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FIC REC’S OF 2017 part 9 ( november)

We’re starting to get to the Christmas/Holiday season and I, for one, am sooo excited! I wanted to write “I loved this” at the end of each of these fics, so I’m just going to say it here now. I loved all of these. :D Happy reading!

You Love Me, If You Love Me Don’t Let Go by @shadowofyoursong / ao3 (98k) CHAPTERED 

His name is up there. He’s the only Harry in this group. His eyes land on Louis, who swallows thickly. He gives Harry a small smile, brows raised a little. Harry is not dancing a solo. He’s dancing with the boy, who he never remembers. How the hell can he ever get anyone’s attention, when he doesn’t have any connection with this guy.

Or the one where Harry and Louis are students at The Juilliard School of Performing Arts and are dancing in the same group. Harry never notices Louis, the boy who is a year younger than him, mostly sticks to himself and practices hard (or that’s what Harry thinks). Louis on the other hand always sees the confident and focused Harry. Now they’re paired for a duo performance and they have to make it work, even though Louis’ eyes are towards London and Harry’s are towards a career after graduation, which he thinks he can only get with a solo performance. DANCER AU, HATE TO LOVE

(Take Me Home) Country Roads by @a-writerwrites / ao3 (86k) CHAPTERED

“Sir, I can help you. Just let me — “ He tried moving closer but the eldest child blocked his way. He backed off, putting his hands out in a passive gesture. “I’m a physician. I can help,” he tried again.

The man shook his head vehemently, passing the cup back to his grandchild. “Tol’ ya. Don’t need ya.” All of the fire had gone out of his voice, leaving behind a frail, sick old man with barely any breath to talk.

“I have medicines…I could make you comfortable…” Louis’ voice was still small, but pleading.

“Mountain Mama cares for wha’s ailin’ me. Don’t need no fancy city doctors.”

Louis blinked at the man, still shaking from the coughing spell. Mountain — well, fuck. That backwoods, uneducated scam artist…

“Of course he is,” Louis said curtly.

OR a Northern Exposure AU featuring Louis as the big city doctor, Harry as a natural healer, Niall as a secretive barkeep, Liam and Zayn head over heels for each other but they don’t know it and a lot of hurt, comfort and moonshine in between. HATE TO LOVE

You Might Want To Marry My Husband by @all-these-larrythings / ao3 (25k) CHAPTERED

When Harry’s husband dies, he asks one thing of him; to find love and happiness again without him. It’s a request that Harry is happy to disregard, until he meets the one person who is impossible to ignore. MOVING ON

It’ll Be by @styleandsin / ao3 (13k) ONE SHOT

Louis has always wanted children and he decides he’s done waiting for love to come first. However, after adopting a baby girl just days after she’s born, he quickly realizes how hard parenting is. Louis hires Harry to be his Nanny, and it all works out great. Until Louis falls in love with him. KID FIC

Oops, Baby, I Love You ( In That Order) by @suddenclarityharry / ao3 (25k) ONE SHOT 

Later that night, when he’s lying in bed thinking of all the things he’s longed for in his life, he can’t stop hearing Fizzy’s words in his head.

Who says you have to get married?

It’s true, Louis wants to get married one day, to have a spouse to encourage his crazy promotional ideas for his book shop, to have someone to cuddle into at night, someone who will love him even on his moody days. But she’s absolutely right, isn’t she? Who says he has to have that before he can have a baby?

When he finally falls asleep, he sleeps restfully, having made a very important decision about his future.

Husband or no, Louis Tomlinson is going to have a baby.

OR The minute Louis Tomlinson decides he don’t need no man to start a family, Harry Styles literally falls into his arms. MPREG

Couldn’t See Past Me, Till I Saw Your Face by @lululawrence / ao3 (12k) ONE SHOT 

“Look at us, living the dream,” Louis said softly. “But Harry, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to finish my last semester with the baby. I don’t know how far along I am or anything. And what about my internship and all of that?”

Harry shook his head emphatically and pulled back once more from Louis, this time placing his large, strong hands on Louis’ shoulders and squeezing them tight.

“We’ll make this work, Louis. I’ll help take care of you and your little one and I know you’ll help me make it through whatever happens with this. We’re always there for each other, right? Just like we promised when we were in middle school.”

Louis laughed a bit and smiled through his tears that finally seem to have left. Again. Hopefully they stayed away a little longer this time.

“We’ll figure it out, yeah?” Harry asked again.

“Yeah. We always do.”

Or the one where Harry and Louis have been best friends since they could remember and their friendship has withstood it all…but an unexpected pregnancy might change everything. MPREG

Home For Christmas by @haloeverlasting / ao3 (22k) ONE SHOT 

The Shameless Hallmark Movie AU you probably didn’t ask for.

Or, the one where Harry didn’t think he wanted a family, but with a little Christmas magic (and maybe one Louis Tomlinson) he realizes that he is very, very wrong. CHRISTMAS, KID FIC

Waiting For Wonderful by @becomeawendybird / ao3 (13k) ONE SHOT

The university class where he met Louis was the beginning of the end for Harry. It took all of an hour for him to figure out that he was in love with Louis, and there was no way around it. It was a part of his DNA; he was tall, he had green eyes, and he was in love with Louis Tomlinson. Louis was his soulmate, and they were going to be together. Eventually.

Harry is willing to wait as long as he needs to for his best friend to realise that they’re supposed to be together, but it kills him to watch Louis struggle in his relationship with Mackenzie. All Harry wants to do is be supportive, and sometimes that’s all it takes. BEST FRIENDS TO LOVERS

We’ll Rise Up by @suddenclarityharry / ao3 (18k) ONE SHOT

“So,” Liam begins with a smile, “you were the associate pastor at your last church?”

“Yes,” Louis can already feel himself scrunching down in his seat, shrinking against even the reminder of the church he was forced from.

“Was that a good experience for you?” Liam steeples his hands in front of him as he leans his elbows on the desk in interest.

“It was for a while but, to be honest, things ended rather badly,” Louis leans forward too, he needs to get this out and he wants to tell Liam everything, have everything on the table.

Leaning forward even more, Liam seems to be looking for the same thing, “What happened?”

Louis can feel the trembles in his hands again, so he sits on them, biting his lip before admitting, “They found out I’m gay.”

In the hallway, there’s a terribly loud thump and then a grunt of pain and Louis twists around to see Harry, sprawled out on the ground just outside the doorway.

Or Louis is a Pastor with no church and a heart filled with uncertainty. Pastor Payne is more than willing to give Louis a new place to work, but it’s Music Director Harry that helps him rebuild his faith. RELIGIOUS

(We Will Be) As If Chosen by @alivingfire / ao3 (35k) ONE SHOT

There’s not a royal in the world who doesn’t carry some sort of secret, and Prince Louis has more than his fair share. To protect himself and his family, Louis withdrew from the public eye and tried to live a quiet life, biding his time until his sister Lottie could take the throne in his stead. Unfortunately for him, the national media and the worst person Louis has ever met team up to bring him kicking and screaming back into the spotlight.

Under the watchful eyes of millions, Louis has to figure out how to keep his carefully constructed house of cards from falling, and the first step to accomplishing that is to keep from falling in love with the irritatingly charming Prince Harry, who just won’t stop showing up and trying to whisk Louis out of the constraints of his boring life.

Or: the course of true love never did run smooth, because sometimes people are stubborn and sometimes people are scared and sometimes, just sometimes, love can cause just as many problems as it solves. MODERN ROYALTY, HATE TO LOVE

73 Questions by @literlarryreal / ao3 (6k) ONE SHOT

Louis is more nervous than usual about filming the upcoming episode of Vogue’s 73 questions. Musician and soon to be actor Harry Styles may have something to do with that. BANTER

Fersali ❤️

Fergus calling her “mon coeur”

This cute kiss

This cute touch

Marsali….. we see you, honey lol

Fergus’ cute smile!!!!!! Protect him at all costs.


Fergus is a gentleman ❤️ He has learned how to treat women from the best: “Jamie Fraser”.

Marsali is soooooooooo great! I love this character! 

“That woman” lol

“I’ve promised Milord” ….. Fergus, I LOVE YOU!

Yes, Marsali. He’s like him and he loves you so much❤️

Protect these two….. they are so lovely and adorable! Can’t wait to see their wedding ❤️

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sarah !! i love it when you talk about namjoon (he's one of my bias wreckers and a total sweetheart i love him) so !! what are your favorite things about him? like habits and moments on shows and such :'0

hdjshsksjksjskjs ok lets go

I love the fact that he’s not afraid to do stuff that will make him happier and feel better. Tbh I was really impressed by the fact that he changed his stage name. Because EVERYONE knows him by Rap Monster, yet he still decided to change it because he didn’t feel comfortable with it anymore. It must be scary to make that decision, you don’t know if the fans will like it or not (but we are Army, we will always support him♡).

I think he’s really brave❤❤, a lot of bad/unfair stuff happened to him, yet he never complained and worked harder.
He’s not afraid to talk about his problems and fears. That’s smt really hard to do in general, so I dont even imagine how hard it must be to shate this with an entire fandom.
He’s also not afraid to show his sensitive side. In general, society refrains boys to show sensitivity, but he’s not afraid to do that, that’s an other reason with I think he’s so brave.
He always wants to help people, when he talks about his feelings in the fancafe, he often says “we”, I guess he thinks that this will help Armys who feel the same. And he’s totally right.
He’s soooooo talented but he’s so humble about it ;♡;. He’s so smart too, in the recent interviews in the u.s, you can how mature he is by the way he answers, always really careful .

He’s just a tol fluff with a beautiful smile who’s always trying his best and wants to make everyone happy 😭😭😭
I love when he laughs and he hides his smile and im like NOO 🙅 dont hide it its beautifullll. Or when he does a vlive and he talks 56 different languages at the same time just for us. I also loves when he takes pics of the sky or smt like that it’s so cute🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷
He always wants to make the other members shine, when a member doesn’t talk that much he makes him talk, if he feels that one of them is a bit out he tries to include him the best that he can.
He encourages the members EVERY.SINGLE.MINUTE. I love it when a members tries to talk english and he’s like “WOW URE SO GREAT, U IMPROVED SO MUCH URE BETTER THAN ME!!!!!!!!!!”

I just love my Namnam 😭😭😭


BTS Reactions - You get kidnapped and tortured

Warning - May be upsetting to some readers, contains bad language

The fist of your captor slams into your face again and you hear your head crack into the wall. You feel nothing for the numbness in your body, but the sound triggers a response in your body, and you cry out. It’s been 5 days of this. Constant torture, beatings and interrogations. You’re fast approaching your limit as the hope slowly begins to seep from your body. You would’ve thought your boyfriend would be here by now, but the fact that he isn’t puts doubt in your mind, as your captors love to constantly remind you. You spit out the blood in your mouth as you start to cry, wishing that you could just hold it in. You hear a cruel laugh, a door opening, a gunshot and then nothing.

4 days later, your eyes crack open, and you begin to stir. You hear grunt of acknowledgment in the corner, then a door opens and closes. You don’t really move at all until you hear the door open again, followed by your boyfriend’s voice.

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whiplash | 02

Originally posted by co-kai-ne

↳ fake dating au | college au

pairing: chanyeol | reader

genre: soft angst + fluff + sexual themes

word count: 6.061

description: as an aspiring big-shot photographer in a slump, you’re looking for something that inspires you and unfortunately — or maybe not — it comes in the form of a guy named Chanyeol.

please read pt. 1

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Steve Harrington headcannons

I’ve never done this before so, yeah.

• You guys are having a normal night, you’re at your house with your brother, Dustin and his friends

• You’re joking around with the boys, just smiling and having fun.

• Steve looks at you, then curses himself for loving his best friend.

• You’ve felt his gaze on you for about five minutes.

• “How about instead of staring, you get the plates, I can’t reach them. ” it started out as a snarky remark but quickly turned into a plea.

• He smirks at you, raking a hand through his brown locks

• Dustin is about to have a mental breakdown because, the both of you have told him, but won’t tell each other

• “(y/n/n), I swear to fucking god, if you don’t tell him I will! ”

• You give your brother, your best death glare.

• Steve being the nosy boy he is, comes and asks what y’all are talking about.

• “Nothing! ” you rush out.

• “and you! ” Dustin yells at the older boy, as the the other young ones start to snicker.

• “Just don’t care, ” Dustin says trying to mimic Steve’s voice. “you look at my sister like she built the sky, what the hell?” he huffs, throwing his hands up.

• The other boys are surprised by Dustin’s outburst

• “About time someone said something! ” Will says next.

• “googly eyes was getting old. ” Max adds.

• All of the ‘Party’ agrees with the three.

• “Steve, may I speak to you in the kitchen?” you say cheeks a blazing

• He makes a noise of agreement, then glares at the group of middle schoolers eating pizza

• “Is it true?” you’d ask hopeful

• Rubbing the back of back of his neck, with a slight blush. “Yeah… ”

• Before anything else can be said you’d kiss him, he’d quickly kiss back.

• Grabbing your waist and pulling you close.

• Your arms wrapping around his neck.

• Max walks in to ask for more pizza, but just ends up gagging.

• “Ew, guys come look!!” So with a smirking Steve and a blushing you, the kids all smile, with some of them gagging.

• Mostly Dustin and Max

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I’ve watched the carpool karaoke with harry a few minutes ago again, girl, all I can think about is James getting together with the missus to prank Harry so he hides her in the backseat and outta nowhere during the interview she jumps up like no big deal to give her opinion on the question and it just scared the crap outta Harry

“So, Harry,” James turns the radio off, “I hear you and the missus are doing well? How is she?”

“We’re great, yeah, yeah. She’s great, she’s finishing her midterms and then we’re spending some time together before I go off on tour and she heads back to school,” Harry smiled. 

He loved talking about Y/N, he was so proud of her. She was a college student and she was determined, she worked hard, and he admired her for it. 

“What is she studying again?” James asks. 

“Biology and pre-med, it’s actually her last year and then she’s on to medical school,” Harry brags. His girl was smart and he loved it, “I help her study so I like to think I could become a doctor as well.”

“Well if I ever have a heart attack I would not want you there,” James laughs, “where is she going for medical school?”


“No I’m not,” Y/N pops up from the back seat making Harry jump in his, his hand coming over his heart, “remember we discussed me going to Oxford, it’s closer to you and your family.”

“What-where did you-what?” Harry’s spitting out half sentences as James and Y/N laugh. 

“Surprise,” Y/N smiles, leaning over and pressing a kiss to Harry’s cheek, “thanks for the ride James, you can just pull over right here. I have to pick up my textbooks.”

James pulls over in front of a book store and Y/N jumps out, “bye boys, I’ll see you for dinner Harry,” she closes the door. 

Harry turns backs to James, “what just happened?” Harry asks. 

“Y/N asked for a ride and she got one, it’s a carpool after all,” James jokes. 

Mama Thoughts

Another incredible episode from Andi Mack.

Let’s start with the smallest plot points, but they are really significant in terms of representation.

Andi teaches Bex how to solve a Rubix cube. I knew a lot of people obsessed with Rubix cubes when I was Andi’s age, and they were all boys. I LOVE how they are subtly doing something feminist without hitting us over the head. Andi likes Rubix cubes, and she’s good at them.

The second major point was that Ham is doing hot yoga. He’s, as far as we know, a straight man, who isn’t thin as a stick, and he’s doing hot yoga. It’s small but it’s another little thing that threw gender expectations completely out the window. I hope they keep doing this. It’s so important.

Okay, so as a Jewish girl, I almost cried seeing Cyrus practicing for his bar mitzvah. Even in Lizzie McGuire, Gordo’s Jewishness wasn’t really part of his everyday character, but with Cyrus it is. He’s not just having a bar mitzvah which comes seemingly out of nowhere. He’s practicing his Hebrew and trope and all this stuff that I went through. I hope he has to write his drash in one episode and we get to see that process, which, is absolute hell, by the way.

Jonah’s reaction is, well…okay, first off, was Jonah on his way to somewhere important? Did he literally drop what he was doing just because Cyrus called his name? And then he asks about Hebrew, and even though Cyrus says he’s not actually interested, I think he was actually interested.

It’s funny, Asher is Jewish too, or, at least, his name is. So it’s funny seeing two Jewish boys playing characters of different religions when Asher probably knows exactly what Cyrus was doing.

Anyways, Cyrus said something that got me thinking “you don’t want to see me when I really put myself down…it’s dark” He’s 12. But dark can still be DARK. He said it with a smile, but I’m not sure it was an exaggeration. I wonder if Cyrus is going to be chronically depressed or something, but there is more to that story, a lot more. Would Disney ever do a self-harm storyline?

When Jonah is teaching Cyrus to skateboard you can totally see and feel the love he has for Cyrus. He cares about him so much, but I think the more important part of the skateboard scene is the fact that Jonah made a big mistake. He didn’t teach Cyrus how to do anything but stand on the skateboard. Everything Andi Mack does is deliberate, especially when it comes to Jonah and Cyrus. What Jonah did was stupid and reckless, as he says later, he forgets that Cyrus is helpless, but I’ll get there later. I think this goes to Jonah’s character. he always means well, but he doesn’t think before he does something. I think this characterization is going to come up again and again and probably result in him doing something irreversible at some point.

The hospital scene was super telling on all fronts. We watch as Buffy realizes that the crush IS reciprocated. It’s not possible for someone not to see how helpless Cyrus is unless they are just blind to his bad qualities. That’s the definition of a new crush. And how anxious and scared Jonah was, I mean, Asher’s acting was on point, and Jonah was close to tears before the girls got there. I also think we learned more about Cyrus’ parents in this episode. He’s sheltered, like, REALLY sheltered. I kind of wonder if his parents are modern orthodox or something, now, THAT’S something that has never been done on TV and I’d really love to see.

Moving on, Buffy. SHE’S LEARNING! Friends come before competition. I wonder how this is going to play into future episodes. And how it’s going to play into her relationship with Marty. I also think there was an underlying part of this plot that had to do with respect for the elders. The first part, where she’s listing things that she could put Millie down for, that’s a very real reality for many elderly, and it was a little reminder that just because someone is old does not mean they are helpless. I wonder if it was a technique to get kids to spend more time with their grandparents, and how many of the kids watching, did call their grandparents and have a short chat or something after watching this.

Andi plays mom in this episode, and I thought that was really interesting. Cece and Bex spend the episode arguing, and then finally making up, but Andi is the mediator, along with Ham. When Ham comes into the room excited about the day, it’s him and Andi against Cece and Bex. I thought that was really clever, and it’s clear that’s what was happening because one of the “previously on Andi Mack” was Andi screaming at Cece and Bex “I’m the kid, here!” So that flip was cool to see.

I also think it goes to Andi’s character that she thinks it’s her fault that Bex left. She was not even a year old and she’s blaming herself for her first words. It’s clear she’s spiraling in some small way, and, I mean, who the hell can blame her? Her entire life was turned upside down less than six months prior. I wonder how far they are going to go with this, what her breaking point is going to be.

The house…that’s a bomb to drop. I really loved watching Bex’s reaction how at first she was angry, but then she realized that it was Cece’s way of saying that she believes in her to be a good mom.

I’m really curious to see how Bex actually breaks the news. I believe in her to do this right.

BTS Reaction | Their S/O insecure with their own body (Hyung Line)

A/N: hello! I only take requests for bts!! sorry, i don’t do other groups since i don’t really know much about others, other than my boys. 

Kim Seokjin

Jin is that type of guy who doesn’t really care about a person’s body but he looks more on the substance. He fell in love with your smile, the way your laugh has become his favorite song, and the way your eyes glisten when you are telling him about your passion, your philosophies in life or simple stories from your day to day activities. 

That’s why when you open up about how you are insecure with your body, his heart was heavy, how can you be so insecure with yourself when you are the most beautiful thing he ever laid upon? Your heart was gold, and you were so kind and that what matters to him, he didn’t care how you ramble on your stretch marks, the excessive fats you have between your thighs, arms and waist. 

He stared at you and gave you the most genuine smile, “I fell in love with your stories, your laughter, the way you are passionate with your dreams. Your little flaws wouldn’t lessen my love for you but would add to the reasons why I love you so much.”

Min Yoongi

Yoongi gave you a stern look, you hung your head low in shame because you knew how he hated when you become insecure with your body. Yoongi never fails in telling you that you are perfect just the way you are and it doesn’t matter if you have certain flaws because he loves your flaws but you end up rambling about your insecurities once again. He sighed, he held your chin to make you look at him. 

He gently wiped your tears with his thumb and kissed your forehead, “You are the most perfect woman for me. You are perfect just the way you are, you don’t need to change to please other people or me, I want you to only please yourself, because you being happy about yourself is what matters the most for me. I’ll never stop telling about how beautiful you are for me.” He calmly said and gently placed a kiss on your lips.

Jung Hoseok

You gasped when Hoseok suddenly pulled you close on his lap, he pressed both of your foreheads. Both of you were in his studio, and he was busy working on one of the soundtracks for BTS’ upcoming album. Hoseok felt something was wrong with you when your eyebrows were furrowed while scrolling through the phone. Without saying something, Hoseok grabbed your phone and tsked when he saw you looking over at different articles of how to diet and gaining an immediate result.

“Why is my baby girl so insecure?” Hoseok muttered to himself as he stared at you, he caressed your cheeks and you looked at Hoseok. “You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met in my entire life. Inside and out, you are perfect and you don’t need to force yourself to change to please others.” He held your sides, and you bit your lip. You gasped when he gripped your ass tightly. “You deserve every good thing…” He whispered and pressed his lips on you.

Kim Namjoon

You and Namjoon usually have late night talks, it was a tradition for both of you to talk about the things that has been both bothering you about. You opened up about how you were not eating properly because you want a perfect body, you told him how you’re insecure with your body that no matter how you tell yourself that you’re trying to ignore the feeling, you can’t shake it off. 

Namjoon looked at you and sighed. He hugged you tightly and patted your back. Being with Namjoon, you can feel that he understands what you’re feeling. He pulled away and softly held your cheeks. “I want you to listen me, I know it’s hard to shake off that kind of feeling because with the beauty industry telling you right and left, about this and that, I want you to know that a perfect body does not define what is being truly beautiful. You know what’s beautiful? A person who loves people despite of its sick natures, who gives so much to the world despite not expecting to be returned back. I see that in you. You’re beautiful. I hope one day you could see you are perfect despite what the society instills in you.” 

i’ll be holding on to you [stenbrough]

pairing; bill denbrough & stan uris

fandom; it (2017)

word count; 4776

prompt; The losers are dying to see just how long it will take two of their closest friends to crack and finally admit that they’re dying to be together. All it takes is a little meddling and a bet to make things interesting.

the losers are 17.

(Hi!! This is my first fic for this fandom and as you can see, I went a little overboard. This is the longest one shot I have ever written and I am really proud of it! If the characters are a little out of character at some points I apologize but I’m learning and hopefully I can get them right eventually. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!)

The last day of their junior year came with many conclusions. The losers would soon have to start thinking about the more important aspects of their futures like college and finally moving away from the fucked up town they called home.

They had mutually decided that the best way to kick off their summer vacation would be to relax and kick back at the quarry. Their boisterous laughter could be heard from a hundred yards away, but they didn’t care. They had been free of the darkness for a little less than two years and they would be damned if they couldn’t have a little bit of fun over their summer break.

Mike, Ben, Beverly, Richie, and Eddie sat up on the cliff of the quarry, four of the teens carefully observing the two boys relaxing in the water. Bill threw his head back in laughter as Stan splashed him, the water hitting him square in the face. Smiles graced the faces of the two teens splashing about in the warm water of the quarry. Richie sighed dramatically in the silence on the cliff.

“What?” Ben asked from his place beneath a nearby tree, a book lying flat in his lap.

“It’s so sad.” Richie said as he leaned against a boulder nestled deep in the soil, Eddie settled next to him with Richie’s arm thrown around his shoulders. Bev looks over from her spot where she’s sun bathing, catching the glare of the sun in the lenses of her sunglasses.

“What is?”

“They’re so in love but they don’t even see it.” He dramatically places a hand over his heart and observes as Stan turns to start swimming back to the shore, Bill immediately taking this as an opportunity to dunk the smaller boy underneath the water.

“Yeah. They’re practically Romeo and Juliet, Richie.” Eddie retorts, turning his head to glare up at Richie who only smiles in return.

“Eds, look at them! You can’t fake that kind of chemistry!” They sit in wonder, watching as Stan shoves Bill backward when he resurfaces, making his way toward the shore again. Their joyous laughter can be heard from up on the cliff and a smile is now found on the rest of the loser’s faces.

“First, don’t call me that, you know I hate it. Second, let’s assume you’re right. Let them figure it out for themselves.” Richie shushed him, placing his free hand over Eddie’s mouth. The younger boy wriggled next to him and desperately pried his hand away from his face, screeching about the germs Richie must have on them.

“Sh. Guys listen. We’ve known Bill and Stan for a while, right? We all—well, most of us—can see how in love these two are with each other! Someone has to crack eventually, right? So what I am proposing here is that we place a little bet to see just how long it takes them to crack. Who’s with me?” Richie had shot up onto his feet whilst giving this over dramatic speech, the rest of the losers watching him with an eyebrow raised.

“How is this supposed to help?” Mike inquired from next to Ben beneath the tree.

“Mikey, my man, listen; no one said it was supposed to help. It’s a classic bet. We all choose when we think they’ll finally give in and whoever’s closest wins. Losers pay up five bucks each.” He could hear the other two getting closer and he was running out of time. “The clock’s a-ticking, people. What’ll it be? In or out?”

The rest of the losers all shared a glance, mutually deciding what the hell, might as well see where this goes. The nodding he gets in return causes Richie to triumphantly pump his fist through the air. “Place your bets, losers. I’m gonna go ahead and say… two months.”

“One month.” Bev said.

“Two weeks from today.” Mike.

“By next Friday.” Ben.

“Tomorrow!” Eddie exclaimed, caught up in the excitement, four pairs of eyes falling on him. “Damn.”

“Alright, and there will be no meddling allowed. May the best loser win!” Richie finished just as Stan and Bill could be seen hiking up the path the reach them again, hair drenched from the salty water of the quarry.

“Wh-what are you guys t-talking about?” Bill asked, shaking his hair out much like a wet dog would, Stan right behind him. Stan let out a shriek, shoving Bill away from him, grinning all the while. Beverly shook her head at her ex-boyfriend and the pair decided to shrug it off.

“So in love.” Richie whispered to Eddie, nudging him in the side with his elbow.

“What?” Stan and Bill asked in unison, identical expressions of confusion etched onto their faces.

“What?” Richie shrugged, turning away from them and returning to his place next to Eddie in front of the boulder.

The first of the losers to break the only rule was, no surprise, Eddie. He supposed he was desperate, having estimated the first and only time frame he could think of, so he assumed desperation would be his best friend for the time being. It was Saturday, the day immediately following the placing of the bet, and Eddie was running out of time fast. He could easily envision that tiny hourglass in his mind, slowly but surely, draining itself of the golden traces of sand. Tick tock goes the clock, Eds.

Eddie Kaspbrak was a lot of things; a hypochondriac, a loser, an asthmatic, nervous, but a quitter he was not. Which is why when Stanley offered for him to join him while he went bird watching the day before, he agreed ecstatically, but he had a plan brewing.

Eddie had showed up on Bill’s doorstep at noon the following day, knocking with newfound pride. “HHey, Eddie, wh-what’s up?” The stutterer asked, stepping outside and gently closing the door behind him.

“Oh, you know, the sky. Listen I need a favor. Yesterday at the quarry, Stan asked me to go bird watching with him and I agreed but shoot! I forgot I have an appointment today!” Eddie chuckled, sitting on the porch steps and looking back at the taller boy with his chin resting in his hand.

“A-An appointment?” Bill asked in disbelief, Eddie nodded. “What for?”

“Well, you know me, hypochondriac and all. It’s something new every day. What do ya say?” He slapped his palms down on his shorts and stood abruptly, turning to face Bill fully, leaning against one of the wooden beams coming down from the roof.

“Yeah, I-I-I can do th-that.” Bill’s cheek seemed to heat up at the realization of what he’s agreed to and Eddie saw it, smirking slightly.

“Thank you, and give my regards to Stanley, please!” Eddie shouted, already running back down the path and toward where he threw his bike on the ground. He waved back at Bill who still stood on his porch, watching the smaller teen pedal away, nearly crashing into a wooden post as he did so.

An hour or so later, Eddie could be spotted crouched behind various trees and bushes, spying on two of his best friends. He rested his chin in the palm of his hand, watching the two so called ‘lovebirds’ from a distance. He observed the grin that would stretch across Stanley’s face as he leaned against a tree trunk, pointing out various winged beauties and describing them to Bill. That was when Eddie saw what Richie had been talking about for himself.

Each time Stan looked away to watch the trees again, Bill’s eyes trained on his face. Even at first glance, anyone could tell just how much adoration Bill held for the other teen. A soft smile played at his lips and each time Stan looked back at him, he would turn away fast enough to snap his own neck, cheeks burning. It was then, when he looked away, that Stan’s eyes would glisten in the midday sun, a small smile resting on his face.

Eddie would admit to feeling a little odd about spying on his friends to no one but himself. Although, his only prayer at that moment was that somebody would break the tension between them. Then, he could rub it in the other loser’s faces when they met up again, but only if the pair in question were the ones to bring up the news. He wouldn’t dare let anyone know he was cheating.

His hopes burn out when he notices Stan and Bill walking in his direction. “Shit.” He hissed, standing abruptly and jogging back up the way he had came, hopping on his bike. It’s a good thing he already knew what being a loser felt like.

The second of the losers to break the one rule Richie had set in place was Mike. He waited the appropriate amount of time, he thinks, to devise his plan. Delivering meat doesn’t offer much in terms of a social life but occasionally, he’ll hear certain things that catch his attention. This particular piece of information he had overheard had been about a party on the other side of town. He decided it was the perfect time to set his plan in motion.

“Do I have to go?” Eddie asked, leaning his head on Richie’s shoulder as he pouted. Mike smirked from across the room, arms coming up to fold over his chest.

“Yes, we’re all going. It’s just a party and it’s summer, live a lil’.” He sat down on the loveseat next to Bill.

“Fine. Who has a party two weeks after school gets out, anyway? And on a Thursday? What kind of world do we live in?”

“Come on, Eds. I think it’ll be fun.” Richie grinned, leaning down to press his lips against Eddie’s cheek. The teen smiled softly and glanced up at Richie.

“Don’t call me that, Tozier.” Eddie said, tucking his legs under his chin as they sat on the sofa immediately adjacent to the loveseat, Stanley at Richie’s other side, rolling his eyes.

“I’m with Trashmouth on this one,” Beverly spoke up from her place in front of Ben. “When was the last time any of us were invited to a party?”

“Stan’s Bar Mitzvah.” Eddie said.

“That was definitely not a party.” Richie chuckled, wincing when Stan punched him in the arm.

“You didn’t have to go, Richie!” Stan replied defensively as he crossed his arms, huffed and turned away from the pair.

“That’s exactly what I mean.” Bev pointed out, sighing dramatically. “I’m just saying, I think it might be nice to go out and have a little bit of fun. It’s summer, let loose.” The group collectively shared glances with each other, coming to a somewhat mutual decision.

“Wh-When do we leave?”

The seven teens arrived at the unfamiliar house later that night, Mike and Beverly practically skipping up the sidewalk from the truck they had arrived in. They had their arms locked, joy in their eyes as they watched the lights that flickered from inside the house. The group had been anticipating this moment ever since Mike had brought it up earlier that day, and some of the antics a few members showed had been mistaken for excitement. All except for Eddie’s, he had made his opinion on the get-together known numerous times.

“I still say this is stupid.” Eddie said as he walked beside Stanley who he knew had mutual feelings about the situation. “I mean, who knows. Somebody in there could be sick and they could sneeze on me and I’m very prone to that shit, you know? … I think maybe I’ll stay out here. In the nice, fresh, clean air.” The large house was overflowing with people, a vast amount of them gathered outside in the front and backyards.

The immortal words of Eye of the Tiger flowed out to where Stan had been standing, feet planted on the ground. He assumed he was frozen out of fear and anxiety. This party was his biggest fear come true. He hadn’t realized he’d stopped moving until something touched his shoulder.

“A-Are you okay?” Bill asked, smiling sweetly at him and Stan felt his cheeks grow hot.

“Y-Yeah, yeah. I’m okay. I’m fine. Great, even. How are you?” Stan asked, turning his body to face the other teen, pushing a few curls away from his eyes for better vision. Bill’s hand fell from his shoulder, sliding down his arm until he reached the other boy’s hand, lightly grazing it.

“I’m good.” Bill chuckled, a soft smile on his face. Stan smiled back and lowered his head, staring at his shoes. “I-I’m gonna head inside, wanna c-come?” Stan nodded, following the slightly shorter boy up the lawn, shaking his head as if to rid himself of the thoughts swirling in his head.

As Stan and Bill travelled up the span of grass and into the house, the other five standing off to the side, observing the interaction. “I think tonight’s the night, fellas.” Mike said from his place propped against the side of the house. “Might as well pay up now.”

“Not so fast, Micycle.” Ben spoke up, pointing an accusing finger at the older teen. “Bet’s not over until someone makes a move or they tell us they’re together. You haven’t won shit yet.”

“Yeah, we all have to see it.” Richie informed as if it weren’t obvious enough at that point, throwing his arm around Eddie’s waist and pulling him closer, pressing a lingering kiss to his cheek, jawline, and neck making the smaller boy blush noticeably.

“Get a room, you two.” Beverly snickered at the pair and began making her way up the porch steps, squeezing through the crowd of people with Ben at her side.

“She’s just jealous she’s not as happy as we are, Edward Spaghedward.” Richie grinned, moving in to mold their lips together only to have Eddie dodge his lips, arm dropping from his waist.

“You’re revolting.” Eddie snarked, trying his best to portray annoyance but the smile on his face gave him away. Mike rolled his eyes at the couple, watching Richie follow Eddie around the side of the house, and then making his way into the house to seek out the other four losers.

“Mike!” Beverly shouted to him when he was able to track her down, her voice barely audible over the music. “I was wondering if you were ever going to make it inside! This was your brilliant idea after all!” She said, nudging him with her elbow as she took a swig from the beer she was clutching. Ben came walking through a doorway a few seconds after that, a beer matching Beverly’s in his right hand.

“Where’d you get those?” Mike asked and followed Ben’s hand as he pointed toward the doorway he had just come from.

“Through the doorway, down the hallway, last room on the left. In the kitchen.” He informed the other teen, sending Mike to trek in the direction he carefully laid out. As he made his way down the hallway, the music seemed to grow softer and softer until it was a gentle hush, the beat humming through the floors. An obnoxiously loud ‘ha-ha’ erupted from the room to his left and he peered in.

Bill had positioned himself on the counter, a hand slapped over his mouth as he tried to suppress the cackle threatening to rip through him. Stan sat at the table, a shit-eating grin covering his face as he rearranged the flowers in the vase. “St-stop, o-oh my God!”

“What?” He asked innocently with a smile, eyes twinkling and stood up, walking toward the fridge. He fidgeted for a moment before deciding to organize the magnets plastered on the surface.

“Don’t play so innocent, St-Stanley,” Bill remarked, pointing an accusing finger in Stan’s direction. “You know wh-what you did.” And he did but he was slowly forgetting it by the second, the light buzz clouding his thoughts. Bill slid off the counter, walking toward the table and grabbing another beer out of the cooler that had been set there.

Stan finished rearranging the alphabetical magnets back in the order that they belonged and turned around, a fond expression on his face as he stood in front of the fridge and watched Bill dig through the ice for a bottle of beer. Mike still leaned against the wall, peering in slightly from the doorway, careful to go unnoticed by two of his closest friends. He felt a bit odd watching his friends from behind a wall, peering into their love life like this, but in his eyes it seemed to be a necessary evil.

“I think they’re all o-out over here, are there any i-in the fridge?” Bill turned around, locking eyes with Stanley. Stan lowered his head, gaze dropping down to stare at his feet, the lip between his teeth now his main source of concern as he chewed it nervously.

“I-I don’t know.” Stan stammered with his feet still planted firmly on the floor. It wasn’t until Bill had come to stand in front of him that he finally rose his gaze. Bill was smiling at him now and Stan felt as if he could collapse against the cool metal of the fridge to bring him back to reality. He thought he might be dreaming with the way Bill dropped his gaze down to his lips for a split second. It happened so fast Stan briefly thought he may have imagined it, but then he did it again and seemed to lean closer to him.

Suddenly, Bill’s hands are on either side of Stan’s face and their lips are being pressed together gently. Stan concludes with this that he is either dreaming or dead because there was absolutely no way that this was real life. Bill’s lips are warm in his and just as soft as he’d imagined but Bill had been drinking, the proof lingering on his baby-soft lips and leaving a disturbing taste in Stanley’s mouth.

Stan is the one to break the kiss, using his better judgement to decide for the both of them that this was just the alcohol, leaving Bill standing in the middle of the kitchen as he walked from the kitchen to the hallway. Mike had taken it upon himself to move to another room so as to not get caught spying. Given the way the events played out before him just moments ago, he decided that this shouldn’t be taken as a victory.

They all come to a mutual decision to leave the party within the hour.

Beverly decided that the best way to meddle was to not meddle at all, but to tell them straight away to ‘cut the shit and work it out’. It was notable that the pair hadn’t been seen hanging out since the party two weeks earlier. Whenever one of them entered the room, the other would make an excuse to leave it. 'I just remembered that my dad said he needed to talk to me about something’, 'I should probably get home not it my parents will worry’, 'I forgot to feed my hamster’ or something along those lines.

The new development was beginning to put a strain on their group and Beverly was slowly starting to get annoyed because why couldn’t they just act like normal human beings for one minute? Why can’t they be civil and stay in the same room or vicinity for longer than three seconds? She finally decided that enough was enough and teamed up with Eddie to set a plan in motion.

“Hey, Stanny.” She chirped one afternoon at the quarry while they sat up on the cliff above the water. Neither one of them wanted to swim that day, and after a while the others had come up to join them.

“Hey, Bev.” He replied from his place on the boulder that he was sitting atop of. Beverly kept a close eye on the clearing, waiting for a certain stuttering 17 year old to make an appearance. Beverly decided that it would be Eddie’s job to convince Bill to come to the quarry with them (on the condition that Stan wouldn’t be there, which was an obvious lie), and he felt proud that he was successful in his task.

The unmistakable grinding of Silver’s chain as Bill came to a stop brought Beverly away from her thoughts as she smiled at the boy who was hopping off his bike. He wore a bright smile on his face as well as a pair of khaki shorts and the pale blue shirt that Stan had once said brought out his eyes, it was his favorite. The smile on his face had dropped noticeably as he approached his friends, Stan’s mouth hanging open as he slid off of the rock.

An awkward silence fell over the seven teenagers immediately, all conversations coming to a halt. As Richie had once remarked: “It’s almost like a terrible car crash. It’s awful and you know you should look away, but you just can’t.”

“I should rea—” Stan began just as Beverly threw her hands up and cutting Stan’s sentence off even though it was no surprise where it was headed.

“No!” Bev shouted causing the other six teens to jump slightly. “I don’t know what the hell is going on between the two of you. You were friends two weeks ago and then you just stop? Shit like this doesn’t just happen for no reason, so what is it?” She demanded, her gaze shooting from Bill to Stan, her hands planted firmly on her hips. Bill shoved his hands deep into the pockets, staring down at his feet, glancing up at Stanley. Beverly’s patience was beginning to wear thin in the silence that surrounded them.

Stan turned sharp on his heel, gathering the books he had brought along with him. He stood straight up and stared directly in front of him at Bill who now had his bottom lip between his teeth, gnawing on it. “Look, you have been pining after one another for months now and frankly I’m tired of waiting for someone to make the first move. So would you please just cut the shit and figure it out?” Bev asked, exasperated. Stan had his eyes fixed on her, surprised by the sudden burst from the girl and that she and all of his friends knew how he felt about the stuttering boy standing just ten feet in front of him.

Stan regained his composure seconds later, explaining that he needed to leave due to an obligation he had made to his father early on, which Beverly knew was crap but she rolled her eyes and waved him off. Eddie and Richie soon resumed their conversation, smiling awkwardly at each other while they did so since Beverly’s outburst had set an awkward tone, the same went for Mike and Ben.

As Stan marched past Bill he felt their shoulders brush together and tried to ignore the fluttering that enveloped his heart, shoving his books back into his bag and zipping the bag closed. He threw the straps over his shoulders and got on his bike, starting to head down the path they had come up. Bill hesitated for a moment before heading back over to his back and following Stanley.

Stan braked hard when they reached a clearing far enough from the rest of the losers, Bill pulling up next to him, getting back off of his bike and he watched Stan do seconds before him, letting his bike fall to the ground next to Stanley’s which was propped up on its stand. “What do you want from me?”

“Wh-what do you mean?” Bill asked innocently as Stan paced across the dirt floor of the woods, the white sides of his shoes becoming noticeably caked in the dirt he was mixing beneath his feet, ruining the cleanliness of his outfit.

“Oh, cut the bullshit, Bill! First you kiss me and then it’s like you can’t stand to be near me!” Stan asked and turned to face Bill fully, fists clenched at his sides. Bill could see the frustration burning behind his eyes, begging to be let free. “Just, help me understand, Bill. What is going on?” Stan was breathing heavily, the heat mixing with the fire that already sparked beneath his bones, his curls beginning to stick to his skin. It’s silent for a few moments before Bill speaks again.

“I-I was scared.” He begins, digging the toe of his shoe in the dirt, hands shoved back into his pockets as Stanley’s eyes burned holes into his head. “You pulled away, I thought I had ruined o-our friendship, I’m still not completely sure that I ha-hav-haven’t.” Bill said, stumbling slightly over his words. Stan’s eyes soften with this confession, taking a small step forward. Bill doesn’t seem to notice this new development, though, since his eyes are glued to his feet yet again. “I guess it was just the beer making me think you liked me back.”

“You’re joking, right?” Stan asks in astonishment. He takes another brave step forward, the tips of his shoes hitting Bill’s. “Are you seriously this dense?” Bill lifts his gaze at this, his face suddenly very close to Stanley’s. “I’m absolutely crazy about you.” Bill is smiling softly at the boy in front of him, the gentleness he displays is causing his heart to soar higher than he’s ever know before. Stan has a hand at the base of Bill’s neck, his thumb brushing lightly across the cheekbone on the left of Bill’s face, gulping visibly as he leaned closer to bring their lips together.

It’s a gentle brush of their lips at first and Bill feels his heart stop momentarily, limbs going numb before Stan pulls back slightly and the movement is enough to send a jolt through Bill’s body. He then has both of his hands on either side of Stan’s face and he’s pulling back in for a proper kiss, lips slotting together perfectly and meshing together as they move backward, Bill’s back hitting a tree and Stan swears he’s never felt more alive in his seventeen years of living.

Bill’s hands are cupping Stan’s cheeks while the latter’s hand make their way into Bill’s hair and he’s curving into him slightly and Bill swears he must have died at that moment. A gasp escapes him and he reluctantly pulls away from Stanley, resting their foreheads together. Stan has his eyes shut, brows furrowed slightly and Bill swears it’s one of the cutest things he has seen in a while. They stand there, pressed against the harsh bark of the tree for a minute or so before Stan breaks the silence.

“We should probably head back, and definitely do that again. Soon.” He grins and Bill nods, pressing another quick kiss to his lips.

A month later, the losers are sitting in Bill’s living room discussing their mutual hatred of the next school year that was rapidly approaching (well, all except Ben), and the only thing that had changed since before was the development between Stan and Bill. Stan still sits next to Bill only now their hands are linked together and the smiles on their faces are brighter than before.

They’ll share the occasional kiss and Richie can be heard gagging from across the room. “I won’t lie, I liked it better when you two were miserable and pining. At least then no one had to suffer through watching you eat each other’s faces.” Richie had also won the bet by default. Beverly lost since the rest of the losers had mutually decided that what she (and Eddie) did was meddling at its finest.

“Like it’s any better when you and E-Eddie do it.” Bill defended, pulling his boyfriend closer with an arm around his shoulders and pressing lips to his hairline.

“Eddie and I save our face eating for the bedroom, thank you very much.” Richie explained and Eddie didn’t hesitate to punch his arm and scoot away from him, although he didn’t complain when Richie was wrapping his arms around Eddie’s waist and pulling him back into him, peppering kisses down Eddie’s neck and causing the smaller boy to squirm. Stan scrunched up his nose at the other couple, turning his attention back to Bill.

When all was  said and done, though, their friends were happy that the two teens no longer needed to wait for one another. They were content in living their lives just the way they were right then.

With you, forever isn’t enough (a bughead oneshot)

A/N: Heyy! Just wanted to write a fluffy oneshot because I feel deprived of some fluff so hopefully this doesn’t disappoint! Thank you to my lovely beta @bughead-is-riverdale for helping out,, love you girl!

“It won’t be long and we can leave immediately if you feel uncomfor-”

“Juggie,” Betty placed a hand on a rambling Jughead’s shoulder and smiled reassuringly. “Of course I will go with you to the Winter Formal with you.”

That’s how Betty ended up standing by the stands of the gym in Southside High that smelt like perspiration and old socks while waiting for her boyfriend of one year to return back with drinks for them. They had just arrived at Southside High’s Winter formal and Jughead wanted to get drinks for them before he introduced her to his friends.

“Hey, stranger,” He smirked as he returned and passed Betty her drink.

“Thank you, stranger,” She returned his smiled, eyes flickering from his eyes to his lips and back.

Jughead seemed to be thinking the same thing because he leaned down, diminishing the large distance between them despite Betty’s heels.

“Have I told you that you look beautiful tonight?” He breathed out, lips hovering over hers.

“Only a couple of times,” Betty smiled blissfully into the kiss as he closed the final distance left between them.

“Yes Jughead! Get some!” An unfamiliar voice shouted from behind them, causing them to part.

Jughead groaned, forehead resting against Betty’s with his eyes still closed, trying to stable his breathing. She giggled at his reaction and pulled away, assuring him that this was “to be continued”, quoting what she had said after their first kiss.

“Aren’t you going to introduce us to your lady friend, Jughead?” A tall boy with dark hair smirked, causing Jughead to roll his eyes.

“Betts, you’ve met Toni,” he said while gesturing to the pink-haired girl who offered Betty a lazy smile. “And this is Sweet Pea and Fangs.” He finished off, pointing to the two boys respectively.

“Guys, this is B-”

“Yeah, we know, we know. Betty Cooper, light of your dark, miserable life.” Sweet Pea interrupted.

“Shut it.” Jughead narrowed his eyes at him while the rest of them, including Betty burst out in laughter.

Before anyone else could open their mouths and start teasing Jughead, he set their drinks on the table beside them and immediately enveloped Betty’s small hands in his, pulling her lightly towards the dance floor where most people were swaying to the music.

“So, you talk about me to your friends?” Betty grinned as she clasped her hands at the back of his neck, playing with the curls at the nape of his neck and he placed his hands on her waist.

“Were you expecting me not to?” He teased as he lead their gentle sway to the slow song that was floating in the air.

Her expression suddenly turned serious. “I don’t know,” she shrugged. “You said you didn’t want me involved in the Southside and it’s starting to become such a big part of your life.” She muttered quietly.

“Betts, of course I don’t want you getting involved, it’s too dangerous and your safety is my priority.” His ocean blue eyes softened and she felt like she might drown in them as she stared up into those loving eyes. “But that doesn’t stop me from talking about you all the damn time.” He said, a small smile gracing his lips when he heard the small giggles he managed to elicit from Betty. “You’re amazing, Juliet. Don’t ever forget that,” He pressed a small, firm kiss to her lips as they continued to sway to the music.

“He’s so whipped, isn’t he?” The three serpents gazed at their leader who was currently sweet nothings to his girlfriend as he swayed them around on the dance floor.

“Are you sure that’s him and not someone else who looks exactly like him because that’s not the tough kid of FP we know.”

“Not so dark and tough under all those layers and that godforsaken beanie after all.” Fangs laughed.

“Your friends are staring at us.” Betty whispered, her cheeks turning red as she buried her face in Jughead’s chest.

“We’re cute, let them stare.” Jughead smirked and pressed a kiss to her hair, breathing in the familiar and comforting scent of vanilla and honey.

As the night faded, everyone else around them faded as well because when they’re gently swaying to the music like they have all the time in the world, it’s like everyone else disappears and only the two of them are left in the room, blissfully dancing (and kissing), with sweet nothings and numerous “i love you” whispered to each other. They weren’t Betty and Jughead, crime detective duo solving a murder case. They were just Betts and Juggie, two teenagers who were the loves of each other’s young lives, the Romeo and Juliet of their time, except for the fact that they created their very own happily ever after.

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For the numbers prompt: 20 and 2 please

Both are drunk and happy


“I just want to let you know that I love you. A lot. Never forget that.

They burst out of the grand hotel with smiles on their faces, roaring with laughter.

Robert went and got the deal he needed or something and so it meant that they didn’t need to stick around for the rest of the mingling.

Robert looks over at Aaron and he sees how happy he looks for him, how proud.

“Did - did ya hear me clapping when he shook your hand?” Aaron says, can barely walk in a straight line and Robert’s reminded of how silly he gets when drunk.

Robert stops them both for a second and tries to think. “Shit yeah, was that you?” Robert laughs out, remembers hearing someone whooping as well and he blushes hard as Aaron nods.

“Proud of you.” Aaron mumbles, presses a hand against Robert’s chest.

It means everything suddenly and then Aaron’s grabbing his hand and tugging him towards the hills only a few feet away.

It’s pitch black and apparently Aaron thinks they should have a race, see who can get down first.

“Whoever does - doesn’t have to deal with Jacob’s hair for a whole week.”

And Robert’s chest warms, just the mention of their little boy makes him smile. His hair is curly and wild and brushing it out after bath time is the most stressful thing in the world.

“Fine.” Robert says, and then they’re wobbling about, flipping past it by now but convincing themselves they’re not.

“On your marks, get set, go.” Aaron’s slurring out and then they’re running down the hill and toppling over and Aaron’s body is softening Robert’s fall.

“Ah shit.” Aaron’s hissing, and Robert giggles on top of him.

“I thought I was the old man?” Robert says, deliriously happy despite the fact that he has definitely ruined this suit.

Aaron groans but he has a smile on his face and starts breathing quickly, being fucking dramatic. “I just want to let you know that I love you. A lot. Never forget that.” He says, stretching his hand out towards Robert and then playing dead.

Robert kisses him back to life and then Aaron’s holding Robert’s face and smiling.

Robert looks back at him and gulps hard, causes Aaron to asking him what’s wrong and then he beats him to it.

"Haven’t said that in ages.” Aaron mumbles and he’s drunk and exaggerating but yeah, Robert hasn’t heard his own husband say he loves him for at least three days and he’s been worried.

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Protect Him

He is searching for the water but he doesn’t know it’s under him, he is waiting for love but he doesn’t know it’s waiting for him. Forever, he uttered those words like confused confetti in theatres when it’s dark and the movie is over but you’re still carrying the butterflies it gave you. He shakes his mind, hoping he is still left safe somewhere her face hasn’t been glued to. Trembling yet smiling, how much do you love someone for them to stop loving you back? Last month he wouldn’t have known, but now he’s far too wise at this game, some losses tend to handcraft a certainty of tomorrow’s sunsets. He can’t look at a face without pulling stars to hide beneath, he doesn’t want to fall again because this time the dread of it would cluster him into infinite spirals of splattered blood on crumbled moccasins. Teeth chattering and fingernails along the blackness of the board is like trying to love again, it’s the feeling of breaking, knowing that you will never be put back together.

Anon: “The feeling of dread. i this this could possibly work. best of luck.”

Dylan x Reader

Requested by @united-fandoms-in-one-home

Christmas Prompt List

Christmas Prompt Masterlist

“It’s so cold.” You complained and Dylan smiled as he fumbled in his pocket to hand you a tiny bottle. “I can’t drink this I have to go to work!”

“I spiked the hot chocolate and you didn’t mind.” He muttered and your mouth fell open at the thought of Norman down at the Motel serving families spiked Hot Chocolate. “I didn’t, I didn’t! I was just checking how you’d react.” He chuckled.

“You can’t put alcohol in the hot chocolate.” You said firmly and he shrugged. “It’s reckless and not thought out.”

“But you love my reckless not thought out behaviour!” He called after you as you started to leave, jogging so he could catch you up and kiss you. “And besides it’s christmas, who’d care?”

“Sometimes. And everybody would care and Norma would kill you!” You admitted and he smiled as he grabbed the flask you’d gotten from the kitchen.

“I think that’s my coffee.” He muttered and sniffed it, pulling a face as he nodded. “Yeah… I’ll bring you some more.” He promised when you rolled your eyes at him and rushed down to your car.

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so what do you love about yoongi?

I love his voice, his sense of humor, his laugh, his smile, his nose, the way his eyes are, his inner strength, his perseverance, his lazy moments, his hard work, his maturity, his kindness, his sassiness, his intellect, his dumb moments, his embarassing moments, how he is a sneaky cheater, his perception, the way his nose wrinkles, his lyrics, how quiet he can be, some times the way he eats, his inspiring moments, how relatable he is, how he can make me feel so weak, how he made me hope for a better future, how he can calm me down, sometimes his fashion sense, how charitable he is, his caring moments, his jokes, his ambitions, how fatherly he is, how skilled he is, his hobbies, etc.

so many things about him that i fell in love with. things i never knew i could love about someone, let alone in a man. things that i only like about him that i would probably not like from other people

yknow? but there are other things i dont like about him too. he can be rude, he can be really loud, he insults other members, he sometimes insults his fans. he makes fun of peoples accents, and i think hes kind of colorist

not everyone is perfect and demanding someone to be perfect just… takes away the fact how human everyone is. and that is so exhaustive.

i wouldnt have had him as my bias for 4 years for only his looks

Admin Matte

Altho it might be hard to add a lot since Admin Matte already said so much, I also love his strong deep gaze, his neck, his natural dark hair, his skintone, his ears are adorable. His passion, how hardworking and commited he is, how disciplined he is. His unexpected kindness and concern that he doesn’t like to show that much. 

His new found love for dogs. How chill he is. His lack of reaction sometimes, Even how often he blatanly lies to get his way in any situation. His interest in interior design. How he called himself a crybaby even tho he rarely showed us any tears. How mean  and blunt he is ( which makes him relatable sometimes). His relationship to music itself, to the point where he wrote a song about it and called it his first love. How misterious and reserved he is. His all black fashion. How much he cares and worries and even blames himself to provide us with the best form of entertainment and performance he can provide. His closed off nature. How he literally goes weeks without a word. His terrible handwriting. 

The way his lips pout naturally when he speaks. His talent and love for basketball. His interest in photography. His name sounds adorable and I even like his stage name. How he wants to give positive messages for the young generations. How he wants to talk about mental issues. The things he has said about love. How responsible he is. How respected he is among the rest of the members. How shy he gets whenever other members are complimenting or saying good things about him.

I could go on but I guess this is more than enough.

Admin Gloss 


@markiplier i’ll say it here to 

Tumblr Didn’t let me Type it all on the replies on your post so sharing it here :P 

Mark i love when you come out to us like this, it just shows how much you care and it just shows that you are human, dont listen to the ppl who think its stupid u cry on cam, i think its a beautiful thing and you can open yourself to us without a care in the world <3 you say thank you all the time but we are saying thank you right back to you, this is why i hope to meet you someday and just hug you and say thank you for the laughs and smiles you give me everyday. The van vids were weird at first but they have grown on me, yesterday’s van vid with the ice cream had me laughing in sitches :P. Also i’m sick and tired of ppl bashing you for not making game vids that much anymore >_< its like do what u want to do. i will be honest when you started making skits and live videos i was so much happier cuz they are funny and i love seeing you act like a nut with your friends insted of behind a cam all alone and just screaming at a game. i love the games dont get me wrong but i just lean towards the skits more <3 or when you do live streams cuz its just so fun to watch you chat and hang with us :) gosh this has gone on forever yay for 8am posts :P anyway we all love you Mark and we will be with you until the end, your friend and fan Jen <3 

I remember one time

a friend said:

Imagine how it must be

to marry someone

but knowing you’ll never fall in love with them again.

That you’ll spend your life with one person

and the spark you had once

would grow old and fade.


thinking about it

I have to smile.

What a childish thought to have

For I fall in love with you

every time I see you

all over again.

And I will fall in love with you

even more.

Our spark will turn into a flame

burning brighter

after each passing day.

And even after a lifetime together

I can’t think of

not loving you

as much

as I did

the first day.

Indira Acharya (18.11.17)