentioned above, I use sigils to amplify my focus or intentions. 
There are other ways to use them in spells. You could even make a spell entirely from Sigils. 

Here are some examples of some smaller spells that involve Sigils:
A Raven’s Breath
Snap Magic

In larger spells, you can create Spell Circles- or incorporate Sigils into Sacred Circles. Below is an example of a Spell Circle.

In the center of the circle is the Sigil that acts as the root for the entire spell. This Sigil is basically like the subject of a sentence. Whereas the symbols on the ring of the circle are the actions. 

You can create Spell Circles of your own!
Step 1: Draw a circle
Step 2: Draw a Sigil inside that circle.
Step 3: Write the specified implementation of said Sigil around the perimeter of that circle. The language doesn’t matter- as long as it boosts your headspace.
(I created my own language/cipher/cryptograph for my GreyGrimoire so that peering eyes wouldn’t be able to read it.)
Step 4: Create the rest of the spell around the Spell Circle. (Whether you’re making a spell bottle, or enchanting and Item or casting a curse. Just gather your materials and build correspondences.)
Step 5: Cast that mamma jamma!

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask me or another blog! Remember, everyone’s craft is different- These are beliefs from my craft. Though, I try to be as respectful as possible to other crafts.  


A friend of mine wrote this to/about me, telling me to make sure to find a girl who felt this way about me. It’s honestly one of the most beautiful things I have ever read.

“It was like you stole the air from my lungs and turned it into glitter. It was like suddenly I was a bird and the weight was removed from my wings and she was the wind pushing me higher and higher. She makes the best parts of me glow and makes me forget i’m full of trouble. She reminds me that I can talk about hell, I’ve been there, yet somehow she’s still here with open palms and a brightness that shines brighter than the moon. Open palms as I tell her how all the hard things of the world melt under the beating sun and how Soft things freeze in the cold. How I am both, how I cycle. How I am both frozen and now I’ve melted. She melts me when she takes me in her open palms. She reshapes me. She takes my jagged edges and makes them soft again. And her? She hasn’t let the world turn her cold, she is not jagged, nor smooth, she is real. She’s real, but unbelievable, how does something like her exist? You reach out your fingertips to see what it is like to feel sunshine radiate from a human and you begin to radiate light. She feeds me with her light so that I am too ablaze.

I have a mouth that never stops wanting and a hunger that is never satiated. How can you get enough of her? Warm enough to melt the iciest parts of your soul and brighter than the moon. She is a moon girl. A moon girl full of craters where people attempted to take the best pieces of her when they left. Foolish people. They will have pieces of her, but the moon only radiates because of the sun. She is both and they only took one. They have pieces of her that only resemble rocks when they show those pieces off like treasure. I desire to show her off as all that she is. She shines the brightest in the dark. And her bruises even the ones you cannot see, the ones she hides? they reside on the other side of the moon. Together our bruises will be like a map. We will adventure. We never belonged to paths in the garden. We belonged to paths in the jungles where only her light could take us through.”

- @the-homie-sexual

Two Men, Three Angels, And A Baby, part 7

Part 6

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Sam brought the large box into the living room.


“You know what this is, Y/N?” Sam asked, smiling down at you in the playpen. He opened the box and pulled out one of the branches of the artificial tree. “What is this?” he asked, handing it to you.

You took the branch, studying it. When your eyes couldn’t solve the puzzle, the branch headed for your mouth.

“No, no,” Sam said, taking the branch from you. “Not for eating.”

You blew a raspberry at Sam—how dare he hand you something you couldn’t chew on?

“What’re you doing?” Dean asked, walking into the living room.

“Good, you’re here. I need you to help me put up this tree.”

“Seriously? You’re doing the whole Christmas thing?”

“Why wouldn’t we? Besides, Y/N got this tree for us two years ago. It’s not like it’s a new thing.”

Dean rolled his eyes. “Well, yeah, but Christmas was always her thing. I figured since she’s… you know… we wouldn’t do it.”

“Come on, Dean. You know if we don’t, we won’t hear the end of it when she changes back. Besides, look at her.”

Dean looked down and you smiled up at him, something that in your small stature nearly melted his heart.

“How can you say ‘no’ to that face?” Sam asked.

“I hate you,” Dean said to his brother.

Sam smiled, pulling the base of the tree out of the box.


“So,” Dean said as the three of you looked at the fully decorated tree in wonder. “What sort of presents are you getting her?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, are you getting her ‘adult’ presents or ‘baby’ presents?”

Sam hadn’t really thought about that. Part of him hoped that maybe there would be some ‘Christmas miracle’ and you would return to normal by Christmas day. If that was the case, baby toys wouldn’t cut it. But if the miracle didn’t happen… there wasn’t much you could do with anything else.

Including that little ring Sam had tucked away in his bedside table.

“What do you want for Christmas, Y/N?” Sam asked, tickling you gently on your ribs, earning a giggle from you.

“You gonna take her to get her picture with the big man?”



Sam scoffed. “I don’t think so. If we did that, she’d kill me when she got back to normal.”

Dean picked at the label on his beer bottle. “When do you think that’s going to be?”

Sam shifted slightly. “I… don’t know. But I know it will happen. Cas and Gabe and Lucifer won’t let us down.”

At that moment, Castiel appeared in the living room. He looked at the tree questioningly.

“Why is there an evergreen in the bunker?”

“It’s a Christmas tree, Cas,” Dean said.

“Ah, yes. Of course. The strange symbol used to represent the Savior’s birth, although his birth wasn’t until the Spring….”

“We get it, Cas. You’re close with God. You know all the untruths of the Bible.”

Cas scowled at Dean, but his scowl disappeared when he saw you reaching up for him. Sam handed you off to him with a smile.

“Hello, Y/N.”

“Ah?” You pointed towards the tree.

“You want to look at the tree?” Cas asked, stepping toward the tree. You reached out and carefully touched one of the ornaments, intrigued by the mirror effect. You looked up and noticed the angel on the top.

“Ah?” You pointed at the tree topper, then to Cas.

“Yes, Y/N,” Cas said with a smile. “That’s an angel.”


Sam ended up buying you a mix of adult and kid presents for Christmas. He wrapped them all up: adult presents in snowmen paper, kid presents in reindeer paper.

All too soon, Christmas Eve arrived. After your bath, Sam dressed you in red and white stripped pajamas before taking you into the living room where his brother and Cas were waiting. The angel had approached the Winchesters a few days ago about the possibility of spending the evening with you.

“I found these books,” he said. “I think Y/N would appreciate them. If you would allow me, I would like to read them to her.”

Sam sat you in Cas’ lap before sitting next to his brother. Cas opened the first book, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. The brothers enjoyed listening to Cas’ deep voice tell the story of the underdog reindeer with the glowing nose; you looked at the pictures with wide eyes.

When Cas moved into the second book, Frosty the Snowman, Sam went into the kitchen to prepare your nighttime bottle. He handed it to Cas who managed to slip the nipple into your mouth and still hold open the third and final book, The Night Before Christmas.

Your eyes slipped closed as Santa flew off, wishing all a goodnight. Sam carefully took you from the angel, thanking Cas for the stories.

“I know she loved them,” Sam said.

“Thank you for letting me read them to her. The stories were actually very interesting.”

Sam took you down the hall to his room, keeping the light low. He looked down at you, curled in his arms, sound asleep. He desperately wished you were back to normal, but his heart couldn’t help but flutter when he looked at you. He pressed a kiss to your head, smelling your baby shampoo.

“Goodnight, Y/N,” he whispered, laying you down in the crib. “I love you.”


The next morning, Sam woke up early. Something about the Christmas spirit could do that to him. He rolled over and saw you staring at him with big, wide-awake eyes.

“Good morning, Y/N!” he said with a smile. “What are you doing awake?”


“Oh, are you excited for Christmas? Is that it?” Sam stood and picked you up, pressing a kiss to your cheek. He quickly changed your diaper and grabbed a small Santa hat from his dresser. He plopped it on your head before heading down the hall.

Stepping into the living room, he saw the tree was already lit up; the air smelled of coffee.

“Good, you’re up. I was wondering if you were going to sleep the day away,” Dean said, stepping into the room. Two mugs of coffee were in his hands.

“What are you doing up?”

Dean shrugged, trying to hide his smile with his coffee cup. “Couldn’t sleep, I guess.”


Sam handed you off to Dean as he pulled your presents from under the tree. The three of you sat on the floor, surrounded by gifts. The brothers watched as your tiny fingers ripped the paper away. Each new book and toy earned a squeal of excitement from you which warmed Sam’s heart. Sure, he wished you were your adult self; no, he hadn’t been able to give you the engagement ring like he’d wanted to.

But it was still the best Christmas the brothers had had for a while.

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the hosts + cuddling and how they kiss headcanons? tyvm!! 💟💟

Hello! can you please do a thing of how the Hosts kiss? That would melt my heart! Your writing is amazing!!

Can you please do an imaginecof the hosts and what their kisses are like? Thanks

Thank you so much! The cuddling gif version can be found here, and the text version here. The gif version of the Hosts’ kisses can be found here. I hope you like it!

Tamaki: Every kiss was a smile. Before his lips even met yours they would curve up in anticipation of what was about to be. Tamaki’s lips are soft, and every time they touch yours you can’t help but be surprised. The memories are never as good as the actual thing. His touch was tender and gentle, brushing his lips against yours like they were rose petals that he was afraid to break. He left the intensity of the kiss up to you, letting your passion set the boundaries for his love. His hands cradle your face, tilting your chin to meet his advances. His touch was just as gentle as his kiss.

Kyoya: One look at his eyes was enough to send shivers down your spine. His gaze traced your lips, and you almost swore that you saw the memory of past kisses within his eyes’ depths. His lips meet yours slowly, a soft peck before pausing to judge your reaction. The first few times he kissed you he asked your permission, but now he took your more silent cues. His lips are tense against yours, but gentle. His kiss is like a waltz, his lips guiding yours to the different steps to the beat of your heart. Kyoya is incredibly tuned in to how your body reacts to different aspects of him, and he would never do anything that made you uncomfortable. His hands never stay in one place too long. Tracing your jawline, holding your hand, or caressing the nape of your neck; they are all motions he has made within seconds of each other. No matter how many times you have kissed before, he is still worried that his touch might make you uncomfortable.

Hikaru: Hikaru isn’t the best with words, something that he willing admits to you on every occasion where he tries to explain his heart. Luckily, his kiss is much better at communicating his feelings. When his lips meet yours everything feels rushed, as if he can never get enough. The force he uses when he kisses you with his slightly capped lips isn’t enough to bruise, but you’d be lying if you said it didn’t feel like it sometimes. His need for you is like a wild fire that drives him forward, the frustration he feels about not being able to communicate his feelings verbally takes form in his kiss. His hand wraps around the back of your head, his fingers winding into your hair. When he pulls back you are left panting, his kiss is like running the best marathon of your life. It is tiring but you can’t wait until you can do it again.

Kaoru: Your kisses to him are like water to a thirsty man. One of his hands rests under your jaw, pulling you towards him eagerly. Most of his kisses are controlled, a sweet peck on your lips. Sometimes though, you can feel his smirk against your lips as he nibbles on your bottom lip. The force behind his kiss when he’s like that is unlike anything you’ve ever felt. He brings you so close you can feel his heart beat as if were within your own chest. It’s time like this you wonder if he knows what he does to you, and you always find your answer in his smile when he pulls away. He knows.

Mori: His eyes stare deep into your own until you can feel his breath on your lips. Gently he paces his lips against your, placing one hand on the side of your face. His kiss is slow, languid. Takashi is so careful not to push you in anyway, be it physically in order to avoid actually harming you, or mentally. Your comfort and enjoyment is so much more important to him than his own all consuming love for you. With the hand not cradling your face, he’ll wrap it around your waist, a touch so light that it feels more like a memory. Takashi shies away from many forms of public displays of affection, so when he kisses you it will always be in private. Something that makes a sweet, innocent kiss like this so much more intimate.

Hani: His kiss is messy, unkempt and desperate. There is no warning as he pulls you toward him, pressing his lips hurriedly to yours. You could almost swear that he energy that flows through his body becomes a tangible thing as it floods your bloodstream. You can feel the electricity run from your fingertips to your heart where the shock is almost too much for you to hide. His arms wrap tightly around you, holding your body flush against his. 

Haruhi: Her kiss is calm, relaxed. The speed of the kiss is in complete juxtaposition with the speed at which both of your hearts beat. Her hands hold yours tightly by your side. Slowly she releases her grip on one to trail it up to your face, running her thumb over your cheekbone. She pulls away just as languidly as she kept the pace of your kiss. A smile pulled up the corners of her lips, her happiness shone obviously in her eyes. Her hand still lingers on your face, just like the tingling memory of the kiss you just shared.

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Hello Peach! Could please request RID15 Grimlock, TFP Breakdown, Soundwave and Smokescreen and MTMTE Brainstorm reacting to bot! S/O taking them by the servo and reciting everything they love about them, kissing them in between every sentence? Thank you! (Hope you land the job as well! ^.^)

GOOD SHIT (also thank you!!) 

Grimlock RID2015

He’s a complete giggly mess, he can barely function. He’s so used to being put down, and now the love of his life is praising everything about him? He’s a complete mess. He almost faints when you finally kiss your way up to his cheek and say ‘and that’s why I love you!’. Once he collects himself a bit, he picks you and spins you around, babbling about all the things he loves about you. Good luck getting anything done that day, he just wants to cuddle and kiss you now

Breakdown TFP

He’s not used to displays of affection like that, so he doesn’t really know what to do with himself while you praise and kiss him. He might look a bit stiff at first, but that’s only because he feels awkward, not because he isn’t enjoying it. Once you’re finished, he laughs and stammers for a minute before saying ‘wow’. After giving you a thank you kiss, he admits that he really doesn’t know how to respond to that, but in his head he’s thinking of ways he can return the favor 

Soundwave TFP

He’s not very good at expressing emotion, so don’t expect a lot of reaction as you pour your heart out. You’ll definitely have his full attention, and you might get a head tilt mixed in, but mostly he’d just stare while you spoke. Once you were finished, he would gently pull you close and rest his helm against yours, simply enjoying the feeling. He might have recorded what you said too… 

Smokescreen TFP

The poor boy, he’s already a puddle on the floor by the first kiss. He barely knows what to do with himself, at first he’d just giggle and add little exclamations in (usually ‘oh wow’ or ‘oh primus’), but near the end when he realizes just how special he is to you, he melts. All he can really do is stare at you with stars in his eyes, and when you finish by pulling him into a dip and kissing him, he’s stuck in a love struck haze for the rest of the day (the rest of the team will have to wave a hand in front of his face to get his attention rip) 

Brainstorm MTMTE

He’s more affection starved then he lets on, so he enjoys every second of the attention. At first he tries to be cocky about it, responding to compliments with ‘I know’ or ‘oh how nice of you to notice!’ but once you start kissing him in between speaking and getting more and more sincere, he stops. He suddenly looks and feels incredibly vulnerable, and the only thing he can think to do is stay quiet and listen. Once you finish, he pulls you into a tight hug and quietly asks if you really meant all that. He feels like he might break down when you say yes, but instead he lets out a shaky laugh and takes off his faceplate to kiss you 

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Thank u for those sweet gifs, u r the best!! It makes me so happy to see that Jensen's touch really does have that make-you-feel-good effect on Jared, beyond the jokes and bad cover ups. I think we get to glimpse the real thing also because Jensen touches him so rarely at cons, so sometimes Jared's caught a bit unaware, but Jensen? Can u think of any time where his mask slips because of Jared's touch? And I mean something Jared initiated -Italian Anon

Hello again, dear Italian Anon!

Thank you for your sweet words. Can I start by rectifying a terrible overlook on my part? You wanted to see Jensen touching Jared’s hair and I didn’t think to add this very significant moment on the list.

This was during JibCon16, as you probably know very well. Being Italian, perhaps you were there to see it? To recap the moment very shortly, Jared apologized for not attending the previous year (due to his breakdown), Jensen wrapped him in a protective hug and touched his hair. I’m thinking he knew exactly what his boy needed at that moment to comfort him. From another angle you can clearly see how Jared closes his eyes and just melts into Jensen’s arms.

Originally posted by jaredbottoms

Ahh, back in the day! Jensen looks absolutely giddy when his cute puppy of a boyfriend surprises him with a sweet hug and a pat on the head. These are the Heart Eyes™ we all know and love. 

I am not exactly sure where this is from. If someone knows the photographer, please let me know so I can credit. In any case, Jensen’s expression looks so soft and content that I can’t pass up the opportunity to bring this up. This is how I imagine him to react to Jared’s touches behind closed doors.

(Credit: Marie610) This little hug from Asylum 6 looks like it’s making Jensen feel a little dizzy. No wonder, Jared undoubtedly gives great hugs!

Originally posted by darlingcap

I can’t not mention this classic. This gif is so well made! We see Jensen’s initial heart eyes before he pulls back with a small smile and turns to watch his boy go. Sometimes I truly wonder what Jared’s intentions were here - did he want to really kiss Jensen right there? He came in sporting a solemn expression, made a kissy face, gave him an out that Jensen took and took off laughing.

(Source: Fangasm) This is Jensen after he discovers Jared’s hand is hovering over his chest but before Jared pinches his nipple. I guess that was taking things a little too far. ;) This happened in Dallascon 2016.

Oh my… I think this got a little long. Italian Anon, you always have the most interesting questions! Thank you for throwing me a message. I hope your Monday was alright and Tuesday is even better!


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You felt his glare boring into the back of your head. Your clenched fists were covered by the ends of your sweater as you chewed on your lip and continuously glanced up at the clock, your leg shaking slightly. 

As the bell rung, you quickly packed your bag and threw the strap over your shoulder, making your way out– after shooting Jungkook a quick glance of curiosity. 

He was sitting there, tapping his pencil against his lips as his eyes followed your every move, how your hands smoothly packed each book into your bag, how you licked your pink lips that were slightly swollen from being nibbled at, and how your eyes– oh, how he loved seeing them– took a quick glance to his own dull pair. 

After watching you dash out of the classroom, he sighed and slowly looked around, watching as everyone left, leaving him alone. He let out another sigh before slowly standing up, hissing slightly at how painful his hip was. He quickly sat back down and gripped the side, wrinkling his nose in discomfort.

You, on the other hand, stood in front of your locker and slowly placed your textbooks in them, blowing your hair out of your face as your thoughts wondered to him. Jungkook, the boy who had always been quiet, anti-social, and had a cold aura around him– but had always been nice to you, even though all of his actions require less to no talking. 

You smiled a bit, shaking your head when you thought to the one time you caught him staring at you with his lips slightly parted and his cheeks slightly rosy with his hair a mess due to the summer heat and warm wind blowing towards him. 

You were an amazing athlete, especially good with sports in the summer. You remember after winning the game and hugging your friends in happiness, before your eyes wandered through the crowd before they landed onto a slightly-isolated boy with brown, fluffy hair and a single piercing on each of his ears, along with round eyes that bore into yours. 

Reaching into your bag, you frowned and looked down, widening your eyes as you forgot your last textbook. You groaned mentally. You zipped your bag back up before jogging to the classroom again, opening the door and freezing at the sight. 

Jungkook slowly looked up, his eyes immediately flashing in recognition before gulping and blinking twice. 

You opened your mouth slightly and cleared your throat, looking away, “Is there a reason why your shirt is off?” 

Jungkook stayed silent, making you glance over at him, whom had his head down and his hands on his hip and shoulder. 

“They’re bruised and possibly strained,” He quietly spoke, slowly looking up and staring at you. 

You blinked and slowly took a few steps closer, “I… I have some medicine and… You see, you can use them–” 

Jungkook grunted a bit, nodding immediately, “Can I?” 

You nodded, putting your bag on a desk and rummaging to find the small emergency kit you had. You grabbed it and opened it up, taking the familiar medicine and patches that you have used plenty of times. 

You looked at Jungkook and slowly bent down to look up at him. 

“I can help you put them on,” You spoke quietly, peeling the patching and removing his hands and replacing them with the patches, making his breath hitch slightly. 

You glanced up and went red when he was staring at you right in your eyes and his nose almost touching yours. You slowly backed up and cleared your throat, laughing awkwardly before putting the extra materials away, glancing over when he slowly tried to put his shirt back on. 

“Jungkook, I hope you–” 

“Your eyes are like stars.” 

You stopped your actions and looked over at him, your eyes blinking in surprise. 

Jungkook stared at you and smiled softly, making you widen your eyes slightly. 

Slowly standing up, he let out a quiet huff before slowly walking towards you, making you look up at him with wide eyes. 

He stared into your eyes– again, his hand slowly going up and moving a strand of hair away before mumbling, “they sparkle. It’s pretty.” 

You blinked rapidly, cheeks going red again before looking away shyly, making him chuckle a bit. 

“Thanks, Y/N…” He started speaking again, quietly, “see you tomorrow.” 

Walking out of the classroom, Jungkook sighed quietly and smiled a bit, cocking his head to a side before walking. You gulped and bit your lip slightly before taking your bag and taking long strides to catch up to him, making him widen his eyes slightly in surprise, but a small, amusing smile played on his lips. 

“Wait– Can I ask… Can I ask how you got hurt?” You worriedly spoke, making his smile melt but a soft look overtook his face. 

He stopped walking, making you stop as well. You stared up at him as he ran his fingers through his hair, breathing out softly, “because of soccer.” 

You blinked rapidly, “you play soccer? When–” 

Chuckling, he tilted his head to the side slightly, staring at you with a warm expression, “I want to be a star too.” 

You furrowed your brows slightly, “soccer star? Jungkook–” 

“You’re a star, Y/N,” Jungkook spoke softly, making you stare at him with wide eyes that he loved looking into. 

“Your eyes are like stars.”

“They sparkle. It’s pretty.”

“You’re a star, Y/N.”