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90.04.08. happy birthday to our beloved jonghyun, hope your day is full of joy and happiness 

It’s rare to find people who succeed in one shot. also, you don’t necessarily need to succeed in your first try. you will learn something from your failures

introduction into nu’est

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debuted March 14, 2012 with “Face” under pledis entertainment

fandom ㄴ.ㅇ.ㅅ.ㅌ (pronounced LOVE from the way you spell Nu’est in Korean 뉴이스트) fandom color hot pink

did pretty well during debut promotions but popularity kept declining due to shitty promotions from company and lack of comebacks  

many thought Nu’est was near disbandment

4 members (Jonghyun, Minki, Minhyun and Dongho) joined Produce 101 Season 2 in hopes of proving their skills and saving Nu’est

all four members made it to the finale but only Minhyun made it into the top11 (#9) and got to debut with wanna-one 

other members ranked 13 (Dongho), 14 (Jonghyun) and 20 (Minki)

but they did not fail because they did prove themselves throughout the show and gained a lot of popularity internationally and nation-wide 

in hopes that they continue to gain popularity I am making an introductory to the members of Nu’est for the new and upcoming ㄴㅇㅅㅌ’s :)))

firstly Nu’est’s Leader

Kim Jonghyun (JR) 06.08.1995

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Leader, Main Rapper, Main Dancer

talented affff

3 S’s Shy Sweet & Sensitive

extremely caring

blames himself for Nu’est’s lack of popularity

looks like onibugi 

cries a lot 

but only bc he loves his members and p101 children so much and he wants to do his best for them 24/7

wayyy too selfless

Nation’s Leader

cried bc other p101 trainees did a hidden camera on him on his birthday

plays like almost every instrument ever

speaks japanese

loves eminem

says he’s living his father’s dream by becoming an entertainer

too shy to speak english

humble affff

video game addict

brought a potato to school and talked to it like it was his child

says sorry too much

ren is his gf

camera slut always has to be in the shot

hates tomatoes

always gets way into karaoke 

wants to marry aron :))

next is the oldest 

Aron Kwak (Aron) 05.21.1993

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ft hungry Minhyun

Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist

real name is youngmin 

but he fucking hates it

from LA

is the oldest but isn’t the leader

for good reason

hes a fucking mess

an adorable mess but a mess

does radio shows

sometimes says things without thinking and gets himself into trouble

smart af

got accepted into NYU but chose to become an idol instead

learned Korean in 9 months

is a slut for his members

prob a closeted alcoholic


high key gay for ren

mommas boy

ladies man

checks out girls even while on camera

thinks he’s cute and tags pictures of himself as #cutie

king of fan service

loves skinship

gets banned from twitter all the time bc all he does is follow fans

can actually cook 

has kissed ren and acted like he kissed baekho and minhyun

can’t ice-skate but claims he’s good at it

can’t say nu’est after all these years

hates horses and seagulls

can’t jump rope

has a crush on minhyun’s sister

is always 200% done with his members

“when I feel lonely at night I like lonnnggg hairrrr” 

ren: “rrreeaallly?”

claims he teaches the other nu’est guys english but has progressively given up

started the jr looks like onibugi thing

next is my bias :)))))))))))

Kang Dongho (Baekho) 07.21.1995 

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Main Vocal


can barely dance 

but has an amazing voice

looks scary but isn’t at all until he’s irritated

doesn’t get irritated easily but when he does gtg

is prob scared of ren

kang daddy

sexy bandit

really close to his dad

his dad has leukemia and dongho went to Instagram to ask people to donate blood to help his dad out

sweet pie

also hates horses

likes tacos

says he likes girls with “long hair, cute and sexy…. and a lot of money”

got his stage name bc he looked like Kang Baekho from SlamDunk

his stage name means white tiger

has a tiger tattooed on his forearm

2 more tattoos on his chest 

its hot af

has abs 

but gets too shy to show them 

knows kumdo and did it in his solo teaser before debut

again hot af

hates cleaning

won’t do it

has the most wholesome laugh I literally have a playlist of baekho laugh comps

if his laugh doesn’t make you smile idk what will

fought a drug dealer in Mexico bc he tried to start a fight with his members

strong af 

(saying hello on a radio show) “hello I’m baekho I’m fine thank you and you?”

has to hug someone to be able to sleep usually ren

sweats all the time 

he can breathe and start sweating 

a lil gay for Aron but kissed Minhyun on the cheek and is all over ren sooo

wants to be a comedian but only tells dad jokes

broke the lock on the bathroom door in their dorm once

says whats on his mind/what he feels

competitive but sucks under pressure 

sucked in school

lazy af

prob has the best English pronunciation out of the members besides Aron obviously

“I remember me”

has to pet every dog he sees 

called his parents just to ask to buy something worth like $6

talks shit to anyone and everyone

didnt mean to audition for pledis but went to support his friend in their audition and got casted lmao

is basically naked in the dorm all the time

but in public covers up like a nun

plays piano

always dies from secondhand embarrassment from ren

next is the model

Hwang Minhyun (Minhyun) 08.09.1995

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Lead Vocalist, Visual

tall af

skinny but buff

should and could be a model

can hit high notes like nobody’s business

extremely innocent

still hasn’t had his first kiss

at first pledis only wanted him bc of how handsome he is 

speaks japanese

has an older sister that Aron has a crush on but he said she’s out of his league

low key savage

(saying hello on a radio show) “hi I’m minhyun, I like you *kiss noise*”

loves jr

is in Wanna-One (p101)

only pledis trainee to make it 

cried when minki jonghyun and dongho didnt make it 

didn’t even celebrate his victory bc all he could think about was leaving his brothers I’m crying

doesn’t drink

“perfect perfect perfect”

don’t ask him to improv dance

ren said baekho was the most handsome in nu’est and he accidentally blurted out “no he’s not” lmaoo

likes american-korean accents aka aron’s accent

got lost in turkey

rlly likes elephants

always has body lotion wyd boy ;););) 

loves things to be clean

always fighting with the members especially baekho bc nobody cleans except him

bribes baekho with food

hes a picky eater bc hes a child

sucks at bowling

said “this is your mistake” to Aron bc Aron didn’t know their English titles

sings everywhere

“thats no-no”

skips practice all the time

sleeps with earphones in how tf

cried when pledis scouted him 

next is the maknae

Choi Minki (Ren) 11.03.1995

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Vocalist, Face of the Group, Maknae

is beautiful dressed as a boy and a girl

can rock long hair

actually any hair

made aron’s heart flutter when he was dressed as a girl

extra af

sassy af

on the topic of Mexican food he responded with “u know i luv u gurl I like mexican” and everyone in the room died

impersonated people drowning in an elevator from movie

minhyun said he had a lot of charisma and he said he was crying

ranted on how amazing and beautiful jr is for like 5 min on live radio

(saying hello on a radio show) “nice to meet you I’m ren thank you very much I love you too”

lady gaga’s number one fanboy sent her fanmail once

knows he’s pretty

can model walk


can play piano

thinks he can speak English


loves everyone

is actually terrifying 

does this thing with his shoulders 

so now he’s called shoulder gangster

not afraid to be embarrassed

can and will do any girl dance

can’t raise animals they all die

used to get mistaken for a girl all the time

members rlly love him

has a twitter

made jr sit in a trash can once

sucks at games like any game

amazing dancer

fell in love with baekho when he did kumdo for the solo teaser like same

is a lil bit of a loner

loves fashion

is a diva

likes nail art 

loves the movie titanic

hogs the bathroom bc he’s an ass

makes the members question their sexuality 

“how old are you” 

“I’m fine thank you”

likes skinship

says his older brother is terrifying lmao


thats everything I can remember about the nu’est members pls support and love them

blue night radio ♡ 170208
translation: fantaemsie

listener (message): when i was a teenager i was a really gloomy child. it seemed like the whole world had turned it’s back on me. i believed i was the only one in the world. back then someone uttered these words to me: “everyone lives like that. you’re not the only one having a hard time. everyone lives in difficulty, and diligently, as much as you do.” at that time, rather than getting hurt by these words i thought: “that’s right so i’ve behaving like a child.” that’s why, from then on, i lived really diligently, only looking straight head. even though, because of my family’s circumstances, i got into college a bit late compared to other people, i pushed my own self with a rod of iron and i refused to face my own wounds since i trusted that, other than me, there are other people who are having a tough time and that everyone is living working hard as much as i do. i live diligently. then i thought: i could be even better, an even more of a good person. however, after i ran and ran diligently like that, now that i’m going to graduate i turned out to be someone who gets angry and annoyed at everything. i get angry at the words the other opponent would throw in without any meaning. i’d get angry with a: “what do you know?”. little by little i hated meeting other people and i’m just preparing to find a job while only looking straight ahead. however …, i suddenly got this thought: why am i comparing my own pain with other people’s suffering? why did i make other people’s misfortune the basis to my happiness? all of a sudden these words i heard years ago occurred to me again: “everyone lives like that. you’re not the only one having a hard time.” it seemed like i’d fall behind if i didn’t do anything, that i’d really become someone who’s oblivious to everything - casting a spell that everyone lives like that, that i’m not the only one having a tough time. i pressured and harassed myself. i couldn’t be caring to myself. i was only too strict to myself. i couldn’t love myself, the one that needed love the most. at last, i want to say this to myself: “you lived diligently. more than anybody else you lived fiercely. it’s alright. you can rest now.” today, my status message: “it’s alright even if you don’t do anything.

jonghyun: “everyone lives like that, you’re not the only one having a hard time.” these words …, i think it’s the most wrong way of consolation in the world. the comparing with the other opponent, with different people. you know how there are these words? “live with the courage to die”; well …, these words? i think it’s the worst way of consolation. comfort …, to someone who’s having a hard time, someone who’s gloomy / depressed, to an exhausted person, to say: “when you get these thoughts, think of …, when you get those thoughts, courageously, do something different …, ya, right now, since you’re having a hard time like that: you’re exhausted, tired and having negative thoughts. i think it’d be good to quickly put that energy on the move and quickly take care of the work you need to get done.” to be honest, that person was aware of this too. they already know it’ll be solved by quickly moving on. they really immensely wish for it to be that way. however, it’s not working that way. there’s another thing other than the body’s wounds that you can see with your own eyes: it’s the heart’s wounds and, because of that, when comforting someone, i think one should think of how there’s certainly another existence, something that my eyes can’t see. of course, me too, while talking about this, since there are certainly words i gave to someone and wounds i’ve received from someone, i wanted to complain and talk a bit about this to our dear listeners. when comforting someone, rather than consoling them by comparing, whether comparing them to yourself or another person’s situation, i think it’d be nice to just have a talk about that person, them solely.


Last salty Produce 101 post:
This is Jieqiong’s face when Jonghyun’s rank was announced.

Jieqiong is part of Pledis. If you seen a behind the scenes of her and NU'EST during Love Paint promotions and Whatta Man promotions, you’ll know that she is close with the members of NU'EST. She’s probably seen the hardships that they’ve had to face, and you can see that she looks up to them.

Her expression looks so done and annoyed. Probably thinking how people could let him drop from top 11.

SHINee REACTION: When his gf pushes them against the wall, kissing the eff out of them infront of everyone

Scenario: She has been abroad for some time and when she comes back, the gf comes earlier than she was supposed to and goes to the practice room


“Oh my god, jagi… We can do it later!”


At first he would be really into it, but then would realize that you aren’t alone.


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And when you were not with him, he would brag

“Did you see how much she loves me? She can’t control herself!”

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He really doesn’t care.

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He’d stop you and laugh as if it has been nothing.

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Discreetly leaving the practice room with you.

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~ADM Misso

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so mnet paid nuest members to babysit those babies
  • kang dongho aka papa bear

i really love how trainees are scared of dongho at the beginning (especially daehwi my baby haha) but not anymore.. dongho is actually a pape bear with many kids.. the cutest moment is where dongho said “aigoo~” when the maknaes come to him..  

dont forget about his first son, guanlin.. when your kid is bullied, it is appa’s job to protect his baby.. dont ever mess with dongho’s kids,you will regret it i swear..

if you have any problem and need an extra lesson, just ask dongho.. he is willing to give you 1:1 lesson.. it’s so cute when dongho take his time to help haknyeon with his part.. dongho’s patience when he deals with haknyeon is very admirable..

i dont know if daehwi is consider one of dongho’s babies but i just put him anyway hehehe.. we all know that daehwi is pretty scared of dongho since the beginning but they are ok now.. they even joke about it (bcoz mnet being a jerk, making dongho looks like a bad guy!).. it is cute seeing daehwi being all careful around dongho because he is pretty much still awkward with dongho.. haha.. gudluck daehwi!

  • nation’s leader kim jonghyun

he received the nation’s leader tittle when he is babysitting hyunbin during group evaluation episode.. how he takes all the blame to himself (bless you jonghyun!) he looks so proud to see hyunbin improves from day to day..

from relay cam we can see jonghyun is stitting with maknae woojin.. aww~ jonghyun looks like woojin’s uncle.. hahaha.. i assume daniel and ong are busy (yup im ongnieljin trash, fight me) so they let jonghyun babysits their son.. but jonghyun’s hands already full with nuest’s sons so he looks a little tired… jonghyun fighting!

  • hwang minhyun the emperor

yup he is very likable, no wonder those babies really like him.. but this one particular baby *cough* seonho *cough* likes him so damn much and minhyun finds it very tiring… haha.. you can escape from baby’s love! once you become their fav, you cant run away.. you should hug seonho before he sulks even more, minhyun-ah~

so hyunbin also very close with minhyun.. i remember watching their hidden box cam.. the “minhyunbin” thing cracks me up! haha.. apparently minhyun helps jonghyun takes care of hyunbin.. when you had a giant baby to take care of, you need some help from your friend.. i love the idea of giant baby because hyunbin is actually just a kid inside a that tall figure (he is the tallest but his personality is like 5!)

  • choi minki aka minki gaga

we all know how minki can be so extra in just a second.. haha.. i think that’s why the kids likes to surround him and play with him despite him being a hyung.. he likes to play as if he is the same as as them.. and yongjin even write a letter about how minki is an angel and he is thankful to him.. well i do really enjoy their duet together! divas being divas~

and also we heard about the bunny thing.. minki,jihoon and baejin all doing the same bunny pose during 2nd elimination (omg cuties!) we dont really see their interactions but we dont know behind camera.. they maybe pretty close with each other.. they also in the same team (oh little girl) and their personalities really match each other.. and the fact that minki is nuest’s maknae makes me think that he miss playing with friends (yup because other nuest’s members are all grown up and not being playful anymore) so minki makes younger friends so he can be cute with them..

so far they did a very good job… it was tough at first but they manage it somehow. those babies get too attached to them now..

im very happy to see their smiles now compare to first couple episodes.. i wish they can achieve success in the future because nuest is precious! i always forgot that they debut in very young age (im a 95-line too) so maybe they dont have time to play with friends before.. it’s nice to see them being playful again and even take care of their dongsaengs.. they see good examples to other trainees also.. nuest fighting!

(if you know about their other babies, please let me know ok? i might miss it)

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Can you do a second part to the pictures in which you find Jonghyun beautiful????? Your response was so cute you love him so much


when he wears hoodies and looks extremely warm and comfortable also the man does not age 

when he’s the softest man in the world and even eye contact with him for a second would make your heart warm 

when he’s confident in himself in not only his looks but work

when he’s with his mom and roo and talks about how much he loves them plus sodam obv

when he plays the bass 

when he’s with his second family 

when he’s unapologetically emotional and cries because he’s thankful 

when he’s humble 



when he’s with confetti again  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


when he’s unamused 

when he laughs with his entire body ♡♡

jfkdsjflkj the point is he’s beautiful in every aspect and this still isn’t everything because there’s no shortage with how beautiful he is :)

My Top 10 Bias List

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1. Dean/ Kwon Hyuk 

(issa husband, issa lover, issa bae, issa soulmate, is perfect, is everything…. Can you tell I have love for him?)

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2. Yugyeom 

(Yugyeom and I usually fight at dawn, because he’s absolutely too much)

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3. Shownu/ Son Hyunwoo 

(New! Ruining my list so far )

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4. Suga/ Min Yoongi

(Do I really have to say anything?)

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5. Nam Joo Hyuk

(a god literally)

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6. Christian Yu/ Yu Ba Rom


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7. Johnny/ Seo Youngho


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8. Jooheon/ Lee Jooheon

(literally honey like he would give me diabetes like wth???? how do you live this fluffy bear???)

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9. Baekho/Kang Dongho

(otro oso de peluche

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10. JR/ Kim Jonghyun

(perf jus perf)

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SHINee reaction to your relationship getting public by accident

Jonghyun: ‘’Does that mean I can finally drown interviewers in my special collection of the stories about you?’’, a glint of hope on his face. And that’s when you realized you won’t exactly become a favorite person of the interviewers of Korea if they ever survive his passionate speech

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Key: ‘’Ok, but look! We already have supportive comments!’’ He wouldn’t miss a chance to shove his phone in front of your face every now and then to prove how much his fans love you. ‘’Isn’t this your account, Kibum?? Why did you leave a comment on an article about us?!’’‘’What? I’m our biggest fan!’’

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Onew: Though worried about the fans reaction he wouldn’t be able to hide the fact that he’s dying from happiness since he’s finally able to talk about you. The fact that he’s becomes super shy after every words said about you is just making the thing more hilarious for everyone else. ‘’You just talked about your shared apartment…why the hell are you blushing then??’’

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Minho: ‘’I don’t approve of this. What if someone starts stalking you only to get your photos or something….wait! Does this means we finally get to go on a real date…Forget the stalking, you’re moving in with me, I’ll protect you! And I’m planning our first real date. I so approve of this!’’

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Taemin: ‘’I can finally hold your hand when we’re out n the public?’’ And that’s the moment when the chaos started because it took you the whole day to calm down the giggling mess Taemin was…and even after that he would randomly run up to you to hug you every now and then

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TOP5 Sexiest PRODUCE101 Trainees – #2

Sex appeal is something that doesn’t come with good looks, a nice personality or incredible skills. Even if you’re not good looking, you can still be sexy. Even if your character sucks, you can still be sexy. Even if you are a useless piece of shit, you can still be sexy. But you know what – it is even sexier if someone combines all of the good features, and outshines everyone as the perfect sex god.

After already mentioning three exceptionally seductive trainees of Produce 101 Season 2, it is time to show you the man who almost hit first place – almost.

#2 – KIM JONG HYEON // 김종현

A smile that melts your heart, and a look in his eyes that burns your panties – that pretty much describes NU’EST’s Jonghyun aka JR perfectly. But it’s not only his fantastic facial expression that makes him so unbelievably sexy.

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Within the shortest amount of time, almost every trainee of Produce 101 Season 2 realized that this sexy fella represents the perfect leader. And let’s be honest – what’s hotter than a guy who is in charge of a huge group of super handsome boys, right?

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His amazing personality is without a doubt one of his sexiest features. He cares more than anyone for others, which he even shows during live performances. Jonghyun usually performs in the background, and – although his rap skills are absolutely dope – he isn’t greedy when it comes to main rap parts. So tell me – how can you not fall in love with such an amazing guy?

Anyway, being sweet and nice doesn’t give you automatically sex appeal, right? What makes Jonghyun so impossibly hot is his husky voice. While hearing him talking, you might think his voice is rather nasal. But damn… as soon as he starts rapping, the sound changes drastically. Suddenly, the perfect charming boy next door turns into a sultry creature that makes your hormones go crazy.

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Additionally, Produce 101′s unofficial leader has a smile that shines so bright, I’m afraid to lose my eyesight every time I see his perfect teeth framed by those gorgeous lips.

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Speaking of lips… I believe that Jonghyun must be NU’EST’s best kisser. If you’ve seen their Hello music video, you should know what I’m talking about. I am not sure if that lucky bitch who got kissed by Jonghyun so passionately is still alive after filming this scene. I would have definitely died from a heart attack.

Jonghyun’s mature image, his amazing leadership skills, his husky rap voice, his selfless behavior and his burning hot expression make him without any doubt to Pledis’ number one sex god.

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It doesn’t matter if he shows his sexiness through his performances as a member of NU’EST, a participant of Produce 101 or a trainee of Pledis Entertainment Jonghyun makes my blood boil every single time he appears on screen.

Although all the other members of NU’EST are hot as fucking hell, (– that’s why I’ve put three of them on this list –) Jonghyun outshines everyone with his seductive presence. 

Oh, and don’t worry if you sweat like crazy, JR. We actually love it. It makes you even hotter – much hotter. I would even say you could earn a fortune by selling bottles of your sweat. I’d buy it.

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TOP5 Sexiest PRODUCE101 Trainees: #5#4#3#2#1


Aron Kwak (@nuestaron) of Nu’est - Best instagram posts!

I miss you Duckie! I miss your Maknae-Hyung ridiculous antics. I miss your beautiful voice. I miss your pranks on Ren and Minhyun lol. I miss your stupid facial expressions. I miss your flirting with Ren. I miss your childish personality. I miss your pretty face.

Most of all I miss seeing you with the rest of Nu’est. 

Whatever you are going through right now, please stay strong and know how much we love you. I’m praying for the day we can see Nu’est as OT5 once again <3

What is Produce 101 Season 2

• A focus on visuals of talent. Justice for Hong Eunki please. Lai Guanlin is great but his Korean isn’t fluent and we expect him to tour and promote in Korea for over one year. Seriously? Let him train until he is perfect before he melts our hearts.
• Park Jihoon and his a million winks
• Lee Daehwi’s singing.
• The ‘extra’ boys. I’m looking at you Kim Taemin, Choi Minki and Lee Daehwi.
• MNet making Kang Dongho look angry but instead making him look like a 'daddy’. You know what I mean by that!
• Sam Kim. Let’s be real he isn’t as popular in Korea as he is with international fans. Can he replace Justin Bieber already?
• Screentime for Kenta please.
• Figuring out which gay shipping is actually genuine. Oh hello Kenta + Hong Eunki + Lee Insoo. Oh hello Daniel Kang + Ong Seungwoo
• Meme king Yoon Jisung. Almighty one.
• The crying
• The cursed number two spot
• Nervous Boa. In comparison to the trainers who are pure savage.
• The scandals. We are exaggerating it but there’s still a considerable amount.
• The editing out of Han Minho is laughable.
• I’ve lost count of how many hearts have been given
• Mandatory abs being shown at each performance
• People who are amazing cooks
• People who are terrible cooks
• So how many of these trainees aren’t even of legal age yet?
• Unaired things
• I think we all need to learn Korean to not wait for subtitles
• Goodbye Friday night
• Jang Moonbok. Let’s be real, mNet realised early on he was not improving so they decreased his screen time heaps.
• Sorry Sorry team 2. Holy shit that Kim Jaehwan vocal run.
• Shape of You performance murdering Get Ugly.
• Your tear ducts
• He’s pretty but damn he can be douche. Not naming names
• Everyone running away from Kwon Hyunbin
• Byunhun Min flying
• Eunki and Jungjung making love on the dance floor
• Yoon Yongbin’s nose
• If we have to hear another version of Nayana one more time….
• Park Woodam and Yoon Jisung would be amazing together
• Noh Taehyun getting bloody justice
• How many scandals can each trainee get? So far Im Youngbin is winning
• Jung Sewoon’s amazing “I don’t give a fuck” face
• National Leader Kim Jonghyun gracing us as onibugi
• RBW and their big mouths
• Umm why did Kim Sangbin, Justin, Woo Jinyoung, Hong Eunki, Jung Jung, Jeong Dongsu leave?
• Park Woojin shutting us up
• Lee Woojin being a kid and being cradled like a kid by his parents.

I could go on but I need to shut up