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Watched all of “People of Earth” in one sitting last night. Some of the acting is a bit lackluster, but I loved ALL the characters and the story so much it didn’t matter. You can really tell the writers know a lot about alien abduction culture, even calling those who have been abducted “experiencers” rather than “abductees”.

I liked how the aliens had a different concept of sexuality than humans. Some of the humans display very mild homophobia, while the aliens doesn’t seem to even have a concept of gay or straight.

It’s especially obvious when Kelly wonders out loud if Jonathan (alien) is in love with Ozzie (human main character). Ozzie reacts with mild disgust, but when he later asks Jonathan if he’s in love with him, Jonathan’s only response is a bemused “Someone’s thinking highly of himself”. The aliens could not care less.

Jeff (grey alien) won’t admit to being in love/in a relationship with Kurt (reptilian) because they’re interspecies. When Jonathan says he knows about Jeff and Kurt but doesn’t mind that they’re interspecies, Jeff basically reacts the same way a closeted conservative would if someone told them “I don’t mind you being gay”.

Also, I loved what they did with Jonathan’s character. You don’t know it yet, but you will end up loving him.

I love how Washington can shut down Hamilton so fast. Like the whole show everyone’s like Hamilton is a fORCe OF NaTURE he can dO ANYThing and then

“sir, entrust me with a command” “no”

“dont call me son” “go home”

“what do i do” “figure it out”

“you could continue to serve” “no”

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Can you tell me your favorite quotes? I need inspiration for my writing

I like this question! I save my faves on my phone for inspiration:

You are not sick, you are injured. You ache for the rest of life.  - Claudia Rankine

Do we simply stare at what’s horrible and forgive it? - Richard Siken

One could not endure the agony of consciousness, the filth of life, the loss, the loss, the loss. - Vladimir Nabokov

Where were you when I was still kind? - Gregory Alan Isakov

He said loudly “I am not dying” and I said “For me, you are.“ - Anne Sexton

If two people love each other there can be no happy end to it. - Ernest Hemingway

I was hollow and empty as the spaces between stars. - Raymond Chandler

I’m sorry you were not truly loved and that it made you cruel. - Warsan Shire

But we joke and laugh otherwise we would start screaming. - Charles Bukowski

There was so much sadness in everything, even when things worked. - Charles Bukowski

I’m so scared of dying without ever being really seen. Can you understand? - David Foster Wallace

Sometimes I can hear my bones straining under the weight of all the lives I’m not living. - Jonathan Safran Foer

This is an apology letter to the both of us for how long it took me to let things go. - Buddy Wakefield

 I will love you as a thief loves a gallery and as a crow loves a murder, as a cloud loves bats and as a range loves braes. I will love you as misfortune loves orphans, as fire loves innocence, and as justice loves to sit and watch while everything goes wrong. - Lemony Snicket

I outlive you,
bend down my strange face to yours and forgive you. - Anne Sexton

There are things sadder
than you and I. Some people
do not even touch. - Sonia Sanchez

The tragedy of sexual intercourse is the perpetual virginity of the soul. - William Butler Yeats

Nothing is worse and more hurtful than a happiness that comes too late. - Ivan Turgenev

I want quiet thunder. Our disappointment sits between us. - Charles Bukowski

It’s never quite right, all the things we are
taught, all the loves we chase, all the deaths we die, all the lives we live. - Charles Bukowski

Those who escape hell however never talk about it and nothing much bothers them after that. - Charles Bukowski

Will I ever be liked for anything other than the wrong reasons? - Sylvia Plath

What is my life and what am I going to do with it? I don’t know and I’m afraid. I can never read all the books I want; I can never be all the people I want and live all the lives I want. I can never train myself in all the skills I want. And why do I want? I want to live and feel all the shades, tones, and variations of mental and physical experience possible in my life. And I am horribly limited. - Sylvia Plath

I’m not brave any more darling. I’m all broken. They’ve broken me. - Ernest Hemingway

You are so brave and quiet I forget you are suffering. - Ernest Hemingway

Never, never tell them. Try and remember that. Never tell anyone anything ever. Never tell anyone anything again. - Ernest Hemingway

 I’m full of poetry now. Rot and poetry. Rotten poetry. - Ernest Hemingway,

Everything you do makes my body scream with loneliness. - Henry Rollins

I have lost and loved and won and cried myself to the person I am today. - Charlotte Eriksson

I have a very childlike rage, and a very childlike loneliness. - Richey Edwards

I forgave everybody, I gave up, I got drunk. - Jack Kerouac

And you tried to change, didn’t you? Closed your mouth more. Tried to be softer, prettier, less volatile, less awake… You can’t make homes out of human beings. Someone should have already told you that. And if he wants to leave, then let him leave. You are terrifying, and strange, and beautiful. Something not everyone knows how to love. - Warsan Shire

I want to love, but my hair smells of war and running and running. - Warsan Shire

Mother says there are locked rooms inside all women; kitchen of lust,  bedroom of grief, bathroom of apathy. Sometimes, the men; they come with keys, and sometimes, the men; they come with hammers. -Warsan Shire

It was love at first sight, at last sight, at ever and ever sight. - Vladimir Nabokov

Perhaps, somewhere, some day, at a less miserable time, we may see each other again. - Vladimir Nabokov

He was telling about a recently failed relationship when his friend drew an odd but interesting analogy. Talking about this ex-love, she said “She sounds like she was a snorkeler, not a scuba diver.”
He was confused. “I don’t get what you’re saying.”
“A snorkeler is content to float just below the surface of the water, looking at whatever pretty fish and reefs are within sight. At any sign of danger they can swim back to the boat and get out quickly.
“But the scuba diver wants to go deep because they know that’s where the really interesting things live. To do that though you’ve got to be willing to learn how to use and wear heavy equipment. Plus we all know diving into the depths can sometimes be very dangerous.
“I believe for real loves, the long lasting loves, even just the ones that are memorable and important to our growth, both of you need to be scuba divers. To make it real, to make a bond last and genuinely mean something, you’ve both got to be willing to put on the ‘equipment’ and go deep.” She smiled “Most of all, you have to have the courage and curiosity to swim into the caves and the darkness down there where the big ones live.
—  Jonathan Carroll
things to appreciate in 2x16

since most of the posts I see from 2x16 is about Magnus’ absence and “Magnus is not an affair”, here are a few other things to focus on instead:

  • WILL TUDOR and his Oscar-worthy acting like holy shit how such a cute guy can be so scary
  • Isabelle Sophia Lightwood aka “the best Shadowhunter” aka my love forever and always
  • Simon’s Jewish heritage!!
  • clace development because it wasn’t forced or too much and I actually liked it
  • Sebastian’s monologue in the beginning
  • Maia
  • the portal shards and the reflection of the lake it looked so good, and it was a great idea and a clever reference to the books
  • those little bits of Jace and Sebastian’s pasts, the similarities and differences
  • Alec Lightwood, the leader the Shadowhunters need
  • there was a literal angel somewhere in the episode in case you didn’t notice
  • all those beautiful close-ups of Will Tudor
  • Izzy and Alec talking about important things and trusting each other
  • Clary fighting like a badass, she hasn’t been doing this for long, yet she defended herself against two much more trained Shadowhunters
  • Valentine’s creativity when it comes to naming kids
In a Heartbeat : Backstories and all

So heree you go @brocsox 

Jonathan :

-He has three older sisters

-His parents own a fashion shop that is really popular among teenagers

-He’s really close to his family and they are in good term, no prob

-He’s especially close to one of his sister and he only came out to her for the moment. She’s the only one to know that Sherwin isn’t only his best friend but also his boyfriend. And she’s supportive. 

-He has always lived here, and didn’t travel that much

-He’s catholic 

-He speaks english and spanish 

-When he was younger, he tried all the sports he could. Turned out he was really good at all of them

-He loves reading and hopes one day to be a litterature teacher or even write novels

-He’s really good at speaking and he’s often the class representative. He tries his best to fight for equality

-Can be a bit insolent with some teacher when annoyed

-Loves puns

Sherwin :

-No brother and no sister

-Got a dog, a fluffy small white one, who was his best friend for years

-His parents are rich and often busy. They are both too protective towards him. 

-French mother, english father : He speaks both language 

-He first lived in France and then came in Jonathan’s school when he was around 10. At first, he had an accent, but it’s almost gone now. 

-He has a big garden and a hut in a tree. 

-He has too many collections and loves to keep stuff 

-He has a weak health and is often sick 

- Wears lenses to avoid glasses

-Is going to have braces and he would do anything to avoid that 

-His parents absolutely love Jonathan since he’s Sherwin first true friend 

-They had pushed Sherwin too much as a kid : They forced him to do sport, to go to see other children, to be more confident. As a result, poor boy is shy as hell 

-He can’t speak in front of his classmates. Too afraid

-He can be really talkative when he likes you 

-He loves bugs and animals in general, but especially bugs. Can spends hours looking at ants in the grass.

-He is nerdy

-He had travelled a lot and he loves telling how Italy and Australia is to Jonathan (and he loves hearing those kind of stories)

Here you go !! I’ll probably edit it later when I’ll have more stuff and idea

There’s one thing about Dracula adaptations that always bugs me: the reincarnated wife plot. Dracula is haunted by tragic death of the love of his life, usually from before he became a vampire. (In Francis Ford Copolla’s fever dream Vlad the Impaler is so sad about his dead wife that he yells at God and stabs a cross and that turns you into a vampire, apparently). Then, he lays eyes on Mina. He immediately knows that she is his dead wife reborn through oceans of time or whatever. Their love is destined and he must have her. 

I’m particularly thinking about Coppola’s Bram Stoker’s Dracula (which is a ludicrously inappropriate title; I’ve decided to go with BS Dracula instead). The NBC Dracula series also jumps on the dead wife bandwagon. Dracula Untold too, though as far as I can tell that movie has less than one percent to do with the novel. (I get the feeling these adaptations are playing follow the commercially successful leader). For an interesting change of pace, there’s also the 1973 Dracula starring Jack Palance where Lucy is the reincarnated wife. 

I hate this cliché with every fiber of my being. I don’t want it anywhere near my favorite novel. Honestly, I don’t think I’d want this story anywhere. But, it’s particularly awful in the context of the original novel. Let me just sort of spew my rageful thoughts out here, particularly with BS Dracula in mind.

Firstly, this plot completely takes away Mina’s agency. Dracula is the only one who remembers their connection. He has to tell her that they’re supposed to be soulmates. And, he starts pursuing her before she knows any of this. There’s some hefty entitlement going on here. She was with him before, so she’s going to be with him now, even if she has no memory of it. He lost his lady, he was sad, he spent hundreds of years moping and murdering innocent people, and then he gets a replacement. She takes away his sadness and brings out his better nature (not that he attempts to make any restitution to his victims; apologizing for eating babies just wouldn’t be romantic, I guess).

Mina isn’t presented as having any real choice in the matter. She has to be same woman as she was in her previous life. She has to love him back. Her previous life up to this point doesn’t matter. It’s like that bit from Daria: without knowing it, she’s just been waiting her entire life for him to show up and now her life can really begin. She exists to be in love with him.

Yet, this relationship is supposed to be positive for both of them. Being with Dracula fulfills some need she wasn’t even consciously aware of before. Because, you see, Victorian society is repressing her sexuality and individuality. So, she needs a man to come along and liberate her. Of course, she can’t be really fulfilled with Jonathan. I mean, come on, he’s a kind, naïve, well-mannered, generally nice guy. How boring is that? He needs to be a complicated, ambiguous, dangerous, mysterious, dark and brooding loner who murders people, but he feels bad about it so it’s okay. 

That brings me to the second thing that enrages me about the dead wife cliché: how it stands in comparison to the canonical relationship between Jonathan and Mina.

Dracula and Mina’s love is supposed to be based on destiny. They’re in love because they’re soulmates. They’re in love because they’re in love. It’s a grand romance that was always meant to be. But, it doesn’t feel like it’s based on anything about them as people and how they relate to each other on a practical level. 

Jonathan and Mina’s love is shown in their actions as well as their thoughts towards each other: simple things, not always grand gestures. Jonathan takes recipes home for Mina. She memorizes the train schedule to help him out. They learn shorthand together. They have common interests (“Trains are so cool.” “I know, right?”). They supported each other in their careers. They set up a household together. They deal with day to day issues. I can’t imagine Mina and Dracula working on a budget, doing taxes, discussing schedules with the serving staff, giggling at each others dumb jokes, complaining about the latest changes in the train schedule or just getting ready for bed and chatting over the boring minutiae of the day, like I can with the Harkers.

And even in more extreme situations, their relationship is far more meaningful. Jonathan faces off against vampires and bloodthirsty wolves to see his fiancée again. Mina travels to a strange country on her own and marries Jonathan while he’s in his sick bed. She supports him through is grief and trauma. As I’ve said before, she puts together the group, and is ultimately the one who is responsible for stopping Dracula, because she wants to get to the bottom of what’s wrong with her husband.

Even through the grief of losing his second father and the lingering trauma from his ordeal at Dracula’s hands, Jonathan wants to take care of Mina. To the point that he inadvertently harms her by agreeing to keep her out of the investigation. And he regrets his actions. When Mina says that she’s “unclean,” Jonathan embraces her, reassures her that there’s nothing wrong with her. He tries his best to comfort her as her condition worsens. He will stand by her in life, death, or undeath.

What does Dracula concretely do for her? He feels bad about the countless people he’s murdered. He offers her generic “love.” He fills some need she didn’t know she had, that in the movie comes off primarily as just sexual. She has to be with him. In trope terms, she exists to be his morality pet and replacement goldfish.

I’m not saying I don’t enjoy love at first sight, love that persists across time, reincarnated soulmates. I’m a romantic. But, there needs to be something behind that. I need to know that these people work as friends, as partners. The reincarnated wife plot in BS Dracula and its imitators isn’t romantic. It’s soaring strings, staring into each other’s lives, sex, and vague destiny trying its hardest to tell me that its romantic.

Why would I want to see that when I have Mina and Jonathan’s love story? When I have a personal, real, human love story?

Hell, consider Jack and Lucy’s relationship: a lonely, complicated man with a dark side (and, yeah, a strain of self pity) who is turned down by the woman he loves who is in love with a more traditionally romantic hero. And? He respects her, accepts her choices, supports her even if he’s still hurt by the loss. He doesn’t force the issue, he doesn’t think that she needs his love to make her life complete. He’s a good person. He’s likable despite, maybe because of his faults. We want to see him overcome his demons and live a better life. I don’t want to see Dracula redeemed. I don’t see him as a dark, gothic rebel saving Mina from those stupid, Victorian preps. I don’t want Mina to be reduced to an object for his redemption arc.

He’s a terrifying villain because he’s an abuser, a manipulator, a sadist, who violates people physically, mentally, and emotional to take away their power. Dracula is something fundamentally evil in an unsettlingly real way. There’s nothing sympathetic about Dracula. Rewriting the story to make him an antihero only reflects that the author thinks that Dracula, dark, tortured, dangerous, powerful, is a figure we should identify with, above someone like Jonathan. And popular culture seems to by and large agree that this is the story we want to see. And that doesn’t reflect well on the popular psyche.

The reincarnated wife plot isn’t more interesting than the love story in the book. Jonathan and Mina Harker aren’t boring. They’re a romance we can really aspire to. 

He was telling her about the failed relationship when she drew an odd but interesting analogy. Talking about his ex-, she said “She sounds like she was a snorkeler, not a scuba diver.”

He was confused. “I don’t get what you’re saying.”

“A snorkeler is content to float just below the surface of the water , looking at whatever pretty fish and reefs are within sight. But the scuba diver goes deep because they know that’s where the really interesting things live. To do that though you’ve got to be willing to learn how to use and wear heavy equipment. Plus going deep can sometimes be very dangerous.

“I believe for real loves, the long lasting ones or even just the ones that are memorable and important to our growth, both of you need to be a scuba diver. To make it real, to make a bond last and really mean something, you’ve both got to be willing to put on the equipment and go deep.” She smiled “And most of all, both of you have to have the courage and curiosity to swim into the caves and the darkness down there where the big ones live.


Jonathan Carroll

Imagine Dating Jonathan Byers

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-Meeting when you catch him taking your picture

-Listening to him vent about his dad

-Going on late night drives together

-Renting VHS tapes for dates so you guys can still watch Will

-Will loving you like a sister

-Will and his friends teaching you to play D&D

-Jonathan getting flustered when you yell at people for making fun of him but you just can’t help it

-Being fiercly protective of him and his family

-Being a bit of a loner like Jonathan, which just makes you loners together

-Him always having his camera in case inspiration strikes him

-You being in most of his photos because you “inspire him.”

-Slow, loving, heated sex

-Giving him hickies on his neck just because you love the sound he makes and how embarrassed he gets trying to hide them the next day

-Him always being there to listen when your upset about something

-Getting excited, and sad, and angry, and happy for each other 

-Telling each other everything, having a no secret rule

-Him making you mixed tapes

-No PDA but being clingy and cuddly when alone

-Trying to reassure him that he is wonderful and you love him constantly

Babysitting (Jonathan/Reader)

requested by @maxifuckoff

jonathan realizes he’s in love with the reader :-)


“Will! Lunch is ready!” You shouted as you set down his plate, his favorite meal coincidently being the only thing you can cook.

The short boy ran into the kitchen, nearly running into you which caused you to laugh, “Hey! Slow down, bud.”

He sheepishly grinned before sitting down and digging into his food.

You smiled at him as you turned to wash dishes, not noticing your boyfriend leaning against the doorframe with a love struck look on his face.

He couldn’t believe how sweet you were to Will and the fact that his usually closed off younger brother took a liking to you was a major plus.

Everybody knew Jonathan Byers’ mom and brother were the most important people in his life, beside now you.

Jonathan hid behind the doorframe as you turned back around, putting the now clean dishes away where they belonged before taking a seat at the table with Will.

“How’s school been?”

Will shrugged, a sudden frown coming onto the face, “Those two mouth breathers still bully me and my friends.”

Jonathan was about to burst in until he heard you speak.

“Really? Does your brother know about this?”

The younger Byers quickly shook his head, “Of course not! He’d tell my mom and she’d go down to the school and make a huge scene.”

You chuckled at the thought of small Joyce Byers marching up to the school and yelling at your large principal.

“Well I’ll promise not to tell Jonathan anything if you promise me you will tell him if it gets too hard for you, alright?” You explained.

Will thought about it for a second before nodding, he spit on his hand and stretched it out to you. Without a second thought, you did the same and shook hands with the boy as you both laughed.

Jonathan, who was watching it all happen from the doorframe chuckled which made you and Will notice him.

“Spy much?” You teased with a smile.

Your boyfriend blushed as he ruffled his brothers hair, “I wanted to see what you guys were up to.”

Jonathan grabbed you by your hands and helped you stand up before pecking your lips which caused Will to gag.

Laughing, you both pulled away, your boyfriend wrapped his arms around your waist.

“Go get your shoes and we’ll take you out for ice cream.” You smiled at Will who bolted to his room.

Turning your attention back to Jonathan, you asked, “How much of Will and I’s conversation did you hear?“

He shrugged, “Just saw your gross handshake.” He lied.

Will rushed into the kitchen to pull you away from Jonathan and out the door.

You bursted out in laugher as you followed the boy.

“Hey!” Jonathan called out as he grabbed his keys and took off after you.

He wouldn’t tell you anytime soon, but he was definitely in love with you.

Dating Jonathan Byers would include
  • Him always begging you to let him take pictures of you
  • He’d probs use the “puppy dog eyes and pouty lip” combo
  • Never being able to say no because he’s just so damn adorable
  • And his puppy dog eyes are very effective with a 99.9% chance of them getting to you
  • Being best friend with lil bb Will
  • The boys trying to teach you how to play D&D
  • Jonathan just watching your confusion and laughing quietly so he doesn’t disrupt your focusing
  • You still being able to hear him
  • “I can hear you, Jonathan!”
  • Cuddles™
  • Angsty Jonathan
  • Him going from best friend to boyfriend
  • Him beating up anyone who ever hurts you (mostly ex boyfriends….. and steve)
  • #friendzonetoendzone if you know what i mean 
  • “Studying” at your house
  • PDA on the down-low 
  • Lots of hugs
  • Neck kisses (in privacy of course) 
  • You buy tickets to The Clash as an anniversary gift bc you know how much he loves them and you know how much he truly deserves this bc he does so much for everyone else and never really puts himself first and IJDJSajskfjHNFHUWDNB i need to stop
  • Spending every night at his house after Will goes missing to help and comfort ur man 
  • Going to his dad’s house with him to look for Will
  • You end up cussing out his dad
  • Jonathan ends up having to hold you back from murdering his father
  • “Y/N! Y/N/N! Stop!”
  • “No, Jonathan! This asshole deserves the fucking fury imma release on his old ass” 
  • His dad just watching with amusement
  • You apologizing in the car
  • Numerous times
  • Him just squeezing and kissing your hand in reassurance
  • Being jealous of Nancy at first but you end up becoming good friends

A/N: AHHHH!! Sorry if this was sucky! This was my first Jonathan Byers imagine and it was fun to write. More coming soon…. I hope ;)

1988 fic rec list!

I read a lot of fic and thought I should post a few of my favorites on tumblr. I will update this list, I have so many more but I didn’t want the list to be too long.

  1. Marry Me A Little  by bessyboo, thisissirius
  2. Orbital Resonance by fourfreedoms, joyfulseeker
  3. Til You Make It by sophiahelix
  4. One-Timer by fourfreedoms
  5. won’t you lay hands on me by gasmsinc
  6. If you love me, don’t let go by stoletheshow
  7. Empty Chairs by heartstrings
  8. Wolfverse by Linsky
  9. how the heat can beat beat beat by allthebros
  10. But I’ll lie if I have to by runphoebe

“Awake, Arise, or Be Forever Fallen" 

They sure do fancy the long episode titles on this show. 

Max is a little badass. 

You can’t trust those damn ducks. 

Can you be any more obvious, Jonathan? Sheesh man, take it down a notch. 

This girl scares me more than Valentine & Jonathan combined. 

Did she just say, "crush”? Well fuck you too. 

The institute needs to invest in better locks. It’s ridiculous how easy it is to get in places around there. 

Why does no one think it’s weird that Sebastian is always around being “helpful”? 

Pick up the phone! 

I miss the days when Alec couldn’t stand Clary. I love me some salty Alec. 

A cop, a leader of werewolves, restaurant owner, is there anything Luke can’t do? 

How are you feeling???? Really??? How do you think he’s feeling, dumbass?

It might just be me but this scene between Jace & Clary seems hella awkward. 

Stop lying Simon, no he doesn’t. 

This poor guy must think they’re into some weird kink. 

Damn, thwarted again by those pesky Lightwoods. 

Dear Goddess of the Universe, forgive me for loving Jonathan’s evil smile. It’s not my fault, I swear. It’s Will’s fault. 

Now that’s what I’m talking about. My babies laughing, having fun, getting their groove on. 

“They’re beautiful. You’re beautiful." 

Seriously the security in this place sucks. Also, these Shadowhunter guards are really kind of pathetic. 

Take this asshole out, Luke. 

I love how Simon’s the arm candy in Maia’s story instead of the other way around the way it usually is. 

I love Maia so very much. Oh god, don’t make me cry. 

We’re all afraid of that, Magnus. No one wants to relive the 80s. 

This just might be my favorite hand holding moment ever. Not even exaggerating. 

Oh, that hurt. 

Wait, I was wrong??? Impossible. 

Elite guards, my ass. 

I am in love with this fight choreography. 

And there goes that happy family fantasy. 

Clary wasn’t playing. 

Save the ducks, Maia. Save the ducks. 

"We can figure this out." 

Nothing like getting emotionally gut punched to take the pep out of your step.

I don’t know who this guy is but I like him already. Don’t let me down, new guy. 

Seriously, who is this chick??? 

Those angels sure were crafty. 

Final thoughts: I already shared them earlier, but this was seriously my favorite episode of the season. So far. It allowed some characters to shine who are often put in second or third position and they carried the episode beautifully. I can’t wait to see how the final two episodes play out. I have a feeling they’re going to be epic.

i haven’t stepped inside of a church since i came out but my relationship with God has never been stronger
every night before i go to bed, i say a prayer, i count my blessings, i ask for protection while i sleep and i ask for forgiveness
not just for me and my sins, but for those who think you have to be one or the other, queer or religious
i pray for God to forgive those who condemn us for who we are, as if this were a choice we made – as if we chose to be ostracized and hated
i pray for God to forgive those who think my love for women invalidates my love for Him
i pray for God to forgive those who just don’t understand
and i pray for God to forgive them because they must be living in their own personal Hell
day in and day out
being stuck in a mind full of ill-conceived thoughts and negative notions
a mind that had been fed nothing but lies and now struggles to accept the truth
because the truth is you can be neither, but you can also be both
they try to crush us with their words, verse after verse weighing down on us until we’ve been broken
they want us to believe that the way we love is wrong

“and a man who will lie down with a male in a woman’s bed
both of them have made an abomination.”

but conveniently forget how David’s and Jonathan’s souls were knit together,
that the two of them had a bond between the two of them that was too strong to ignore
that the two of them formed a covenant with one another.

“the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David,
and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.”

that David preferred the love of Jonathan to the love of any woman

“i grieve for you, Jonathan my brother;
you were very dear to me.
your love for me was wonderful,
more wonderful than that of women.”

they want us to believe that to be queer, to be trans, to be confused, to be questioning is
equivalent to being a sinner
but conveniently forget that we are all sinners in God’s eyes
that every day we all sin
that sin dates all the way back to Adam and Eve, and ever since then we have all been
deemed sinners in God’s eyes
but sinners can be forgiven

“even if they sin against you seven times in a day
and seven times come back to you saying ‘i repent,’
you must forgive them.”

sinners can be forgiven, and we too, can be forgiven, should we ask
because we are not the exception to God’s forgiveness, we are not the exception to God’s love
they want us to believe that, they want us to think that we are nothing, that we are unloved
but the truth is, we are we are so loved

God is fighting for us, for we are His children first and foremost
God loves us for who we are, for who He made us out to be
and there is no greater sin than to try and convince us otherwise.

hate is not holy
(cc, 2017)


things about hamilton you should know
  • before the show, king george comes over the speaker in character and tells everyone to silence their cell phones and to “enjoy my show”
  • the ensemble in incredible, like one point they literally throw a stool across the stage and catch it. they do all of the shifts and move everything. they are always standing or sitting on the side or on the top of the set watching/participating in every scene. it’s incredible.
  • the flow in alexander hamilton is insane. and the whole show. everyone moves at the perfect timing and its so interesting to watch at all times
  • the turntable is the coolest thing.
  • the lighting for the whole show in probably one of the best parts. every cue is perfectly timed and it changes at the best times. it adds to the storyline tremendously. 
  • the choreography in my shot is incredible. there’s one part when hamilton is standing in the middle of the turntable on “for the first time i’m thinking past tomorrow” and the ensemble all lunges towards him and then on “and i am” the lights change and then all jump back and it looks absolutely incredible.
  • at the beginning of schuyler sisters, peggy is literally being dragged on by her sisters. it really seems like she’s the annoying little sister.
  • at the end of schuyler sisters, the movement on the turntable is so cool because the different layers of the circle are all going in different directions and the cast is walking on it and the lighting and ugh it just looked unreal.
  • whenever the king walks, he walks so slowly and he like waddles. it’s the funniest thing ever. he also always carries his cane and uses it during his songs and i’m crying he’s the funniest part of the show.
  • during the boom’s during right hand man, the lights flash really bright like an explosion onstage
  • when burr says “martha washington named her feral tomcat after him”, hamilton jumps forwards and says “that’s true” and it’s a really cute funny moment
  • during helpless these candles on tables roll out and it’s really pretty and then at the beginning of satisfied they roll back during the rewind and it looks like they’re being sucked back and it’s really cool
  • as you probably know when they rewind in satisfied they literally walk in reverse and dance in reverse and hamilton and eliza kiss in reverse and ugh it’s the coolest thing ever and they keep going until they reach the beginning of helpless
  • in story of tonight reprise they’re all so drunk and it’s the funniest thing ever
  • washington is literally hamilton’s dad even moreso in person
  • in wait for it the ensemble sits in chairs and it’s just so powerful
  • after “immigrants, we get the job done” everyone applauds!!!
  • yorktown is HYPE. like the lights, the CHOREOGRAPHY, woowow. i could watch that number all day everyday and not get sick of it.
  • in yorktown the ensemble moves all of these chairs and boxes onstage and it looks literally like the world is being turned upside down and then at the end they all stand on them
  • when king george goes “i’m so blue” he stomps his foot and the lights all turn blue
  • there’s one scene in between dear theodosia and non-stop when laurens dies and he comes onstage off to the side and is singing parts of story of tonight like “i may not live to see our glory” and eliza is reading a letter from laurens’ dad, and then laurens sings “tomorrow there’ll be more of us” really slowly and it’s beautiful and then eliza says “alexander are you alright?” and he says “I have so much work to do” and BOOM hamilton jumps away and AFTER the war i went BACK to new york
  • in non-stop when they’re talking about the federalist papers they bring 3 empty chairs onstage that are facing upstage, and hamilton sits in the furthest upstage one. as they say “john jay got sick after writing 5″ etc, ensemble members turn the chairs around as if to show they’re empty 
  • “lez go” is really funny
  • at the beginning of the non-stop all-skate washington is on rolling stairs and when he goes “history has its eyes on youuuu” they roll him center stage with a spot on him 
  • when jefferson said “uh… france” he added a “duh” in there
  • at the end of what’d i miss, washington goes “mr. jefferson welcome home” and then hamilton pretty much pushes him out of the way to say “mr. jefferson, alexander hamilton” and it’s v funny and classic
  • when washington says “you could’ve been anywhere in the world tonight” he like involves the audience and jefferson does a thing where he’s like “let’s hear it” and it kind of breaks the fourth wall
  • “doin whatever the hell it is you do in monticello” hamilton bounces around in a circle like a dork
  • at the beginning of take a break philip and eliza are sitting at a piano on the turntable and philip is squirming like a little kid would that didn’t want to play piano.
  • at the beginning of say no to this, maria enters and is walking around the turntable and it’s almost like she’s taunting hamilton
  • hamilton and maria only kiss once during the scene, which makes the kiss so much more powerful 
  • everything about the room where it happens was incredible. i cannot say enough positive things about it.
  • when hamilton goes “wait for it, wait for it, wait”, he mimics burr singing wait for it
  • at one point in room where it happens the lights form a colorful circle within a square over the table and UGH the lights in this number were UNREAL.
  • IT WAS JUST SOO GOOD and after the click boom people applauded for like an hour
  • in one last time, during the part when washington sings about the fig tree, they project a light on him and it’s textured and looks like a tree and his voice is so good and it’s such a beautiful moment
  • i know him is so funny because king george is so confused at the beginning and he has this evil laugh at the end omfg
  • when hamilton says “sit down john, you fat mother -” he is standing on the upper balcony thing and he drops this HUGE stack of papers on from it and there’s all of these flashing lights
  • when jefferson says “my god” in the reynolds pampHlet he makes this face of disbelief and it’s hysterical 
  • the ensemble is moving all different objects during hurricane an it looks like a hurricane onstage and wowowoowowow this number was really cool 
  • THE REYNOLDS PAMPHLET. king george is off to the side and he is reading it and he gets so excited and he comes onstage and is dancing and throwing papers and jefferson is literally throwing papers all over the stage and it’s hysterical in a sad way
  • at the end of the song there’s hundreds of papers all over the stage and the ensemble picks up all of the papers as fast as they can before eliza comes out for burn 
  • eliza brings out a lantern with a candle and a stack of letters, and she lights them on fire and puts one into a bucket and then she puts more into it and you can see the fire come out of the bucket and then after she goes offstage you could smell the smoke from it, it was legit 
  • philip literally interrupts a play within a play, there’s ensemble members performing a play onstage and when philip comes in and interrupts it in blow us all away the “actors” stop and look really confused and frustrated
  • stay alive reprise is the saddest thing EVER. when eliza comes onstage she is wearing a black coat and she cries out “nooooo!” and the lights go on her and she runs over to philip and hamilton “is he breathing is he going to survive this” and it brought tears to my eyes
  • when he dies, eliza SCREAMS this bloodcurdling scream and ugh
  • when eliza forgives hamilton in its quiet uptown, she takes his hand, and she speaks for the first time in the song when she says “it’s quiet uptown” and it’s a beautiful moment, and they say “forgiveness”
  • when burr says “i’m chasing what i want, and i learned that from you” a weird realization goes across the whole audience and its a weird sort of burn 
  • burr and jefferson stand facing the house and look up when hamilton is saying “the people are asking to hear my voice” and burr looks hopeful and jefferson looks smug and when he says “jefferson has my vote” burr’s face subtly turns to shock and jefferson does this little victory dance
  • burr fires at hamilton and then an ensemble member comes onstage and pretends to hold the bullet as hamilton has his moment “i imagine death so much it feels more like a memory”
  • in who lives who dies who tells your story, eliza is the main character, she is focused on, and is forward the whole time
  • at the very end of wlwdwtys, eliza gasps, and i think it’s so powerful, because it’s almost like she sees the audience and she sees how she has told his story and how his legacy has continued
  • OVERALL. this show is insane. everything about it is above and beyond. note i saw this show with the original broadway cast (except jonathan groff) on may 26, 2016. the hamilton hype is real, i promise. 
  • feel free to send me any questions you may have about anything from the show, i’d love to talk about it!

nothing can compare (a stonathan mix) [LISTEN HERE]

i. i’m not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance with you - the black kids // ii. hopelessly devoted to you - olivia newton john // iii. true love - pink // iv. j-boy - phoenix // v. out of my league - fitz and the tantrums // vi. wildest dreams - taylor swift // vii. spanish sahara - foals // viii. goggles - post animal // ix. in too deep - sum 41 // x. clarity - sam tsui & kurt schneider // xi. the power of love - huey lewis and the news // xii. king and lionheart - of monsters and men // xiii. swallowed in the sea - coldplay // xiv. dice - finley quaye ft. william orbit // xv. breathe in, breathe out - matt kearney // xvi. make you feel my love - adele // xvii. rubik’s cube - athlete // xviii. the scientist - coldplay // xix. young and beautiful - lana del rey // xx. don’t you (forget about me) - simple minds