how can you not love jonghyun

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Can you do a second part to the pictures in which you find Jonghyun beautiful????? Your response was so cute you love him so much


when he wears hoodies and looks extremely warm and comfortable also the man does not age 

when he’s the softest man in the world and even eye contact with him for a second would make your heart warm 

when he’s confident in himself in not only his looks but work

when he’s with his mom and roo and talks about how much he loves them plus sodam obv

when he plays the bass 

when he’s with his second family 

when he’s unapologetically emotional and cries because he’s thankful 

when he’s humble 



when he’s with confetti again  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


when he’s unamused 

when he laughs with his entire body ♡♡

jfkdsjflkj the point is he’s beautiful in every aspect and this still isn’t everything because there’s no shortage with how beautiful he is :)

SHINee reaction to your relationship getting public by accident

Jonghyun: ‘’Does that mean I can finally drown interviewers in my special collection of the stories about you?’’, a glint of hope on his face. And that’s when you realized you won’t exactly become a favorite person of the interviewers of Korea if they ever survive his passionate speech

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Key: ‘’Ok, but look! We already have supportive comments!’’ He wouldn’t miss a chance to shove his phone in front of your face every now and then to prove how much his fans love you. ‘’Isn’t this your account, Kibum?? Why did you leave a comment on an article about us?!’’‘’What? I’m our biggest fan!’’

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Onew: Though worried about the fans reaction he wouldn’t be able to hide the fact that he’s dying from happiness since he’s finally able to talk about you. The fact that he’s becomes super shy after every words said about you is just making the thing more hilarious for everyone else. ‘’You just talked about your shared apartment…why the hell are you blushing then??’’

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Minho: ‘’I don’t approve of this. What if someone starts stalking you only to get your photos or something….wait! Does this means we finally get to go on a real date…Forget the stalking, you’re moving in with me, I’ll protect you! And I’m planning our first real date. I so approve of this!’’

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Taemin: ‘’I can finally hold your hand when we’re out n the public?’’ And that’s the moment when the chaos started because it took you the whole day to calm down the giggling mess Taemin was…and even after that he would randomly run up to you to hug you every now and then

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SHINee Reaction || Girlfriend Randomly Says “I Love You” In Her Own Language And They Get Confused But You Teasingly Refuse To Translate It
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“Yeah, me too! … I think? … What did you say?”
*You refuse to translate anything for him*
“… I hope it was something sweet”


*After many tries of convincing you to tell him what it means*
“Say it again, I’ll just translate it myself!”


“What did you say? You’re not gonna tell me?“
“I see how it is, I can use languages too…    RAhsdrAF DFSNKSA (and other alien rubbish to get you to tell him)~!!”


“Well, that’s fine, I know Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English anyways”


“Excuse me? You won’t tell me?”


Different types of SHINee tags

Type A (the emotionally invested type): #Is X not beautiful?, #do you see how X shines so bright, #X can light up a city with that smile, #this makes me smile, #look how cute this is??, #have you ever seen something this pure?

Type B (we’re basically married/related type): #love of my life, #my hubby, #my sun and stars, #my son, #my baby, #the reason why I’m alive

Type C (the meme): #posts a random pun about X member in their tags, #uses a lot of abbreviations, #turns every photo into a joke, #notices the most random things

Type D (the CAPSLOCK): #has too many feels and therefore has to express themselves with CAPSLOCK, #A LOT OF AGJAJFAJJ!!!!!, #often incoherent babbling in their tags

Type E (the analyst): #every post invites them to express their deepest thoughts about X member, #every gesture gets interpreted, #a text post? let’s make a statement about their sexuality/childhood/background/career/fears…

Type F (the shippers): #OTP is in the same room? Do you see how they look at each other?, #every post a reason to ramble about their favorite ships, #they are basically married, #reblogs a lot of older photos with their nostalgic shipping feels in the tags

Type G (the professional): #era: X, #member: X, #date: X, #music program: X, #concert: X, #face/body/specific characteristic: X

Type H (the I don’t tag posts): Doesn’t use tags, sometimes believed to be tumblr bots without any feelings, if a tag is used it’s usually just the name of a member

Type I (the mess): #switches between the different types of tag types, because they can, #type of tag depends highly on the level of feels said post or photo evokes in them

SHINee’s Reaction to you Being able to Cook/Bake well

   Request:  Hi, can I get a SHINee reaction where their girlfriend can cook really amazing food and desserts and they taste her stuff for the first time. I have a passion for cooking and baking so I wanted this one to be relatable lol. Thank you!! - Anon

Minho: As soon as you bake or cook for him once that’s it it’s over. He starts constantly asking you to make things for him, using aegyo to do it.

“Jagiya… Will you bake some cookies for me?”

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Taemin: When you make him brownies one day he is blown away at how good they are and won’t stop gushing about it.

“I think I love you even more now… Please bake me some more.”

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Onew: When he finds out you can cook well he is ecstatic and loves every time you make him something.

“Does that mean I’ll get lots of sweets from now on?”

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Jonghyun: Is super happy you can bake and cook, but knows he’s going to gain so much weight because of it.

“There go my abs…”

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Key: I nothing, but happy that you can cook and bake and is always asking you to make him stuff

“Jagiya this is amazing, please bake more for me!”

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I hate this gif.
I hate it because I don’t understand it.
It’s ridiculous but I hope you get my point.
We all know jongkey was all lovey-dovey during MBC Gayo. But this is too much.
First of all, I can’t understand why.
Why would Kibum be so touchy with Jonghyun, knowing there were so many people? He must have seen the camerman so it was obvious everyone would see it (not mentioning fancams).
Second. How did Jonghyun know that Kibum wanted to lean on him? You cam see Jonghyun hunching his shoulders even before Kibum as much as touches him. How did he know?!
And god, his hands are so shameless, he’s so shameless, they’re so shameless..!
I can’t stand looking at this gif, truly. Everything about it is so infuriating because this is how soulmates look like. Knowing what the latter wants without even speaking, complying to their every whim.. serving as their goddamn armrest.
I just love jongkey so much, ok? And this ia one of the most memorable moment. Let 2016 be the year of jongkey!

[MASTERLIST]: kpop idols singing in different languages!

*these are only the ones that i’ve found and compiled. i’m sure there’s many more out there. if you’d like to add any to this list, please do so! ^^

Sabor a Mi- EXO

Uptown Funk- Ailee, Amber (Fx)


Yêu Lại Từ Đầu- JB (GOT7), Key (SHINee), Chunji (TEEN TOP)

All Of Me- Kevin (U-Kiss)

Slow Motion- Youngjae (B.A.P)

How Deep Is Your Love- Onew (SHINee)

Someone Like You- V (BTS)

Let It Go- Ailee

Halo- Wendy (Red Velvet)

Say Goodbye- 2NE1 

Because Of You- Jonghyun & Onew (SHINee)

Hello Vietnam- Hyorin (SISTAR) 

I Believe I Can Fly- Youngjae & Daehyun (B.A.P)

Lost Stars- Jungkook (BTS)

Speak Now- Seohyun (SNSD)

Let It Go- B.A.P

Corre- Yoseob (BEAST), Sungkyu (INFINITE), Youngjae (B.A.P) 

Donde Voy- Ailee

So Sick- Jonghyun & Key (SHINee)

Sweet Dreams- Hyorin (SISTAR)

Paper Hearts- Jungkook, Rap Monster (BTS)

A Whole New World- Tiffany (SNSD), Onew (SHINee)

I Have Nothing- Ailee

Suerte- Girls’ Day

I Believe I Can Fly- Youngjae (GOT7)

La Bamba- EXO, B.A.P BEAST, INFINITE, BTS, Girls’ Day, Ailee 

Speak Now- Wendy (Red Velvet)

I Will Always Love You- Ailee

Người Ấy- EXO

Bang Bang- Ailee, Hyorin (SISTAR), Jessi

All Of Me- Chanyeol (EXO)

Halo- Ailee

Sexy Love- Jessica, Jonghyun (SHINee)

Telephone- Ailee, Hyorin (SISTAR)

Tik Tok- Jessica, Krystal (Fx)

Halo- Hyorin (SISTAR)

No Diggity- T.O.P (BIGBANG)

Moves Like Jagger- Youngjae (GOT7) ft. Jimin

Nothing Like Us- Jungkook (BTS)

Ngiti- BamBam (GOT7)

Bahay Kubo- INFINITE

SHINee Reaction || Their Wedding Day Comming Near & They Sneakily Try Asking Where You Hide Your Wedding Dress, But You Dodge The Question Because You Don’t Hide It At Home
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“You know, I was wondering what dress you’ll wear~ Just randomly, you know. It’d be nice to see it”
Y/N: “It’s bad luck if you see it now”
“I’m lucky enough since I have you now~”


“You have so many nice dresses~ I wonder what it’ll be on the wedding day~”
Y/N: “Aww~”
“How happy would I be if I could see it”
Y/N: “Well, that just makes the anticipation better for the wedding day”
“You’re mocking me aren’t you?”

[ Yeah I’m sorry, I just love this gif of him .___. ]


*Not so subtle*
“… Where do you hide your dress?”
Y/N: “I can’t tell you”
“Can I search for it then? It won’t be something you should feel bad about”
Y/N: “… Good luck”
“You’re too confident…”


“How are the preparations for our wedding? You got a dress ready?”
Y/N: “Yeah”
“You must have hid it really well, I haven’t seen it even once in this house”
Y/N: “It will stay this way until the time’s right”
“What do you mean…?”


“I’m so curious about the dress”
Y/N: “That’s good, it’ll be a nice surprise on the wedding day”
“Oh… I guess you’re right then………. I want to see the dress though…”


SHINEE REACTION - To you (An idol that they take care and are friend since debuted), kissing him because you could handle when heard he talking with another member about another girl. He have o crush on you too.

Woah!!! I’m so glad to write an SHINee reaction… Onew is my ultimate ^^


Onew is kinda surprised, he is very innocent and shy, so he couldn’t see that you like him before. After the kiss, he decided to talk about it but he keep smiling can’t saying anything.

JongHyun close his wet eyes, it’s just like a dream to him. He couldn’t imagine that you like him too.

He smiles during the kiss, so you ask why and he says “I was just wondering how much time would you take to finally fall in love with me.”

Minho takes the control of situation and put the hands around your head and waist. So he takes a step backward and look at your eyes saying “I thought this day would never come”

after the kiss~ *You’re jealous of me, right? That’s why you kissed me… This is all part of my plan hahaha. I’m a genius*


I HOPE YOU LIKE IT <3 Thank you all for supporting us ^^

GIF Credits To Their Original Owners

~ADM Kim

anan ♡ vol. 2004
translation: @shineetalks

in the words of jonghyun: “race, age difference nor distance can be an obstacle in the way of love.” the one thing he worries that may become a barrier is the opposition of a partner’s parents. “putting aside how my family will eventually voice their opinion, i really think my partner’s parents’ point of view should be respected. for me, i can imagine opposition given my occupation as a celebrity. should that situation arise, i would like to arrange to formally speak face to face with my lover’s parents. but, then again, i’m pretty confident i won’t face much scrutiny because i’m usually adored by older people” (laughs)

jonghyun says he finds happiness while in love, proving himself to be someone born to love. even the notion of unrequited love seems not to hinder this opinion. “i want to like someone to the point that i want to meet them even if it means giving up sleep. i usually don’t have time to sleep anyway because i’m so busy, but i would like to have someone i want to meet even for ten minutes. there is no one right now. sleep is important. maybe it’s because i’ve gotten older.

his self analysis is that he invests much time into a single relationship. “i think …, i consider a great deal before dating and, even while i’m with that person, it takes me a long time to move on to the next relationship. it’s not a matter of a year or two, but a longer period. i think i’ll keep my heart empty for that amount of time.

what kind of behavior might a woman do to catch your attention? “i think it’s lovely when someone looks like they’re thinking of something and gazing far away - and, i also like when a person speaks slowly with a soft voice.

his ideal relationship involves bringing positive influence to one another while dating. “i hope, at least, i am not a bad influence on their life or a cause of distress. a relatonship should be a source of positive influence on each other’s work, opinions or personal growth. i think a positive dating experience is when the relationship takes both people’s lives in a better direction.

SHINee: When you fangirl over a junior group

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“What’s wrong, why’d you scream…..Oh. You’re too cute Y/N haha.” Onew would at first be concerned but I don’t think he’d be fussed. I mean you’re dating him so you can fangirl about other groups but you obviously like him more.

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“I see how it is, okay. But remember that SHINee takes first place in your heart!” Jonghyun knows what it’s like to look up to artists, as long as you don’t neglect him as both an idol and a boyfriend.

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“Yes Y/N I know you love Exo, no I won’t bring you to their concert, yes I’m afraid we’ll get kicked out of the arena.” I don’t think Minho would be fazed, he knows that you’re faithful to him even if you stan another group. But would he pull any strings for you? Probably not. 

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“What’s so special about them anyways, look at their airport fashion. You know I dress soo much better than that for PJ’s!” Key reminds me of a cat, fantastic for support and such but quite needy in terms of affection and attention. You fangirl once or twice, fine, but it being a regular thing would bug Key a bit. 

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“Ehmm, and then what did he do? Why’d you stop talking? Do I have something on my face?” Let’s be honest here, SM works Taemin so hard that the one night he gets off to be with you you wouldn’t bother talking about some other group. He’s more than content to listen to you, he missed your voice, but his full attention would distract you and remind you of the boy in front of you. 

SHINee Reaction || Best Friend Wanting To Cuddle With Them


“I don’t know. That’s kind of awkward if you ask me”


“Aw, c’mere kido~ I love cuddles~”


“What are you asking all of a sudden? Did my face finally charm you too? Don’t forget we’re friends”


*Has a dilemma for a while*
“… Okay. But it’s because I know how cuddly I am”


“Oh my God! You can’t seriously mean it. You’re not joking, right? RIGHT?”


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this is gonna sound so dumb and annoying but do you have a list of every music video shinee has ever done in chronological order? i've been a fan for like 3 years but i swear i didn't even realize Amigo had an MV??... does it ....? and is there actually a Your Number MV (White Version)? since UMJ never posts full MVs anyway. i'm #LostAndNeedHelp. pls humor me and go ahead adding jonghyun/taemin/key's (minho's? onew's?) MVs too if you want bc i obviously can't trust myself ;_;

it’s not any annoying question at all! it really is difficult to keep tabs on how many music videos certain groups have released (ie: t-ara, lol), especially if the groups are older.

✨ group ✨
누난 너무 예뻐 (replay) (2008)
dance practive ver.
산소 같은 너 (love like oxygen) (2008)
dance ver.
아.미.고 (a.mi.go) (2008)
juliette (2009)
dance ver.
ring ding dong (2009)
lucifer (2010)
hello (2010)
「replay -君は僕のeverything-」 (jpn ver.) (2011)
juliette (jpn ver.) (2011)
lucifer (jpn ver.) (2011)
dance practice ver.
sherlock (clue + note) (2012)
dance ver.
dance practice ver.
sherlock (jpn ver.) (2012)
dazzling girl (2012)
1000年、ずっとそばにいて… (2012)
dream girl (2013)
dance ver.
dance practive ver.
fire (2013)
why so serious? (2013)
breaking news (2013)
boys meet u (2013)
everybody (2013)
dance practice ver.
symptoms (lyric video) (2013)
everybody (jpn ver.) (2013)
colorful (2013)
321 (2013)
lucky star (2014)
downtown baby (2014)
your number (2015)
black (dance ver.)
view (2015)
dance ver.
married to the music (2015)
performance ver.
sing your song (2015)
d×d×d (2015)
「君のせいで」 (2016)

✨ solo ✨
괴도 (danger) - taemin (2014)
dance practice ver.
♢  ace - taemin (2014)
→  concept video
crazy (guilty pleasure) - jonghyun (2015)
déjà-boo - jonghyun (2015)
할렐루야 (hallelujah) (dance practice ver.) - jonghyun (2015)
♢  하루의 끝 (the end of a day) - jonghyun (2015)
drip drop - taemin (2016)
press your number - taemin (2016)
performance ver. (i)
performance ver. (ii)

✨ subunit, etc. ✨
너무 그리워 (miss you) - sm the ballad (2010) (jonghyun)
hot times - sm the ballad (2010) (jonghyun)
maxstep - younique unit (2012) (taemin)
숨소리 (breathe) - sm the ballad (2014) (jonghyun)
delicious - toheart (2014) (key)
tell me why - toheart (2014) (key)

bodyguard (2009) (boys over flowers)
countdown (2009) (dream)
haru (2010) (haru)
green rain (2013) (the queen’s classroom)

mv appearances 
gee - snsd (2009) (minho)
gee (jpn ver.) - snsd (2010) (minho)
sound - vnt (2010) (minho)
trap - henry (2013) (taemin)
disturbance - boa (2013) (taemin)

vanilla love - onew + lee hyun ji (2008)
let’s go - g20 seoul summit (2011) (jonghyun)
eng. ver
etude fresh skin song (2012)
hold on - axodus + key (2015)

SHINee Reaction #15

SHINee having a long night phone call with you, talking about everything that comes to your minds.


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This phone call would ensure Onew in his growing feelings for you. Talking about your dream destinations for a vacation and imagining how your future will look like, will really relax him. He would try to keep this phone call as long as he can. He would listen to your talking always remembering to tell you what great plans you have.


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With Jonghyun you will talk a lot about songs he is currently working on, with him showing them to you by singing them softly over the phone. He would keep quiet enough to not wake the members, but his voice would still be clear and soft. He would take your valuation of his songs really serious, trying to make you love his songs.


Originally posted by supemacky

Late night phone calls with Key will be full of laughing. You will be exchanging embarrassing stories from your nights out. Key would not feel shy and tell you even the worst, in terms of embarrassing, story he had experienced. He will love to hear more from your everyday life too. Being really attentive when you are talking.


Originally posted by hosijak

Minho will be really sleepy, so the conversation will be really relaxed and slowed down. You will have to tell him really funny stories to make sure he isn’t falling asleep on the other side of the phone. He will really give it his best at being an active part of the conversation as well, but after an hour and him snoozing off five times already, he ask you ashamed to continue this conversation when he is more awake, so that he could give you the attention you deserve.

*ignore the text, please~


Originally posted by sirjinki

Taemin will probably face time with you. Sitting in the living room wrapped in a blanked. He will laugh a lot and in between you will play mobile games against each other, with the loser having to reveal a really embarrassing story of his past. Your night will be filled with a lot of blushing and laughing like crazy.

Why SHINee fell in love with you

Taemin: Fell in love with you because you always see the good in people and have faith in the kindness of people

Originally posted by shawollet

Minho: Fell in love with you because you’re so independent and determined to succeed in all aspects of your life like he is

Originally posted by smileyminho

Key: Fell in love with you because of how sassy you can be yet you’re so caring and sensitive at the same time

Originally posted by keybumforme

Jonghyun: Fell in love with you because of how wise and approachable you are; he always feels like he can can home and tell you everything on his mind

Originally posted by herewegobebe

Onew: Fell in love with you because you’re never afraid to be yourself. It makes him feel like it’s okay to be goofy and different 

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In da au, after Taemin leaves, how did Jinki explain why he would visit Jjong's cabin often? Like did he explain to Jjong why he was there or come up with an excuse to visit? And eager Jonghyun is too cute.

Thanks for the questions bb!

To his clan, he had the excuse of going to trade things and going on a hunt – it’s not uncommon for hunters to go off on their own sometimes, and Jinki’s always done it on and off once he learned how (esp since as much as he loves his clan/having a home, he very much values his alone time).

To Jonghyun…he doesn’t really give a reason ever, unless he has something to trade. ^^ And I think since the first time he visits, he has nothing to trade, it becomes pretty clear to Jonghyun that Jinki is visiting just for him. (Which makes him really happy, as you can imagine.)

And yeah, I love eager Jonghyun. ;-; He totally falls for Jinki fast…he’s just too handsome and charming (and I think he’s kinda into the stoic/reserved part of him too, though I’m not sure he’d like to admit that esp since it causes them problems later, lol).

blue night radio ♡ 161023
translation: fantaemsie

jonghyun: these days, when writing, there was this sentence that got quite carved in my mind. i don’t know if i’d be using it in lyrics or a poem, or using it in a writing, but when it comes to what concept it is …, it’s about people who can’t say the words: “i love you”. i kept thinking about how these people could convey this “i love you” through(out) another expression so, what i thought was: “like this, it seems like i’ve gone beyond the point of liking you.” it’s such a long way to express it, but i’ve had, recently, various thoughts about it. “like this, it seems like i’ve gone beyond the point of liking you.” it’s beyond having a beautiful meaning to it, doesn’t it?

[translator’s note: today’s blue night talk matches with a fan account from shinee’s fansign on october 13th.

fan: please write me beautiful words. i’ll look at it every~, every day.
jonghyun: then i’ll write you something really beauty. okay. it’s a sentence i’ve been liking recently: “like this, it seems like i’ve gone beyond the point of liking you.”]